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  1. Strange. I get no option at all unless I choose a different country. 🤔
  2. So what's the status on new orders with them currently? Are new orders for UK customers on hold still? I see lots of people having delays, but I've tried filling in an order out of curiosity and I'm not even getting the option to put one through; it gives me "Your shopping cart contains the following errors:Choose delivery method" But there's no option to choose anything.
  3. UKARA set minimum engagement distances now apparently?


    That's news to me. 🤔 🤔 🤔 

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    2. Skara


      Maybe he meant 50 feet...

      You know, when you use an inferior unit for measures that relies on fuck all logic :P


      Let's just say the head marshal hates snipers.


      on a serious note, sites should figure out at what distance a heavy bb fired at 2.3J drops its energy to a "safe" level (say 1J). Your 20m bog standard MED was calculated on a 0.20g bb being fired at 500 fps, we all know that heavy bbs retain their energy for a longer time/distance and that nobody with at least one working brain cell would use 0.2s in a 2.3J gun.

    3. Hudson


      No, he definitely meant metres. "I was in the army, I know distances!" 🤪


      Like I say, I've no problem with sites running any rules they want, just the passing bullshit off as fact. 😂

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      @Skara i did run the math on it, a 2.5j shot with a 0.2gbb has 0.39j at 20m, with a 0.5g bb you're talking 1.27j, which lines up surprisingly well with a 1.3j limit for auto/non MED pews



  4. Haha, too old for that! Some of it was from myself and the rest from the missus!
  5. Got some new bits as a birthday treat, can't wait to actually get out and use them finally!
  6. You can always get a small ring connector for the wire and use the little screw to secure it that way.
  7. Yeah, used them plenty of times and not had any real trouble. Had some sizing issues, but they were good dealing with returns.
  8. I joined the ever-growing AAP owners recently, and treated myself to the AA hop unit. Paired it with a 130mm ZCI barrel from @ak2m4 So I can replace the whole hop & barrel in one go, and keep the original set up if needed. Currently using a flamingo V2, but I've also got a couple of maple leaf buckings on order too. (I thought I had some more spare, but obviously not). Can't wait to get out & use it next weekend!
  9. Thanks guys. In that case I'll go with somewhere else. Much appreciated!
  10. Is it? I tried it, and it's in Portsmouth. bbg4l is in Essex. *edit. Just seen there's two addresses, and the one you mean. Yeah, that's right, thank you!
  11. I've been looking at http://ramboairsoft.co.uk/ As they've got a good price on something I'm interested in, lower than anyone else I've found. Never heard of them before, no Facebook presence or reviews that I can find, but the website *looks* okay. A little paranoid, but curious If anyone's had experience with them?
  12. Of course you're down south. 😩 Just in the market for an SVD too!
  13. Hi and welcome! Where in the North East are you?
  14. At a guess, going by my experience, you're likely going to be well-over the limit, especially come summer if using green gas. I have a TM MK23 with a similar set-up, except the barrel is a 150mm crazy jet. On that I could be coming in around 1.2 - 1.3J, so a 250 is almost certainly going to be over. You could maybe try running it on 144a or nuprol 1.0 gas to stay at a safe power, but I've no experience on these gases I'm afraid.
  15. Not from TG or GF, but ordered from airsoftpro in Czechia and just had it arrive yesterday without a problem via DHL. Express shipping (4-5 days), no charges or duty paid on it (so far).
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