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  1. YES, forgotten all about this gem. Very authentic scene, on par with Heat
  2. As @Steveocee said you need to tell us what you currently have then we can advise. Sometimes there is no point in upgrading, just better to use it "as is". If you only have the 1 AEG then maybe better to buy another and work on upgrading one, that way you'll always have one you can actually use.
  3. It will most likely be the piston head, cylinder head or nozzle, ideally you need to test all the components. You've definitely got a leak somewhere with those readings. The spring could have gone as well but fix the compression first
  4. DSG builds are super hard to get right and ultimately less reliable. Is the ARP9 your only AEG ?
  5. not everything essential but here's a rough list.....it ain't for the faint-hearted DSG gear 18:1 gear set (16:1 will work as well) HT motor - ZCI 22tpa FMR piston mosfet 16awg wire decent compression decent bushings decent gearbox shell .... ... Plenty of patients
  6. ak2m4


    Anytime @Solly4568Maple Leaf will be back in stock in about 2 weeks time
  7. nah it's cool that time of year, 15 degrees or thereabouts. What kind of job do you do that sends you to Vegas?
  8. If you're a regular player and your only AEG is the Nuprul try not to go tinkering with it. If it breaks then you could be without an AEG to play with. 280fps isn't great though, if it becomes a real problem then you may have to open her up
  9. Try an AK long nozzle buddy. I've had this problem many times. On some builds I find I need to swop to an shorter nozzle but then also shave down the front part of the tappet plate so the nozzle extends a little further so it can create a decent seal with the bucking (may not have explained that well enough) If you put a spacer between the hop up and gearbox there is a good chance your nozzle won't go far enough, but hey maybe it's worth a shot - you won't lose anything by trying at least.
  10. ak2m4


    Cheers Steve, glad you got all your bits 🙂
  11. Springs are indeed one "problematic" area of airsoft. So many different variances. Guarder seem the best bunch. I say seem as I've had a few odd-balls straight from the factory. They are expensive though and the price is going to rise I was told by Guarder. I'm in the process of trying to get some springs made here in the UK including a M105. Lot of testing involved, different inner barrel length, cylinders etc. We shall see.
  12. good stuff matey. perfect. less stress possible on the gearbox is always the right way to go
  13. Hope you got it all sorted in the end @Willyg1981 🙂
  14. Depending upon what type of barrel nut you have you may need to move it to the next notch and torque it, try the shims first though and see if they help. Vid below may help as well
  15. ak2m4


    Cheers matey. I generally do 2 mail drops everyday (12 noon and 4:30), one on Saturday. Ensures late night and earl yorders have the best chance of getting there next day. Best result I've had is customer ordering 5:30pm, I was driving past the local RM depot so thought I'd just hand it in. Cheekily arrived next day 🙂
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