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  1. Would you stop raising irks of mine, makes me want to rant about subjects which have already been discussed to death. "Here's how much I want for my item but I can't be bothered to workout (Google) the Paypal fees or tell you how much I want to post it, because I haven't bothered to think about that either"
  2. You've got a few now, is it the recoil element which attracts you or Marui quality?
  3. Time Left: 5 days and 16 hours

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    Creating this ad on the off-chance there's an ARP-9 owner out there who swapped their stock for a buffer tube etc and no-longer needs the original. Must come with the screw and plate.


  4. Do you also walk around reciting Luke's "Don't Buy a Tokyo Marui Recoil" rant, like it's the opening monologue from Trainspotting?
  5. I've been playing five years and have never even worn out a hop rubber!
  6. Yeah, I did think that there must be at least one more. I genuinely read that as "selling my body"
  7. For me having the option just puts too much pressure on the day. If it doesn't go well I'm like "I spent £600 on this bloody thing!" Saying that, I do kinda miss my TM SCAR L
  8. I've found airsofters fit in to two main categories when it comes to their guns and gear: 1) The "cheap and cheerful" crew - Has a sub £200 primary, likely doesn't have a secondary and if they do it's something like a WE Glock which they've had for a half-a-dozen years. If something breaks they'll tinker and bodge it themselves, meaning they likely get the best GBP to kill ratio. 2) The "my collection" brigade - Takes delivery of a new RIF pretty much every week, uses each in one or two skirmishes at most before selling on. If anything breaks they'll send it off to a tech for "the works" I'm definitely in the latter but want to break the cycle. I was about to order a slide for my TM Hi-Capa Gold Match but then thought back to the other week when I got some great kills with it stock and realised in that moment I was more concerned with it shooting reliably than looking pretty, so why bother... The above seems to have little to do with with actual financial position. I know wealthy people who have basic guns & gear and people who've taken out loans in order to sink £2K into a RIF. I guess the topic of discussion is: While you're actually skirmishing, do you care about how your guns look etc? If not, does that also make you wonder why you've gone for the £1500 NGRS etc?. As an additional discussion, are there any airsoft habits you want to break? I spend hours browsing retail websites and enjoy the buzz of a new arrival but the shine soon wears off, so I've obviously got an issue to address.
  9. Time Left: 4 days and 17 hours

    • For sale
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    Bought this not so long ago but it didn't fit my receiver as you need the matching notch at the front. As such it's pretty much "as new" This is just the handguard, no additional fittings etc and this version doesn't have any markings but does have the number rail sections and looks the part overall. Stated price includes PayPal fees and tracked courier.


  10. Time Left: 4 days and 17 hours

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    • Used

    This fantastic package pains me to move on but as is the trend with me, I feel compelled to in order to have a nice neat collection of stuff I'll actually skirmish on a regular basis. I only used this for one morning skirmish and got some very satisfying "kills" with it. This licenced and overall very accurate (1:1 scale with the RS) replica, combines the grip length of a 17 with the slide length of a 19. I'm not going to talk about what that means in the "real steel" world but in Airsoft it leads to fewer refills, which is vital if you want to get any proper use from your pistol. I've also added a 2021 maple leaf bucking to help with range and accuracy. Also included in the package is the tan Glock logo hardcase and extra mag (these are often very difficult to find in The UK), spare nozzle and my favourite part the "Trijicon" night sights (made specifically for this model of gun by pro arms airsoft), which from memory were about £70 delivered. I will consider splitting these as they're not fitted to the RIF, please PM me if you're interested in just the sights. I will then update this ad with a reduced price for the bundle. Stated price includes PayPal fees and trackable courier. Any questions are usually answered quite quickly but please PM as I don't get notified of anything asked on the ad.


  11. I was talking with Luke at Battle Lakes and he had the DSG MP5 he built himself to prove a point. One pull of the trigger to demonstrate the ROF and somebody immediately sprinted around the corner, asking how much to build one for him.
  12. Also seems to be because Luke builds guns for reliability, rather than the 349.9FPS & 60RPS on a hair-trigger that many of the sub-25 year old airsofters are obsessed with.
  13. Even with Facebook groups you get people piping up just to say something, even though they have no-idea what they're talking about. I've literally had people saying "I don't know if this is right or not but this must be the cause of the problem..."
  14. Of course people are free to ask for whatever they like. The dreamers thread is more of a guide to buyers and sellers, while having a bit of fun with it a long the way. I can't speak for everyone but whenever I price the stuff I'm selling, I of course go in a certain amount under new retail, however with me there is always the question of "do I definitely want to sell this?" As such if I were to list it at a bargain price 1) You're still going to get the Wheeler Dealer wannabe asking for X amount off 2) If it sells within in a couple of hours, you're going to wonder if you could have gotten more. So yeah if it's not selling and I'm still fairly certain I want to move it on, I'll just drop the price by £10-15 here and there. I've never been pulling my hair out, desperate to sell. From a buyers perspective, all I can say is the only negative feedback I've ever received on here, was when I decided not to sell to someone 😬
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