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  1. I think deep down we all know that those who purchased these craphats aren't seasoned players, more likely to be noob teenagers with a hankering for warq style kit but pocket money funds ? all you can do is cane the shit out of the pages the knobs selling on, in order to prevent future sales & maybe encourage those who have blown their wad on this pos to attempt a return/refund, don't suppose the seller will be keen but maybe PayPal etc might be compliant if the "fit for purpose/safety factor" is pursued ?
  2. I was just about to recommend a molle bandolier, on mine I get an inverted serpa holster, 4x 7.62 tactical tailor shingles that will hold pretty much any mag, then a 5.56 tactical tailor shingle for an m4 size speedloader, & piggybacked on to that is a twin pistol mag holder. the whole thing is very lightweight, sits high across the chest & doesn't impede movement at all, & you can supplement it with a belt order if needs arise. @Skara, as you've said, you've got rigs that cover the two ends of the load carrying spectrum, this would be something completely different agai
  3. Ignored me last time, so I'll ask again, does this come with moscarts ?..........
  4. Her names Gina, but apparently her nicknames "Aviary" i think you can guess the punchline 🤣 FFS, DAMN MY EYES, I THOUGHT IT SAID COCKATOO🐥
  5. Shit....... I've just realised while we've been trying to rip the shit out of this nomark James O'Brian & his crap kit, we've left everyone else alone 🤬 Who's next 🤔
  6. Can't find him, not helped that I "un-liked" a load of airsoft groups on there a while back, can't be arsed to rejoin them just to rip this twat a new one
  7. Great, thanks, I might have to troll him a bit too lol
  8. I'm confused (not difficult lately lol), is Jacob Taylor the knob "making" the shit helmets, or is it James O'Brien ? I'm not great with social media crap 😱
  9. Lol, most of the time I can barely remember the brand of the gun, never mind any bits added to it 🤔
  10. Agree, only time I'd even consider a bit of kit that's being touted as "upgraded" is if it's a long time forum member with impeccable credentials & continued forum input, I'd trust that waaay more than a relative unknown quoting work done by xyz at so&so airsoft shop. but I also don't believe in upgrading unless something really needs it, as in its fucked 💩☠️👻
  11. Lol, that's what I thought at the mention of Langley 🤣
  12. Yep, as Mik has pointed out, start a payment dispute immediately, its also more likely to spur them on to resolve the matter properly, rather than get a black Mark against themselves from the likes of PayPal etc
  13. Thanks mate, you've been quiet lately, thought you'd done a "Borg" lol
  14. As a job lot you will struggle, maybe break it down in to bundles, guns individually, maybe loadouts ?, clothing & vest combo's etc, or alternatively list everything in individually & see how you get on, decent pictures make a big difference, lol no black rifles on a black background in darkness 😜
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