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  1. No noob photos of me as i started in 2004 when camera phones were shit and social media didn't exist. The earliest picture i can find of me is this from 2011 Standard issue (at the time) British assault boots, C95 DPM trousers, Viper kneepads, ACM plate carrier, Black UBACS (don't remember the make but it wasn't a Chinese knock off) Maruzen NBB P99, KSC (I think) Glock 18 in a mag pouch, ACM gloves, ESS V12 goggles The latest pic i can find is this, taken last January. After going through several different camo patterns I've found myself almost back where I started German para boots, The same pair of trousers as the earlier picture, Same plate carrier (swapped out for a SADF M83 chest rig in summer) All Terrain Tigerstripe combat shirt, Eye protection liberated from work. The guns are an E&L AKS74U and Golden Eagle R870
  2. Ooh MC51SD. Very nice I got the reference but still think you're a nutter 😁
  3. Days? Ive bounced between being John Wick and a bb sponge from one game to the next, but had just as much fun. Definitely. Whilst winning is a nice bonus, it's not that important. Some of the most fun games I've had I've been on the receiving end of an arse kicking
  4. Why are wives like grenades? You remove the ring and boom, the house is gone
  5. There's no such thing as too many guns, despite what the mrs might say
  6. I usually carry 10 100 round mid caps for my kurtz but I've never used more than 5 in a game. However, I have played skirmish gameswith just a gbbr with 2 mags and a speed loader and managed to do ok, you just have to adjust your style of playing. As others have posted, stick to hit and run tactics and avoid drawn out firefights. As a side note I've always thought the mag capacity doesn't make the player. A perfect example was many years ago when I was a newbie in the game, some twat in the safezone started mouthing off calling me a high cap hero etc (wierd as he was basically the only one not using high caps) . I asked him how many rounds he was carrying and it turned out it was the same as me, just in more mags. At the end of the next gane he's gobbing off about how he was down to just his pistol so i decided to politely show him the 2 full mags I had left. He didn't talk to me for the rest of the evening
  7. Seconded re mechanix gloves. I'd always used the cheap acm gloves with the "carbon fibre" hard knuckles, but found they wore out quickly (I didn't just use them for airsoft). Then earlier in the year I picked up a pair of mechanix fast fit gloves and the difference is clear as they're hardly worn. Obviously they don't offer the same level of protection as the hard knuckle ones but what makes up for it is far better dexterity in my fingers
  8. Get some gloves as knuckle shots bloody hurt
  9. I've never understood the logic behind putting lubricant on something which works by friction. I would've thought it would play havoc with your hop up
  10. Pmsl. I can use a hammer and duct tape, does that make me an airsoft technichun?
  11. Not a joke but this reminded me of earlier posts https://news.sky.com/story/southend-united-to-hold-talks-with-sponsor-over-gilbert-and-rose-west-stand-12664861
  12. The best response to some twat at the back screaching for others to push up was from a mate. The screamer was some kid who thought being a cadet made him Geral Patton, and said mate picked him up by the straps on his webbing, carried him forward 10 yards and unserimoniously dumped him on the floor, before telling him to move up.
  13. Two old grannies were sat on a park bench when a flasher jumped out of the bushes. It was such a shock that one had a stroke but the other had arthritis so couldn't reach
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