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    Going to start with assault role.
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  1. Getting groups to push and attack can be tough. take x 2 bombs to fort at Combat South was fun this weekend, bomb was sat still, asking those around who is going to carry, even through masks the rentals have this 'What? and get shot?!' look. Asked/shouted for suppression and was given the chance to run up and dump bomb on objective. the flanking we tried as a team of three was mostly disrupted by a couple of sneaky gits. Moving under fire was simply move whilst two cover / suppress with 'I'm moving to your ....'
  2. I have second hand ess goggles with no foam left. Started with spit and wipe, worked til the whistle blew for the first game, misting foggy and all that. Had to move to spare plastic 'glasses'. A quick (alright heavy) spray of nuprol anti-mist at lunch and I was good for the rest of the day.
  3. I have finally taken this out! Review to be posted in correct forum. have you found any that are running hot? Chrono on Sunday has to have a fair few shots to get it down. Started at 364! It did, on full drop down to 350.4 which the folks at Combat South let me take to field.
  4. Am I missing something? What's is the name of site, looking but having trouble finding a skirmish near Wembley. Would love an easy access to another site
  5. I wouldnt piss in his ear if his brain was on fire, let alone give him my money His brain is on fire, have you seen this ?😁
  6. Welcome London noob. What sites have caught your interest?
  7. Welcome! All about the boots and face protection. when you do use rentals ask if they have a couple of different (weapon) platforms to get a feel for what you like the look of. Enjoy
  8. Give me a 50m range on an aeg and my box/drum mag will do the rest, but that is the support gunner in me.
  9. Fast game then around is what I hear (from qcb site runners) as the main reason for comparative rates to woodland days. I would also like to call bs on this, however get to play there, I just know from smaller woodland sites that tea takes priority
  10. Saw this as a news piece a while ago then didn't hear anything else. Stoked it is till happening. Will definitely make it down for this
  11. also London based and will be heading to Red 1 in September at some point. Would be up for being at same place at same time as folk from here
  12. The AK47 when everyone in the room needs to get hit! Love me an AK hire gun 🔫
  13. I have had a very quick glance you d this site and you know what, not terrible...😉 it offers decent what's what of airsoft and i plan to have another look round soon. It might get a bit of hate from those established in the hobby for mentioning speedsoft and milsim in same page but that made me reach for the popcorn
  14. I feel personally attacked by this, also, when I book too late for a rental and my brother hands me a shotgun with 25m range, who else is supposed to be the objective carrier.....
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