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  1. whilst it is over-volumed, short stroking will still result in a drop in energy. any piston travel before the compression stage will still be contributing to energy as the piston accelerates gaining kinetic energy which gets dumped once compression starts (essentially changing the pressure curve to one with a sharper ramp up) as others have mentioned, having the release tooth being plastic rather than metal might cause wear/failure, but it's not the worst to change out aside from cleaning up the box if it goes. keeping the remaining teeth on the piston is fine, tbh aside from the slight weight saving there isn't strictly any cause to remove them, although it feels neater having matching teeth.
  2. indeed, i found it seemed to be terribly inconsistent. ended up going old school with just using the timers which worked out much better.
  3. that looks to me like a warranty thing. all precocking is is running the motor slightly longer than the usual cutoff point, you could acheive the same effect on a purely mechanical trigger by shifting the cam position. mine certainly didn't explode or do anything out of the ordinary with precocking set to as high as it'd go without double firing.....
  4. yes you can? some level of over-run is pretty typical in most pews, i wouldn't worry about it. i did pull the grip on mine and trip the arl after a game, but then that was relatively easy on the e&l ak box and i was using all the precocking so it was slightly more needed.
  5. afaik isn't it supposed to be limited to stuff appropriate to the re-enacement groups theme? eg if you're a ww2 re-enactor you can buy all the mg42's, m1 garands, lugers etc you like but can't technically get any flavour of ar?
  6. a scientist at the lhc managed to get caught in the cooling system, when they got to him his body temperature had dropped to -273.15°C fortunately he was 0k
  7. pretty much my feelings, given even with the variable i left it set on 4x all the time anyway. didn't really feel any need for less than 4x as you'd just use the dot, and even at 4x it was mostly for checking "am i hitting or has this guy got plot armour on?" found the same with the pso on the dragonuv- i was so often tempted to pull the optic and just run irons....
  8. the problem i have with those is the "1" isn't really 1 in the same way as running a dot would be (ie zero eyebox if you see the dot you're good). i found with the stacked setup i ran for a while the lpvo stayed stuck on 4x constantly with the stacked dot being used for 99.9% of engagements, but it was just a shift from chin to cheek weld if i needed to use the magnification.
  9. whilst you can run without sights, having a repeatable point of reference really helps for anything beyond a few feet. needless to say proper irons are better than barrel sighting, red dots better still. magnified optics are tricky, they're useful for shot tracking (ie verifying your pew is shooting where you think it is) at extreme range, and checking target honesty but at the cost of speed in terms of getting into the eyebox and onto the target. as a general rule i tend to stick to red dots on rifles and irons on pistols, not a fan of pistol dots as the few times i've tried them it seemed to be no better than irons by the time you've used them to find the dot anyway.
  10. Just because it came up when meme fishing; What do you call a broken can opener? A can't opener.....
  11. must admit, some of these bread jokes are a bit stale.....
  12. More than 15fps in arma? Imma be pressin X to doubt that: X
  13. can i just ask, how long are your arms that you can use the foregrip that far out?
  14. few things are questionable: -picture down the sight looks like it's from someone's balcony -the dude by the helicopter is using a different optic -distinct lack of streetlights in the "night vision" pic -might be camera work, but reticle doesn't look any clearer than the cheap red dots we're used to? -lot of cash to find out it's a fraud probably explains why i never buy anything from aliexpress, too damn cynical
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