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  1. I just checked and it's a -14mm thread. mine was hand tight but the QC from China probably means your one has threadlock applied unlike mine. Heat is probably the only way to get it off unless you have a strap wrench. one other option if you don't want the barrel extension is to remove the inner barrel and drill a hole through the outer barrel and stick a screwdriver through the hole and twist.
  2. not had that experience myself but it would be useful if someone chrono'd there DE in the warm after the AEG hasd warmed up. if it's back to normal FPS then I'd have a look at the rubbers (hop rubber or piston rubber) and maybe re-grease the cylinder as these are the only parts I can think that would be effected by the cold. (rubber will go hard and provide poor airseal and grease will thicken and increase friction slowing down the piston).
  3. I'd be lying if i said I knew as I can't remember for the life of me. Any GBB mount should fit if thats any help.
  4. can't fault Roman's work as I have a few of his sets which are all a good as my Crye stuff. From the OP picture I'm guessing that the material used is Russian DPM and not British DPM. A giveaway would be how thin it looks. It could also be some of the DPM coming out of China but the colours on that are usually a bit more vibrant. Roman is based in the Ukraine so getting the Russian DPM probably wouldn't be too hard. Getting a refund is either doing a paypal claim for goods not fit for purpose or just sucking it up since he did supply a top in DPM but not the DPM you were hoping for. With hindsight asking for a picture of the material he will be using would have been a good idea but I've never done that as I've trusted his work and reputation, like you. on a slightly different tangent, that DPM he supplied looks a lot like the DPM I was issued pre CS95 after a few washes and a few rounds with the iron (but i still think it's the Russian stuff).
  5. for those that like a bit of MLOK https://shop.jkarmy.com/arrow-dynamic-mi-style-m-lok-mp5-handguard-rail-for-umarex-vfc-marui-tm-ebb-mp5-smg-gbb.html
  6. yup, I carry 2 guns to a skirmish currently. One is the DAS and the other is the TM MP5 NGRS. The DAS hasn't missed a beat and I still love the recoil every time I use it. Only negative is filling the mags is a pain in the arse as they are a bit tough on speedloaders. Making it a DMR is possible but you'd probably be doing a lot of trail and error yourself to get the best results as it has a small owner footprint so the knowledge base is limited.
  7. I was the guy who designed them. I gave the files to someone on the facebook L119 group as I can't be arsed printing them out loads of times. If you have access to a resin printer let me know and I'll send the bumps for each side, the Colt logo for the left side of the receiver and the fake selector switch for the right hand side.
  8. I got mine from WGCshop.com but they are on stock alert now. I found kic.tw have them and found a RS one in the UK as well: https://dwsuk.org/epages/057184c7-2fa2-4321-880c-a30e87657239.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/057184c7-2fa2-4321-880c-a30e87657239/Products/617 http://shop.kic.tw/portal_c1_cnt_page.php?owner_num=c1_33589&button_num=c1&folder_id=7145&cnt_id=86164
  9. tere's plenty of space for a battery but getting the wires rear wired might be the issue.
  10. if anyone was wondering the VFC GBB MP5 Solid stock fits straight on.
  11. al DE's are the same motor, gearbox, hop and inner barrel although the inner barrel will vary in length depending on the AEG. So there are no differences and you will be picking the one that you like the look of the best or the addition of metal parts to replace the plastic parts on other models. A longer barrel should give you a small FPS boost which will give a slightly longer range but not much to be honest. Being accurate at longer range is probably more important. it's ok flinging a bb 55m but its no use if its' off target by 2 meters. Using heavier BB's will also give you a range increase. A lot of people on this thread use ZCI barrels and Maple Leaf hop rubbers to get better range but for me the standard barrel with a S hop and .32g BB's has the same effect.
  12. this kind of thing? https://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p36202/Golden-Eagle-Gas-Tank/Stock-&-Grip-Adapter-For-M870-Gas-Shotgun/product_info.html
  13. Curse your never ending stream of MP5 parts. 😛

  14. had fun running the MP5 at UCAP Vendetta yesterday but it really needs a torch for those dark CQB moments. On the plus side the Magpul SL rail turned up today and my battery fits inside so it looks like I can now run a torch.
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