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  1. Yep all that is still in stock, but deliveries into the UK from Chinese suppliers are being hampered now by the problems in the EU.
  2. That's a little harsh. From speaking with about a dozen or so techs on a regular basis their main dislike is the relative high number of issues that CAN go wrong with them. It's a high cost item, fitting and tuning can take longer, more things to go wrong etc. They want to provide their customer with the utmost reliability. They don't necessarily dislike the product but for some techs it's not economically viable for them to fit if that makes sense.
  3. Sorry only just seen this, been busy buying up the world's supply of SHS pistons 🙂 Guarder sp100's measure super high, around M110 power so 370 ish with 0.2g bb whilst the sp90 is generally spot on 310 ish with 0.2g bb. I guess so many different countries with different power requirements this is what works for them.
  4. ak2m4


    Nothing sadly, the package is stuck in Guangzhou at the moment waiting to depart, more delays due to the virus sadly
  5. It's been nearly 35 years but I'm almost over it 🙂 What versions are those? I had something called the Storm Trooper transporter were only ever on screen for a second in the original films. I loved it. Popped up in the The Mandalorian. I've got the B-wing as well, I remember was so big and you could never stand it up right
  6. ak2m4


    It's ok, we're all friends here 🙂 haha Glad you got it ok, I've just restocked on the Super Lube 10ml for the metal parts as well
  7. loved my old Star Wars toys, got pretty much the complete collection in the parents attic. Kept all the boxes as a lad, late 80's came home from school one day to find dad had chucked them all out in one of his cleaning fits!!!
  8. ak2m4


    Quite a few Chinese manufacturers are offering vented motor cans now. Not quite like ASG etc, still a number of differences like larger brushes, silver plated wire etc. Overall it's a step in the right direction at the lower end of motors. It's possible, need to remember that the majority of motors (certainly Chinese) are all rated and tested at the factory for 8.4v, in airsoft we use them way past their designed voltage. Vents could perhaps mean the difference between fry and not fry at some of the extreme usage.
  9. ak2m4


    Super tricky getting enough stock as factories are still struggling to get back to capacity, only have 30 long and 20 short of the Rocket Motors coming in so don't delay if you want one. New design which I'm pretty interested to see inside. To vent or not to vent that is the question. Talk to some motor manufacturers and they advise against it due to added risk of getting something stuck in their. Bottom picture is a motor that I've got coming in end of March with any luck. Upgraded magnets, CNC end-cover, no vents, will be available in 14TPA, 16TPA, 22TPA and 28TPA. Really liking these motors, company is decent, QC is pretty high.
  10. Wishful thinking 🙂 there's been a few stories about new defense systems in the past but nothing concrete. Whilst the UKARA system works it does have a number of short-comings. I did chat to a couple of players a while back who I used to work with when I was more involved in the software industry and they expressed an interest in working on a system, but I never followed up with them as I just didn't have the time to work on the requirements.
  11. I sampled APS gear about 4 years ago. It had great potential but they insisted on using a propitiatory gearbox design that meant it couldn't just drop into standard receivers - absolutely bonkers. Might be good value but if there's a failure and you need to swop out parts you could be in trouble. That was then though so maybe they changed the design. Idiots 🙂
  12. When that "new" UKARA alternative system is written hopefully it gives the player the ability to add a secondary address 🙂
  13. As Ducks says...the UKARA info he gave you could be somebody else's . Also with Paypal I'm pretty sure any protection a seller may have will be gone if you don't send to the registered address of the account.
  14. iMax B6 definitely worth their money. Not the most friendly of chargers, easy once you've used it a few time. Also plenty of guides on YouTube for it
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