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  1. Shit, I forgot about stairs, maybe I'll have at least one new knee by the time this opens ?🤞
  2. Knocking shit down isn't the issue (unless it's listed/protected), but having something appropriate go up in its place might be, especially as residential is at a premium, but not if it's in a commercial or business district. & paying for all aspects of demolition/rebuild isn't always cut & dried either, especially as has already been mentioned, anything more than 30 years old is probably chockablock full of asbestos & other nasty shit, all of which costs an arm & a leg to dispose of properly.
  3. Blocks of flats 12 story's high tend to have a fairly small footprint, think 4x2beds per floor, or 6x2beds at most, based upon the average age of blocks that may now be becoming derelict, whereas office blocks of a similar age/criteria would have a floor footprint probably at least 4-6 times those of flats, possibly bigger ?. Sounds a bit like the "Nakatomi Tower" that zed (?) were planning about 9 years ago, located in the Midlands, but can't actually remember if it came to fruition & the site ever opened ?🤔
  4. I too occasionally "game" too, but the PS4 is in the bedroom & gets used more for various streaming apps, Netflix/prime etc, something a pc, especially a high end gaming set up wouldn't be of use, so I get where he's coming from 👍
  5. Base plate repairs are generally piss easy, valves a smidge more technical, but ultimately it's faulty & should be replaced not repaired, & everything at his cost. Tell him you want a new one, or a full refund including all postage costs , as is your right, some Airsoft retailers have got to get it in to their apparently thick skulls that they are subject to all the same rules as any other form of retailers.😡 & We still don't know who the retailer is ?
  6. 12 floors, gonna be an office block, block of flats would be too pokey before I get too excited, without giving anything away, can I ask an approximate location, town or district ?
  7. Out of the two, I'd go with the arp9.
  8. Quick shower, immediately followed by a hot dinner she'll have waiting for me, usually a spanking roast with all the trimmings, & then doze off in the recliner while she watches the usual Saturday/Sunday night crap...... bliss 😴 The kit can wait til the next day for sorting, if I can be arsed lol
  9. Tackle

    G&g fn2000

    😛 What's up with yer, it's been proven you can manage with only one kidney, if it's a good one 😛 Youngsters these days, no commitment 👴
  10. Pictures would help ? I have a "part", feck knows what it's called, that gives me short sections of ris on 3 sides, slides over the barrel & tightens with a grub screw ?. I'll try to find it tomorrow & post up a pic.
  11. As has been mentioned, some JG kit is pretty good, a teammate ran a JG Aug for a few years with no probs, in using a cyma M14 socom a lot at the mo & I gotta say it's up there with my old TM M14. Don't get me wrong, I like AR's & have a few, but their so "vanilla" nowadays, every man & his dog has one on sites, getting a bit meh, & even when a manufacturer announces its "NEW" xr16.2 terminator or some other ridiculous name, & you click on the link & fuck me, it's another bastardised M4 variant......yawn🤭
  12. Are we to assume ar/M4 platforms are all he's interested in ?, depending on your budget, there's a lot of other stuff worth having for not a lot of dosh.
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