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  1. Ahoy and welcome. Not that I have either, but I'd note that the original TM and clones are under-sized, while (e.g.) the VFC is 1:1, so any advice about what fits what will be conditional. These are a thing.
  2. The only flesh I eat now is pork, because it's the only way to be sure that it's been slaughtered humanely, rather than by some sand-wizard wailing spells over a stone knife stabbathon.
  3. It might depend on how real life real military real millsim your real-battle realsim is. Honestly, the amount of "how do?" in airsoft that could be answered by one query to the Dungeon Master of the LARP in question.
  4. I honestly can't imagine how you could pay that much to buy every conceivable spring that might possibly suit, then throwing most of them away. Well, if you can get the measurements, https://springsandthings.me.uk/ is a decent source for small springs.
  5. I'd ask the organisers. They may have their own ideas about what constitutes a magic sponge, or they may hand them out to medics. Bear in mind that you'll either have to get yours back, or write them off. Without any indicators to the contrary, I'd be bringing the thinnest, cheapest strips of cut up piss-stained bedsheet[*] and not expecting them back. [*] It was the cat, honest.
  6. That's a really nice job, it feels spot on. I contributed some of networking and robot AI to XPilot a few... uh... decades ago. The vector will rise again!
  7. If you can find a woman who looks at you the way that Svetlana looks at EVA, marry her.
  8. Mostly covered above. Toilet paper or wet wipes, you won't need them until you really, really need them. And do you know where your towel is?
  9. You don't even know you're born until you've been thrashed to death by your dad, got up before you went to bed, then walked to work in the snow, 5 miles there and back, uphill both ways.
  10. Wait... is everyone here a 1980s 8-bit nerd? 😮 I started on a GlaDOS system with the integral mobile power source. Friday night rules, here's a cover of Poker Face performed on piano, guitar, ukulele, table-thump, and stylophone, entirely conceived, played, sung, filmed and edited by one teenager with a potato-cam.
  11. Cheap plastic crap, mate, not even worth listing, mate, you should just PM me with your best price, mate. Banter aside, they're not magical out of the box, they're OK-ish, light, and can be upgraded to the moon. The current new price is about £85 if you can find one in stock, which you probably can't.
  12. Nah, not really, I go for security over quick draw. Leg panel, a piece of Kydex formed into a tunnel and inserted into the molle, and a strap over the outside holds it in place snugly. I'm barely even aware that I'm wearing it. Without DethKannon: With DethKannon:
  13. Oof, yes, I'd forgotten about that. Well, all law abiding travellers are required to follow all the laws. Lot of spare dingies on the beaches around Dover, I'm just saying.
  14. That's what I'm seeing, it's either free shipping, or no shipping. Given the high chance of getting charged another 20-25% plus an unknown delay at customs (especially right now) even with DHL, I think I'm going to pass again until the new year, when we've had some reports one way or another. Also, it really rankles that they still seem to be charging Polish VAT at the point of sale, and we'll get rinsed for UK VAT on import. And, oh wow, to add teabagging to the insult on top of the injury, are we going to being charged UK VAT on the full price including the Polish VAT? That's a mugging too far for me.
  15. Probably not a huge issue, but I was wondering what would happen if you leave the UK / enter the EU "fully vaccinated", then the definition of what constitutes that changes while you're there.
  16. If you actually received something that shoots a BB when you pull the trigger 9 times out of 10, I'd call that a win. That sounds like it's "working fine" to me. Sorry to be harsh, but if you want an unconditional right of return and new gun performance, then new guns at new prices are available. On the issues, a selector (not tappet) plate costs £5 delivered, if that's the problem. It might be, I've had a similar safety issue when changing tappet plates, but the solution was to bin off the trigger-block piece so that the trigger can be pulled back freely in safe, but without moving the tappet plate off of safe and allowing a connection to be made. Cost, zero. You won't know until you have a look. If the motor adjustment screw is actually missing, I'd expect the motor to be too low and sound like a bag of angry wasps with spanners, if it was engaging at all. Are you sure that it's missing? It may be a tiny hex grub screw, deeply recessed. Easy enough to check: take the base off the pistol grip (expect the motor shim disc to drop out, stupid little things that they are) and check if there's a screw projecting inside it enough to push on the shim. Dunno about the mosfet, I consider them to be just another thing to go wrong. You could rewire back to standard wiring and flog the mosfet on as "working fine", right?
  17. Muted cheers. Do you have a source for that, and any more details? I can't see anything on Facebook or their site, and starting an order still says that shipping will resume in a few weeks. Minimum order value, "other fees", delivery estimates? Am I safe to assume they're still not registered for paying UK VAT at source, despite saying "* All prices including VAT without transport costs"?
  18. Well, yes. The spring (along with air seal, piston-to-barrel volume) limits your muzzle energy and muzzle energy is what ultimately limits your maximum range. PatrolBase list the CA-08 at "Approx. 310fps ± 10%, using 0.20g BB" which is OK. That comes out to about 0.89J, most site limits are around 1.13J (which they might phrase as "350fps with a 0.2g BB") and the hard legal limit for an automatic airsoft gun in the UK is 1.3J. You won't have to change the spring, the stock M90 will be fine. It's more a case of if you do want to chase site limits and every inch of range, a quick change system like that on the Specnas makes it much easier than taking the whole thing apart and opening up the gearbox every time. And what matters much more is shooting effectively and consistently within the range you have, which brings us to... As Skara says, that's the hop up. It will effect your muzzle energy, but indirectly, and that's absolutely not what it's for. What it does it to add backspin to the BB, which through the science-magic of the Magnus effect gives it a straight-ish flight path. Without applying hop, BBs will drop out of the air quickly and you'd have to shoot in an arc to lob them any distance. With the hop spot on, they fly in a spookily straight line until they eventually run out of energy and drop abruptly out of the air. This is a fairly decent video, although it makes the airsoft magic claim that "fps" (i.e. muzzle energy) isn't important. Both are. Hop gets you accuracy, and I'm agree that it's more important, but BBs do obey the laws of physics and energy is what determines how far they will ultimately go, whether straight or lobbed. So: decide what weight of BBs you want to use. Heavier tend to be more consistent and will go further. This seems counter-intuitive, as a heavier BB will start off slower than a light BB (shot from the same gun), but the heavier one holds onto its kinetic energy better, is slightly less effected by wind, and ultimately goes further. I tend to use 0.28g in AEGs, as a decent compromise between cost and effectiveness, many other opinions are available. Set your hop as per that video above (you have a decent rotary hop unit which is adjusted like the G36 hop at 2:20) so that you get a nice straight flight with your chosen weight. That'll be the best you can do with the spring and air seal that you've got. Then you might (or might not) want to be think about chasing site energy limits. Hop is much more important though. And there's really no need to worry about any of this stuff until you've played a bit and got a feel for how well your gun actually works. Cleaning the barrel and hop rubber before use then feeding it decent BBs and getting the hop dialled in will mean you're competitive with most folk out there.
  19. Oh, nice, it never even occurred to me to belt over the structure. I would caution that hot melt does tend to come adrift after some use, so you might want to consider another form of fixing. I use double-cap rivets to secure straps to EVA (plus, then you have rivets), or in extremis, just poke a small cable-tie through the area needing secured.
  20. I find it remarkable how communicative companies can become when they have a dispute raised against them. Just whatever you do, don't resolve it until you either have the product or your money back.
  21. Yes! I win! Well... lose. Never too old to start, there are plenty of us... around that age... still kidding ourselves that we can keep up with the speedsofters and rentals. Speaking of which, have you rented and played yet?
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