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  1. genuine question - i quite want to hpa an lmg for the sake of longevity. i don't want to upset anyone (as a rule of thumb anyway, i do reserve the right!) and its only worth having a ROF as fast as the boxmag can feed after all. would you be ok with that? i do agree 100% that the single shot rule is counter productive though thanks
  2. Time Left: 3 days and 21 hours

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    For sale is an old gen 1 night vision monocular. It is in working order, though it is an old gen 1 unit and so buying this is will not make the difference between you "owning the night" or not. That being said, its fun enough to play around with and has been priced accordingly. I'm not sure what the base (and fixed) magnification is, but it is higher than 1x. It has both objective and ocular focus adjustment - start with the front, then adjust the back, then adjust the front again for a picture. You will need to use the inbuilt IR illuminator 99% of the time. There is also a degree of "fish eye" with the image quality, and some specs on on the tube which are only visible when you stick it at a while wall and turn on the illuminator. Price includes tracked shipping and paypal.


  3. Classic Army do a G3K though i've no idea how accurate it is to real deal or whatever. Decent enough discount too: http://classicarmyshop.com/special/ca-a4-short-barrel-cacc005.html
  4. Hi - do you know what IRR is? I've got myself in a muddle. I have feeling that rather than meaning "resistant" (which is a common assumption and one I made too) it actually means reflective - to better match the reflectivity of foliage. This is an interesting (well, depends on what you find interesting!) of UFPRO trousers. Note that the elastic sections and kneepads seem to "glow" - but imo it matches the pallate of the IIT image / background terrain https://www.instagram.com/p/CKbiOHAn3WG/ Point taken about field craft and I appreciate this may be more mor
  5. does anyone use the viper buckle up chest rig + flat pack combo? if so pls pm me as I have a few questions thanks!!!

  6. can't find it for the life of me but yeah you need to cut a crescent shape on the underside of the m203 tube for it to fit in / ... fit out
  7. IRR treatment absolutely makes a difference. Pictured in the vid below is some truspec tigerstripe and some russian ss-leto. admittedly none of these are marketed as IRR resistant but compare it to the chinese made gear below. The difference is much more apparent with the IR illuminator turned on, though you can still notice the difference with it off. I've ordered some IRR spray paint so I will compare later. Its harder to find stuff specifically marketed as IRR treated. I was specifically looking at combat shirts as I am currently combat shirt-less. I was looking at OPS/Ur-tacti
  8. Just imo but there is no need for ukara when importing parts. I think its best that if you dont need to insert ukara, you shouldnt -somewhat concerned they will still demanding ukara where its not needed. Fwiw: been there done that got the t shirt
  9. super nerdy but i disagree. I don't consider myself to have a "dominant" side, i just have a weaker side. for airsoft situational stuff like cover and positioning should dictate what side you fire from, and i like to have my kit and gun set up so i can switch hands easily, for example i do my best to have my kit set up like a mirror image - i want to be able to reload and use grenades with my "weak side" as easily as i can, and this also applies attachments on the gun like light and lasers, which should be operated ambidextrously. say for example having a pressure switch mounted at the 9 o'clo
  10. I think fitness is worth considering here. Lower back pain is no fun, and whilst I don't think a counterweight is dead weight, i think if it were to get worse the solutions of 1) take weight off your front 2) put weight on your back will only take you so far. Firm no offence intended here but if there is added weight on the front of your torso which isn't kit related, it may be worth investigating. Likewise some exercises for the "core" and pretty much the entire back would be good, i think. as ever there is the proviso that you don't want to over do it as exercise can absolutely make it worse
  11. Sorry but it is far from the next best thing to Crye! If it comes as a surprise that it is made in China it's because WAS gear is a bit overhyped. Its good stuff, don't get me wrong, but its certainly not "bomb proof" as I like to bore people with, the only bit of tactical nylon i've actually managed to break was a WAS pouch. I put it on par with other chinese brands be it TMC or flyye or whatever, (but not like 8fields or w/e). Some WAS stuff is well priced - some of their stuff seems to have a massive mark up. I'd buy WAS stuff again sure but you can do cheaper, you can do bet
  12. I know someone else who was accused of being racist:
  13. Leicester has been on perma-lockdown for ages, i doubt people "dancing outside" is the biggest issue ! No the point is you chose an obvious example of people breaking the rules which has subsequently been proven to have had a minute (if at all) impact on anything. That article is from a few days ago so I'm not quite sure I understand your last point, apologies. Once again I'm not saying that people haven't broken the rules, but I'm saying that all things considered, most people haven't, and the adherence has been surprisingly good. "behavioural fatigue" was something discussed f
  14. Couldn't care less about personal anecdotes. I've seen people break rules of course, but i'm not sure how useful this blame game is, nor is turning molehills into mountains by Excellent example of media hysteria and "hate they neighbour" https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/feb/19/how-the-beach-super-spreader-myth-can-inform-uks-future-covid-response I don't care if you think people are being dicks. I'm interested in proper solutions and the obvious solution is increasing sickpay and other measures of (mostly financial) support. I personally don't have the stomach to
  15. I'm not debating the effectiveness of lockdowns. I am taking issue with your claim that "the general public can't bloody behave themselves." which I still think you have failed to substanitate. - "Low sick pay however is only a factor if you're sick and to be quite frank, if you're sick with COVID and you choose to go to work and mix with others then you're an arse (regardless of income)." No it is a factor if you have to stop working, whether or not you are sick. I disagree that people are an arse, regardless of income - some people quite simply need to work for them a
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