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  1. They are worth a call on the phone bud I was up there on Tuesday to pick up some stuff, they have drawers and drawers of parts, might just have what you need
  2. Hmmmmm mm Somebody needs to clear their cookies 🤔
  3. He’s got one of those platinum lined Devgru suppressors on it that is apparently worth £80 to another seller I don’t see what’s wrong here 😂
  4. It is showing in my PayPal 👍 I think I’m still gonna sit tight on doing the refund, I’m suspicious still 🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. My wife seems to think that his “payment” is somehow a ghost, like not actually there And that if I refund him, he’s getting money back for nothing 🤷🏻‍♂️ But as you say, I’m just going to sit tight and do sweet F.A 😂
  6. And there’s more Could somebody tell me what this fella up to..... I had an auction run to completion on eBay / 7 day listing the minute it finished, the highest bidder paid their winning amount through eBay - PayPal Then two minutes later they requested to cancel the order and wanted a refund They have made no attempts to contact me The funds are showing arrived in my PayPal account, and eBay has completed the transaction what scam is this fukker up to? 👿
  7. You have picked up what I said wrong guys i have paid £80~ish for the barrel and hop (fitted) Need to drop another £200 ish to get it properly serviced and replace a broken part for the bolt stop that they have made prototypes for (as the genuine part is unavailable anywhere)
  8. Lovely lads To be fair, the gun I bought was shagged it slung bb’s, but pathetically ......... it’s just as well I realised this by getting superior performance from my cheap JG G3 🤦🏻‍♂️ when I bought it off this forum I cleaned the barrel and hoped that was going to help with its performance An obviously unloved pew, which needs some attention When I bought it, it chrono’d at 240’s (fps), now slinging .2’s at just over 300 Back at where the manufacturer’s said it should be More to come, just a gearbox service and some broken components to be replaced.
  9. I saw that, assumed he was on fcuking glue 🙄
  10. Made a quick visit to Kingdom Of Airsoft today (fortunately not far away from me) for a planned visit with my Scar A new 70deg Lonex hop rubber, and a Stainless EdGi , and fitted or for me whilst we chatted Gave me an extra 60fps 😃👍 DELIGHTED
  11. At first glance , all I thought was that you were going LGBT Due to all of those pretty little clamps holding it together 🤦🏻‍♂️
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