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  1. Any recomendations on which Ace1arms model? Also, what do the different nozzles actually do? I was told the one in the box (has like a metal insert through it) was for green gas but that doesn't seem right.
  2. I'm not saying it's not an advantage but I just think it's something new players obsess over too much before they've even played with their gun. How many times have we seen "Just bought this....which upgrades should I go for?" Fair enough if they've used it a good few times and find it lacking in a particular area. I would say accuracy/consistency is more important. I started off playing with the site rental guns and the words barn door and banjo come to mind - it almost totally put me off as you couldn't even predict which way the BB would fly next. Definitely, I have a 486fps DMR and especially those running often need the persuasion of several shots. I guess that's why most people fire in a volley of 3-5 shots, which can still be easily achieved with a 15rps gun. Maybe I'm just tight haha, I have a 1500 round drum mag on my PCC9 and still very rarely even do bursts at 25rps because I find i get through it too quickly at that rate.
  3. The "Duster Gas" would basically be Nuprol 1.0, Green gas is Nuprol 2.0. I'm not sure how important power is in one of these grenades but particularly this time of year I'd be inclined to keep using Nuprol 2.0. In regards to the shotgun, I mean technically you could mod anything but it's not something I'd have a crack at. At fair portion of people with gas shotguns go one step further and HPA them, which seems to yield favourable results. At the end of the day, it's easy to get tied up overthinking these things. Just try to play, enjoy and don't waste too much time and money messing with things that aren't broken.
  4. Waayyy too many airsofters obsess over range and ROF. If your gun can shoot 50M that's plenty, anything more than that and it's your tactics that need redesigning, not your gearbox. Same thing with ROF, it takes one BB's to "kill" your opponent and many stock guns shoot at least 15rps (ARP9's are only £180 and 25rps out the box). Sounds like it's trigger response you need to improve. As others have mentioned, a MOSFET and even flat trigger can massively improve that with very little messing around or expense.
  5. Time Left: 4 days and 23 hours

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    Unskirmished so no significant marks or wear. Comes with a total of three mags (3 x Co2 + 1 x green gas). Also includes a summer and winter nozzle. As you can see from the pics, this model comes with a RMR. It does turn on or off as you shoot but I've been told this is a common problem and it's been suggested I loctite the screws to prevent it. In terms of how it shoots, I was very impressed. It kicks like a mule and easily hopped 0.28g BB's. Nicely presented in a matching OD Green Nuprol PNP pistol case. Price includes PayPal fees and delivery via trackable courier. Total cost of this package new was £225 plus delivery and it's just sat in a case for a few months. I can usually answer any questions pretty quickly, so feel free to ask.


  6. I will also add that our SOP is to invoice the consignee and receive payment prior to releasing the cargo. Don't think we'd dream of trying to claw them back months later. So possibly someone at UPS has cocked-up and is trying it on.
  7. Interesting...will look into it.
  8. It wouldn't really bother me if it wasn't for having to use the ugly base plate/rear sight to cover the gap in the slide underneath. Apart from that it shoots amazingly, so it's a shame. I would definitely swap the slide if I could find a reasonably priced alternative. If only I could pull the overall look off!
  9. Yes, that's the other thing. Definitely doesn't hold its zero and it requires me to buy a new holster with a cut-out.
  10. For a few months now I've owned a Secutor Rudis Magna (basically a 1911 with RMR), which I'm yet to skirmish. At first I thought this was a cool feature, especially as one came pre-fitted to the RIF (although at £160, it definitely was included rather than free!). However a few observations have lead me to feel that not only is it useless but actually a pain. The first thing I noticed was residue from the blowback action sprays over the screen, leaving it dotted with marks. Secondly and more importantly it turns off and on as you shoot, in fact after running a few mags through it at the weekend, the whole unit was very loose. I could loctite the screws, which I assume would solve these issues but then how would I change the batteries when the time comes? Even if I find a solution, are there any benefits over a nice fibre optic front sight? Anyone here use one on their pistol and wouldn't be without?
  11. I work in shipping and our import team often has to charge storage fees, much to the dismay of the consignee. As a company we look at whose fault it was that the item was held in storage. If it was a case of paperwork etc not being in order or customs deciding to put a hold on it, then these charges are legitimate. However if it was us (or our warehouse) at fault for whatever reason, then we would absorb them.
  12. No it was the worst kind of pot metal.
  13. Glad you had a good time. It's definitely a little rough around the edges as unfortunately they've suffered more than their fair share of vandalism. As you say though, a good crowd playing can make up for that.
  14. It looks cool but I wouldn't recommend such a long gun for your first. Is there an airsoft shop near you that would permit you to handle and even shoot some?
  15. In hindsight not proud of this as I would not recommend going anywhere near even airsoft guns after a few drinks. However that's what my friend and I did, thinking it'd be cool to practice our aiming and the such by having a "Wild West" style dual. I was wearing a Dye i4 so assumed I'd be pretty well protected (at least on my head), however as they tend to do, a BB found its way right to the sweet spot on my forehead from about 10M away, leaving a nasty welt. Also still not technically playing, my gun malfunctioned during an infield game briefing and started shooting when my finger was nowhere near the trigger. I panicked and had the "bright" idea of sticking my finger over the end of the barrel to avoid pinging an innocent bystander. That left a nasty blood blister, so I switched to the slightly better approach of pointing it at the ground and removing the battery.
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