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  1. Got all the ingredients together for the unsuspecting ventilator (vol 2). Managed to get it all within the UK much to my surprise.
  2. Finally completed the most important thing i.e. matching my hangers to the cordura kit that's currently hung up.
  3. Er.. nope I'm missing something here lol
  4. (imagine Homer's patronising voice) Ooh, look at my everybody, I'm larping as a civilian.
  5. An elegant weapon, for a more civilised age. Couple Qs; is the dust cover the RS Magpul one? Also, did it start life as one of these? 'Cause frankly I am well jel. Man I remember 'all good retailers' getting those in back in.. early-mid 2010s? Was in the latter part of PTS having the Magpul license I think. If I were to guess, it was a potentially way of using up excess items that didn't sell as well separately. I already had/have guns that are sadly too similar for it to make sense for me to buy one, but man seeing that today was cool as hell haha, very nice. That aesthetic took off like a rocket just a couple years after I started and was the thing for a solid stretch, I've still got almost everything I purchased from that time I like it that much. Jim's quite right, both real and airsoft ACOGs (and the SUSAT) require your eye to be bloody close, I'd also lose the BUIS personally, the one on the gas block might well go rather melty on a real gun (I know, I know) and then you can get the ACOG to the place it needs to be.
  6. Is that the RS MI mount? I fitted mine and I thought I tested it and found no issues but now I'm questioning it in my mind and can't access my stuff 🤔
  7. Is the implication not that the outer tube of the fake can can go back on and cover the tracer?
  8. How's the VHS collection doing? I am jesting you gotta use what you got, but the weight/power ratio of lipos, the sizes and the charging speeds do make them more than worth moving/upgrading to I'd say.
  9. Not personally a tracer fan, but I do have the extended inner+outer barrel combo that was sold briefly a long while back inside my PTS FPG and it'd make sense to do that in the Aegis too for sure. Thanks for the reminder.
  10. Unfortunately unless you strap gear to your calves the weight is the weight, as you say all you can do is lessen it. Distribution only significantly matters for really heavy loads over prolonged periods (100L+ bergans, heavy body armour), your pelvis and down experience it the same either way essentially. Barrel length and gun body material don't really matter in airsoft; get a short plastic gun (if you haven't). A couple more plastic mid caps offers far more rounds for far less weight than your pistol + pistol mags. I don't know about anyone else, but I always carried a gas pistol just because 'it's the done thing' for so many years and never needed it so it's mostly relegated to indoor games now. 2 TRMRs is a ton of weight but obviously big cost long term vs lighter disposable pyro. Water of course is rather non-negotiable as is the ammo, can you stash a bag somewhere maybe? Nylon wise, just opt for for the best and lightest you can afford (modern 500D or lighter not 1000D) that carries what you must have. Get the lightest mags you can with plenty of capacity to minimise the quantity, maybe do some maths on rounds carried ratio to weight of all the mags carrying said rounds.
  11. Yep, always been the way. Problem is in this budget range you don't get as much consistency in the manufacturing or QC/QA checks. "The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic." The turnover of airsoft players is too regular for it to become common knowledge that anyone's individual experience of a given brand is, not to be harsh, but essentially worthless (until aggregated). If someone's had dozens of items from a brand over a few years and looked at them closely and compared to others.. it's slightly more relevant, but still nothing concrete. I've seen people get insanely unlucky multiple times with proven and objectively quality brands and 1-2 actually have multiple Ares guns that lasted years of heavy play. Posting "my experience with X item bought at Y time" is fine and you add it to the pile for others to read and do with as they see fit. Someone like Luke at NA is maybe one rare example of an individual who sees probably hundreds of guns a year and has done for years and can say "Z brand is likely to be decent for ABC reasons" with some amount of credence, but everyone else - 99% chance you're not sufficiently qualified to make such a statement. Even if you've been playing very regularly for 20 years and travelling all over, you might glean a bit of an inkling but brands and models come and go very rapidly, quality levels rise and fall in the space of months some time. Constantly aggregating the necessary data points in short enough a time isn't really feasible for the vast majority.

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    As the name says really. Standard TACO of the type they made many years ago, had these mounted up but barely used if at all, maybe a game on each. No actual visible signs of use. Price is per pouch and is all-in in the UK, everything else I have for sale is always viewable here - https://flic.kr/s/aHsjPXJkHw




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    Used in maybe 2 skirmishes, had it for a long time but now replaced in my gear collection. No rips, tears, holes or stains etc as per the pics. Can have a cheap pair of 1" QASMs added for any placards like spiritus that use buckles rather than g hooks. Price includes fees and UK postage, OBO. Everything I've got for sale is always shown here - https://flic.kr/s/aHsjPXJkHw


    , London

  14. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    3 1 x available. No internals, pouches only: -Aussie surp DPCU, 200 rnd, used, bit faded. No tears or any signs of falling apart, thick fabric will outlast you - £20 -MAG brand, unused, odd colour sort of between RG and CB, seems to blend with everything - £7 -UK surp DPM, I have another one of these which the internals from the MAG drum literally went right in to and it clipped right on to my A&K 249, zero mods. Can't comment on which other brands of mag internals and guns it will work with - £14 Prices are all-in in the UK. Check out everything else I have right here - https://flic.kr/s/aHsjPXJkHw



  15. TM mags always have been on the pricey side (especially NGRS), nothing's changed there. But they are good. You need a generic platform to bulk buy standardised plastic mids if you want cheap mags.
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