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  1. WHAT!! you actually got rid of the stock, that's the coolest part. I purchased a G&G LR300S when they first came out (2003 I think), still got it. I remember it breaking after it's very game, ohhh g&g
  2. ak2m4

    MOSFET Advice - please help

    Hopefully have some more MicroFET's soon 🙂
  3. ak2m4

    DanielJRoper - AVOID!!

    Hey mate, sorry to hear all the troubles you're having, nasty piece of work. If you need any small internal parts message me and I'll sort you a discount out. I had a small issue with a Roper from Worcestershire on Ebay a while back, same one perhaps?
  4. Dog, that is awful! Stories like this just remind you need to be on your guard 24/7. Makes me mad mate cos you get top trusting blokes like yourself get screwed over when trying to do a good thing. As you say he's left quite a paper trail, heck he may even play at the same site you as you. My own personal list of airsoft scammers (mostly through eBay) is growing quite nicely now too.
  5. Oh right I think I get it. You gave him the mags previously, he said he would bring the money but never did?
  6. It'a ballache indeed. Why can't people just be honest with this sort of shit - make the world a happier place! Without getting into semantics was this an online trade or face-to-face? Whilst I do hate having to see people resort to public shaming it does sometimes yield results.
  7. you showed that little punk... 🙂
  8. ak2m4

    WeaponCrates is officially gone

    £300 for hosting is pretty high, think he used AWS, which can be expensive. I think there's an early post of his on this forum where he asks for feedback and a few users commented would be difficult to make it financially viable.
  9. ak2m4

    Making a Royal Mail claim? Value?

    GLS is useless.... Generally getting money back from RM on international tracked services is easier than normal. I recently had to claim on a parcel sent to Portugal recently, however I did have the original wholesale invoice. If you don't have these then simply state you purchased retail and try to provide evidence of the purchase. I sent something to Germany with GLS few months back, no tracking past Heathrow, nothing on the GLS website, however never heard back from the customer so assumed it got delivered. Luckily customer was pretty honest, however some aren't and could have taken that opportunity to get a free item. You have to wait 20/25 days I think before you can make a claim... Take screenshots of the emails etc buyer saying that item hasn't turned up. Hope that helps. I recently stopped sending parcels to EU with RM since they insist on using GLS to some countries.
  10. ak2m4

    G&G GC16 Warthog 12" Barrel upgrade

    Should have stock end of the month :-)
  11. Didn't realise you were on here. I think just bought a Strike Industries Viper stock from you on ebay (y)

    1. ak2m4


      Hey mate, yeah been on here for years now.   I dip in and out when I have time. 


      Also have www.ak2m4.co.uk and on FB :-)

  12. ak2m4

    Armed Police - Yes or No

    About 10 years ago I got a chance to install a computerised RFID gun tagging system in 2 Police armouries where I asked a few questions. Guys there were perfectly happy with the amount of trained officers. They believed it provided the best balance. There were always 2 vehicles out on patrol in the county (Kent) which I was surprised, thought would be higher - maybe this has changed now. 1 kit truck. 1 indoor shooting range (this was lovely), 1 force armourer who tested airguns etc with a high-end chrono. very interesting work.
  13. ak2m4

    DMR build

    That JG cylinder and piston head look very similar to the CYMA ones, same colour plastic as well. Does it have the unusual piston head fixing plate / screw?
  14. ak2m4

    What would be a good DMR?

    Cheaper options would be the Specna / E&C SAEC system which is worth a look - then upgrade gearbox, motor, inner barrel, stock, sight etc. For the whole DMR thing I personally wouldn't bother unless you're willing to get involved with the build yourself.