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Status Updates posted by Rogerborg

  1. The truth bomb that just got me kicked off a Warhammer 40K group when offered in response to yet another tiresome horny-teen post.


    Clearly too close to the admins for comfort. 😆



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    2. Impulse


      Reason for ban: Insecurity

    3. Sneaky


      Funny, but also sad that that group has no sense of humour.


      The Emporer Protects! (But not in your case!)

    4. Rogerborg


      The Emperor is protecting me from seeing the same tiresome childish incel smut being posted eleventeen times for every time it's reposted on Reddit.  I won't miss it, I suspect.

  2. As promised, shouting out that PatrolBase have short VN style mags in stock again.


    In tan.


    And actually, mag, singular. They have one (1) in stock. 🙄


    I'll pass, if anyone else wants to bag it.




  3. That awkward moment when an ex-workmate asks when I'm next playing, as he wants to get back into airsoft again.


    Nice bloke, but very much Gen-Z / Facebook generation.  Thinks airsoft toys should just work, has never even split his M4, won't do his own research, is constantly asking what he needs to buy and from where and how long it will take to arrive...


    This is why I far prefer going alone, it can be bad enough just sorting out your own kit issues of a morning without feeling responsible for the guy who'll rock up at 10-to-briefing-o'clock with his hop rubbers dried up, batteries flattened, and gas mags pissing propane.

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    2. Impulse


      I offer advice, but I don't parent them. I'll give friends my advice, but I won't coddle them and make sure they've taken care of everything (as you said, it's hard enough to remember all my kit, let alone someone else's. I always forget my hot sauce for my lunchtime burger!). Mistakes are a fantastic teacher.

    3. alxndrhll


      If the past year and a half has taught me anything, it's to just say it like it is and save yourself the time. If he doesn't like it then I doubt he'll be bothering you anymore, or he'll 'get it' and stop doing the bits that irk you (perhaps needing a nudge from time to time as a reminder). Either way, problem solved.

      I get it's very easy to say, and awkward social interactions can be pretty painful... but don't let crap like this hinder your enjoyment of anything, irrelevant of what it is.

    4. Musica


      what should I get tho?

  4. Well, my lucky streak with Ali Express is over, a fixed stock has been returned to sender because "Exception parcel handling in sorting center". No, not by Border Farce: it never even left Chyna.


    I wouldn't mind so much but Ali Express doesn't email any updates, you have to go and dig into order histories manually to see what's up, and it was knocked back 3 weeks ago.


    And of course the sender hasn't sent it again, nor issued a refund, and I can't open a dispute until the middle of August.


    I rather wonder if it was rejected for being assault-toy related, and whether that's going to be a problem for us.

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    2. Rogerborg


      I can't know for sure, but I can't imagine what else it could be. It was sent, then bounced straight back to the sender.


      Ace, thanks Lozart, I'd never thought to try that, I assumed these robo-scripts are more about preventing you doing anything.  That's a dispute opened now.

    3. Lozart


      @ak2m4 I had a sight rejected a few months back, seller sorted it out pretty quick in that instance though.

    4. Rogerborg


      Well, Ali Express have resolved it in my favour pretty much instantly, although I don't know if they actually have any power to compel sellers to refund. I should find out soon enough.

  5. Today I learned that:


    1) When making an s-hop, the silicone cannot extrude into the barrel even fractionally, or you'll sky every BB even with no hop on, or no hop arm fitted at all.


    2) DMR naysays can say nay all they like, but I like DMR gameplay - with a working hop.  Luckily I had spares to hand and sorted it at lunch, then it was all fun and games from there.

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    2. Rogerborg


      It helps that my secondary is my snappy little 1.05J MP5K rather than a pistol.  I reckon I split the afternoon about 50-50 between them, I didn't miss out on any full auto larks.

    3. Impulse


      I do the same with my VSR these days and I love it, as it lets me push and play aggressively when I need to, and if someone attacks my hide they get a very rude awakening in the form of full auto .28s. Carrying an mp5k alongside a VSR and mk23 is pretty easy.

    4. Rogerborg


      Yup, and with it on a drop-leg panel, I barely even know I'm wearing it.



  6. Can anyone spot short / stubby / Vietnam style M4 mid cap mags in stock anywhere at the moment?  E.g. the Battleaxe 110rnd metal or plastic ones. They seem to be out of stock most places


    Fat Bobs have high caps at £13 plus £6 postage which would be the fallback option, but I'd prefer mid caps.


    Bespoke has 20 round real caps which are a milsim too far.


    I've currently looked on:

    Patrol Base (the best selection and prices if they had any, which they don't)
    Airsoft World
    Land Warrior
    Fat Bobs
    Ammo Drop
    Zero One
    Targets Zone
    UK Airsoft
    And even the BBGunz4U shower.

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    2. Steveocee


      I grabbed a couple of EPM1-S's a fortnight ago, been waiting ages for them to come to the UK. Got mine from PatrolBase. Crazy how many BB's for such a small mag.

    3. Rogerborg


      They do look pretty good, I might hold out for a restock.

    4. EvilMonkee


      Fire Support have just restocked with 10x M16VN 80rd low caps.

  7. STUUUURGEON! [shakes fist]




    I know, it only mentions hospitality, but I'm inferring no change to anything.  Sports only ever gets mentioned as an afterthought.


    Looks like indoor airsoft is staying shut until at least November up here.  I'd lay odds that it's not re-opening until next year. If ever.


    I've tried to stay away from politics, but this puritan wee bism is loving playing the reluctant dictator, while criminalising more and more things that she doesn't approve of (i.e. fun).  It's the Presbyterian way.




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    2. Excal1burUK


      @Akuma121so your the reason the uk wont have a national speedqb for the airsoft Olympics xD

    3. Akuma121


      @Excal1burUK I know people high up in the UKARA police, we'll never allow such villainy in our hobby 😂

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      *pops in seeing 30 replies*

      What the actual fuck happened to this conversation

  8. Torp quatily mortor arivvad!



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    2. Rogerborg


      Phew, lucky guess.  It's going in a JG G36, and I'm not fussed about ROF so much as semi-auto response and being able to reliably pull the piston past a lock-up: I've had a couple of lock ups where the spring was almost fully compressed and the stock mortor just wouldn't pull it that final tooth.


      And yup on the diode, I already have an SB260 in all my mortors will be swapping it over.

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      keep the JG motor (O-type pinion)

      and if/when the 140 arm gives out

      swap it all over & use the JG arm

      which they say is a 22tpa


      certainly has a little bit more performance

      than std Cyma/G&G stock motors


      it was just the weak ferrite magnets holding it back on lock up

      when you just don't have the raw grunt the motor stalls

      and fuses blow or there is a really BIG spark at switch contacts

      when the switch re-opens


      The spark or arcing isn't from the motor starting but flyback inductive energy when you release/open switch

      on a stalled motor this spark really increases when switch opens

      (on std non-mosfet setup or on mosfet this flyback can kill certain uprotected mosfets)


      the schottky diodes snub the inductive spikes

      but they nick 0.5v schottky to up to 1v for other diodes

      so there is a trade off for circuit protection it seems


      fucking annoying a little bit more thought isn't used in these peew peew's - but just slapped together and shipped out the door with no consideration at all.


      in the geeky electronics world they would be mortified at running motors without a snubber diode & often they would lean to a capacitor & resistor method to quench the spark


      I glanced at some of it & just thought it is way way too geeky for me


      nah fuck it I'll just use the ICS method at some motors or splice it in on the motor wires on SHS/G&G types as close to motor as possible & leave it at that


      Good choice as i said - best of the 3 BD motaaaaa's imho

    4. Rogerborg


      [Fits to gnu]




      That's worth £20, I reckon.



      "there is a really BIG spark at switch contacts when the switch re-opens"


      Yup, I just had to clean up the contacts after what can't be more than 5,000 rounds, thus adding the diode.

  9. Finally, the Imperial Guard get the recognition that we've always deserved!


    Warhammer 40,000 - ASTRA MILITARUM Imperial Guard Lego Moc Minifigure Set

  10. Played in woodland yesterday, had an OK time, but it mostly reminded me of why I prefer CQB.


    Once you've lain in one flooded mossy ditch, you've laid in them all.

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    2. Rogerborg


      That's a fair point, I enjoyed sneaky when I was sniping, but this site has a weird rule about playing twice before you're trusted with a 485fps / 2.2J (double weird) sniper.  Not that they're enforcing it in practice, I suspect.


      When you're out with a random AEG and all of the games are variants of "rush an objective" on a busy site, it's pretty much the start of Saving Private Ryan over and over again.

    3. Impulse


      Yeah, when I'm out with an AEG, I still play like a sniper (sometimes even with the ghillie on too), because I don't like rushing objectives when you know at least three enemy players will be sitting in a bush ready to light you up. People are often amazed when I use less than 1000 BBs in a day while out with an AEG, but that's just my play style and it's what I enjoy.


      I think woodland is great if you have people with you, because you can do squad tactics and really dominate the game, however without coordination (which, let's be honest, skirmish airsofters aren't going to coordinate), woodland is... I don't want to say it's bad, but I think I'd prefer CQB if I wanted to play a faster, more rush-like style. Attacking objectives in woodland requires a lot of repeated aggression, or some sort of sneaky super-flank where one guy takes out half the enemy team (which feels amazing in fairness).

    4. Albiscuit


      I treat woodland a lot like cqb though. I find coming from a cqb background you have a few skills woodland players do not have, it was always evident when a woodland squad rocked up at the mall for instance. 


      I still rush, push forward and play a sneaky style in woodland much like I did at cqb. It doesnt always work granted, but players can be surprised by a lone guy rushing forward when they were not expecting it. 

  11. Expensive day's airsofting at Biohazard today with my nephew: he lost one Glockazine, and dropped another and cracked the feed lips.  Ah well, fun was had and nothing lasts forever except WuFlu restrictions.

  12. Sites that run entirely on Facebook, and only post their events to a "players" subgroup that you have to find, then apply to join.


    Are they trying to fail?

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      maybe it's so they can stop cheaters from turning up.....


      if it wasn't obvious no i didn't have a straight face typing that....

    3. ak2m4


      some people sadly think the internet starts and ends with social media 😞

    4. Rogerborg


      Given that they're still advertising places for next Sunday when every other site I've looked at is solidly booked out into October, they'd be better off taking God-Moders' money, then kicking them off site in the first game.

  13. Oh my God, they killed the Depot.



  14. Looks like I'm actually going to be able to play indoors on Sunday before Greet Leader Nicola shuts Scotchland down again.


    I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl on her third Roofie Colada!

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    2. Shamal


      Very very careful now! 😀


    3. MiK


      @Steveocee Seriously ??/ would you give Wee Jimmy Krankie a “seeing to”??? 🥺

    4. Rogerborg


      I wouldn't touch her with yours.


      Honestly, it's going to be hard, and hard to not just empty tracers into everything for the lulz of it.

  15. I've given up waiting for the Depot to re-open (concern intensifies), and booked in for Biohazard in Stevenston next Sunday.


    Oops, just a week to lose the lockdown lard.  I guess I'll cycle to buy the beer, butter and beef today.

  16. Scotch indoors sports to re-open from the 31st!


    Randy is the best!! It was a spooky ghost. It slimed me! : southpark

  17. Luke at Negative has really outdone himself on the self-sacrifice with this one:



    I can 100% fap to the honesty here.

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    2. Speedbird_666


      Thing is, many guns come with metal-racked Pistons out of the box now.  Specna Edge and the newer CYMA AKs spring to mind (I have both). How many guns will end up shitting themselves (completely) because the user is unaware of what's going on inside their gun? Who knows... but I suppose it keeps Airsoft techs gainfully employed.


      My ICS guns came with plastic-racked pistons though, which is handy. 

    3. Skara


      Yup, my Ares guns came with steel rack pistons, my honey badger got the gearbox rebuilt and it runs smooth, the 009 (which I sold) completely destroyed the gear set when it stripped.


      I get the point of having the last 2/3 teeth towards the piston head made of metal, after all they're the ones who have to bear the most pressure (when the spring gets cocked), but makes no sense to have the full rack being of metal..

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      some interesting points he makes, for example about hop overheating on auto. i do wonder how much of an effect compression heating has on that as well given hpa's tend to take a bit longer to "warm up" given they're running pre-pressurised gas.


      polymer pistons are fine if it's good polymer (insert rant about the quality of airsoft plastics), and the whole sacrificial part is a valid concept, in general i tend to buy steel racks but i won't replace a polymer piston if it's in good condition.


      reminds me of my rc days where polymer gears are pretty common, even on the 1/5 scale stuff, i had one that ran for years although ironically almost every other component of the drive system failed. that was good short-strand carbon reinforced though (handy side benefit the carbon acted as lubricant as it wears).


      but he's spot on about maintaining, it's why i like to encourage people to get into their own teching, you can save a lot of money time and headache if you're able to keep on top of maintaining your own stuff.



  18. Finally cracked and went to book an outdoor site and it completely sold out while I was booking it.


    That Media section video of lads just shooting each other in an abandoned building is looking like a viable option at this point. 😭

    1. Musica


      If you need it that much I will pop over and shoot you in your own house. Welt withdrawal is tough.

    2. Rogerborg


      I cannot express how much that means to me.  I'm ready, just let me know the exact time that you'll be there, and the direction from which you'll be approaching. 🤤

  19. Jesus wept, looks like no indoor airsoft in Scotland until the middle of September now.


    Although if we're very good, wear our muzzles religiously, and stop dying, we might - might - be allowed to play by the end of August.


    Everyone got the impression that "not before 31st July" meant "on the 31st of July", I have no idea why.


    Biohazard has already taken bookings for tomorrow, let's see if they cancel now.

  20. And that's everything back together except for the selector plate / cut off lever spring, nice and carefully, finger on it to stop it springing away, one side on, the other side o-


    PIIIIING. Right into the Pile of Perpetual Ignorance in the corner of the kitchen.


    Well, that's the last we're seeing of that.  Another £3.50 on a spring set kit - I feel like I've been here before. 🙄

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    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Thin flat blade precision screwdriver or scalpel blade

      is what I use, to slightly compress & align into place

      (or when removing it)

      covering the little fucker in case it tries it on


      but yeah that bastid is the one that often gets away

      some selector plates you can just jiggle on without lifting/removing the spring/col & others you can't without risk of breaking the selector


      so you think I'll just remove that - oh shit wtf did that go...

    3. ak2m4


      let me know what spring you need, if I have some loose I'll pop one in an envelop for you 🙂

    4. Rogerborg


      Aww, thanks, I appreciate that.  I've already ordered a spring kit though, I'll doubtless lose more given the parlous state of my "work" area.

  21. Pro-tip: when chronoing by shooting into a plastic bucket full of water, ensure that there's enough water in it to prevent the BBs from blowing a hole right through the bottom of it, otherwise you'll shortly find that there's no water in it at all.


    Any pro-tips for repairing plastic buckets? 🙄

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Rogerborg



    3. AK47frizzle


      Just use the good old coke can method: straight through = 300+ fps on 0.2g. Insane method.

    4. DestrO



  22. Well, I can't avoid it any longer: that's all the airsoft gear going up from the garage to long term storage in the loft.


    I'll probably keep dropping by here though as we'll need some distraction from the constant doom about the Chinese Virus Communist Bioweapon.

    1. Musica




      Starting to wish all the money I spent on airsoft gear was on a better graphics card now.  

    2. L3wisD


      I'm the same at the minute. Contemplating moving the gear from under the bed up to the loft. :(


      Keep looking at nice new things to buy and then going "Wtf are you doing - none of this will get used for months yet.."

      Saving lots of money though at least.. 🤷‍♂️

    3. AlphaBear


      Mines all out of site too now and stored away... expect my  417 which I keep polishing coz it's nice to look at ... may even get some autoglym out at this rate!


      Let's face it there will be no games for the next 3 months anyway and I hazard to guess a few more after then....

  23. Mrs B forgot to buy D cells for Miss Borg's robot arm kit, so I spent a happy hour diking[1] and soldering[2] a 7 cell nimh crane stock battery down to 5 cells /~6V, then crocodile-clipped it in to power it up.


    Needless to say: BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.


    [1] http://catb.org/jargon/html/D/dike.html


    [2] 59.5 minutes swearing at Chinesium peasant solder, then 30 seconds getting it done with German master race solder.

    1. sonofsammo


      I have to ask.... Robot arm kit??



    2. Rogerborg


      Sadly, it didn't turn her into a cyborg.



    3. sonofsammo


      Ah.. Still cool though!
      I was asking cos my daughter has weak arms due to her disability, so robo augmentation would be awesome!


  24. First time I've quit half way through the day.


    No shout for chrono opening, a rambling, incomplete briefing that left newcomers baffled, "10 minute" breaks that dragged on for half an hour while the marshals yakked it up in their office, then to top it off, getting shouted at because the chief marshal had forgotten where he'd said the spawn points would be, and blamed the players.


    Given that lunch would doubtless have dragged on for 90 minutes or more, I wasn't minded to hang around for more of the same.


    Shame, as the actual play was fine, there just wasn't enough of it.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Musica


      I asked a question before in the brief and was told it was already covered instead of having it answered. Then it turns out they didn't cover it and both teams are stacked at a stairwell because no one knew who was up or down. 


      Was the chief marshal the young boy? 


      Problem with the Depot safe area is that it's too good so everyone sits down and wants to be "last out" to get maximum arse on chair time before the games. I too wish for less down time more pew time. No one needs more than 10 minutes between games in the safe zone.


      Going to try Biohazard out this month hopefully. You maybe should give it a bash too. 

    3. Rogerborg


      Yup, the Depot.  It's generally fine, but it very much depends on who's running the day.


      I'll be positive and say that when Baz is running it, he does a great briefing that sets us up for a fun day, and generally keeps it rolling along nicely.


      Baz wasn't running it yesterday though.


    4. Steveocee


      Sites need feedback like this though. On X day it was awful and as long as you can give constructive reasons then they should take note of this. Also by the same action, positive feedback should always be given where due.


      If you weren't a level headed individual you could have come on here, really blown off about it and discoloured lots of other peoples opinions and given them really bad press.

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