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  1. ak2m4

    Wcg Shop

    @The_Roach oh this happened in France! Phew, don't scare us like that 🙂
  2. ak2m4

    Wcg Shop

    4/5 months seems super excessive, @C-Diddy did they use E-Express? Parcel Force in the UK? Generally e-Express is 40 bucks for 2kg
  3. Any Airsoft retailer should not be sending out untested AEGs. It's very probable that you can fix the issue with a couple of new orings and new bucking and nub. No need to speed £200+. Please don't Where are you based?
  4. In your original post you said you've done over 20,000 shots but now say 15,000 ? Are you rolling back the pedometer hehe... Technically the statement is correct though 🙂 I've been offered Solink motors wholesale, and their other products which are SHS OEM. I'd like to see a good 500,000 cycles on the motor. One thing I did find interesting was a slim brushless
  5. ak2m4

    low fps issue

    Ah Ha, we have a winner 🙂
  6. ak2m4

    low fps issue

    Ah sorry I don't really know much about them, if it was one of mine I could have helped, sent out a replacement to try etc. My M95's on 0.25 hit around 280fps with a 260mm. These types of issues are tricky to diagnose without a "benchmark" spring. If you truly think it's the spring you should measure the length and the wire thickness and talk to the place you purchased it from, they can compare it to another spring. Ah just had a thought! I think CYMA platimum short stroke their builds, you should check this first.
  7. ak2m4

    low fps issue

    What brand is the M95 ?
  8. @RostokMcSpoons I have spoken to DE recently about buying spares, even with a large purchase order for AEG's but the owner replied they aren't interesting in selling spare parts. Maybe they have a different deal with their existing suppliers or wholesaler but for me kinda took the shine off the company a bit. They can fit an aftermarket ETU right? Or even a standard trigger block. I'm sure one of the major dealers has spares though, crazy not to.
  9. ak2m4

    Ares m110k

    I'm not an ARES expert but I imagine it's down to the general poor reputation ARES currently have. Over priced AEG's perhaps due to the licensing then trying to compete with CYMA within the SR25/DMR world. Proprietary parts can suck.
  10. about 10 years ago, HK based if I remember rightly. What are you trying to buy out of interest? I see they are doing a new gearbox design, looks interesting but looks like it will possibly only fit in APS aegs
  11. I think (don't quote me on this) the gearbox uses their microswitch'd ETU which uses a magnet on the sector gear hmmmmm. Not sure if that's the way forward, not seen anything about the long-term reliability. Nice externals of course, but as you say pricey.
  12. 2mm banana plugs are a great option for adding a quick disconnect.
  13. @Speedbird_666 how's the measuring between 2 points in Plasticity? Fusion drives me up the wall
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