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  1. Time Left: 3 days and 5 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Hi folks, Got some gear that's surplus to requirement up for sale, all prices are including postage and PayPal fees. Haley Strategic D3 Sling - Multicam - Skirmished twice - £60 Edge Eyewear Acid Gambit Protective Glasses - Lenses: Clear, Tiger and G-15 VS - Skirmished 3 times - £40 Can provide additional photos if required. Also have a pair of Salomon XA Pro 3D Mid GTX Forces 2 up for sale which can be seen here. And a Vortex Venom with mount which can be seen here. Cheers, Alex


    Sale, Cheshire - GB

  2. Time Left: 3 days and 5 hours

    • For sale
    • As new

    Hi folks, Got a Vortex Venom 3 MOA including Vortex QD mount for sale. Gutted to see it go, the joys of poor eyesight. Unused, just starred at loving sitting on top of RIFs. Looking for £250 including postage and PayPal fees. Cheers, Alex


    Sale, Cheshire - GB

  3. Time Left: 3 days and 5 hours

    • For sale
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    Hi folks, Have a pair of Salomon XA Pro 3D Mid GTX Forces 2 for sale. Skirmished 3 times, lovely boots, I just personally prefer a taller boot. As with most Salomon boots these are likely to fit 1/2 a size to a size down, so assuming you're wearing dcent socks they're ideal if you usually wear a UK 10. Looking for £100 including postage and PayPal fees. Cheers, Alex


    Sale, Cheshire - GB

  4. Time Left: 1 day and 9 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Hi folks, I have the following up for sale: Polarstar Fusion Engine v2 Gen 3 (Stock poppet, blue nozzle) with S2 Lightning Banjo and Amped Airsoft IGL installed (original parts included). I’d estimate it’s fired somewhere around 1500 rounds and has been very well maintained. I picked it up from High Pressure Airsoft and am the first owner. I have some videos of it firing, if you wish to see them please PM me and I’ll email them to you. Please only request the videos if you’re genuinely interested, and note that these videos are of the engine set up to my preferred FCU settings based on the build I was running it with. Looking for £380 including PayPal fees and postage. Cheers, Alex


    Sale, Cheshire - GB

  5. Time Left: 1 day and 9 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Hi folks, Prices shown are including PayPal fees and shipping. Madbull Daniel Defense 10.3 Govt Steel Outer Barrel - £50 Maxx ME Pro Hop Unit - £40 4x PTS EPMs FDE - Approximately 500 rounds each - SOLD Cheers, Alex


    Sale, Cheshire - GB

  6. Hi bud, I'm certainly not an expert (I don't own one), but I did a quick YouTube search to see if there was a video of someone fitting it so you can just work it backwards and found this. Hope it's of use, if the time stamp isn't working on the link you need to start around 3:58. TLDR, it appears there is a screw (maybe 2, I couldn't quite make it out) that screws into the barrel nut beneath the section shown in your first image. Hopefully this is of use, apologies if not! Assuming it fits like a regular front end the threaded bit you can see at the back will be a separate barrel nut which isn't attached to the rail itself. Cheers, Alex
  7. Weird evening spent stripping my Polarstar Mk18 down ready to sell for parts. When I finished this build I was fairly confident I wouldn't feel the need for anything else... then my MWS came along.

  8. alxndrhll

    THE TM MWS thread

    Well, well, well. I've finally joined the club. Have an optic and optic mount en route alongside a pressure switch for the light and a new grip. Probably going to keep it fairly simple and slick, would be a shame to cover too much of it up! Cheers, Alex
  9. You know when you realise you have too much stuff, and common sense says you should sell some of it. Man, common sense is the worse sometimes.

    1. Cr0-Magnon


      That's why I'm focusing my collection on pistols, so at least they're not excess crap that's in the way!

    2. alxndrhll


      Mine is always more the 'gear' side of things than it is RIFs. I don't have a vast collection of RIFs, and for the most part if I get something new it's to replace something which I will then sell on. 7 pairs of perfectly functioning coyote/tan gloves says I don't do this when it comes to gear 😂.

  10. Just got my UKARA number through, which is VERY exciting! Today is a good day.

    1. EDcase


      Let the spending begin...

    2. GAMBLE


      @alxndrhll 👋

      Waiting is finally over! 😜

      @EDcase is right though! 😂👍

      Time to customise your Loadout and get involved more on here! 🔫😎👍


    3. Nick G

      Nick G

      Hello UKARA, good by bank account 🤣😁

  11. Finally treated myself to a good quality red dot sight, only to find out I have an astigmatism. Booooooo.

    1. rocketdogbert



  12. I certainly frequently fall into the camp of buying a RIF for the external quality and ‘fixing’ anything I feel is subpar on the insides! Absolutely, and if it’s something that ranks highly in your list of needs there are routes to take which tick it off the list. I guess just looking through the various airsoft gimmicks we pay through the roof for I found myself surprised this is still an infrequently surfacing feature, strictly speaking for AEGs with that statement. Cheers, Alex
  13. I certainly remember the general thought way back when being 0.2 if you want it to go further 0.25 if you want it to be more accurate. For some unknown reason this really stuck with me, which I guess is why the prevalence of heavier BBs stood out to me so much. Seeing actual recommendations for Cyma RIFs certainly threw me off at first, all power to them of course. Competition is never a bad thing, hopefully the improvements from the ‘lower end’ companies mean this sort of thread is very different in 5 years time! I’ve watched almost the entire catalogue of @Bada Bing, and I’d entirely missed that one. Such good content! Definitely an interesting RIF, I suppose I’m just jumping to sensors and swapping out a mag follower as a solution rather than a mechanical system because it could be used to modify existing mags rather than having to buy a heap of new ones. Hmm, that’s intriguing. I’m a big fan of the Maxx unit, the tracer attachment stuff seems like an alright alternative to your standard tracer setup. Are Maxx the only company playing around with electronic stuff attached to a hop unit at the moment? Cheers, Alex
  14. Interesting but not surprising that it’s come up before. Having thought some more on it I’m also going to assume that this sort of BB would need adjustments in the hop up design to get any sort of consistency. This could be that my brain is struggling to picture what exactly a 6mm golf ball would look like, but given the money we shell out for ‘super precision’, ‘super polished/smooth’ BBs I’d certainly need some convincing before I dare run them through a regular system. Irrelevant of the quality I can’t help but think that sort of design would be prone to getting snagged on hop buckings... but this could just be me failing to visualise what these things would actually look like! Weirdly lands on a somewhat similar point that came up in the thread which saw the birth of this one. I think more players than you’d think—myself included in the past—that things like site limits exist to try and create ‘fairness’ alongside the safety reasons. I suspect that’s just naivety on my part, given that outside of ‘field specific’ restrictions there aren’t really any sort of fair play guidelines to followed when it comes to what your RIFs can do. This isn’t to say I’d want them, just an observation that this side of ‘fair play’ just doesn’t seem to be much of a consideration in a hobby which involved charging around with luxury toys. Sorry, I fear I’ve gone off topic at the end here... but not enough to delete it all? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Cheers, Alex
  15. This echoes my own thoughts for the most part, there have certainly been advancements but at @EDcase said it’s been small improvements to a few areas across a RIF rather than a big ‘game changing’ innovation. Well that’s certainly a lot simpler than I thought it was... though I image a bit of a pig to install! Thanks for the link, I’m now beginning to feel like a massive dumb dumb having only just made the connection that this your website! Unless of course I’m a double dumb dumb and I’m jumping to the wrong conclusion so to speak! Cheers, Alex
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