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  1. Is there a GBB Luger thats generally considered the best?

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    2. Llwyd


      I had the same question a while back with TT's and Makarovs. I got the same response. KWC may be the only reasonable option I'm afraid.

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Tbf, the makarov is the opposite story, the we version of that is imo the best blowback option out there.


      Cmon tm prove me wrong....

    4. HuttArmouries


      In my experience Ive never had an issue with the KWC makarov's but parts are impossible to find. The we makarovs on the other hand seem to be 50/50 if they will work out of the box or not

  2. phew thanks i was a little concerned
  3. Gahhh wish there wasnt the 3 month rule with UKARA, I want this FAL nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  4. Another one for the baofeng, really good and the earpiece it comes with is great. Have really only scratched the surface with its capabilities so far as still figuring it out but have used it on hikes & airsoft and would definitely recommend.
  5. Dont suppose you've settled on a price for the MP40 set?
  6. https://cqb-airsoft.co.uk/

    Anyone tried this site? Heading over on Thursday with some friends to have a game.

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    2. #blackadder


      Its been going for a few months  . Its quite small at the moment but they are hopeful of extending in the future . Its proper Cqb  , fast and furious .

    3. #blackadder


      Oh btw take a torch . Some lights are turned off on thursday nights for extra lols . 


      And beware of the ghost ...

    4. JamesAirsofterAgent


      Thanks for the info, one of the things I like the sound of is the 20 player cap not a fan of CQB sites when they're full as it just becomes a slog

  7. 70% of the cheapest new was thrown around on another thread I think? So could do that for each thing and see what it comes up to.
  8. How did you go about removing the two tone and getting that great paint job?
  9. G&G CM16 raider (not the 2.0) in 2018, still have it and still use it as the 'main' RIF, still really need to get a better hop up, spring and barrel for it as in outdoor skirmishes it really is outranged very easily
  10. Bristol Airsoft courthouse was probably my favourite site, had some amazing fun there especially when it was only about 10 of us at a game. Sadly though the site has shut down for the foreseeable.
  11. First game in 2 years last weekend at Spartan airsoft CQB, went with a group of 6 friends from school, one of which was his first time. Overall good day, as always the stairs acted as massive chokepoints in games where there was a lack luster objective but other than that the marshalls & games were good. [rant ahead] One massive peev I have though is the fat fuckers who love to mouth off at the back ranting and raving to rentals, kids etc that they need to f'ing push up more and stop pussying around, while they sit at the back catching their breath from walking 2 feet. I can understand a bit of encouragement, most people usually give some and it is helpful for pushing out a choke point but when its the same tards with about 3 teeth and as many braincells all day, arguing with marshalls and saying they'll wrap their 'rifle' around someones head, throat punch this that and the other it gets annoying as fuck. Hit taking was alright, apart from one classic SAS patched black multicam warrior who obviously thought his plates were real as it took about 5 bursts for him to stop shooting other people (If you're going to wear a bulky set up and can't feel hits, for the love of god take it off). The whole thing seemed to have way more agro people than I remembered with a couple of out bursts through out the day from people who forgot we are running around with toy guns for a bit of fun. Other than the aforementioned rant, a good day and everyone came away happy in my group and wanting to go even further with upgrades and such, especially the new guy who's first time it was and is now saving to buy his own kit. He did mention a couple of times he people weren't taking hits but that was part and parcel sadly. Was also really fun to put the radios to use within the group. Now to get me ukara back in time for that fal
  12. Where abouts have you ordered yours from?
  13. I'd very much like to grab one but asside from the fact I have no idea how to properly maintain / use a gbbr, this is a bit concerning , would there be a way to make sure its below 350 on game days?
  14. Wheres the best place to look at attending historical / film(? i think its called this)sim events? Seen a few posts on here mentioning it and it seems interesting

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    2. Impulse


      That's their website, yeah. It's not amazingly set up, but you can see their events at their sites (Book here at the top right)

    3. JinxDuh


      Second Impulses reply. Gunman slaps. Frontline Events also looks good.

    4. Tactical Pith Helmet

      Tactical Pith Helmet

      Gunman 100%, also see Sierra Bravo.  

  15. Picked up glandular fever the week before my first skirmish in two years fuming. Hoping all good by Sunday but somehow I don't think so annoyingly

    1. EDcase


      Hope it clears up in time.  If not don't push it or you'll probably have a shit day and make recovery much harder.

      There'll be other days...

    2. Shamal


      Get well soon fella.

      Glandular fever is a bitch. I've had it.☹️



    3. JamesAirsofterAgent


      Cheers both, touch wood gonna be able to go to the game on Sunday as long as symptoms have cleared up thank christ

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