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  1. Go to B&Q with the bolt & the drop leg They have a “pick n mix” area for nuts n bolts, washers etc you will find what you need there 👍
  2. Time Left: 3 days and 13 hours

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  3. Hi I don’t know of any sites in the borders, however Land Warriors site is just south of Gorebridge ( Facebook or google Edinburgh Airsoft) worth the drive 👍
  4. I have had success with various alloy products that have had loctite applied come apart with a good application of boiling water Aluminium doesn’t need flame applied to it to take the heat quickly to soften loctite Stick the tip (of the barrel 😉) into a cup of boiling water for a moment mind and loosen the grub screw or you WILL ruin the treads 🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. Hi I don't know if you will find it easy to bring into the UK with a UKARA defence Not what you want to hear, I would leave them at home or sell them Use the site rentals until>>>> Once you have played 3 times within a timescale (duration escapes me) you will then get a UKARA number which will allow you to buy RIF's if you are here for long enough to justify buying My Wife and I are heading to HK for our 6th visit in August , I am hoping to pick some gear up when visiting 👍
  6. I played Japs & Commandos as a kid played Paintball between the ages of 16-25 my father started me shooting air rifles by 6~7 yrs old got my first shotgun at 12 (a 410) then moved to 12 gauge by early teens and clay pigeons & game shooting. Then a trip to Vegas a few years ago gave me my first experience of proper firearms in The Gun Store, fired some awesome full auto equipment 😎 I got dragged into this recently by a chum who says it helps with his depression (but formed an addiction to buying gear online 🙄) who doesn’t like dressing up as soldiers, packing guns away and prepping gear the night before!! If I wasn’t so busy at work, I would be on forums all day 👍
  7. I Must say Asomodai , your posts are quite inspirational to me I'm on the hunt for a FAMAS of some description to have a tinker about with and upgrade if possible Just need to find one first 😉
  8. A similar metamorphosis as Paintball took years ago...…... A bit like the primordia's crawling out of the sludge , I personally don't see the harm in this. The good thing is that as this genre of the sport evolves and the demands of the players for a faster & more efficient pew increases, we will all benefit. I used to play SupAir when I got bored of woodland , companies like Planet Eclipse , Smart Parts , Air Gun Designs & others really moved the sport forward with technology advancements I'm too old , fat and slow for that shit , but good on them for taking it a step further 👍 I'm enjoying my regression back into the woods 😉
  9. What he said https://airsoft-forums.uk/forum/151-appraisals/
  10. Golly Thats a bit of an abortion isn’t it 🤢
  11. Wooo hoooooo found them , made by themselves https://shop.jkarmy.com/searchanise/result?q=silencerco+airsoft+osprey
  12. I had a similar issue with my we G17 i popped a couple of bb’s in at the bottom of the spring to compress it a bit more to increase compression. remove the base of the mag , slide the spring up a bit, pop 3/4 bbs in at the base of the spring slide (actually under the foot of the spring) then re-assemble then try firing again if this solves it, you know it’s the spring compression , fit a new spring 😉👍
  13. I’m following this , in the hope that somebody points in the direction of a silencer co style suppressor 😎
  14. These fellas ? bought some last month , work no problem in my Krytac crb 👍
  15. What do you consider as “North”? theres a couple around us in Edinburgh, and a few further up from us, Aberdeen & Inverness too 👍
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