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  1. I keep looking at MP5's as well, so much choice and styles out there. I have found FB to be quite useful for finding pictures if builds, both the CYMA and MP5 owners groups are very free with pictures. Anything below 98% surety will lead to buyers regret....
  2. I will be public transport from London, z-mart is close to the top of the list for 2021 game. I don't mind month, (but did vote for preference). Will definitely be me, maybe two others, i'll ask now....
  3. So the person with G36's uses them as loaners/stand by/rental guns😉
  4. How often do you see them used by non rentals? The g36, at many price points and by many brands, works inspite of the regular abuse renters give it. This I think was what @Adolf Hamster was aiming for, sure we see them but in the hands of skirmishers? For some reason I keep thinking of the k or e editions for a dmr build.
  5. I'll second the g36 (and its variations), it does have an awful lot to do with it being a popular rental. I keep looking for a decent g36k (ebb). I would like to propose the Gsg G14. Firstly this is on my 'i want one' list, it has all the mod cons of burst, a decent etu, I think it has form and function. I have never seen one irl, not even in shops (I know a couple of Midlands shops do stock it but none near London). This comes back to the g36 in some ways as it is polymer externals. are the full metal possibilities of the Ar15 stylings putting people off real lightweight weapons?
  6. So I am lead to believe that z-adventures ran the Mall? They have set up another site 'Z-Mart' down in Newbury, an ole department store, it is on my 2021 list.
  7. Any London bodies will to join for a socially distanced shooting day? Obviously dependant on tier level and lock down but who is in the area and mood for this? It would be great to put faces (even real names) to forum handles. This would also be my first time at this site. (Yes i'm going to read the SE tour review now, it's why I didnt suggest TWA....still on the 'to visit' list though)
  8. Oh shit! Yeah I can see how that looks 😅😷 We Played 11/10. Yes, yes it is.... They did have a small white board for a map...it was small unclear and rubbed out in places... As to mains power, if they had it I didnt need it, they were charging a few at lunch in the shop. Clarity on the eye pro issue - the marshals did ask for mags out and clear, getting them out wasnt an issue it was as to when mags were put back in, I think this is mostly due to the small number of marshals on the day. Lunch - there was an opportunity for dom
  9. I am London based (but yet to actually play in this neck of the woods), my brothers that got me into airsoft live down that way and it is now their local site. I plan on getting to Tactical Warare Croyden when we can play again. I have stuck a rambling review up, but the short version is go and give it a go, i liked it.
  10. https://www.ambushactivities.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/AmbushActivities/ With the closure of CS woodland, we (my brothers and I) need a new site near Fareham. Cue Ambush Activities. Booking process is easy enough. With the whole COVID thing wavers are electronic, Christine (Site manager) starts reminding people (constantly) via their FB page to get these done - mine went into my brothers spam folder....watch out for that, they do have a no waver, no play, no refund policy (which is not enforced but they do shame those that haven't done it). SAFE ZONE!
  11. Another shout out to Combat South Woodland. Reasons are simple enough: great marshal team - banter with no shits taken or given (unless it impacted on the game), lunch - those who know, know, games & terrain - they knew what they had and how to use it. @Shamal and @Groot have you tried Ambush activities yet? I made it down early October (felt like a CS reunion day with most blues being CS regs), sure there were a few reds being outranged and crying. However overall it was a good solid day out. I keep meaning to write it up for here.....it still might happen....
  12. I can second the Titan, I use the brick in my aeg and now dont have to worry about it tiring out after lunch.
  13. Yesterday I discovered BAC, the British Airsoft Club, as their website states it is set up as an alternative to the UKARA scheme. When the question was asked on FB I was all 'wtf?' Turns out to be a form of defence that is building to be in the players favour. Have a look https://britishairsoftclub.com/ My first thoughts on this (and remains so after I scoured the site), is that this is a stellar idea. After all @Tackle has stated finding a site to go back to often enough to get back on to the UKARA database is hard. Not including going back however many times in the year to keep
  14. https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/ Try this. It is also accessible from the home section....hope you find a good deal. If you are looking to sell, have a look at the appraisals section and Mack's dreamers of the week.
  15. As with many here I dont see the point of a bang rule, you double tap or you offer them to walk quietly, but always ready to double tap. Yes, this is heavily influenced by the site I was at often. As for the sneaky 'deadman' depending on site rules, if you dont look and act dead I will enact rule #1 (make sure their dead....
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