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    so I've finally bought my first GBBR and joined the TM can club all in one shot... it's a TM mws CQBR 😎 it also turns out that recoil on a rifle is quite entertaining, who knew 😁
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    As someone who has taught the advanced anti submarine warfare helicopter control course for the Royal Navy I can 100% confirm that ASW and land battles do NOT overlap. While data may be sent across shared datalinks (Link11/16/22) no part of hunting submarines links in with what's happening in the land battle. They are entirely, utterly separate.
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    surely if they're using balloons as hit markers all they need to do is invite kicking mustang in and let him run nuprol bb's, instant high velocity schrapnel rounds...... and now i've posted this in the right thread......
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    I'm wasn't entirely convinced you were telling the truth about this, so I actually had a conversation with Will about this earlier, and by the sounds of it he hadn't actually decided to work with you at all. But I'm led to believe he has officially declined this afternoon. I guess you'll have to stop name-dropping him now... Perhaps you should rename your venture: Snake Oil Airsoft
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    WE MRE’s

    Well the Chinese for starts I’d say , they’ll eat pretty much anything they can ? Look at the duck for instance only part they don’t eat is the fecking quack !😳🤢
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    WE MRE’s

    You'll want some of this to go with it...
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    Silverback SRS Thread

    You can have mine. I'm ready to burn the bag of shit.
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