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  1. Spotted this just the other day True story revolving around the aftermath of Colonel Gadaffi’s downfall some pretty graphic action , almost as good as Sicario 👍
  2. got it to try the UMP in the back garden earlier today , Suppressor actually does make quite a difference
  3. Indeed it is And it’s , Mr Perfect to you 😂 https://www.hollister.com/en
  4. Yup, I used to check it quite frequently looking for something different picked a couple of items up for sensible money pity 🤷‍♂️
  5. Made a mock grenade out of a roll on deodorant 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. Received a metal barrel for my UMP 45 in the post from a fellow member of the forum / CrashStacey , cheers mate fitted tonight, slipped in a charm, suppressor looks quite tasty too BEFORE AFTER COMPLETED 👍
  7. I have a WE G17 gen4 as my secondary I bought it used , and have hardly maintained it, it’s NEVER let me down good piece of kit imo 👍
  8. Yeah , your right It don’t matter, that’s cool as fook 😎
  9. I got a few suggestions in my thread mate what does the tip of your barrel look like? https://airsoft-forums.uk/topic/47741-umarex-ump-barrel-upgrade/?tab=comments#comment-382474
  10. bout /baʊt/ Learn to pronounce noun 1. a short period of intense activity of a specified kind.
  11. Thanks Rogerborg, that’s invaluable information in those links 👍
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