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  1. As already mentioned, get to know your rifle's limits or you'll easily get frustrated and annoyed with it. Just think how many newbies buy a boltie, only ending up trying to sell it a few months later. This. Field craft is far more important than looking like a walking bush
  2. I've seen a few of his videos and tbh he comes across as a bit of a pompous twat with his head stuck up his own arse
  3. £10 more than new from the shop you got it from. That's just taking the piss
  4. Exactly. What makes me eye roll is that my other half can't visit her parent's at home as they live in a tier 2 area, but they're allowed to visit our house as we're in a tier 1 area
  5. I suspect that the reason for tier 1 being labelled medium, rather than low, is because calling it low would make people become complacent and more likely not to follow guidelines, potentially causing a greater spread of the virus
  6. Years ago I picked up a G&G CM16 GBBR and while it's nowhere near the best GBBR out there, it's definitely fun to shoot. Anyway, last Friday I managed to find a shop with the mags in stock and at only £20 each
  7. He's obviously seen this and dropped the price. A massive reduction to £400 Still a piss take though
  8. The "easy fix" thing is one that always gets me. If it's such an easy fix then why not do it yourself and get a better price?
  9. Good morning all. My Striker AS02 has developed a fault and I'm hoping those more knowledgeable than me can help. When I try to cycle the bolt it only moves a couple of mm before it feels like there's something stopping it. Does anyone know what's causing this and how to fix it? It has the stock internal parts All help is much appreciated
  10. The worst part is she's not even my cat. I made the mistake of giving her attention when she was a kitten and now she's adopted me as a second owner, only going home for food
  11. Your local gunsmith may take it off your hands, although I doubt you'll get as much as selling it elsewhere
  12. I use this holdall bag. It's easily big enough to carry all my kit and has straps to carry it like a backpack if needed
  13. Wah Wah Wah, people are playing differently to me. If you don't like it then play somewhere else. Edit: wasn't it you bitching about how so many sites are going semi auto only? Sounds a bit silly to complain about restrictions like that then moan about high rof guns
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