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  1. A sling loop to go on a 20mm rail. Unfortunately DK Armaments fucked up and sent me someone else's order. If there's a D Fisher from Cumbria reading this, I have your batteries
  2. Could be worse. At least they're not professional soldiers
  3. I remember seeing a Ross Kemp documentary in about 2015/16 where he went to Mariupol and pro government militia were training for cqb with airsoft guns
  4. I watched a documentary on magic mushrooms yesterday and it was very interesting. In fact I'm going to watch all documentaries that way in future
  5. "needs new hop rubber". Sothey want £800 for a broken gun. I dread to think what they'd want for a fully working one
  6. Might want to post in the for sale section, rather than gear wanted
  7. Busted and took it on the chin sounds like a film I watched last night
  8. To be fair to him he's taken it on the chin and dropped the price to £110
  9. At least he's nice enough to warn us about scammers while trying to scam us
  10. I take a few bits means doused in petrol and set on fire
  11. How many mk5s can I get for £3k? Edit: if it has to be a rif then £250 - £300 on a King Arms M79 with a short barrel and the rest on TAG rounds
  12. I'd say do it as it's always good to get to different sites. As they say, variety is the spice of life
  13. I'm not sure what's worse. The nuprol charger or the cheap Chinese one
  14. This. At my old site we didn't have marshals and 99% of the time they weren't needed. I think this was down it being run as a club rather than a site to make money
  15. That's the impression I got. I arrived late so missed the first game, and when kitting up the owner started whinning to me about how one of his staff had called in sick for a week after a positive covid test. He was more concerned about being short staffed than potentially infecting a few hundred people
  16. I've only been to Driverwood once for a night game and I don't think I'll ever be returning. Hit taking was questionable and got the impression that the staff didn't really care. For example when I asked about pyros rules was told "I wouldn't bother as no one takes them".
  17. Is that the voice of experience there?
  18. It's been reposted and still at a higher price than new
  19. I'll save you a seat when I get there That's why I can't tell jokes in the USA. My sense of humour is so dark the police would shoot it on sight
  20. Quote from a post in the link above Paintballing is a permitted purpose under the VCRA Is it?
  21. That'll cost you extra though Unless you're mates with the McCann family
  22. Welcome to the mad house. Have you played yet? If not I suggest gettng getting a few games days under your belt so you can see how the gun fits your playing style and what needs changing (if anything). When you've done that we'll be able to give better, more accurate advice. Unfortunately there's a few people who think that any airsoft gun is unskirmishable unless completely gutted and upgraded, which couldn't be further from the truth. Keeping the barrel clean will help with accuracy (really should follow my own advice there) and a higher rof can be achieved by switching to a higher voltage battery.
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