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    Looking for one of these, if you have one spare please let me know I'll pay reasonable amount.


  2. just to chime in. I have an unbranded t1 micro from ali and a 2nd hand pts eotech style one. Only difference apart from trades is the former has a more matte finish then the pts version. I personally don't care about either of those things. They are different products ofc so ymmv. I'd get one on offa Ali unless you need it next weekend, you'll save a substantial amount of money.
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    Looking for one of these. black or gold i don't care. I will probably order off ali anyway but just in case someone here has one..let me know.


  4. I have one, I think they are pretty good if you are wearing a balaclava of course. The metal is quite flexible so you can smush it to fit your face....ymmv of course. The downside is that for me at least it interfered with the chin strap on my helmet which was basically unacceptable. I ended up cutting it down into a kinda orange peel shape so it just protects my teeth.
  5. This set off a bit of a walk down memory lane for me. I was playing at spec ops before it became spec ops - at the time mr spec ops ran the games at Ground Zero and spec ops was an invite only all day long proto-battlesim type thing. No hicaps seemed like such a big deal then and I spent loads of money on TM standard mags cause it was either them or the Star "realcaps". Mad to think midcaps weren't invented yet. Fond memories of ruining my jetboil by using it to make pepperami instant noodles. I also helped build some of the first structures there. I also lost my USP on its first game which sucked but a guy cheered me up by doing a peter griffin impression. This must of been in 2006-7 or so. Funny to know they still do hotdogs and chilli con carne as that was the menu all those years ago. I went again I think 2014 or so hoping to meet aforementioned mr spec ops but he wasn't there rip. There were rumours that there were abandoned houses out in the woods, there was also a supposed sighting of the "beast of bloxworth" and also during a night game, a ufo. We never did come across any of these houses but I note that the site down the road does have one. So maybe there was a beast of bloxworth after all...
  6. I had the same thing as Alvin and it was totally fine (short version I pretty much answered no or n/a to every question which didn't specify parts) There is a question whereby if you put "yes" to RIF parts, they want you to "confirm the use of the RIF as above" - I did mark the question as "yes" but did not confirm the use of the RIF "as above" cause.. it's not a RIF. I may be paranoid but I'd encourage anyone who has this form for parts to not include anything vaguely "ukara-ry" or "defency", just in case they start demanding ukara or whatever for just parts. I still have a copy so if you want to take a look let me know and I can ping it over.
  7. They are a novelty gun for sure but quite fun, so fun that at one point in time i had 2. Downsides: - Only one of the 3 barrel has hop applied vertically. After mine broke I sent it for repairs and whilst it was in, had the hop modded so all 3 barrels have vertical hop and a heavier spring in there to take it to whatever 250fps with .2g is to 1j. After that, I used .28s - As above, I can't honestly claim them to be reliable guns. Mine has broken twice, each instance a gearbox jam. The first occasion was caused by bb's getting jammed, the second occasion I don't know...as I haven't gotten it fixed yet! - I didn't have a great experience with the drum mag, it would fail to feed too often and sapped the fun o meter. I used it maybe twice and then switched to carrying (lots) of standard mags, which hold 90 or so bbs which, quick maths, gives you 30 shots which is far from ideal. gbbr people can say what they want but i haven't heard anyone using "realcaps" in a "normal" aeg in well over a decade - I should note that at the time i was using blaster bb's or whatever, I don;t use them anymore for other reasons but this contributed to me becoming a bit of a geoffs fundamentalist - the rear sling mount is a real weak point. look for a "full stock sling adapter" if you want to sling
  8. Couldn't find anything about them before I ordered. Anyway, for the sake of search engines and all that: I did order from them, my order was shipped quickly and it took 7 working days to get from Poland to the UK. Not bad, really. I'd use them again. I can't comment on how they'd handle something going wrong but in any case everything went right.
  9. Massive caveat that this is pure "grapevine" but I have heard similar things for a while now to the point that when I came to acquire some weighted plates I assumed they were essentially out of business and went to tridentgearco instead. if you want something heavier than trident's 4.2kg a pair set then you could maybe look at : https://www.hr4k.co.uk/products/hr4k-plates
  10. i think that is a SF M720 of which replicas are available
  11. Had the pleasure of meeting @DrAlexanderTobacco at a milsim. He was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny.

    1. heroshark


      He is a super fine chap Indeed.

    2. Rogerborg
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    trident travail etc thank you in b4 the fudds get funny: no not the ones you eat off!!!


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    Your opportunity to look like john wayne. put this badboy on and you'll want to hook people up to fultons stat. you may even want a carry handled's ar15. unless you try you'll never know. Pic is from flecktarn.co.uk but pics on request. £30 posted and paypalled no fees etc. If you can find one cheaper let me know . This is NOT the "mil-spec" one which is brown - this is the type of tigerstripe that actually looks good!!!!!!!!


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    As title, used a few times. more pics on request Price includes p&p


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