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  1. I will absolutely never use UPS again. It only took ~8 phone calls, 2 firearms declaration forms (they claim to have never received the 1st), 2 sets of import info (same as the forms) & 2 additional emails for them to realise that I, in fact, was not importing a firearm or a RIF 🙏 All for the low price of $60 shipping. 🖕 UPS & Evike for using them. The MWS bolt that was part of the order finally arrived, however...
  2. My mistake, didn't get beyond the opening & briefly seeing something about shooting people before getting distracted by the cheerful photos, looks like I have a promising career at The Sun, or similar, ahead of me with my inaccuracies 😎 Upon actually reading it, I particularly like "She added it was black and gold in colour, making it clear it did not pose a danger... It's gold and black so it can be identified that it's not a firearm." Unlikely a schoolboy is going to have a gold plated pistol, but since he is on the path of arms dealing...
  3. I love the forced poses in articles like this 🤣 "Alright, we need you both to look like absolute miserable bastards that have been well & truly wronged, even though your little twat's friend started shooting people after devouring his happy meal with the pistol supplied by your little arms dealer"
  4. Time Left: 1 day and 8 hours

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    PROVISIONALLY SOLD Krytac Vector Alpine Limited Edition AEG - 4 Magazines - 1x 7.4v LiPo, 2x 11.1v LiPo (included for free) - Deans adapter included - Extended 10" Krytac outer barrel with 300mm 6.05 inner barrel - Rhesus Customs "Division" Handguard Postage will be £16 if required, but batteries are not able to be posted, so they won't be included. I am throwing in the batteries for free for collection though, may also have a charger. Collection in Finsbury Park, North London. £500 without RC handguard, £600 with RC handguard. Trades/part ex: Looking for: - Multicam black G3 top M/L, trousers 34" - 36" waist. - Ranger green G3 top M/L Preferably TMC/Emerson. - Warrior Assault Systems Ranger Green Hydration or Cargo pack, 5.56 pouches (preferably laser cut) & belt (preferably Low Profile). - Black TM FNX .45 GBB - Dbal A2, preferably CNC version, black. - Sling, black or ranger green (no cheap clones).


  5. Just for you, I've added another
  6. Put the KWA GBB Vector internals into another Krytac LE body, fits with the SRU helmet quite well! Very pleased 😎
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Looking for: Warrior Cargo Pack or Hydration pouch in Ranger Green. Message here of Whatsapp at 07435406703


  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Looking for: Warrior RPC, preferably with 5.56 pouches in multicam. Message here of Whatsapp at 07435406703


  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Looking for: Ranger Green G3 top M/L. Multicam Black G3 top M/L, Multicam Black G3 Trousers 34 - 36" Black G3 top M/L, Black G3 Trousers 34 - 36" Preferably TMC or Emerson. Message here of Whatsapp at 07435406703


  10. UPS making me fill out a firearms declaration form to import an empty MWS bolt & bolt catch, just as they did a few years ago when I ordered an airsoft magazine... I cannot stand UPS

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    2. EvilMonkee


      @EthnicSaintsUPS will still ask for a form.  They are utter utter utter clowns.  There are certain stores I won't shop at because they use UPS.



      Just as an update, they haven't updated me at all on the situation & won't respond. Brilliant company 😎

    4. EvilMonkee


      Did you not read the Taiwangun/Brexit/UPS thread?  Go read it and you will never use UPS again

  11. Thanks! Vest and pouches can be had from UKTactical, got the SRU helmet off of someone who hadn't used it (he was selling quite a few different helmets/masks but think they're all sold). I believe you'd have to order from a HK site for one new though as Patrol Base are out of stock
  12. Warrior LPC V2 in Ranger Green 🤯 Also picked up a SRU helmet - bloody massive but pretty cool, the fans are surprisingly quiet and haven't experienced any fogging. Very sturdy, quite impressed
  13. 1 Nuprol XL case for a friend 1 Nuprol L case for me 1 HPA set for me, 1 set for a friend Bothers me slightly that the bottom foam in the XL is cut at a weird angle, but it'll do the job for him for sure. XL is a behemoth!
  14. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Can be TMC, Emerson, genuine Spiritus Systems, etc... Doesn't have to specifically be the MK3, but preferably this model or similar. Preference is Ranger Green, Multicam or Multicam Black. Not really interested in OD or Tan. If you've got another colour/camo, let me know though. Just trying to avoid the Aliexpress wait times haha Message here or WhatsApp 07435406703


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