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  1. It's one of my local sites. It can get rather overcrowded, especially in summer. The village can be a bit of a nightmare, and have far too many people for the size of it. It's probably the most popular of the local sites, which will inevitably attract a proportionate number of younger players. Most are fine, but there's always some that will be a bit over the top, as it were. (Not just younger players though, tbf). I've not normally found the games to be too confusing though, they lay it out well enough in the brief and are usually pretty simple affairs most of the time, same goes for the respawns and objectives. If in doubt, there's usually a marshal nearby who'll be able to tell you where to go, or will be acting as, or rolling the spawn points on if applicable. There's not normally that much of the site that's overgrown. The only place that springs to mind is the northeast part of the ridge surrounding the village area, and that's only really going to be bad around the summer, when most plants tend to get overgrown! 😂 As to marshal numbers, I guess it can vary, but as it's not a large site, there's usually ample numbers near the action or objectives at least, I've never had to walk far to find someone should I need one. Summer months are usually peak silly-times, as everyone turns out for the good weather. I'd recommend going either in the quieter months, or on one of the occasional Saturday games. These are normally lower numbers, and seem to work better for the size and design of the site.
  2. Just treated myself to a boneyard CYMA SVD that Patrol Base were selling. It was marked as good condition, except for issues with the magazine catch. It won't lock in when you insert a mag, as it should, but if you push the catch and engage it manually then it locks in fine. I'm hoping it might just require a bit of filing in order to fix, and then I'm going to be looking at getting the outer barrel shortened to a more practical length. I already have one, and it's lovely, but obviously with the long barrel it suffers from voluming problems on heavier ammo. Dropping it down to around a 509mm barrel should hopefully be okay.
  3. There's always powair6 if you need it https://www.powair6.com/en/magazine-holder/9567-8fields-quad-molle-pouch-for-mp5-mp7-mp9-kriss-vector-magazine-multicam-black.html Shipping will be about £20 though, so unless you're Desperate then probably best to order some other stuff too to make it worthwhile.
  4. Okay, so I eventually managed to get the gearbox and barrel out but it involved going in a back-asswards way. I had to slide the front end forward as much as possible, and take the gearbox out. Then I could slide the hop & barrel out to the rear. Even Witt that, I still see no way of getting access to the stock catch! What a faff for such a simple task!
  5. Thanks but unfortunately not. There's no stock catch on that one, and it's the non-TM style design.
  6. As the title says, I'm having trouble stripping mine down. I bought it purely out of curiosity as it's dirt cheap, and after getting the M4 PDW they also do & being pleasantly surprised on performance, despite its plasticy cheapness. It seems to be mostly based on the old Marui style design which I've had experience of for 2 decades now and I thought would be a doddle. However, the one issue I'm having is removing the front section (hop, outer barrel etc.) From the body. The catch for the side-folding stock seems to be part of the barrel assembly and not the lower receiver as on other AKs I've used before. So when I try and slide the front end out to separate the two halves, the stock catch will stop you doing so. Unless I'm being completely dense (a strong possibility) I can't see any way to remove the stock catch prior to this to allow it to slide out. I can't remove it from inside, above, below or even by trying to get in the hole for the catch itself and it's got me stumped, as there obviously has to be a way to do it. Has anyone had experience with these before? (They've not been around that long afaik, and they're not exactly seen as cool so I imagine not many people will have bothered tbh). Photos will come later, as soon as I can, but there's not really much to show unfortunately.
  7. 1. Keep your empty mags with you unless you're a millionaire. You'll need them to reload! (It's not Hollywood). 2. Generally yes, but you may have limitations when it comes to snipers or DMRs, depending on your site. FPS rules will apply, so don't try and use a hot gun. 3. Usually via RIS rails and similar, will depend on what gun and attachments specifically. 4. I'll leave that for someone more southern. 5. Depends on the site.
  8. Yes, I replaced the whole of the cylinder internals, as I use 9mm springs, not 7mm. Standard piston will probably be okay if you keep it stock (mine was about 270fps out the box) but once you put a higher powered spring in, then you'll need a better, stronger one. T10 and t11 were both identical internally, at least on mine.
  9. I've had the T10 and T11 for a few years now. Did you also change the piston? If not, you'll want to change that if you've upgraded the spring, as it's just plastic and very light. The trigger itself is fine, I'm still running the standard ones on mine.
  10. Geoff's do bio ammo in heavier weights.
  11. Only £400 for a rifle that's £250 new! https://www.usedairsoft.co.uk/rif-s/spring-powered_2/de-m66-pro-700-sniper-rifle_i40894
  12. What are you trying to do, and where are you planning on doing it?
  13. TBF, the pulse rifle is just a Thompson in a body kit.
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