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  1. Technically I think the plan is sound, should be less noise from the over-volume with a small increase in rof and trigger response. Looking forward to seeing the results.
  2. Is this the ARMA which everyone is up in arms since they are charging 30 bucks for essentially a demo for the next one, v4? So many new fps out I get confused. Since UE4 and 5 every one out there making them
  3. replacing it with a long motor works fine, I did this with my PDW
  4. haha now I know you're an old fart like me if you remember that!
  5. @Henton03 give me a shout if you need me to measure up for you.
  6. this might be out of date as it's a couple of years old now...
  7. From what I can tell 1 (maybe 2) Chinese factories making brushless at the moment (not including Warhead). Sold under different brands like Option, AOLS and Military Action. All have CNC aluminium casings. My guess they keep brushless production small to allow enough time to make as much money from non-brushless. It will probably take a new player in the market with little or no non-brushless investment to shake things up. At least 1 Taiwanese company also, I think ADV. Check out ShinWei YT channel if your Mandarin is good enough 🙂 Although when I looked at these they looked extremely similar to the ones now being produced by ChiHai in China.
  8. Agreed, for the price point it does everything I need. It's a good solution for a standard trigger switch, gives you the option of hot-swapping and been proved to be pretty reliable.
  9. What improvements would you make?
  10. Few days rnr then a short VMware contract, then back to unpack the ZCI order. New ZCI plastic and metal M4 body samples arriving also which should be interesting 🙂 Then need to fix my problematic website, db errors, prob gonna die soon, whoops! Also been asked to look at the new airsoft defence app. Never enough time in the day is there.
  11. Very cool, congratulations on making it this far. Kinda reminds me of the B&T APC9K
  12. Even the most reliable AEG can develop faults early on, it's just the nature of the sport sadly. It's probably why there's so many differing opinions. No such thing as a sure thing in Airsoft sadly.
  13. @RostokMcSpoons cylinder internal diameter varies quite a bit, from 23.6mm to 24mm. Recheck the seals on yours. Most problems stem from the piston head o-ring either isn't big enough or something is blocking the vents (not allowing the oring to be pushing out). A BS910 o-ring is slightly larger so grab one of those. The o-ring on the nozzle might make a small amount of difference but in my experience doesn't affect fps greatly, it's more there to keep the nozzle centered.
  14. yup, there's a little business there for sure for someone as the real AR vice grips don't really fit that well for airsoft, well mine doesn't. Can get them from ali for £12 but have to wait a month to arrive.
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