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  1. Hi guys I've been out the airsoft loop now for about a year and half. I struggle to get any mates to join me and I've done enough skirmishes on my own in the past, It's just not as fun. What I'm asking is what sort of prices can I expect on my gear, I'll try be as thorough as possible. Warrior DCS Plate Carrier & Helmet with goggles This vest has a few pouches on it. It has a tan camel back,dump pouch, 2x pistol clip, 1x 5.52 mag holder (6 slots), 1x medic pouch, 1x radio pouch, and a carabiner. Tan Shemagh scarf. There is a AF-UK patch on the vest, and a name tag patch & a "tactical beard" patch on the helmet. I modified the goggles on the helmet. I used to play alot of indoor and found my goggles fogger up so I mounted 2 mini fans on the goggles. Worked a treat! Modified G&G CM16 raider (pneumatic recoil turned off) & gun bag I heavily modified this gun. Originally had a pneumatic recoil but changed the cylinder so doesn't work. Here's what I changed inside; SHS cylinder SHS piston SHS piston head 70D Sorbo for piston head SHS spring guide SHS high speed gears (I believe they were 13:1) SHS 8mm bearing SHS shims Lonex A1+ high speed motor Hamsterfet mosfet Dean connectors This still has the original spring and if i remember correctly it was shooting about 330-340fps and about 30bps. It has a light with a pressure pad on one side and a rail guard on the other. There is 11 mid caps, 2 high caps, 1 large loader and 2 small ones. Also pictures is a small multicam bag i used to carry spare BBs on the field. The gun bag is tan and can hold both rifle and pistol with 2 spare pockets for whatever else you take. Batteries & charger 1600V NI-MH with charger and a 7.4V 25c 1300mAh Lipo with charger. Tokyo Marui Glock17 with holster Unmodified TM G17 with 3 clips. There is half of a large gas and a tiny bit left in the smaller can. The holster is made by Fobus. It's made for a real G17 and TM make their guns slightly bigger. To make it fit i had to slightly modify it but it works flawlessly now. Misc items There is alot of items here; Face masks Glasses & goggles Never used gloves 3x spare torches knee pads There is too much stuff in the box to list it all. I'm not sure If I'm posting this in the right place, I just needed some advice before i commit to selling. Thanks!
  2. I get lost on every new site I play on and I've been playing a few years now.
  3. Suggestions on Northwest sites please. ideally a site with indoor & outdoor if possible.

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    2. Qlimax


      F&O website says it's still open and they've got a new one called The Lab in Buxton

    3. Cheeky vimto

      Cheeky vimto

      Definitely closed: http://forum.firstandonlyevents.co.uk/index.php?/topic/22985-goodbye-hive/


      Looking to play on the 27th, the labs not running that day :(

    4. Qlimax


      you'd think they'd remove it wouldn't you. tbh it wasn't a brilliant CQB site anyway. CQB sites in the Northwest are limit it was SWAT Fortress but that closed on Feb 27th bloody housing development :o(. Shock and Awe is a great outdoor site.

  4. I go to the bunker quite a bit.
  5. +1 to this. How old is the gun? Could possible the contact have worn down and caused a burr making it stick a little long than it should but check your springs first.
  6. Does the trigger spring back after letting go or does that stick too?
  7. Dear oh dear, he's in way over his head here..
  8. i got the CQB version. It was good out the box, just needed a slight upgrade for better ROF for me.
  9. Not directly compressing the primer though.
  10. Could also mean I have a disaster waiting to happen! My new 7.4V arrived this morning with a freepost to send the old battery back. As someone said, It feels wrong sending it back as what if this thing ignites in the back of a lorry en route? It smells toxic.
  11. I've tried making a PEZ dispenser type of thing. The problem with it is in order for them to dispense you need a spring to push then up. I don't like the idea of having that pressure pushing on a row of primers. I like the look of hudsons tube but they will still rattle about when you use them. I might try fix up something like a dispense but with the spring pulling down instead of pushing up.
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