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  1. FYI second hand sellers should be asking for your defence too
  2. Welcome to the money pit that is airsoft. I swear a crack habit would be cheaper. I can't really recommend any sites as you're a bit far away from me, but as others have posted, don't be afraid to rock up on your lonesome as the majority of airsofters are a friendly bunch and will be happy to show off their kit. Also I recommend renting for your first few games as it'll help you work out what suits your style of play. You don't want to shell out a large sum if money on a gun or other gear only to find out you don't get on with it (eg I prefer SMGs and carbines over full size rifles)
  3. In my experience twats will be twats, no matter what patch or lid they're wearing. I suppose it boils down to the old adage don't be a dick
  4. In my experience there's 1 reason people usually get pissy. They're getting offended on behalf of others (who often don't give a shit). Unless you're walting these people are best ignored or told to where to go This. It's worth noting that if you buy something that's nicked and the seller gets caught, you could easily loose the thing you bought and the money paid for it
  5. Think so. They're the modern issue ones but they look the same as the ones I had years ago
  6. A nice shinny pair of German para boots, tgey were listed as supergrade but they look new and unused. Now I just need to break them in
  7. Tbh I'm not a fan, however it's your gnu so if you like it then go for it
  8. An extra £100 for tech work that's already been done?
  9. To quote Sir Ranulph Fiennes "there's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing"
  10. Would that be a certain Thompson owner? 😉 This. Anyone who played at Electowerkz would understand
  11. I think musician Peter Gabriel is secretly an airsofter. The give away is a verse from Games without Frontiers "Andre has a red flag, Chiang Ching's is blue (usual armband colours) They all have hills to fly them on except for Lin Tai Yu (Lin didn't get any of the objectives) Dressing up in costumes, playing silly games Hiding out in tree-tops shouting out rude names" (Sounds like a typical Sunday skirmish)
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