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  1. I guess the point I was trying to make and having read my post back managed to entirely miss, was my suspicion the root of the disappoint that I feel leads to a lot of these sorts of sales. Using a rif stock should act as your ‘control’ when playing around with putting aftermarket parts in something. Not having that benchmark to gauge the potential improvements from feels like a big miss, and a very easy way to wind up disappointed with your results. Apologies, I suspect I’ve caused this to deviate away from where the topic was.
  2. For Sale - A mistake shaped like a TM NGRS Delta - £900 Feel like this should be in that airsoft fallacies thread, I beg one day that the general airsoft player base realises that ‘aftermarket’ ≠ ‘upgrade’. Granted that leads to a longer thought pattern of what ‘upgrade’ actually means. Many are seemingly happy in winning a gucci point pissing contest than they are having a nicely performing rif, and if that’s what you’re after then I guess it is upgraded for the intended purpose. The only ‘actual’ reasons I can think of for selling a rif before skirmishing it
  3. Realistically I don’t think boots are too much of an issue, that photo probably makes things look more obvious than it felt while playing. Though I very much appreciate the feedback and suggestions. That’s probably the only time I was prone all day, I found it was much more effective to make a little hide in a bush and crouch. Means I’m concealed from most angles and have much better ability to manoeuvre without having to make large movements, especially with the SRS I found racking the bolt while prone to be a fairly exaggerated movement. The best crafted camo on the planet won’t keep you hid
  4. Haha, much appreciated! I’m in a toss up at the moment of whether to bother with the leaf suit bottoms of not. I can see the merits in some situations, and negatives in others. Very much a case of figuring out how my play style is adapting as I fall deeper down the rabbit hole of ‘sniping’ and if I feel like my legs are consistently the thing giving my position away. Definitely feel like I need a few more games with things as they are before I can work that one out!
  5. Had an amazing time at Dagger Woods on Saturday, one of my favourite days airsofting in a long ol’ time. Gave the ghillie bits their first proper run out, can definitely see it being more effective once I’m more familiar with the sites I use it at. Fortunately a chap grabbed a photo so I can see where needs some work, namely the boots... and the Mk23 will be making it’s way back onto the chest rig. (Would loved to have seen how it looked front on, but this photo is useful to see for improvements to make nevertheless) Had some lovely ambushes and some grea
  6. No idea if it's of any use (depends what sling you're using and how you're attaching it I guess) but I've just purchase this lot because I needed some of the fittings etc. If that sling plate will be sufficient for your needs send me your address in a PM and I'll send it out to you once I receive it as it's surplus to my requirements.
  7. Apologies for putting it here and not as a wanted in the classifieds, here just makes more sense to me! Don't suppose any of you fine folks have a stock trigger (part number MGG2-44) and/or trigger guard pin (part number MGG2-145) going spare that you'd consider selling? In the process of taking the GRY kit off mine and have found out the seller opted to not include a majority of the fittings or the stock trigger which was a LOVELY surprise. Not spotting the trigger wasn't there is admittedly my fault for missing something so obvious, and I'd foolishly assumed all the fittings w
  8. Time Left: 5 days and 4 hours

    • For sale
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    Hi folks, Having a clearout of bits that don't get used anymore, prices are including PayPal fees and postage. Blue Force Gear Enhanced Shoulder Pad Wraps - Multicam - £35 HSGI Double Decker TACO Pouch x2 - Multicam - Supplied with MALICE clips - £25 each HSGI TACO Pouch x3 - Multicam - Supplied with MALICE clips - £20 each HSGI Pistol TACO Pouch x2 - Multicam - Supplied with MALICE clips - £15 each Velocity Systems SwiftClip kit - Multicam - £20 Crye Precision Shooter Cap - SOLD Have additional photos to show 'authenticity' if required, please only ask if you're actually interested in purchasing. Cheers, Alex


    Sale, Cheshire - GB

  9. I certainly got caught in the 'buying things to try and make me happy' throughout the early stages of the COVID situation. Fortunately that led me down a path which has made me fall in love with the game all over again, but it's also left me with a very expensive MWS build that I should absolutely sell on but am in denial about doing so. Selling a RIF before I've skirmished it atleast once is something I've never done, and never thought I would do... but after some frivolous spending to try and put a smile on my face I can absolutely see how it happens.
  10. Ahh the glory days when most sites had websites with actual information on them. Credit where credit is due the booking system is very slick and easy to use. But yeah that was the conclusion I'd come to also, the Google directions take you to the middle of that road and the only thing that resembles a place to park following the link they provided is that lane behind the gate. Ta for taking the time to have a look.
  11. Definitely something I'll be hoping to do... assuming I can find the way in 🤣!
  12. Haha, aye. Maiden bush dip for everything, also my first time playing with the SRS as it is now (both external and internal changes) and the AAP. So I'm sure plenty will go wrong! 😂
  13. Hi folks, Following the advice of @Rogerborg I need to stop making excuses for not heading out to play, even more so with the likelihood of another lockdown pending. I've booked in at Dagger Woods in Preston on the 17th (this Saturday) and the 31st (which is their last game at the site before closing for winter by the looks of it), which is a site I've never tried before. Anxiety is absolutely through the roof, but I'm determined to get out to a few more games before the year is out. Anyone on here likely to be there on either day? It's about time I tried to make some local friends! S
  14. Eye pro redone, much happier with it this time. More comfortable and overall a better blend with everything else. Definitely feels like a lesson in less is more sometimes.

    Hoping to get some quick field tests in at the weekend, and perhaps a maiden voyage for the finished suit and SRS as it is now on the 31st depending on how things are with various restrictions and how comfortable I feel with the whole situation.




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    2. alxndrhll


      Aye, it’s all dyed in some

      way, shape or form. Though I suspect that part might either get removed or clipped down a tad and dusted with some

      brown paint. It has a habit of popping up across the ‘lenses’ when acquiring cheek weld, which is less than ideal.

    3. Skara


      Long raffia does that unfortunately.

    4. alxndrhll


      Aye, fortunately the vast majority of my crafting is cable ties so super quick and easy to adjust as needed. Did a quick field test while out with the dog this morning, really happy with the colours just need to have a play around with the right side of the balaclava and the raffia to make sure it’s not hindering the use of my scope. I’ve intentionally done less crafting on the right side with that in mind as is, so hopefully not too much tweaking needed.

  15. It's a bunch of cursed RIFs from Luke's backlog dangling from the ceiling isn't it? Terrifying.
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