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  1. ak2m4

    New AEG not firing

    Far better for the supplier to not even bother to include the factory supplied battery and charger - less hassle in the long run. Either don't include one at all or include something you know and trust and use that as a selling point.
  2. ak2m4

    New Airsofter Kent Area

    Hey Inked, which are of Kent you in? Spoilt for choice
  3. ak2m4

    New AEG not firing

    What was the outcome? I do love a mystery
  4. ak2m4


    Lot of my customers use superlube, getting some flown over next couple of weeks. Prices over here are crazy
  5. ak2m4

    Custom Noveske M4

    I would try and list at the price you think it's worth, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. In my opinion the lower receiver is nice, it's engraved and fairly rare. As I said you've nothing to lose and Rogerborg is right, make sure you put together a top advert that is totally transparent. Be sure to let us know how it goes.
  6. ak2m4

    Pdw style stock and fitting

    WHat kind of PDW stock? Are you thinking the wire one that comes on the DBOYS PDW? I've seen other less "cooler" foldable ones that will fit
  7. ak2m4

    13:1 gears in a V2 gearbox

    I got one short version of this when they came out, 15 years ago?? lovely. Not sure mine has the magnesium body, it certainly feels different to most metal bodies. After the first game the gearbox imploded lol G&G were the worst back then for QC it seems. You have to get the original wire stock back on it 🙂
  8. ak2m4

    13:1 gears in a V2 gearbox

    nice one mate, is that the G&G version?
  9. ak2m4

    13:1 gears in a V2 gearbox

    It's an awesome little box, gave it a good running last week with the stock 18:1 gears, 7.4 and 22TPA motor and it purred along, been trying all sorts of combinations since then. Also tried it with the stock gears running for a short shoot to see if I could break them, no luck. Found SHS gen 4 gears worked the best (the black ones). Spring guide comes with a bearing btw, compression out of the box is super tight. Personally I wouldn't even bother upgrading the cylinder head, piston head or nozzle - seems so good. Fitted aluminium SHS cylinder, piston head and nozzle on one to test compatibility and it was perfect. Fitted plastic and aluminium Prowin style rotary and again no issues. Darn impressed with the piston as well. The internal wall of the piston was 1mm thicker than standard pistons, hopefully going to stock these separately as I think would be a nice alternative to the CYMA. Tested with a ZCI M100, was 340 on the nose with .2's
  10. ak2m4

    13:1 gears in a V2 gearbox

    £270 quote for a drop-in! that's insane lol. I just finished fitted out 2 E&C QD gearboxes with SHS 13:1's, works great without having to mess around too much with the internals. As Duck says, keep it simple. Cheap plastic rotary hop chamber.
  11. ak2m4

    13:1 gears in a V2 gearbox

    Yeah question is a little jacked up, Ben tell us the problem with your AEG, sure we can help..
  12. ak2m4

    Importing from a private seller in Europe

    Wow, darn interesting. So potential urban myth like the TV detector van. Plus why would the database be made available to Border Force, definitely not in the interests of the stores who maintain it and does it violate any breach of information legislation, who knows....
  13. ak2m4

    Importing from a private seller in Europe

    Do UK customs still have access to the UKARA DB? Did they ever? I remember hearing rumours back in the day but whenever I spoke to anyone at the main Parcel Force / UK customs international hub no-one ever heard of it.
  14. I think that's generally the problem with UKARA and something other's have highlighted already. It's a closed system provided for the retailers by the retailers and as such is a missed opportunity to really bring together players from all sites - thinking about a centralised airsofting website / portal etc. Looking forward to seeing what's ahead...