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  1. Ignoring no, being a dunce and not noticing it in the first place maybe.....
  2. Then don't. If your pew is doing what you want it to then always better to leave well enough alone.
  3. certainly i can think of a number of examples of poor sportsmanship from his vids, although not the examples you've listed (admittedly i'm not exactly a regular follower of his content these days) the deliberate headshots i'm not entirely sure on, insofar as i can see how the "reticle" on the scope cam is almost certainly fictitious and i can see how that could be easily be edited to give the impression of intentional headshots. that said, even if we assume the best (that he's never intentionally aimed for headshots outside the widely recognized acceptable cases) the impression that he does is enough to set a poor example for people to follow, especially when backed up with the ol' "tell em to wear face pro" argument trotted out like disliking pain is some sort of character flaw. yep, that's exactly the sort of thing i mean when i say poor sportsmanship. yes if someone fails to acknowledge a hit then they're fair game for little further persuasion, but that example went well beyond the point where a reasonable person would see that they weren't playing and the only course of action is either to move on, or get the marshalling team involved. tbh, i don't really see that as particularly egregious given how well known it is that airsoft youtubers do this, as i said before if you know it's just a fiction spun to tell a good story then that's not a problem (hence why every other airsoft youtuber gets a pass on it). ofc if you're new to the sport or perhaps looking to start, it's not ideal to have a false impression on what this hobby is like. sadly "a fun days airsofting, everyone played fair, don't remember if we won or not" whilst thoroughly enjoyable in the real world isn't going to get the clicks like "airsoft cheetar gets 360noscoped irl by a 500fps stealth sniper [instant karma] [he regretted it]". however that is perhaps more concerning. yes that's another strong point for his detrimental effect on the hobby, the last thing we need is for the hobby to be tarred with that brush.
  4. the aim of pointing out the negative aspects of the KM persona aren't aimed at silencing, more helping inform that he's a character who might not be the best role model for starting out in the sport. yes indeed, i know there are various accusations of km's actions that are somewhat apocryphal in origin, whilst i assume they must have started from somewhere especially with respect to site bans (at least before that critical mass when places banned him on principle) i've never seen anything purporting to be true original sources for a lot of claims of his in-person conduct, not that i've gone looking for them tbf. what is evident from the content he publishes however, is a poor attitude and evidence of doctoring footage with false accusations, the latter of those isn't such a big deal if you go into it knowing that it's fiction, but the former is something that can be damaging especially for newer players who might gain a false impression on what this sport is like or how it should be approached (ie having some empathy for the guy on the receiving end of your righteous pewing). of course km is by no means alone in this respect, but he is the most extreme of the large airsoft channels in this regard. indeed, this community continually surprises me with its capacity to handle divisive topics then just move on, it's a breath of fresh air compared to most of the internet.
  5. This seems sorta pointless? You'd lose the ability to employ backspin which would destroy most of the effective range of an airsoft pew. All you'd end up with is an over-powered nerf gun.
  6. Armbands vs non armbands is definately a thing. Typically due to sites having more numbers (ie only enough armbands of all colours to outfit one team) or if they use tape that they've run out of one colour. It's also pretty universal that when it happens the armband team blames the armbands for any and all percieved failures (that arent blamed on cheating at least). Granted a well organised site this shouldnt happen, but organised and airsoft are 2 words that seldom go hand in hand.
  7. 150mm potentially you might be wanting a bit more volume. Test it with it stabilised first then worry about barrel changes
  8. Sounds like a strong candidate. Certainly dramatic fliers left/right are most typically the bb striking something on the way out. Packing the inner to stop it wobbling in the outer might stop this (if the alignment is right might need packed a specific direction), and generally not a bad idea for accuracy anyway.
  9. Yeah, the tab at the back is pushed up by the new mag opening the lever, when removed it springs back down
  10. tbf, bb's are round, you look at them from any angle they're round, so rounds is a technically accurate term to use, it's the real steel guys who have the wrong terminology, should call 'em pointies as for the feeding, the split feed tube is sprung closed, and when closing it's not quite straight but pinched in, add in the rattle of firing and it's just enough to keep them moving upwards. at least that was my experience, drop the mag and you could fire everything in the feed tube with reasonable reliability, but as with all things airsoft ymmv.
  11. to pinch your image now i'm on pc; the left-hand variant, the clamp puts just enough upward pressure that the rounds feed into the chamber, although i can see how a stickier round might struggle.
  12. The clamp type? The one i was running had no trouble clearing rounds with the mag out and gun right side up.
  13. Plus with the retention on the maxx thats 4 rounds you can fire with no mag in. Pain to clear, but occasionally useful in the field
  14. tbf, i've had some loose rotaries that could unwind and i've had/bodged conventional units to not unwind.
  15. when he's not intentionally trolling with the sneaky internet "facts", he does know his stuff. certainly he's on a short list of names that'd add value if i saw it in a classified ad. it's worth remembering though that his approach to certain topics is that of a professional tech, someone who's being paid to put in a better standard of work than most folk could do at home. for example his stance on ptfe tape to seal cylinder heads is based on it being messy and unprofessional. this is true, and you'd expect a professional to do a proper job. but if it's your own gun and you're not worried about the next guy who has to work on it then it's one of those bodges that does actually work.
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