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  1. I second the gaiters. There is a pair for sale on here for a tenner. Surplus waterproofs give years of wear. They will work out much cheaper than cheap Go Outdoors stuff in the medium never mind long term. I have been over various mountains today in the pissing rain. Deerhunter jacket £20 from Sportsman Gun Centre, £10 surplus leggings, thinsulate beanie from a petrol station. Well dubbed surplus boots. Warm and dry all day. Polycotton underwear from Lidl's and away you go. I have had my kit years and years. Buy quality buy once.
  2. The OP's thread title is clear enough. He asks about the use of drugs, not abuse of drugs. I drink three Arabicas each morning, not fifteen.
  3. A penguin walks into a bar and orders a pint of best bitter. He asks the barman, 'Have you happened to see my brother around? 'Dunno,' says the barman, 'what's he look like?'
  4. Call me somewhat old fashioned, but I think we've all been at their mercy since the 15th century at least. Airsoft would be in far better shape if The Peasants' Revolt had succeeded.
  5. Standard TM style mags fit as well as in any TM compatible M4. Finding mags is not one of this rifs problems. I'll give the thing that...
  6. Same as Jacob. It is sometimes mentioned. TBH, I think that your question needs a little more qualification. Plenty of older airsofters have to use opioids to play with enjoyment. The odd illicit hipflask does the rounds (or did pre-covid) at milsims, at least the winter games. No one bats an eyelid. I wont get too excited over someone smoking a joint at lunchtime any more than someone having a bottle of beer, but an insurance company would. I suppose that I am 17th century enough to believe in the sanctity of self regarding actions. Excessive toking has the potential to be non-self regarding for certain, but then so does excessive pain killer and cough medicine use.
  7. Of course not! They merely allowed you to struggle completing the shipping option until I e-mailed them thinking it may be a tech issue... Now it is 'improved' to telling you at the checkout again.
  8. Yep sorry, '37 Pattern webbing! Try E-Bay to source it. Coincidently, I bought a '37 belt and water bottle cover tonight, well used but sound. £15.75 for the belt and £8 something for the bottle cover. I bought the cross-straps for less than a tenner as an unmatched pair and the ammo pouches for less than a tenner each. About £50 for the whole set up. If you're feeling energetic you can Blanco them until they match colour wise. For battle dress try and find Belgian or Greek 'Ike' pattern. Other jackets are close but the wool Belgian and Greek are closest to WWII UK. As cheap as £15, again on E-Bay. Hungarian Cotton Ike's are even cheaper. Militaria fairs are always expensive. £50 quid is extortionate. Try Evil Bay or your local militaria shop.
  9. My boy has a Sten that he loves. WWII games are great fun. Dont be tempted by cheap Indian repro '37 pattern, it's awful. As for the Webley, you can get power down shells, or modify the existing shells. If I remember right you drill the gas ports out. A mate fields one to good effect.
  10. Got a notification that Taiwan Gun had CM.048Ms in stock. Tried to order but no dice. They are not shipping to the UK again. Bollocks.
  11. There's a tech at Gunman Tuddenham. Give them a bell.
  12. G&Gs do this. If you take the hop out and lube it it may free up. Otherwise take it apart, clean, lube and reassemble. An ML is pretty much the uber hop, but the standard green G&G one is fine for .28s, so your .20 should be fine. You may find on stripping that a bit of plastic at the edge of a mould is not smooth, just trim it with a knife. Even after careful reassembly mine would whip .20s into the ether. A ZCI plastic rotary hop sorted matters for less than a tenner.
  13. So… The night before we were due to leave for Namsoft I suddenly find myself voiceless and shivering, running a temperature. A good night’s sleep and I am just fit enough to drive by nearly midnight the following day. Not the best of starts, but there we go. The van was packed, the tickets bought and the Covid test passed A-OK. Set up camp at about 2:30am as quietly as possible after nearly three hour drive. Decent safety brief; comprehensive despite almost every player being something of an old hand at the game. For the few that were new, nothing was omitted or rushed. Game started with clear objectives and well defined fire teams to carry them out. The basic premise of the game is the film Southern Comfort. This was about a group of national guardsmen on a training exercise in the Louisiana swamps that fall foul of a group of Cajun’s who believe that they have been fired upon. Good film, great theme for a game. The action started with some LARPY shit, role playing as F.B.I., local Sheriffs, Cajuns and Guardsman. Plenty of banter and an increasingly tense atmosphere as everyone anticipates the start of the fighting. Someone slots a sheriff and a several way firefight starts. The various groups pull out and regroup to decide how to achieve their objectives in a newly hostile environment. Playing as a Cajun, I accompany the small four man group to retrieve an ammo crate, having first to find the cash box to have the necessary funds. This goes surprisingly easy, as we find the sheriffs have arrested a fellow Cajun, and due to the presence of the hated ‘Feds, we surround them and demand his release. This achieved, he reveals that he is our contact as we lead him away. A good start. Crates retrieved, we proceed to hunt the US troops. Eversley Alpha is one hell of a site. There is a pile of rhododendrons, dense marsh and thick cover. With only about 35 players, we restricted the action down to easily identified areas and soon had the US in sight. They were oblivious to our presence, which is just how it should be. A short and murderous firefight followed, with excellent sportspersonship. I say sportsperson as that rare beast, the airsoft female was present in some numbers (OK about four, but it’s a start.) The swamp dwelling set victorious we carried on hunting the sheriffs in order to attack the F.B.I. contingent that accompanied them. All great fun. At some point I reverted to true character and lone wolfed for the rest of the weekend. I harassed and harried the opposition at every opportunity, sniping with the M14. The ML hop set up lofts .3s with ease, whilst over hopping .28s madly. I get some great shots at range, bopping GIs through sanger observation slits and picking off squads at long range. At some point I end up stalking at close range, and keep a whole section pinned down by firing from some rhododendrons at fifteen yards range. I feel guilty when one chap walks over, thinking that he has spotted me at range, and I shoot him at about two feet. One skinned knuckle and an apology at endex followed. Not that said chap was aggrieved. Admiration for crafty concealment far outshone the odd flesh wound. I lost the exact set up after this and concentrated on harrying any opposition that I saw. An attack of the enemy base I learned of via my radio; and this was joined with enthusiasm. Following on from my highly successful solo escapades, this was bound to end in disaster and I was captured. The closeness of the enemy’s respawn allowed them to swarm us before we could change position. Not being fools, this was exploited in full by the enemy. The game progressed in similar fashion for hours, neither of the sides having a complete upper hand all day. The site was amazing as ever. The gameplay is excellent. The scenario is brilliant and easily learned. The cherry on the cake as it were, came at the close of the day. Number one son had bought his girlfriend, assuming that the usual round of shopping and cafes would be indulged in as the players played. Unfortunately, no other female company arrived, and so as cash free and in totally unexpected twist, a hostage appeared. By the end of the weekend we had one really excited young lady, hell bent on playing air soft at the earliest opportunity. That to me is a result. Good on the organiser for giving a second (personal) detailed safety brief, and for changing the storyline so that everybody had a good game. Sunday dawned far too early, the night centring on Cuban cigars and single malts. I dragged a reluctant arse out of bed and lone wolfed the US soldiers again. I worked my way into the middle of the enemy position and let fly with the M14, many players moaning at ‘friendly fire.’ Ho, ho, ho. Overall, given the price, plus cost of diesel, this was not cheap. However, you only live once, and the fun factor was off the scale. I still feel ultra shit re: congested chest, lack of energy, lack of strength, BUT the buzz from the game has stayed for hours later. The social and in game play was simply spot on and I will attend next year, yet again. If anyone fancies a spot of redneck carnage and or Vietnam style airsoft action, send me a PM.
  14. So tired I can hardly chew my steak.   Muscles well worked.  Laughter by the bucket load and real friendship being shown.   


    M14 throwing 0.3s like laser beams. 


    Good weekend so far!

  15. Off to more Namsoft silliness tomorrow.  I fully intend to hoon around in more ridiculous manner than usual due to it being the last game of the year.  


    The Cold War loadouts will soon be out.  


    Same Imperialists, different season.  

    1. Rogerborg


      You'll have to destroy the safe zone in order to save it?

    2. Impulse


      Since my first namsoft game got cancelled, make sure to smash the filthy Americans for me :D

    3. Rogerborg


      I'm still waiting for the local site to run one that was promised in 2018. I bought the rice hat, the pyjamas, I even got a retro-look amplifier and loaded it up with Viet Minh propaganda voices and tracks.


      Still waiting, man, you don't know, you weren't on the list.



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