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  1. With HT motors you generally need to "feed" them so a 11.1v battery is often recommended. However the extra power can cause tooth failures on the gears over time - really depends on what gears are already installed, how well shimmed etc. If money is tight then just get the 11.1v battery and have a blast - use it, if it break the stock gears then just get a nice set of £15 replacements. A High Speed motor together with a decent 7.4v should net some decent results, but you're still putting extra stain on your gears. Sometimes extra ROF isn't all it's cracked up to be, if I only had the 1 AEG then I'd rather have a slower firing reliable gun that an unreliable high ROF gun. That's just me though.
  2. there's an old paintball site that I think started to run Airsoft games in Upper Harbledown, plus Mayhem Airsoft that would be the closest. otherwise it's Cool Under Fire, (Sittingbourne), Quex Park (Ramsgate), Triple A in Dover....all a pain to get to without your own transport. Best you join their Facebook groups and try to get ride-a-long.
  3. yeah it's super easy, the hard part is finding a rail with compatible threads. There's no standard so it's trial and error. When Specna used E&C as OEM you could pretty much use any E&C rail however I've not done any testing on their new line so can't advise. Some of the rails that I see come with 2 different threads on either end of the barrel nut, gives the best chance of fitting, however not seen this types of barrel nut on many other rails.
  4. Shell trigger compartment is standard apparently, guy on Facebook fitted a Perun.
  5. There's a guy on Facebook "Airsoft Q&A" who's purchased one of these and taken some decent pictures, maybe worth tracking him down. Some nice features, as @rogerborg says will need to prove their worth as upping the price another £100 to compete in the mid-market. What I don't quite understand though, TG release this gun but don't bother to make a decent video showing the internals etc, just a couple of guys with beards running around. I do like the receiver though, looks like a clone of the Magpul but with ambi - nice
  6. DAS certified! now if only someone owned one lol ...I jest of course, look lots of fun
  7. Always tricky when a site is announced before it's up and running, been over 2 months since announced. hopefully the guys can still pull it off but imagine it's difficult, red-tape etc??
  8. I've been assured the child workers are all very happy with their conditions 🙂 You've discovered the little work-around hehe, eventually eBay will catch up but for now it works
  9. That happened a couple of years ago, around same time as words such as m4 and ak became banned. I even got banned for using M110 when selling springs cos m110 is also a firearm.
  10. Here's the current policy: What is the policy? The following are not allowed: - Firearms of any type - Parts and accessories for assault weapons, including blueprints and instructions - Any part or accessory in violation of local law - Firearm receivers, even if incomplete - Ammunition for firearms, including bullets, cartridges, casings, shells, and hulls - The following firearm accessories are not allowed: Gun parts, including, but not limited to, barrels, firing pins, trigger assemblies, and magazines Firearm accessories that we allow, such as grips, holsters, and scopes, must follow these guidelines: - The listing must clearly identify the part or accessory being sold as well as the type of firearm it fits (“type” can mean general use and not necessarily brand or manufacturer). For example, “This part can be used with bolt-action rifles." - The listing cannot show a picture of an actual firearm Listings that don’t follow these rules may be removed from the site or from search results. Other actions we may take include lowering a seller’s rating, charging additional fees, limiting buying and selling privileges, or suspending an account. So today I got handed a 30 day ban for a foregrip listing that had been there already for 6 months or so, after I started a chat session with them and asked why, they said because it could be used on an Assault Rifle. I explained how it couldn't, different sizes etc (I know bit of a fib) however their policy kind of contradicts itself. Says "Parts and Accessory" for assault rifles are not allowed then says grips are allowed.
  11. You can't revise, you can only cancel I think 3 days - pah nothing I just got handed a 30 day this morning lol
  12. As eBay have the monopoly on the lower end marketplace they invariably do what they want. Only last week they changed the GUI / frontend to the business sellers page, without telling anyone. It changed to way everyone had to work, made it harder for the customer etc. The eBay forums lit up like a christmas tree - revolution was in the air, accept no where to migrate to lol
  13. It's weird there's no real pattern to it all. Quite a few of the eBay retailers have been hit. I've been slowly moving away from it, posting up less and less but some suppliers rely on it heavily. I guess eBay are just covering their ass. The real problem I've found over the past 5 years of being on there is that there is no real competitor to eBay out there and that's a sad thing to see. Amazon had potential but it's expensive
  14. eBay have been tightening the noose for the past 3 years. At first it started off with works like "M4" and "AK", fast forward 3 years and now it's keywords such as "trigger", "silencer", "barrel" and "grip". As a subscription seller (£25 monthly fee) you firstly get a warning, then you get a 3 day new or edit listing ban, then you get a 30 new or edit listing ban. I've spent hours trying to argue that they are not firearm accessories but they never budge. Not all listings get caught, they are pretty guarded over how their detection algorithm works. You normally end up chatting to some Indian guy when you use their chat function to complain. If you phone up you generally get someone in Ireland. Last 30 day ban I had I kicked up an almighty fuss and threatened to move to Amazon, I'm sure that would have rocked the eBay share price lol...but in the end they reduced me back down to 3 day ban. I'm slowly removing gear on eBay, had enough, I think a lot of others are doing the same. I'll dig out their Firearms rules page later...
  15. DSG's builds are pretty hard to get right and be reliable. It's not something I recommend to anyone who isn't proficient in gb builds. If you only have just the 1 AEG wait till you have a 2nd that you can use as a backup. If you do want to improve ROF you can make simple adjustments like AOE, better shimming, high speed motor, 11.1v battery. Be warned speed enhancements have a knock on affect to other parts of your gearbox, timing, PME etc
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