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  1. Jez_Armstrong

    Marui new GBBR's

    That things been on the shelf for 5 years already!
  2. Jez_Armstrong

    firearms ban after prison

    And used google images of sick people as his profile picture passing it off as himself
  3. Jez_Armstrong

    firearms ban after prison

    i remember the one that had all the evidence thrown at him online, messages shown of grooming and even a penis pic not that long ago either, and he was defended and it died off
  4. Jez_Armstrong

    firearms ban after prison

    If he is a convicted sex offender, is he allowed to be at places where children might be like an airsoft site?
  5. Jez_Armstrong

    WeaponCrates is officially gone

    Sorry but i have to express i never had a single problem using WC but that is because i never used the escrow service, and i probably sold more on there than most people (I think my seller score was something like 13300) i am in no way taking sides but i believe that Zac is not a scammer, he tried to create a new way of selling and protecting and that went tits up, if there was no escrow service i recon the site would still be running today, however when i spoke to him he did tell me that it was costing him about £300 a month out of his own pocket to run the site which for anyone is alot so i can see why he wanted to try and make the site pay for itself somehow i used that site as i would do this site or any other site, if weaponcrates 2.0 comes back and gets as popular as it was before i will be using it again but ill i will be using it as i have been using the forums for the last ten years you message the seller, you tell them you want an item ,you exchange details and sort out payment (Which has always been with fee's and never gifted) adding a middle man who gets a percentage of your sale for doing...........well........who knows what the objective was with him holding your money, Zero one offer an escrow service where you send your guns to them, that's an escrow service
  6. Jez_Armstrong

    Classic Army M15A4

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    Make: Classic Army Model: M15A4 Proline Accessories: One mid cap mag and ris top mount Condition: used but good Swaps/splits/part ex: No X 3 FPS: 328 Price: £120 posted Classic army M15A4, full metal proline this has been stored for a few years so it's just had a service, all shimmed and cleaned, new hop rubber, high torque motor firing at 328fps, rear wired to deans, comes with one mid cap mag and a top ris mount, age related body marks, brilliant rifle for a primary or a decent back up or even a lender

    120.00 GBP

  7. Jez_Armstrong

    Painting an IF

    Buy a spare rail and a spare stock, change them when you get to site
  8. Jez_Armstrong

    Specna Arms warranty

    Until you take it to a retailer, the tech opens it and see's you have changed the spring, quick change system or not that can be seen as tampering and they have a right to void the warranty
  9. Jez_Armstrong

    Bringing airsoft guns into UK

    Your best bet is to speak to customs and your airline
  10. Jez_Armstrong

    Semi-auto over-spinning and occasionally burst fires

    This is why i asked bout nozzle length, i have a list somewhere of what lengths particular guns use but unfortunately it also depends on the manufacturer as it can differ, there is one on ebay which says its an SHS gold and says its something like 17.88mm which is too short for an MP5, the normal MP5 (A4/A5/SD) uses a 20.40mm and the PDW and K both use a 21.03 so i dont know what manufacturer uses one that short
  11. Jez_Armstrong

    Semi-auto over-spinning and occasionally burst fires

    is this the 21.03mm one?
  12. Jez_Armstrong

    WeaponCrates is officially gone

    *Takes a bow*
  13. Jez_Armstrong

    One of my other hobbies...

    I too am into a bit of Horology I cant say anything now, but something might be in the pipeline for me in a week or two which will be a career change and a half!
  14. Jez_Armstrong

    WeaponCrates is officially gone

    Well, they have removed my right to comment on their page. i know why, and it was totally worth it
  15. Jez_Armstrong

    WeaponCrates is officially gone

    wouldn't be the first time airsoft appeared on judge rinder