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  1. Even £150 new elsewhere: https://www.308-sniper.co.uk/aug-a2-aeg-black.html
  2. He's updated the advert but not the price. Although it's still up as a 'high cycle'. 🤔
  3. This set my spidey-senses off. First of all, it's in a Jing Gong box. Secondly, don't Marui only make the High cycle Aug in a short version? https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/item/27115-tm-aug-16-high-cycle/
  4. Why is it in A Jing Gong Aug box?
  5. Maple leaf buckings are designed to work with their own omega nub, due to the shape.
  6. Are they not designed to work with the same mags, just in a different way? The g&g has a normal V2 gearbox and an elongated hop unit & nozzle, whereas the A&K is a longer V2.5 gearbox with a standard M4 style hop unit. This should place the magazine feed in approximately the same location. I remember trying this with my old A&K, and a G&G hop unit and from what I remember it seemed to line up. Admittedly, It *has* been about 12 years since I did it, so I might be remembering it incorrectly!
  7. Trigger is an old ASPUK Dan Mills Sniper one trigger. https://youtu.be/c6dLsZUok2o Barring the trigger and barrel, Most of the parts look to be somewhat middling, and definitely not £700s worth unfortunately.
  8. Ah yes, just seen he's closed until the 9th. In that case, Outdoor and Tactical is another decent option for internals.
  9. Version 2. Just takes your standard parts. @ak2m4 has a good selection.
  10. Tbf, there are a few sites that still have some in for less. £500 is just cheeky for 2nd hand.
  11. How bad is 'all over the shop'? At what range? Using what ammo?
  12. First of all; big necropost. 😅 Secondly; UK law doesn't recognise DMRs or anything like that regarding Airsoft. You have the legal limit for single action and semi automatic at 2.5J iirc, but for safety's sake, sites will obviously set it at a lower level, which for DMRs is generally anything from 1.48 to 1.88J (Approx 400 to 450fps when measured on a 0.20), or 2.3J for single action rifles, but that's for safety & insurance.
  13. Would you like to buy a Cyma CM.028 for the low low price of only £350? Well now's your chance!
  14. From what I've heard, the CO2 adapter for the SVDs puts out shots that are way too overpowered for skirmishing. Something like 600+FPS.
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