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  1. mightyjebus

    How many guns ?

    started collecting a long time ago (anyone remember LS full scale model guns?), pickup up quite a few cheap over the years from the forums that needed work (part of the fun) and before you know it i have a matrix collection.
  2. mightyjebus

    How many guns ?

    Don't have access right now but here's a taster of my AK's
  3. mightyjebus

    How many guns ?

    around 300 I think.
  4. mightyjebus

    Ak's choking

    tried a different mag? also since it works fine when you put it back together and then starts to play up it could be hop creep. Take the nub out of the hop unit and test it and see if it starts to choke up with the nub removed. if it does then needs further investigation but if it feeds fine then either tighten the screw on the hop unit or replace the hop unit.
  5. mightyjebus

    Gun picture thread

    latest buy...Tokyo Marui Glock 19 Side by side with a KJW G19 with full guarder upgrades.
  6. mightyjebus

    Gun picture thread

    A couple of Stoners.....
  7. mightyjebus

    Gun picture thread

    Picked up a second Evo (cheers Boominghedgie). Got plans for this one.
  8. mightyjebus

    WE Glock 19 Review

    https://www.wgcshop.com/products?search_From=searchItem&item=guarder-g17-gas-blowblack-magazine-grip-spacer-adapts-for-kjw-g19-g23-gas-blowback-pistol-black&search=special&rs=G17 magazine&catid=&cat=&view_choice=a
  9. mightyjebus

    Gun picture thread

    it's not ugly..you're ugly
  10. mightyjebus


    combat south had one in the shop a few weeks ago when I visited.
  11. mightyjebus

    Gun picture thread

    aliexpress Linky
  12. mightyjebus

    Gun picture thread

    space gat
  13. mightyjebus

    Gun picture thread

    Celcius AKM
  14. mightyjebus

    Gun picture thread

    google sketchup which is free. takes a bit of practice to use it but there are plenty of youtube video guides. 3D printers can be bought for less than £200 now (in kit form) and I actually use these type of printers for all the stuff I do.
  15. mightyjebus

    Gun picture thread

    I designed and 3D printed it myself.