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  1. Jesus, Gunner were pretty big back in 2004. Always had good service from them, not used them for a long time now
  2. Agree...Maybe a good time for a new site to embrace measuring in joules
  3. Nice shot, did the website launch? What's the name of the site? Let me know when it's all good to go and I'll put a message out on my Facebook page. Lots of Kent players on there who are too cool for forums these days 🙂
  4. @MrWilson Great news and great work, I'm based just outside Dover so looking forward to visiting. 🙂
  5. This was maybe true with the older generation (I never tried them) however on testing the latest V2 Mosfet drop-in for the past 3 months I had no problem. Not 100% sure of the new Leviathan, however not seen any reports of battery drainage.
  6. I wouldn't sweat it, to be honest. As Dog says, all different styles of play are good for the game
  7. It's possible. Not very scientific but in order to test the theory people would need to start putting incorrect UKARA information on their packages and see what happens 🙂 Personally I don't have a UKARA number. I do need some samples from China so may try
  8. Since UKARA was setup by UK businesses to sell RIF's here in the UK, surely providing customs with access to the UKARA database would only hurt their sales in the long run? Does HM Customs actually have access? Do a Google and it's not clear, some people say they do, some say they don't. There's no official mention on the UKARA website. I've got a few friends who work in Customs IT and they have never heard of it lol.
  9. @Asomodai wow stunning... I've done the coastal routes here in Kent, some in Wales but not ventured much down that way
  10. ak2m4

    AEG hop up

    The general advice with hop-up is don't change the actual chamber / unit unless there's something wrong with it. In theory the hop unit that comes with each AEG has been selected by the manufacturer as it gives the best fitment between nozzle, gearbox and inner barrel. Not all hop chambers are the same, they may say "fits V2 / M4" but you could be opening up a can of worms. That said the g&g gr16 is very common so there's probably lots of good information out there regarding it. Just make sure you do your research first. From what I've read is that most rotary / prowin designs don't seem to work that well with GR16's - but I've never owned one myself. Instead of a new chamber you could experiment with just a new bucking and nub, again google / search Facebook etc
  11. Enjoy yourself tomorrow 🙂
  12. @rocketdogbert I've only imported once from the US, never had a problem either - was back in 2009 though. Did you ever get back an answer from border force regarding how many requests they made for UKARA info?
  13. I remember reading about SWAT / PASS few years back. Seemed like a great idea if implemented across the board but got the feeling that no one was really pushing it in order to get other sites added - my guess it's just used for SWAT sites? whoever/wherever they are......
  14. Nice one, always good to see new sites opening up. Even if it's a little pricey you probably only play the morning or afternoon. I've been to small indoor / cqb sites which have been rammed to capacity and no fun at all
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