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  1. A little Silicone grease for orings is best .
  2. I’m not entirely sure how compatible the WE slides are with TM , but if you are saying it’s cycling to a fashion then I’ll take your word for it . my guess , and the cheapest starting point (and you’ll likely need one anyway ) The nozzle can’t keep up with the speed of the slide so it’s just always forward during firing , you need a stronger nozzle spring .
  3. Great info @Darkmikey22, thanks for taking the time to share it
  4. lmao , I did exactly the same thing … but I just can’t justify it . At the other end of the budget VFC are bringing a full metal officer sized pistol to the table very soon (if not out all already ) it appears to be blank and trademark free so perhaps some custom engraving might in order . I did also see a mention somewhere that it may be TM compatible ? .
  5. that’s a great build , i like that a lot
  6. Nozzle sticking in the hop unit or really sluggish ? Is the the bolt travel back and forth quicker than the nozzle can ping back with it , Strip the bolt carrier group and make sure everything is well greased and check the nozzle return spring would be my first port of call .
  7. Built this up last week , all stock TM internals apart from an upgraded recoil spring and it was running ok but the nozzle return couldn’t keep up , and the hop rubber (original , estimated at 10yr old ) was gash , fitted a maple leaf inner & hop rubber and a nozzle return spring from an AAP01 and it’s running like a boss . New gas routers and mag valves on the way too so hopefully it’ll make a reliable warm weather plinker . And just for picture porns sake , 😛 hello , you replied while I was replying with the Sig the Beretta is a TM in a Guarder kit , original finish and modified pachmayr grips ( not by me , the front section has been cut out , rear section not installed) they’d normally come like this
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