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    M4s, AKs, L85, 1911, 870, G3, G18C, Skorpion, M14, Sten, RPK, cut down M79, MK 23, SVD
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    1990s Bundeswehr , 1960s Nationale Volksarmee, 82 Pattern DPM, PAVN, Belgian SF, VC, Chechen Era
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    Decent sites anywhere.
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    Base of Extinct Volcano

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  1. What's got eight wheels and flies? A bin lorry.
  2. Fucking joke thrown out to grab a few headlines.
  3. 'You're home early Dear.' 'Boss told me to 'go to hell' so here I am.'
  4. I've just watched a film called "Star Wars XXX". Well, what can I say..? It's definitely a departure from the first twenty-nine films.
  5. Yep Mrs TPH and I will be at the next Namsoft, as will @RebelScumI hope?
  6. I was looking at a shirt in a shop today and the sales woman asked me if I wanted to try it on. So I told her she had nice tits and asked if she fancied a drink after work.
  7. Just saw the neighbourhood burglar kicking his own front door in. He must be working from home again.
  8. I've just made a car entirely out of magic mushrooms. Might go out for a trip in it later.
  9. 'Used as a target at the range by the local cadets.'
  10. I'd prefer changing a baby for a dog myself... Being embarrassed about her anal bleaching session, my sister told everyone that she was just changing her ring tone.
  11. Get going to games, and you'll find stuff for sale pretty regularly. Cold War Farcebook groups are a better source than Ebay too.
  12. Just started an engraving course. First lesson, we barely scratched the surface...
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