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  1. you got a link to the Korean store? Always fancied a K1 fter having a play with the real thing
  2. Pickup up a fixer-upper from Rizla Started with the externals. fitted some real steal wood and pistol grip. Replace the rattly cleaning rod with another and ground out the gas tube to stop the gas piston from rubbing and not cycling properly. Next up is to tinker with the internals and S hop it.
  3. internally it's a V3 so cheap and easy to fix if it breaks and if you want to you can refine it as it will be firing rough (varying FPS and poor accuracy at range.) Externally Bell, Dboys, Kalash and CYMA all suffer from brittle pot metal. Things that will go wrong long term will be the flash hider will work itself loose as it's only held on with 1 screw, the charging handle - Handle will snap off, the stock catch has a tendency to snap if abused and the gas tube will start to rattle because, again only held in place with 1 screw. £90 odd quid is a good price if you are starting out and also know that it might have issues that can be fixed with a little bit of technical knowhow.
  4. I've been ordering from ebairsoft for years (used to be known as ebaybanned as they sold the stuff ebay wouldn't). As long as it's in stock it will be shipped pretty fast and if any problems use paypal to get a quick refund.
  5. anyone looking for Pmags for the MWS then head to ebairsoft.com as he has black and tan version in stock. priced at 50 dollars each.
  6. TM MWS with Leopold Tracker 2 Thermal sight
  7. both batteries charged? tried switching to full auto and see if that fixes it? check the fuse hasn't blown? check the motor connections.
  8. sadly not as this is for an AKM
  9. Tokyo Marui Next Gen recoil AK47. 3D printed upper and lower handguard, Laylax stock adapter (heavily modified to fit next gen AK) and rear sight scope mount. I want to change the pistol grip but currently nothing exists so I'll probably design and resin print a PTS style grip for it.
  10. https://www.mlemart.com/ra-npas-kit-for-marui-system/
  11. so I eventually joined the MWS club and to make it have a variable FPS because of the crazy UK weather I fitted an NPAS I was worried that the little adjustment tool would disappear into my bag never to be found again so I found a good solution. Basically I dremeled a channel into the stock plate the same shape as the little tool. Now it won't get lost and always be handy.
  12. something a little bit different (originally KC02's)
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