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  1. Gonna be testing my fully upgraded WE G18C (aka Poseidon P18 Evo Mod1) against a stock Marui G18C this weekend. Any suggestions for criteria? Would anyone be interested in seeing a report with photo's and even short videos? 

    1. Skara


      gas efficiency, cooldown in both semi and full auto.

      Maximum and effective Range, groupings (same bbs of course).


      Honestly though I'd like to see a comparison between two stock guns, rather than stock X vs fully upgraded Y (X and Y being of different brands)

  2. Just booked Zed Adventures Battle Lakes for 26th Jan. Anyone else going?

  3. What we've learnt today is people really put a lot of financial value on their "custom paint jobs"
  4. This is fantastic and exactly what the thread is all about. Translation: I wanted to age it but didn't have a clue how, so just started scrubbing the paint off. Oh btw, in the process I even broke a part. In summary I didn't do a good aging job, so I've gone completely off it. Anyone want to give me enough to buy a new one? Cheers. You see it frequently in secondhand sales. "Just needs a part which is cheap and easy to install".....then do it yourself so you can legitimately class it as used rather than bone yard!
  5. How else are you going to play music during a briefing?
  6. Going on your own is the best way, you save loads on baofeng radios.
  7. Also, are you in The UK and ordering a RIF from outside of it? If so, do you have UKARA? Otherwise your gnu may get stopped and destroyed/sent back.
  8. As above, send it back as faulty and get a refund. If you're looking for something to go to a skirmish with this isn't it anyway. For £50 you can get a ASG MK23 or another £20 -30 and we're talking Raven G series money. Which aren't amazing but are at least a proper skirmish grade pistol.
  9. I'm just glad I managed to avoid public flogging! Personally I take this thread as just a bit of banter. People are of course allowed to ask whatever they like for their goods. Besides this is limited edition, you'll all be dead but in a hundred years time I'm taking it on the Antiques Roadshow and then will make a fortune! We all know limited edition airsoft guns only rocket in value......
  10. Woah...I'm popular, haha. If someone had messaged me to point it out/ask, you could have saved yourselves some time speculating but yes that's a typo. Also this is no longer for sale.
  11. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    Serial number 005 in a limited run of 400. In excellent condition, only skirmished a handful of times and the slide has been Cerakoted which is far more scratch resistant than the usual airsoft paint. Taking a WE G18C (so yes, can go full-auto at the flick of a switch) as a base the highly respected GBB specialists Poseidon have added a whole host of upgrades to get this already solid RIF shooting at it's maximum potential. These are: - Poseidon Cerakote Grey EVO MOD1 Metal Slide - Poseidon CYCLOPS Universal Front and Rear Sights - Poseidon Air Cushion Pistol Inner Barrel 97mm - Poseidon Striker Hop Up Chamber - Poseidon ICE PICK GBB Flute Valve System Red - Poseidon ICE Breaker Piston Head 14mm Red - Poseidon ICE PICK Pistol Loading Muzzle Spring - Poseidon Turbo Valve Polar Jet - Poseidon Ice Breaker Piston Head - Poseidon Barrel Exclusive use Hop-up Bucking - Unique S/N Number - Trigger spring and Gas Delayer have been reset - Semi / Fully automatic option - Adjustable Hop-up system - Co2/Top Gas/Green Gas Usage - Capacity: 25Rds - 6MM BBs Usage - 280-300FPS (Top Gas) Magazine Compatible: Poseidon / Marui / WE / AW Type Co2 Magazine can be used directly, WE / AW G-Series Co2 magazine sold separately Please note: I have decided it may be beneficial for me to keep the additional mags, so the price has been lowered and it will now come with just 1 x Poseidon Mag. Price includes Paypal fees and trackable courier. Any questions feel free to ask.


  12. @Steveocee - Nope. Does anyone have an update?

    • Wanted
    • Used or as new

    With or without screw. Anyone who has one going spare would be doing me a massive favour.


  14. I like it. Especially as it takes WE Glock mags. Will likely pick one of these up.
  15. They're more accurate, just harder to use. The same way it's more difficult to drive a real car as supposed to a radio controlled one.
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