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  1. Cyber Monday has turned me into a HPA nerd. Gone are the days of CO2 in the VSR and next big purchase (probably in the summer) will be a Polarstar engine for the m14. Figure that tank will probably last me a few more shots than a 12g CO2 bulb, and plenty of time on a semi-only m14 😅
  2. I think that would actually get me to dig out my old dropleg holster, because it has a mag pouch on the front! Sounds like it'd be a lot of fun.
  3. Or at the very least that one guy you just hit goes back to respawn and brings like half a dozen people just to flush you out. The number of times this has happened to me and my ghillie shenanigans
  4. I'm also interested in hearing about CYMA mp5 models. I'm tempted by the EBB version to use as a secondary alongside my VSR. Loving some of these pics. The mp5 is a great little gun!
  5. I like the idea of limited ammo games, but I'm also not a massive fan of milsim. Then again, I do snipery things, so limited ammo is just a normal day for me. VSR mags can only hold so many BBs...
  6. Rent first. Don't buy anything until you've played a few times, got a feel for the hobby and a UKARA so you don't have to run around with a bright blue popsicle.
  7. No, because I'm not doing it for airseal. I'm doing it part of the way down the barrel where it exits the hop unit to make it fit snug. Otherwise it doesn't quite fit and rattles around and doesn't line up properly. This has only happened to me on Crazy Jets and has happened with both I have (both on the mk23 and VSR).
  8. I totally agree, apart from the Crazy Jet (unpopular opinion, I know). Hadron TDC and H arm are fantastic purchases for a mk23, and for hop rubber you can also look at the Maple Leaf Autobots (the new, 2021 versions) or MR hop rubbers as well. I dislike Crazy Jets as both of mine don't fit properly into the hop units as the outer diameter isn't large enough, meaning I would need to wrap PTFE tape around the outside to make it fit. This leads to the alignment being ever so wrong (literally < 1mm off) and so the BBs clip the suppressor. I imagine this would be amplified in a DMR k
  9. Decided to hang up the VSRs until summer, when I'll allow myself to buy and upgrade a KJW m700p as long as I clear all my outstanding debts by then (didn't even renew my UKARA to stop the temptation of buying all the guns). I've lost over 30kg since the first lockdown in March, so I've decided that now would be a good time to practice playing fast and aggressive until I've lost the remaining 30kg or so. Got a TM recoil HK416 and a cheapo Cyma spring shotgun that should fit the bill!

  10. See, I know I'm getting a Warrior Assault Systems SAPI carrier in the near future... So I picked these up. Heavyweight rubber training plates from the guys at Trident Gear. I really love the feel and weight of these, as it feels like I'm holding real ballistic plates (they are not real ballistic plates and are made of rubber!); they weigh 2.1kg each, which is between the weight of real level III and IV ballistic plates. I wanted real ballistic plates for muh immersion, but when I saw they were literally £150 - 200 PER PLATE I decided to get these instead. £45 for the set and I stil
  11. When I did airsoft in Spain about 12 years ago, there was no such thing as an official site (at least not on the Costa del Sol). It was just a bunch of people who showed up to an area and played BB wars, as there were LOADS of abandoned urbanisations on the Costa del Sol, because they built them all without planning permission as holiday homes and stuff, but then had to stop when the authorities realised it was an illegal construction. Nobody was about to pay to demolish them, so they turned into our unofficial airsoft sites. There were a few "events" as such, I remember going to one up in the
  12. Maybe if we say his name three times he'll appear, like out of a horror film @Rogerborg @Rogerborg @Rogerborg
  13. Apologies for the awful quality, but my camera is terribad. The rail system is terrible for mounting scopes, so I'm going to try and do it with both the rails AND scope mount. Also the stubby mags don't feed properly and it only fires at about 1.3J. I'm going to give it to a local tech to sort out, because I've had it up to here with my DMR converted m14 not doing what I want it to and I'm not opening that gearbox again xD The OD m14 is a TM m14 with full Guarder reinforced internals in the gearbox, with an SP120 spring and an ASG high torque motor. On the externals, it's an ASG un
  14. Time to throw my thoughts into the mix. I won't echo the "sniping is hard" arguments that others have pointed out, as it's already been said and argued. I wouldn't say it's "hard" but it's definitely a different way of playing. You can make a perfectly good rifle for your budget. JG BAR10 or cyma cm701 ~ £100 AA hop unit ~ £50 Maple Leaf MR hop or new Decepticon bucking ~ £10 Maple Leaf Omega tensioner ~ £2 Crazy Jet barrel ~ £50 Some sort of cheap, but decent scope ~ £50 Spare mags ~ £10 each Hey would you look at that, I built
  15. Threaded outer barrel arrived over the weekend for my TM P226, just in time for lockdown to deny me taking this bad boy out to skirmish.
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