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    As per title looking to find an SSX23 metal slide to swap over onto a TM MK23 if anyone has one going spare before i order one from abroad? John


    - GB

  2. I have found out after ordering the Novritsch supressor and trying it on mine and a mates TM MK23 the thread width is the issue. The supressor will attach but will start to crush the threads as you screw it on after about a turn and a half. So am now getting a lees precision 14mm ccw threaded outer barrel to make life easier...at least after swapping out the hop rubber, hop arm and barrel and replacing with the hadron design tdc plate I am learning alot about my new project pistol
  3. Spartan numbers 300+ were brought in mid 2000s when JPA was rolled out tri service not late 90s. If he was TA then regular he would have been like me and kept his service number mine was from Jan 2000 and when i joined the regulars 3 years later I kept my number and my quals. I would be wary of someone selling a genuine SUSAT both as an ex monkey and as a normal airsofter. Genuine SUSAT contain tritium gas which isnt great stuff to breathe in of it gets damaged but also i would ask to see the serial number printed on the underside of the sight...if its scraped away i would walk away! Also be aware as others ha e said the RMP and MDP monitor facebook and ebay for this sort of thing and pay visits with local police and i can guarantee that 100% as i was in the same department that did it
  4. Hi apologies of this in the wrong area (mods please accept my apologies) I have a TM MK23 with an ASG MK23 surpressor which doesnt thread on fully to cover the barrel threads. I am wondering if anyone has both the TM Mk23 and the SSG23 and can tell me how well or show me a picture of how the SSG23 modular surpressor fits onto the TM MK23 as i want to fit a surpressor that will quieten my pistol but match the looks of the original TM MK23 surpressor that will fully screw flush up to the slide on my pistol? John
  5. I have had a quick look on the tariff codes on the gov.uk list (10 and 8 codes) and it doesnt find that commodity code? If customs had any concerns with its legality there would be a detained goods notice and they wouldnt use a middle man if it was a potential prohibited and restricted item under CEMA 79, and if there was a cost implication for goods (goods over £135) then there would just be a charge raised.

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    Looking to see if anyone has an ASG MK23 that they are willi g to part with? John


  7. @Rogerborg the only parts that Borderforce would enforce would be Section 36 VCRA as that creates a prohibition of importing a RIF which can then be enforced under CEMA 1979 as we would enforce the import offence not the possesion offence if that makes sense? My understanding of the circular is it covers about air weapons and other effects that VCRA could have on the Firearms Act 1968 such as the example it gives where it talks about Imitation Firearms (covered in FA 68 legislation) and Realistic Imitation Firearms which arent defined in FA 68 but are in the VCRA and how VCRA definition of RIF cant be used as defence as its RIF not an IF for example commiting an offence under Section 16 FA68 (make use of a firearm or imitation firearm) and that for intents and purposes of some offences RIF and IF can be the same in law Sam wont have any effect on us and our defences only the Secretary of State can remove our defences in legislation
  8. I finally got it solved with the help from airsoft engenuity who on reading my description advised me to turn the screw behind the fuse and this might solve the issue turns out all i needed to do was 1/4 turn the philips screw clockwise to fire in full auto. Turns out the bevel on the motor on auto fire was maintaining its amp draw due to resistance between the gear and the motor instead of dropping when in full auto and the fet was detecting it as a fault and cutting the power. I was expecting not seeing the shotgun for a while to toeubleshoot the issue.....not turn a screw but doesnt miss a beat now in full auto 😊
  9. I have just had a quick look through that form and its certainly not a UKBF form but i do know that its an in house form for the UPS agent/broker to complete to cover themselves, and/or to confirm that you are shipping items in line with their allowed items. I am not aware of any customs/import legislation that covers accessory parts such as handguards and shrouds as they arent covered under firearms act 1967 (as they are not for real firearms eg surpressors that require a FAC) and therefore they would not be classed as a prohibitive and or restrictive item for UKBF. I know my airsoft partner in crime got one today from UPS for a Novritsch order...and the tracking was updated the same day to say its completed and en route for tomorrow instead of today....see the attachments. Thats just my 2pence worth
  10. Claim from borderforce for the missing items
  11. @novioman they have to if its cahallenged and the appeal goes to a condemnation hearing and the importer has a defence under VCRA as the seizure will be unlawful......
  12. Hi everyone I have another thread going which details the nightmare i am having with a TM SGR 12 which seems to have a possessed fet fitted which decides that i can have semi auto fire but not full auto fire without going into safe mode and killing the connection. Are there any techs in the east yorkshire area that can strip ky shotgun down to check it over and if required fit a new mosfet that will actually let me use the full auto setting on the thing!
  13. I was thinking if it was the fet just get it off to a tech to replace the fet with a gate mosfet or similar? Although it still fires perfectly fire in semi only so may just have to live with it short term which i can do as its semi only rules in buildings where i play and its most effective.
  14. Importing a rif without a defence is an offence under Section 49 (improper importation) Customs Excise Managament Act 1979 as rifs are defined as a prohibited and restricted item by virtue of Section 36 VCRA therefore liable to seizure under Section 139 (General power of seizure) CEMA 1979. The spanner in the works is if you have a valid defence under Section 37 VCRA as granted by the secretary of state (skirmisher) then the above prohibition and rstriction doesnt apply, however the officer 99.9% of the time wont know this part of the legislation. When goods are seized a BOR156/BOR162 should be issued which is a warning letter and a receipt for goods or a General Notice Of Seizure will be issued together with a notice 1a and Notice 12. The Notice 12 explains the right of appeal and gives a template of the letter that can be sent to Borderforce to appeal the seizure. Everyone has a right of appeal even when they are blatantly breaking the rules and it progresses to what is called a condemnation hearing at a magistrates court where a magistrate decides on the balance of probability if the seizure was right. If Borderforce are ruled as being wrong then the goods (or value) are returned or the goods are condemned and the importer pays legal costs. If i was to send a rif through the border i would accompany it with relevant evidence of my defence and a copy of the legislation to back me up or include it all in the box if i was to have it sent unaccompanied. But as i said most officers dont know the intricacies of airsofting/VCRA and dont see firearms in any form except on telly so will assume everything is a real firearm so default to seizure. If anyone has any specific questions let me know
  15. @Rogerborg that would be after i have attempted to confirm a defence under VCRA....seizing and destruction would incur alot of paperwork and time on my part......which is time i could be using for other things like searching my next new rifle or accessory 😆
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