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    1990s Bundeswehr , 1960s Nationale Volksarmee, 82 Pattern DPM, PAVN, Belgian SF, VC, Chechen Era
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  1. 'Say what you like, crucifixion gets you out into the open air.'
  2. The Bayeux Tapestry is not historically accurate. The whole story has been embroidered!
  3. Think I gave about £8 for both. They work well enough that I've had the holster as my regular skirmish rig forever and the lad has nicked the mag pouch.
  4. Just what I need; another rif to consider and order after a few beers... Sort of thanks. 😉
  5. Just checked, I think that that holster has the similar markings as my knock off 1911 holster. The logo and serial number have rubbed/worn off mine though. They must have been embossed rather than impressed. The mag pouches are definitely a better design than mine though. Israel has a plastics industry for sure, and a genuine IMI holster is a well made piece of kit I imagine. If it is it has to be worth considerably more to someone.
  6. A group of friends are on a boozy girls night. 'I call my husband the dentist. He gives me a right good drilling.' 'I call mine the miner. He's got a lovely shaft.' 'I call mine the postman. He comes late and often in the wrong box.'
  7. Uncle Bob 'I saw a flock of cows today.' Aunt Janet: 'Herd of cows.' Uncle Bob 'Of course I have. They go moo.'
  8. Get yourself a high torque motor, aftermarket barrel, ml hop rubber and nub, and a ZCI rotary hop chamber. Fit them to your G&G.
  9. Two mice are walking down the pavement. A beautiful woman passes them. The first mouse says “Wow! Did you see the ass on her?!” The other mouse responds “It was nice, but I’m a titmouse myself.”
  10. I've used one of these for a couple of months: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264729488116?var=564547443320 Bloody rubbish really. Thin material and weak zips that you have to be very careful with. Probably too small for you anyhow. Does the job for now then and extremely cheap. Anyone any recommendations on make for a decent bag? Sports type bag would be best. I've a feeling that I'll need a new one soonish.
  11. My pet rat has a wooden leg. He's a pi-rat.
  12. Don't be unkind. He's coloured that in quite well and avoided going to too close to the edges. Felt tips are not easy things to use.
  13. I went to an AA meeting once. I was disgusted to discover that all of them were alcoholics. I cancelled my membership and joined the RAC instead!
  14. The newer R8 is an amazing bit of kit all round, and pretty popular considering the price. There were bolt malfunction issues with the earlier R93 apparently. The lockup failed in a few rather nasty incidents.
  15. You can get a straight pull spring SVD for airsoft.
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