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  1. Picked up a AA12 but quickly got sad when I couldn't find any decent (or decently priced) accessories for the AA12. Since it will be used in CQB then a torch is a must so I knocked up a mount in Sketchup and printed on my Anycubic Photon.
  2. The AK12 is likely to have the new stock, pistol grip and rear sight from the AK19 when further issued to the Russian Military. I'm not sure how big the world arms market is for a 5.56 Nato AK. the only known big user is the Polish with their Beryl AK (and with the current tension between Poland and Russia it would be stupid to buy your armed forces small arms from the guy who might invade you). A few countries use the AK101 but I don't think the numbers are that big and they are quite new so it's unlikely they will be replaced with the AK19. For an airsoft version replacing the st
  3. bought this with a few issues. Replaced the bevel gear, replaced the motor with a 25k one and fitted a Titan along with a bearing spring guide. shoots very well now and will get a run out this Sunday. Cosmetically replaced the boot stock and the only stock I had floating around was the green one but doesn't look to bad in my eyes.
  4. looks like a version 7 but you would need to put them side by side to confirm.
  5. I can't tell you where the fuse IC is but looking at your board the 3rd vertical Cap looks brown which indicates it is blown. I also can't see the insulating washer underneath the screw and metal washer. Do you have one there? I'm guessing because of the size of these boards it is multilayered so the internal sandwiched traces could have burned out if the Mosfet blew since it is switching current. i'm not sure swapping the fuse would work anyway even if the cap and the internal traces are intact. The fuse is only doing its job of cutting off power when too much current is draw
  6. just got it. I'll be using it in anger this weekend so will have a better idea by then. First impressions is it is rock solid. It's quite snappy on a 7.4 stick Lipo and all 7 mids and the hicap I got with it work ok. Slight issue when changing mag as the first shot after changing mags double feeds but that might just be the crap BB's I'm using. It is easily hopping .28g BB's, doesn't weigh as much as I was thinking it would and the only annoying thing currently is the front sling loop rattles about so I'll need to tape it up to stop it rattling. Externally it's very well put together
  7. The mosfet is dead. I know as I had the exact same thing happen to my NGRS 416 Delta with MKZERO fitted about 3 weeks ago. The main chip fried and popped making repair not an option. I've replaced it with a Titan (basic) as I'm only using the standard features so didn't opt for the Advanced model. I've tried the DTD, MKZERO and Titan in my NGRS's and I've pretty much replaced everything with Titans. The 416C has extra connections for the 30 round battery magazine so it might be worth taking your one to a shop to get the Titan fitted.
  8. airsoft guns are a bit like cars. Most cars will get you from A to B. Some will get you there quicker, smoother or in comfort. You can add fancy alloys, spoilers and go-faster stripes which add nothing to the journey however look cool. Some run on electric, petrol, diesel or some funky weird fuel. There are a million car makers all claiming to be the best however choice usually comes down to personnel taste and cost. Oh and I can't decide if it's the Hi-capa or the M4 is the "boy-racer" equivalent.
  9. Bought a broken SCAR L CQB recoil and after a bit of TLC it's back up and running. Upgrades are in the post. I'm toying with fitting the angry gun stock pipe but can't make up my mind on which stock to fit.
  10. its solid to be honest. I went back to the original motor as the high speed one was junk. I've got another 25000 motor coming next week that I'll fit and get back to crazy binary fire. I had someone message me a while back as they had problems with theirs feeding but every magazine I've tried (and I've got quite a few different brands) all work fine. Taiwangun as showing as "coming soon" so you might want to hold off until they get their new shipment. I'm hoping the Tan version arrives at the same time and I'll grab one. Oh and I've S hopped the inner barrel so it now chu
  11. with the tightbore it will hit chest sized targets at 40 meters.
  12. I've got both here. The AEP and the GBB Tokyo Marui MP7. The AEP has a lipo mod so that it fires a bit snappier and a slightly larger spring and a tightbore bringing it up to around 290 FPS. it's more that good enough for CQB sites. The GBB version is frankly awesome. I think I'm going to go deaf firing it as it's very loud but straight out the box works all year round. Both are undersized from the RS version and if that is your thing then the VFC/Umarex MP7 AEG is full sized but I've heard rumours of the tappet plate being a weak spot so bare that in mind if you go down that
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