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  1. I think that's generally the problem with UKARA and something other's have highlighted already. It's a closed system provided for the retailers by the retailers and as such is a missed opportunity to really bring together players from all sites - thinking about a centralised airsofting website / portal etc. Looking forward to seeing what's ahead...
  2. Good job. Whilst UKARA did it's job back in 2007 it just hasn't progressed much further. I think the sport would have grown further had the numerous sites around the country formed a collective to create their own system where players / playing time could be tracked. Very interested to see what's coming
  3. ak2m4

    Importation - Charges by HMRC

    So in total, came to about £36 ? Sucks man
  4. ak2m4

    Importation - Charges by HMRC

    Just a charging handle? Was it sent in quite a large box? I've found over the years the smaller the box the less chance of being hit, that combined with a low value declaration. You weren't to know though and as others have said it's not G&G's responsibility. I've never had anything stopped via China Air though, EMS yes. The sad part is you have to pay all these extra charges, yet your package will ultimately get delayed for a week whilst customs / PF tried to figure out how much to fleece. It's painful visiting their tracking site every day only to see nothing change 😞
  5. ak2m4

    Never to old for CS

    Think I stopped around 15 years ago as well, I was hooked back in 1998, f**k me I wasted so much time on it! Never too old to play but I've found as I get older I don't enjoy gaming as much as I used to. Still got my C64, Amiga and Spectrum somewhere - oh and the wood panel Atari 🙂
  6. ak2m4

    paypal claim against me, trouble buyer.

    Hope you get this sorted....still amazes me that in this day and age of photo and video awareness and accessibility, some dude still describes the problem as "it wasn't working right". If you're lucky you'll get back the gun back, obviously not working and minus the shipping fee you'll need to refund him and the original shipping fee. Sucks dude
  7. ak2m4

    Noob arriving from Brazil

    Hi Billie, so you're in / near Greenwich? I think best bet would be to Follow / Join some of the North Kent sites on Facebook and see if you can snag a lift from someone. Try this one for starters: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1074508799259085/ Kent has quite a few Airsoft sites, I think closest would be Chistlehurst though: https://www.facebook.com/red1airsoftwoodland/
  8. WHAT!! you actually got rid of the stock, that's the coolest part. I purchased a G&G LR300S when they first came out (2003 I think), still got it. I remember it breaking after it's very game, ohhh g&g
  9. NIMH Pahhh..........NiCad!
  10. ak2m4

    MOSFET Advice - please help

    Hopefully have some more MicroFET's soon 🙂
  11. ak2m4

    DanielJRoper - AVOID!!

    Hey mate, sorry to hear all the troubles you're having, nasty piece of work. If you need any small internal parts message me and I'll sort you a discount out. I had a small issue with a Roper from Worcestershire on Ebay a while back, same one perhaps?
  12. Dog, that is awful! Stories like this just remind you need to be on your guard 24/7. Makes me mad mate cos you get top trusting blokes like yourself get screwed over when trying to do a good thing. As you say he's left quite a paper trail, heck he may even play at the same site you as you. My own personal list of airsoft scammers (mostly through eBay) is growing quite nicely now too.
  13. Oh right I think I get it. You gave him the mags previously, he said he would bring the money but never did?
  14. It'a ballache indeed. Why can't people just be honest with this sort of shit - make the world a happier place! Without getting into semantics was this an online trade or face-to-face? Whilst I do hate having to see people resort to public shaming it does sometimes yield results.
  15. you showed that little punk... 🙂