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  1. DPM is a development of the Dennison smock hand brushed camo patterns IIRC. Designed, as mentioned above, for Northern Europe; and painted by hand. Times move on.
  2. For an gnu that rare, with that perfect Halford's Own paintjob, and, unless God allows my eyes to be deceived, set of wondrous extras; the chap obviously states collection only. I can only hope that Securicor or Group 4 are insured well enough to carry such an article. There's fuck all chance of anyone driving halfway across the country for it, that's for sure.
  3. I've seen attempts to produce blue lizard from dyeing tigerstripe with blue dye. Looked awful TBH, as described above it was a weird aqua greenish.
  4. I've tried a hot sniper rifle and impacts from a small ball peen hammer. I was testing an old pair with a baggy strap for amusement/learning rather than actually playing. I did test them running/standing etc. I did get a hole to fracture at the edge slightly, I think from an uneven/rough countersunk bevel. The holes were drilled at differing distances to see how proximity effected strength. The sniper actually dented the plastic, or an external coating to the extent that it effected optical quality, but the damage was cumulative. You may catch a 550fps at 2" once in game, b
  5. If you describe someone at an airsoft game as 'wearing mtp and has an M4,' you will be describing about 50% of the players at some games. Best stick a carnation in your buttonhole...
  6. I tried a pair of sealed glasses type Bolles. They fogged too badly to get the car out of the driveway... Ski type goggles are not as bad but still fog. With special coating and Cat Crap they are slightly better. Homemade extraction fans, a row of double countersunk 0.5mm holes around the edge of the goggles, anti-fog coating and Cat Crap still fogs at times. (Tested these with a point blank shot from a 40Mike) Ignore advice from bikers, I rode in all weathers for a living and never had the issues that airsoft gives. If you sweat enough the moisture get
  7. I'm doing the Sunday 18th at Tuddenham just down the road. I usually go with a couple of mates and my lad.
  8. So... having moaned about the barrel support on G&G M4s, I did the obvious thing and bought another one (thanks to Shooting Aces!).  


    I have fitted a very curvy sculpted grip and a similar sculpted magwell grip.  I really fancy a chunky round profile stock to complement them both and the big fat round forend.   Something shaped like a flat bottomed tick that doesn't alter the standard cheek weld would be favourite.  


    Any ideas?


    P.S. each pay day I'm buying stuff to fit to this.   So far I have a load of marked shims, new bushings, SHS 12:1 gears, hi-torque motor, Perun mosfet, 16AWG wiring, lightweight piston and new cylinder/nozzle, ZCI barrel and hop unit etc.  

    1. Druid799


      Sounds about right ! When you come down to it I think most of us are just Pavlov’s dog in clothes ? 😳

    2. Tactical Pith Helmet

      Tactical Pith Helmet

      Yep.  Spot bargain rifle? 


      Proceed to chuck several of the externals and most of the internals away straight away for a tiny incremental benefit.  



  9. Exactly this!!! The safety brief for a real steel site takes about 5 mins; why? The safety brief is NRA standard. The same could happen in airsoft. If we really got our act together we could link up with BASC and add our membership of however many to their 130K members and get real clout. They have media trained spokespersons, ex-parliamentarians, and professional PR people to hand. If we don't regulate ourselves, some other fucker will, and they may do so with some high profile media event behind them.
  10. There are several governing bodies for shooting sports. I imagine that it would not be a stupendous job to modify a set of existing rules for airsoft sites. Muzzle energy limits and eye pro specs are read out at ranges up and down the country. I don't like regulation, bit I expect that if we don't regulate ourselves, some clueless knee jerk legislation may follow some incident or other.
  11. BP shooters use silver rizla king skins. Make the cartridge skin around a dowel, then pour in the BBS. Fold the ends over to seal.
  12. The lad has a blow back G&G. It's been reliable for a couple of years, but... he dropped it and the front fell off. The G&G 'fet is crap.
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