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  1. One of my buddy’s @Hawkkw is in Inverness and plays at Tazball he seems to be enjoying the gang up there and constantly on at me to drive up from Edinburgh for a game to be fair , I should as he has dragged his ass down here to play our old stomping ground
  2. Oh, I know lots n lots of sweary words in Punjabi My best chums when I was 5yrs old onwards are Pakistani, I was pretty much brought up with them 😂 Edit: i hade to google “Chode” I had no idea!!! 😂🤣😂
  3. “The Chode” 😂😂 Whatever you do, do NOT say that in your local Asian convenience store You will leave through whatever window they choose for you It’s a rather rude name for someone in Punjabi 🤫
  4. It’s the same old - same old , no matter what the hobby...... First off with me it was Paintball , a grand on a marker was the norm , then your air system & hopper.......... Motor bikes , I was nothing without the newest R1 and a grand worth of exhaust on it Then Downhill Mountain bikes , my suspension cost more than on my R1 I have one decent airsoft RIF , A Krytac, was the first gun I bought , bought it used , got it at what I still see as a decent price I now have a few “budget” brands A JG Works , A cheap spring shotgun & a Umarex UMP I get more smiles per pound from the UMP because it looks different to all the usual M4 derivatives out there , and it was half the price of my Krytac My JG G3 is still to get played with , I can’t wait to get out there and look even more different I love the look of fear in the safe zone when other players don’t know what you have 😉 I mean really , just how far can you chuck a .28 bb ?? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Yes , At a longer range You should see the bb climb if you have overly adjusted the hop, I think you are too close to its final destination 👍
  6. Start off giving the barrel a clean I wasn’t impressed with the accuracy of a new toy I got last week And when I say new, it was new from the shop 5 good swabs to get it clean!!! Top to bottom
  7. I have been scouring the pages here ........ http://www.zib-militaria.de/epages/61431412.sf/en_GB/?ViewObjectPath=%2FShops%2F61431412
  8. Mould spores can be really quite damaging to the respiratory system , especially to an asthmatic, mostly if indoors . I have seen vehicles with bad Inside mould being condemned I would send back for a replacement / exchange item Lets face it, could be at least a good month until you get to use it in anger anyway.
  9. Your G3 looks WAAAAAY bigger than mine ☺️
  10. Splitting hairs here Ground Zero were trying to pull a dick move As said previously, good to see mostly common sense responses to the OP’s topic 👍
  11. So, everything arrived safely with no dramas, decent comms from the supplier My order took a few days longer to arrive than had been expected due to me placing an order on the eve of a bank holiday weekend (Fri-monday) Surprisingly, things really slowed down when my parcel arrived in the Uk It took 24hrs to get from Poland to the uk , then almost a week from London to Scotland 🤷🏻‍♂️ A UPS delay , not Gunfire 👍
  12. I just discovered this guys channel Hes from Sweden, sources real steel components and fully converts airsoft with the real counterparts Really good viewing 👍 Plus I LOVE the whole 80’s vibe he’s got going on , good videos https://youtu.be/3Uu8HEP-Kx8
  13. What make is the g3.ive got an lct g3 hated it to start with now it's my favourite gun..the size of it just means my play style changes a bit.


    1. Enid_Puceflange


      Hi buddy 

      I got the JG version of it from Taiwan Gun

      For £90 I’m quite surprised by the quality,  it sure how long the internals last, but if I need to chuck a few quid at it after 6 days playing I’m ok with that

      Your LCT looks a frikken beast, Infact I just fitted a scope rail to mine yesterday 👍

  14. If this advert was in the right place , you would probably find what you are looking for , there’s been a Vector sitting in the “right place” looking for a trade for ages 🤦🏻‍♂️
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