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    Function comfort, funcfort.
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  1. VFC are releasing an AK-74M soon…GHK have got a little more competition now!
  2. Time Left: 4 days and 19 hours

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    Just on the off chance anybody has one of these, looking for one as a gift!


  3. Wavey_Gravey


    Multiple listings on Ali Express under £40, why is yours worth £80?
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    WTS: £550 ONO. Double eagle Noveske gbbr 4 guns modify PMAGS Genuine Magpul SL-K stock Genuine Reptilia CQG pistol grip Holy Warrior T2 / clone reptilia mount Sotac NGAL IR / Green Vis Sotac modlite / clone Arisaka mount Airsoft Artisan blue training suppressor Federal concepts power adjustment valve Original box and parts Semapo gear NJPC Medium Multicam Semapo gear Crye 556 pouch Mystery shoulder pads Misc phone mount / PTT / foam plates Clone velocity boss shirt - black medium Random gun bag for free - not pictured No splits or swaps. Collection only within the Worcestershire area. Location: UK Preferred Payment method: PayPal.


  5. Laylax Nineball 162.5mm 6.03 inner barrel is what I used for my 7” build.
  6. Totally depends on what kind of look your going for, I’d change the pistol grip for sure then just accessorise it how you see fit. If your going for a unit impression then you can just ‘clone’ the items used, if not then the world of accessories is your oyster!
  7. Add on externally or internally?
  8. Yeah me neither! I think that’s a bit of an inflated RRP to make the deal look even more dealy.
  9. Only reason to get the MWS is the better magazine and if you like the classic m4 look. The Noveske is a solid buy, ran mine twice now and it’s been great! Is that £449.99 for the railed version or the Socom with plastic forend?
  10. Surefire is the way, think the real ones are limited space wise though.
  11. That’s exactly what is was, the colours are “clone correct”…I just let a toddler paint it 😂
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