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  1. Jez_Armstrong

    Gun picture thread

    Already sold it once and regretted it, managed to get it back after a year
  2. Or one of those parcels that flings shit at you when you open it
  3. Jez_Armstrong

    Never trust Internet Dating

    Would like to know which tech did the shoddy work
  4. Jez_Armstrong

    Airsoft Ruined Movies For Me

    Yep this has been the way for years, i used to supply guns to Pinewood studios This is why Finn uses a JG G36 in the force awakens, you can thank me for that gun 😛
  5. Jez_Armstrong

    Gun picture thread

    Current setup whilst goodies are in the post on their way to me
  6. Jez_Armstrong

    Improving Range & FPS, Help?

    If you are getting 320fps then you have an M100 in there, why have you ordered another one? The difference between 340 and 320 is so small why even bother trying to get it up to 340, you are at no disadvantage by being 20fps under what they quoted normally cleaning your barrel will improve your FPS The FPS will drop, its having pressure applied to the BB causing it to slow down, if you're aiming for 340 with hop on then your gun would need to be firing at around 360/370 fps with the hop off the human eye cant differentiate between 50/60FPS , there's no point in chasing figures
  7. Jez_Armstrong

    Manufacturer guide

    I can reflect on this, been in the game for 13 years now and spent the best part of £40k on guns and gear i have owned well in excess of 200+ rifles myself and worked on almost double that if not triple in my time as a tech from all brands and most likely owned or had my hands on the majority of guns that have been made TM will always be king, they were the first to design many things we see today and other companies jumped on the band wagon and brought out clones, i believe their tolerances to be much tighter than other competitors because well, Japan I too have a few old TM MP5's, in fact my primary is a TM SD6 (just with everything replaced)
  8. Jez_Armstrong

    What AEG to get as your 2nd gun?

    what weight bb's are you using?
  9. Jez_Armstrong

    Probably the first TDC modded GBB Scar H?

    I just hope it doesnt shake itself to shit, if it lasts ill be happy
  10. Jez_Armstrong

    Notifications not loading

    Yeah same, thought i was on Z1 for a moment then *RUNS*
  11. Jez_Armstrong

    What AEG to get as your 2nd gun?

    In my personal opinion, Yes but for a tenner each, get both and try both and make your own decision on it, just remember the best thing to keep your gun maintained is to clean your barrel after every game (maybe even before) the biggest issue i have with customers is "Ive lost 30fps i need a new spring or hop rubber" *Cleans barrel* fps back to normal
  12. Jez_Armstrong

    What AEG to get as your 2nd gun?

    Best thinsg to get for a combat machine is a high torque motor and a guarder clear hop rubber, maybe a tightbore but its not necessary add some deans, loose the fuse, switch to lipos and be happy
  13. I broke the hop arm on my WE Scar H and they are £50 for a whole new one and you can't get the arms separately, so I have done a TDC mod on it, maybe the first one a GBBR scar? Just misses the recoil rod, had to drill through the body and bolt carrier so I can adjust it from the top, milled out the hop unit so I can apply a flat pad for the grub screw to push down on and it only bloody works