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  1. The only differences are mags and barrel length. I have a TM SCAR L and in retrospect I should have gone for the CQC version as it’s that bit easier to manoeuvre and the performance is unaffected by it being slightly shorter. Anyway I agree the H looks cooler but IMO it’s less practical as the mags wouldn’t fit in my pouches and with the L you can get an adaptor to use standard M4 mags (ie should yours break, someone at the site is bound to have a spare mag you can use).
  2. You said you like the externals of the TM SCAR, so why not just get one of those? I have one, it's lovely. However if I were to do it again, I wouldn't go crazy like I did on it. I would do the basics to get it shooting in the range you stated and leave everything else alone until it breaks. A lot of people (myself included) have changed the gears etc "just in case" which if you think about it, is nuts. Long and the short of it, with any airsoft gun get the one with the externals you are most keen on. Anything else is easily changed.
  3. Yep, get out those rattle cans boys. We're all going to have to spray our guns two tone.
  4. Time Left: 11 hours and 10 minutes

    • For sale
    • Used

    Never skimished, so in pretty much as new condition. However I have listed as "used" just in case the buyer finds a mark on it. A high quality level 1 (passive) retention holster to be worn on the lefthand side. Provides excellent retention for 1:1 sized Glock 19 replicas. As such it works well with my Marui Glock 19 but is too narrow for my G18c (as they are wider than the real steel 9mm guns). I don't have any other Glocks, so can't confirm it will fit Umarex etc. Price includes postage and PayPal fees. Any questions, feel free to drop me a line.


  5. When you're trying to sell an AEG on UKAF but also @avenger63 is a member. If anyone is looking the buy an upgraded SCAR it's below his 963 ads, cheers guys.


    No hate BTW, just having a chuckle as I look in awe about the number of RIF's you're selling. 

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    2. avenger63


      It’s not a bad thing........ honestly 🤣🤣

    3. EvilMonkee


      Open your own store instead of spamming our boards?


    4. Steveocee


      You shifted those H8r's yet? If they were both Gen2 I'd have snapped your arms off. As it is I'd have to buy them both, move the "black bits" onto the Gen2 and then use that leaving an ugly Gen1 in the cupboard 😞


    • For sale
    • Used

    Lightly skirmished, some minor marks but overall in excellent condition inside and out. Initially put together by a lesser known tech who did a good job. However after experiencing a piston issue, I sent it to Camoraids who are arguably the best TM techs around, in order to ensure it ends up flawless (see a screenshot of their £320 bill to me in the last pic). Build Spec: Brand new Tokyo Marui SCAR L - £499 Camoraids Basic Upgrade - £100 (345fps and wired to Dean's) Gate Titan Advanced - £165 Prometheus Hard Gear Set - £97 Prometheus Hard Piston - £37 Lonex 5.9mm Bearings - £9 Lonex M4 Cylinder Head - £10 Lonex Piston Head - £25 Prometheus 300mm 6.03 Inner Barrel - £55 Maple Leaf 60 Macron and Omega Nub - £20 Prometheus Tappet Plate - £19 FPS Nozzle - £18 FPS Spring Guide - £17 FPS PR80 Steel Bushing - £17 Total cost (not including a lot of labour or postage of parts etc) - £1088 PLEASE NOTE: Price now reduced as I'm no longer including any additional accessories, mags, batteries or the case (shown in the first pic for illustration purposes only).



    • For sale
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    This was sent to Luke at Negative Airsoft brand new. I skirmished with it once at Battle Lakes last Sunday and it really does shoot very well but I have decided to go for a new Scorpion Evo instead as with quiet a few guns I want one that folds away in a neat bag. Anyway upgrades were quiet light but in many ways that's for the best: - Short-stroked G&G stock gears. - 205mm ZCI steel tightbore barrel (run through the mock suppressor). - Maple leaf 50 degree bucking and omega nub. - Possibly something to do with the piston etc but will need to check haha. Also added was this "disruptive green and grey" paint job - something a bit different and very smartly done. Only minor thing is one of the screws from the handguard is missing. Any questions, feel free to ask. I have sold several RIF's on here now without issue. Price includes PayPal fee and tracked courier.


  8. She obviously knew you are an airsofter. Being active in the coolest hobby around drives the ladies wild!
  9. First course of action should be clean and lube. Then look for where the slide isn't running smoothly and perhaps carefully file. I've experienced this before, even with Marui Glocks but they break in after a decent amount of usage. You could speed that up by removing the magazine and racking repeatedly until it improves.
  10. One of the kids at my Nephews nursery would say "please subscribe" rather than bye. Transpires it's because he watches so many YouTube videos he genuinely thought that's how you ended a conversation.
  11. A rest bite? Isn't that what Bulldogs have?
  12. Bought an ASG Scorpion Evo 3A1 from these guys (came with a pre-fitted short-stroke trigger, bearing guide and Ultimate M95 spring). An error on my part (entered the wrong postcode) meant that the parcel was out for delivery and then returned to UPS's depot and then back out for delivery the next day. It turned up looking quite battered with the ejection port cover dinged inwards and shooting at 255fps. HOWEVER this is the key part, when I had a chance to sit down around 11pm that (Thursday) night I let them know via e-mail how it had been received. Someone replied within 5 - 10 minutes, apologising and simply asking for a few photos so they could approach UPS. They've now sent a replacement out to me before I've sent the one I've got back, in order not to delay me getting a working gun any longer. Really can't ask for better customer service than that, which is why I'd definitely use again and recommend them to others. Here's their website: https://www.airsoftparts.online/ Having already received a video showing the replacement in immaculate condition prior to leaving them, I just hope UPS can delivery it in the same condition!
  13. Sadly I think in the not too distant future, children won't be taught the difference. Same with you're and your.
  14. Which ones do you come across whether it be online or not, which make you teeter between laughing and crying? The most common one I see is "I could care less" Also on another forum someone just used this could be a "Blessing in the skies"
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