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  1. Tackle

    SAS in action in Nairobi

    When I was "in" we had a few visits from some guys called "the league of tin helmets" or something similar, ex U.K. Forces visiting their old depots & trying to recruit us for sadf, their biggest selling point, other than better money, was "you get to shoot as many fuzzie wuzzies as you like". SERIOUSLY 😏 p.s. I should say, this was in the mid '80's, apartheid was in full swing & there was an element of discontent within the army following the Falklands conflict, & the many kit failures etc.
  2. Tackle

    SAS in action in Nairobi

    Terrible business, thank god the guy, & other professionals were close by, especially when you consider some of the Kenyan forces may not be top quality, such as this "officer" (spot the obvious mistake)
  3. Tackle

    Your photos are blurry ! Seriously ?

    lol, I second the "black guns on a black background" gripe, do these numpties not look at their pics before posting them ?.
  4. Tackle

    Low Cap Only Games

    I own lo's,mid's & hi's, &I love lo-cap or ammo limit games, but all too often have encountered other players breaking the rules, which spoils it, so now even if I'm going to a game that's advertised as lo-cap, I'll chuck some higher capacity mags in the bag, & then if people start taking the piss, unleash hell lol. for regular game days I'll usually take 3 hi's, merely because I only use single shot generally, & I've moved smaller/lighter load carrying kit, fuck plate carriers, look good but if your carrying injuries or poor fitness etc, then no point overloading oneself in tactical nylon, plus I don't move fast enough to make hi-caps rattle lol 🐌
  5. Tackle

    Do black broken airsoft guns need a licence?

    just No, take rifs in public places without proper lawful arrangements will end up with a criminal record, maybe even prison time given the current climate, or maybe they'll just shoot you lol. if you can be a little flexible on your filming location, why not consider contacting a suitable airsoft site to see if you can use their facilities ?, there may be a fee but it'll be way safer than what your proposing, & its likely there'll be plenty of rifs available & maybe some well kitted out extras ? definitely worth a punt.
  6. ???, what we talking about, clothing, footwear, the car, the dog ?, the list could be endless. or do you mean "kit" of a civilian nature, but that has its roots in the military/survival etc etc ? such as taclites, go-bags, that kinda thing.....
  7. Tackle

    Holster for a We Browning Hi-Power

    I believe so, I'd recommend getting a clone serpa from ebay, you'll pay as little as a tenner, & if you have to mod it at all at least you know its not costing a lot to butcher.
  8. Tackle

    Holster for a We Browning Hi-Power

    I believe that your right about the 1911 holster fitting the browning.
  9. Tackle

    UKARA Number

    this, like most ukara based threads is going way off topic as usual, lets get back on topic & continue to roast the spacker that started it 😜, who probably isn't even old enough to buy a two-tone.
  10. Tackle


    while the fps is low for a dmr, my tm m4s is about the same & awesome, so yours is fine as an all rounder. reiterating what I said earlier about trying the role first, any mates you can borrow a suitable gun from before committing ?, m14's are especially good for dmrs, the feel alone epitomizes a marksmans rifle, & the tm's & cyma's are well made.
  11. Tackle

    Kjw Kp08 - rigid / serpa holster?

    search threads relating to hi-capa holster, you'll see that a 1911 serpa can be modded to fit, usually with just a bit of stretching in boiling water.
  12. Tackle


    hey mate, welcome, you say your a noob & have bought an asg devil as a starter/base for a dmr project. which devil did you get ?, my google search came up with a few in different lengths & specs, & what's its current fps & accuracy like ?. I'm asking this as the dmr role is not unlike that of a sniper, lots of cons vs pros, & not everyone finds its for them, often after throwing a load of money at guns etc. basically what I'm saying is, if your current aeg is up to it, is to try the "role" with what you've got, single shot only, observing minimum engagement distance rules, maybe using only low or mid cap mags, & any other obscure rules that may apply to the sites you intend to play at, all before you start throwing money at it. I've got one rifle that I intend to make a dedicated dmr, but to be honest I use all my rifles in a similar manner, single aimed shots irrespective of the varied fps, they're all stock & prob the most powerful is only 335ish fps, but all perform well, which goes to show power isn't everything. good luck
  13. Tackle

    TM Hi-capa 4.3 with hard case + holster.

    mate, I think you missed out the 1 in front of the 50 ? 👍
  14. Tackle

    UKARA Number

    Fixed that for you 😃 @Spyros666 if swear words offend you, jog on, us grown ups sometimes use them a lot, sometimes as banter & sometimes to show our displeasure, you being a "special kinda special' person have made us use both types, congratulations. clearly English isn't your first language, maybe approach a forum in your native country & ask them to assist you in your quest, maybe you'll have more luck, & at the very least you won't be offended by a colourful response in the Anglo Saxon vernacular you find so offensive 😛
  15. Tackle

    UKARA Number

    Lol, not really, jokes on him, I've not got a ukara number 😜.............I've only been playing about 18 years.