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  1. Well I wanted to see if the LCT AK19 grip would fit on an Acrturus AK12. The good news is that it does but the bad news is that it's a pig of a job quite frankly. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else to try.
  2. I suppose it's time for an update on the GBLS. Well the AEG is still running solid and still turns heads when shooting in full auto during a game. I bought 8 of the new PTS EPM 30/120 round GBLS magazines and the good news is the bolt lock works fine on the new version. I had to give 4 of them a good strip down and spray with silicon oil as they didn't want to feed but since the maintenance 3 of the 4 work fine. The last one actually has a damaged feed lip (weirdly at the front, not the top part where the BB exits). I've emailed PTS to see if they sell the feed lips as it looks to be an easy piece to replace but failing that I'll design a 3D printable version instead of buying another magazine. it's very much a niche AEG because of the price but everyone who tries mine always has a smile on their face.
  3. I put this one up on thingiverse ages ago: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4352413
  4. after the SD6 I wouldn't be surprised if we see some sort of m4 with the same mosfet fitted.
  5. bought the Bow Master GMF sliding stock for the MP5. It's advertised for VFC GBB and TM EBB MP5's but it needs quite a bit of modification to fit on the TM. If anyone is interested the work involves: grinding the inside of the end cap so that it fits in the slots on either side of the receiver (where the normal MP5 stock usually sits in). drilling out the hole on the end of the end cap to fit a countersunk bolt that holds the end cap into the TM gearbox securely. countersinking this hole so that the stock parts will fit. fitting a 3D spacer so that the end cap sits parallel as without it the stock sits at a slight upward angle. If you have access hand tools, a dremel and a 3D printer then it's an easy job
  6. I used RIT dye to change some AK Mags and furniture from Black to Plum. It worked really well and I ended up with a Mid life Plum AK74. You could do the same using Black and it might take more than 1 application to get it completely back but worth a shot. It's a bit messy (hot water with the dye and leave to soak for 20 mins if I remeber correctly).
  7. DAS GBLS PTS EPM1 30/120 round magazines. Ordered yesterday from Fubarbundy and arrived today. Pretty fantastic service to be honest. Each Mag comes with a very useful speedloader adapter to make life easy to load them.
  8. it's looking good mate, now I can plan to retire with the queue's of people wanting something similar
  9. also worth making sure everything is tight, especially the flash hider as they can drop off unnoticed.
  10. a 3D printed sleave between the receiver and the stock would probably work
  11. in stock here: https://www.sixmm.com/collections/back-in-stock/products/copy-of-tokyo-marui-mp5a5-high-capacity-aeg-magazine-for-tokyo-marui-mp5a5-next-gen-70rds I've never had a problem ordering from sixmm but some people migth have another opinion. Also of interest is these 2 parts from JKArmy https://shop.jkarmy.com/bm-rmr-mount01.html https://shop.jkarmy.com/bm-gmf-stk05a.html I quite like the stock. I have one on my ACP9 and it's a good stock so I might add one to the MP5
  12. I wanted a white front grip for the AK Storm so a quick trip to thingiverse and a bit of white esun PLA+ and I now have one.
  13. connect up the wiring, check the fuse and then connect a battery and see if the gearbox turns over. if it does then it's worth saving. As Lozart said you will need a new 1 piece hop unit and a new upper and lower receiver and rear locking pin. The plastic tabs on the upper you have are snapped off so it's never going to hold together too well so needs replacing.
  14. all my Falcons don't seem to drain the battery more than any other AEG
  15. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For sale is a Tokyo Marui MWS CQBR which has seen minimum use. It comes complete and has 8 magazines in total. 6 mags are the 35 round Marui mags and the other 2 are the 39 round Ace 1 Arms Pmags with full trades. All the mags are leak free. Also included is a complete UAC bolt for cold weather use. The Marui bolt has a upgraded nozzle valve and I think it's a dynamic precision one but can't remember 100%. FPS will be gas dependant and the Pmags are unused. You can check out badabing's youtube video on the UAC cold weather bolt for more info. FPS will be gas and weather dependant but should be stock MWS. The price is £800 shipped which is about £350 less than you would pay for the GBB and all the bits. I'll try to fit everything into the original Marui box securely but if that turns out to be a pain in the arse I'll split it into 2 packages for postage. Basically you will be buying a good to go package for 365 days a year.


    Chippenham - GB

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