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  1. GeorgePlaysAirsoft

    Eotechs and AN/PEQ 15s

    They do on mine, both left right and up down.
  2. GeorgePlaysAirsoft

    Gun picture thread

    Love mine to bits but the drum mag has a rep for poor feeding - its not you being stupid. Drum mag for outdoors standards indoors 👍
  3. GeorgePlaysAirsoft

    Eotechs and AN/PEQ 15s

    I have an element peq15 and i really like it. I can't remember why i chose it over the FMA so won't comment on that. But i'm very happy with the element one: - torch is good but nothing amazing. Quite a 'wide' focus and will illuminate a long-ish corridor - laser fine for airsoft ranges and zeroing is easy. It has held zero... so far! - i havnt attempted to zero the IR laser but it does work and goes atleast as far as airsoft ranges when i tested it. Puts a fairly large blob of light on whatever you are pointing it at - feels good in the hand Imo you should buy one cause you want a cool looking laser. I have a seperate torch on my gun (also an element) which is pretty powerful. Im inclined to think get whatever is easiest + cheapest to get,doubt you will have much buyers remorse. Airsoft is best when you have lots of lasers pointing down a corridor with lots of bangs going off - fact. Get one asap! Cheers
  4. GeorgePlaysAirsoft

    40mm green gas shells

    Good middle ground if you cba with co2 is guarder black gas - not nuprol!!! - as that is dogshit. S-thunder are the best shells by a massive,massive margin. You used to be able to get 6 packs of shells from various brands fairly cheaply but those days are gone, sadly. Shower shells are obviously best indoors, and i reccomend an underslung indoors so you can fire them off quickly. Get a fair amount of shells (i use 4+1 in gun) as if you only have a few you will shy away from actually using it. And at any given time a % of your shells won't work.
  5. GeorgePlaysAirsoft

    Gun picture thread

  6. GeorgePlaysAirsoft

    Full face protection that doesnt fog?

    Unless you go mesh or fans there is no such thing as universally fog free mask. A dye mask is the best place to start but you might need fans - clearly best on the market but i've seen them fog so there we go
  7. GeorgePlaysAirsoft

    Would like to start a team - Watford / north London

    Best bet is The Outpost, ucap's new place in reading will be worth a look too.
  8. GeorgePlaysAirsoft

    TM AA12, Worth having ?

    I got one last april and have used it every game since -i love it so much when it went down (gearbox lockup i think, off to a tech) i bought another one. In no particular order: - its an automatic tri shot - nothing more nothing less! - 260fps with .2 - you will need a drum mag for outside... -... but the drum mag does have some problems feeding -its cost me some 'kills' but there we go - it excels indoors,espicially when its semi auto only! - bottom 2 barrels have horizontal hop - id prefer if they were just normal vertical tbh - its really fun Is it worth the money? Imo yes absolutely. Just don't expect a 'meta' killing machine - its a shotgun first and foremost. Edit: if you play cqb get one, if you play outdoors and have an occassional grumble about getting outranged,maybe not. Cheers
  9. GeorgePlaysAirsoft

    Are 40 Mikes Worth It?

    Edit:life is short and i dont want to chat about 40mikes haha - the master mike looks cool though. The L85 UGL is out of production and rare but does occassionally pop up second hand -of course if you have ras theres loads of railes attached ones. I love 40mms but there is a fairly high upfront cost and with the exception of tag you basically have a bb blunderbuss!
  10. GeorgePlaysAirsoft

    To all Stalker fans... Help!

    I'd start with some generic urban camo bdu's. If you could get some russian urban camo that would be sweet but easier said then done.Then some funky looking brown knee and elbow pads,a belt with a drop leg dump pouch. I think any olive russian tac vest or chest rig would look good, and on the cheaper end there those generic olive drab blackhawk style tac vests look similar. If you wanted to do a heavier loadout you could use any green plate carrier and a full cut protec helmet and some riot shin pads bla bla
  11. GeorgePlaysAirsoft

    Large Events in the UK

    GZ is a massive site and has been going for ages too, as others have mentioned it has built up over time. Maybe the NAE is the only thing like it cause it was the first thing like it? Personally I'm more excited about the prospect of smaller games at 'pop up' sites, a bit like what Spartan Airsoft are doing in Chippenhan.
  12. GeorgePlaysAirsoft

    Moving to UK from Italy, how to bring my Airsoft guns

    - can ship over as parts, reassemble in UK - can ship to someone local who has ukara (best bet imo) - obtain ukara first Good luck - can ship over as parts, reassemble in UK - can ship to someone local who has ukara (best bet imo) - obtain ukara first Good luck
  13. GeorgePlaysAirsoft

    KWC Co2 blowback Uzi

    This looks like it: http://www.skyproairsoft.com/prod_detail.php?item_id=130 Its out of stock though. You could try emailing them or [email protected] Here is the manual btw: http://www.kwcgun.com/images/MANUAL/KCB-07.pdf BTW: worth checking if you have the v1 or v2. V1 mags are out of stock everywhere and very hard to find.
  14. GeorgePlaysAirsoft

    Painting an IF

    Whillo i really do feel for ya - i had my first skirmish at 13 and have been obsessed since. Hopefully this doesn't put you off skirmishing - maybe take a look at some video game skins for inspiration? Doesn't have to be tactical to look cool. Cheers and good luck!
  15. ^re judge of character -i agree, my point is we are using FAC as short hand for good character, but that is irrelevant anyway. 2nd point - agreed but if we are just talking about the airsoft defence (against being charged with importing/ selling/ manufacturing) then that hinges on making the rif 'avaiable for... organisation of permitted activities...'