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  1. had to google this to check rrp, cant believe this joker wants Β£100 more than rrp & he drilled holes in it ffs πŸ˜’ https://forums.zeroin.co.uk/forum/classifieds/rifles-smg-s-for-sale/electric-rifles-smg-s/3081404-cybergun-sig-mcx
  2. Unless the wife finds out lol, & then she's wearing your nuts as earrings πŸ€•
  3. Dude, other forums don't mean shit here, first post & your asking us to do you a solid, I think you need to prove your knowledgeable enough in your chosen field in order for members here to give your vids etc validation ?. by the way, welcome, my post might not convey it but we're an extremely friendly bunch who love all things airsoft (but some of us old feckers can be a bit sarcastic 😏)
  4. yep, of course you can turn up on your own, we're generally a very welcoming bunch so getting chatting to your teammates is pretty much guaranteed. as for teamwork, "drills" etc, being part of a team doesn't guarantee "skilz", seen many teams that looked more like an attempt at herding cats than a slick bunch of operators. as fir youtubers, tbh only aspect to airsoft I look up on there is kit reviews in thinking about investing in, so called professional youtubers are all about endorsement & product placement, & their vids are heavily edited to make them look like the gods they are NOT, its pathetic & an indictment of the social media brainwashed herds that make up a large percentage of the populace. just get yourself booked in to some games, use the forum search functions fir advice on necessary kit for games longer than 12hrs, & ffs, don't join a team with an "open door policy" on recruitment, YOU WILL REGRET IT πŸ˜‰. ps. Keep an open mind to whether your committed 100% to pure milsim, the reality may not meet your expectations, so immediately looking for a team may be a bit premature, its a bit like the number of players that buy that first sniper rifle, convinced they're the next Bob Lee Swagger, only to find they don't have the patience, cant master the fieldcraft & quickly get fed up with being outgunned by aeg's.
  5. Sometimes game scenarios are a bit "suck it & see", not everything works with every site or client base, so a bit of flexibility is preferable to players packing up early due to disappointment, whatever the cause. Unfortunately it's not just speedsofters that can upset the balance, & by balance I don't just mean winning in the shortest possible time with barely a shot fired, I've seen teams turn up that while they're playing in a more traditional military role, their self belief in their own abilities & their overtly aggressive behavior, often combined with a lack of hit taking, has had a detrimental effect on the quality of play for both sides. the latter type of players often feel that intimidation is part of their strategy, with the often polar results that opposing players will end up either squaring up for verbal or physical altercations, or alternatively walking away, aware that this kind of play isn't what they signed up for, & that it can only escalate. unfortunately, this kind of thing has become more common, why I don't know.
  6. It's a real steel brand, & in the US is an acceptable brand for supplementing/replacing issued bdu's (I bought a set of mc when I was in Florida, way before MTP was considered for U.K. issue), but no better really than brands like helikon & the like. not so available in the U.K., but I think that's just because importing it means lower justifiable profit margins, given that some other US brands are in higher demand at a similar rrp.
  7. Are there many sites that have particular playing areas perfectly suited to speedsoft/speedball style games, I've only come across one or two in nearly twenty years, & they were only used briefly during gamedays, usually first or last game of the day. sure, some players are gonna have an advantage in the "get to the objective first" games, but that doesn't have to be a speed softer, just any fit/reasonably young player who's built like a whippet, as opposed to an old lumbering behemoth 😏. also I don't subscribe to the idea that a dedicated speedsofter will be an accurate shot, their only advantage may lie in using certain cover to get up close & personal & rely on full auto to get lucky hits spraying at targets while on the run, which I can see some more orthodox players (me included) taking exception to being "overkilled" at very close range. Fixed that for you πŸ˜€
  8. Not an airsoft item as such, but a brand that most of us are familiar with. Im trying to work out whether it's a typo, has he put the "." in the wrong place, or a cynical attempt to get an unsuspecting bidder to feel contractually obliged ?, surely no buyer (or seller) would be that naive ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Propper-Men-s-Lightweight-Tactical-shorts-olive-waist-36-tactical-army-military/163864002682?hash=item26270e407a:g:8JQAAOSw5HFdMLSR & https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Propper-El-Jefe-Puff-Vests-size-L-tactical-army-military/163864001100?hash=item26270e3a4c:g:xQUAAOSwT-JdMLYq
  9. hey babz, use the search function for"teams", there's been a lot of discussions on here, guys like yourself & a lot of advice given, maybe read through some of the other threads, esp regarding the potential pitfalls before joining a team, sometimes best to approach it from another angle. plus I've dealt with some guys in dedicated milsim teams, nice enough guys but complete walts who believe their own bs lol, so good luck.πŸ˜‰
  10. while I'm not a fan of speedsoft per-se, unless your playing at a dedicated speedsoft arena, then the term only relates to a play style & mindset. with that in mind, I highly doubt that said players will dominate most sites or scenarios, in fact I'd go as far to say they'd often be at a disadvantage against many of us more pedestrian sneaky mofo's, unless they can move faster than 350fps ?
  11. get yourself one of these, then when your in the foliage it'll just reflect what's around you, be like "The Predator" (I don't mean Jimmy Saville, although pretty sure he had a tracksuit like that 😞)
  12. did you go to the Evike store in LA ?, you never mentioned 😜
  13. lol, me too, we've probably passed each other on the grand union 😜
  14. it was/is ? Germany's camo, & included a desert version, which if I remember correctly is called tropentarn. not sure who sells it, obviously there's loads floating around on ebay etc, what sorta sizes are you ?, I've got some bits in the loft but suspect they may be small/med sizes I picked for my son when he was younger.
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