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  1. Haha, I'm from the Midlands so carpenter/chippy is what I'd call it. I'd always consider a joiner to be a bench joiner, but up here carpenter just doesn't seem to be a word that exists 🤷‍♂️. It's all bashing timber around at the end of the day I suppose, bit confusing when looking at jobs initially though!
  2. Glad to hear recovery is ongoing, and by the sounds of it as expected. My big two where annihilating the quad on my left leg (rectus femoris for those that care) by doing the extremely intense action of... standing up from crouching. And a completely shagged right shoulder from years of playing rugby when younger and just not taking care of injuries at the time. The former of which was much more recent, and was affecting me while working (I'm a joiner, or carpenter to those that live down South). I guess these are more of a physical worry than a mental one, with the mental aspect more being if I do something that puts me out of work for a period of time I'm leaking finances which eventually becomes a mental strain. And that's truthfully something that's at the back of my head everytime I play. In terms of powering/pushing through, it's kinda just that for me. These things happen, and they can happen if you're charging around an airsoft field with all the protection in the world... or they can happen bending down to grab a pan out of a cupboard in the kitchen. And there are two ways you can go from there, bubble yourself away from everything that you perceive to be dangerous (which is potentially literally everything), or crack on with the things you enjoy while you enjoy them. In terms of getting through the mental side of it, professional opinion has always helped me with these sorts of decision to give me a better idea of what risk, if any, is involved... and whether that risk is worth it for whatever I want to be doing. Shitty as it is, ultimately you're the only person that'll know when you're ready for that and I'm sure we all hope that when that time comes you have an absolute blast.
  3. Open to being wrong but 0.36s seems a bit heavy for that stock bucking? I dare say you're hop is cranked too high for the stock bucking to lift that weight, hence the blockages.
  4. Nowhere near as jazzy or fancy as half of the bits in here, but if it works it works 🤷🏻‍♂️. Made use of an old tracer unit, dremeled a bit of length off, added some o-rings and now it might actually see some use.
  5. Time Left: 2 days and 6 hours

    • For sale
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    Hi folks, Have an Angry Gun 8" BCM MCMR M-Lok Rail up for grabs. Complete opposite to the 10" one I have up for sale, this has been used extensively and the condition reflects it. External condition is pretty good, internally there are marks from M-Lok attachments. I've tried my best to get photos which reflect the condition. Looking £50 including postage and PayPal fees. Please note that due to work commitments I'm generally only able to post out at weekends. Cheers, Alex


    Sale, Greater Manchester - GB

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    Hi folks, Have an Angry Gun 10" BCM MCMR M-Lok Rail up for grabs. Not sure I ever fitted this on anything, condition is damn near perfect. Small mark on the fixing lug on the right side of the rail would suggest I test fit it on something. Looking £100 including postage and PayPal fees. Please note that due to work commitments I'm generally only able to post out at weekends. Cheers, Alex


    Sale, Greater Manchester - GB

  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi folks, Have 5 Tokyo Marui NGRS midcaps up for grabs. The one left most in the photo has seen some use, the other 4 are unused (picked up just before I got my hands on some P-Mags, P-Mags are all I've used since then). Looking for £20 each, or all 5 for £95 including postage and PayPal fees in either case. Please note that due to work commitments I'm generally only able to post out at weekends. Cheers, Alex


    Sale, Greater Manchester - GB

  8. New eye pro and dump pouch arrived, eye pro looks very promising… and the dump pouch is one I’ve owned previously so know what to expect. Aside something to carry hydration as we venture into the, what should be, warmer months alongside a can of gas and I’m pretty set 😊. P.S. A picture of just some glasses and a dump pouch is decidedly boring so I went with some artist licence.
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi folks, Looking for a Haley Strategic Flatpack (1.0 or 2.0), ideally in Multicam but might consider Ranger Green (or one of the Multicam variants). Not interested in clones of any type. Have cash waiting, PM me if you have one going spare. Cheers, Alex


  10. Looks like some new accessories en route also, source the Tokyo Marui Twitter account. Aaaand a link to the video can be found here.
  11. Gave the Platatac Dax v4tigers a run out, up there with my favourite variants of the G3-alikes. The double knee cinch on the rear and the elasticated bottoms are particularly welcomed additions.
  12. NGRS Mk18 was early 2019, MWS Mk18 was late 2020. But as you say, whether there is anything to be gleamed from that is unlikely. As Dave says, the bulk of the look is the rail. If you’re after the shorter variant the 9.3” from/by HAO is the one folks will likely recommend (myself included), just be sure to select the MWS barrel nut to make your life as easy as possible. Starting with the CQBR as your build base gives you the barrel length you’re shooting for. After that it’s just completing the look with a replica SF four prong muzzle device, and then throwing whatever ‘tactical gubbins’ you want on the rail.
  13. With it being an MWS I dare say it safer as is, given that it won’t go into safe unless it’s cocked… as I imagine you know. But I’m now lost in some weird internet argument giving actual reasoning for something, so more the fool me I guess.
  14. And then disappearing at lunch time once they're confident they've got their photos. Would be genuinely curious to see what a difference it would make if sites didn't take photos until the last game or two. I've never been able to wrap my head around those that seem to actively dislike all aspects of the hobby, but turn up every week and leave once they've got their evidence they attended... having spent their time on site either in the safe zone, spawn points, back at their car or trudging around as if they have an allergy for decent cover and shooting positions. Like, for the general populous this isn't perceived as a 'cool' hobby so I really can't process it.
  15. As the others have said if you want rid of the shadow you just want it to be as far forward as you can, how far forward will ultimately depend on the torch. Narrower beams can get away with being further back than wider ones for example. Looks like you've still got some room on that rail to move it forward, so bump it up a few notches and see how you're feeling about it. In terms of which part/side of the rail, if you're using a pressure switch (which it looks like you are), it doesn't really make any difference... just be wary of top mount because depending on your optic height you may well end up blocking it. The sides, or diagonals when using m-lok or a mount that gives you the option, tend to be preferable because it's not in the way of your grip and isn't taking up prime rail space for a grip, PEQ box, sling mount, pressure switches or <insert other 'tactical gubbins' I'm probably forgetting>.
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