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  1. I agree with the rest of your post but I wouldn't be too concerned by that in and of itself - this was issued by DIT and is written for an audience of importers. Whereas BF guidance is/was IIRC for BF staff. In this instance i think they demonstrate the idea of defences (distinct from license or exemption bla bla) with something a layman would get - historical reeanctment.
  2. I dont think s39 is worth too much concern in of itself - though thats easy for me to say! In this context s36 and s39 are two sides of same coin.
  3. ... in an ideal world sure but alot of the time its not ideal. Its all very circumstantial but i shoot till i hear hit or see the hand. I think we've all shot someone, had them not feel it / take a while to process and shoot you back ending in a trade. So i tend to shoot more then once. Dont get me wrong - excessive overkill does happen. But assuming rules are followed we all need to suck it up a bit.
  4. Not yet, quite a few clashes in the dairy. But im gonna pen in 9th november if ive got the rota right.
  5. Hi Russ, I must admit that i havn't got an ares g36. But i fitted an ares (well, back then it was star) foregrip to CA and JG models (tm clones) with zero mods. I cant imagine the modification being extensive but i very well may be wrong. If the s&t is an ares clone, you could contact ares directly - they are quick to respond. Email [email protected] and ask if they have 'G36-HG' in stock - that is the full length one with bipod.
  6. None of those defences are actually the ones that cover airsoft, as our defence is in a statutory instrument not the act itself. You are of course right that nobody will actually care. But in the worst case I think if you sold to airsoft imports you could demonstrate that it was for the purposes of either/both 2 A + B of the SI - albeit by proxy. Edit: for this reason there is may be a case to be made that selling to a retailer (espicially one like airsoft imports who also organise events aka permitted activities) being a safer option then selling to some chap on a forum with a ukara number. But for better or for worse we will probably never know!
  7. Think most people would agree that one of the strengths of airsoft is that there is something for everyone and most open days / walk ons can accomodate everyone. But in this instance - an all day rolling event, in november, in the UK - people should be a bit better prepared! I'm not pro.. being wet and cold but if someone is gonna book and pay £55 for the above atleast a neutral attitude to discomfort is required. I will out myself as the other chap in that pic and yea it was a bit of a dead afternoon. If people sack it in fair play what can we do about it? But i hope some introspection was had about kit and... grit.
  8. If you mean the look is of 'complete dogshit' then you are onto a winner there
  9. For gas - guarder black gas. I've yet to try MAPP though. Co2 is the best gas to use though it requires collateral. Capacity wise there's not much in it. The absolute best showers you can get are madbull and s-thunder. The latter can also have 'co2 cores' which will allow to use co2. Back in the day you could get packs of six 'eagle force' which were great value for money. Paintball style shells are soooo much easier to load that i prefer them. Having said that, im sure the nuprol are fine, though ive not used them myself. Thanks
  10. I dont see how a lipo can damage the mosfet over time? I use a 7.4v lipo in my aa12 and its fine. A 9.6v nimh or 11.1v lipo wont work at all. I know very little about this but i always assumed you'd get 1 shot per mah. The aa12 drum holds 3000bbs so getting 2000 or so shots per battery seems about right. Finally forget lipo - the best thing you can do for an AES is not use the drum - it can jam the gun easily. I dont use mine anymore -not least cause of poor feeding.
  11. It does sound a lot like you got outplayed but whatever - none of us are getting younger.
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