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    Going to start with assault role.
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  1. I guess it does cross that A34/river Meon line. Thanks for the input so far, would still like more reviews if others have been. Thanks
  2. Let me start with how I got here to this point. I fucked up. You know how it goes- you organise a date with skirmish pals forget to check site for game dates.... Long story short I need to know what the hive mind think of Ironsight in Andover except @LewisD 'wanted to go' way back in 2018 and @Asomodai hasn't made it round on his tour of the south yet; there is little help from the search function (I tried). So help an air softer out that has booked a game day on mothers day.... What are the thoughts. Thank you!
  3. No your not the only one! It took me a while scrolling through (many) pages of website to spot the differences (mostly barrel length 😉).
  4. I use combat trousers and battle belt. Little practice and as others have mentioned relatively easy to change one handed. Your other option is joining G36 series master race and having a 2 step change press mag release pull mag reinsert mag.....well for one game anyway before the plastic holders breaks 😃
  5. I would! It is second hand- as pointed out it is r601 (or what ever model the AA pew is) these are about £105. Include the mag and next day postage (which is part of the marketing) and you are looking about £80 all in they are looking for £60 profit or got screwed when they bought it
  6. 1. Which YouTube Airsoft player would you like to meet, as well as join for a game? None - 'player' bids I have watched have been 1. Checking out a site 2. Click bait that caused me to stolen watching player videos 2. Which Airsoft event would you travel to outside the UK? I haven't even been to every site withing 50 Miles yet I'll hold off on that 3. If you could be sponsored by only one Airsoft company, which one? Are they top of the range and will give me free stuff? Nah your OK. Having the option of upgrading the current pew sound good (really it's asg, a new evo and kit would be nice) 4. Which site do you enjoy playing at the most? Not played at enough different sites to comment 5. If you could run an event, what would you base it on? Battle of Stalingrad or Cartel wars
  7. 1. How did you get into Airsoft? Brother plays, got invited and the bug. 2.what would your callsign be? Call signs are organic things (imo), therefore it would be an injoke - so something like shorty or related to past fuck up. 3. What would your primary and secondary gun be (optional third)?primary - current is CAA M4. My budget laser. Next purchase is going to be an Ares GSG G14 or ICS G33. No secondary yet but lookin at a 1911 4. What Battle dress Uniform (BDU) and gear would you use? current is DMP woodland. I know. I'll use it till it breaks 5. If you could use rubber melee weapons, what would it be? Shovel..... 6. What’s your favourite and least favourite game mode? Favourite: Multi objective attack/defence. least:not found it yet 7. What’s your best, funniest and worst memory of Airsoft? Best - grabbing a bomb early game and getting it to required location before the other teams dead are at the resporn point, high fives all round for the random group that moved up with me. Funniest - having a marshal hit check me just as I light a bang grenade to prep a room breach or being told how many friendly kills it took to clear the fort from two directions (I'm not saying the other part of the team were being thick but if we are attacking the fort why are you shooting people coming through the front door...). There are normally a couple like this on game days. That's why I go. Worst: not had a day where I thought that was a shit day. had a couple of bad days where we could beat the other team or kept loosing quickly - these are the learning days 8. What is your favourite patches (maximum 4)? I am in two minds about this - I would be a patch fiend if the funds were there; I once went through a couple of websites and put in all the patches I liked with plan of getting some now then next time round going to the next saved wishlist- turns out that is the whole of the fund required for a number mags for a pistol and holster.... So it is patches or next gun/part of load out 🤷 9. If there was a gun you wanted or not yet built, what would it be? I want a lot of guns...I do want a Barry Burton, an AK variant, the afore mentioned G33 and G14. 10. What do you see as a step forward, for the game, in the future? No idea, still getting to grips with the hobby. I mean this would be really expensive for the sites but greater Comms for game day teams.
  8. I don't listen to dead men, they can't talk...
  9. But what would this thread look like then? People being reasonable and discussing the price and how they got it wrong? Nah give me the shit posting and drama. I'very read the 'what's my gun worth' thread so I'm not buying at those prices 😀
  10. I have recently 'found' this gun. Seen many reviews and read every piece on it; there is not loads. What I do know is I have an open fund on this and I'm saving for the black one. I'll run it on a titan li-on 7.4. How has it been for you over the last year? What did you run it on? Fancy dropping a review below?
  11. I am with you on the uncluttered, clean lines of a 70's styled m4. For those of us that like the g36 platform i like to modern interpretation of these https://www.surplusstore.co.uk/ares-gsg-g14-black.html https://www.surplusstore.co.uk/ics-g33-g36-style.html The g14 is on the 'I have a fund for that gun' list
  12. The marshals make a point during briefing of saying don't mess around with colours. Players seen with no tape get spoken to and taped. I have seen a person told to sit out\naughty stepped for a game where the marshal had to ask twice.
  13. Red on right arm yellow on left. That way you can always shoot
  14. What I am waiting for from Specna is for them to 'edge' the G range. It's good to know I would need a rail as well
  15. @Rogerborg have I got the mechanics of this embarrassingly wrong?
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