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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/airsoft/comments/iwj8wd/exposing_novritsch/
  2. Time Left: 5 days and 4 hours

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    So many years ago I couldn't get the exact TM 1911 I wanted, so I had Mike Cripps of Elite Shooting Centre fame (custom hi-capas and used to do 1911s) build this one entirely out of stock TM parts i.e. high quality, all work together perfectly, assembled by someone with years and years experience building this platform Basic list: -MEU Slide, 3-dot sights and outer barrel -Desert Warrior frame with the removable pic rail -Ambidextrous safety -Extra short 1911A1 trigger -Brand spanking grips, MSH, hop bucking and inner barrel all from my M45A1 All other external parts and all internals are stock TM as mentioned, functions exactly like any stock TM 1911/MEU etc in every way. Condition wise, apart from the parts from the M45, I think it saw maybe 4 games tops and I don't use my sidearms much. Probably only a couple of hundred BBs fired. It's got some scuffs and tiny dings around the outsides of the plastic as TMs always get as soon as you use them, but that's the extent of it. Given that no courier I know of will take them, this does not come with a mag. If you want to collect from NW london or wallingford (oxfordshire) I can do you a good deal on a set of the silver MEU magazines however. Prices includes any fees but not P&P (obviously if you collect there's no cost there).


    - GB

  3. Bit of a throwback but only to like 3-4 years ago.
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    First thing's first - I ALWAYS avidly check VCRA defences, don't try me. Dunno how long I've had this thing, but it pretty much barely functioned upon arrival, never been skirmished. I was going to chop it up and bin it but that seemed a waste when someone could use it for spares at least. Though I have no idea if the internals (or indeed externals) are compatible with the current VFC licensed glocks as this was released years before those. Missing both iron sights and the hop bucking, but the trigger mech all works and with a new bucking it will actually function: cycle and feed bbs. However the performance is so pathetic you absolutely should not buy this to actually attempt to use it in game, it's really really bad. Don't say I didn't warn you. Trades are at least nice and realistic. Price doesn't include P&P.


    London - GB

  5. Must admit I think a MOE K2 (if you want to keep that angle) would also be a huge improvement over the TM pistol grip since you've got the brace on there, but good looker regardless. Nice rail and neat + compact Scout setup.
  6. General tip for any spiritus and associated clone rigs; put whatever you're gonna carry in to the insert beforehand as mentioned, whether it's 556 mags, SMG, whatever, then kinda bend it in to a curve and push it in. Only the convex side of the velcro will try and stick on the way down and you can just slide a piece of paper/your hand/your Trojan Magnums in there to stop it adhering before the insert is fully home. After 1 or 2 goes you can swap loadouts in seconds.
  7. I'd take one over two aaaany day personally, but beauty is in the eye. T-1 maybe, but I think the 30mm tube classic aimpoints overall have much too much volume/surface area for tiny SMGs I have to say.
  8. It's super rude of you to remind me that none of the MP5s I want are in stock right now by posting the best possible classic setup.
  9. I should stress real optics can absolutely get shot out by airsoft hits, if you spend big on one be double sure to protect it. The glass in them is designed for the best clarity, light gathering, magnification etc etc they're generally not super resistant vs direct impact to the lenses themselves.
  10. Full compliance no of course, that's why I covered that off already, but in a game where everyone turns up on the basis of an idea that we're playing based purely on integrity my feeling is most would and the small number of people breaking that can be weeded out. That's just my conjecture though obviously I can't prove a thing, it'd work as well as the player base is honest, same as hit taking and literally every other rule that there's ever been in airsoft. So yeah, those words are worth whatever someone reading them thinks they are.
  11. After reading through all this seems to me like most people are basically on the same page really lol. Every game I've played has been single indoors, auto mostly allowed outside, never really had a big issue in that regard. It always seems to me like there's very few issues you can't overcome with a real simple ammo limit, just a few hundred BBs on your person. If idiots want to build the most wanky over-shoot guns in the world they'll very soon run out of shots. Most people will abide by the rule, I get you can't frisk everyone leaving the safe zone but if you see some sneaky
  12. 🤣 they actually don't make much off me (comparatively speaking), most of it comes from ebay. Might get some of the hot weathers but that's it for now in terms of stuff that's commercially available, don't rate the PCs for airsoft personally.
  13. If you enjoyed this video be sure to leave a thumbs up, hit subscribe AND hit that notification bell, thanks guys.
  14. Thought about this and when it comes down to it there's nothing really unique to airsoft in terms of likely injuries compared to other outdoor hobbies. Maybe some stuff for burns with all the pyro stuff that isn't as common in mountain biking or canoeing, but that's about it. Just only carry what you're trained for and confident with and most importantly get a free CPR course if you can and/or other first aid training. Speaking generally here but the training's more important than any kit for the average joe, you only need fancy gear to actually accomplish a given treatment with
  15. Problem at the moment is there isn't really a model that's ideal for both the airsoft field and practice for using a real gun. It's a graduated scale and the more you gain in one way the more you'll inevitably lose in the other. IF you can afford it (big if) then get a TM for the field and whatever's cheap and fits your holsters for dry fire reps. TM's slide plastic is softer than safariland or any other kydex etc so if you're doing a ton of dry reps you'll put wear on it and on all the other parts through dry firing it, pulling the trigger and resetting it etc. Alternatively ge
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