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  1. Lol, that was the price of my first tm hi-capa, s/h, completely stock, kicked like a mule & shot like a laser. #TMFTW 👍
  2. I'm the same, see stuff in the classifieds sometimes & think "wtf", but don't know enough to say whether or not its a pisstake. for me, if a £70 pistol does what its supposed to, good enough for me, I'd have sleepless nights if I spent £450 on one 😭
  3. altering fps isn't just the domain of hpa users, some aeg users have been at it for years, long before hpa was a thing.
  4. lol, cracking on for 20 years of playing & I remember some cheats getting caught out at my very first game, nothings changed, cheaters be a cheatin, irrespective of the technology then or now, so for some sites to leave it to "trust" is at the very least naïve, definitely lazy, & might even be considered criminal if someone gets seriously injured & its pulled through the courts, the argument being that 95% (?) of sites use an enforced chrono system at the start, & often throughout the day, that may set a legal precedent/benchmark that the remaining 5% (?) can be judged by, & therefore criminally negligent. wonder what a sites insurers would make of it if the shit were to hit the fan, I think we know the answer 😉
  5. lol, that just confirms what we knew all along, he's clearly a knob 😆
  6. While I've rebuilt plenty of guns/gearboxes, I've little knowledge on what makes x faster or y more powerful etc, as for trigger response, nothing I've got doesn't respond, I.e. fire, the instant I pull the trigger, yep I'm sure if throw a load of money in to my guns I can maybe get an improvement of say 100th of a second, but I've got better things to do than waste time & money on something that doesn't need fixing lol. want a faster trigger response, learn to pull your trigger sooner 😜. Save your money & buy this instead: https://forums.zeroin.co.uk/forum/classifieds/rifles-smg-s-for-sale/electric-rifles-smg-s/3063606-cyma-m14 p.s. No offense but in the scheme of things, apocalypse is shite, facilities & site layout is ok, but the organization is terrible & cheating rife. i appreciate you've had some ok games when numbers are low, but there are much better run sites in Kent worth trying, & I'm sure some other members will back me up on this, apocalypse has been slated before.
  7. me, 56 plate Mitsubishi L200 Trojan, owned from new & just keeps going with very little outlay, so cant see any point in changing it yet. got a bike (xt600e) & a Renault rx4 but their sorn at the moment as not currently needed.
  8. Thing is, there are so many variables that could inevitably end in joint issues etc, for starters have a look around the average safezone & you'll see every body shape, from stick thin to morbidly obese, & it could be argued that most will load up with more kit than they need (or are used to), & when the whistle blows charge off across rough unknown terrain, every step inviting potential life changing injuries, & who's better to run the risk, the stick thin teen with still developing but very limited muscle mass, or the obese porker who while he's unfit, at least his body is attuned to carrying extra mass. its a minefield, so to speak. im not bashing the training plates as such, after all they're only a weight & at least being worn close to the body their prob less detrimental than a loaded backpack that may swing around if not loaded & worn properly. but any weighted training aid needs to be worked up to, your exercise routine needs to have peaked & is maintainable at your current level before you add to it, for many airsofters putting on a pc & loading it with mags & water etc may already far exceed what their used to, especially if the don't have a regular exercise regime, & adding weighted plated because the may have read it's "the thing" at the moment isn't gonna turn them in to athletes overnight. im going the other way with my load-outs, a number of rigs according to what's needed, but for the average skirmish I'm going light as possible, enough water & mags for an hour, top up back in the safe zone, I've nothing to prove & am already carrying enough timber lol.
  9. If it ain't broke, don't fix it ! seriously, if it's all working quite well then leave it be, save your money & put it towards something else, maybe an m14 like I keep harping on about lol. & in the meantime work on your fieldcraft & mindset, embrace the sneakymotherf#ckerness, feel the smug inner peace that comes from "killing" with one or two well placed shots. out of interest, what site is your local/regular that you've referred to ?
  10. Who's he talking about 🤔 😜
  11. if he could lay his hands on an old Star M249 he'd be sorted, lighter than the average m4 & loads of fun, unfortunately they're rarer than rocking horse poop these days, generally all the support guns are full metal (except maybe the g36 variant ?).
  12. I get your point, & on the whole agree with 99% of, sometimes there's too much snobbery & elitist behavior in the sport especially regarding kit & guns but...... I do feel that forums, this one in particular, much of the "advice", which sometimes may come across as scorn or pisstaking, is actually being offered with the very best intentions, usually by players who have based their comments on their own experiences, which at times they've had to learn themselves the hard way. personally, I'd always try to impart my own "life lessons", some of which may be viewed as mistakes, in the hope that others may then avoid the same mistakes, or at the very least approach them with caution. that's just me, although I have been accused of blowing my own trumpet ?. cant please all the people all the time lol.
  13. agree with all of the above, my tuppence worth, last month played my first game for nearly a year, recent downturn in health really screwed with my mobility, think osteo arthritis throughout my bod, spinal problems & plantar fasciitis in both heels, plus some balance issues & other symptoms that were initially diagnosed as potentially two forms of cancer, as you can imagine its been a real mindf#ck. (NOT LOOKING FOR A PITY PARTY, NO COMMENTS PLEASE) Thankfully, for the time being the big C has been ruled out but being monitored, & the mobility issues are being addressed with stuff like steroid joint injections & a regime of non-opiate painkillers, & its helping. anyway, back on track, so I tentatively ventured out to bush valley airsoft, under new management by SEO. one possible good thing I found out during the briefing was its a single shot only site, the only exception being support guns allowed to do short-ish bursts. with this in mind I took out the m14 socom, stock gun but very good range & accuracy as standard, & while the younger players were racing off to intercept the enemy, I quietly tactically bimbled off on a parallel course, & picked off anybody that came within range, & I gotta say what a great day I had, many many kills & not many deaths, & the m14 was so good that I was asked a number of times "what kinda sniper is that" & even a Marshall commented that a group I had pinned down for ages asked him "wtf is he using", meaning me lol. all from being sneaky with a gun running at 340fps. My whole point is, with this crap hanging over me, thought I might have to consider quitting if I couldn't keep up with the pace, but changing my role (& mindset), to something vaguely resembling the bastard lovechild of a sniper/dmr, all if a sudden the game is at my pace. Adapt & Overcome buddy.
  14. lol, that's probably why they were in the raffle, when it comes to actually selling them, they can't give them away 😉
  15. no worries, but sounds like its been an expensive process so far, much of which should have been avoidable ?. dmr or not dmr, your choice, but do you want two xm8's that are pretty much identical in every aspect, seems like a wasted opportunity. as an example, & I know you like bullpups, I've got an early (Ares I think) tar-21 in the loft, these were a notorious pain in the butt due to to the rod system for trigger & fire selector etc, tweaked it previously & it worked fi a while but its a crap system, but rather than give up on it I'm thinking "fuck it, why not dmr it & stick an electronic trigger on it".......too nice to dump but a nuisance to keep having to work on just to keep it working normally.
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