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  1. Welcome! If you're a sussex local and head down to Worthing, you'll find me there pretty much every game day. I'm the tall guy with the HPA m21 Messaging sellers does require some interaction with the forum at large, I'm guessing as a way to combat spam or fraud. Got to be a part of the community to buy/sell.
  2. Ready for ai500. Taskforce beware the mercenary sniper working for the cartel 😈
  3. This is something that actually confused me when I got back into the hobby. I started 16 years ago and back then people would wear patches to complete their loadouts. People would do accurate impression kits for the SAS, Navy Seals etc, patches and all, but never claimed to be part of the units. It was all about authenticity and creating the perfect look, as we can all agree that dress-up is a large part of the hobby for a lot of people. When I got back into the hobby 2 years ago, the feeling I got from a lot of people was "oh, you can't wear those patches because you haven't earned them." Now, it didn't really affect me since I prefered doing contractor and mercenary loadouts, or intelligence agency stuff which was all designed to be anonymous anyway (CIA agents don't exactly wear patches saying "hey, I'm your local CIA agent"), but I still found it strange. I get the stolen valour argument. Stolen valour sucks, and people who engage in it are disrespectful idiots. However, people who just wear patches for dress-up, I just don't see the issue. If someone wants to dress up like a certain unit because they like that unit, I say go for it.
  4. [Internally screams in HPA VSR build] I will also echo what has already been said, as someone who plays the sniper role all the time; sniping isn't what everyone thinks it is. In truth, it's a lot of doing nothing. It's a lot of lying in stinging nettles. It's a lot of trigger discipline, not taking shots at people either because they're within your MED or you don't have a clear shot and can't risk letting them know you're there. It's a lot of pistol kills. It's a lot of radio chatter. It's a lot of watching a stray leaf or mild breeze knock your shot off course. You can't take gunfights because you will lose to the 13 year old rental with an m4 and a high cap magazine. Every shot you will take has to be at people who don't know where you are, as if they know where you are they can literally dodge your shots at range and suppress you with full auto fire. At the end of the day, we're firing air powered muskets with projectiles that weight less than a gram. Also, depending on your site, a 2.3J bolt action rifle can be more of a hindrance than a help. I've totally moved away from using my 2.3J VSR at my local site at the moment because during the summer it gets super overgrown, so that 30m MED just hinders me with no benefit as there simply aren't long enough sight lines. Sniping is more of a role than a rifle, much like designated marksman is a role, not a rifle, we just use those terms as an easy way to differentiate power limits. I would call my HPA m21 a "sniper rifle" but it's kept at 1.1J like any AEG so I have no MED with it. You can fulfill the "sniper" role with an AEG for the most part, and if you're playing it properly having someone out of range isn't an issue because you just wait for them to take a few steps forward as they should have no idea you're watching them. I will always advise people play the sniper role with their AEG first (hypocritcally because my first RIF was a bolt action rifle) and see if they enjoy it before investing, as it's typically quite expensive. It's a very rewarding way to play, but it's a very different way to play. It's very much not for everyone.
  5. I've got another that's probably unpopular... I don't understand the allure of DMR power levels. I just don't see how 1.64J (or lower at some sites!) justifies a 30m MED. The difference in range over 1.1J is miniscule, but the lack of flexibility just hurts. I can justify 2.3J for bolt actions, because the difference in effective range is worth the trade off (most of the time), but 1.64J just isn't enough in my eyes.
  6. For guns around 1J, I've found .32s to be the ideal weight. Maple leaf rubbers will hop them and they seem to work well with the power.
  7. Accurate to 200ft isn't outlandish for an AEG if you spend time, money and effort tuning them. I typically aim for around that for all of my 1J builds and I can proudly say I've achieved it on all of my 1J guns so far, including pistols. And when I say accurate to 200ft, I mean hitting a torso sized target 9/10 times. Apart from my two stock Cyma guns, the mp5k and the spring shotty which are accurate to about 45m.
  8. What don't I understand... Ghillies in the summer. Like, it's hot, and wearing a full suit makes it even hotter. Plus, they're not entirely necessary in airsoft anyway. I take the hot weather as an opportunity to practice my camo and concealment fieldcraft, because IT'S HOT ALREADY. Also people who yell at me to push up. With a boltie. In a ghillie if it's cooler weather. Because clearly I've designed my loadout for fast, aggressive pushes at the front of the team. What do they think I'm going to achieve with my mk23?
  9. I also feel the need to also bring to the fore that running a bolt action rifle often feels like pistol primary, rifle secondary. So many game days where I get like 5 kills with the BASR, but 20+ with the pistol 🤣
  10. I've done it before in woodland with my TM mk23 and played stealthy, since it fires as far as an AEG no problem, but is also very quiet. It was great fun, channeling my inner Solid Snake! I imagine it'd work in CQB pretty darn well, since engagement distances are a lot closer, and having such a small gun will help your mobility when navigating and clearing rooms.
  11. Had another fantastic day at Worthing yesterday. The m21 still performs amazingly, and the camo and concealment fieldcraft is still working better than most full ghillie snipers. Had a great game where me and my friend (who actually introduced me to airsoft when we were 14 and still at school) decided to hold a flank away from our base and came under fire. Everyone else who came with us got shot and had to head back to respawn, so it was just us, a pair of snipers, against the world. No ghillies needed, just solid camo and concealment practices and teamwork. He held the front with his VSR, while I covered his flank with my m21 (as I had no MED so anyone who got too close to him I could generally hit out). The other two guys we were on comms with came up after a while and we held the flank for the whole game, with only one of us getting hit and it was to friendly fire since even our team didn't know we were there. Speaking of comms, we were all testing our new earmors, since 3 of us are heading to ai500 and ear protection inside is advised, and I love them. I can hear absolutely everything around me, while shielding me from loud bangs that would damage my hearing and the comms setup itself is lovely and super clear when it comes through. The PTT is super solid to clip onto my rig and then find with minimal movement when I'm lying prone. Totally worth the £90 or so. Also managed to test and set the hop and zero the scope for my spring VSR after setting it to 1.1J last week, since I was getting annoyed at the 2.3J setup. It was firing past 60m easily, and I could hit the 60m target literally 10/10 times, so I'm incredibly pleased. 1.1J means no MED, and reaching out to that distance with that accuracy is exactly what I wanted. All in all, the day was a complete success and it was a great Sunday!
  12. Whatever's local to you, as long as it doesn't suck. I've been to both Worthing Airsoft and S.W.A (Sussex Woodland Activities) and both were great for different reasons. I haven't been to Dogtag yet, though I've heard mixed opinions on it. I'll still go and see for myself, but that's the point; I think whatever is local to you is good, as long as you try it and enjoy it.
  13. I did keto for a total of about 10 months over the last year and a half, but it's super not for me. One of the side effects I got was heart palpitations if I was ever dehydrated, and I can tell you that waking up in the middle of the night feeling like you're dying is really not a fun experience. I still don't have much sugar, because I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I eat just a normal calorie restrictive diet, but not too restrictive since I'm also trying to put on some muscle. For me, being a total foodie,. one of the reasons I do so much exercise is because I also like eating lots
  14. After seeing how well my m21 performed last weekend, I've decided to drop my spring VSR to 1.1J as well. HPA is still set for 2.3J, but if I can get that performance with 1.1J... well, we'll see if I keep the HPA VSR at 2.3J in the future

    1. Steveocee


      It seems like an amazing idea but there will be complaints from opposition that you're too close and within MED or (and I quote this as having happened to me) "they are scared of a BASR so close" or they'll start screaming for a marshall to chrono you to prove you're under.


      It's a very romantic thought and it is very satisfying but it'll be other players that ruin it for you.

    2. Impulse


      @SteveoceeYeah, I expect that'll be the case. Fortunately I'm pretty well known at my local site, but we'll see how it pans out. I'm super happy with where the power is for it, as I tested it on .32s and .48s and it was about the same power at 1.05 - 1.10J.

  15. You don't need to run to be healthy. I've never been a runner, since my build is not conducive to being good at it, or it being particularly healthy for me to do too much. When I was a teenager in my school rugby team, I had to stop because I got shin splints because even when I'm "slim" I'm still pretty chonk. I could probably do running if I bought some expensive, fancypants trainers, but I hate running, so I would likely not do it and it'd be a wasted investment. I hate exercising for the sake of doing exercise, so the only running I do is during airsoft weekends. I've found that doing things that don't feel like I'm exercising are the best, so for me that's martial arts, airsoft and cycling to get from point A to point B; it's rare I go for a cycle just to go for a cycle. I've forced myself to hit the gym too, which is the only "workout" that I do, but I don't do cardio (since I do cardio when I cycle to and from the gym) and just focus on strength training, as it's what I enjoy. Also, swimming is both a full-body workout and it's low impact on your joints; it's like a super-workout. Highly recommend it, plus it's a skill that is worryingly lacking in this day and age; loads of people I know are absolutely terrible at it, and I live in a coastal town where the beaches are packed as soon as temperatures reach around 25 celcius! That's a free swimming pool right there, so how people are so bad I will never know
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