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  1. it was in response to this notion of realism as it applies to airsoft support guns, i'm not seriously suggesting it, just pointing out that if you want these things to be used the same way their real counterparts are they need to have the same capabilities. and yes in this particular scenario a pistol would need to be significantly lower power than a rifle. this is of course assuming the objective is to eliminate the validity of say an arp as a more effective alternative to an m60 in airsoft.
  2. problem is that an mg42 should be running the same fps as a boltgun because in theory it's real counterpart is firing full power rifle ammo, same goes for the m60. and i'm not sure how folk would like 500fps full auto guns with box mags being a thing, no matter how representative it would be.
  3. Its because its a circular argument with neither side actually being right. People have their opinions and good arguments one way or the other but there's not really any empirical way of deciding so it just ends up constantly circling. And thats because they havent felt the comforting embrace of our lord and saviour smersh
  4. titan are king of the mosfets, i kind of run the opinion that if you're going to mosfet either cheap out with the simplest ebay special just to save the trigger contacts eroding or go full titan, the middle ground is kinda meh. a well setup titan build is about as good a trigger response you're going to get from an aeg, after that you'll have to sell your soul to hpa.
  5. i tapped out the one on the jg and added a little screw, holds it in place perfectly. makes it almost pleasant to work on
  6. m14's are pretty annoying because they decided to add an extra thing on a spring for you to hold with the 5 hands you don't have when reassembling. although getting it in/out of the reciever isn't so bad, just a bit longer than most guns. v2's are a pain because you have to get it most of the way back in the gun before you can dry fire it see what she sounds like. however, i feel like i'm not alone when i say this: v3 triggers....... easiest box i've worked on is the g&g f2000, because it's nearly all external and by the time you've got to the actual main body of the box there's not much left to have to keep track of on reassembly.
  7. you say that like you'll want to change it......
  8. this is indeed the case, although it's still pretty decent. the agm one does not like 11.1v though, ask me how i know......
  9. The agm mg42 is not very strong, very easy to bend the reciever on them, had to fit reinforcing bars to mine. i'd imagine the g&g is much better although its got the price to match. Rogerborg is right, whilst there's something nice about a massive gun, and it'll definately grab attention, it wont do anything an arp with a drum mag cant do at a tiny fraction of the weight. If it were me i'd go for an a&k m60 or splash out on the g&g '42. There's a guy here has one on sale last i checked would be a fair bit cheaper than trying to buy new.
  10. in a technical sense, although its better to take the spirit of the test rather than it's actual statement. x fps on y weight is just a misleading way of quoting a joule figure anyway. fortunately here it's easy- flat 1j limit so no messing around worrying what a given site's limit is going to be.
  11. yeah, it's not so much an issue for aeg's at least, because a heavier piston on an aeg is counter to people's normal desire to maximise rof without getting pme. the thing is is that with this sort of thing people can be doing it unknowingly, people will hear "run a heavy piston and use heavy ammo, it'll help your range" without picking up on exactly why, and if their local site is doing the ol' .2's then they can be doing this without even realising that's what's actually happening. sadly the poor sod on the recieving end isn't going to have the luxury of such ignorance.
  12. depends on how low the light is. if you're using red dots then turn down the brightness, because that'll obscure the target. if you're talking about actual darkness then there comes a point where the conversation is going to have to start mentioning nod's/thermal/torches. this is one of the aspects of airsoft i think is valuable in terms of translation to real skill, being able to spot a target who's trying to hide himself from you. it comes with experience but if someone is well concealed and sitting still it's really hard to spot them. fortunately a lot of folk run camo that isn't ideal or don't cover their faces.
  13. this is the reason i always try and chrono on the ammo i'm using, because the differences can be really profound with the right setup. i'm surprised you're getting that much out of a spring gun, heavy piston i'm guessing? i'd expect that much out of a gas gun or hpa under the right conditions. unfortunately the whole chrono'ing on .2's is still pretty common, i've had plenty of instances where running the heavies i've been told "it's a bit low isn't it?" when i've told them the weight i'm running, they've set the chrono to that weight, and the joule reading is bang on the limit. kinda scary how easy it would be to just play ignorant, turn it up and run hot, but then i wouldn't be able to whine about other people running hot if i did that.
  14. gear is very subjective, and can depend on the theme you're going for. for example i really like russian gear, the gorka/smersh combo is great and can easily switch between m4 and ak mags, carry an hpa bottle etc. however that's not for everyone, and might not work for you if you want a really themed loadout or if you're running a battle rifle. good boots and eye pro are a must, in terms of camo you can cheap out and get surplus dpm/flecktarn which will be perfectly fine. osteoshot puts it very well- run what you like, it really doesn't matter. yes an m4 platform will make tinkering easier due to the wealth of parts out there, but if a good ak is what makes you smile then do it, or anything else for that matter. my first rifle was an f2000, i still have it, i still love it, it might not be as good as my m4, but that doesn't matter.
  15. light bolt pull and quiet sounds like a job for a wolverine bolt....
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