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  1. Wonkey's Chinese in London was/is famous for this about 20 years ago There's no place in this sport for people like that in the video, should be ashamed of himself.
  2. ak2m4


    Hey mate. Currently have a couple of packages sitting at Stanstead waiting for clearance, hopefully be here by Wednesday. Motors, gears, inner barrels and springs 🙂 These will be on my website including 247mm. Don't look for them on eBay as I'm winding my account down on there.
  3. ak2m4


    euro shit? Gotta be better than lira right? My dad bought a brand new apartment on lake Garda for £20k in 1985 lol dread to think how much it is now.
  4. ak2m4


    Thanks, I'm always on the look-out for a cheaper tracked postage solution. Originally I did go down the route of using the non-tracked Royal Mail solution (£7) but got had a unusual amount of "did not arrive". Wish there was a cheaper option. DPD = £16, UPS = £20, Hermes International = £11, if anyone knows of a solid international service let me know.
  5. hmmmm I'm still not sure that's correct, maybe it's my account. I don't even think the "Power Sellers" level even exists anymore, been replaced with the "Top-rated seller" level which I have. My level was at 100% for months till I got someone just give me a negative comment for a spring. I've emailed explaining how springs can vary, offered to pay to have it sent back, test a new one out and replace but my messages are currently going unanswered. Can't win sometimes, I'm glad I'm moving away from eBay.
  6. No the case, certainly with my business account anyway. People can leave negative comments straight off the bat, you can then try to find out why. Most times they will just leave a neg comment without even messaging you explaining the issue. I have 1 like that now, a customer who didn't get the right FPS with a spring.
  7. Was speaking to the E&C sent today, their production is still only at 50%, I've had their gearbox shells on order for months now, really need them to crack the whip.
  8. For what it's worth........... see the above post by @Rogerborg 🙂
  9. Last month ebay introduced something called "managed payments" for it's business customers. it's basically a money grab and forces you to use their own payment system instead of Paypal. As a business customer if you had a really low rate with Paypal this is now gone. eBay's new "all-in-one" rate is around 15%. Plus you no longer get the funds straight-away, takes a few days. Not sure what Amazon fees are, I'll be looking next week, but I wonder how long eBay can keep going before some clever genius comes along and does the same thing cheaper.
  10. I've not used or worked on one personally, however e&c do one with full trademarks only a little bit more expensive. Some mag compatibility issues I remember
  11. probably cos as a seller you can only leave positive feedback on a transaction, the whole system is heavily slanted to the buyer. As a seller if I get dicked around by a buyer, makes up all kinds of shit in order to get his item returned on my dime I still have no way to report that in the feedback system. Trash talk.
  12. Yep doing a M90 but it's slightly behind the others at the moment as the M90 will probably need to use 1.3mm wire as M100 - M120 will use 1.4mm
  13. Here's some of my observations since I've been working to get my own springs made. Some of the cheaper Chinese brands will use shorter linear springs because they're less prone to lose force / power over time. Generally they use slightly thicker wire as well, 1.4mm and maybe aren't tempered. This means they can produce a slightly more reliable spring with much cheaper grade wire. An Airsoft spring compresses down to around 60mm. The mid-range springs will generally lose between 5 and 10% power after the first 1000 cycles. The real decent springs use high-grade stee
  14. It's very cool and certainly interests me more than another AEG I saw revealed today .... good timing and the patch 😉 I would love to test but I'm so busy right now I just don't have the time but I wish you all the success, looking forward to seeing the end product for sure.
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