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  1. Why would you want an all black or otherwise realistic gun? You're young, you should be rocking bright, fun colours. It's only us boring and sensible oldies that need RIF's.
  2. Yeah, it takes a lot of time and effort to write one line on a forum from your mobile.
  3. Unlikely I know but it could be prone to failure in another area. Besides, didn't this start because they posted a picture of an Umarex airgun?
  4. I may have missed something here but in airsoft terms, what makes the TM Gen. 4 G17 vastly superior than the Gen. 3. Although Tbh that's more rhetorical as I know you don't know, because you haven't used a TM G17 Gen. 4.
  5. Time Left: 16 hours and 30 minutes

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    This has been in my collection about a month now and again obviously has not been near a site in that time. However I think when we are allowed to play again, I'm only going to go every now and then, meaning I would prefer that the pistols I have are show pieces rather than high performance workhorses. As with most Novritsch products you will hear/read mixed reviews online, some will say they're overpriced, others that they're just plain junk. I have to admit when I first took delivery of this I wasn't overly impressed but after installing the shortstroke slide, making sure everything was cleaned and lubed and had tweaked the hop, I can honestly say I think it performs very well, plus feels awesome in the hand. Because this RIF has a matt black finish, it does mark rather easily (ie the outer barrel) but the wear on this particular one is no more than any would have after half a dozen or so mags from new. The only exception being one of the green gas mags was dropped, it still works absolutely fine but has a couple of grazes. This package cost me over GBP 300 new and price listed includes all paypal fees and tracked courier. 1 x Novritsch SSP1 1 x Shortstroke CNC Slide (installed and loctited. Original slide included in sale) 1 x Red Fibre Optic Front Sight 3 x Novritsch Green Gas Magazines 2 x Novritsch CO2 Magazine 1 x "Amomax" Hi Capa Active Retention Holster (the one on the Novritsch site) I will of course also include the Novritsch SSP1 hard pistol case it originally came in. The only disclaimer I will highlight is I have chronoed at home on my cheapish Nuprol chrono. So figures listed are as that reads and while I'm confident it will be below site limits on Green Gas, Novritsch has this listed at 360fps on CO2 (my chrono read 335 - 340). As always feel free to ask any questions, please send via PM though as I don't receive notifications of them from the ad itself.



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    The latest 2020 edition with new ETU, deans connection as standard etc. Had this delivered at the end of March and obviously it hasn't even been near a site. Comes with the awesome short stroke trigger, which effectively fires the gun like it's a run off a pressure pad, meaning you can follow-up almost immediately in semi-auto. Not only that but to bring it over 1 joule (this fires early 340's fps with 0.20g BB's) I went for the steel bearing guide and ASG Ultimate M95 spring. Therefore in line with ASG's recommendation you can run this on 11.1V Lipos. Front support and additional mags not included. Yo will receive 1 x mid cap with this. Price includes PayPal fees and tracked courier. Any questions should be answered quickly but please PM as I don't get notifications of them on the ad.


    - GB

  7. Would that "grape vine" be their Facebook page? 🤔
  8. What I saw described it as a step backwards from the GTP9.
  9. Sounds like they had the same suspicions! I'm possibly just being salty but yeah it's a bit annoying when within 24hrs your listing has been pushed about 20 down the list and 15 are from the same seller.
  10. Then it should be clear! NON-UKARA = GBP 290 WITH UKARA = GBP 200 ....I jest of course.
  11. Which I guess is the main purpose of this thread, to let people know that a particular advert is not a good deal. The pettiness is just an amusing bonus!
  12. Not that I'm disagreeing with you but what about it is fraudulent? Avenger doesn't state they've owned this gun for X amount of time. Although one that did make me laugh was something a long the lines of "Bought these 2 x TM NGRS for my GF but she decided she didn't like them" On that note though, how honest do people have to be about the background of their guns to be in line with the rules of this site? I can honestly say I have nothing to hide, 99% of the ones I've sold I've had since new and are either unskirmished or only lightly used.
  13. Defintely fewer high-end than loads of cheaper. Afterall you only have one pair of hands. Although when I state "high-end", I really just mean strong performing, you not necessarily expensive.
  14. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Skirmished for half-a-day, so in excellent condition but obviously some minor marking possible. Comes with a genuine Sig Sauer pistol case (purchased from Brownells). Also included is an additional Tokyo Marui magazine. As most know, Marui pistols are excellent quality and perform very well. However those in the know would also add that the P226 is one of the best of their line. That combined with the included near new accessories, make this a fantastic first pistol or a new favourite for anyone's collection. Stated price includes PayPal fee and 24hr tracked courier. Any questions should be answered quickly but please PM as I don't get notified of questions on the ad.


  15. They've got a fairly negative reputation but I've used them on numerous occasions over the last three years and never had an issue.
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