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    I use kit that works for me, irrespective of whether seal team six etc have been seen in it ;)
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    & your showing us this why exactly ? 🤔
  2. Thank you for the update, while I appreciate the lead time on getting the custom parts in, belt buckles etc, reading between the lines it sounds like poor organisational skills from whoevers in charge, anticipating your logistic needs is paramount, & yes not always easy but this issue hasn't come about overnight, nor can brexit be blamed, it's been talked about for a long time, that tells me that the demand is there. & surely if the main issue being blamed is the manufacture & supply of the parts such as buckles, the answer would be to find an alternative supplier even if it means modifying the design slightly, rather that than keep pissing off (& losing) customers & what amounts to punishing your staff for management failings. IMHO 🤔
  3. 😭 I still don't know why peeps are laughing at my A&K vector knock off ? Isn't the whole point that the toys propel bb's at what we aim for, with a level of accuracy & reliability ?, everything else is just cosmetic. Box ticked ✅
  4. Not necessarily, I turned up at a site years ago, & a team turned up, teens & early twenties, total shower of shit bar one, he claimed to have previously been TA & still had access to berets & cap badges, so in his infinite wisdom thought would mark them out as a team if they all wore them. Thing is, it was my regiments beret & badge, I worked hard for mine & I'd had a couple of mates die wearing theirs, so seeing a bunch of long haired wankers make absolute cnuts of themselves in them really fucked me off, & I told them so🤬. While that situation is rare, my experience shows it can happen, so I'd always tell people in threads like this, be careful, act with respect & if in doubt, don't do it.
  5. Alternatively, if your happy with aeg variants, consider the much cheaper but still good A&k k5 mod1 Vector "knock off". https://www.bespokeairsoft.co.uk/a-k-mod1-aeg-tan @rocketdogbert, wot, why the laughing face, I've got one & I can't find any issues with it, & at that price (£199😲) it does what it's supposed to ?
  6. So your taking a pc but no backup, that's arse about face mate, if you've got one you always take a spare gat, nothing spoils a gameday than no gun lol. Decent clothing to cope with whatever the weather throws at you is the next essential. As for load carrying equipment, invest in a manbag/grab bag, ideally small one with 3 mag pouches on exterior & room inside for a nalgene bottle (h2o or weak squash), & sugary snack of your choice, you'll find that kinda setup so liberating, I've got a ton of rigs, but Tbh most of the gucciness is totally unnecessary (the gear queers just choked on their tea & biccies😱).
  7. Again, wrong section of the forums, take 10 minutes to read the rules & repost in "electric rifles"
  8. Welcome to the forum mate, you need to post this up in the classifieds section, under subsection "gear for sale", with your asking price ?
  9. LOL, my first ever game was at Electrowerkz, you'd think after that I'd have had the sense to walk away & find a hobby less painful hobby......... 21 years later I'm still here 🥴 After Electrowerkz went did you try Janno's Lewisham site, equally small & exceptionally painful, took a burst up the inner thigh & across the nuts point blank there, had to take a moment to compose myself lol😭🤮
  10. Is this better ya pedantic old git 😜
  11. High ROF is essentially the allowed version of this: In both instances the player is hoping to get a kill with the mimimum amount of accuracy or ability
  12. Feel free to rip the 💩 out of this overpriced & slightly illegal classified
  13. Apparently my last response was deemed inappropriate by the mods (gf jokes OK, but mum's not ?) & has been deleted, good luck with your overpriced & illegal sale👍
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