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  1. I got an STTI mk23 and got a dud. It barely fired to 30m, even with hop at maximum and only using .25s. Also, no matter how much force I applied, the pins wouldn't come out so I couldn't even change out the parts to make it work well. Furthermore, the STTI pistol magazines that I bought had awful feed lips and led to a sticky trigger pull when I bought the TM one. At least it only cost me around £30, plus another £30 for the mags. But in future, I will go TM for the mags too and just run 144 gas in the summer.
  2. As I am unable to airsoft, I might as well scratch that itch by writing even more. This time I go into whether you should go for budget or premium for a few things: eye protection, RIFs and tactical gear.


    Spoiler alert: I like premium... *looks at all the TM RIFs and Warrior Assault Systems gear...*



    1. Skara


      After The Geardo Crow's article on clones, I've reconsidered my position on WAS.

      Yes for the price you get decent quality but all they did was copying.


      I do agree with you on "buy once cry once". Although in some cases getting the real deal just isn't economically feasible (take Italy for example, everything RS costs a fortune just because ReEl OpOr8UrRrSsS Uze DeM), for example my latest purchase, a TMC copy of the Safariland 579.

      Bought it for two reasons:

      The real one is impossible to find here, and before dropping €100+ on a holster I wanted to make sure it would fit me in terms of placement and drawing method (has a weird middle finger activated retention that takes a minute to get used to). If I like it, I'll buy the real deal.


      Other than that, genuine kit holds its value really well, as you can see from the price tags 2nd hand Crye stuff has.


      A nice article btw, in line with what I expect from an airsoft blog :)

      Keep up the good work mate ;)

  3. As I can't play airsoft right now, I might as well write about it... This time I share my thoughts on load bearing gear in airsoft, as I see people asking if they should use a chest rig or plate carrier all the time.


    I think load bearing equipment is very important, both from a practicality perspective and an aesthetic one. After all, airsoft is also very much about the dress up!



    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      See the problem there is none of those are a smersh, smersh is king of the rigs.

    2. Impulse


      Filthy communist gear 🤮

  4. Wait until you can get your UKARA sorted first. It's not worth trying to take shortcuts, especially since we can't play airsoft at the moment anyway! Having just finished my own AEG sniper project, where admittedly I went premium on literally everything and spent a hell of a lot, I figure I should have some insights to making your own DMR. As @Adolf Hamster said above, get an assault gun and worry about DMR conversions afterwards, especially when it comes to the power options. You'd be surprised at the range you will get with a normal AEG firing at 1.1J if you simply stick a flat hop in it and use .3s or .32s. These days, power isn't nearly as important as it was 10 years ago, and in my opinion the only real benefit of more power is being able to use heavier ammunition a bit more effectively. I'm not an expert on budget guns, as the only one I own is a cyma m14 and I wouldn't recommend you go for an m14 without at least some knowledge of how internals work, because they're a pain to disassemble when you do finally get around to upgrading the power, and their barrels are cut differently and their hop rubbers are shorter. Go for an AR-15 platform, like an m16 or sr-25, and stick a flat hop in it (you don't even need to modify the flat hop yourself. Just get a prometheus flat bucking or a modify baton flat bucking). Ideally stick a hard hop rubber in it because heavier BBs are great and you shouldn't overhop a .3 or .32 with a hard flat rubber. It'll probably cost you under £200 for that all in and you'll probably be out-shooting a lot of people at your site, not to mention you won't have that annoying DMR minimum engagement distance. Toy around with that for a while, then upgrade the power if you feel you need it (and feel confident gauging MEDs. I recently ranted about how a lot of new snipers these days have no idea how to judge distance and shoot too close)
  5. Project m21 is now complete, now that all parts have been installed, internal and external. All that is left to do is test it, though that will have to wait until my local site re-opens. In theory, it should shoot really well...


    Also, 1911 is complete too, but that literally took me about 10 mins to do total. Put suppressors on everything!





  6. I decided to write this out. I know that this might be an unpopular stance, but I'm not going to change my opinions just because it's unpopular. Airsoft sniping has definitely become more widespread and accessible since I started the hobby, that's for sure, but I'm not sure if I like that or not.



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    2. Hedzshot


      I’m going to dissect this into 2 bite sized chunks.

      The first, regarding minimum engagement  distance; this is not unique to new players, it is unique to idiots, and yes, yes you can bring the site into the mix.

      The second chunk relates to how you have had change and development stick in your throat like a fish bone. As the sport has developed it has brought technical advancement, quality advancement and more accessibility and that means a wider audience. Without growth the sport stays the same,  a niche hobby.

      If you were just starting the sport, are you telling me you’d buy a base platform and bit by bit slowly upgrade and tailor your wep..? Leaf by leaf craft your ghillie..? Nah I don’t think so dude.


      Ending on a note of motivational ideas; lend your expertise to the noobs, not just with tech knowledge but conduct. Help shape the sport into something better.



    3. Skara


      I would, because it's what I did.

      I didn't go full ham on the most expensive stuff and "pre upgraded" guns, as when I started there weren't many, if any at all, and the few people who were selling upgraded stuff were fucking thieves.

      Learned the hard way, on both tactics, guns and gear, as everyone else.

      This gave me the chance to learn how to tech, which parts are important and which ones weren't, what gear is worth buying and what is only eye candy.


      I see how these pre upgraded guns are working out. Go check Nov's owner groups on Facebook, full of retarded cunts that bought <insert SS-number here> and it turned out to be shit. Yeah. 10/10 development right there.


      Go check the "wat am best gnu" threads, all the sensible people recommend cheap guns. So that new players can learn stuff, not being spoon fed.


      It is a niche sport and it should stay a niche sport.

      It's bad enough that we are seen as bloodthirsty warmongers, I don't want a bunch of retards destroying what the community has built.

    4. Hedzshot


      Take away statement from your post is;


      ‘I would, because it's what I did.

      I didn't go full ham on the most expensive stuff and "pre upgraded" guns, as when I started there weren't many, if any at all, 


      I’m as green as they come to this hobby, but I scrutinised the kit I wanted, I went and looked and tried kit, read this forum front and back, watched YouTube, talked to shops, players, planned how I wanted to play and bought a fuckin monster gun. A platform that I both wanted and knew was top quality and would last me. A gun that out of the box is mental BUT has the upgrade options as well.
      I didn’t once consider cheap Chinese crap, nor was I swayed by idiot youtubers who’s kit was just another turd with a bow on it. 
      Case in point; my mate bought a TM VSR Gspec fully upgraded. I didn’t. His imho is a plasticy piece of shit, shoots nice, is almost silent but looks and feels like if I growl at it, it will break in half. BUT I get why he went the upgraded route - because he ‘could’. He wanted kit that wasn’t going to let him down in terms of performance and work on ‘his’ game.

      I can fuckin assure you mine is made like a fuckin tank AND shoots the chuff off a gnat at 100m. I’m upgrading it myself whilst I work on my game. 
      Don’t try and tell me you’d go down the vanilla stock VSR route if you were starting out now as a result of the factors you mentioned above...bollox.

      You ‘did’ when you started (I’m guessing yyeeeaarrs ago ) as your choice, as you say,  was limited, the hobby was new and hyper niche.

      The MAJOR factor in people’s choice is budget and availability, and also that most of the players they will see at their site have upgraded or high spec guns.


      *mic drop*



  7. I forgot to document this part. Maybe intentionally, maybe I didn't want to relive this fresh hell. Maybe I'm traumatised.


    I never want to work on a V7 gearbox again. I've done it now, I can hold my head up high that I did it and it all works, so I managed to avoid being a hypocrite. Every airsoft sniper should upgrade their own rifles.


    But I'm hiring a tech if it breaks later down the line or needs maintenance. I did not enjoy this and I want to enjoy my hobbies. Just for V7s. Gas guns, springers and other gearbox types I'll happily do myself, but not V7s.



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    2. DrAlexanderTobacco


      Your website is down.


      Also you're probably going to get confused with the Japanese TM/etc. importer, Impulse101.

    3. Impulse


      Seems up to me. Huh...


      And yeah, can't help that. Been going under this name on the internet since Half Life 1 and I ain't changing! (impulse101 was a cheat code that gave you everything)


      Also yeah, the V7 has all the springs and tiny screws on the outside. They all have to be removed to get into the gearbox itself. It's horrendously time consuming and stressful when you don't have much space to do your work :P

    4. DrAlexanderTobacco


      I was getting 502, bad gateway - looks like it's up now!


      And yeah fair play! Just thought I'd point it out :)

  8. Not much as I've already done most of what I needed to work on and now need to be a responsible adult and save up for a mortgage. However, the last item on the table I have yet to do is replace the outer barrel on my 1911 with a threaded one so I can add all the suppressors. Got a nineball hop rubber and inner barrel while I was at it too. And assuming the parts arrive from America, I still need to shove in that R-hopped tightbore and modify flat hop rubber into the m14 to complete the transition into DMRhood.
  9. Had the m14 chrono'd today...
    1.4J on .25s. With joule creep (for when I use .4s) and better airseal with the new hop up and barrel setup when it arrives from the US, I think it'll be firing incredibly nicely.
    Now Evike, get my stuff in stock and send it to me!
  10. Ok, But seriously, V7 gearboxes can go to hell


    Took me 7 hours taking the m14 apart and installing all the new shiny pieces and I'm paranoid I've done it wrong because the last few BBs in the magazine don't appear to feed properly (but the rest do? Will need to chrono on Sunday)


    I hate AEGs. Springers and gas are way better 😭

    1. Cromulon1994


      I agree, but try a version 5 for a barrel of laughs (TM Uzi) 

  11. You mean people don't take two primaries when they go out for games? I always do (Because let's be honest, an upgraded TM mk23 is basically a primary... xD) I think in the summer I might run my VSR or m14, then my mk23 on my belt and my 1911 in a drop leg holster. You can never have enough pistols!
  12. Been working on converting my TM m14 into an m21 and all the externals are now in and installed (though I will likely put a suppressor on instead of the flash hider because I like suppressors). Still need to fit the internals to upgrade the power and accuracy to DMR levels and I am no tech, so we'll see how that goes. Also, stock cyma m14 with imitation wood stock below, for Vietnam games (and because it was cheaper and easier than getting a replacement stock for the TM). Will have to remove the magpuls though for that
  13. Lightweight Viper backpack to carry extra stuff if needed. Also, new sidearm to go with my 1911 (might run some games with just two pistols. DUAL WIELD!) And yes, I've put in a crazy jet tightbore, maple leaf autobot 50 degree bucking and hadron H plate. Mags are STTI so I can run green gas without the mags being all leaky, plus they're cheaper. Planning on running .4s in this.
  14. I got some revision sawfly eyepro with prescription inserts and I swear by them. Pricey, but eyepro is worth it.
  15. Not a RIF, but I just ordered a set of BULLE US woodland and woodland marpat (trousers, shirt and boonie), as well as a molle drop leg platform. Also a chicom chest rig for an upcoming Vietnam game, because why would I want to play as the Americans when VC sounds like so much more fun. It's my first ever Vietnam game
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