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  1. I love sights on basically everything outside of pistols (because I crawl along the floor a lot and would probably break lots of pistol red dots...) and think that if you take the time to zero a sight properly they are a massive help on pretty much any gun. Personally, I am a big telescopic sight fan because I like my bolt actions and long guns. I think bolt actions and DMRs benefit from having a 3x and upwards variable scope, as you take the shots with 3x, but can use higher magnification for reconnaissance purposes. If you're going to play the sniper role, at least play it right This does extend to normal rifles; I love LPVOs! 1-6x scopes are fantastic for any rifle, as you can use it like a red dot on 1x, but if you want to take some longer range shots or want to see where your shots are going you can put the magnification up to wherever you need it. I only run a red dot on my MWS because 1. I had it, and 2. I don't want to remove the front sight and the front sight very much interferes with using an LPVO. I also think that red dots are great on rifles and SMGs as if you set up a red dot and zero it properly, it's a great aid for lining up those shots quickly and accurately.
  2. I run this and I love it: https://www.uktactical.com/product/warrior-pathfinder-chest-rig-od-green-16242 Don't need to put the two front ammo mag pouches on. Could put pistol mag pouches on the molle if you want, but I keep my pistol mags on my belt to keep it as low profile as possible so it's not too uncomfortable to go prone on.
  3. Yep. I know that a lot left after the VIP game because fighting up that hill takes it out of a lot of people. We got rebalanced over to blues though we weren't given armbands, so we were just no bands. Everyone was told that the 6 no-bands were blue, but that didn't stop me almost getting friendly fired in the back of the head. Lucky I saw the guy and dropped into the stinging nettles (no way any airsoft gun is punching through those nettles behind outpost... but I'm still suffering for it!) so my friend shot him, said "he's on blue you know" and then I went over and medic'd him
  4. I hurt. A lot xD So another great day at Worthing today. Went out with the ghillie and the m21 in the morning and it was okay. Had my obligatory "that's a bit close for a sniper isn't it?" when running my m21 at 1.1J for no MED, but I didn't get too many people in the morning. Most of the time I was just holding flanks and holding angles that often didn't get attacked (though without me there the other team could've just waltzed past our front line, so I stayed the course. Just before lunch had a good moment holding a corner and keeping the other team back with my lack of MED. Seriously, Worthing now is so thick with foliage that MEDs are just a liability now. However, the afternoon was amazing. It was rather warm, so I got rid of the ghillie and picked up the MWS, which I have now installed my standard setup of Maple Leaf autobot rubber (70 degree), omega nub and a crazy jet barrel and hoooooly balls it shoots far. We had to escort a scientist VIP up a hill to one of the bases and get him to let off a smoke, but we were just getting shot by our own players when we went for him. So what we did is we decided "screw that" and instead went and took the base we had to bring him to and just... let the other team bring him up. We then bounced them, took the VIP and got him to release the smoke so we won in the end, despite the other team doing the hard work for us getting up that hill; there were some great firefights and I got some brilliant shots holding the far flank. The MWS is even punching through foliage with those .3s I put through it and I had a lot of fun firing it off on semi and feeling that crispy recoil. Some speedy tacticool reloads were also needed thanks to 35rd magazines and it was just a great experience. When we then played a game where we had to hold that base again as we were getting towards the end of the day and I took up a similar position and got some wonderful shots. I can't believe how great the MWS shoots! When we swapped sides, me and a friend crept behind the enemy team and caused havoc by pushing through some pretty tall stinging nettles and shooting everyone in the back. And that's why I hurt. I had to hit the deck a few times during the gunfights we initiated from behind the other team (it was great, we got so many of them!), right into the nettles and I was wearing short sleeves. My arms currently feel like I have needles stuck all over them
  5. Personally, I'd just save an extra £20 or so and get a TM. I've never heard anything good about WE or Raven GBB pistols and you want to get a sidearm that will actually work. Fire-support have a TM Desert Eagle in for £135 with magazines also in stock: https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/tokyo-marui-d-eagle-50ae-hard-kick-gbb-pistol https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/tokyo-marui-desert-eagle-50ae-pistol-magazine-black27-rnd Only non-TM GBB pistol I like is the Action Army AAP-01, but that's neither a 1911 or a desert eagle. I've seen so many pistols that look really nice externally but just don't work well when you actually use them. Also, 1911s will always be a difficult one to make work outside of the TM ones, purely because their magazines are so small and carry very little gas. I have a Bell 1911 from way back in the day and it just doesn't work as a skirmishable sidearm, and even my TM 1911 struggles to get through an entire mag outside of summer. TM Hi-Capas are a potential alternative to 1911s, as they're designed on the 1911 style while having far larger magazines, but they aren't 1911s and I wouldn't take mine to a Vietnam game, for example. If you do look at going the AEP route, the Cyma ones with a mosfet installed are pretty great. The challenge is finding them, or the mags, in stock as you said, but if you can get one they're pretty reliable, shoot reasonably well for a sidearm and will work all year round. I don't like them because they don't shoot well enough for me to rely on them as heavily as I need to as a sniper, but if you're playing normally they're a great little piece of kit; one of my friends who runs a ghillie with a 1J HPA m4 sometimes runs one and it works great.
  6. Installed the new internal parts for the MWS so all that remains are the externals, but that can come later.


    it's so much harder to get to the barrel and hop unit in the MWS than the TM GBBR AKM

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    2. Impulse


      Welcome to my world of guns. I think I only have a single gun that is stock and it's an AEP. Blame it on me doing sniping for 16 years where the mentality is "change all the things!" :P 

      Though considering I do want to build 3 more upper receivers for it (CQBR, M16A4 and XM177), this is only the beginning! 

    3. Druid799


      If anyone has a spare MWS bolt carrier going, let me know 😉

  7. I don't think they're discontinued, I just think they're suffering from the supply shortages as relatively niche guns. Lots of stuff is out of stock everywhere.
  8. You know, I realised why I prefer my m700 over my VSR, even though it won't ever shoot as well. VSR feels like a toy, m700 feels like an actual rifle.

    1. Skara


      That's the main reasoning behind metal bodied guns.


      Though, as soon as you start viewing your blasters as tools rather than showpieces, you'll fuck off the M700 pretty quickly :P

    2. Impulse


      Both have the same metal parts, but the m700 stock is far thicker and substantial than that of the VSR, which is pretty small. Also, the realistic operation just feels like a dream to shoot. Been in the hobby for about 16 years now and I am definitely a bit of a collector. Once this m700 is done, I'm revisiting the Tanaka m700 to make it shoot just as well because it's my rarest and most eye-catching piece.


      Though I'm under no impression it will ever shoot as well or consistently as the VSR (unless I HPA tap the magazines and that would defeat half the reason I like it...), I will do everything in my power to make it shoot as well as possible. Very impressed with the Action Army hop unit for it.

    3. Skara


      My comment was mostly a tongue in cheek to all the "if it doesn't weight 45 kilogrammes it's not realistic" people :P

  9. I thought it was going to look stubby and weird, but I like how it turned out; Had to file away parts of the stock though because the Action Army outer barrel is chonk. Need to set it up properly, but initial chrono tests (which admittedly are limited) I am able to set it up to be 2.3J or less on 144a, which I couldn't do with the stock 630mm barrel because joule creep was hell. 510mm barrel is letting me run .48s through it at legal limits and it's basically as quiet as my HPA VSR with that suppressor on the end. Won't be using it too much in the near future because my local site will be awful for 30m MEDs until October, so got plenty of time for tweaking
  10. I'm going to be popular with my 1.1J semi-auto m21 sniper rifle that I can point blank people with... >:) The result of last game day's testing. I found that .4s were the heaviest the m14 hop unit could do at that power, and it LOVED .4s...
  11. Nah, next one I'll be at is Boogaloo on June 11 - 12th. And this time I will actually be using my VSR (unlike last time when the hop rubber was torn!)
  12. Hand pump is all you'll need! Being serious for a second though, I have a hand pump and it's all I need. My little 10ci midget bottle only takes about 15 mins to pump from empty to full and my larger 48ci tank takes just over an hour. However, I've only had to do that pump once and now just keep it topped up after each game day as there's no way in hell I'll go through the whole bottle in an entire weekend event. At a full weekend event I might run out with the 10ci bottle in my VSR, but I'll just pack my hand pump and top it up in the evening or at respawn if I really need to (must remember to bring my hand pump to the Vietnam weekend next month...) I only use HPA for sniping though, so I'm not exactly sending thousands of BBs down range.
  13. Only reason not to get the biggest mAh battery is if you're using it to power a HPA gun. A 300mAh tiny battery will power an HPA system for a whole weekend of playing and then some (personal experience there). Could I fit some monster 3000mAh battery in my m21 stock? You bet I could, but it would be wholly pointless, be awkward getting in and out and just take longer to charge for game days or discharge to storage levels afterwards. No thanks! I'm an advocate of "get a good charger" even though I barely touch batteries. Only for my MP7 AEP and my HPA systems, but I still love my Turnigy 6 charger (it's old now and discontinued, but it very much does the job). I'll charge my batteries before a game day or event and storage charge them afterwards out of routine, but I've heard from a lot of people that it's excessive (excessive in a good way though!). And yeah, lipo bags are cheap but you'll be glad to have them in unlikely the event that your battery does go up in smoke. Some of my friends have had lipos go up in flames on them, but one was a faulty battery (I told my friend to raise hell with the shop who sold it to him) and one was puffy and the guy was like "yeah, that was my fault. Shouldn't have tried it..."
  14. Now I just need them to make an mp5k variant and I would have to add a gun to the "guns to buy" list that is currently almost empty.
  15. A bit far from me. I'm all the way down on the south coast in Brighton, so the ones within "can go on the regular" distance are Worthing, the Boneyard, Driver Wood and Dogtag (though the latter two I wouldn't go anywhere near...) Worthing is old school, and since I started 17 years ago I like old school (we recently acquired a portaloo!). As I said, got my criticisms of the site like I hate their DMR rules and think we should play the whole site more often as there's a large area of the site that is neglected but is really fun to play in, but the general feel and the community are top notch and the staff are great. It's a totally different site for 6 months of the year too; Just be prepared to experience woodland CQB if you go in the late-spring through autumn as the foliage gets pretty thick
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