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  1. Do Krytac M4 (crb’s) and Krytac Vectors share motors? I'm tempted to buy this for my Trident CRB mk2 Cheers
  2. Do the Vector and the Krytac M4’s share the same size motors?
  3. I just made a couple of grenade clips from 3mm Kydex got a proper heat gun from Lidl that you can control the temp on a digital screen, that was only £18 I found the sweet spot temp for the 3mm was 280 degrees it heated it quickly and is below its flammable temp had to use a towel & found leather gloves helpful in applying pressure to shape & hold into position until cold etc
  4. I have never heard of this thing, the real steel is a fascinating concept an airsoft version will be amazing to see 😎
  5. Boredom Purchased some 2mm Olive green Kydex and started experimenting making grenade clips for my Dynatex’ grenades Just need to figure out how to molle them to my PC
  6. According to Luke , at Negative Airsoft in his latest video, it’s easily enough done with a pea-do file 😂
  7. Owned my CRB mkII for a couple of years Was the first aeg that I bought, never opened it, I clean the barrel and put it away. Works flawless 👍
  8. Thanks for the opinions guys To be honest, I had just been eliminated from the game and returned to my re spawn point ( which was at the opposite end of the field from the oppositions) I re entered play and walked past some of my team who were keeping the enemy heads down I was heading into the firefight, guns down, head down, just casually strolling A bit sneaky, but clearly not “out” 😂
  9. @Cyberlawyer Nicely put across, and you didn’t even need to drop the “C” bomb
  10. Lol Interesting, pistol was out No hand in the air, as that would show as a dead player & out of the game If the hand was up, and then “dead” player Would indeed be cheating We were even taped up with arm bands, so no mistaking the opposition Funny thing was the eliminated disgruntled players said “where’d he come from” 😂
  11. Looking forward to hearing your opinion of it I have a cheap JG version, but tempted to drop some dough for one of these Have heard that they aren’t up to the hype, I hope that’s wrong 🤞
  12. So..... The “Dead Mans Walk” witnessed it last weekend to great effect, circa 8 players taken out In one game player walking nonchalant style towards the opposing team head down, rifle down, pistol out of holster and pointed towards the ground when eventually close enough to guarantee some hits, up comes the pistol and pewpewpew wasn’t long before an opponent opened up fire 😂 Eliminated players complain of cheating to marshals whats your opinion? (Sneaky bastard was me by the way)
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