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  1. From the chat I had yesterday I won't be giving them any business. I don't know the exact details but it turns out there's been a lot of bitching, backstabbing and bullshit flying around from the guys running mayhem to force TB out.
  2. I just came here to post about Mayhem taking over. They already run paintball on there so it's not a totally new site to them. However, from what I've heard the landowner has had to remove a massive amount of the ground level vegetation so I'll wait to see what they do with the place
  3. I think that was the main thing that appealed to me, being run more as a club than a site helped to create a more relaxed atmosphere
  4. Unfortunately it's just been announced that tech brigade in Hertfordshire won't reopen. Rather than write a long post I'll paste what was on Facebook END OF THE ROAD 😪 It is with an extremely heavy heart and with great sadness that I have to announce that Tech Brigade Airsoft will no longer be operating with immediate effect. There will be no more games at Warren Wood organised by Tech Brigade. This is mostly due to a massive shake up of the woodland and the game areas at the moment effectively reducing the playing areas by 60 percent. Also given the recent situat
  5. Scratch that. It's just been announced on faceache that TB won't be reopening at all
  6. So I've finally gotten round to looking at my Striker and I think I've found the problem. One of the 4 pins holding the bolt in place has gone awol.
  7. I'm sure I heard Finmere closed years ago,it must be old age getting to me. I visited donkey's years ago and really enjoyed it Back on topic, tech brigade in Hertfordshire should be reopening 18th of April, so long as nothing changes
  8. At least with grandkids you can give them back. Also don't forget to let the grandchild get away with stuff that would've gotten the parents a massive bollocking at that age Oh the innocence of youth
  9. No guns, just a BFG and a box of primers
  10. Welcome. As midlife crisises go airsoft is probably one of the better options. It's less likely to kill you than a super bike or sports car and less likely to upset the other half than a mistress
  11. So you've joined the forum just to necropost in a 5 year old thread
  12. No problem with the price, only the word Pants. Ffs we're British, they're called trousers
  13. Anyone got contacts in GCHQ? I'm needing help to decode that word salad
  14. As the fact that using heavier bbs to bring down the fps is cheating the chrono has already been covered, I'll ignore it. We can't give you an estimated fps as it would depend on other variables like what gas you're using and the ambient air temperature
  15. Why wasn't Jesus born in Hatfield? They couldn't find any wise men or a virgin
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