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  1. No worries One of the things I like about this place is that we look out for each other and have no qualms with calling out bullshit when it appears
  2. It did strike me as odd that a well established shop would be using a gmail email address
  3. It's a scammer posing as socom tactical. The email address in the DM doesn't match the one on their Facebook page
  4. Cannonfodder

    Job lot

    It'll be helpful if you put up a bit more info such as what make they are
  5. This. High fps doesn't equal better, for example while my Galaxy MP5K has a higher fps than a stock TM, given the choice I'd pick a TM over it any day of the week
  6. I try to get a game in once a month wherever possible, but like you my work gets in the way so I quite often find myself playing midweek games as even if I do get the Sunday off it's often the day after a night shift and I don't fancy staying up for over 24 hours.
  7. A licence would be something that's necessary by law, eg a driving licence is required to drive on public roads or a firearms certificate is needed to own a firearm. There's no such thing as an airsoft or ukara licence as there's no legally recognised bit of paper which says a person is either an airsoft player or on the ukara database. There would also need to be appropriate legislation put in place so please show me where in the vcra (or accompanying notes) a licence is mentioned in relation to airsoft.
  8. If you want to be on the ukara database then I'm afraid so, however IIRC games at different sites run by the same company do count but the time period still stands. Being on the ukara database isn't a legal requirement to buy a rif, you just need to satisfy the seller that you'll be using it to play airsoft at a proper site There's been a few over the years, but tbh they've generally been a bit dodgy at best. Lastly thank you for not calling it a 'licence', this is a term often banded about by people who don't know what they're talking about
  9. Welcome to the madhouse I'm afraid that's just you, you freaky weirdo. I'm only joking, it's completely normal and I'd be more surprised if you didn't
  10. I guess it really depends on the site. I've heard too many stories of games being scripted to the point that the outcome is the same, no matter what happens in the game (see impulse's post about the vehicle ambush) or where players who are willing to put the effort in and make themselves available but are sidelined because they're not a part of a certain clique
  11. One thing I've noticed over the years is that the amount a player shouts at others to move forward is inversely proportional to how close to the front they are
  12. In my experience barking orders and generally acting like a wannabe sergeant major will usually result in said player being ignored and/or laughed at. Instead others are more likely to follow those who lead by example or make suggestions. After all, we've all paid the same and there's no ranks. Don't get me wrong, if someone's idea is sound then I'll happily go along with it This is the exact reason I've been hesitant about doing a milsim. I'm loath to pay good money just to larp as an npc for site regulars
  13. Having owned both the TM and ASG I'd say while the ASG isn't a bad gun, the TM is certainly better in terms of quality and performance
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