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  1. it is but I'm using the TM stock for the battery. Modded it so that I can fit a lipo in the side of the crane stock.
  2. Not quite what it seems like. Fake TM MK18 NGRS. Started life as an Army NGRS (copy of TM NGRS). I had a few TM parts floating around including upper and lower receiver. Ordered most of the MK18 parts from Aliexpress and had to mod the GBB sling plate to fit the NGRS. Internally it has a Gate Titan for NGRS fitted and flat hopped. FPS is around 330 and it's putting 28's out to around 65 meters. Only thing differnet is the pistol grip and that's because I find the A2 style pistol grip uncomfortable to hold long term and i's missing the side sling loop which is in the post. The flash hider came with the silencer and fits tightly to the front of the Mk18 rail.
  3. VFC short 417 hand guard is a straight swap. Got one on my TM 417 right now.
  4. Tokyo Marui M14. straight out the box will outrange most things on the field. don't get the ARX160. it looks like a Salmon!
  5. no idea how he managed to get to print as a solid block. as you can see in the picture they all printed fine for me. In regards to the other question this is a straight swap. nothing else needed to make it fit.
  6. taking of scorpions I made these a while back. Think they are still up for download on myminifactory
  7. might not look like much but this could be the answer to stop glasses from steaming up. 2 nozzles clip onto the side of the glasses and air is pumped across the inside of the lense keeping them from fogging up. This is a prototype and as I'm typing this the fan housing is in the printer. Hopefully it will work out.
  8. working on a Seals loadout. Here's the AEG's so far. TM Sig 226 with Guarder metal upper and lower, Crimson trace laser grips, Threaded outer barrel and extended Magazine. VFC GBB MP5SD6 with torch and laser mount. I had tinker inside to get it working well but now runs like a train. TM SCAR H with 1x4 Elcan, PEC 15 with working light and red laser and Vertical grip (Just need to fit a titan and tightbore for this to be finished). TM HK416D in Tan. Various accessories and Titan and tightbore fitted inside. Stock pad is my 3D printed design for the battery.
  9. started collecting a long time ago (anyone remember LS full scale model guns?), pickup up quite a few cheap over the years from the forums that needed work (part of the fun) and before you know it i have a matrix collection.
  10. Don't have access right now but here's a taster of my AK's
  11. tried a different mag? also since it works fine when you put it back together and then starts to play up it could be hop creep. Take the nub out of the hop unit and test it and see if it starts to choke up with the nub removed. if it does then needs further investigation but if it feeds fine then either tighten the screw on the hop unit or replace the hop unit.
  12. latest buy...Tokyo Marui Glock 19 Side by side with a KJW G19 with full guarder upgrades.
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