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  1. Enid_Puceflange

    Pistol torch

    HI, I recently got in the post a used GBB from a member on here He included a Nuprol torch in the sale, its pretty bright and fits the G17 that it came with very tightly / no rattle It appears to only have on/off and the ability to flash it if you wanted, but no strobe effect I have noticed that when I trial fitted it to my Primary (A Krytac Trident) it was loose as hell on the picatinny SO possibly just worn, but might be an issue if looking to swap to different pew-pew's πŸ‘ Rgd's G
  2. Enid_Puceflange

    Saying hi in Edinburgh

    https://instagram.com/p/BmTAdDxAvlphfYHt12BC76doUXOIDXRf9RU-Lo0/ well chuffed
  3. Enid_Puceflange

    Krytac Trident MK2 CRB full auto on semi

    Following this Running a Trident II on an 11.1v lipo Im not having any issues , but always good to see the outcomeπŸ‘
  4. Enid_Puceflange

    We g17 Wet, small part's help

    Following Some good advice here, waiting on my G17 arriving in the post , hopefully today πŸ‘
  5. Enid_Puceflange

    WE G17 gen 4(GBB)

    Payment sent mate cheers
  6. Enid_Puceflange

    Saying hi in Edinburgh

    Hi Guyver Unfortunately I am working this weekend off next weekend , which makes it Enemy Down weekend 😁
  7. Enid_Puceflange

    Saying hi in Edinburgh

    Got out last weekend to visit the site at Airsoft Edinburgh , which it think is effectively Land Warriors site Nice site , they had the APC out and running which was a hoot too 😁
  8. Enid_Puceflange

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    A nice case for my Krytac Trident to sleep in Load carrier on its way 😬
  9. Enid_Puceflange

    Landwarrior airsoft / Land Warrior / LWA

    Being new to the sport , I like to have a look around on line at the toys & accessories Land Warrior's store is local to me (well a 20 minute drive) Great stock and a nice place to visit, always folk in as well Have only read good things about them
  10. Enid_Puceflange

    Krytac- Bolt Cover

    Thanks for the answer That is exactly what I was thinking too πŸ‘ G
  11. Enid_Puceflange

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Picked up my first AEG last week 😎
  12. Enid_Puceflange

    Krytac- Bolt Cover

    First question on this forum...……. (I did search , honest) I recently purchased my first AEG , a Krytac Trident II The question is, when firing , should I be leaving the bolt cover open? I noticed some very light scratching to the finish on the inside of the bolt cover , which makes me believe there is ever so slight contact between the bolt & cover The cover is purely there to stop crud getting in huh? And it is safe to fire with it closed? or should it be left open & I am just to be careful not to chuck the gun into the dirt when playing? TIA G
  13. Enid_Puceflange

    Saying hi in Edinburgh

    Sounds like I just need a decent GBB / Β£80-Β£100 πŸ˜‰
  14. Enid_Puceflange

    Saying hi in Edinburgh

    Have been thinking that already πŸ‘
  15. Enid_Puceflange

    Saying hi in Edinburgh

    Why is it, as soon as you have a new toy you start to look for another Looking for a suitable sidearm now...………….. Browser history cleared daily to stop Mrs P figuring out what I am up to 🀐 G