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  1. Horrible idea. If you see an item which is a rip off its best to close the tab and move on with your life
  2. Been a similar boat to you. Got a pair of z tac sordins - they are pretty good as ear pro (more then enough for 9mm,not sure i'd use them for a day of clay pigeon though!) but they leave alot to be desired generally - though i concede my issues with comms could be PTT related too. If you want a boom mic at that price point they are probably your best bet, certainly better then z-tac. The other solution (which isnt quite what you're looking for, sorry) is the howard leights impact sport with a 3.5mm going into a baofeng speaker mic. You have to talk into the mic but the speaker will be routed into the headset. Thats what i intend to do anyway. Even if you can find a real comtac/sordin at a good price it seems the boom mic and ptt is where the big £££ comes in. I may be wrong with all of this btw - my exp with ztac is the only first hand info i have. Thanks
  3. This isn't super helpful but mosfet light can also start when there is a problem within the gearbox. I had this occur and first assumed it was the mosfet, but apparently a screw got loose and damaged the piston. As it happens the same aa12 has just incurred another malfunction - jamming bbs leading to a lock up - i reckon if i was to connect battery and pull the trigger.. however many times id get the red light to flash. I had my aa12 repaired by Eagle6 after the tech i approached suggested them. Dlcustoms has also worked on aa12s but thats the only ones i know about.
  4. Longmoor training village isn't too far from Dorking and is used for battlesim days and milsims by legion airsoft brit tac and battlestations (this year anyway) .. EAG host games there too i think for regulars. Mix of outdoors and in.
  5. Cause its more fun!!!!!! I've never had anyone complain ever about getting shot by a normal moscart anyway (not used the AI ones) - quite the opposite actually.
  6. If unique is a criteria I'd go for the 9A91 - LCT do the SR-3 and various companies make VSS, so its very unique in addition to all its over qualities.
  7. No reason they shouldn't but you can get ufc 140's from begadi for much cheaper: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0102IVVKM/ref=pe_3187911_189395841_TE_3p_dp_1 I paid £11ish for shipping so £35 in total - those ones would be £54 before shipping.
  8. Nah was a game put on by DAG milsim hosted by AP. Manatory tracers and equal amounts of NOD users on each team. Worked very well i thought.
  9. Cool - lemme know if you make it, can put a face to names. Ill just be there for the morning session. AP night game was great btw!
  10. Me too! Also dont suppose you were at a nightgame at AP on sat night? Name rings a bell
  11. Sometimes I skirmish twice a month, sometimes once, and sometimes none at all. Ish. Hope that clarifies things!
  12. Hot shower can of lager and a fat spliff
  13. Greyshop is £177 when you select the full AK kit option. So a fair price imo.
  14. H8r2 with a flashlight and a lil tracer would give a similar profile.
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