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  1. @MiK i'll be near Binley /se cov visiting family. I had planned on going solo to Warzone on the Sunday as a consolation prize for missing out on the z-mart fun
  2. So here is an odd one, anyone traveling down from Coventry/birmingham that wants to share fuel costs? I would be able to bail on family commitments but the train prices are a tough justification.
  3. Does badlands still ask for bio ammo to be used? The can of fizz is a nice touch. If you are in that area give Ambush (botley) a go. Badlands is on my (when i visit family) list
  4. So, a 'player marshal' on days where an actual marshal is needed to help people call their hits..... Now, a marshal that takes off their highvis or lobs a pyro to help a team through a choke point that they are stuck at (really stuck) im ok with. This behaviour is detrimental to business.
  5. This site sounds amazing. These sites are very much a play as often as possible while you can. It is the woe of urban cqb sites that the landlord will often use us (or rather game organisers/companies) as a stop gap whilst the sale/ planning goes though. I mean unless it is owned land (like i believe Mayhem, Essex is) then almost all sites are under near threat of 'we sold the land/planning came through'.
  6. First of, thank you for your dedication to the chaos of 'am i going to enjoy this'. There were fits and spurts where i would read everything looking for a 'public transport' site find one, only to have the game date be unfeasible. Part of the reason i stopped checking out the reviews is the frustration of not being able to play as often as i would like to, or even having to cancel plans for various reasons. You should absolutely be taking backhander/free game days if they are on offer. I will have another look and see what has been added resently.
  7. Welcome back. So given some of the sites i have been recommended i will declare myself Cheltenham adjacent (i'm in london....). Yeah getting to most sites is not easy ( i have it a touch better) or fun. Best if luck. There are on here that maybe more useful as they are close(er) to you
  8. I mean you and @Asomodai have done a lot of leg work for us in the s.e. for site awareness. It is right that you start to look back at favorites to return to.
  9. Damn, well 31st and i am out. Will have to be around town or when i i visit other parts if the country.
  10. https://filmsim.co.uk/event/territory-pt4/ Have a look, ama about this. Only civvy and blue light taskforce left, and not many.
  11. Love the idea, a street (store fronts and rear entrances/storage?) Sounds really cool a touch out side of my travel but it will be in loads of airsofters range. Best if luck.
  12. Thing is though, the daily mail hasnt (that I have seen, but then I dont look to the daily mail for news) reported the pistol in the takeaway shop (no link posted as its the scum). The daily mail has done the classic (from the comments here) "journalism" just repeating the excuses of the accused. However it is clearly written for those of us that dont play toy soldiers. Airsoft, drugs and the influence of a young woman are published as the "reason" and that will be the readers takeaway. As to the historic loadouts, yeah, the wehrmacht look is amazing when pulled of. The ss l
  13. @Albiscuit its ok, if @Asomodai doesn't want to go, I have a petrol fund. This place does look good.
  14. Here is the original As @hoggym4 mentions there is no mention of boneyard status. It looks as if working proof was not asked for or provided, which is a shame. @Neil Carter however should be given the chance to respond but hey its Mack's so who knows. I am with @strykerles in that it does look like a tasty bit of kit.
  15. And due to me being late to party I have an on thread post.... https://extremeairsoft.co.uk/shop/pistols/gas-pistols/army-darkstorm-1911-meu-r32-1/ There is to consider, its metal (no idea of quality though) a tm clone, extended mag for both gas and bbs, full tactical options for tourch/tracer. There is even a utube review
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