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  1. Plate carrier for tmc chest rig

    If you want really low profile have a look at a condor hydra pack, great kit for about £33, I've linked one to my was DAR rig, sure it will work with other brands.
  2. how to carry two primary weapons

    Noooo Rog, nobody's standing down, we've got to get this pointless thread to at least a hundred posts, otherwise what would be the point right ?
  3. Have you seen his other sales threads ?, they're all a bit on the optimistic side
  4. I subscribe to the K I S S principle, seen enough overcomplicated scenarios that inevitably have to be altered mid game as they're either unacheivable or extremely one sided, either of which means at least half of your punters are gonna be disappointed, which doesn't bode well for repeat custom. sounds like your trying to organise a rival to the NAE (traders stands/personal tactical training etc), which may appeal to some, but others (like myself), like dedicated full time immersive gameplay, don't want breaks during the weekend for shopping, socialising, or ex squaddies (like myself), teaching me to suck eggs . for shopping, organise a trade fair ! for training, organise a dedicated training event ! & for people who want to airsoft, just give us that . oh & scenarios such as gas attack, fine, but don't expect people to mask up, it's a h&s nightmare with players keeling over with over exertion or hyperventilating, not forgetting eye pro issues if the lenses aren't suitable.
  5. New and want to get into airsoft/team

    Hey mate, welcome, starting out I would say get yourself to a local site, play as a rental or buy a gun but dont forget your restricted to two-tones (usually ), get your ukara, easiest way to move forward. BUT don't rush in to joining a team, I get you want to get to know & play alongside people, but there's some shite teams out there, full of walts/cheats/idiots, rather than ally yourself with any of the above before you really know them, play at a distance, work on your gameplay & assess what teams are out there, can be awkward if you later decide you hate your team but they use your local sites so you can't distance yourself from them
  6. Guns

    Mate, this is a seriously lazy sales post, your in gas/pistols but I can see a sten in the pics, no mention of brands/models/condition/fps/accessories ?, the list goes on & on, if you want people to make the effort to show interest, ask a question etc, you need no put in some effort yourself. not a dig, just constructive criticism. mark
  7. how to carry two primary weapons

    So having read back, yep guestmaccyd or whatever your moniker is, your being an over sensitive whiny bitch, man the fuck up & go with it, most of it here is lighthearted banter mixed with genuine helpful info. as for the "one primary rule", that's mainly for milsim style games where a certain level of realism is expected, 99% of regular gamedays don't give a flying fuck what people carry, only that they meet the relevant fps rules etc. & the leaving MOD sites early stuff only applies to secure MOD locations, those usually attached to "live" camps or ranges, for obvious reasons everybody has to be accounted for, it's no big deal if you get a call & have a family emergency etc that means you need to leave early, of course they'll let you off site, but it needs to be controlled is all.
  8. how to carry two primary weapons

    @ the op, Liam, get a pistol or an smg, even an aep would be fine, cheap as chips, & your argument that "you might not stick with airsoft" just means that you'd have 3 rifs to sell instead of 2, where's the problem ?. by your own admission, your a shortarse (no offense ), so slinging a sniper on your back mid game & then moving tactically would be a nightmare, & more likely to damage yourself or your kit. now for me to head back to page 2 & see what all the bitchings about
  9. Agree with the guys above, everything sounds fine until you get to the price, the forces, or ex-forces stuff won't appeal to airsofters, as most think they're "speshul operators" already . i did 2 days at Rype village for £90, & for that the mod fed us too, for £200 I'd want macnab & Ryan cooking it for me, & maybe giving out back rubs & man hugs lol. do it for £100, build your reputation, with both airsofters & landmarc/mod, which will in turn help your credibility, this is important as landmarc in the south east have had a poor working relationship with airsoft I recent years, on a number of occasions each has let the other down, be good if this could be turned around.
  10. Battle Belt fittings?

    Me too, back then it was 58 pattern, & the threat of a soviet 7.92 meant always getting down as low as possible, BUT these days if I was to lie down, likelihood I wouldn't be able to get up again lol, so I'll stay upright & take my chances with a hail of 6mm death .
  11. WeaponCrates is officially gone

    I'm loving the "WC2 WILL BE INVITE ONLY" bollocks, translates to : "if Zachary owes you money, or has fucked you before, then your names not down your not coming in" what a crock of shit, the more posts I see on this turd, the more I think he needs to be "enlightened to the errors of his ways"
  12. Armed Police - Yes or No

    All units have them, to be qualified to use one is different from "normal" firearms qualifications, as they perform & react differently to normal rounds. the rounds themselves are assembled by the officers responsible for them, & they use the old fashioned Black Powder as a propellant, this gives a much bigger flash & more smoke, all designed to intimidate those its being used against. BUT to the best of my (& my co19 mate), they've never been fired against crowds on the uk mainland, mainly because no senior officer has been prepared to authorise their use, & take responsibility if a round bounces up in to someone's head, usually killing them. but you might have seen the guns used to deploy c's/tear gas type canisters to disperse crowds, different kettle of fish completely.
  13. Kinda like the idea of using a carbine kit, the tdc mods, longer internal barrel & a monster silencer & using it as a dedicated sniper, even though it wouldn't have a real world equivalent ?
  14. Armed Police - Yes or No

    Sooooo.......is it wrong that I usually get a "semi" when I see them
  15. Armed Police - Yes or No

    Lol, Less lethal ?, obviously you've never seen baton rounds in use, they are highly unstable & uncontrollable, & always potentially lethal, hence why no uk police force has deployed them on the mainland. on the plus side, the spent rounds make a great chucking/chew toy for big dogs, my old dogs used to love them & they're pretty much indestructible