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  1. It's not a 'field bag' it's a respirator haversack, hence the training combopen, CBRN inner gloves and resi cleaning cloth.
  2. You can do steel 762x39 mags feed lips down in my placard which I don't believe is possible with the Spiritus Mk5 (still need to try it myself), but it needs a harness, back strap and insert; then pistol pouches as per OP. That'll easily break £200 if it's all quality real gear bought retail though. The HSP D3CR-M (or X as previously mentioned) or Mayflower Mk4 ticks the boxes here, would have to be replicas thereof though to fit the budget. Or any plain PALS rig plus TACOs or big double AR mag pouches ofc.
  3. Previous incarnation of my MC chest rig for simple average sunday games.
  4. How was it? I really want to do some for TM but I really hate 'file a bit.. still doesn't fit.. file a bit more'.
  5. Only 3 places to grip it up front? You gotta pump up those numbers. jk, some sci-fi prop house would definitely rip that off soon as they saw it.
  6. It's the SP5 release that's caused it, nobody really wanted MP5 stocks and handguards a few years ago because there was a gap of something (very very roughly) like 20 years between HK importing civvie MP5s to the states. The SP5 started selling around start 2020 and of course there was the SP5k before that that some people converted. There were other clones inbetween of course, largely Turkish, but obviously once the real German stuff was announced it brought back an enormous wave of popularity and all the old parts from the 80s dried up; and HK isn't making much quantity of accessories these days. Captain skinny jeans is responsible for a good bit of the hype too.
  7. lol, those fuckers. I got a HK collapsing stock for a fraction of the price they scalp so they're on my no-business list unfortunately, I'll just go with a VFC if needs be. I'm confident I'll eventually find a real one on a terribly made old website or dusty surplus store for sub £50 or so.
  8. I was assuming it was the small red dot they already make, just a specific mount. Other than that yeah, claw mount and sorta old school mag clamp of some kind but not a replica of the stamped metal HK ones I've seen. If anyone has a RS solid stock or knows a good source that has stock please do let me know.
  9. I can't actually remember if the 115 has a code but realistically it must do, though I'm not sure you can really get an airsoft replica. LDS has one as well, same style as on SUSATs.
  10. A chinese clone laser has probably less chance of holding zero on a GBB than a chinese clone red dot, assuming that laser actually can be adjusted in the first place? Not that you need an aiming device at the airsoft combat distances where you'll easily be able to see where the laser is landing; ignoring the fact it's generally a poor aiming method and on top of that highlights your own position. There's a reason the best professionals don't use vis lasers compared to IR or optics - and since people don't like that analogy, also look at the speedsofters, paintballers etc. Not a dig at all, just saying how it is. Unless your MBUS clone is super bad and not vaguely close dimensionally to the real thing, there's no reason it won't work with your current front sight. They're both standard M16 mil spec height, designed to work together.

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    I've owned this many years but I don't recall ever actually using it, seems 99% immaculate. Cummerbund is the FirstSpear retrofit, old type they don't make anymore with spacer mesh inside and bungee cord at the back. Plate bags were custom by Dead Coyote Tactical Nylon using all mil-spec materials; 500D cordura, proper webbing and bonded nylon thread thread. Mounts all the common placards with either 1" buckles or g-hooks. Includes 6/12 attachment pistol and speed reload AR pouches for the cummerbund. I can also include a perfectly matching PALS placard with or without 3 x TACOs at extra cost if desired. Price is all in for the UK, will post anywhere for a bit extra. Entirely open to offers and just message any questions. No trades or splitting other than the pouches and placard.


    , NW London

  12. Acquisitions through the middle of last year. Haven't written a list in a long time, but I'll make it optional viewing:
  13. Probably look for less features the cheaper gun the gun is, not more (if you want the thing to actually work).
  14. Nice, I'm gonna use that one in future. Just gotta wait for a picture of someone with a VFG on their AR gripping it by the magwell or another drop-knee holster.
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