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  1. It’s a toy gun for gods sake - its not a Airsoft gun its a TOY - i suggest you start petitioning the toy shops and EBAY then https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/292473244721
  2. The gun in question - in other pic was dirty as been in mud / dirt and was bought for a be your hero day at school
  3. All the kids on the estate play massive nerf wars - he does not leave the front garden / back garden with this item as he usually has his big yellow gun. I’d like to think i am more aware than most of the implications of real fire arms and the damage they can do - i also am fully aware of how the police could mistake a toy for a RIF - but he isn’t going anywhere with it other than outside for a picture. A sergeant at work once went to a mess function as a suicide bomber and drunkenly asked home and in no time was surrounded by armed response so I understand the consequences of people mis
  4. The weapon he has is a battery powered toy gun that cost £5 - its not a Airsoft gun - its not a RIF its a nerf gun that are sold in every toy shop throughout the country so I don’t see a issue. If children are not allowed toys guns that flash lights and are quite clearly a toy then something is up - if he had hold of one of my RIF’s i could understand but he isn’t
  5. It’s a military estate so everyone has combats on
  6. We still have shitloads at work despite everyone supposedly being issued virtus - last time i used ecba was back in Northern Ireland. but yeah its not comfy They are some old practice grenades i found in the storage room at work during a sort out - had them years brought home for when the boys played soldiers out in the back garden
  7. Eldest came home from school today so fitting him out with his kit ready for next weekend as he wasn’t keen on the ECBA i got him from my locker at work
  8. https://www.davescustomairsoft.co.uk/Weapon-Accessories/Magnified-Rifle-Scopes/1-16x40-scope-with-high-20mm-mounts.html https://www.davescustomairsoft.co.uk/Weapon-Accessories/Lasers-Torches-and-PEQ-Boxes/Element-PEQ-15 Now i need some decently priced mags for the 417/G28 and the PSG1
  9. Everyone has different opinions but i loved using the 86 back before it was phased out
  10. I wish it was my back yard. Had some awesome kit in there - browning HMG’s , GPMG , M249 , GMG and some serious kit he UKSF fetch down when conducting ops from our camp. Think my little un has become obsessed - he asked me to give him a lesson on pairs fire and manoeuvre earlier and now he is in the woods at the back of the house practicing his patrol skills
  11. Loved the L86 , was a big awkward bastard but if you needed to put rounds down there was nothing more accurate.
  12. https://www.davescustomairsoft.co.uk/Weapon-Accessories/Magnified-Rifle-Scopes/1.5-6-adjustable-dr-elcan-gen-3-with-soft-case-black
  13. My youngest’ s kit - but he cant actually go till next year so teaching him drills and skills.
  14. New to all this and not even been airsofing yet - 1st game is booked for 23rd may - but have a list of dream guns ill hopefully procure over the next few years. I’m lucky enough to own a few already but not finished my collection yet. I have the following : Umarex PSG1 Umarex G28 GBB Umarex HK417 GBB Umarex Glock 17 gen 4 But would like to add the following : GHK Mk18 Snow wolf M82 TM KSG shotgun Umarex HK MP5 SD3 GBBR V2 M249 Para I know the M82 is not the best but i had an exercise with UKSF and we
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