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    I use kit that works for me, irrespective of whether seal team six etc have been seen in it ;)
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  1. Lol, don't worry mate, my poor attempt at bantz, should have been a tumbleweed gif, but being an old IT illiterate dinosaur I fecked it up 🥴 It sounds like your happy with your Nuprol gat, tbh you prob won't get a lot of like-minded feedback on them, can't say I've ever seen any fans on here ?
  2. @HuttArmouries, if the above is what you need, pm me your details, I've got 1 or 2, I'll Chuck 1 in the post.
  3. Pics just for an example, but I'd look for 7.62 short shingles, I have some by Tactical Tailor, & they literally hold everything, including vn mags, obviously the elastic tabs are adjustable for whatever size mags your using. tbh vn's are murder to find pouches, nothing fits perfectly, not even us Alice kit.
  4. Prob not a lot considering what's occuring in the world outside, you not seen the news 😜
  5. Takes me back, my first Airsoft gun was the Walther mpl, years before I actually started playing, just plinked in the garden.
  6. Lol, it's an oldie but a classic, what a dumbass 😂
  7. Thanks Lew, I was definitely admiring it, but having just bought another AEG & doing a fortune in fuel to get to daily hospital treatment, I think I need to curb any Airsoft spending, lol it's not like anyone's gonna be playing for a while, & I'm not one to get kitted up for "tactical spare room selfies" to pass the time (unlike some😜)
  8. Just look at all the Divs who flooded the pubs when it was announced they were to close, Darwinism & natural selection at its finest 😏
  9. Most dyes require an element of heat in the process, even rit dye, which may (or may not ?) compromise the integrity of the lenses, making them no longer safe to use ?. i myself often run yellow lenses, so appreciate why you want them.
  10. Sorta mixed about this, part if me thinks it'll be cool with a drum mag .
  11. It's right up there with "get me doh" & "innit". On the plus side, these fucktards make me sound intelligent 🤓
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