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  1. Time Left: 2 days and 6 hours

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    If you're after actual TM snappy recoil and high performance but in a heavy metal gun... this is the only way I've ever found to combine the two. This pistol was built my Mike Cripps of Elite Shooting Centre fame back when he did 1911s as well as 2011s, though he stopped with the single stacks some years ago now to focus on the competitive sport market so this is somewhat a rare horse, in some ways. The metal kit is the HurricanE Elite Kimber Covert II, aluminium not steel hence why it's actually still a very skirmishable gun. The internals are all TM, which again contributes to the aforementioned functionality; I believe the base gun was the MEU model. The only change is the outer barrel, which is taken from a HurricanE Desert Warrior kit. Fits perfectly. It's been fitted with a set of these RS grips (with beveled bottom and thumb notch optional extras) I imported from the US not long after buying the gun: https://vzgrips.com/products/1911-simonich-gunner-full-size-grips.html It has to be said these are extremely aggressive and bitey grips, made from G10, if you like to play pistol all day never ever wear gloves you'd want to replace these. They also seem to have discontinued the tan colour I have here. Original purchase price for the gun from Mike with some nasty TM faux-wood plastic 1911A1 grips was £400, then I added the RS VZ Grips. It has been through 2-3 skirmishes though and got a couple of dings to the paint, hence the current asking price. Please look very very carefully at the attached pictures if you are interested. Total usage is probably on in the region of 150 bbs at a guess, could be less. Unless you want to collect from Middlesex this won't come with a mag, unless someone can show me a legit screenshot of the rules from a courier that will take pressurised gas containers. If anyone does collect though I'll include a TM 1911 or MEU mag and can add more for £10/ea extra. Otherwise, the price includes paypal and P&P.


    London, Harrow - GB

  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Bought this many years ago now, not sure exactly what version it is but it's definitely very early. I know a guy at ASG who told me the guns this old all had RS handguards, stocks and mag catches direct from the CZ factory, which lines up with my experience shooting the real SMG. Was used in exactly one game (the mall back when it was open) and I never shoot much inside. Had a couple of hundred bbs through it. Externally, paint on the charging handle is a tad worn, that's it really, extremely good condition otherwise. Comes in the original retail packaging with its' included iron sights and magazine as depicted. The price (OBO) includes paypal and P&P. I am thorough when it comes to checking VCRA defences.


    , Harrow

  3. Thanks, didn't think anyone would tbh haha
  4. Is that a video file? Because it looks like an MP4.
  5. If you don't wear a t-shirt under the under-body-armour-combat-shirt you'll get a lot less hot. Dunno if you tried it already but a lot of people seem to do it for no reason.
  6. Not my work but I've had a few of these made in different camos over the past couple of years. Have been talking with a couple of different companies, hopefully within a few months they'll actually be available and in just about every camo that you can get gear made in.
  7. There's flag patches and flag patches, which are very different to unit/service patches, but there's an awful lot of grey with room for personal interpretations. I do think there is a small difference between the little union jacks sewn on to issued kit vs a £3.50 black velcro version you slap on airsoft kit, but certainly nobody cares about all the players running around in surplus PCS shirts and rightly so. I think it might be slightly more likely to appear you're portraying yourself to have served in a foreign military unit if you wear their issued flag on their issue uniform, mounted in
  8. Never thought a PDR lower, LVOA rail, G36 carry handle and AR upper could make a gun but that would definitely go down a storm at the prop house for a sci-fi production.
  9. Sorry google photos doesn't like sharing apparently but the quality when uploaded to the board isn't great (at least on my screen), hopefully fixed now.
  10. Basically on the notch ideally, though realistically [i]just[/i] below so as not to rub. Plates are just there for the heart and the major blood vessels around it, some of the spine and some of the lungs really, since you've got a reasonable chance of surviving a shot to most other areas (except the brain which has the helmet) if treated quickly - comparatively speaking of course. Some Crye JPC 2.0s I had hands on today (just one's mine):
  11. Imagine if that post was purely a joke..
  12. Asking these sorts of questions is a surefire way to get big, fat, mouth-breathing Kevin from the HSE to descend upon us with the mighty wrath of bullshit bureaucracy.
  13. High? Nah that's where plates are actually meant to sit - at least that'd be my guess based on where his clavicle joints are under the jacket. Obviously it does not matter with bbs, but 99% of players wear their rigs super low. (not saying you don't know, just speaking generally)
  14. Nice rig. I'm presuming the pressure in that 11kg is the usual?
  15. 38+ Crye size G3s will show up 2nd hand in the uk occasionally (ebay, facebook groups) but that's getting pretty damn rare when you get up to those sizes. I'm biased since we're mates but I have tons of stuff from roman and I'm pretty certain he makes your size. You can guarantee you'll get what you need then and in basically any camo you like for much less money than buying Cryes retail. Takes a few months but then we're in lockdown anyway so if you're already on a good diet plan and seeing the weight come off just order a slightly smaller size than what you are now. Admittedly
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