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  1. Once again a great review. I've been thinking of paying them a visit as the in laws live about 5 minutes away
  2. Going by his other posts I think his Dad might've given him too much attention of the wrong kind
  3. Jesus Christ, was the OP dropped on their head as a toddler?
  4. I wouldn't get too hung up on having to upgrade the internals. Quite often they're quite an expense for not much return, if any
  5. No battery to test it either so you could easily end up with a very expensive paperweight
  6. Which enforces my belief the op is a troll, and a shit one at that
  7. Why is it those who claim to be normally laid back and calm are the biggest whinny drama queens?
  8. @Joaopaulo2as you said you're 17 I've got some bad news. Being under 18 means you are a child. If you do want to be treated like an adult then fucking act like one
  9. The last time I was ts to "tell me the nicest things" I got a nasty rash
  10. Seconded. I liberated a couple from work and have never even come close to filling mine, even when carrying a second set of webbing for a mate
  11. This is the 3rd thread you've started which makes no sense. What the fuck is your question?
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