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  1. I've realised the ultimate cardinal sin of airsoft, is if the really obvious and puerile remark isn't shouted out by that one guy who's been chatting to his friends all through the safety briefing.
  2. Time Left: 6 days and 4 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    This was put together when I sold off most of my primaries and was left with just a Scorpion Evo. I decided I wanted something for a different style of play. I also wanted something with lots of the Marui faux wood, as I love the colour of it. So I purchased a brand new TM VSR-10 Pro and sent it to Luke at Negative Airsoft. Only skirmished for half a day but realistically sniping is not for me, so I have decided to move it on. However in that time I can tell you it performed excellently. Easily hopping my chosen ammo (0.40g) with plenty to go on the adjustment screw. One thing that surprised me was how smooth and easy the bolt pull is. I've had bolt action rifles before and they've always been a chore to manipulate but I fired this quite a few times setting the hop/zeroing and my arm felt fine after! It was setup to be just under the site joule limit of 2.2 while using 0.40g BB's. So using them it fires 335 - 340fps (2.1J). On 0.20g's it fires at early to mid 480's. Either way it's absolutely spot on for most UK sites. Upgrades: Action Army Trigger Unit (this removes the safety leaver but you shouldn't have it cocked when it's not safe to do so anyway) Action Army Piston Action Army Hop Unit M130 Spring Steel Spring Guide Laylax Compression Spacers Flamingo Hop Rubber Lightweight Aluminium Barrel (Not an expensive one but it came highly recommended by Luke) TDC Mod. (I was adament I wasn't going to stick a small Allen key in the magwell to adjust it!) Comes with a total of three magazines (one of which is an AA 50 rounder). I also added a Marui rail which has been loctited on. Novritsch Scope not included but for I will include it for £40 extra. Any questions are usually answered quite quickly but please PM as I don't get notified of anything added to the listing. Stated price includes PayPal fees and tracked courier.


  3. Going to avoid your first point in order to keep this thread somewhat on topic, haha. Let's look at it this way. If someone you didn't know was selling a KOA upgraded Marui recoil, would you give them say £800 for it? Afterall, fancy RIF, fancy problems!. Also, if there was an issue, would Sam be happy to pass on any warranty to another owner? I've tried the pizza in Italy and it's terrible! The Slovakian's, now they know how to make a pizza!
  4. 1) Stop topping-shaming people! 2) In my experience it's very difficult to find someone willing to pay any more than £600 for a secondhand RIF. Regardless of what it cost to put together.
  5. The issue I had yesterday was dense woodland - bushes and trees etc obscuring anything beyond twenty metres and there was only a small group of us, so not much in the way of targets. Therefore I spent a lot of time bumbling around trying to get a read on distances that would be better with the naked eye.
  6. I'm not 100% set on selling just yet. Maybe I just had a bad day yesterday. In regards to being sold with issues, hopefully it being built by a well-respected tech would help re-assure that it's been setup well and designed to be durable. In regards to the Novritsch SSG10's....I could forward a hilarious voice message rant from Luke, containing his thoughts on them - that should bump the price of mine up, right? 😄 (disclaimer, I wouldn't actually forward that) From what I can tell, upgraded bolties do sell just fine....at the right price. As I say, I will likely hold on to this for a while longer, to justify the depreciation. Cheers guys. I think this is the key difference. Parts + gun doesn't equal upgraded. It's about fine-tuning and as you say maybe people don't appreciate it "on paper" but the SSG10's haven't had the best reviews when it comes to the way everything fits together. The bolt pull on mine is so easy and smooth because of the way Luke set it up, including removing material from exactly the right place etc.
  7. "Wonna swop 4 me WE Glock? Slide release missing and it's two tone bt lovly peace of kit!" "What's your best price!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!? £150!??!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" Sorry....I appear to be having a mental breakdown. I've obviously sold too much stuff on here recently 🤪
  8. Does anyone know if these fit in the Nuprol holsters which are primarily designed for WE/TM G17, 18C's & 19's? ie: this one: https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/nuprol-eu-series-pistol-retention-paddle-holster ...or are they too diminutive?
  9. Make/brand: Tokyo Marui VSR10 Any accessories included: 2 x extra mags and Marui rail Basically I purchased a Brand new faux wood MARUI VSR10 and sent it to Luke @ Negative Airsoft, who has set it up at 2.1J using 0.40g's. I skirmished it for half a day at Battle Lakes yesterday and decided it wasn't for me (an age old story, eh!) Upgrades: Action Army Trigger Unit Action Army Piston M130 Spring Steel Spring Guide Laylax Compression Spacers Flamingo Hop Rubber Lightweight Aluminium Barrel (Not an expensive one but it came highly recommended by Luke) TDC Mod. This "owes me" about £600 but I don't expect to get anywhere near that back. What do you guys reckon would be a fair asking price?
  10. Time Left: 4 days and 20 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    This has been in my collection only a short while and in that time, skirmished twice. Selling as even before the pandemic I was playing only sporadically, so I'm now leaning towards pistols which are show pieces rather than high performance workhorses. Having also owned both an upgraded TM MK23 and a fully tricked out ASG MK23, I can hand on my heart say that (IMO) this is the best of the three, both in terms of performance and how it feels in the hand (due to the metal slide). It sounds like a cliche but the first time I used it, I found myself being shot at from about 60M with an AEG and their BB's were falling 5-10M short. I returned with 2-3 from this and hit them square in the chest. I also managed to shoot people and not have them knowing where the shots were coming from, despite me being behind a Bush only a few metres away. Of course I can't guarantee the same will happen to you but as I have discovered, it's certainly possible.....TL;DR: This shoots really far and is really quiet! The holster is 3D printed as it's lefthanded but if you ask most people who know a thing or two about this/MK23 they'll tell you this is best one to get. This updated version even includes an appropriately sized Allen key hole, so you can easily adjust the TDC hop on the field. This package cost me over about GBP 310 new and price listed includes all paypal fees and tracked courier. 1 x Novritsch SSX-23 in excellent condition with updated TDC. 1 x Novritsch Modular Suppressor. (total of) 5 x Novritsch Green Gas Magazines, all with updated feedlips 1 x Lefthanded DTD Holster with mount. 1 x Novritsch Frame Rail to allow attachments of torches etc (not pictured) THIS PACKAGE COST £310 NEW. SAVE £100 ON A LIGHTLY SKIRMISHED PISTOL. I will of course also include the Novritsch SSX-23 hard pistol case it originally came in. As always feel free to ask any questions, please send via PM though as I don't receive notifications of them from the ad itself.


  11. The sky and the moon are up. You don't want to be shooting that way, mate...
  12. Time Left: 3 days and 20 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    This has been in my collection about a month now and again obviously has not been near a site in that time. However I think when we are allowed to play again, I'm only going to go every now and then, meaning I would prefer that the pistols I have are show pieces rather than high performance workhorses. THIS PACKAGE WOULD COST YOU £325 NEW - SAVE £80 BY BUYING AN UNSKIRMISHED PISTOL. As with most Novritsch products you will hear/read mixed reviews online, some will say they're overpriced, others that they're just plain rubbish. I have to admit when I first took delivery of this I wasn't overly impressed but after installing the shortstroke slide, making sure everything was cleaned and lubed and had tweaked the hop, I can honestly say I think it performs very well, plus feels awesome in the hand. Because this RIF has a matt black finish, it does mark rather easily (especially the outer barrel) but the wear on this particular one is no more than any would have after half a dozen or so mags from new. The only exception being one of the green gas mags was dropped, it still works absolutely fine but has a couple of grazes. This package cost me over about GBP 380 new and price listed includes all paypal fees and tracked courier. 1 x Novritsch SSP1 Shortstroke CNC Slide (installed and loctited. Original slide included in sale) Red fibre optic front sight Novritsch aluminium flared magwell 3 x Novritsch Green Gas Magazines 2 x Novritsch CO2 Magazine "Amomax" Hi Capa Active Retention Holster (the one on the Novritsch site) I will of course also include the Novritsch SSP1 hard pistol case it originally came in. *Surefire clone not included but I would consider selling as an addition for £35* The only disclaimer I will highlight is I have chronoed at home on my cheapish Nuprol chrono. So figures listed are as that reads and while I'm confident it will be below site limits on Green Gas, Novritsch has this listed at 360fps on CO2 (my chrono read 335 - 340). As always feel free to ask any questions, please send via PM though as I don't receive notifications of them from the ad itself.


  13. You've been scammed in to owning a Vorsk pistol 😄
  14. I like my Umarex Glock 19X....but yeah, having that licensed bit is not cool.
  15. Comes back to what was discussed earlier re; expensive real steel grips, sights etc.
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