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  1. Cheers for the link but the 3D parts are only a short term measure as I should get my hands on a boneyard SCAR this weekend to rob bits from. Here's how it looks now with the 3D parts attached.
  2. rebuilding a knackered SCAR and needed to make a couple of bits The part below replaces the front sight.
  3. Lambda Defence with SD kit, Marayama and Archwick GBB's. On Vorsk 6 gas and using .2g BB's we get 340 FPS on the Lambda, 320 on the Archwick and 315 on the Marayama. The Lambda is the softest shooting and could do with some beefier bolt return springs and it's a bit underwhelming to fire. If you are after quality and performance then get the Archwick as it's outstanding. I tried it with 0.3g's and it had no issues lifting them and the hop still had more life in it and I think it probably could do 0.36g BB's out the box. If the straight mag version is what you want, but on a budget, them Marayama are (or already have) releasing a straight mag version with the spare mags around £25 overseas which is about 1/2 the price of the Archwick mags but sadly I doubt they will be compatible between GBB's. Oh and the Lambda magwell is annoying as VFC and Raven mags can move forwards and backwards, sometimes releasing a little gas, which is a bit annoying. Some sticky backed foam inside the magwell will sort it.
  4. Anyone needing their "street Sweeped?"
  5. It would be useful to know the AK make. If it's TM spec then there is this set: https://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p35362/CYMA-Real-Wood-Handguard,-Grip-&-Stock-For-AK47-AEG-Rifle/product_info.html if it's Inokatsu, Guarder or LCT then the LCT wooden kits will fit.
  6. They are a copy of the Knights Armament iron sights and allows you to be a cool German SF type.
  7. No, it's a copy of the original type 3 AK recoil from TM. It's a CM.046 if you want to check it out.
  8. I like my VFC MPX AEG but I've never been a fan of the fat handguard. So off to the secret underground lair and I knocked up a version I prefer.
  9. Valid comments however Army made a nice clone of the recoil M4's (I've got one here that works a treat) and CYMA knocked out a recoil AK which was slightly better than the TM version because it took normal AEG AK mags straight out the box. I still think TM lead the way as all the other innovations have either been expensive, failed or both. Systema PTW, ICS split gearbox, GBLS, TOP shell ejecting AEG to name a few. Now it's unlikely TM will be reading this but just in case, hurry up and make a recoil G3 and stick a mosfet in the M4 recoil platform.
  10. thinking about getting a rail extension for my Scar so I printed a 3D version to see if I like the look.
  11. I like it. it's a Striborg SPG9 which is unofficially known as the poor mans ARP9 but seems well liked by the shooting community in the US. I made a 3D printed version a while back.
  12. Bought the S&T HK416 PDW with the idea of stealing the front end for my TM 416C recoil but sadly the rail doesn't fit. Since that meant I was keeping the S&T in one piece I binned the terrible PDW stock with a HK marked stock I had floating around and stuck on some HK iron sights as well. turns out it's quite a nice budget AEG.
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