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  1. Don't really seeing it being an issue. I ran mine yesterday and quite frankly it was awesome. It quite happily runs a 11.1V lipo 25C and the binary fire works very well.
  2. The VFC and Dboys KAC PDW has a proprietary gearboxes due to the way the ambi selector works. You won't squeeze a different gearbox inside without lots of work (not sure its actually possible). That leaves you the option to just tinker with the currently installed gearbox.
  3. ARES APC9. lovely firing little AEG. As with most Ares products a bit of TLC will make the most of it. Already sorted out the wobbly stock by replacing the 2 springs under the stock catch button and is now a lot better. inner barrel is only about 130mm and the stock rubber seems meh so I'll probably replace both of these soon. The bolt handles have a bit of wobble as well when folded so I'll probably replace the springs in them as well to keep them from rattling about when folded to the side. The mags are a bit stiff in the magwell but I think this will get better with use. The rubbe
  4. Anything by WE. I know WE lovers will be going "my WE is the best GNU ever!" but really it isn't. Their heart is in the right place but the gas efficiency is just terrible. Let's not talk about their Gas M4 mags. My shower head has less leaks. Star/Ares. I love Star/Ares for the fact that they put out some really obscure AEG's. It's a shame they fill them with playdoh instead of a gearbox and hop unit. Their design choices are a bit strange at times (I'm talking to you M3 grease gun with a battery in every magazine). I'd happily buy another Ares AEG (got one arriving to
  5. Blast from the past. It's STAR UMP that I've had for a while that needed repairs. The selector gears sitting between the gearbox and the lower receiver had snapped due to metal fatigue. Luckily they are the same as a CYMA G36 so I fitted a set and then fitted a Pico SSR which involved chopping the inside of the upper receiver so that it would fit along with a battery. Just when things were looking good the selector plate snapped but again thankfully it's the same as a CYMA G36 so a quick order to fire support and things are all working now. I might give it a run out this weekend if I can
  6. For anyone interested Taiwangun have had a restock of the DE 904 models
  7. Galaxy and Well both made a copy of the TM MP7 AEP. I can't talk for the Well as I never had one but the Galaxy wasn't a bad little AEP.
  8. Pistol from L3wisD, rails from TSAirsoft, RMR from Aliexpress and the torch I picked up in the states a while back.
  9. I suffer from fogging up so I've tried various things over the years. I've had some success with the dual pane pyramex goggles but I've now switched to these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00DCZ6K68/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 not dual pane but I only get minimum fogging when it is humid and thankfully this being the UK that happens once a blue moon.
  10. normally the small cardboard boxed stuff is just loose rounds. The bandoliers are where you usually get the stripper clipped stuff.
  11. Mystery solved..it's a Classic Army M24. Valuewise it's probably worth about £120
  12. normally I wouldn't quote wikipedia but in this case they make a good statement "Magazines have been manufactured with lightweight aluminum or plastic bodies and other inexpensive materials in order to keep costs down, or to meet requirements that treat the magazine more as a disposable piece of equipment than one that is supposed to stand up to repeated combat use." The RG mags were a good example of this, cheap, lightweight, easily prone to jamming from dirt and easy to damage however with the new HK mags, which added a stronger spring and better feed lips, the reliab
  13. here's some pictures of my Classic Army M24 for comparison
  14. god no, I'm bad enough breaking my own AEG's without breaking someone else's pride and joy!
  15. As Dogsbody100 says the magazines are issued along side the rifle. If you get 8 mags they want 8 mags back. On the plus side the mags aren't serial numbered so if you misplace one then another of the same make/model will do when handing them back in. the rifle has a serial number and butt number to make life easier for the armourer so you can't use that trick with the rifle (but seriously who looses a rifle?). The older mags like the RG and early colt magazines would feed more reliably with 28 rounds in them the newer HK/EMAG/PMAG etc all have better springs so 30 rounds can safely
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