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  1. if anybody watches these videos and thinks "yeah, mystery boxes look good" - please PM me re: magic beans
  2. I would strongly advise against a 6b47 - nv is one thing, using it effectively and comfortably is another. To be frank the 6b47 suspension looks shit and at least the ones ive looked at seem poor quality all over!- and they are £90 before shipping from russia. The crye night chap + counterweight + shroud will probably still be cheaper, and even cheaper still is the FMA 'TW' exfil which has a really good 'camfit' suspension, comfy pads, built in shroud and is about £40. Edit: not to piss on your chips, I totally get the aesthetic consideration but personally NV is expensive enough that comfort
  3. I am quietly confident. After messing around with not one but two element peqs, the somogear ngal (v1) is pretty good, all things considered. Somogear are also quite hot on user feedback, indeed they didn't plan to release a "full IR" version of the peq and ngal till customers persuaded them, they've continued to take feedback on board and refine their products, which is pretty cool and dare i say, quite rare in this world. Fingers crossed...
  4. Specs are/ should be: IR laser: 1mW/ 20mW Ir Ilum: 5mW/60mW Red laser: 5mW/25mW Green laser: 5mW/20mW
  5. Apologies - you are quite right, I was referring to an older picture and the annotations are a bit funky.
  6. Worth noting that that is for the visible lasers. I was sent a green laser version, not a red laser version, the former is listed as 4.9mW. It is.. disconcerting as it is fun to wave around. Deffo not something I'd use in a skirmish, even the reflection against cream wallpaper was uncomfortable! The IR laser is 1mW and the new version will be 1mW (low) and 5mW (high)
  7. I've not seen any sites specifically ban a specific laser / power, but plenty ban green lasers, plenty ban IR lasers, so there's that. Somogear are releasing a v2 of thier peq and ngal, which in addition to having a 1mW ir laser, will also have an ir illuminator That is probably your best bet for a lower powered laser with a built in illuminator before you get in to the (roughly) $1k mark. Another lower cost but arguably less functional option is to get a somogear cqbl-1 (laser only) one of these + a dual pressure switch. I use this set up with a somogear ngal and it w
  8. Evolution gear and Holy Warrior may be worth checking out.
  9. Depending on where and what you get shot with it can certainly sting, draw blood, and leave marks and blood-blisters, but I've found it to fade away quite quickly and as those who know me will attest, I hardly have the greatest pain threshold. I'm not sure I quite agree with all of that article, and certainly metal bbs is not something to worry about at properly organised skirmishes. I started airsofting at 13 and my brother 11 and we both did ok - though there will be tears, in the same way getting knocked on the nose does, so hardly sobbing. It does seem that children have more pain receptor
  10. Get the GPMG for banter, but there is also the stoner 63 which may be more "practical" as it has a semi auto mode. Its a V2 gearbox so nothing fancy inside (for better or worse) though the hop unit is proprietary and spare parts are fairly hard to come buy - Evike gets bits in stock occasionally but I don't know any other places that do. Edit: Pretty decent overview over on arnies airsoft: https://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/218287-echo-1-m240-review-kinda/ TLDR, the options for gpmg seem to be, from best to worst: Inokatsu Echo 1
  11. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For sale is my TM AA12. I'm the second owner, and I have skirmished it on 3 occasions, each time using low cap mags as it is my backup to my "main" AA12. Previous owner had the inner barrels replaced by Madbull tightbores, with the work carried out by Pro Airsoft Supplies in London. It comes boxed, with 1 standard mag. £300 paypal'd, but postage will be extra Socially distanced collection from North East London - £250 Video demonstrating function available on request.



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    Guarder FSBE vest replica. No idea whats going on with the QD system. £25 posted + pp'd, offers accepted.



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    Super nice trousers, but never got the use they deserved as the waist was, and is, just too big for me. Size Large / 52/54 german size I'll let flecktarn.co.uk tell you what it is: https://www.flecktarn.co.uk/flcct6na.html Its £35 posted and paypal'd I can't seem to edit the advert, but this item is used.


    - GB

  14. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Helikon Combat Shirt in Polish Woodland size M Helikon SFU Next Trousers in Polish Woodland M, Reg Should note - the combat shirt looks a bit shrivelled in the photos because the torso element material is quite stretchy. I've got one elbow pad left, the other one is at an airsoft site somewhere. £25 posted and paypalled No splits Offers accepted


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