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  1. If you look at the classifieds you'll see a member has listed similar guns for around the £500 mark. Those have been up for sale for about two years though. They may eventually sell for that but guess it's a matter of waiting to find the right person, which is your prerogative if you're not in a hurry. I should imagine they're worth about half that at most to 95% of airsofters though.
  2. Time Left: 2 days and 20 hours

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    Only used for two skirmishes and it performed beautifully but I'm an SMG guy. In fact the main reason I wanted this was because it's in my favourite Airsoft colour - Foliage Green, straight from the factory. Which of course means the finish is far superior to a rattle can job. To get the most out of it without messing with it, I put in a Prometheus hop unit, 6.03mm prommy steel barrel, prommy purple bucking and nub. Also included in the package are 2 x Krytac mid-caps and the hi-cap which comes with the gun. To summarise: Krytac Mk.2 CRB-M - £350 Prometheus Hop unit, bucking and nub - £65 Prometheus 6.03 inner barrel - £53 Krytac mid-caps x 2 - £36 Total new = £504 Will be sent in original box which is still in good condition. Stated price includes PayPal fees plus fast and tracked courier. Any questions are usually answered quickly but please PM as I don't get notifications for anything asked on the listing.


  3. Who knows what's going on in this photo though. He's wearing safety glasses and the mag isn't in. I can't tell if it's an AEG or GBBR but if it's an AEG then maybe he's confident the chamber has been cleared or maybe there's not even a battery in it. Worst case scenario he pings himself in the face with a BB. Obviously if it's a GBBR, it wouldn't even fire without the mag.
  4. I've never been to an Airsoft site which sells alcohol. Please would you name a few examples? (seeing as you used plurality to imply it's the norm) In regards to smoking weed prior to/while playing, let's just say a large portion of players don't need any help being slower or dopier.
  5. Time Left: 5 days and 15 hours

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    I've used this at a handful of skirmishes and it's performed very well but I do have two of these and that seems like a waste. Some minor marks etc as to be expected but still in good overall condition. I've been using 0.28's and it hops these straight and far with ease. The beautiful Battleship Grey works surprisingly well in woodland as it takes on the hue of its surroundings, so looks almost like foliage green in those situations. These guns are fantastic out of the box, so I've only added a few light upgrades as detailed below: ASG Scorpion Evo 2020 in BSG - £350 (latest ECU and wired to deans) Madbull steel inner barrel - £35 Prometheus purple bucking & nub - £15 Flat shortstroke trigger (professionally installed) - £30 plus labour. Yeti Wurks Mag Release - £30 (although seem impossible to get atm) Bearing Spring Guide - £16 Spring to take to 340fps - £10 Total new = £486 All in all, a nice compact and snappy package, which outperforms many longer rifles. Will come in its original box and with 1 x mid cap (75 round) mag. If someone is a serious potential buyer, I am happy to take further photos or make a shooting video etc. Stated price includes PayPal fees and tracked courier. Please PM any questions as I don't get notifications of anything asked on the listing.


  6. Probably best to just to delete this thread and get on with our lives, eh.
  7. Thanks for the detailed review. Last I heard having a drum mag with a pistol was a contentious issue. They've now confirmed they allow them?
  8. Obviously off-topic but I work in shipping/freight forwarding and the same practices are happening in this industry. Every other week the vessels omit UK ports, the following is then naturally full/overbooked. Rinse and repeat for a few months. The shipping lines can then triple prices and claim it's because there's no space on the vessels.
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    This is the full stock, longer handguard and barrel version of the super-popular ARP-9, so takes the same mags etc. However this version is limited to 3000 units worldwide. Skirmished once for half-a-day, so still in great overall condition. Fitted with a 229mm ZCI inner barrel, maple leaf 2021 60 degree bucking and omega nub. Which brings the power up from around 320 to 340's. Other than that it's stock but still clocking in at an ample 25 rounds per second and snappy response due to the G&G MOSFET/ETU and flat speed trigger. Another feature of the ECU is that you can very easily programme it to three round burst. Especially useful for those who want to penetrate the foliage without burning through BB's. Nuprol hard case, PTS foregrip and M-Lok section not included. G&G mock suppressor and original flash hider will be though, along with 1 x High cap mag, 1 x 60 round mid and of course the pièce de résistance - the G&G 1500 round drum mag. Stated price includes PayPal fees and tracked courier. Please ask any questions via PM as I don't get notifications of anything on the listing.


  10. "We admit it, TM Hi-Capa's are far superior"
  11. Do you mean woodland or indoor CQB? Especially in woodland you'd likely need to be fit and use a very aggressive/sneaky play style. I wouldn't attempt it if you're more the type who hangs near the back to middle. I have pistols which shoot 50m but obviously they're less accurate, don't penetrate foliage as well and only have 25 round mags.
  12. Ahh I don't mean counts the BB's in the mags, just the total amount shot through the gun.
  13. Not a fan of Titan's, I just want something which offers battery protection, improves snappiness and maybe keeps track of BB count. Are there any options?
  14. Just tried to get through to Patrol Base on the phone and quickly hung up after hearing "You are currently caller number eleven in the queue".....


    In other news, I'm excited to finally be trying Driver Wood this Sunday!

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      They're probably out making TikToks.

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