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  1. By 'the SA80' do you mean the family of firearms that includes the L85? In work I call 'em guns, gats, bangsticks, shooters and a million and one other things since saying RIFLE ad nauseum when you're literally surrounded by the things gets super boring tbh.
  2. Probably varies from camp to camp let alone between services, but on a basic level the stuff you get issued on your gun has to stay on there, but you can move things around to wherever best fits. The SUSAT can be slid back and forward on its' rail in to 3 different positions and from what I've seen usually people get to pick wherever fits them best. The Elcan LDS obviously goes on pic rail so has many possible mounting spots. As mentioned the grip-pod that is issued along with the DD pic handguard can be moved wherever is comfortable. I'd prefer mine further out for example but with osprey on and lying prone I can't reach the thing unless it's pretty close in. I've seen infantry guys with their own magpul AFGs and RVGs amongst other picatinny attachments. Personally I have an aftermarket sling that's just made to look similar enough to the issued green one that people don't question it. If you look up recent pictures of army guys on deployment (i.e. within the last 3 years) you'll see lots of examples of small variances in configuring the A2 and A3.
  3. In brit service at least, there is no institutionally correct with the grip-pod, afaik. I'll admit I've not dug through every single pam and AESP but all I know after a couple of deployments running detached armouries and seeing hundreds and hundreds of rifles from all 3 services pass through I've seen those things in every single possible 6 o/clock pic spot and both ways around. Never been instructed on a 'correct' way, only ever been told to attach it wherever works best for the individual, never seen them issued with any rail attachments (it might happen, but it isn't the norm). The only place I've seen that was objectively bad was at the very rear with the button facing backwards such that the button was entirely blocked by the L85 trigger guard and the legs could not be deployed. I don't know if GPSI or the US mil have prescribed ways to mount the things, but if we do it most definitely isn't enforced. Usually the button's at the back and that's how I've always set mine, but plenty of people do deploy and use them the other way tbh.
  4. https://www.fourguysguns.com/shop/chairborne-ranger-pvc-patch/ I sold a few I brought over years ago. No idea if they've ever done more production batches.
  5. Literally the racks you get at the start when you go to play a gun course trial in modern warfare.
  6. I bought them yeah. Again they're going back home so.. something to look forward to I suppose. Won the auctions on the Opfor DPM set too.
  7. Can receive post to work, it's a decent system all things considered. However, even though I'm 99% sure they're not x-raying parcels it's not the best idea to have RIFs go in to the post room in case a bit of outer packaging maybe gets torn in transit or whatever. Also I have none of my gear collection/airsoft stuff here in my little sardine can far-smaller-than-a-studio-flat room, so it'd just have to sit here in my way for months until this is all done and I somehow manage to get tested and cleared so I can see my family again.
  8. Ordered an M16A1 grip, old-stock PTS rear MBUS (FG), TM M45A1 + 2 x mags from Fire-Support since they had the best price on the pistol by a decent margin. Normally wouldn't post in here without pics but I'm on base and can't go home until this all blows over (whenever the fuck that is) so yeah. Just gotta shop online and hope I get hands on my stuff in a couple of months. Which tbh I have done many times before on work 'trips' but when it's only an hour drive away there's a bit of a frustration factor I'll admit.
  9. Yeah he guy making them is pretty smart on the shipping front, they cost the exact same posted anywhere in the world. I'll not hawk my wares further in here but just PM me if you're interested, they're rather nicely made by a guy who actually designs gear for Eagle Industries. So I created and admin the group for spiritus systems and all of their kit is in crazy high demand. Most of what they make goes directly to mil and police then what goes up on their site for commercial sale all gets snapped up rapidly. As a result this one guy got super salty and put up a whole dedicated post in the group just to say how he'd been waiting ages for a PC to come in stock, he'd "finally" gotten "permission" from his wife to buy it but he believed all the stock had been bought up by 'fukin airsofters'. The greatest irony being he used to be an airsofter until very recently with airsoft posts visible on his account, but had since joined the US army, he was far from anything special though, was only a couple of weeks out of basic training. There were 150-odd comments under the post ripping in to him fuckin savagely and bear in mind this is a mostly US group full of largely mil/le/firearm guys with only a few airsofters.
  10. Had a whole batch of these made in the states to sell to people whose balls reside in a separate place to the rest of their body (also because some guy got really angry at airsofters in a FB group I admin).
  11. That barrel is so U/S 😂 great looking gun.
  12. If you've got a dump pouch on you (always a good shout) you can start off with a double, stash it then reload in the usual manner from that point on. It's something I've done a few times and I enjoy the aesthetic and the super fast first reload. Dropping mags depends on the surface as much (if not more) than the mag type or anything else. You can drop cheap, light plastic midcaps or quality, expensive plastic midcaps on forest floor allllll day long and as long as the feed area gets cleaned out of mud and twigs you'll have no issue. Drop a gas mag on concrete you'll have a very bad time. It is documented to the point of obsolescence by thousands of competitors/trainers/mil folks from all around the world that dropping the mag is the fastest option. It means you can go for the fresh one at the same time as pressing the mag release and it deletes the step where you store away the partial mag, which is often the slowest step. Personally I'll occasionally drop a mag when, as others have mentioned, the opposition is very close, but usually I just stow the empty in my dump pouch and quickly insert the fresh. If you use good pouches and actually try to go somewhat fast vs adopting a sloth-like demeanour it's all pretty quick.
  13. OPS/UR is very good kit, also made in Hong kong and definitely runs on the small side of things. An OPS small will be a close fit on even a real skinny bugger. I love Leo Kohler, super value for money, but they run on the large side of their sizes for sure.
  14. In what sense exactly? That could mean a lot of things.
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