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  1. Well, I can't avoid it any longer: that's all the airsoft gear going up from the garage to long term storage in the loft.


    I'll probably keep dropping by here though as we'll need some distraction from the constant doom about the Chinese Virus Communist Bioweapon.

    1. Musica




      Starting to wish all the money I spent on airsoft gear was on a better graphics card now.  

    2. L3wisD


      I'm the same at the minute. Contemplating moving the gear from under the bed up to the loft. :(


      Keep looking at nice new things to buy and then going "Wtf are you doing - none of this will get used for months yet.."

      Saving lots of money though at least.. 🤷‍♂️

    3. AlphaBear


      Mines all out of site too now and stored away... expect my  417 which I keep polishing coz it's nice to look at ... may even get some autoglym out at this rate!


      Let's face it there will be no games for the next 3 months anyway and I hazard to guess a few more after then....

  2. Mrs B forgot to buy D cells for Miss Borg's robot arm kit, so I spent a happy hour diking[1] and soldering[2] a 7 cell nimh crane stock battery down to 5 cells /~6V, then crocodile-clipped it in to power it up.


    Needless to say: BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.


    [1] http://catb.org/jargon/html/D/dike.html


    [2] 59.5 minutes swearing at Chinesium peasant solder, then 30 seconds getting it done with German master race solder.

    1. sonofsammo


      I have to ask.... Robot arm kit??



    2. Rogerborg


      Sadly, it didn't turn her into a cyborg.



    3. sonofsammo


      Ah.. Still cool though!
      I was asking cos my daughter has weak arms due to her disability, so robo augmentation would be awesome!


  3. First time I've quit half way through the day.


    No shout for chrono opening, a rambling, incomplete briefing that left newcomers baffled, "10 minute" breaks that dragged on for half an hour while the marshals yakked it up in their office, then to top it off, getting shouted at because the chief marshal had forgotten where he'd said the spawn points would be, and blamed the players.


    Given that lunch would doubtless have dragged on for 90 minutes or more, I wasn't minded to hang around for more of the same.


    Shame, as the actual play was fine, there just wasn't enough of it.

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    2. Musica


      I asked a question before in the brief and was told it was already covered instead of having it answered. Then it turns out they didn't cover it and both teams are stacked at a stairwell because no one knew who was up or down. 


      Was the chief marshal the young boy? 


      Problem with the Depot safe area is that it's too good so everyone sits down and wants to be "last out" to get maximum arse on chair time before the games. I too wish for less down time more pew time. No one needs more than 10 minutes between games in the safe zone.


      Going to try Biohazard out this month hopefully. You maybe should give it a bash too. 

    3. Rogerborg


      Yup, the Depot.  It's generally fine, but it very much depends on who's running the day.


      I'll be positive and say that when Baz is running it, he does a great briefing that sets us up for a fun day, and generally keeps it rolling along nicely.


      Baz wasn't running it yesterday though.


    4. Steveocee


      Sites need feedback like this though. On X day it was awful and as long as you can give constructive reasons then they should take note of this. Also by the same action, positive feedback should always be given where due.


      If you weren't a level headed individual you could have come on here, really blown off about it and discoloured lots of other peoples opinions and given them really bad press.

  4. Currently tea-dying a shirt that's not quite the right shade of beige. I suffer for my art.

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    2. StayOnTarget


      What tea ya using?

    3. #blackadder
    4. Rogerborg







      Morrisons You Can't Afford Any Better teabags.  40 out of a box of 80, an hour steeping, soaked overnight, washed, came out pretty well.  Changed "fawn" to more like "camel", if not full "coyote".

  5. How do these things ever work?


    Trying to restore the air-seal on my MP5K, we're talking tiny fractions of a mm in barrel alignment between "won't feed" and ""dribbles out".


    Never, ever replace the stock parts in your gnu. Ever.

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    2. Rogerborg


      Ironically from going too hot it's now weak tea. Those MP5K hop units are cray cray, they don't seem to want to match the profile of any hop rubber that I've tried, and I'm not even sure where the original has gone.


      Well, after hours of fiddling it's working fine in the garage now.  What could possibly go wrong on the way to chrono. ;)


    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Hope you brought a backup....

    4. EvilMonkee


      I feel your pain.  I lost the c-clip on my GHK AK last night and now the barrel won't go all the way in so the airseal is shite and BBs just dribble out.  New c-clip on the way.......

  6. Wow, check out the weather on Saturday!




    I bet Sunday's going to be just aweso-






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    2. Rogerborg


      I like playing in the cold.


      I do not like playing in the wet.  The key word in the Sunday image above is "torrential".

    3. Musica


      @UKCYukarin both me and Roger primarily play indoors anyway so we have the luxury of being picky with the weather for outdoor ventures.



    4. Skara


      I can relate, this winter we barely played due to the rain.

      Pisses me off as a lot of guys in my team have proper rain gear.



      Feels like people are made of tissue paper..

  7. Nuprol should bow to public opinion (and spelling) and rename themselves as Nurpol.


    Change my mind.

    1. Prisce


      My auto correct thinks they should be called nuptial.....

  8. Sonuva gorram beach.  My MP5K with a 249mm ZCI barrel - but this time with the PTFE tape removed and some actual hop applied - chronoed at 348, 346... 352.


    Back in the bag it went and out came the backup G36C.


    Only after getting home and jumping on AK2M4 did I have a "... wait a second..." moment and remembered that I'd already bought a 229mm ZCI, which is in the backup-backup M4 which was in the bag keeping the G36 company.  Could have had that swapped in in a few minutes.


    Sort yourself out, Rog.


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    2. Musica


      heh at least you have backups when it blows up in your face.


      Does it being longer no mess with  it worknig with a tracer?

    3. Rogerborg


      Tracer's on the pistol, this is just a suppressor.  It's got spring-and-foam internals, which were influencing the BB flight (as in, it was all over the place). Being an honest sort, I took the suppressor off and went and got it re-chroned, and it came out just barely over.  But over is over.  I mean, for that particular chrono, which is a rant for another thread.

    4. Musica


      So how will a shorter barrel fix your issues or you going to have to do away with the suppressor and just chase the 345~ fps

       Think I'll be picking your team next time I see you 





  9. Dem feels when just for once you're totally prepped and ready for a weekender event by Tuesday... then they postpone it for 6 weeks. 😭

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    2. Rogerborg


      Mmm, I do sympathise with the site owner, he's put loads of work in and arranged for extra facilities for the weekend, and a bunch of folk (I infer both players and marshals) have booked up front then told him with under a week to go that they won't be showing up, citing sickness (must be pretty bad if you know that far ahead that you won't make it) but also "holidays and weddings".  How could that have come as a surprise?


      Bad news for everyone, although the way it's being handled is pretty amateurish.  No automatic refunds, he's assuming that we'll either want to roll the booking forward or will attend a regular skirmish day on Saturday and get credited then.  Yeah... but no.  That's the thing about running a big weekend mislim, the extra numbers come from people who wouldn't normally have made the trip.


      It's only £10, but having to ask for it back in the first place should be unnecessary, and having done so, if it doesn't show up in the next day or so, then I'll just be opening a PayPal dispute and that's the last that site will ever see of me.  And I get the money back either way.

      Why is it so hard for people to just do the right thing, for the right reasons, and for their own benefit?

    3. ak2m4


      Must have been quite a number of players who cancelled last minute in order for him to cancel the whole thing.  Unless he didn't get that many people in the first place and wasn't worth the time.  Either way just refund everyone as soon as you cancel the event, how hard is that.

    4. Rogerborg


      I'm dubious about the real story too.  I feel for the guy, he's really very decent and has been struggling to get numbers and income up after a rather rash decision to open a brand new site last Autumn just as the weather turned.


      But not enough to simply donate my hard-earned.

  10. Urgh, sites run solely from a Facebook page that don't tell you exactly where they are, how to get there, the availability of parking, game days, hours, prices, site rules, or pretty much anything that you'd want to know before deciding to make the journey there.


    I know, "Just message us, mate", but why not document it once rather than dozens of times?



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    2. Aengus


      It got emptied last year don't complain!

    3. Mad Rag

      Mad Rag

      it looks like they dont even have a website at all. 


      @Aengus thats alright then!!!! ;) 


    4. Druid799


      The ones you think “do they want my money or not ? “

      Put some bloody details up FFS ! Not asking for the ins’n’outs of a ducks arse just the basics that’s all !😡

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