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  1. Luke (Negative Airsoft) is also on here. He's a sound chap, doesn't take it all so seriously and a breathe of fresh 🙂 Great for the sport.
  2. Get yourself a soldering iron and fix them yourself. It's easier than it looks. Plus when you break another wire (you will) you can fix that as well 🙂 I find soldering quite therapeutic.
  3. Shortage of these around so £300 for this as a starter. Would buy it myself if I didn't already have a cupboard full aeg's I don't use
  4. ak2m4


    Thanks man, got a few things on the slow burn at the moment. 1. Oil-tempered springs for the UK market, so M95, M100, M105, M110 etc. Will be the same quality as Gaurder / Modify but correctly rated and half the price. 2. Prometheus style purple bucking, again half the price 3. Mosfets (simple external ones) 4. Motors rated to 11.1v with better heat dissipation and larger brushes
  5. ak2m4


    For £5 it's about as good as it gets with springs. it will lose some of it's power and shrink slightly over time. At the moment I'm working with a factory to get my own oil-tempered springs made. Very recently the higher-end springs that have been coming out of Taiwan have increased in price and haven't really been that consistent so wanted a range of spring I had some control over. I lost count of the times I tried contacting Guarder to provide feedback but they weren't interested
  6. ak2m4


    thanks Steve, I forgot I did a post run on a Saturday 🙂
  7. stones throw from where I first went airsofting many years ago, nice find 🙂
  8. Nice enough review but would be much more informative if you looked inside the gearbox, examined the internal components, motor and wiring. That's where a large amount of the value of an AEG comes from yet a lot of reviewers ignore it
  9. Very cool, I was born just down the road from here. Wasn't this a Borstal at one time?
  10. yeah that seems the case, it's a nice touch if you don't have a castle nut removal tool, there wasn't one in the box but there's one pictured in the manual
  11. Thanks for clearing that up, good to see that both the Edge and CYMA have it - seems to be the norm now.
  12. you're getting a tad mixed up here, on the cyma you just remove the stock/buffer tube and unscrew - similar to the old style SA SAEC system. on the Edge I'm pretty sure you have to remove the gearbox completely from the receiver, not a tricky job but a ballache as you generally have to remove the motor, grip, upper receiver etc. If someone can confirm this on Edge please do. At Shot Show SA just announced there new Edge V2 model will have the SAEC system so guessing the current lineup doesn't have it
  13. you should just buy both 🙂 one key feature of the CYMA is the ability to change the spring without having to remove the gearbox from the receiver. I think with this SA version you have to remove the gearbox to access the QD spring (check this). The QD motor grip get a few complaints on the FB groups and a fair few people reported spur gear bearing failure. SA does have engraved Rock River Arms license (whoever they are) 🙂 but engraved decent logo is a nice touch. Orion GB slightly better quality internal parts it seems, but something up with that bearing issue. Plastic rotary hop, you get 2x mid caps whereas only 1 mid with CYMA, 2 springs with SA only 1 with CYMA
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