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  1. It needs cocking for each shot. It's a waste of time. Personally, I wouldn't purchase anything from that place ever again. Have a search on here for beginner rifles. Plenty of advice as it's a question that's often asked!
  2. A lad who worked for me had to put weight on for health reasons. He used full fat milk, Mars bars and avoided fibre. I think (it was a while back) that he had an issue with a rapid as fuck metabolism, so may be a very different case for your good self. Usually if people want to gain they use bulk up shakes/high protein diet and high weight low rep circuits/weight routines. Seriously though, don't fuck about with big weights if you haven't had an instructor tell you how to lift correctly. You can seriously damage yourself for the sake of a £20 lesson. If you have the dedication, time and no money, get Solitary Fitness by Charles Bronson from the library. Whole body strength routine with no equipment.
  3. I used to export to Asia and North Africa. The hurdles grew ever higher. Anyhow... talking to old mates in shipping, you are not far wrong. The hang up of refrigerated shipping in south America doesn't help either. A hell of a lot of shipping is stationary and someone has to pay.
  4. Here via Mack's. Good luck with the sale!
  5. So...  I am half way up some bloody mountain that my Scottish wife has dragged me up. 


    As a boy from the flatlands of East Anglia I am sitting up reading as she sleeps in the tent, and The Man pulls up in 4x4.  He wants to know what the fuck we're doing...


    If I am honest I would say that I am reading the replies to a thread on an airsoft forum that degenerated into a discussion about pissing on your boots. 


    I tell them that I am reading a few work emails before bed as this spot has 4G.  


    Night night. 

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Kinda wish you'd went with honesty on this one, would make for a funny anecdote :P

    2. Rogerborg


      We should look into a Scotch wife swap - mine has this on her pinboard.


      Seriously, Why Can't I?: I love not camping...

  6. Get an Eaglemoss pocket watch for less than a fiver. Brilliant timepiece and bb proof in your pocket.
  7. And I thought that I had lowered the tone by talking about pissing on your boots, then someone mentions Brexit...
  8. I doubt that we have much to do. I bloody love airsoft in the UK and expect that I would love a game with you in NI or South Africa or anywhere else whatever the damn rules.
  9. Buy a cheap monocular. Less than a tenner and you can spot airsoft snipers to your hearts content. Seriously, a pair of petrol station binos and your game is changed. Of course to get him to move/be spotted, you need to push the position as described above by Oneshotscott. Watch The Thin Red Line for more detailed instruction.
  10. Hope the OP gets back on his feet soon! That's a bloody awful looking sprain. Hope you have a pair of crutches handy, that needs resting and gentle manipulation IMHO. As for boots... I have a few pairs of old style Brit army boots as they fit my odd shaped feet well; including the infamous old style '58 pattern DMS ankle boots. To get them supple you have to piss on them for a couple of weeks. Piss and leather food and they're sorted. A squirt of bathroom mould killer deals with any urine fed bacterial issues.
  11. If I can find it in the lad's room I'll post it. From memory (shows how much I use it) it's about 120rd with a curlywurly spring at the very square base.
  12. CYMA M14. If you like working with V7s.
  13. 100% I got fat through injury followed by bereavement. I felt shitty and stopped training, I stopped thinking of attending classes etc too. My work became more sedentary. I comfort ate. I found getting back to a healthy diet much harder than quitting smoking. Even buying petrol tonight tested me. All them bloody chocky bars I could smell! Good luck to anyone trying to stay healthy atm.
  14. I enjoy using a CYMA CM.123 (I think) 1911. I only use it for CQB with a drum mag. It's silly and I like it and with a Lipo its not too shabby response wise. My lad's Skorpion with a Lipo is a much better TBH. Quite a few people always want a go with the thing at day's end. For the once or twice a year I go to CQB, the AEP is a real laugh, for the rest of/95% the time, I use a TM gas 1911; but... in the years that I've owned the thing, I have never used it in a game. I've modded it it and cleaned it and carried it, but not once have I taken it from the holster in anger. It always goes through a mag with no issues at the end of the day as I unload it into various oil drums. pallets etc. £65 ish CYMA shottie, is top fun. Folding stock short barrelled AK? Loads of fun CQB or woodland site. Mk23 - complete classic, excellent to use. I can recommend the CYMA aep, but there are other options.
  15. Yep, a couple of 2L bottles of water in the hard respawn, and the one bottle on you is fine. The way I played Sunday, I got plenty of trips back to the hard respawn...
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