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  1. They see it as giving more ground to people who aren't really seeking gun registration, but whose end goal is eventually banning all private firearm ownership.
  2. Appreciate you taking it in the good humour it was intended.
  3. Rate your sidearm? I think you have us confused with Reddit.
  4. Why would they need to be two toned to skirmish with?
  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    As per the title this has only been used in 2x half-day skirmishes and it's definitely a lot of fun, being effective in both urban and woodland environments. It seems to do well with both 0.25's and 0.28's but what I'm lead to believe, is that with a barrel and bucking upgrade it can send 0.40's a great distance...not that there's anything wrong with the range it's reaching now! Even using in cooler (I didn't say freezing!) weather, it has never struggled, embodying the quality and reliability stock Marui's are renowned for. Price includes one mag, the MP7 specific sling point, which is actually pinned through the body and from what I've seen online, helps to strengthen the rear-end of the receiver and of course this compact hardcase with pick n' pluck foam. Perfect for safe and easy transportation! I have three additional mags but I was planning on selling those separately for £30 each, as they will be snapped up all-day long at that price. Please of course let me know if you'd like to add these and we can discuss a deal. Stated price includes PayPal fees and postage. Please PM me any questions, as I don't get notifications for anything asked on the listing. Also as this keeps coming up time and time again: 1) You must be either UKARA registered or have another form of defence/reasonably demonstrate you're a regular skirmisher. 2) Check my feedback on here, I've sold many items more and less expensive than this and mostly have been able to send quickly. Being chased with "posted yet????" at 8am the morning after you sent payment at 10:45pm, is my number one pet peeve when it comes to selling. If there any undue delays, I will send you an update letting you know the situation and giving you the option of a full-refund if you're not happy with the new ETA.


  6. As above, 265fps on a 0.20g is spot on for a TM G19 which only has an 84mm inner barrel and there aren't really any upgrades to get it much above that. The TM V10 Ultra Compact is only 230 - 240fps on a 0.20g. Do you really need more though?
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    As I continue to trim down my collection, I am torn over which Tanaka revolver to keep. I've decided on letting this one go because it's more modern looking. Initially it may not be to everyone's taste but with the rail removed it looks like an updated Webley MKIV! Plus the top and front rail do of course serve a practical purpose. It feels fantastic in the hand, I was under the impression Japanese pistols had to be made from plastic, but this is really solid/dense feeling and cold to the touch, so I'm thinking at the minimum it has metal mixed in somehow It's used, so some marks present. I've tried to capture accurate pictures of the overall condition in natural lighting, but there's no major damage. The real steel version takes eight rounds and the this replicates that with the holes in the cylinder. However as you can fit a few BB's in each, this actually holds a very skirmishable 14 - 16 rounds. So yeah, it's not just to look pretty in your collection but just don't expect it to hop 0.40's 60M. As mentioned I have two Tanaka Revolvers and both are inconsistent in power and have a range of around 20M....which is of course still plenty to takeout "enemies" in most CQB situations. Stated price includes PayPal fees and tracked postage. Please PM me any questions as I don't get notifications for anything asked on the ad.


  8. Time Left: 6 days and 19 hours

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    This has only been used in a handful of games and it's absolutely on point. Reliably hopping 0.28g (I'm sure it could go heavier but these are my chosen weight) BB's far and true. It's lightweight yet solid and has enabled me to get many satisfying kills on the few occasions I have used it. The only reason I'm selling it on is that I've found I prefer using a rifle I can stick a magnified optic on and that doesn't really work so well on an SMG. Package Includes: ASG Scorpion EVO 3A1 2020 Revision (in FDE) - £360 ASG Scorpion Evo Spring Guide with Bearing - £22 ASG Ultimate Mil-Spec AEG Spring (M95) - £8.50 Prometheus Tightbore (6.03mm) Inner Barrel - £34.99 ASG Ultimate Hop rubber & nub - £6.00 Airtech Studios Evo 3 Enhanced Hop-up Gear - £9.99 Total Cost = GBP 441.48 I have a wealth of accessories for this, which I was going to list separately rather than losing too much as a package but if you're interested in these, we can discuss a deal to include some of them. For those who don't know, some of the features include: true quick change spring (takes about 20 seconds and one allen key), ambi selectors, three round burst, mag cut-off feature when using mid-caps and a folding stock which locks into place. Stated price includes PayPal fees and tracked courier. Please PM any questions, I usually respond quite quickly. I can usually post within two working days, if it looks like I'll be unable to fulfil this, I will update you accordingly. Please do not chase before then.


  9. Which service accepts LiPos?
  10. Welcome (back), have a good read through the site. Everything you asked has been discussed to death on previous threads.
  11. Clicked on the link and one of the "You may also like" was this.... https://www.usedairsoft.co.uk/two-tone-replicas/glock-17-m-o-s-gen-5-in-9mm-like-new_i47256 In a sense I really hope that's a scam 😟 ....unless I'm missing something?
  12. Please would you clarify FPS/Joules this is currently firing at? You've stated "shoots just over 350-355, using .28s and .30" That's 1.76J or the equivalent of 435fps on a 0.20 - so unless semi-locked, still too hot.
  13. In neither the OP or those WhatsApp messages does he even reference Airsoft. Thought he could gain our trust just by doing this:
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