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  1. ^ This is your best bet if you havn't already - when i got an m300 i unscrewed the back first and was a bit stumped. btw: if you get it to work let me know how you get on as i'm planning to grab one myself come next payday - would be particularly interested in the IR output and if you have any luck with tail switch compatibility. thanks!
  2. a 40mm pouch should be fine. I use WAS ones for my dynatec impacts (50mm not 44mm) and whilst they are shorter then the alphatec (105 not 125) the pouch has more then enough room on the vertical plane to accommodate a taller grenade.
  3. racism is one hell of a drug, think he did a liam neeson!
  4. See this is where I disagree. I see "airsoft" as a hobby, and skirmishes/milsims/everything in between as a "game". Sure you wanna out gun and out run people but I don't really see it as a capital-C Competitive thing. As for the rest - I don't think we need standardisation across airsoft sites. We deffo need some education about joules and all that stuff but stuff like marshalling and enforcement should really be left to sites/marshalls discretion. I think the grassroots, somewhat "underground" nature of airsoft is absolutely a good thing. But I think there a specific circumstances - namely engaging with the government - that would benefit from a united approach/working in partnership. thanks
  5. Here's my "A Team" Inokatsu AIMS ft Cyma gearbox G&P Stoner 63 JG G36 ft CA AG36 + H&K rail TM AA12 with upgrades (though its also broken) All WIP's as ever.
  6. Completely agree. I expect it will take local players to feed this information back to skirmish sites. It is of course quite extraordinary circumstances and I think very few would of predicted the specifics. That being said, a a united body won't just be useful for relaying information from government down, but as restrictions loosens we can't rule out risk assessments and decision making being made at different levels (ie national government(s) and local government and put simply the "clout" needed to engage at these levels is more then one site on their own can reasonably expected to do. We will see i guess, and i suppose all i am trying to say is "it can't hurt". Its good to know about the "theme park, adventure park and outdoor leisure" part of it as well - one to keep an eye on. That being said - whilst none of us know when airsoft will come back, I think must of us have an idea of "what things will look like when airsoft comes back" and I thinkkkkkkkk its fair to say that we're not there yet. When I heard of sites opening up this week I reacted with scepticism, not excitement, and i can't be the only one.
  7. I've only ever seen one place (gunman) specify weapon choice. For the most part its greens v tans, some people make more an effort with a "look" sure but its not reenactment focused like MSW over in the states. fwiw Legion Airsoft only allows torso ghillie suits, trousers must be team colour.
  8. as with all aspects of my life - distinctly mediocre! A middling amount of guns of basically medium quality, whatever that means.
  9. As you'll probably know stairs can be very tricky, I'd be concerned that they "choke" the site to the point where a lot of the floor space isn't really used in game, with a lot of the action being concentrated on and near the stairs. So I think maybe rather then one big cqb site, you could have an "arena" on each floor. Of course the devil is in the detail! Thanks
  10. I think £400 is a bit low. the gun is £300 new in the uk, £36 each for mags, then its got ~£150 optic ~£120 laser, ~160 tac light, not to mention the FMA rail is popular and requires a decent amount of modding to fit. The rest I cba to add up. Personally I would sell the MP7 and mags together, maybe some of the cheap accessories. The more expensive stuff I think you could sell more easily as individual items
  11. No guarantees but ares have pretty good "after sales" Check this out: Sounds like you want: Parts A22-A28 (inclusive) Parts C45-C47 (inclusive again) Not sure what you mean by the magazine clip but you get the idea. Pop [email protected] an email. If you don't hear within a week try [email protected] Just don't ask them for the UGL!
  12. I'd deffo ascertain the validity of your UKARA first as it would make it so much easier. edit: ignore me - failed to read post properly... must try harder..
  13. i know plenty of sites that don't operate the bang rule but have a "tap on the shoulder". which seems fine. spent years as a child pointing sticks and saying "bang", not keen on going back thank you very much!!!! not to mention that seemingly the majority of american youtube rage videos start with an argument about the bang kill.
  14. I don't think anyone agrees with you - and putting covid aside, having looked at your instagram, im worried that if you just met up with strangers in the woods you'd get molested
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