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  1. Tackle

    Barrel Extension/Silencer CCW

    Might have what you need, bout 4in barrel extension, I'll check if its ccw or cw
  2. Tackle

    Custom setups

    Lol, was thinking the same thing, & if they're not one & the same, maybe they should get a room . seriously though, what kinda eedjits put forward a business idea on a public forum, which includes your pricing structure, revealing what your markup percentage will be, or so you hope, this isn't dragons den ffs. if the OP & georgeturner don't like the responses of players with vast experience, fine, just go & do it, prove us wrong.......
  3. Tackle

    Custom setups

    So what's the target market, players who are too busy or too lazy to actually take a little time to search the net, cross referencing forums & sale site to find what they think they need ?. if its the former, then they're prob too busy to actually play, & if its the latter then maybe they should rethink whether a physical sport like airsoft, stick to low impact/exertion sports like tiddlywinks
  4. Tackle

    Custom setups

    The OP has got a bashing because he asked for opinions on a business model he has in mind, & then refused to accept constructive criticism on his ideas, if he thinks he knows better then he should just do it, & reap the rewards lol.
  5. Tackle

    Custom setups

    Lol, so you "improve" on what other websites offer (which is based upon your perception of what would be an improvement), & then charge us 40% more......are you fuckin deluded ? how can you quote an example fixed price of £90, what if customers don't want the the specific items your offering, in order to meet their needs your gonna have to charge more, & at some point your customer will shop around & find they can pick it up for 40% less. give up now before you lose any money......
  6. Tackle

    What you vaping?

  7. Tackle

    Custom setups

    What next ?, we had pimp my gun, the app allowing us to picture a gun from numerous parts of every other gun......... Maybe the OP should use the same software & create "PIMP YOUR VEST/PC", & then offer to put together your finished design........it'll look great on the laptop, but will be shite on the battlefield........can't believe we're still feeding this thread........or are we trolling the troll ?
  8. Tackle

    Custom setups

    What a crock of shit, nobody generally knows straight off where they want their pouches etc, its usually a trial & error deal, learnt while actually using the kit. As for you KM-tactical300, why are you asking for opinions when your not prepared to listen to the answers ?, clearly your doomed to fail lol
  9. Tackle

    New Classifieds Feedback and Bug Hunting

    Dunno if it's been said already, the new "one touch offer button", the following subscreen only has one box in it, to enable a numerical offer, no comments option, I'm an "all in" kinda bloke, I don't want to have an offer accepted, only for the seller to then quibble about PayPal fees & postage, think it would be better to be able to add that to a comment box & save faffing about later, especially when some sellers are fine with covering a fivers (or a lot more ?) postage, but then get all pissy about less than a quids worth of fees....... wtf's that about ? cheers mark
  10. Tackle

    What you vaping?

  11. Which, IMHO, is a good thing, helps stop the scammers & dreamers slipping through the net, don't want to end up like zin was a few years ago, members getting turned over left right & centre.
  12. Tackle

    scammer on free ads

    For fucks sake guys, give the poor bloke a break, everybody will get their stuff, he's just going through a spell of bad luck at the moment, I know for a fact that his mum has died at least three times . #STRINGTHATTHIEVINGCUNTUP
  13. Tackle

    firearms ban after prison

    I always thought he was such a nice guy.......& he makes great Jello
  14. Tackle

    firearms ban after prison

    I too have a full DBS, & to be honest if I had employees nowadays (I have had previously), then I would consider making it a condition of employment, as an example, one of my previous employees, who I "inherited" when I took on an existing contract, & who was a really nice guy & a good grafter, also turned out to be a serial drink driver, banned 6 times at the last count, who knew ? lol, thankfully I never had reason to allow him use of company vehicles. as for airsoft, it attracts young people of varying ages & gender, & it's been shown numerous times that nonces will do their best to get close to their targets, either through employment or leisure activities, so knowing your staff, paid or volunteers, is morally & ethically correct.