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  1. Would something like this not work? Its what I have to use for my GHK mags
  2. Having read their Govt proposals, no wonder they are shitting a brick Have a look at some of their proposals A ban on imports Rifs manufactured in either a transparent plastic or non real looking exteriors
  3. Ive got a .come mail address Im gonna comment and sign, more numbers for them to help fight it can’t be bad for us?
  4. Ive “made safe” a couple of lipos on site when players have asked me how to dispose of them A quick nail through them sees a nice wee flame and a good puff of nasty smoke n fumes , always gets a wee crowd and a cheer 😂
  5. I’ve seen a bit on the socials regarding the US govt wanting to start licensing Airsoft replicas It appears congress tried to sneak this new ruling under the radar and it was spotted by some legal hot shot who brought it to light just a few days ago. Looks like our American brethren have until the 12th to lodge enough protest to have this postponed for further discussions to try and work something out . Seems that it will affect importing and costs, raising the retail prices quite dramatically Just my jist of it Canada just managed to fight something similar off, Australia weren’t so lucky Whos next? 😬 more info here
  6. Welcome to The GBBR Master Race 👍 Thats beautiful, and one on my list to get!!
  7. Aaaaaaaaaarrrgghhhhhhh Why when I’ve got no disposable (well I did but I’ve just spent it 😂)
  8. Just picked this up Heresy detected
  9. So this members first post is in the classifieds how? lol
  10. I doubt a heavier slide would affect your fps, your recoil speed maybe…. but I maybe wrong?
  11. Hi jeanluc Either put a wanted up in the classifieds, or try using www.airsoftdb.com invaluable tool when you are searching 👍
  12. I haven’t yet, but was thinking of digging through my wife’s nail polish selection to see if she has anything suitable, as they will probably peel off eventually despite a proper de-greasing before application ( I know I don’t have any in my makeup bag 😉)
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