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  1. Do you live your life like a monk? Eating nothing but boiled pototoes and rice? So so tedious.
  2. The russian 'partisan' suits have elasticated waist and are very baggy -might be worth a look.
  3. Great news! Im only 30 mins away and im not a morning person so this suits me very well. Can i ask nearly the opposite of the above - do you have plans for later games for more darkness? Obviously days get shorter bla bla. Thanks!
  4. Gutted to hear about no mesh. A 'shatter' (when it does actually happen) is like walking into a cobweb. Agree with heroshark - full seal mesh better then glasses, easily.
  5. Try unscrewing the base slowly till its nearly 'open' then tighten it up again. Sometimes the 'button' can get stuck. If that doesnt work take it apart and re-assemble - be careful with the ball bearings though. Some silicon grease is useful for holding them in place. Afraid to say 40mm shells require TLC and always have more then you intend to use to avoid dissapointment. Cheers
  6. This is all i can think about at the moment cannot wait to find out more!
  7. I dont care about whether it counts as a hit but a group were doing this at a skirmish the other day - it is fucking shit banter and just really annoying generally. Deffo not as funny as people think it is.
  8. Think its a great idea in principle. I agree with Callum 100%. Make it a fast paced 'mini milsim'. I personally dont see the point of a hit detection system - the black ops site is small and cheaters would be sniffed out very quickly. If you go with that system i think richochets would have to count - its pretty all or nothing. Edit: im just gonna say it: i have zero interest in the hit detection system. Lasertag exists,dunno where you lot skirmish but i find non-hit taking very rare.
  9. My grandad was asked to leave the waitrose in salisbury cause he had 2 shotguns in sleeves on his back. No police were involved, for better or worse! Must be something in the water
  10. The ship is the former MV Horsa now Penelope A if you want to track it. A group called Sealink Historic Ferries is seeking to purchase it (not sure if they have yet) and restore it, with UCAP presumably using it meanwhile. http://ucap.co.uk/ucap-airsoft-venues/coming-soon-ucap-vanquish/?fbclid=IwAR2tqx32RjOb1LjZYQZ9h1y8DrYRftTBg_rm2X2xOqk6XOiZRTe5jltehrs
  11. That was me back in 2015. I submitted an FOI to the CPS asking for convictions under S36 of the VCRA - there were 18, 1 in 2012-13, 7 in 2013-14 and 10 in 2014-15. Cheers
  12. There's not,no. There is a lot of crap mesh out there,same as usual eye pro - but that has been done to death. Bolle raiders with the strap look great - but you will have to find out whether you fog them up or not! Cheers
  13. Eye pro is so personal. I had a pair of bolle x800s too - they fogged all the time. You'll read people saying that dye i4 masks never fog - but they do! If you found your paintball mask fogging really annoying I would look ones with fans or mesh (which is what i use). Cheers
  14. Flash hider, foregrip, stock, & rear sight should fit with some modification. Pistol grip will require an ares or lct slim line motor, again with some modification. Real top covers are too short for the airsoft reciever. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/tssr/mpi-km-72-conversion-guide-pic-heavy-t959.html
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