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  1. when i first started, around 2003, no one really wore face-masks, just goggles. buy a gun from japan or hong kong, it breaks first game - tough shit! 🙂
  2. 416 receivers can be tricky to find. e&c do one but about £70 delivered when you can find them. very nice though, hopefully got some coming in a September order
  3. The outer diameter is just a smidge over 2mm, what's the OD of the current wire?
  4. Got some 2 metre packs (red and black) on the website now, it's definitely less flexible than the ptfe insulated 16awg wire but that can also be a good thing, it's certainly improved since I last tried it - impressed with it for the price. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. What a pain in the Ares..and £44 for one of their crappy fets. The gearbox looks to have the same dimensions as the ZCI spare I have sitting here with me but mine uses the older micro switch, at least you can replace them for £2. Not sure if a TM spec shell will work. If you need a video of the replacement I have here let me know.
  6. Hi, borrowing is a great way. If you're got money worries though hang on till you start working and definitely don't go spending money on non-essential gear like plate carriers. Hope you manage to sort a job out soon
  7. hey mate, plenty of people out there take breaks, hasn't changed a huge deal in last 5 years, advances in motor, few more Chinese brands, electronic triggers more of a thing... enjoy and have fun is the name of the game 🙂
  8. thanks chaps, I'll give it a go. have ordered a couple of rolls and will put it onto the website. I'll do a test / comparison video when my other stuff arrives as well
  9. have you tried it? how'd you get on with it?
  10. thanks dude, I did grab a large 50m spool of that wire a couple of years ago, pretty sure it was 16awg.... however I sent it back as I didn't think much of the quality. I can't remember what exactly was wrong with it now though...it was certainly a decent price and only 2mm OD I've got some new stuff coming from China that I'm trialing but maybe it's worth selling that as a cheaper alternative. @Sitting Duck have you tried it? Be interested to know your thoughts
  11. The outer diameter is 3.1mm, personally I don't like using anything larger than 2mm. Super flexible but large, can be tricky to run inside a V2 gearbox
  12. UK customs will only seize if it is picked up on a spot check, not everything is checked. If it is seized then you will get a letter asking for defense. If it was me I'd get the store to include a documentation wallet on the box with the shipment that included my phone number, email address and reason for defense. In regards to customs and UKARA I read somewhere that there's no mention of it in the UK Border Force Operations Manual, however others have stated they use it when the RIF goes to their Birmingham site for processing. Who knows...
  13. Does indeed look like CYMA internals, although I don't remember CYMA ever producing an ambi-selector gearbox before but guess Dytac just farm out the work. So hard with CYMA getting any real information since they are underground
  14. Ignore him, best thing you did was add him to your block list. My list is huge on eBay 🙂 If you're getting hassle even before he's paid imagine the grief he **could give you afterwards.
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