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  1. Lets calm our boots so to speak... Sites have been put in a very difficult position, not helped by the government's somewhat wishy-washy approach. My GF is already out of a job but luckily her work should be able to access the employment subsidy. For small biz like airsoft the picture isn't super clear. Lets not name and shame them - but instead perhaps now is the time to support your local/favourite/most responsible site by buying/renewing membership, patches, whatever it may be.
  2. Before the usual suspects kick off - yes we have private land and permission to use, no you aren't invited, no rifs or tactical gear was bought on our little walk about apart from the NV!
  3. Is that a candyman custom at the top?
  4. I am all about skirmishing, yeah I like my replicas but I don't collect - it has to have practical value or enriches my skirmish experience. For the most part i plan my purchases months in advance, though i will impusively buy small items (most recently a new mag for my pistol) if its a good deal. I'd honestly like to get to the point where my own airsoft expenditure is game fees travel consumables and repairs.. not sure that will ever happen though!
  5. Think you have missed the woods for the trees, though its good to see how your amazing brain works behind the scenes. Ctl+f. Genius.
  6. The chap in the first link did, those were just what i found on google. Let me know if you find any yourself
  7. "He was handed a 12 month sentence, suspended for two years. He was also given a curfew, preventing him from leaving the house between 10pm and 7am, as well as being ordered to pay £852 in costs and carry out 200 hours of unpaid work." https://www.ilkestonadvertiser.co.uk/news/crime/ebay-soldier-is-spared-prison-1-3971247 "Barratt, who was dishonourably discharged from the Army last month, was jailed for 20 months." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-mid-wales-25741146 "He [Stevens] was jailed for two years today, along with Davenport who received 22 months and Suffield who was given an 18 month sentence suspended for two years." https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2410242/soldiers-sentenced-kit-stolen-explosives-night-vision-goggles-sas-base-sold/ There was (at least) a RMP investigation into stolen goods called operation embroil not specific to night vision but gives you an idea I suppose. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/stolen-military-hardware-being-sold-off-on-ebay-7687501.html
  8. If you get caught with MOD property that wasn't properly disposed of (I do not know what that actually means) you risk becoming familiar with the Theft Act 1968 and if you are really playing silly buggers the Export Control Act 2002 may also be relevant. Edit: should clarify this isnt so much about a specific item but rather how you came to posess said item. For example the only legislation relevant to night vision equipment is with regards to exports, but owning stolen MOD night vision has gotten, and probably will continue to get, people in trouble. Edit again: scotland does not allow you to use 'light intensifying, heat-sensitive or other special sighting device' with refence to shooting deer. But you get my point, i hope.
  9. As a member of the 'liberal left' i'd like to say that i quite like guns !!!
  10. I've been a bunch of times, its a total shoot em up, expect to get up close and personal at times. I havnt had a bad day there and I think it attracts a good crowd.
  11. I have some z tac sordins and they work ok as ambient ear protection.. after they were repaired i had very little luck with comms. Its the boom mic and ptt which is the issue. Unlike say the howard leight you've got a really expensive option or the cheap, possibly crap option.People have success with the earmor m32 but i think sgttalberts suggestion is the best set up for the sub-£100 bracket and what i'll be going with myself. Maybe one day someone will make a clip on boom mic for the howard leight,like the 'Liberator' that used to be used with the comtacs... just thinking outloud.
  12. Im hoping to get some milsims (somewhat of a nebulous term) this year. Here is what i have found: Stirling Airsoft (all over) Gunman /okto eight (eversley / tuddenham) Legion Airsoft (longmoor, bramley MOD) West Midlands Airsoft (longmoor, swynnerton MOD) Battlestations Airsoft (longmoor) Apocalypse Airsoft (kent) Combat Tactical (stanta MOD) Hope this helps
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