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    Surplus US woodland BDU, both trousers and shirt are medium regular. Sorry for the poor photo quality. £30 posted (tracked, signature if you'd like) and paypal'd. all offers considered, reply not guaranteed. Cheers


  2. i just call people cause i am sufficiently neurotypical to use a telephone
  3. wasn't particularly offended. believe it or not as someone who basically grew up with the internet i don't find racism or whatever particularly shocking or offensive. but it wasn't very funny either - think you may be better off leaving the jokes to ricky gervais, no offence intended of course.
  4. Not my place to take offence on others behalf but certainly bad vibes mocking people's accents. Not like it really makes a difference but its thanks to people like "Wang in HK" that we have this hobby. Just something to think about
  5. https://www.dailydot.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Jordan-Peterson-Room.jpg talk about do as i say, not as i do... edit: i suppose i do agree with his general point. shame about everything else!
  6. Maybe not the answer you were looking for but whatever. I played a game at Camp Sparta, but hosted by Brit Tac. One of the best day's airsofting I ever had. They have a 10 hour "battlesim" coming up next month which may be worth investigating: https://www.brittacevents.com/event-details/op-red-wings-10-hour-event-camp-sparta You get to play at Camp Sparta (which is absolutely amazing) and I can vouch for the great day Brit Tac put on. You also get a longer day, which takes the sting out of a longer drive (3hrs in my case) I can't vouch for how Camp Sparta actually run things. Though I have to disagree with the comments made above about smoke inside buildings (I thought it was cool) and people using respirators (fair play, i also consider this to be cool). "don't be a dick" is a nice enough thing to say but not actually a very useful one as clearly people have different ideas about what constitutes being a dick. Hence why its good to have unambiguous rules. In this case, the rules unambiguously allow the use of smokes indoors. So bring your smokes. Bring a respirator if you have one too
  7. airsoft is so much bigger and better then one's local site. quite simply get out more! disrupt your homeostatis, raise the bar and jump over it. im sure you'll get the spark back. life is too short to think 'what if'. its too short to do the same old same old too. having fun is hard work. any dickhead can load up a game, stick the tv on or get a round in. bit cringe but i agree with mr damon here: edit to explain myself: "This type of impatience is usually accompanied by the Number 1 Error as well. It is due to the failure to appreciate the fundamental process by which strength accumulates. Stress is that which disrupts homeostasis – the current level of physiological adaptation. Stress is a change in an organism’s environment sufficient to cause the organism to adapt to the new requirements imposed by the change. Whether it is a mosquito population adapting to an insecticide or a weightlifter adapting to 5 pounds added to last week’s deadlift, adaptation is the process we manipulate in order to get stronger."
  8. This is something I kinda put together. I wanted to combine what I like about plate carriers (elastic cummberbunds instead of straps, and after market support) with what i like about chest rigs (they don't need to have plates in them). In the photo I have it set up for use with my LMG so I have two box mags in the front. If I want to switch to the M4, then I clip in the other bit to the side there. Its still a WIP but I think the proof of concept is there. Bullgear hydro bag Viper elastic cummberbund Panda tac GMR-style 40mm bandolier Viper mini chest rig with FMA kydex insert and viper elastic inserts + cellargear dangler for timed bfgs MCx custom gear GMR-style minimap + hw holsters timed bfg holsters Some velcro back pads I got off ali (forget the name)
  9. Similar position. I bought a lot of stuff over lockdown but got rid of a fair amount too. Not going completely minimalist but really streamlining my stuff and focusing on 24h games. I love, absolutely love (toy) guns, gear and gadgets, but I see them as a means to an end, rather then an end in of themselves. I'm not going to say its the end of my airsoft journey in terms of buying things but I have destination in mind and the end is in sight. Aside from a few little bits and bobs (specifically some pressure switches, and maybe a softshell jacket ready for autumn/winter), I'd like to get an mp7 (for local cqb games and gas and spring only evenings), a thermal optic (for predator mode), and much, much later down the line a sniper rifle as I'd like to try Hunteering. I will check back in next year and see whats up. Please wish me and my wallet luck. thank you.
  10. on one hand you've got form, right, and on the other, function, yeah?. put them together.... fun. think about it. edit: in all seriousness i actually prefer to have a large collection of extremely expensive items.
  11. Thought I'd chip in: I had my first game since October at the start of June with an evening game at South Coast CQB. I think this might my favourite site and the closest I've got to a "regular". Venue aside (it should really be called South Coast Urban or something) it really has got a nice atmosphere to it, the sportsmanship from the players was 10/10 and small things like free bottled water go a long way. I shot lots of bb's, even hit a few people and had a tough time getting to sleep afterwards such was the buzz. Me and a fellow forumite then visited Apocalypse Airsoft for my first "milsim". First things first: despite being a 50hr+ event it ended after "only" 36 hours as people on the (other!) team got a bit tired/fed up. Our attempt at LARPing as afghan villagers was totally silly and very fun but unfortunately the other team didn't really play ball. And then complained about how it was more of a "skirmish" than a milsim. sometimes you can't win. I try to have the attitude of a good day/ weekend first, a good skirmish/"milsim" second, and it was certainly a good weekend. I managed to rack up 22hrs of straight airsoft and the night time bit was super fun. I put "milsim" in quotes cause I think it can mean everything, but also, at the same time, nothing. But the night time bit really did remind me of my (very, very limited experience of) night time exercises in a good way, even though if I was to write down what went down you might think "that doesn't sound very fun". I suppose you had to be there. I can't help but feel a little bit cheated by the premature ending of the event as I had taken the monday off work to recover. I don't want a refund, but I would like the site to black list the lightweights (sorry!) at least from long events - but that ain't gonna happen! Or maybe just do 24h events as there is no prizes for hosting the longest airsoft event or anything. A month or so later we went up north to Brit Tac's "13 hours" battlesim(??) at Camp Sparta. I think this was the best day of airsoft I had ever had, ever. The numbers on our team were quite low oweing to football drop outs, but I think this was for the best as the 20 or so of us were divided into 3 teams and it all felt quite "tight" with lots of communication and coordinating. I could go on and on about how fun this was. On the downside, I did manage to hurt my ears (lesson learnt about hearing protection) and it took over 2 weeks for them to stop hurting. Edit: I've heard people complain about smoke inside buildings at camp sparta. Personally I thought it was awesome! At one stage i couldn't see my hand in front of me such was the darkness and smog... its a novelty. Finally, I got down to Echelon in Gravesend for their first public game, was umming and ahhin'g about that specific date till i saw there was only one ticket left, so i felt I kinda had to! Very good fun, and i'm very grateful to have some cqb relatively accessible from London - though the turnaround for evening games needs to be much much quicker imo, and just for the sake of expectation management, whilst its very cool playing in a former debenhams, i'm not sure its necessarily a "destination" site in the same way one of the UCAP jails, or The Gaol, or Camp Sparta or SCCQB are. This might sound more negative than I intend, perhaps I've been spoilt a bit with sccqb and camp sparta within a few weeks of each other. I bought some hearing protection with me after last time, and as sods law dictates...there was hardly any bangs. I'm sure people will get more bang happy as they learn the site a bit more though! Next up is my first game with Stirling Airsoft at "the trees" so I'm looking forward to that.
  12. Time Left: 5 days and 21 hours

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    Hi, Putting this up for sale. Often packed, but never used. As such as I am selling as "new". I can't find these for sale anymore but they were about £40. So this is £25, couriered and paypalled. No fees,no bullshit! picture is from a website, pictures on request.



  13. Time Left: 5 days and 21 hours

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    Your opportunity to look like john wayne. put this badboy on and you'll want to hook people up to fultons stat. you may even want a carry handled's ar15. unless you try you'll never know. Pic is from flecktarn.co.uk but pics on request. £35 posted and paypalled no fees etc. If you can find one cheaper let me know . This is NOT the "mil-spec" one which is brown - this is the type of tigerstripe that actually looks good!!!!!!!!


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