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  1. ak2m4

    Huge Loss of FPS :(

    good stuff matey. perfect. less stress possible on the gearbox is always the right way to go
  2. ak2m4

    Huge Loss of FPS :(

    Hope you got it all sorted in the end @Willyg1981 🙂
  3. ak2m4

    New Rail miss-alignment issue.

    Depending upon what type of barrel nut you have you may need to move it to the next notch and torque it, try the shims first though and see if they help. Vid below may help as well
  4. ak2m4


    Cheers matey. I generally do 2 mail drops everyday (12 noon and 4:30), one on Saturday. Ensures late night and earl yorders have the best chance of getting there next day. Best result I've had is customer ordering 5:30pm, I was driving past the local RM depot so thought I'd just hand it in. Cheekily arrived next day 🙂
  5. ak2m4


    I'd say the BD one may fit but the E&C one would probably have the best chance of fitting. I'll send you pvt message with return details etc
  6. ak2m4


    Cheers D, let me know if you have any problems....always happy to help.
  7. Thanks for the review, local'ish to me. Gotta keep rentals on a tight leash 🙂
  8. ak2m4


    Nice one matey, should be some in stock. Hoping to get some more in before then but I'm at the mercy of the Chinese suppliers. At the moment they are £24 each, such a stonking price for a HT motor. Should have that vid comparison ready next week.
  9. ak2m4


    Haha, I do have 240mm, any good for you?
  10. ak2m4


    They all look pretty much the same... difficult to tell. Sold quite a few of the SLD's in the past week and today, nearly out of stock, should start to hear some feedback. The 5 ZCI's that I've run in the last couple of years on different guns have all been fine, not really noticed any weak pinion gears on them. Seem pretty much the same as most Chinese motors Pinion gears are identical from what I can see. Taken a couple of shots. Hope that helps a little. As I said wait for the feedback and the video in a weeks time 🙂 Here's some stats the factory sent me over: Voltage (operating range:6.0-12.0.rated voltage:8.4v) Noload (speed:18500r/m.current:3.7A) At maximum efficiency (speed:15624r/m.current:12.33A.torque:426g.cm-41.79mN.m.output:69.05W) Stall (torque:2743g.cm-268.8mN.m.current:67A) Here's a quick product video - next week should have a side by side comparison with the ZCI
  11. ak2m4


    I tested the early sample and they were identical in ROF to that of the ZCI. SLD are brand new on the scene. I'm due to start working on a video to show them in action but won't be out for another week yet.
  12. ak2m4


    Just a quick shout out. I've got 10% every product in the store right now for Black Friday. Just use the code BLACK at checkout.....
  13. ak2m4

    New AEG not firing

    Far better for the supplier to not even bother to include the factory supplied battery and charger - less hassle in the long run. Either don't include one at all or include something you know and trust and use that as a selling point.
  14. Hey Inked, which are of Kent you in? Spoilt for choice