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  1. Adolf Hamster

    How do you post a status update?

    I had the same issue with the same fix, although for some reason i still have a 50/50 chance of getting the box now.
  2. Well, the f2000 is sort of feeding now, tappet plate was just a little tight so sanded it a tad, hopefully should wear in a bit easier with use.


    Debating selling the luger for a mauser because shoulder stock


    And finally the "whats on your mind" box seems to still be playing sillybuggers.


    Oh, and i bought an mr2


    Long status update lol








    Like really long










    Ok now i'm just taking the mick

    1. Iceni


      I would imagine version 6 gearboxes are shimmed like tight version 3's. Where you shim the box like normal making a note of the shim count either side of every gear. Then just take the tappet and sector with the other side of the gearbox and work out how many shims need to move to that side for the tappet to run free. Then make that adjustment to the other gears and check it's all running nice. It does mean you get some funky pinion engagement at times but it's normally decent enough that it's not going to cause problems.


    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Its not the gears are my problem, its the tappet itself, the original tappet broke and the guarder tappet thats in there now is a smidge on the tight side at the front of the box between the nozzle and the case.

  3. Adolf Hamster

    m4 bullpup

    Well, whatever works for you mate. Personally i'd take an arp9, use that front grip assembly you have there and try to reduce the buffer tube length to nothing, i know in terms of purism there should be some room there for the recoil spring but then this is airsoft and we can make crazy stuff if we want to
  4. Adolf Hamster

    m4 bullpup

    fair enough, can't say i'd find the default mag catch all that handy, but i suppose an ambi release would do. personally i'd do this to an arp9, that way you get the hk style catch
  5. Adolf Hamster

    m4 bullpup

    how are you planning to run the mag release/fire selector? the fire selector wouldn't be too bad (at least no worse than say an sa80) but the mag release seems like it'd be a pita
  6. well, the mg's back on form, kind of annoying that it shoots so well on .3's, i don't have the budget to feed her that!

    1. Gepard


      Even at it's infamous 1500rpm that's still £10 per minute! I imagine yours could shoot a lot faster too.

    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      thought the original was 1200rpm?


      that's what mine's shooting at anyway.


      had an engagement with a chap using a glock carbine and somehow i ran out of ammo first :P that's what i get for understanding the principle of suppresive fire.

    3. SeniorSpaz87


      Theres a bit of debate on that. 1200 rpm was the average - depending on the bolt installed it was anywhere between 900-1500 rpm

  7. Adolf Hamster

    328fps limit for CQB

    the best airsoft games are when it's just a bunch of like minded mates, big games are intense but it's still a cluster **** of people using the confusion to justify creative use of game mechanics (ie ignoring hits from anyone except the guy they're looking at)
  8. Adolf Hamster

    328fps limit for CQB

    it's not that bad if the person weilding it is being sensible and only firing at distant targets. i had a breif period when i put the new gearbox in the m4 and it was firing 420, i got away with using it but during the game i ended up with a chap hiding right next to my oil drum, went to shoot him and his head popped up not 6" from the end of my gun and i was like "i don't even care if i get hit i'm not putting 2+j's worth of bb into this guys face right now", he took the bang kill although i did get blasted by his mates. rest of the game i was more cautious and hung back and nobody was unduly annoyed, even if i was outranging everyone there. tl:dr it's not how overpowered the gun is, it's how much of a **** the guy using it is.
  9. well, game on tomorrow and the only working gun is the mg42.


    oh what a terrible life i'm leading....

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      it is, but not as bad as you'd think when you consider you don't need any spare mags/speedloaders/other random paraphernalia just the gun and a bag o bb's

    3. Monkman


      I need to convince my lazy mate who owns a M249 to sell it to me...He hasn't played since October.  Just the gun and nothing else does sound very appealing.  :)

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      definately a good idea man, support guns offer a completely different kind of fun when you can do actual suppressive fire and hold an entire team at bay.


      most fun i've ever had airsofting was when i borrowed a mate's m60, only time i've seen people blatantly not taking hits and not got annoyed about it because i'd killed them about 20 times per person and i sympathised with the hopelessness of their plight.


      admittedly you can get the same effect with an arp9 and a drum mag for the same weight as just the stock on the mg, but there's something so satisfying about having a freaking massive gun.

  10. Adolf Hamster

    328fps limit for CQB

    it depends entirely on the site how finnicky they are, we're all limited to 328fps (1 joule) in northern ireland and you get a mix of "zomg it's 328.01 you can't use that cannon here" to "meh if it's around 329-335 ish just keep shooting till you get one below 328" to "ahh 328, fine, i'll not ask what weight bb that is" and finally the ever present "we're too skint to buy a chrono, as long as people's goggles don't crack you'll be fine". a lot of sites don't chrono pistols either, or they only chrono co2 pistols, which is ironic because without my washer tweak my extended barrel sig is putting out about 380fps on .3's
  11. probably a combo of lipo's being the more established technology, and for a new-start if you're going to buy the gear to run a life then it'll also do lipo safely too at which point there's not really anything performance wise between them. plus i've not yet seen much in the way of life batteries in odd form factors either, all chunky stuff.
  12. Adolf Hamster

    EXTREME(-ly stupid) Pistol Loadouts

    lol, i did exactly this to the sig the other day and sent it to a friend, it's weird how this thread cropped up the next day
  13. Adolf Hamster

    EXTREME(-ly stupid) Pistol Loadouts

    A we luger. Do i win a prize?
  14. well, turns out the mg is using a standard v2 tappet plate, which is awesome because it seems to want to eat them

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      i appreciate the advice, i get what you're saying that the tappet plate could be hitting the cylinder and stretching it.


      there's no tappet "window" on this box per say, it's a really strange design (a 2 peice split with the handguard being it's own unit with all the gears and the top being a big rectangular box with the cylinder/tappet)


      the brass clip is more like a washer- it's mounting hole is dead centre and there's about 2.5-3mm extra draw, and it's coupled with the longest nozzle i've seen on an AEG (think double m4 length)


      like i say, gun is bone stock, i wouldn't even have had it apart if it hadn't eaten the tappet plate (after about 15k rounds), so atm i'm suspecting either a weak tappet plate or too strong a return spring being the main culprits.


      only other possibility is given the handguard unit is a seperate peice maybe it slid out of position when being carried and made the difference.

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      The window I refer to is how that 7mm or 8mm sits and allows feed/sealing


      if you had a nozzle too short you will have lovely feeding but $hit seals


      if you had a nozzle that was too long you get great seals but $hit feeding


      so all this crap is about ensuring the nozzle is correct length

      (which it probably is)

      and then ensuring the "window" or where the tappet/nozzle moves

      allows the correct "window" position of nozzle retracting/returning


      if it is operating say more than 0.5mm out of whack/position

      you will get either feed/seal issues


      retracting tappet too far trying to compensate or increase stuff

      runs the risk of smashing crap out of tappet if not checked

      or at the very least wearing out the fin very very quickly


      That window wasthe where there 7 or 8mm movement is sitting bang on

      not a rear inspection window like many v2's have

      ensuring it all operates within the correct position/window/tolerance  etc...

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      yeah, it's a very long nozzle due to the hop design, and i suspect they have the long stroke on the tappet to keep feeding issues down, not sure why it's such a strong spring as it's not like it needs to deal with midcaps.


      she shoots and feeds incredibly well, so it's safe to assume they're right with the nozzle/stroke combination. although i still think the spring is way too strong which might be why it died.


      we'll see how this new plate works out, and if it eats that one i'll swap the spring out for a weaker one and check it's not bottoming out

  15. Adolf Hamster

    Switching to Deans Connectors

    Yes, yes you should, i do it to every new gun and battery before i even use it