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  1. *Looks at m4* *Looks at bag of geoffs .48's* Hold muh beer.... An aeg absolutely can use the heavies with the right hop, and it is supremely effective, but its also stupidly expensive. However, on principle i agree, about the .3 range is a good balance of cost/performance for an assault gun and you dont need a full blown rhop to lift those.
  2. We're an easy target, because everyone who likes guns/gun shaped objects is the same as the shooters that pop up in the daily mail on a weekly basis.
  3. possibly, i can't say it's something i've paid that much attention to since it launched.
  4. i haven't specifically tried ptw, but it's fed everything i've thrown at it no problem. obviously the clutch can be tightened up as needed. the ak adaptors are pretty stiff, mostly due to the s bend the adaptor needs, but it still feeds fine.
  5. worth every penny i have one of the og ones from when evike was the only place that had them, used it religiously since and not had a single issue. you could try one of the clones, but i've heard some horror stories about things like the handles breaking etc.
  6. surely a sling would be the better option?
  7. there's always going to be monday morning guns and friday afternoon guns, a good manufacturer won't have much between them.
  8. yes you do, it's a different level to a normal speedloader, noise wise it's all right if you fill it full, i tend to go on the basis if i've emptied my mags and had to refill mid-game stealth has already long gone out the window. you can get foam kits for them to make them a bit quieter.
  9. it feels to me more rebelling against the parroted trend. i do see his point, but equally if you want decent performance without putting any time/energy/money into tech work then tm is at least the safe and predictable option. it's kind of the same thing you see with folks impressions of hpa- that you just buy an hpa and magically your gun will shoot like a laser beam for evermore.
  10. Its official, this is the first time since i started that all my long guns are functional.

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      probably being too reliant on hpa lol.


      tbf it's probably plateauing after spending so much time tinkering with aeg's trying to push every last drop out of them, whereas my current aeg's i'm happy with "good enough".

    3. Rogerborg


      And they'll stay that way right up until chrono on site. ;)


    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      nah, the f2000 always works just fine at chrono, it's when it gets on the field with an actual target it immediately starts misfeeding.

  11. *Note to self, never borrow a dump pouch from musica*
  12. i suppose it's as much in deference to the operating mechanism as the capacity.
  13. Wonder how well they'll feed. I have some MAG 200 round stanags and the springs definately run out of steam near the end.
  14. Yeah, the current version is sa only, hopefully they follow through on fa variants.
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