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  1. You are a fellow of taste and refinement. As a Guzzi rider myself, I vastly prefer them. The Spadas, Le Mans, Calis and various V models that I have ridden have all been marvellous. The T3 is a particular favourite if mine. In another world to Milwaukee's offerings. 100bhp sporty... pfffft!
  2. Thanks Sir. I appreciate your comments. The aeg barrel length long v short seems to be one of those campfire questions that will never be resolved. I just fancy utilising all that lovely cylinder volume. Then again I have an M4 on the bench at the mo with a tiny CQB barrel. I could probably get them to perform about the same.
  3. According to my palace sources, Prince Andrew can get off on a legal technicality. Is there nothing he doesn't find arousing?.
  4. According to Play Airsoft the website, Airsoft Cardiff looks like a good bet. It's woodland site so defo outdoors. Never even been to Wales myself, so never played there, but Play Airsoft is a good resource.
  5. There is a Harley dealership near me. Stage 1 Tune: new airfilter and jet that lets it run rich. Stage 2: Filter, jet and cheap loud pipes. Jets are fitted one size does all. Lottery on 100% correct mixture. Stage 3: Jets, filter and pipes fitted by an actual mechanic rather than the apprentice/tea boy/work experience lad, who then gets bike Dyno-ed and gas tested. Hurrah! A mate makes a decent living tuning them as they have been paid to be tuned. Those that know their tuners know him. A wise buyer tests all bikes supplied by them with fresh plugs and chops them... (Since they are now all EFI this comment only applied pre-2016-ish. Damn this Alzheimer's...) Anyhow, how much you pay usually relates to how much you both beforehand, and at testing (if possible) and are willing to gamble on the honesty and abilities of the buyer. Then again spending large amount tends to be more impulsive not less. It's complex stuff.
  6. I think you may well right! I'm aiming at 400fps with a 690mm inner barrel. I am limited in choice due to the length obvs. As I've had long barrelled CYMA RPKs at 400 fps as standard out of the box (not for long!), I thought that a full length inner may allow me to get away with a weaker spring than fitting say a 650mm inner barrel would. The innards can handle it I'm sure. Also... I don't like changing components too much too soon. If your rif really doesn't like something you can't always figure put what if you change too many things at once. I have had a CYMA that shot far better with a standard barrel than a decent tight bore. It took a while to isolate though, especially as the barrel worked in other rifs. If all I can find is ultra expensive or obscure though, ZCI will get the spons.
  7. Anyone any experience of the above? Searching the forum gave mixed feedback, but not for the TBB. Thanks for any answers!
  8. Just purchased a CYMA Dragunov.  Now for the inevitable DMR-ing and standing to one side of other projects for the new toy...

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. strykerles
    3. EvilMonkee


      Yeh but not at £200 when I can get a new one at £175 even if it is polymer, thanks for posting though, appreciate it.


    4. Tactical Pith Helmet

      Tactical Pith Helmet

      That timbered version looks briliant!


      I fancy a VSS too, but then again, I fancy a lot of rifs.  


      I gave in on the SVD when I was actually looking for a PPSh...

  9. Just learned that all Norwegian military vessels have barcodes on their bows. Apparently, when they get back to port, the harbour master can Scandinavian!
  10. Be careful, a group of Ukrainians were at a site in Kent a couple of weeks back. You'll scare the crap out of them in that clobber!
  11. Thought I was quite the smart arse as I dropped a Snow Wolf PPSh into my virtual WGC basket for only £120.00.  With postage, tax etc, I thought that I would still had a reasonable buy.  


    Carriage to the UK was over £80...  That's more than I can buy an overpriced one for in the UK.



    1. RostokMcSpoons


      One of the guys at my site turned up with a PPSh a few weeks back.  It's an impressive bit of kit!  

    2. Rogerborg


      Hong Kong, they probably have to hire a Kesselian blockade runner to skip it past customs.



    3. Tactical Pith Helmet

      Tactical Pith Helmet

      I'm old school, I was going with a Romulan Warbird.





  12. The test spray I did was fine colour wise. I expect that someone else on here knows it from a long term performance perspective re: chipping etc. TBH I can't remember why I went for it or on whose recommendation.
  13. I've bought some Deco Color 'military vehicle paint.' Not tried it yet, but it was cheap from evil bay. Available in a fair few shades for sure.
  14. I had never even heard of a Cricut until a few minutes ago. Bloody hell! My stencil machine in the workshop cost £1200 about 30 years ago! Bloody great cast iron frame thing. Come to think of it, it may even have greased up and put away. That modern thing does look amazing.
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