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    M14 socom/SA58/CA8-2/P90/G3/PDR-C/FN2010/TAR21/AK74/UAR/G36/L96/SVD/numerous AR's/4 Shotguns.
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    I use kit that works for me, irrespective of whether seal team six etc have been seen in it ;)
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  1. LOL, I love pizza, but my ibs doesnt💩
  2. That's the one, thankfully I was out before then & never had the displeasure of knowing those 3 pos.
  3. LOL, we've all done things "for a laugh", within reason 🤮. In my regiment we were a lot more sensible, unless you were a Danish holiday rep in Cyprus 😬
  4. I feel I need to clarify, if anyone's wondering why I used a sad face emoji ?, the seller & gun are 1000% sound, my sad face is because too many spends recently means I can't buy this beauty 💔
  5. @Impulse, I too have owned tm & cyma m14's, & had no issues, not even with mags, possibly the manufacturers had made changes at some point to iron out any kinks ?
  6. Whereabouts are you located mate ? & can you add another picture of the gun with your username & todays date handwritten on a piece of paper please, to show its in your possession 😉
  7. Cyma m14 socom, stock they're pretty much as good as TM's version, for half the price, maybe even less, but are 100% compatible, even for upgrade parts. Then take it out, set it to semi & use it for a few games to get in to the dmr mindset, I'll be very surprised if you don't love it, & then consider a couple of upgrades to get it close to 450fps, it won't take much to get it there, & at the same time set it to semi, I'd consider a programmable mosfet & remove the selector knob, just til you see how it is for lockups (my old one never did😁), if alls good then permanently mod the selector plate. Simples
  8. Hate to say it Rob, I've just been offered an od airframe for £20 all in, don't know if it's fma but in all honesty it looks identical to yours, plus I think there's one in the classifieds for £30, so anywhere between the two ?. As for the rest, Dunno but I love the ak74 (& I don't usually like ak's), so registering my interest in it, depending on the price obviously lol.
  9. Weirdly enough, I had one & it was awesome, only time it played up was when the trigger microswitch burnt out, apparently a very common problem, but a microswitch from maplins & 30 minutes fiddling & it never failed again. In fact I remember a game at Fort Amherst, 6 249's were in play, 5 lightweight stars that performed flawlessly & 1 CA heavyweight, & mid game the CA jammed on full auto, causing its owner to rip it open to remove the battery before the motor burnt out. BUT that owner was a guy affectionately known as the "Hand of M", a legendary tech🤣, any wonder it packed up😏
  10. I know lol🤣 Yeah the balaclava was probably crucial, kids probably "speshul" wearing a balaclava in this heat, or his mam had just given him a shite haircut lol. The whole "Internet Karen" thing is really pissing off my wife Karen, which obviously I wouldn't dare wind her up further 😜
  11. Tru dat, I had to delete part of my post, the bit where I expressed an interest in one, & then literally slapped myself to stop buying guns😭
  12. Lol, I was gonna share that too, bit that got me was at the end of the article the plod say they "escorted him home & appropriate advice was given" WTF, unless I'm missing some dramatic piece of info, what kind of "appropriate advice" can they legitimately give a young boy was playing with a bright red toy "gnu", no laws were broken & nobody harmed by a vividly coloured TOY. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/toy-gun-armed-police-droitwich-143011093.html What next, non-binary toy guns
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