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  1. It's not uncommon for sellers to think "it's still brand new", so loses no or very little value. Of course they're wrong lol but there ya' go...
  2. Which BB's are shown in the picture? They look steel.
  3. You should sell this design back to Novritsch. A big improvement!
  4. Urrgghhhh style more like....full-metal!? Get out! Double Eagles should be plastic and proud.
  5. Think about getting the 2300 round M4 one for my Double Eagle Honey Badger 😆
  6. I've experienced something similar, sent a few pics to the retailer and agreed a percentage refund. Leaves everyone with a reasonable deal and minimal inconvenience.
  7. I can see why someone who has been in those units would have a stronger opinion and quite honestly I don't really get the point of having all the correct gear as I think it crosses over in to full LARP'ing territory. However as above, if you don't in any other way make out like it's genuine, then I can't see the majority taking offence.
  8. Yeah but Confucius was only 22 in that depiction....
  9. What are you actually looking to achieve? Just something which is externally different to anything currently on the market? If that's the case, you can get something with an M4 receiver and usually add the handguard and stock of your choice (although even with that some are incompatible and require modification). If you're talking more about internals, you'd be best off working with your chosen tech, as at the end of the day it'll be them who's putting their name to it.
  10. I'm starting to sound like a shill but seriously, if you're looking for a CQB gun that takes M4 mags and costs less than £150, why would you get anything other than one of the Double Eagle M904 series....
  11. OT but with a ZCi barrel, (£8.50) hop unit, 60 degree maple leaf bucking & omega nub mine's over-hopping 0.32g's with room left on the wheel.
  12. Well they were released in 2003, so you're only 17 years late to the party 😉
  13. Is this locked to semi? You've stated it's 430FPS.
  14. Can you list upgrade parts used?
  15. Yeah mate, cost me like 90 quid new. Save a fiver innit....btw bung us an extra £25 for Paypal and postage. Cheers.
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