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    I use kit that works for me, irrespective of whether seal team six etc have been seen in it ;)
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  1. Copyright striking, wtf that ? Watched the first couple minutes, can't see feck all, are we meant to see him hit the guy, or is he missing every shot & covering it with a "hit" marker ?
  2. Tackle

    Mpls and vee light

    Are people still silly enough to do "friends and family" for sales ?, no offense Matt but it's generally a big no-no to ask, better to factor the fee in to your price. So your price should be £26.06, not much to pay for peace of mind 🤔
  3. He's ok as he's eu, it's only us Brits they hate at the mo 😭
  4. My bad, there's a shitload of Chinese knockoffs on eBay etc, prob for less than 20 quid, only issue might be to find something with a big enough pocket for a 3 litre bladder, then pack size is usually comparibly larger, only exceptions are usually civvy oriented kit, which tend to be made in colours unsuitable for tactical use. What are you like with a needle and thread ?, I ask as a cheap option might be a surplus issued standalone unit, such as a Brit issued mtp camelback, & then tack a large utility pouch to it, or maybe thread it through the D rings usually on the sides.
  5. I've got one on my warrior dar, it really is only a bladder pouch with a little bit of molle for a gp/utility pouch, definitely low profile but no carrying capacity. To be fair I bought it because of that, means I can comfortably wear a Bergen over it . The rifle pocket folds away so not an issue (but handy if needs change🤔)
  6. Not seen that model before ?, tip of the barrels kinda weird looks like the lovechild of a colt python and Barry Manilow🤔
  7. 911 make a carbine backpack, I've got one in tan that I've not had the chance to use yet, lol wanted od but managed to order the wrong one 🤬, but for the money the quality looks good. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/9-11-Tactical-Molle-Backpack-Bergen-Long-Gun-Sniper-Rifle-concealing-Rucksack-/173618318239
  8. Good luck getting a response, he's not been on since July 2018 🤔
  9. Lol, don't tempt me mate, I keep saying I've got too many as it is, but I've got no willpower 😱, I'll watch this thread but I suspect you won't have it long.
  10. Nice work Bill, I'm not usually a fan of SIGs but that looks really nice, good job I'm skint this week, otherwise I'd be getting my first sig lol🤔 Keep up the good work mate 👍
  11. I suspect it was more about them having something iconic to represent being a member of space force, hence it being a ka-bar, another iconic & prestigious brand, it was probably never intended for active service, more a display piece for the desks of high wanking do nothing officers 😏
  12. It's like an ugly baby, only it's mother could love it 🤮
  13. The OP, @AK47frizzle is actually in the trials process with his own design of Airsoft gun, he'd probably be the best person for advice, assuming your design isn't too much like his, then he might rightly tell you to feck off 🤣
  14. Lol, nothing more gratifying than an "ass shot"😈
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