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  1. I heard that you learned the meaning of "blind firing" And "over aggressive play" last weekend 😉
  2. I don't know if its true, but the rumours are that most people in fife are the result of incestual relationships Probably explains some of how this happened (insert Deliverance style banjo music)
  3. Odin looky-looky if the original is supposedly light years better than this , I will be getting one when this breaks. Took me about a minute to feed 5 midcaps Awesome!!!
  4. Ordered a couple of weeks ago And it arrived last night , not in time for sundays game though LOL
  5. When I played paintball many a year ago , the deal was , when I got a new Marker (gun) she was first to shoot it , and shoot it at me she did 😂 Im actually more tempted to get her into airsoft, so as I can justify buying more pew-pews (for her to use 😉👍)
  6. I suppose my question was a bit open ended.......... I was really more looking for opinion on having the mag loaded for a period of time and how it would/could remove “springyness” from the loading spring rounding up all of the answers, loading the night before won’t make much of a difference , I don’t intend to leave them loaded up in storage between game days 👍 love to all, thanks for the reply’s 👍
  7. Was the kind of answer I was hopeful of getting, it was my gut feeling 👍 Cheers
  8. The reason I am asking is that I am waiting on an Odin style loader arriving and it bloody hasn’t come in time for game day tomorrow So all I have left is a 130 rnd speed loader and at 4 bb’s per pump , it gets crampy loading up 5 midcaps first thing on game day 🤦🏻‍♂️
  9. Please don’t flame, I did search but can’t find an answer........... So the question is, i have heard that most folk load up their midcap (or low cap) mags the night before game day I might be wrong, hence the asking But doesn’t loading your mag and having the spring compressed slowly weaken it? i have slowly broken my mags in by loading 10 rnds, then emptying loading 20 rnds, then emptying , loading 30rnds , then emptying etc etc I was just thinking , that having them loaded to capacity for a while would eventually weaken the spring, or am I worrying about nothing really? whats your opinion or right or wrong cheers
  10. Thanks for your support I’m glad I’m not the only one suffering from this crippling affliction 👍
  11. My name is Enid and I have a problem.......... I have always been pretty obsessive when I get into a hobby BMX , RC Cars , Motor Cycles , Watches , Paintball, Downhill Mountain Bikes, Land Rover Defenders But now it’s Airsoft...……….. This habit is relatively new to me My “Pusher” introduced me to my new habit only 9 months ago, and I am now what I would class as an “addict” I hold a position of Management , and find myself browsing forums & searching for the next Pew-Pew whilst at work. I have to close browser windows when somebody walks into my office. I have positioned my desk so as staff can’t see what I am really doing , when I should be working out margins and reports I sneak off to the loo and watch Airsoft related videos on YouTube after supper I have parcels delivered to work or my in-laws to stop my Mrs finding out I am buying more stuff. I give my co players the money to buy me items , to not get joint PayPal notifications to my wife’s phone I have a beer on my evening off and have my AEG balanced on the table to admire whilst watching an action movie or the Punisher. Im desperately trying to introduce work colleagues to the sport , to share my pains! My name is Enid , and I have a problem 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. I had better get the dremmel and soldering iron dug out 👍 cheers
  13. By prepping, do you mean getting rid of the waffle style pattern on the grip?
  14. Gents, what tip are you using on your soldering iron? I have been tempted for a while to do my tan coloured WE G17 , but a bit concerned of possible colour change when the heat gets to it 😬
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