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  1. I have some Trident Gear plates and they're great. Really solid and really add some weight to the carrier.
  2. Do you need a pistol? Nah. Only thing you really need is good eye protection and maybe decent boots with ankle support can also make the cut here if you play woodland. HOWEVER, pistols are cool and if you can afford one and want to buy one, I'd say go for it. In terms of what pistol to get? I'd say any TM. Just find a TM pistol you like and buy that one. You don't need to do any upgrades on it to have it firing in almost any weather and to a decent 30 - 40m effective range. Just buy it, pick up and play! I may be biased towards pistols as a bush wookiee (a solid pistol
  3. Nope. Absolutely nothing. Last time I bought anything was around last October. I just want to get out again because I love the RIFs I currently have and am really looking forward to some bush cosplay shenanigans once lockdowns end.
  4. Ok, mag release screws in 1911s are utter craptastic trash. I gently unscrewed mine and it broke half the screw head off of my Bell 1911 (expected because that is meant to be a crap gun), but even the TM one warped horrendously.


    That being said, the Bell 1911 mag release is now on the TM, which I have decided to use for all my best parts to make it the most high performance. TM 1911 mag releases are shockingly bad and jettison the magazine if a soft breeze passes by. The Bell 1911 one requires a bit of pressure to push, so hopefully I won't lose any more mags!

    1. hitmanNo2


      Can't say I've ever had an issue with a 1911 mag catch screw.  Taken apart countless ones.  I think you just got unlucky.

  5. I was working on the 1911s and came across a metal feeding nozzle for it among my parts, so I installed it in the Bell 1911. Do metal feeding nozzles still exist for GBB pistols? If so, who does them?

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    2. miserydrift


      @Steveocee wouldnt a metal nozzle also make the gun get cold quicker with how quickly metal reacts to temprature compared to plastic there for reducing the power of the pistol a gd bit more aswell just asking out of curiosity with just getting into gbb myself

    3. Steveocee


      @miserydrift no idea, I don't think any sane person has kept one in long enough to test it 😂

    4. miserydrift
  6. There's a lot to unpack here, so let me just drop my two cents on the matter. I'm a little sick and tired of modern day social media culture, so bear with me. So, as we all know, Kicking Mustang's videos are clickbait. Do I have a problem with this? Of course I do. I hate clickbait and I generally dislike the content of his videos, as it paints the hobby in a bad light and we really don't need to give politicians any reason to stamp on our hobby; "banning firearms" is an easy vote winner because people don't know anything about airsoft or actual firearms in general, so it's an easy
  7. Impulse


    🤔 I'm not clicking that link. Feels kinda sketchy.
  8. That video explains it way better than I can, but it's also the definition of a replica changing, which is the real kicker when taken in conjunction with what they want to ban. From the official bill itself: From what I gather, they're designating any RIF as a prohibited device, as that would be designed to resemble a real gun that shoots over 500fps or 5.7 joules. So no more buying or selling airsoft guns in Canada, which will kill the sport. Furthermore, police can basically seize any "prohibited device" if you can't produce a licence to own it, but the licence doesn't exist
  9. Let's hope they do NOT pass this bill... It'd be another country to join Australia in banning airsoft https://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/cntrng-crm/frrms/c21-en.aspx#s05 And from the bill itself, how they're redefining "replica" firearms: Basically, any replica designed to resemble a firearm that shoots over 500fps or 5.7 joules will be prohibited. Pretty sure a real m4 shoots over 5.7 joules...
  10. I'll weigh in and say that I think Cyma are amazing for AKs and M14s. I've heard bad things about their M4s, but have no direct experience myself. I own a Cyma m14 right now and it's my secondary RIF for if I don't feel like using a boltie and it fires amazingly; all I did was shove a new barrel and hop rubber in it and it's outranging most bolties on my local field, even though it's still only 1J. When I was still in Spain, I had an m14 SOCOM and it performed fantastically out of the box (as I never did anything to it) and I never had any tech issues across all 6 years I played in Spain.
  11. Since digging up my Bell 1911, I have the urge to get a left-handed holster and run around with dual wield 1911s. The issue I'd run into is the Bell needs red or black gas, while the TM needs green, so I'd need mag differentiation to avoid exploding the TM's polymer slide. The TM is the one with the suppressor. Honestly, the externals on the Bell are way nicer. The trades are 100% accurate, whereas on the TM it says "Tokyo Marui made in Japan" instead of "United States property", and the full metal construction is really solid. Looking forward to giving it some new, mostly Maple Le
  12. Dug out my old Bell 1911 and the magazine that was leaking gas. Managed to fix the magazine, so now I have the oldest gun in my collection fighting fit again. It's probably been in the hobby longer than some of you lot xD


    Once I am allowed to spend on airsoft again, I'm going to give it an internal makeover. It's a really solid feeling pistol, full metal construction, upgraded recoil spring already and 100% accurate trades unlike my TM which has the TM trades on it too. Once I get all the internal parts for it to make it shoot amazingly (in theory. Worked on all my others!), it'll probably be a mighty fine fair-weather pistol on red or even black gas. Anything too cold though and there's no point even trying.

  13. Being the foodie that I am with an essentially bottomless appetite, it can only be described as self-flagellation. Strict diet suuuuuucks, but I'm over 40kg down from this time last year; got another 25kg to go.
  14. GBBs can always benefit from a quick once over before a game day. Personally, I'll also be giving my barrels a good clean just in case anything like dust has found its way inside. I'm the other way. I was fitting a rubber knife to my belt kit yesterday and when I put the belt on to see how the draw was, it almost fell down xD I will, however, also agree with this. Make sure to check how your kit fits and make adjustments where necessary.
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