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    TT 'Rio Grande' that UK Tactical used to sell many moons ago. Civvie hiking type insulated softshell jacket, men's size Medium. Just the 2 (extremely tall) external pockets and some internal storage, very high collar, zip-off sleeves with thumb holes. Owned for some time but only worn day to day, no heavy usage, very small area of thread damage on one cuff, slight wear to main zip (aesthetic). Current TT production equivalent Nevada Mk3 retails for £210. Price is all in, open to offers, everything else I have to sell is viewable here (all quality 'real deal' stuff, all clearing out at cheap prices) - https://flic.kr/s/aHsjPXJkHw


  2. Hope you've got a cosplay instagram account for this kinda stuff, people over there fuckin love it. Some airsofters will too of course but the real demand is in cosplay and I'd reckon that's an overall globally bigger 'thing' than airsoft these days.
  3. Fitment between slide and frame (plus material types, surface finishes, wear etc) will do a lot in terms of dictating friction and in a system as low-powered as GBB airsoft, friction will make a fairly substantial difference in this context I'd expect.
  4. I remember this urban legend doing the rounds when I first got in to the game around '06, in fact it was accepted as gospel on forums by absolutely everyone without any dissenters. It's possible that midcaps at the time had different type/lower quality springs, or maybe the myth stemmed from hi-caps as I've no idea whether it's a good idea to leave those wound for a long period in storage (no need to so I wouldn't see a reason to do that anyway). The thing I find somewhat funny is this myth also extends in to the military, not just at an individual but organisational level even though the reality is the same. I've got a G2 PMAG loaded with 30 dummy 556 and a Lancer mag also loaded with the same, both been fully loaded for years, springs in both are still absolutely hench.
  5. I don't have stats on the number of people discharged from the forces for dodgy knees on account of carrying heavy shit about/jumping off things repeatedly (while sometimes also carrying weight) but it is factually: a lot. I had a scan on my right knee 2 days ago, tendon damage above the kneecap caused ~3 years ago by carrying heavy shit (not in a 'cool' infantry way, just humping and dumping behind the wire) and jumping out of cabs on to concrete many many times a day in the sandbox (sometimes with armfuls of belted 762 etc). Big no thanks on putting weight inside my vest that does nothing for me in bbwar. Spend your money how you like, but I've spent a lot of time seeing physios and they all say repeatedly how a small weight gain puts a largely increased strain on your joints and your knees don't know a difference between 3kg of plates in your PC and 3kg of mass added to your torso. Some people get away with it of course, also if you make the right muscles really strong and resilient you can avoid the issues, to my mind it's a dice roll with a bad potential negative for no significant gain.
  6. Which is still happening all the time in here.
  7. TheFull9


    I've found it really, really comes down to how dark the place you're playing is as to the level of use and advantage that you gain. Played a night game at the Mall yeeeears ago and there was barely any lights switched on, thought to myself "NV would be mega useful, I can't see squat in here". Played another night game about a year or so ago shortly before it closed, brought my PVS-14.. and they'd switched on way more lights so it was of hardly any use. Better game for 98% of the player base though so it made complete sense. Also did a weekend event some years back at your typical army training village, no lights on anywhere on the playing field at night, didn't have NV but it would've been mega handy. Played another weekend event at a different site a couple of years after that, brought my PVS along.. and there were lights on all over the place both indoors and outdoors. Got some use out of the device but not much. It's the exact same as picking camo, you're best off just assessing the site ahead of time. Ask people or play a game and see what it's like. For example, what I'll personally do is look at site pics before playing somewhere if I've not been before and if it's a spring time/summer game on a very grassy site I'll break out the Multicam and other light green-dominant patterns. If it's a non-grassy woodland site in december and it's just mud and bare bushes and dead leaves then I'll go Coyote Brown, AOR1, Kryptek Highlander etc. Same sort of notion applies.
  8. 'The daddy' in terms of size or chronologically?
  9. The proper PTS one, or the A&K chinese clone that PTS also ended up licensing for a little while? If it came with a hologram sticker on it, it's the A&K.
  10. It's 3 games in less than 12 months, you become eligible for VCRA defence after the 2 month point (if the 3 games at a site with public liability are complete). Again yet another good reason to research in places with good info like this before making a purchase. Btw I'm posting this largely for the benefit of the lurkers, this isn't a personal attack we all have to learn stuff. "How do players become members of an approved game site and eligible to buy RIF's? The games site has to record you as a member and preferably issue you with a membership card. To qualify as an airsoft skirmisher you must be a regular player at that game site having attended not less than 3 times in not less than 2 months and no more than 12 months."
  11. .50 BMG rifles yes (for now anyway), but not the M82 that's a self-loader.
  12. A magnet will resolve that query very fast.
  13. This is what happens when you post on this forum after buying an airsoft gun, instead of doing it the other way around and getting some advice first. 😆
  14. What you've quoted is literally a completely different shirt to the linked ad, and I wear those 'navy' dark blue issue shirts every day in work. What the one in the ad on here is actually worth I've no clue, but those surplus dark blue shirts are fairly clearly not the same item when you look at the features. Do you know what the HurricanE kit is made of? I had a quick go at researching it and there's a thread in the Arnies news section from 2004 so all the pages I could find are long dead, no idea if it's steel or cast airsoft-cheapy-sort of aluminium alloy.
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