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  1. A bit of a useless post this one , BUT........ We we’re across in Brno two weeks ago, and stumbled into the winding up of a Zombie event on a Sunday afternoon in the town centre Obviously it was air softers getting involved in an official event along with the public A few carrying RIF’s with mags in public, but no signs that any bb’s had been fired A few pics (I love the Czech camo 😎)
  2. That thing reminds me of an old paintball gun I had back in the day A Brass Eagle Barracuda 🤢
  3. I stumbled across this last night and it’s ok for a bit of mindless fun Put together by the lads who established Black Rifle Coffee Company (Think Demolition Ranch - that makes coffee grounds) It’s a bit of low budget zombie fun with tactical shenanigans If you imagine Zombieland humour , with a bit of Sicario thrown in and lots of bad veteran style sweary language. A bit of shameless brand plugging by the creators and a cringeworthy bit where they seriously tried to sing the American national anthem after a cacophony of “America - Fuck Yeah” style chanting 😂 Worth a watch if nothing else on 👍 (a 4 out of 10 )
  4. Probably just a reaction to the situation as he had shat himself im sure he’s over it now (And showered) 😂
  5. Looks like great shit for giggles vfm The barrel moving reminds me of those old shit GAT guns you used to get 🤣
  6. “This is my safety Sir” watching that film just now 😂
  7. I spotted that last night It did stink of a wee bit expensive 💩
  8. I bought the start my patch collection on holiday Unfortunately, our hire car got broken into and the scumbags took the bag these were in .......... CNUTS
  9. At what point does Mr Clickbait Giant Haystacks looking Mo-Fo appear in this video? I got bored watching at about 8 mins 🤦🏻‍♂️
  10. One of the chaps who plays alongside me and a few other regulars , loves using his M14, for the reasons stated above , plus it actually works and out performs loads of other DMR’s on the field
  11. Classifieds On here Prefired Freeads
  12. What pistol did you order & return mate? (I’m ready to buy their custom G17 , which appears too good a deal to ignore and you know what they say about a deal being too good.......
  13. Hello and welcome Now get some photos posted up , there’s a good lad 😂👍
  14. They gotta pay for their marketing videos / propaganda somehow 😂
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