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  1. Finally treated myself to a good quality red dot sight, only to find out I have an astigmatism. Booooooo.

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  2. I certainly frequently fall into the camp of buying a RIF for the external quality and ‘fixing’ anything I feel is subpar on the insides! Absolutely, and if it’s something that ranks highly in your list of needs there are routes to take which tick it off the list. I guess just looking through the various airsoft gimmicks we pay through the roof for I found myself surprised this is still an infrequently surfacing feature, strictly speaking for AEGs with that statement. Cheers, Alex
  3. I certainly remember the general thought way back when being 0.2 if you want it to go further 0.25 if you want it to be more accurate. For some unknown reason this really stuck with me, which I guess is why the prevalence of heavier BBs stood out to me so much. Seeing actual recommendations for Cyma RIFs certainly threw me off at first, all power to them of course. Competition is never a bad thing, hopefully the improvements from the ‘lower end’ companies mean this sort of thread is very different in 5 years time! I’ve watched almost the entire catalogue of @Bada Bing, and I’d entirely missed that one. Such good content! Definitely an interesting RIF, I suppose I’m just jumping to sensors and swapping out a mag follower as a solution rather than a mechanical system because it could be used to modify existing mags rather than having to buy a heap of new ones. Hmm, that’s intriguing. I’m a big fan of the Maxx unit, the tracer attachment stuff seems like an alright alternative to your standard tracer setup. Are Maxx the only company playing around with electronic stuff attached to a hop unit at the moment? Cheers, Alex
  4. Interesting but not surprising that it’s come up before. Having thought some more on it I’m also going to assume that this sort of BB would need adjustments in the hop up design to get any sort of consistency. This could be that my brain is struggling to picture what exactly a 6mm golf ball would look like, but given the money we shell out for ‘super precision’, ‘super polished/smooth’ BBs I’d certainly need some convincing before I dare run them through a regular system. Irrelevant of the quality I can’t help but think that sort of design would be prone to getting snagged on hop buckings... but this could just be me failing to visualise what these things would actually look like! Weirdly lands on a somewhat similar point that came up in the thread which saw the birth of this one. I think more players than you’d think—myself included in the past—that things like site limits exist to try and create ‘fairness’ alongside the safety reasons. I suspect that’s just naivety on my part, given that outside of ‘field specific’ restrictions there aren’t really any sort of fair play guidelines to followed when it comes to what your RIFs can do. This isn’t to say I’d want them, just an observation that this side of ‘fair play’ just doesn’t seem to be much of a consideration in a hobby which involved charging around with luxury toys. Sorry, I fear I’ve gone off topic at the end here... but not enough to delete it all? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Cheers, Alex
  5. This echoes my own thoughts for the most part, there have certainly been advancements but at @EDcase said it’s been small improvements to a few areas across a RIF rather than a big ‘game changing’ innovation. Well that’s certainly a lot simpler than I thought it was... though I image a bit of a pig to install! Thanks for the link, I’m now beginning to feel like a massive dumb dumb having only just made the connection that this your website! Unless of course I’m a double dumb dumb and I’m jumping to the wrong conclusion so to speak! Cheers, Alex
  6. Rotary style adjustment, flat hopping and r-hopping are all things which feel like some form of ‘evolution’. Granted selling hop unit components to airsofters isn’t exactly selling ice to eskimos! Flat hop makes a lot of sense to me, I’m still not certain I really understand r-hopping! Almost immediately after posting that comment I started thinking about how it could be done, as you say mags kept coming out as the thing that were the real hurdle. Though I’m sure it’s nothing a fairly simple sensor and replacement of a ‘follower’ couldn’t fix... but that’s just more faff, and more to go wrong! Cheers, Alex
  7. Not even sure the mould would cost more, granted my experience from moulds for different materials comes from tabletop miniature production. Generally moulds/tooling are a pretty flat rate. As I assume most know, so apologies if it comes across as condescending, the most expensive parts of manufacture are those that require bodies to do the work over machines... I wouldn’t have thought adding dimples would cause an increase in manual work. As such, I wouldn’t necessarily expect an inflation in price for anything other than that which is chargeable due to ‘perceived value’. Cheers, Alex
  8. Iiiiiiiinteresting. My only presumption as to why we’ve (or at least I’ve) never seen such thing would be the difficulty of manufacture. I’m going to assume dimples would like add far more difficulty into ensure consistency, as is the nature of creating an irregular surface. But I am aware shapes are weird and engineering certainly isn’t my wheelhouse. I’d also be curious as to whether there is much science behind the size of the dimples, and such science just doesn’t transfer to such a scale. Definitely intrigued to see what folks that are engineers (assuming that’s the field this falls into) have to say on this! Cheers, Alex
  9. Pretty crazy that one of the biggest advancements has been the tiny plastic balls we buy in the thousands and scatter across woodland and buildings across the country! Absolutely, airsoft being an ‘honour sport’ of sorts certainly SHOULD have a wider reaching effect than simply ‘calling your hits’. Whether it be ignorance or in malice I fear some forget the reason such limitations are in place, safety of those enjoying the same hobby just isn’t as upfront a consideration as it should be for some folks. Cheers, Alex
  10. Granted it may be more linked to what the sites I’ve played/stock up on ammo at previously but I remember Marui .2’s generally being the go to with some shifting .25’s. Heavier than that seemed almost exclusively used as ‘sniper’ ammo. Definitely super interesting to me that it was the quality of the heavier ones holding them back more than anything else, wasn’t something I’d have considered at all. Cheers, Alex p.s. Based on the comments in the MWS thread I’ll certainly be after one of those fancy brass nubs! That thread was largely the reason my conclusion on heavier ammo popularity increasing being attached to improvements to various elements of hopping.
  11. Huh, interesting. So it’s more that the higher weight BB’s themselves are better rather than the stuff that’s flinging them down a barrel? I’ve seen Geoff’s mentioned a lot so I’ll certainly be picking some up. That certainly makes a lot of sense, I’m not certain exactly how but I’d almost expected the electronics to have advanced further than they have. I know it features on the NGRS stuff from Marui but I expected bolts locking back on empty on AEGs to be a ‘standard’... I say expected, I guess I didn’t really have any expectations so to speak. All makes sense on the HPA/GBBR side, I’ve been working my way through the @Wo1f MWS thread as I’ll be receiving one once I can finish my UKARA stamps. Seems like an extremely valid conclusion, thank you very much for taking the time! Cheers, Alex
  12. So, the title was a bit awkward to come up with for exactly what I’m asking so I’ll try and get a better explanation in the thread itself. I haven’t really kept up with new things airsoft for the past 5 years or so and I’ve been doing a heap of digging into what exactly has changed in terms of what has changed with the internals of RiFs. From what I’ve seen: - Heavier BB’s seem to be much more popular, my presumption is due to better hop up solutions? - Mosfets in various flavours are prolific throughout. Irrelevant of what you want it for, it seems there is a mosfet that can give you what you’re after? - HPA and GBBRs seem more popular... or at the very least more common. I’m guessing this is in part down to availability alongside advancements in how the work and an increased degree of reliability? Outside of those, everything seems pretty same old... is there anything folks here think I’ve overlooked? I guess I’m ultimately trying to fast track my general knowledge of what ‘the norm’ is, taking advantage of the hive mind. It’s certainly not intended as a ‘what upgrades should I get’ thread, lord knows there are plenty of those. Simply trying to feed my curiosity during a point where ‘free time’ seems to be at a surplus! Cheers, Alex
  13. Hi folks, Completely forgot to create on these when I initially signed up, and frankly it’s just something to do at this point! I’m Alex, I used to live in the Midlands and frequented the Firesupport sites (Free Fire Zone and Urban Assault). A few years ago I moved up to the grim North for work. Planning to be making my way around the country checking out sites once things return to ‘normal’. I’ve been to First and Only’s ‘The Mill’ which was certainly a new experience, but a great time! Things seem to hurt more when you’re older (so far, that seems to include my wallet... shout out to lockdown spending). So yeah, that’s me. I look forward to trawling through the forums finding useful tidbits of information and the odd bargain in the classifieds. Hoping to see some of you on the field in the not too distant future! Cheers, Alex
  14. Spending money is too easy when you can't leave the house.

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      Adolf Hamster



      Ive been doing so well......

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      Same here, I haven't spent a penny on Airsoft ....... yet. Although I do keep drifting onto websites and browsing

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      I’m starting to think an expired UKARA might just be an act of God...

  15. I can’t work out if I love or hate these stocks, and for that price I’d certainly have to land on love! Cheers, Alex
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