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  1. We are not members of a cartel or the mob (unless the game calls for it)' The game we play is honour based, calling out cheaters dishiuner shouldn't come with the stigmer it seems to. Too often I also use fun switch first, then get a marshal have a word with me for mag dumping!.... If only there was a point in time players were told how it all works.....
  2. Fun site, narrow. Do they still have crazy number of tea breaks? Full disclosure: it was a wet one
  3. To bang on about this, there is a tutorial on how to turn two TM 1911's into a hardballer. Given the rarity of the item I am considering it, fair play to @Cromulon1994 for taking first pick. Do let ys know what it shoots like.
  4. Thing is, I saw this and went "bargain". I simply cannot find one! On another note if you would like an over priced piece.... https://prefired.co.uk/ads/we-tech-gseries-18-pistol-extras-good-start-up/
  5. Absolutely, the team here are the reason I have visited so few sites. On that note I here Gilkicker is still available....
  6. Bottle in the pouch, 1l. Drinking lots of water the night before/ with breakfast. Bottle during first two games, 1-2 litres at lunch and another litre after lunch. Still not sure if it is enough for the day, this is woodland based. I am looking at bladders, I would want at least 2l on my back for each session. As im still, (yes still) looking at rigs so I would be getting back pack style. Options are plenty.
  7. dreamer or chancer? Pistol is £150 new Mags £22, So 60% would be much closer to £150 , without case, cosmetic bits & holster Sure all the other bits are in there as well....thoughts
  8. This was my first site, my favourite site. I often traveled down from London just to play. Great marshaling team, It is the woodland site I did a shotgun load out on and this still is one of best days plastic slinging. Most frustrating about this is that the next use of the site will involve tree felling, those that know the site know that there are many wide paths that need a little love...and a few boots that need rescuing. I won't be able to make the last games, but damn sure I'll be there for the first of the next site.
  9. Most recently, Gemini Man....IWI Galil ACE GAP39SB. As mentioned above, the questions of 'how would I take/storm/defend that' (with airsoft in mind so i'm also thinking of respawn points) 'that looks likes a good sight'. also as @DerDerr mentioned, trigger discipline on house hold items. My battery management has got better for my console controllers as well
  10. That pretty much covers it, oh and they are a terrible person. You might need to get creative with search terms as km name might not be there.
  11. Your partner is an amazing person, My partner is also aware of the prices in this hobby, it is partly the reason I have a small collection....
  12. To remind everyone to have fun... Also what I sang to myself first time I used my own rif...happy days
  13. Quick service, quick postage, all items accounted for. I need to have a ruler handy next time m new dummy pew is huge
  14. https://www.combatsouth.co.uk is worth listing for to the TM fan bois..... no really, a good shop
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