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  1. My other suggestions (based on the picture, so if you have it already done these things, you can ignore me 😃) would be to get a few more mags for the AEG or get a high cap one that you can quickly refill in a game, I normally go through my two mid caps and resort to using my high cap (as you can normally just tip your bbs in them quickly). It can be a bit of a ballache to reload your midcaps in the middle of a game with the type of speedloader you are showing. I highly recommend footware with ankle support so you dont break a bone when you foot goes down a ditch or rabbit hole. 😂 You might find that mask fogs up too, so try and pre-treat it prior to the game with some cat crap (yes, a real thing haha) or some anti-fog solution/wipes, you'll find plenty of opinions on glasses, goggles, masks and anti-fog solutions on here. Ultimately though, as @EDcase says, if you are having fun, you are doing it right, so welcome to the world of airsoft, hope you enjoy it!
  2. Unfortunately been quiet busy with the new house etc, plus winter is just depressing! Nearly over the finishing line, so plan on getting over to Ace on 24th April!
  3. Depending on where you are you are based in "Staffs", another site for you to try out could be Ace Airsoft . I normally go with a few mates and usually see another forum member ( @strykerles ) there. 100% agree with this, I was a bit unsure when starting and did wonder how "clique(y)" people were at Airsoft, but the people I've met are very welcoming and you find yourself upholding this attitude when you see new guys joining. Don't forget, we are adults running around the woods with toy guns 😂
  4. I used them too (but for glasses not goggles), would rate them 100% I did do a loose review on them a while ago if you are interested @JoeH
  5. Currently isolating as I've tested positive for the dreaded covid and decided to go through some of my cam footage of the very first time I played airsoft and it picked up a very glorious war cry....



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    2. Rogerborg


      Feverish and delirious already, I see.

    3. GAMBLE


      Hi @Brophy 👋

      Sorry to hear about the result!

      I have that sound when I think of lunch, coming after the game! 😂👍


    4. Shamal


      I'll  take the ares mate 😉


      Get well soon though.



  6. Welcome to the forum buddy. Couldn't agree more with this, get yourself along and you'll be pissed you didnt do it sooner!
  7. How long has asda been doing nuprol guns?!


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    2. EDcase


      Aw bless 😆

    3. DestrO


      thats actually a decent ripoff of an Evo. down to the handstop and everything lol

    4. Druid799


      I’d have one of them before I’d have an Evo ! 🤢

  8. Is that your subtle way of asking for nudes? 🍆💦😳
  9. Hiya dude, welcome to the forum and glad you are enjoying the hobby. You'll more than likely find the answer you need somewhere on here or if not, just ask, the guys are friendly enough as long as you don't mention certain airsofters from youtube
  10. Welcome to the forum and the hobby dude. I thought starting at the age of 33 (nearly 2 years ago) was "old" but soon found out I'm one of the younger models 😆
  11. Welcome to the forum, I bet your bank account is already swearing at you again!
  12. Welcome to the forum dude. No doubt you'll get friendly with the regulars, the more you go. Have fun!
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