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  1. Are people actually going to get these or are you lot going to issue refunds as i personally am not paying for something i have not received
  2. Just a acog replica i got from Ali express https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002138181699.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dplR3OA
  3. Ordered mine in June - tbh I’d forgotten about it
  4. Ive told him that myself - seen plenty of people older than that. More than likely thinks I’m a bastard and doesn’t like me - but saying he is too old is polite I always do my shopping early unless its a item thats not released until the festive season such as one of those fancy advent calendar things with all the cosmetics in. Other than the gift for the mrs - see above for what she is getting - Ive got my boys gifts and had no choice but to get them early as the new xbox and ps5 sell out within minutes and i wont pay a mark up
  5. I have tried to get her along to a game - but she has no interest and from experience i know its not worth pursuing as she is stubborn. But its time for me and the eldest - main reason i started doing it as it gets him out and about and with all the restrictions Covid put on pt at school i just want him to be out the house. My youngest can start next year too so more the merrier , trying to entice the brother in law as he is ex forces but says he is too old as just turned 60
  6. To be fair the mrs doesn’t use any of the false shite so many seem to use - I’m now possibly going down the route of buying one and wrapping it up for her. Guarantee fire works on Christmas Day - i sleep downstairs with the dogs anyway so what’s worst thing that could happen 😃
  7. People seem to rave about the new silverback tac 41 https://www.longbowbb.co.uk/tac-41 I have a hti 50 but not used it yet
  8. She said she wont buy any “ stupid “ guns for me. Asked her tonight and got a thorough lecture about how i get to use real guns at work so why do i want pretend ones. So i shall buy myself a Christmas present this year
  9. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9939587/Hostages-strapped-cars-huge-bank-robbery-Aracatuba-Brazil.html Like a mission from grand theft auto
  10. Just looked at what i wrote - let me clarify . The place i took it too put a battery on to see it worked as I’d not bought a AEG up till that point and i was going to get them to do some other stuff. When they put a battery on it wouldnt work - after investigating they discovered the mosfet was fried. I said fit new one - but they said the gun was so poor it needed serious work to get it upto standard. So it was then that i decided enough is enough. I am a person who once tried to fit a car stereo and caused a electrical fire - I don’t do things myself as i either break it through frustration or because I’m heavy handed.
  11. Trying to drop subtle hints to the girlfriend for her to get me a new RIF for Christmas but she seems oblivious to my subliminal manoeuvres. I know its still over 3 months but i like to plan ahead. any of you guys getting airsoft related gifts this year ?
  12. Have you bought a gun only to discover its an absolute pile of shite ? bought my eldest a Evolution Tango Down ECR-5 ETS a few months ago and was shite from minute one. Took it in for a deans conversion and straight away problems occurred - mosfet was fried and despite having issued sorted it was still only achieving just over 100 FPS. Anyway decided that I wasn’t wasting money on it and now its a expensive wall hanger. luckily I’m happy with rest of my purchases and other than the one dissatisfying experience everything else I’m more than happy with
  13. I have had my eldest’ s pressie since April - like to get things done early
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