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  1. Made the rail cover now as well, going try making a scope cover but that be little bit harder to do.
  2. Once I got my MTW I got rid of my VSR lol I can switch from DMR to CQB mode during the day if I wanted.
  3. First time using a sewing machine and eyelet tools I made a prototype/test suppressor cover in pencott greenzone. The next one I will really take my time and try make look better.
  4. My helmet was a cheap one so maybe if I get nicer one it be much better Mite have to spend more cash...
  5. Nice definitely gets some pics up 😁 I was running a helmet before but I was getting too hot lol.
  6. Still need to make a few covers for the rail, scope and suppressor but I think the rest of it finished now. This is a mix of wildwood and greenzone and they do blend well together.
  7. I try stay away from MTP as so many wear it. I last loadout before getting some pencott camo was mostly grey and black and I I did know I would stand out but after a while you just get seen so easy and that half the battle lol they can't shoot what they can't see. I now got nice greenzone hat and mask but my order got messed up so waiting for hydration pouch
  8. Now that is sweet. I love my MTW but this is just so much nicer to look at
  9. Got new mask and a hat but rest of my order got messed up So still waiting for some pouches in pencott.
  10. Pencott Wildwood and MTW setup works well. I got some WW bits coming to finish the loadout.
  11. Just to update I got my plate carrier setup from Poland delivery by UPS and I was thinking about long delays and extra charges. Only took over a week and no extra charges on 269 order,I already paid VAT from the shop though.
  12. New pistol need new holster as well 😁 I had one before but sold it best IPSC holster for cheap.
  13. Got another 1911 Also some cheap wood grips. I was going to get the MEU but then I saw the night warrior version 😮
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