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    M4s, AKs, L85, 1911, 870, G3, G18C, Skorpion, M14, Sten, RPK, cut down M79, MK 23, SVD
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    1990s Bundeswehr , 1960s Nationale Volksarmee, 82 Pattern DPM, PAVN, Belgian SF, VC, Chechen Era
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  1. I used to slather bread in the stuff as a kid. Surprised that I avoided that having looked it up.
  2. Had a pair for years. Great value and the batteries last for ever.
  3. R Kelly has been given 30 years. Should have listened to me when I said, 'Don't be a daft booger and let thee sen get caught.' (Apologies to any forum members from Yorkshire)
  4. You'll have to tell us what it's like in game.
  5. I know that everyone wears it now, but I have gone for the old Tajic Border Guards uniform. Probably get stick from the stitch counters for incorrect webbing I expect.
  6. I had one through my hands recently. Still micro-switch AFAIK.
  7. Quite clearly bisque I'd have said!
  8. There's something I have in common with my Tazer. After last night's incident, we're both going to get charged.
  9. I'll echo the 1J bolty vibe. I love shooting a no MED 'sniper.' As for general play, it does depend on the site. At Gunman Tuddenham I'll use the 1J bolty, as it is a small site. For a larger site, I'll use the M14 DMR as I have space to pull back. I NEVER take position without knowing where I'll go to next though. I have never used my sidearm in years of playing. Usually it gets left in the kit bag. Playing DMR well takes a more measured playing style. TBH I usually play support gunner with about two milsims per year with a DMR (on large sites), so listen to Impulse and Concretesnail rather than me for experience. I do what I do though, and an accurate 1J is a fun option. A semi locked CYMA M14 works for me too. It's worth a go I'd say. Remember that repeatable accuracy is king though. All the power in the world is no good if it's in the wrong place.
  10. I took the shell off of my snail to make it lighter and faster. If anything, it's now more sluggish.
  11. Defo what Tackle said! The trigger contacts are not perfect on them, so a 'fet makes perfect sense.
  12. Bloody silly things to use in a game. They must have been loud enough to cause hearing damage. I forget to tell a mate that my garage was fitted with a 12g alarm mine once. Was fitted...
  13. Colin has found the link above. Have a look at the shop it's full of useful spares.
  14. Believe that I have a couple of spares from AK2M4. Worth a look.
  15. There are a few 'design your own' firms online. You send them the design, they print it on whatever you need. I had a 5'x3' vinyl banner done for about £30 five or so years back. Print on demand is pretty cheap these days, not that I'd expect you being likely to begrudge a few quid in the circumstances. Respects to your Dad.
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