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  1. mightyjebus

    Gun picture thread

    finished the Scorpion at last.
  2. mightyjebus

    Gun picture thread

    about 25 quid ...link.... and phase 2 has started on the evo scorpion
  3. mightyjebus

    Gun picture thread

    Fake. real on is on my L119A2
  4. mightyjebus

    Gun picture thread

    a couple of bits turned up for the Vector AEG
  5. mightyjebus

    Gun picture thread

    Long rail
  6. mightyjebus

    Gun picture thread

    Finished mid length rail Mid length rail with snap on additional RIS rails 3 lengths designed Long rail will have a longer thicker silencer on the end to give the MP5SD5 feel.
  7. mightyjebus

    Gun picture thread

    finished the first prototype. This is based on the HB industries Evo Scorpion rail. I made the 6.84 inch version but it should be easy to make the other versions now I have the basic shape. I printed out in grey as this was the filament i had in my printer and since it's a prototype it's not an issue. I'll print in Black when I'm finished messing around with a few bits.
  8. mightyjebus

    Gun picture thread

    yeah irons can be viewed through the mount. I'm actually in the process of designing and printing off a new front end. I'll post a picture when its finished.
  9. mightyjebus

    Where to buy CTW parts?

  10. mightyjebus

    Gun picture thread

    was upgrading some of my AK's today with the Ares high torque motor and slim grip and since the weather was nice decided to take a few snaps. VFC AK74 and VFC AKS74. I still think VFC make the nicest looking AK74's. G&G AKMS with 40 round magazine and a Inokatsu AKM.
  11. mightyjebus

    Gun picture thread

    just finished the L119A2 and messing around with the 17L