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  1. Adolf Hamster

    Omg how many bbs do you use?

    One 2500 round box mag in a game? Pfft amateur, do you even mg42?
  2. so, now i have an aksu, high speed build anyone?

    1. AK47frizzle


      Once you go high speed, you can't go back. All your other AEGs will become inferior. 

  3. Adolf Hamster

    Omg how many bbs do you use?

    normally around 2000, unless folk are cheating, in which case around 10000
  4. Adolf Hamster

    £13 DIY fan goggles

    hence 10mm, but a pair, one each side between the base and the legs, doesn't take much ventilation
  5. Adolf Hamster

    What is the point of long rail systems?

    nail on head, if we wanted ultra lightweight performance we'd all be running firehawks or something. airsoft is a fantasy, and within that fantasy we can do what we like. hell, take my mg42, it doesn't do anything an arp9 with a drum mag can't do but it weighs about 5 times as much as the arp. thing is, it's still an awesome gun.
  6. Adolf Hamster

    £13 DIY fan goggles

    They're bolle raiders so not much room sadly
  7. Adolf Hamster

    £13 DIY fan goggles

    Nice job, must confess i'm debating doing it myself with a pair of 10mm fans. Maybe i should finally do it.
  8. Adolf Hamster

    Airsoft Ruined Movies For Me

    That really grinds my gears, its why i never take my eye pro off even if the whistle's been blown. If i see people with mags in when others have their glasses off they're getting a bollocking.
  9. Adolf Hamster

    Advice Needed - retracting sling

    I dunno, i like them personally. I get there's a bit of hate out there for them but they work for me. The sa80 sling is pretty good if you have the right length rifle so that when you switch it you have plenty of dexterity left. Although granted its not the best if you need to switch shoulders. I guess like all things its a balance, in combat a 1 point is more than sufficient but when out of combat a 2 point is much more convenient to carry the rifle. I'd take a cheap milsurp sa80 sling over an equivalently priced bungee sling any day, those things are the work of the devil.
  10. Adolf Hamster

    Advice Needed - retracting sling

    tbh i find a 3 point is perfectly adequate, just chuck the rifle under your right arm then bringing your arm forward and drawing is as quick as you need. side option is to just hold on to the front of your rifle with your left hand and draw one-handed if it's for real close and personal stuff. that said, i've never needed a speedy pistol transition, why not just shoot them with the rifle? or better yet duck into cover to get the precious seconds you need to do it.
  11. urgh, so it looks like the p90 tappet plate is about 2.5mm too long overall for the f2000, as the nozzle when fully back is sitting too far forward.


    might actually have to cut the nozzle which i'd kind of hoped i'd be able to avoid.....

  12. Adolf Hamster

    Airsoft Ruined Movies For Me

    not intentionally, but in pure luck maybe? although it's doubtful given the minute of angle accuracy standards of the rifles of the time, i'd be surprised if anyone would attempt that kind of shot back then except purely for bragging rights if they pulled it off.
  13. Adolf Hamster

    Aps uar

    yeah probably overkill for cqb, but it's an excellent hose for outdoor work.
  14. Adolf Hamster

    Airsoft Ruined Movies For Me

    oh the old hammer cocking thing annoys me, especially in westerns when you're talking single action only revolvers. whats the point of trying to threaten someone with a gun you know won't fire when you pull the trigger?
  15. Adolf Hamster

    Aps uar

    arp with a drum mag on 11.1 is a fearsome beast, i borrowed one from a mate when the mg died couple of weeks back, it shoots like the mg dows but weighs as much as the drum mag on it's own