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  1. That is a fair point, although a lot of the stuff that BBgunz4nedz flog seems to come with stock gelcoat plastic parts, not painted over. If it's been charged for as a customisation service, then you can't return, but if it's a stock item, I can't see any problem with it.
  2. Playing with dolls with silly made up rules. Completely ridiculous, not like playing with toy guns with silly made up rules.
  3. It's pure seal clubbing, and free-to-pay-to-win, much worse than in World of Warships. I uninstalled it months ago, but do still enjoy watching Claus Kellerman on YouTube to remind me why I shouldn't re-install, even at the "free" price.
  4. Urgh, I haven't actually played tabletop mini games in... hmmm... decades. Last army I had was 40K Epic 6mm Marines, but GW have long since dropped that because the profits weren't there. When I look at the hilarious prices they're charging now for single minis, and their strategy of declaring that stuff they sold you literally last week can't be used in tournaments or in-store any more because "new Codex = all new minis", I just pity anyone getting into it now. I love what they created in the past, but loathe what they've done with it now.
  5. If that's true then he can return it for a full refund. It's not, of course, which is why it's not worth anywhere near full retain price, let alone way over it. This chap has a history of flogging "as new" / "never used" stuff, and the previous ones are RIFS, so why is this an IF? Nothing hugely dodgy about that, but I rather suspect that he's a trader rather than a player.
  6. Generally, yes, and it's pure cringe to see someone list the full amount that they've spent on retail parts for their custom Frankengun, and then knock off maybe £20. There are a few bargains to be had down at the lower end, but you need to get in really quickly, and I agree that they're all a gamble.
  7. I wasn't joking by suggesting that some people will have it set to open because they really do relish the opportunity of feigning offence.
  8. I reckon there's relatively little in airsoft that can have a "market worth" put on it. Volumes are too low, and there are so many variants and differences in condition. Markets work when buyers are selecting from a range of comparable sellers, and going with the lowest price (or best value service). Not so much when we're saying "Yeah, it would cost £X new, if anyone had it, but they don't". or "Something a bit like that, but not really, might have sold for £Y, three months ago, maybe."
  9. That's not a completely frivolous point. I'd have a CYMA CM.045A at PatrolBase / TaiwanGun prices tomorrow, but it'll never reach me. At UK prices, nah. Also, it not being in stock helps with not buying it.
  10. Sorry to hear this, and I do have some sympathy with TG, but you're the customer, you've paid them for a service, and you've got a broken item. I'd fire in without a moment's hesitation. Ignore whatever you've been saying directly to TG. Open a fresh PayPal dispute and just say that the item is completely non functional. Nothing else, no background, no "I used it for a bit and then it broke." If TG want to dump the history of your conversation in there, that's up to them, but you just stick to "Non functional, refund please." If PayPal don't resolve that in your favour, then you go on and do exactly the same thing with your credit or debit card issuer, and tell them to issue a chargeback against PayPal. Same process, just "non functional, seller refuses to fix." Best of luck, and hopefully it will be a simple fix. Worst case, you should be able to bin off the magic parts and just rewire it for a standard trigger, but then you're losing out on what you paid for.
  11. It's very much an aesthetic thing. Some folk like big thicc silencers, but I reckon that just makes it look like, well, a carbine with a silencer. I prefer some pokey-out length to make it clear that it's all barrel, baby. Something like this. Although I'm personally rocking a SA-E02 DMR with a short M933 style Fudd handguard and a 5" extension. It would look horrible to a purist, but, well, that's one reason to do it. Good shout, and holy heck, and AK2M4 actually has them in stock: https://www.ak2m4.co.uk/internal-parts/hop-up-chambers/zci-rotary-hopup-chamber-plastic-m4 Although I've never really been sold on the omega nubs anyway. I actually like the Specna Arms nub which is sort of omega, but front-to-back rather than side-to-side, in combination with a Maple Leaf macaron (if I remember correctly).
  12. Or was it more what you'd call a suspension until he'd begged / bribed / browbeaten them into letting him back? I hope not, there should be consequences for showcasing egregious dickery.
  13. Hmm, now I'm fascinated to see how the air seal and feed mechanism would work.
  14. The truth bomb that just got me kicked off a Warhammer 40K group when offered in response to yet another tiresome horny-teen post.


    Clearly too close to the admins for comfort. 😆



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      Reason for ban: Insecurity

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      Funny, but also sad that that group has no sense of humour.


      The Emporer Protects! (But not in your case!)

    4. Rogerborg


      The Emperor is protecting me from seeing the same tiresome childish incel smut being posted eleventeen times for every time it's reposted on Reddit.  I won't miss it, I suspect.

  15. Although L85s seem to come pre-loaded with a fair number of issues (making them historically accurate). Fair point though, get whatever gives you a tingle, they're much the same internally. +1 for CYMA, they're cheap because they make so many of them, not because they're badly made. The cheapest ones have toyish plastic, and basic internals, but they're robust enough and you're very unlikely to go far wrong with with a CYMA AK.
  16. Things I didn't know existed but now desperately need. BAM, Ali Expressed. Good shout on the radiusing as well.
  17. BUMP for completeness, I've since replaced this with about 1 1/8th turn of a coil spring on the RHS. I think it was from the inside of a suppressor rather than an AEG spring. This does a much better job of pulling the LHS selector tight against the receiver and keeping the nub engaged in the detents. You could use a piece of wire or perhaps a washer or a larger rubber o-ring than shown above, the full diameter of the circular part of the selector.
  18. Hmm, the triggers are pretty mushy, but the bar does need to be pushed down in order for it to engage the trigger. I'd definitely want to replace that spring. Ah, I did take a (bad) picture of it. The stock one is slightly conical, larger at the bottom where it pushes on the bar, but anything that fits might help.
  19. Indeed, but as a first gun, which will likely become a backup or loaner, they make sense. Cheap, plentiful, easiest to find spares and upgrade parts for, and fairly easy to sell on when you make the mistake of buying before playing and then realise that airsoft isn't for you. Although, all that said...
  20. I heard all sorts about him being banned left, right and centre, but he still seems to have no problem finding filming locations for his fictional dramas.
  21. To the massive nascent market for niche toys in a niche hobby?
  22. It's actually surprising that prices haven't jumped faster and higher than they have. Retailers are missing a trick, fortunately for us.
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