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    Wherever I can get a game, yes I'm an airsoft slut
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  1. I would like this but I'm afraid it'll mean I'll have to buy you dinner and flowers😁😁
  2. An apology wouldn't have the bit about assuming we're both male
  3. No, you just tried (and failed miserably) to disguise another childish insult as an apology
  4. And sexist too. You're really not helping yourself here
  5. You really are stupid aren't you. You wouldn't post asking if we're a couple if one of us was female
  6. Homophobic too. You'll reach Australia soon at the speed you're digging yourself into a hole
  7. Interesting theory. I'll let you know where and when I'm playing next if you'd like to test it
  8. The fact that you've resorted to childish insults for not getting your own way shows that my initial suspicions are correct. As you clearly have trouble understanding my posts I'll break it down for you. All Your Questions Have Been Answered. Use The Search Function The answer to what is the best gun is very subjective. Asking 10 airsofters this would get you 11 different answers but you'd know that if you weren't wanting to be spoonfed
  9. Yes you are. The fact that you're getting upset about being told how things are shows it. If you were expecting a circle jerk with everyone congratulating you then prepare to be sorely mistaken. As @Tackle posted, these type of threads are common and the vast majority don't go anywhere Which you could've found in 5 minutes rather than expecting to be spoon fed.
  10. Just going on the information at hand. If you're that thin skinned that you get upset by someone being honest and blunt then that's your problem. Either deal with it or be prepared to go through life perpetually offended
  11. Ffs is half term over yet? Seriously though, this reads like you've just discovered airsoft and are having pie in the sky ideas about making money from it despite having fuck all clue about what's involved. There's far more to it than just charging people to play and sitting back watching the money roll in. The fact that you think you need that many rental guns shows you don't have a clue
  12. Welcome. Don't worry about your English, it's far better than my French.
  13. No idea but it wouldn't surprise me. The fb post I saw had quite a few comments saying the owners are con artists and scammers as they've been involved in other businesses which have folded after getting business loans etc
  14. I've never heard of the site let alone played there but this came up on my faceache feed https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/mystery-plymouth-airsoft-arena-suddenly-9109223 TL,DR: Smokin Guns airsoft site in Plymouth is closing Edit: from the comments on Facebook I can see why it closed. They did bugger all advertising, charged £25 for an hour long session and you couldn't use your own kit. Also there are accusations the owners weren't paying rent of staff wages, if this is true then quite frankly it sounds like the airsoft community in the area are better off without them
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