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  1. That's nowhere near an accurate way of telling which gun is higher powered. Far too many variables
  2. II don't think I've ever seen anyone on site throw a tantrum over a patch another player is wearing, rather it just seams to be an online/American thing. Personally the only patch or unit ID I definitely wouldn't wear is the red beret of the Russian Alpha group as they have specifically asked airsofters not to
  3. Update: this turned out to be a very simple fix. The mag catch had become slightly bent so I just pushed it forward without the mag in the gun and now it holds fine
  4. Wear what ever you want, just don't go around claiming to be something you're not. Anyone who then gets pissy can be told to do one As for your cadet rank insignia, wear it if you want. However, it won't mean you can give out orders. Yes I've actually seen some cadet think he could boss others around and really expected to be addressed by his rank. He was quickly and very in politely told that it wouldn't happen
  5. A quick look on Companies House shows no sign of Ignite tactical
  6. People who still make a big deal about getting a free packet of haribo sweets with a new gun. It's a bloody tiny pack which is gone in 1 mouthful and cosy the shop pennies
  7. While that may be the case, the press and Joe public tend to lump anything gun shaped into the same category
  8. Also wants payment via PayPal friends and family or bank transfer. Fuck that
  9. "should've bought a TM" 😁
  10. Wow, some of the ideas put up here would kill off airsoft just as quickly as any government legislation Tbh I kind of agree. Waving a rif around in public and/or pointing it at a police officer should automatically put you up for a Darwin award
  11. People who turn up to a site week in week only to spend every minute whinning and bitching. If the site is that bad then why come in the first place?
  12. There are quite a few shotguns which take magazines which look like shotgun cartridges and fire 3 or 6 bbs with each pull of the trigger. They can be spring or gas powered There are also other brands which store the gas and BBs in a shell together Edit: they're the APS ones as mentioned by rockerdogbert
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