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  1. GothicGhost

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    That's a good idea and it would look great as well. Thanks.
  2. GothicGhost

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I would wrap the guns in something to protect them from scratching of course But mostly used for uni to fit the lappy and books.
  3. GothicGhost

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    New bag for laptop/university and airsoft :D
  4. GothicGhost

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I sold this to a mate a few months back and he used it only once. Bought it back of him a few days ago
  5. GothicGhost

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Where from?

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    Very nice rare PGC metal body kit with other upgraded metal parts from Nova and Guarder. Shoots very smooth with very nice recoil as you can see from my video. X2 TM magazines Nice real wood grips. Lots of spare parts included. Only selling due to wanting to purchase another gun that cost more then I have right now 🙁 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Payment would be by bank transfer or Paypal(if you pay fees) I would rather do face to face sales if you live close enough to Luton. I can post for free using Parcelforce express48 if within England. Other locations I would need to check prices. Any questions please call or text Tony on 07958911896 £300


  7. Make/brand: Tokyo marui with PGC Kimber LAPD SWAT Custom II Kit Any accessories included: x2 mags plus spare parts.
  8. GothicGhost

    Cyma AK shooting 365 fps

    Thank you for the advice I will do the correct AOE first and see. And I need to buy myself a chronograph at some point.
  9. GothicGhost

    Cyma AK shooting 365 fps

    Hi all. I need to downgrade the spring for just under 350 fps. What spring should I buy? Thanks for any help.
  10. GothicGhost

    Random stuff :D

    Cyma AK flash hider sold. PPS xma6 mag sold Price drop. Tm mag from £15 down to £12 Guarder Stainless Spring Housing from £10 down to £8 Cyma AK scope mount with red dot sight from £15 down to £12 Thanks.
  11. GothicGhost

    Random stuff :D

    Make: Mixed Item:Mixed Condition: used Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n/n Price/Payment: Postage on all items is £4, payment by BT or paypal fee included in the prices Pictures: £15 TM Glock 17 magazine. Works perfectly and is gas tight. £10 Airsoft PPS XM26 Magazine with 5 Top Gas Cartridges £15 Cyma AK scope mount with red dot sight £10 Guarder Stainless Spring Housing for MARUI MEU/M1911 £10 CYMA steel AK flash hider with 14mm adapter
  12. GothicGhost

    GHK G5 selling price?

    I put it for £280 I think fare price.
  13. GothicGhost

    Thoughts on warrior universal pistol holster

    Yep love mine its nice for my g17 and 1911.
  14. GothicGhost

    GHK G5 selling price?

    Thanks you all. I have seen them for £275 new so with that in mind. New prices for the setup. G5 £275 - current price at some shops. extra mag - £50 Hephaestus Cocking Handle - £15 Accessories, scope,suppressor,grips ect - £50 £390 75% of 390 = 292 So if I sell for £290 including shipping that is about £20. So I sell for £270 or £260? Let me know what you think cheers.
  15. GothicGhost

    GHK G5 selling price?

    Looking at selling my GHK g5 gen 2 that not even been used that much. Not sure what price to put it up for? Comes with everything in the picture. X4 fixed scope. suppressor. Hephaestus GHK G5 Aluminium Cocking Handle x2 mags and one of them is the new pmag. All the accessories you see. Thank you for any help.