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  1. 160mm with 1.3mm wire but with only 23 coils, most probably linear spring. Have you run through at least 1000 cycles / rounds? Have you left the spring in a compressed state for 24 hours? Those 2 things can help to some degree. You can trim off a coil but the spring is already quite short (may have an affect). You could try a cheap ZCI as @Cr0-Magnon suggests or I have brand new Gearparts M95 springs.
  2. @Dacks_18 UKARA doesn't allow for visits to other sites for the 3 game rule. It's one of the limitations. Would be good to see any future system incorporate such a feature, however any system like this costs time and money. Technically you could get proof you played these sites on the dates and then ask the retailer if that would be sufficient enough for them to sell the RIF to you.
  3. I was surprised they got the go-ahead for this. Friend of mine used to work there as a prison guard, 400 players does sound quite a lot, difficult to judge though. Only 5 mins from me.
  4. Yes, was more trouble than they are worth - my experience of course.
  5. if you can find them, ARMY did a pretty good clone of the TM SOPMOD about 10 years ago, not sure if they are still making them, still have mine. cost £130 if I remember right
  6. @shadowfacex good start indeed, have you thought about creating an account system where a site owner would register and then they can add, and then edit their site details, price, opening etc. Saves you from having to edit the info yourself.
  7. @straffham what were you planning on buying? I know some retailers would take a forum profile as valid defense, might be worth a shot.
  8. clean using spirit without the bucking of course! never a fan of silicon oil, always found it never cleaned that well, just me of course, everyone is different. Do whatever works for you, what you have round.
  9. ideally you want the 8mm bull brand with a couple of drops of surgical sprit soaked into the filter, heck you could also just use a bit of tissue with some water will also do the job.
  10. You can buy a SLR M4 polymer receiver on aliexpress for around £40, it's pretty decent, designed for gel blasters but can be modified for airsoft. I've also got a couple of the battlearms receivers still left over but these required a fair bit of modification. keep meaning to get around to putting them together
  11. you can get 16awg wire which doesn't have the super thick silicone protection, generally the silicone shielding OD is 3mm whist the normal ptfe shielding is 2mm. However you will loose flexibility in the wire.
  12. @st4rk1ll3r744 there's a thread asking the same question I believe from Aug last year, a good place to start 🙂
  13. @James Baker I've got some old spare Rocket M115, you're welcome to grab one for free. It should put slightly over 350fps but then you can just a coil. Message me 🙂
  14. yes that's a good point indeed. hopefully this spring and summer they can get plenty of people out there using them in play.
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