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  1. Lol, I appear to achieved your goals, I'm potless but can sleep soundly thanks to a clear conscience.......shame it don't pay the bills 😇
  2. Of course there's gonna be downtime, sometimes it's welcomed as a chance to scoff or sort your admin out, or god forbid have a kip 😴, but I'm a firm believer that within Airsoft, all directed "orders" need to be part of a means to an end, even if we're told we've got 5 mile tab in order to achieve a tactical advantage, as an example, then it's time well spent, we are paying for it after all.
  3. This is the thing, as a young squaddie I could wear pretty much anything with no issues, but nowadays thanks to a massive amount of wear & tear, including crushed/amputated toes, I need boots to cosset me like slippers on steroids, boots are very personal to the user & their needs so it's hard to recommend what works for someone, only point out the shit kit that falls apart & should be avoided. He is an obnoxious cnut, but I wouldn't mind being a pound behind him 😏
  4. I'm a bit mixed about stirling events, having done the shit for real but now we'll past my prime, I'm concerned that I won't always react well if bawled at etc. my other bugbear is that a majority of the posts/reviews of their events have been by guys who act as if these events will turn them in to genuine "operators", no offense to players who have played their events, but it's Airsoft ffs, & as jimbo has pointed out, holding a building for a length of time when no assault on it has been planned feels like a cop out by the organizers ?, I wanna be kept interested, time is precious & if I wanted to spend time looking out the windows I can do that at home for free lol. am I wrong ?
  5. I've got a couple of their tactical fleece hoodie, really good quality & even my wife likes them, usually kit of this "genre" gets a firm "I'm not going out with wearing that" lol, but she actually said they look smart ?. seen some of their pouches too, again quality I couldn't fault.
  6. Have a look here:https://www.kombatuk.com/categories/Patrol_Boots their kit has positive reviews & some of it looks very good, such as their "pro" series, lots of variations at good prices, I'll prob give them a try when I eventually need some new boots.
  7. Yeah, when I started with fedex about 28 years ago they gave us toetector boots, they were horrible to wear but being a yank firm they were big on uniformity, after 2 days I told them to stick them up their arses, so they agreed I could choose my own boots as long as they had the right "look", so got my first magnums & they were awesome, & ive had loads over the years, but about 10 years ago they literally turned to shite overnight, bad stitching, poor quality leather etc etc, last pair I had were the spider side zip type bout 8 years ago, cost me about £85, & lasted about 6 weeks of gentle use before faults started appearing, I was furious & hi-tec didn't want to know, arseholes wont get another penny out of me.
  8. While I can't tell you what will suit you, I'm loving my Belleville tactical research boots, as for the magnums, don't bother, the last 4 or 5 I've owned (my work paid for them), have been crap, the quality/longevity of magnums has gone downhill rapidly in the last few years ☹️
  9. Tackle

    Pts fpg

    there's a s/h one on ebay, any good ?
  10. Tackle


    there are genuine Blackhawk Serpas for the px4, which although they're expensive, they're the bollocks, & its prob safe to assume that our friends from the east have made clones for much cheapness ? Edit: Just found this, real steel but covers all the pros & cons. https://gunnewsdaily.com/reviews/beretta-px4-storm-compact-holster/
  11. don't mind Affleck (he was good in the accountant), but yeah his character was a downer, film was not bad though, 7/10 maybe ?
  12. Ok, so you want to "alter" the mindset of some/many players, good luck with that lol, I appreciate your points but feel you've got an uphill battle to achieve it, prob be easier to herd cats 😏 What about your proposed "m25/east London site in 2019" ?, care to share any nuggets with us ?, fine if you don't want to divulge precise location yet but what about size/features/layout etc ?
  13. no offence Seth, but this is like all your other posts, you keep dangling a carrot in front of us, essentially hinting at a new airsoft experience etc, & picking our brains for advice & opinions, but nothing solid or proven with your intent ?, you talk the talk but when you gonna walk the walk, so to speak ?
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