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  1. I don't really agree with this assessment. The biggest problem, as you have correctly identified, is that players' information is not well recorded, very infrequently updated, and not properly accessible. A more advanced system which automated more of these tasks would be a huge boon to the airsoft community. I am envisioning a smartphone app and website. First how it works for UKARA: UKARA creates a database which is capable of creating and storing (in a GDPR-compliant fashion, obviously) profiles for retailers, sites and players. UKARA creates a web portal, with online forms, thr
  2. This doesn't seem radically different from UKARA in concept. The "BAC" now have to: Partner with as many airsoft sites as possible, which means reaching out to them and getting hold of their public liability insurance certificates, and Creating profiles for each site to access remotely, so they can affirm that a player was there at a specified date, and Partner with as many airsoft retailers as possible, which means reaching out to them all and, Creating profiles for each retailer to access remotely, so they can affirm a player's BAC details (number and address) are val
  3. PureSilver

    ghk 553

    Interested in splitting off 3 of the magazines? I figure that'll bring the price down a bit for another purchaser, might make it a bit easier to shift the gun if it hasn't sold yet.
  4. Scorpion EVO. I have actually ridden to a skirmish with a gun in a rucksack before, and no prizes for guessing which gun I chose for a game where I wasn't going to be able to bring a backup.
  5. That's partially inaccurate. There is no minimum age limit to have a defence - if an 8-year-old played airsoft three times in two months at a site for which public liability insurance is held, he'd have the same defence as anyone else. The only differences are (a) he'd be too young to register that defence with UKARA, (b) because he's too young to buy any airsoft gun. As @Rogerborg says: There is nothing illegal about OP's father (over 18... I hope) purchasing an IF and gifting it to OP, OP playing (or having already played) his three games in two months to have a defence
  6. Might be worth keeping an eye out for a Hephaestus Project T, I think that was well-regarded.
  7. If you put 11.1V through a TM AEP it will explode. AEPs are fragile, aftermarket and factory parts support is very poor, and their tiny air volume means it's challenging even to get 1J out of them, if I recall correctly. There's a reason people are prepared to pay ridiculous amounts of money to convert them to HPA - they just don't work very well as electric guns. If you want the best electric MP7 on the market - which is not a high bar, the AEPs are really not very good - get a VFC "AEG", make sure you always keep your batteries at a decent level of charge, and pray you never brea
  8. I split between my ruinously expensive TM SOPMOD and my downright affordable EVO3A1. When it comes to OOTB AEGs I firmly believe the ASG Scorpion EVO3A1 is by a country mile the best gun available - possibly the best OOTB airsoft gun on the market at present, full stop. Yes on the new ones they cheaped out on the gears, but for the money it's basically impossible to get such a compelling combination of handling, sturdiness, performance, reliability and interactivity. These things were sub-£300 from Patrolbase for years, when the VFC MP7 - which while very cool is deeply flawed - de
  9. I agree completely with this. There must be tens if not hundreds of thousands of B6s out there; it is one of the most common hobby battery chargers. The law of averages demands that eventually at least one (even one of the real ones) is going to go up in smoke and take someone’s garage with it. With such a small sample size we don’t know whether the charger or the battery caused the fire; even the victim isn’t entirely sure. If a battery blew up on me I would always assume I had mis-set the charger or let a cell drop into DDS, both factors that are known to cause charging fires, ra
  10. LCT have an MP5 coming soon-ish (it's in their catalogue as coming soon) which will almost certainly be available with their EBB gearboxes, which are pretty brutal. You don't get the usual TM refinements (stop on empty, bolt lock/release) but you will get a stamped steel receiver and decent plastics, which you absolutely won't with any future NGRS. If you don't want to wait they have HK33s with the same gearbox out more or less right now; if they make a HK53 that would accept the same SureFire fore-end as the MP5.
  11. @AK47frizzle is spot on. You can get replica EBR chassis for the WE M14 from $450 for the chassis alone up to $1,400 for a fully upgraded gun, but the only AEG conversion kits I'm aware of were the rare, long out of production and eye-wateringly expensive G&P kits for the TM-and-clone M14s. You're going to be better off buying a whole new AEG that comes with the chassis. The good ones are the G&Gs from about $500 on up, the cheap ones are the CYMAs from about $225 on up.
  12. In descending order of annoyance: Unsafe play, especially blind fire, but also overkill. Coming round a blind corner pre-firing, dumping 10rds into someone at close range, is totally unnecessary; I came to play airsoft, not indulge your sadomasochistic fantasies. Included in this is high-RPS builds, especially DSGs and high-power/high-RPS HPA. If you need 40RPS to play, maybe you should take up something more your speed, like knitting. Dickhead play, especially not calling hits, but also hit-calling, offensive chat and getting aggressive. If you want to be a big man, fuck off down
  13. I'd be aiming for 75-80% of UK retail. The M9A1 retails for about £140 in the UK, so I'd be looking for £105-115. The E2 retails for about £125, so I'd be looking for £95-100.
  14. This is basically it for me. I can't see the point in having 5-10 guns that are all functionally identical (I don't mean "they all shoot 6mm BBs", I mean "they're all bog-standard AEG assault rifles") and also less well-made then they could be, when I could have 2-4 guns that are really incredible. You can only use a handful of guns (it's a ball-ache even to bring more than a handful to a skirmish) when you play, so why would you have a less good gun in your hands in exchange for two more in the car, or more likely at the back of the cupboard at home? I've sold virtually all my hor
  15. I aspire to one day enjoy a job as much as Marui Man enjoys his.
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