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  1. Wear what you like, including Falklands era loadouts, just don't wear cap badges or other regimental insignia, it does often cause offence. I could wear my regt beret/badge, but I don't, we're playing at this & wouldn't want to feel I'd disrespected my comrades service while playing silly buggers with toy guns.
  2. She never seems to age, all the wives are like "she's had some work done" 😤 Film wasnt bad, high body count, made me want to get out & play lol
  3. I've got lo's/mid's on all my platforms, but unless I know everyone else is using them, such as a milsim or themed game, I'll just carry 3 or 4 hicaps, makes sense when it comes to carrying capacity, espas I tend to go with minimal/lightweight loadouts nowadays. plus in my defense, 99.9% of the time I'll only use semi shot, so a couple of hicaps can last me all day. but I hate the usual hosefests at some sites.
  4. I think eBay may have got to him first, no sign of it having ended, or ever existed ?
  5. That is a seriously cheeky B'stard, some sucker will probably fall for it though 😬
  6. Lol, the good old days when if you wanted an ar platform you could pick from 2 or 3 brands & maybe 4 models, all of which had wobbly front ends 😂 Picture of me when I started playing 😏 "They don't like it up 'em"
  7. Welcome youngster, I'm 52 & just become a granddad, that makes you feel old. Age is immaterial, personally I'll keep playing for as long as it remains fun, & the old bones will let me lol.
  8. Actually it was a line from the first one, Lock stock & two smoking barrels, although I wouldn't be surprised if they repeated it in Snatch, a good line 👍
  9. Apparently his first advert, they were £80, but now they're £100, must be something to do with the exchange rate 😜. Or you could buy them new from a we'll known retailer for as little as £46 each. It's a tough one 🤔
  10. Given its high initial cost, plus the fact that your having to throw more money at it to actually get it to work as it should , Any regrets ? PS I think it looks great, & having owned a couple of Ares guns previously with no issues, disappointing that their QC is getting worse not better ?
  11. Ffs just tell us what country, just as your seeking knowledge as to the technical side to gbb's, we like to be knowledgeable on airsoft in other places, such as the laws applied in particular countries etc, which can come in handy when we're discussing our own half arsed laws on rif ownership.
  12. Someone needs to go on "Macks"😏
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