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  1. I imagine the amp draw with 13:1 and the ASG 40K is super high, if you have a meter, stick it on and see what numbers you're getting
  2. @Orange peel neil external parts like receivers are costly getting into the UK in large numbers at the moment, your best bet is to try one of the HK stores
  3. @Adolf Hamster this first, also if it's a new spring run it for 1000 cycles plus 24 hours compressed. Plus also find out how your regular sites allow you to chrono, hop set or off etc
  4. never heard of armatech, like most things airsoft the SHS rotary might be great in one build, bad in another
  5. @Fatboy40 Don't be too miffed about the drop in your DE M904E, it's actually firing a little low but it's good enough without having to open it up again. The stock spring could be fine, problem could even be with the cylinder head, piston oring, nozzle, bucking, hop chamber etc.
  6. Damn, nothing surprises me the depths some people will go in order to obtain something for free. @Tackle totally agree about RM, they have really let the ball slip on their "signed for" service. They are supposed to double-check the address however I've noticed some will just hand over the package to the wrong address without a 2nd glance. Luckily all signatures are GPS tracked, however I'm current in a battle with their claims department over a signed for package they delivered to the wrong address, they are being assholes
  7. @Brophy how did you know that the person receiving didn't actually receive anything?
  8. Great job @AK47frizzle love the look of the grip
  9. @Fatboy40 haha, you should be fine with the sp100, I get around 360fps with 0.2g (sorry I don't know the J). As an interesting experiment the start length is 170mm, let me know what the length is after a couple of 1000 BB's
  10. I'm no expert but have a small bit of experience with spring making companies as I have my own (Gearparts) springs made. Yes stock springs on the whole will lose power over time. They're generally made from cheaper non-tempered wire, sometimes call "piano wire". This wire is readily available and cheap. My own springs are made from oil-tempered Japanese SWOC-V steel and less susceptible to shrinking overtime. The M110 I've been testing for the past 18 month 300,000 cycles is still the same length as day 1. I've never performed a stress test on Guarder but imagine they are pretty much up there.
  11. An SHS AK head, got a few of those, which one did you need out of interest? I've noticed that since the larger Chinese stores like Aliexpress have implemented VAT at source all of my other purchases from independent HK retailers have sailed through customs with no charges.. It's almost as if no vat and duty checks are being made simply because they are catching the majority at source. Maybe we'll start seeing the rise of HK stores again similar to mid-2000's. Who knows, still early days.
  12. Such a little tease 🙂 Did the new ZCI barrel fix the problem?
  13. looking for the spring on this part  , can you help me please eld chep , be most indebted image0.jpg

    1. ak2m4


      Oh damn, I can't mate, maybe someone on the forums will have a spare for you

    2. pip robins
  14. ak2m4


    Thanks for the kind feedback, it's much appreciated.
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