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  1. If unique is a criteria I'd go for the 9A91 - LCT do the SR-3 and various companies make VSS, so its very unique in addition to all its over qualities.
  2. No reason they shouldn't but you can get ufc 140's from begadi for much cheaper: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0102IVVKM/ref=pe_3187911_189395841_TE_3p_dp_1 I paid £11ish for shipping so £35 in total - those ones would be £54 before shipping.
  3. Nah was a game put on by DAG milsim hosted by AP. Manatory tracers and equal amounts of NOD users on each team. Worked very well i thought.
  4. Cool - lemme know if you make it, can put a face to names. Ill just be there for the morning session. AP night game was great btw!
  5. Me too! Also dont suppose you were at a nightgame at AP on sat night? Name rings a bell
  6. Sometimes I skirmish twice a month, sometimes once, and sometimes none at all. Ish. Hope that clarifies things!
  7. Hot shower can of lager and a fat spliff
  8. Greyshop is £177 when you select the full AK kit option. So a fair price imo.
  9. H8r2 with a flashlight and a lil tracer would give a similar profile.
  10. TSI Armouries Tavor. If you havnt heard of it that is because its the worst airsoft gun ever and it put them out of business!! Over sized, several second delay to change firemode, poor plastic construction bla bla.
  11. Its better then its ever been. Back in 2005/6 if you wanted a decent full metal AR you could choose between CA, ICS, G&P...maybe G&G. There is an insane amount of choice and new tech now and you get more bang for your buck with guns and gear. But mostly there's more and cooler places to skirmish at nowadays. More interesting is the rise and fall of milsim organisers but maybe thats for another time. Also worth pointing out that call of duty 4: MW came out in 2007!! I think the kicker for people getting bored with the hobby is the adage 'the more things change the more they stay the same'.
  12. Went along this eve thought id write something up before i forget! Review above is spot on really. Good: - 25 min drive for me - a non-weekday evening game is convient - its a good site. Maybe too paintbally for some but i liked it and lots of work has been put in - safe zone was cracking nice and cosy and toilets were nice too Bad - i dont have facebook so maybe i miss out but games were on 3-9 not 4-10 as mentioned - marshalls seemed very switched on but some pretty overt and ott full auto during a semi auto only very cqb game wasnt dealt with at all which led to everyone on my team (bar me, billy no mates) sacking it off. But some people switched sides and we had a good game. - people took off eyepro too much for my liking + dry fire in the safezone just rubs me up the wrong way h&s aside. 2 weeks from now is the last evening game as its getting too dark and they will be doing game days instead. Hopefully they'll bring them back in the new year as im glad someone is filling the saturday night niche! All my bad points are easily sorted and its still early days.
  13. I really like the accucel 6 im thick as shit and i can work it -on that basis you'll be fine 👍
  14. I'm an impractical skirmisher - 4 aegs (of which 2 are aa12s) 3 pistols and an MGL. Saving for NV now.
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