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  1. Can’t say I’ve ever got something directly from a wanted ad, granted wanted ads tend to be for very specific/rare items so tend to be a stab in the dark anyway. I did get a few messages from folks when I had a wanted listing for an MWS but decided not to go for any of them in the end. I’ve definitely seen others post wanted ads, and then the exact item/RIF they’re after gets listed shortly after... so perhaps they can function as a final nudge of ‘I don’t use this so I’ll list it because it’s worth something’ to would be sellers. The main ‘risk’ with wanted ads is to be wa
  2. I think the part that gives me the most anxiety is that I'm not sure how unlikely I think this 'I really hope that the buyers realise they’ve been had when their purchases arrive' is. We're talking about the same people that bought protective equipment from someone selling things on Facebook... and that's without considering the astonishing cost. I wouldn't dream of buying protective kit from anywhere other than verified stockists of well-known and correctly tested gear (and it genuinely blows my mind that there are folks that think this precaution is 'a bit OTT'), let alone fucking Facebook o
  3. Aye, very much been there done that. But there are a whole host of things which ultimately contribute to accuracy. The reason I tend to find bolties somewhat infuriating is you can get them shooting absolutely perfect, and then everytime you take them apart to do maintainence (and you should at the very least be properly cleaning the barrel after every outing imo) chances are it won't be as perfect as it was. Just the nature of the platform, everything needs to be well lubed and clean to get that consistency... but to ensure everything is well lubed and cleaned you have to take the
  4. Can't say it's something I've heard before, granted it looks like they may have changed the design of the piston again. Only real way of testing to see if it's making much of a difference is to get a chrono out and see what the consistency is like. By my understanding the main reason air seals are seen as so important is largely down to consistency. The worse the air seal, the more variance there is in the amount air sending the BB down the barrel, and such the consistency of FPS/joules per shot is worse... though this is very much me piecing together why it's important, truthfully I've never
  5. Potentially stupid question to ask before dipping into advice if there is a leak (it'll tend to be from the hop if there is one), are you covering the end of the inner barrel itself rather than the end/whatever device you have at the end of the outer barrel? It's damn near impossible to do this type of compression test if you're not covering directly over the inner barrel, it's seemingly hard to explain what I'm trying to say with words. I can try and throw together a shit example on paint if I'm making zero sense. Edit: I went ahead and did my shit paint drawing to try
  6. Time Left: 5 days and 10 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Hi folks, Quick note, relisting this as I'd marked the prior listing as complete (withdrawn). Have a 33g Wraith CO2 stock (suitable for MTW only) up for grabs. Bit of wear on the external tube from stocks rubbing on it. Looking for £150 including PayPal fees and postage. Please note that I'm currently limiting myself to one post run per week, these tend to fall on Wednesdays.


    Sale, Greater Manchester - GB

  7. Time Left: 5 days and 10 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Hi folks, Got some hens teeth for sale. I don't own anything they'll fit in anymore (now using an NGRS, and don't fancy using an adapter) so keeping them for no other reason than I'm not sure I'll get any again seems slightly daft. PTS Magpul P-Mags (120 round mid caps) Have 5 available. The mags marked 1, 2 and 5 are all originally black with no paint (bar the blue paint pen which can be removed if you wish). Mag 3 was originally somewhere between FDE and green (perhaps an earlier version of FDE? honestly it's not a colour I've seen before on these), and mag 4 was originally FDE. All come with genuine Magpul ranger plates (I do not have the original base plates). Only other note is that mag number 5 had some material filled off the front by the previous owner (I'm assuming for a better fit in a specific RIF) and also has some marks next to the P-Mag branding. Neither affect feed or function in anything I've put them in, but felt worth mentioning. Look for £27 each including PayPal and postage. Would do all 5 for £125, again, including PayPal and postage. Please note that I'm currently limiting myself to one post run per week, these tend to fall on Wednesdays.


    Sale, Greater Manchester - GB

  8. Time Left: 5 days and 10 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Hi folks, Have the following up for grabs, price are includes PayPal fees and postage. Silverback SRS A2 16" Fluted Barrel - Excellent condition - £35 Please note that I'm currently limiting myself to one post run per week, these tend to fall on Wednesdays.


    Sale, Cheshire - GB

  9. Time Left: 5 days and 10 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Hi folks, The clearout continues, turns out I've gathered a fair amount of Greenzone bits of which I don't need, so they're up for grabs. All very high quality pieces, I'll break them down by brand, prices are including PayPal Fees but excluding postage. Postage will depend on exactly what is purchased. Generally speaking it'll be an addition £5 onto the total. Templar's Gear: 2x Fast Pistol Mag Pouches - Never used - Top left of photo containing 4 pouches - £12 each Foldable Dump Pouch - £15 BE-X FronTier One: Small Utility Pouch - £12 Double Pistol Pouch -Top left of photo containing 4 pouches -£12 Tear-Off IFAK Pouch - £18 Double AR Mag Pouch £12 Grenade Pouch - Bottom right of photo containing 4 pouches - £10 Hydration Pouch - £20 Please note that I'm currently limiting myself to one post run per week, these tend to fall on Wednesdays.


    Sale, Greater Manchester - GB

  10. Suffice to say great work for catching it, raising awareness and to all that have acted on insisting some proof of safety standard is provided until sales can continue. If you want to peddle 'custom made' wank to anyone daft enough to buy it then I guess more the fool them. But safety equipment is where a pretty firm line needs to be drawn. Grumpy old twats as we may be, excellent work folks.
  11. As much as I agree I’ve just come to accept it as a colloquial term for ‘not stock’. As many in airsoft are it’s literally just a throw away term, much like many folks think the moment ‘CNC’ is attached to something that it’s of superior quality to something manufactured in a different way (hard truth for some, not always the case). I pretty strictly use the term ‘aftermarket parts’, but I’m aware I’m cutting my nose off by doing so because just putting ‘upgraded’ would likely attract more attention. You/we have the benefit of being educated as to what will and won’t make something
  12. Some EPMs for the NGRS to fill a void until I can stumble onto some pmags, opened them up as soon as they arrived and did some weathering/shading on the ‘bullet’ inserts because they look awful without it. Managed to find some Gen M2 ranger plates in stock so grabbed those immediately, make EPMs look so much nicer IMO. And to wrap up, a Ferro 45 degree QD mount... just an aesthetic upgrade over the Magpul one I’ve used on and off.
  13. I believe that's the hop adjustment lever (or 'trajectory adjustor' as ICS call it in the manual). Source: ICS MP5 Manual
  14. I wouldn’t say it’s a flaw at all, just a way of ensuring you’re comfortable with the level of information you have before doing things. I’m sure everyone has similar things, just perhaps less pronounced. Was purely raising it as a ‘if you’re going to look at advantages versus disadvantages it should probably be a bit more objective than scribbles on a napkin which sync up with your bias’. As stated in my prior posts, as long as you’re happy with it that’s all that matters. You’ve picked the RIF, at least based on what you’ve said here, entirely on the fact it’s your favourite of w
  15. I think that statement is pretty disengenuous personally, lest our bias sway the conversation away from where it is. The difference in cost isn't insignificant, and if you know what you're doing (or at the very least know which resources are, and are not trustworthy) a VSR can keep up with an SRS for much cheaper. Again, not to say you shouldn't go with the RIF you actually want... but I wouldn't worry about trying to justify it by boiling it down to statements about advantages and disadvantages. They both absolutely have a place, the only thing an SRS can do which a VSR can't is b
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