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  1. Can confirm having done it, a combination of expensive and/or long wait times for work to be undertaken. Worth it mind... probably 🤷‍♂️.
  2. A few bits ready for GC, y’know that moment you buy something knowing you’ll never use again. Yeah, that. 😂
  3. Finally got this puppy back from having a touch of maintenance.
  4. Booked on for Gangsta City, first 'non-regular' skirmish day in forever. Apprehensively excited!

    1. lukeB


      I'm glad it's back at Swynnerton 

    2. hitmanNo2


      I trust you've booked onto the coolest team, Los Lobons?

    3. alxndrhll
  5. Surely it's easier to just sling some additonal blocks under the 'feet' of it? 😂
  6. Very similar photos from entirely different games, kit is identical if memory serves correctly outside of the RMR moving slightly (it’s now completely gone, we’ll call that a failed experiment). Since adding the Trex arms dump pouch to my belt (have not been a fan of previous belt mounted options, but the addition of the thigh strap has been a big win) the TED on the plate carrier has fallen out of favour. Likely be swapping that back over the trusty mini dangler for the next few games having been getting a lot of mileage out of the one on my chest rig every time I use it. Also the first time I’ve worn a UBACS in about 8 years for no other reason than I’ve been too self conscious, suffice to say they’re very good at what they’re supposed to be good at.
  7. Once a pornstar, always a pornstar in my book 👀.
  8. Had a couple of interactions with the same person. Granted mine were more weird insistances of a price they'd be willing to pay/messaging me purely to say they thought what I was selling was overpriced... but they had zero interest in buying it. From memory the former was a Marui G34, and the latter some PTS P-Mags. Perhaps just a chancer, perhaps genuinely thinks they're some sort of second hand airsoft pricing gate keeper. Either way, best not to make any assumptions on how genuine their claims are. Ultimately, as I'm sure you knew before the creation of this thread, it's up to you as the seller as to who you are and are not comfortable selling to. Any legal elements aside, the decision as to whether you do or don't sell something to someone is entirely at your own discretion (and tends to be dictated purely by how much the money is wanted/needed in most cases).
  9. My hair was my pride and joy back then 😂. To be fair, still is... largely because I'm seemingly lucky to still have it at this point!
  10. First is certainly not the first time I ever attended, but it's the first photo I'm aware of according to Facebook it's from March 2009 from Urban Assault (RIP). Back when Multicam was a rarity, a mayo AR though... some things never change. And yes, I needed a haircut and black boots with Multicam will forever be a bad look. Classic Army M15 CQBR Flyye PC with some custom mag pouches and admin pouch Repro Cryes Oakley SI Gloves Magnum boots (I think) This ones from two weekends ago, not much to say. I don't tend to wear a huge amount of camo nowadays but the mayo ARs are still present and correct. Outside of the addition of the belt and a dangler not much has changed with how I run my kit. Marui NGRS Crye Airlite Chest Rig PIG Deltas Ferro Mini Dangler Ferro Bison Belt Fjallraven Vidda Pro Ventilated Salomon Quests
  11. Last of the new bits, Spiritus SPUD pouch. Liked the look of them when first announced, initially for popping a 16oz Nalgene in but looks to be really versatile. Could definitely see it getting used for extra mags/speedloaders on longer game days. Certainly not a revolutionary pouch, but well executed as usual.
  12. Been a while since I’ve bought anything other than ammo, but here’s my last few purchases. I also picked up a Colt Canada castle nut for my L119A1 from LCS but that’s not a very exciting photo. Black Crye UBACS Holy Warrior RMR and canted RMR mount Swatcom Activ8 Neckband Headset (ordered some Sordin Supreme Pros and got these as a free upgrade, can’t complain)
  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi folks, Have a Guarder M16A2 receiver set up for grabs, it's this one. Absolutely immaculate condition, has only been out of the box to look at. Was purchased for a project which never came to fruitition. Looking for £90 including postage and PayPal fees. Please note that due to work commitments I'm generally only able to post out at weekends. Cheers, Alex


    Sale, Greater Manchester - GB

  14. I get a squeaky bum around brass barrels purely down to how soft it is, so I tend to swap over to stainless most of the time. PDI 6.05 are usually my go to for a bolt action build. Largely down to availability I have one fo teh DaVinci ones from Empire Airsoft in mine (also 6.05), seemed entirely fine though truthfully I didn't use the RIF enough before selling it to tell you whether thought it was on par with a PDI.... looked suspiciously similar mind you.
  15. There was a period when I was obsessed with carry handles, then I realised it was actually FSPs that I was lusting over after all. Fuck me I’m weird.
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