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  1. Get a reasonable battery and matching charger The ones that come with the lower level RIF’s in the box are not to be left unattended whilst charging , plus they are shite 😂
  2. I’ve only played airsoft since 2018, and always had some sort of red dot thing mounted to my RIF’s My latest aeg has nothing on it and I’m quite happy using the iron sites (I can’t find something that suits it (Tart I know)) Having played Paintball in my younger years, for circa 20 years , it was all about muscle memory and snap shooting Its put me in good shape, I can genuinely pop out and hit a target probably up to 30 meters quite accurately without the use of any optic or iron site at all I find it just down to practice Getting comfy with my rif and it’s feel, balance, and where it will hit Try it Get a barricade that you can stand and hide behind , and lean out to the side to shoot at a target then get back in do this 100 times doing it faster & faster and eventually your muscles learn how far you have to move out to get to the “learned” position to shoot Once you have done this for a few dozen times, you can actually just snap straight out, pull the trigger, get back into cover , and hear the “HIT” Massively satisfying My optics are fitted 80% for fashion factor 👌
  3. You get a shell catcher for them bud Sits over the ejection port and catches / holds the used shells No need to go walkabouts after each game foraging for them At roughly £10 a shell, it’d get really expensive and disheartening 😂😂 Yup, I like the idea of a Spas with the folding stock i appreciate that getting the TM stock would be almost impossible, but I believe other manufacturers versions will fit with little “tinkering” that’d be cool as fcuk 😎
  4. I’ve had a couple of springers My first taste of shotguns was the Fabarm STF12, it’s all plastic , works with the usual TM style 30 shot cartridges, gave an effective range of around 15-20 meters. I popped a red dot on it and it doubled its weight 😂 Does get good reviews, but I got bored of it quickly Sling points are flimsy plastic, and total gash! After a wee while,I got an itch for another shotgun and picked up a Cyma MOE M870. A considerably better made piece of plastic. Runs on the same cartridges and system as the Fabarm, so easy and cheap to get shells for. A much better range, and could get .25’s out to circa 35-40 meters (I might have just got a good one) but it developed a fault after a few outings where one of the barrels would jam a beeb in it , that got sold as boneyard after I made it look like an APS CAM870 with trades and gold accessories etc I then just recently bought an APS shell ejecting Cam870 Ridiculously expensive Expensive to run Shells are a dick dance to load up Parts are next to none existent in the uk, so ordering from HK is the only option I FCUKING LOVE it Springer: something from Cyma Gas: Secutor Velites Exotic: APS Cam870
  5. I got a pair of used Lowa off fleabay to see if I liked them after them being recommended by a chum Exceptionally comfortable, warm when it’s cold, cool when it’s warm I wouldn’t go past them!!
  6. Another WGC Store order of shart for my Cam870 This thing is expensive to run, but SOOOOOOOO Satisfying 😂
  7. Well, credit where it’s due despite their delay in dispatching my order , it arrived today Around 10 days to get here They do play the game well, labelled with almost half the actual value and marked as a gift! No customs charges 👌 Thanks again WGC
  8. Got a chum to 3D print me a charging aid for my APS shotgun shells

    • For sale
    • Used

    NOW OPEN TO OFFERS OR TRADES VERY RARE First Choice Armor PC Very Little info on line about them….. They were intended to be issued to FBI & Govt bodies in the states but the deal collapsed They retailed at circa $1200~$1300 when they were new A VERY substantial and well made piece of kit (Kevlar stitching) plenty of molle & velcro, also the collar is removable Looks green in photos but is Tan/FDE in colour In exceptional condition Would like £110 posted inc fees NOW ON EBAY


  10. I didn’t bud Reason being that I ordered in plenty of time to receive the item for when I need them. The extra week delay on there part will be cutting things fine 😬 The postage charge was already £25, so to pay for “express” negated any savings, so I could have ordered from Amazon for the same money. I’d rather give the business to a retailer not Amazon Does the express charge just mean they go to the post office sooner with your order? Lol
  11. Just placed another order placed with these guys The Order was confirmed and also answered my question that items were in stock ready to send A week passed without hearing anything and I had to hustle them to get it sent, so a weeks wait just to leave the store! I hope my experience is the same as my last purchase regarding my luck with customs charges etc I NEED the items by the end of the month for game day So the additional 7 days wait for no reason is a bit of a drag Fingers crossed it goes smoothly
  12. I thought the same, I’ve seen it advertised on other platforms at the same price I guess nobody put it up on Macks sooner as the seller must have MASSIVE balls and has Super Chad Status that makes most of us tremble to even question the pricing Another fcuker on glue 😂
  13. He must’ve got it as a gift when his Da worked down’t Mill its “Barley used” 😂
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