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    ASG CAA M4 'carbine'
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    Going to start with assault role
    Using 1954 UK army belt rig.
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    So far, Combat South's woodland site and UCAP's green ops site
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  1. they also host wolf armouries wednesday night i think
  2. so just a thought (hijacking thread) about milism/role/cosplay.... i rock up in full Corinthian leather with hood, two (wobbly) swords and two dessert eagle xix top railed pistols and only claim hits for head shots.... do you let me play as Deadpool? i am mostly joking about this
  3. thanks for heads up. i hadnt found these guys in causal searches. just have ro wait til mid August when i get my hands on my weapon
  4. the response - Stock has a small amount of wobble. If you have crap eyes like me then the sight attached needs tweaking. Trigger is quite good to fair. Even at 20 yrds i can get 10/9/8 on a 10 zone target (and my hands shake!) anyother questions? 😁
  5. I'll get him signed up here and him to do a review of sorts. May take a few days. my plan for this rif is get defence/site membership then bring the gun to london a go to every site within 50 miles till it breaks then start the upgrades
  6. ready for th full confessional? I do not currently have a defence/ukara number. So my brother has bought it and is keeping it for me till i can get down to a site near him. here it is. it is apparently kicking out 345fps out of the box! i know this might drop a little as it 'hops' in. My brother is going to 'test fire' next time he is at site. it might be just another m4 on a noob but damn,
  7. Ordered Friday, it arrived today. Win They have a chat feature so al those questions that you have when looking at a weapon can be answered (i think till 10pm) so i did, ask, alot. the service here really was great, almost as if i was in a store. Their website is easy to use and whilst it is not as good patrol base it is mobile friendly. oh yes and they still have 18 ASG CAA M4 carbine for £75.... i didnt want an m4, but you know £75. (The other thread is two years old and under their old name of Kombatuk)
  8. Not true! You get loud lads from Kent as well...
  9. Same here. Had nothing but support and welcome. to hear that people are shit in all hobbies doesnt suprise me. To all the folks here, on behalf of us noobs, thanks
  10. https://www.onlyairsoft.com/product/asg-caa-m4-carbine-14-5-aeg-tan/ £75! so i bought 1. only 20 left in stock....
  11. What i hate about our toys, I hate that m4's are everywhere. I hate that i want something different just for the sake of difference. I really hate that i have fallen (a little bit to much) for the g36k- i hate that i cant get my hands on one. the C sure, the E not for the cqb sites i have in mind to visit. my two pence
  12. First off, thank you. This thread is golden, i had thought that weapons maintained 90% value depending on upgrades, This is a great learning curve. So seller expectaion vs actual value - custom paint jobs, seller £what they paid for it vs -10% - 'weathering' -+0% (i think i have seen an ak on prefired that wanted +10% for 'authentic Soviet' look) vs -10-20% depending on severity - extras, no value lost (ever) vs should be seen as gifts/sweeteners There have been a couple of bargins that i have not been quick enough or close enough to (TM G36 £80 and G&G firehawk £70). These i would grab next time. Other than that i think new is the better way for 1st or 2nd weapons. Thoughts?
  13. have a look at tactical airsoft down in Croydon, woodland but with cqb set up as well. not been yet but seen the site in a fair few vids. Still a walk though. Plantation is on my rentel list before i commit to membership of a site for ukara puposes...also east london based and not driving. i figure the walk wouldnt be too bad or to hitch a lift with these fine people by sticking a thumb out on the way....
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