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  1. That boy is a fool. If your aim in attending any sort of game is 'upsetting people' by acting like a dick you need to either 1) grow up 2) hope someone changes your nappy and puts you in a better mood. That man is about as welcome at an airsoft site as a leaky bucket of AIDS.
  2. Duty to pay and possibly a handling fee. Royal Mail charge about £8 for international imports.
  3. Sales over £135 from the EU to GB are liable for VAT payable by the importer post 1/1/21. Under £135 the process looks more complicated with the possibility that some kind of registration on the part of the seller may be required. Have a gander at this from Question 6 onwards: https://www.accountancyeurope.eu/publications/vat-customs-duty-and-brexit-prepare-now/
  4. Budget for the Perun if you get the G&G. I have a soft spot for CYMA AKs, they are solid, but they are basic. As said above, bucking/nub and air seal required.
  5. Yep. Fast service with no worries the only time that I bought from them.
  6. Have a look at Gunman sites. Eversley has three or so Namsoft games a year. Bravo Sierra airsoft also does two games in Kent both Namsoft. Bloody good weekends out. Any probs finding them give me a shout. I run too mate. Best of luck with half marathons. I do trackwork/crosscountry to get my Kung Fu stronger. Never tried running that seriously at all!
  7. Cosmetically, I wiped mine over with an oily rag... Getting rather inspired by your efforts though. I might add to the list of projects I have to do. Got six rifles waiting for the local dip and strip to reopen as it is mind. Couple need a 60's BSA enameled type finish and three for re-bluing. It's the surface prep that takes the time I find. Are you playing Namsoft with the M14?
  8. Interesting stuff. If you read Pondoro Taylor's African Rifles and Cartridges, he describes a 250gr bullet (16g) from a .375 H&H Magnum being deflected at close range by a twig. That was putting out about 4000ft-lb (5400joules). Far too many variables can effect a BBs flight for all the shouting that you sometimes hear. The reactive target idea sounds like a good idea to roll out. Maybe a shot or two at a reactive target after you chrono would teach a thing or two?
  9. Last after the last Taiwangun order came through today. Ordered on the 15th late at night. Since I seem to lose an AK mag each filmsim weekender, I decided to get a few spares. Then I added a new 'fet for the G&G. Then I thought about a couple of spare 1911 mags. Then since i was ordering, I got some BBs....
  10. Sounds the nuts! Far more effort than I put into mine. Sounds like a fantastic rifle. I always think that Cerakote looks like Cerakote tbh. Matt Cerakote is a nicer smoother finish than Parkerizinging. That E110 looks good on my monitor colour wise though. You could use a Duracoat home Parkerizing spray can, they ship to the UK.
  11. Cheers mate! I sometimes watch fitting guides for stuff only to encounter problems. The Perun guide looked almost too easy to be true. Really hacked off with the G&G tbh. A few months in and it needs a new 'fet and a strip down to remove a tooth from the piston by all accounts. Compare that with the cheapo Combat Machine M4 which is unopened after four years.
  12. Blimey, found a 'guide'' on Youtube. Easy as falling off a log. Ordered one from Taiwan Gun.
  13. Tony Benn's stories about trying to specify the most efficient reactors when energy minister were well worth listening to. The civil service wanted Magnox, the arms industry wanted Magnox and Magnox is what we all got, and indeed still pay for. Fighting the civil service radicalised Benn. He went into politics a decidedly middle of the road kind of chap. The only state that uses Magnox now is North Korea. The last UK Magnox was only shut down in 2015. Lord only knows the extra cost over sixty years! As for the Thick of It, I remember it coming out all too well. A
  14. Anyone had any experience fitting a Perun mosfet to a G&G L85? Is it as easy as it looks? Does anyone know of anywhere which will have one in stock? My stock rifle is currently only firing on every second trigger pull on semi, and sometimes single and sometimes burst on full.
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