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  1. Glad I'm not the only one to do this..! Not bad practice TBH, as I shoot HFT as well.
  2. I use a chest rig for some Namsoft games plus a water bottle on a strap. I use a cheap 8Fields plate carrier for CQB as my local site allows full auto, and a plate carrier is less 'ouchy'. Usually for skirmishes and militia roles in Filmsim/Milsim, I use a belt set up. Well padded hip belt, plus PLCE knockoff yolk. You only really need a bag of BBs, a speedloader, a few MKVs, a smoke or two, two mags of 150 rounds (ish) with one in the rifle, water, and a pistol holster which holds a spare mag. Leave the rest at your hard regen and stay light, fast and low. This is by far my favourite set-up. I have on my belt... 1 x fastmag, 1 x large pouch for pyro and a bag of BBs plus speedloader, 1 x plastic water bottle holder, 1 x holster, 1 x 40mm 3 section 40 Mike pouch (small of the back), one radio pouch, left PLCE chest level strap. My left breast pocket has a spare battery in a water tight bag. You don't need as much as you think to have fun and to play well.
  3. Brococks could be converted to fire .22LR rounds very easily. They handled the pressure of .22LR round no problem and took seconds to convert with a pillar drill. .22LR is not usually reloaded. Being a rimfire there is no replaceable primer. The priming compound is spun into the edges during manufacture.
  4. My weakness is respawning and going back to where I was hit. It teaches me valuable lessons but lets my team down. I always want to know how come I was spotted/heard/ambushed. Weight wise, I've jogged each day through lockdown. I'm back to the fighting weight that I was in my teens-till late 30's, but hyperhydrosis makes fogging impossible to avoid unless using mesh, which I hate. The use of the stuff gives me the jitters, and that lack of confidence is another weakness. I suppose that getting too competitive with the kids in milsims is a weakness too. They don't have arthritis, I do...
  5. Been shot on: The bridge of the nose at a few feet - instant claret. End of the thumb nail, as in the thin edge - that persuaded me to wear gloves. On the radio earpiece - it sounded like Judgement Day and set my tinnitus off. On the earring - the earring opened, uncomfortable but no drama. Mesh full face mask from China for less than a tenner and pull your hood up for CQB. No worries. I probably loose more blood and hurt myself more tinkering with old motorcycles. Skinned knuckles, crushed fingers, swarf under the skin and hammered thumbs. Wear a helmet if you want to, but its not essential.
  6. Thank you both. I will fit the ZCI components with the purple hop rubber. I know that I could buy something 'better' and spend money on it, but I find myself still shooting this more than anything else.
  7. I am happy with the G&G M4 I bought as a starter gun some years ago. I have tried 'better' rifles and still love the lightweight handling of the G&G, but accuracy is not 100%. I am looking to do an easy barrel swap and replace the too hard hop rubber/bucking. Can anyone recommend me a simple fix/list of components please? I am sure this must have been asked before, but the search function did not return what I need to know, so thanks for your forbearance!
  8. Playing tomorrow at Tuddenham. See people there. I expect we will be trying to fix rifles and loosing bits in our tatty white Connect van.
  9. Three of us are booked up for tomorrow. See people there!
  10. Hi Haytch. I will be at Tuddenham on the 29th April all being well. I will have my son and a first time player with me. If you want to meet up please feel free. Just look out for the old Ford Connect van with the gold roof bars and broken whirley on the roof, the cracked windscreen and a dent in the passenger side front wing in the car park (or PM me your mobile if you wish). One thing I would think about that you may not have, is a basic Baofeng 16 channel radio. You can get them with battery and charger etc for less than £15. We use them with an earpiece at Tuddenham when playing amongst the buildings. Really good bit of kit for not many sovs.
  11. Records have to be kept by law. One cannot simply decide to destroy company records. Company records are required to be kept for six years.
  12. I placed the order late on Easter Monday via Paypal. I don't expect them Thursday/Friday at the earliest. The order has been acknowledged though.
  13. I bought a pair in green. I expect that they will be expropriated by my son when he sees them though...
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