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  1. "Great for transporting tens of thousands of BB’s!! Simply dip your speed loader into it and your good to go!" For me its this^^ WhyTF would anyone store loose bb's in here? i am all for novel uses but this was a forehead slap when i saw this
  2. No, and frankly no one does. I get the firing cycle would be a touch slower, being so much more to move. An ebb is never going to deliver gbb satisfaction at my price points, fancy Bolts and TM NGRS are simply not in the bracket. The reason this is attractive is for that added fun factor (not realism) but then at this price point for an AKS style short would a near bomb proof blue edition cyma be a 'better' option? (lets pretend for a second i have narrowed down the platform, there is after all a waiting list for the guns i want to buy) Is this work 'anyone' can do w
  3. Thank you for that, I shall continue pondering the situation
  4. i wont admit where i found this (AirsoftMike), but I will ask does anyone have one? is this a super accessible EBB option for a budget softer like myself? Now i know this is several years old and far from new but other than a Specna G platform where else can i get that ebb goodness for less that £200. it is JG and not a blue edition cyma so i have no idea what to expect from the gear box but jg in general are/were a go to for rentals - right? - so this shouldn't fall apart first use? However i am slowly coming on board with tactical ak's so i would look to swap out the handguard
  5. Yes it looks like the BAC website is compromised, I have sent a message via FB and commented a number of times over the last couple of days after trying to get a few sites signed up. I am still against having to tie myself to a site just to be able to buy a (non-two tone).
  6. It is not the prevalence of weapons that increases use of deadly force in the usa, it is the complete lack of training that many police departments give to de-escalation training, and other issues that I wont point out here due to their political nature.
  7. I now have another show to watch, thank you, I think.
  8. Sure but with a local camping option, swtrains (currently) dont look to service effingham early enough for set up, coffee and crono on Sundays
  9. Yes I am new ish to the world of tm recoil, it sits out of my normal budget, I like eating and rent is apparently a thing that I shouldn't miss. So this is a tech that can make tm recoils work with upgrades, capture the magic dust as it were, uh, fair enough. An ad for tm fan bois only then.

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    As seen, over belt molle (belt not included) and triple mag pouch that fits (almost) any mag. £20 including p&p Bought from here but found other items for load carrying


    East London - GB

  11. Nohttps://prefired.co.uk/ads/tm-m4-cqbr-l192a-longsword/ Am I missing something or is this actually worth it? (No it isn't, even with the £109 million win) Sure all the original bits are there sure there are some select parts involved and the work done by (i'm guessing) reputable techs....but! This looks like a high ball expecting lower end offers. Then consider what the person wants to swap for, it a joke right? So many things wrong when you also consider fps
  12. It's on the list! As is a forest rebel fighter load out apparently. Only 20minutes walk from the station, its a longer journey in to Mayhem!
  13. I did not know they were a matched pair 😮 From a practicality point a split slide and an extended mag for greater gas well and balance...
  14. Given this gun came up on another thread I thought I'd ask for an update, Any wip/pictures?
  15. This is absolutely what I mean, it is a game, one based on 'honour'... I can get from choke point to respawn and back many times before endex is called, I play with more care when lives are in less supply. If we were to play as close to real we would need to do the whole armour protects....which on a skirmish day is a no.
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