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    G&G TR16 MBR 556WH DMR, Modify XTC, FDE Scorpion Evo.
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    Drab clothes and flavour of the month RIF's.
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    Donating a large percentage of my monthly salary to the airsoft industry.

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  1. When I say AIR, you say SOFT!
  2. Fortunately the pain for my issue was relatively minor, actually it was really just the operation under local anaesthetic which caused any discomfort in that sense but yeah I was panicking about not being able to drive etc again. Although even that I was told I could legally do. Hope all is good now!
  3. That's meant to be read/imagined in Jeff Goldblum's voice, right?
  4. Ooh that's interesting. I was looking at those. The cheek weld doesn't look great though? I had to Google "Glaive" haha, yeah we need more on that! Cheers for the words of encouragement.
  5. @Hrimfaxi Loves his Golden Eagle shottie!
  6. Totally agree @Tackle, you do have to take at least a calculated chance to do the things you enjoy in life. Obviously banging my head wouldn't be ideal but my main concern are the shots which hit the cheek bone kinda area from time to time. Will keep looking for suitable masks etc, as I do have a very nice DMR which I can hang back with. @EDcase - Bloody lower backs! It's always "fun" seizing up at lunchtime and then having to head back out on the field isn't it 😬
  7. Thanks guys, I guess we all have our struggles. I don't think there is anything specific in Airsoft which is a terrible idea for me going forward, apart from the whole getting shot in the eye but then who of us wants that!
  8. About a month ago I detached one of my retinas. Shortly thereafter I had the surgery and I'm currently on the mend, pretty much past the first stage but it takes up to six months for the final results. As per the title, I really do enjoy skirmishing. I hate this sedentary lifestyle most of us have bought into but need a purpose behind my exercise. However.....since it happened I've been nervous, sensitive and paranoid about my eyes. Of course I've got decent eyepro but I'm struggling with the idea of putting myself in the position to be shot on the face. I suppose the question element of this, is has anyone else experienced injuries/medical issues etc which have put their airsofting future in doubt, even if it's just the mental aspect and how did you push through it?
  9. As above, if you're lucky someone may recognise the base guns but outside of that you'll need to know upgrades and at least how they're shooting (ie, do they feed OK, hop OK and is the power within what you'd reasonable expect). Otherwise you can't even sell them as working.

    • For sale
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    This one was put together with the aim of having a simple and realistic sidearm, combining the quality of Marui internals with realism of Guarder externals. I've not skirmished it but marks do occur, especially on the outer barrel just from racking the slide. Although in my opinion this just makes it look more like the real thing. For anyone who's held a real gun, you'll know they're often no-where near as pretty as a brand new out of the box Airsoft replica. Original slide, frame or mag baseplate not included. I can however include an uprated hammer and recoil spring. Although I've found it works better without these (a sign of a well built gun). Additionally the mag has been fitted with a nineball router for improved gas efficiency. Guarder parts included: CNC Aluminium Slide (Setup to take RS style sights) Steel Outer Barrel Fully Trademarked Nylon Fibre Frame (Euro version) Recoil Spring Stronger Hammer Spring (not installed) AMG High Flow Valve (not installed) Other parts: CNC Copper Piston Head Stated price includes PayPal fees and tracked courier. Please PM any questions, I usually respond quite quickly.



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    Picked this up quite recently but decided not to follow through with this project. Would make a great kit for anyone wanting to improve the external realism and quality of their TM Glock 17 Gen.4. Some marks possible as it was on a pistol briefly. For which I modified the rails on the pistol, leaving this kit unmodified. As such I can take no responsibility for individual fitment, sometimes things do need tweaking and this takes technical ability. Parts included: Guarder CNC Aluminium Slide - £111 Guarder Steel Dummy Ejector - £11 Guarder Steel Outer Barrel - £56 Guarder Nylon Fibre Frame (US Markings) - £36 Guarder Nylon Fibre Mag Release - £8 Guarder Steel Recoil Spring - £29 Guarder Nylon Fibre Trigger - £12 Guarder Steel Trigger Lever - £19 Guarder Mag Base (extension) - £11 NO LONGER INCLUDED Total = £282 Stated price includes PayPal fees and postage.


  12. The manufacturers advice is use 11.1 (will have to be a slim stick lipo) for anything shooting 1J and up. Use 9.9 LiFe for anything below. Long story short, if you're trying to achieve 340FPS on a 0.20g. Get a bearing spring guide and use the ASG blue M95 spring. Then you should be fine with a 11.1V lipo.
  13. Seeing as it's just a toy, she'd be fine with both her and her son being shot in the eyes using it? That's what her darling little boy was potentially subjecting his fellow pupils too. As someone who recently had eye surgery, I am very sensitive about this subject!
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