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  1. Welcome to the forum buddy. Couldn't agree more with this, get yourself along and you'll be pissed you didnt do it sooner!
  2. How long has asda been doing nuprol guns?!


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    2. EDcase


      Aw bless 😆

    3. DestrO


      thats actually a decent ripoff of an Evo. down to the handstop and everything lol

    4. Druid799


      I’d have one of them before I’d have an Evo ! 🤢

  3. Is that your subtle way of asking for nudes? 🍆💦😳
  4. Hiya dude, welcome to the forum and glad you are enjoying the hobby. You'll more than likely find the answer you need somewhere on here or if not, just ask, the guys are friendly enough as long as you don't mention certain airsofters from youtube
  5. Welcome to the forum and the hobby dude. I thought starting at the age of 33 (nearly 2 years ago) was "old" but soon found out I'm one of the younger models 😆
  6. Welcome to the forum, I bet your bank account is already swearing at you again!
  7. Welcome to the forum dude. No doubt you'll get friendly with the regulars, the more you go. Have fun!
  8. Welcome to the hobby mate, your bank will forever be grateful 😳 Here's a link to Gamble's airsoft youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL-V_yVApaCpm096XBAQE1A/videos
  9. Boooooo, apparently though, there are "early signs that the crisis at pumps is ending" and hopefully all the idiots have gone by the weekend, so keep your ear to the ground!
  10. Welcome to the forum pal
  11. I'm in the same boat, enjoying Alyx and Elite Dangerous (when I get time to play them, the joys of having young kids!) but been bouncing between phasmaphobia and pavlov when gaming with mates. I've got Onward on the wishlist too, but waiting for a decent price cut before I get it.
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