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  1. it's a strange one all right, pretty much every time i hear the sound of gas escaping in the safe zone it's almost always a co2 mag. gg aint perfect, but it's a damn sight easier just keeping them gassed constantly.
  2. what's the use case here, are we talking a 90% holster filler that'll get the occasional couple of shots in cqb or a serious backup expected to perform to the full in the depths of a northern winter? if it's the former, then it expands your options, WE stuff is generally *alright* for that kind of work and you can get some good range/accuracy out of them, but they will let you down in the cold. if it's the latter then either an NBB or a TM is going to be the order of the day, plastic slides may not feel the greatest but they do make the gun run better when conditions are against it. i'd stay away from co2, just a pain in the ass to work with compared to just making sure you keep your gas topped up.
  3. it's something that doesn't get talked about enough, last i heard it was getting to the point that suicide was going to be the biggest cause of death for men under 25. we've all had dark times, but they key is to talk to someone, get an external perspective on it, part of the problem is bottling things up and pretending like everything's fine, all very macho until it gets to the point where it takes you over. you're absolutely right that airsoft is a great activity for folk in the same way that any social activity is a good thing, whatever it is use it, and it might be difficult sometimes to pluck up the courage to head out especially if you don't have a regular group to go along with but it's worth putting in the effort to force yourself to get out there.
  4. i'm running an autobot/pdi combo in mine, it is a bit tighter but it does fit, i kinda just squished it in. range/accuracy is hilarious out of that gun, there's something delightly satisfying about using it long range.
  5. whilst i won't disagree that a good piece of work has value, the problem with paint jobs is you're relying on the buyer placing as much value in the particular style as you do. even a very nice paint job is worthless if the guy buying it doesn't like it.
  6. i've seen this on some forums, it's a tricky balance, some places argue especially when we're talking high ticket items that the trust of knowing whoever you're dealing with has stuck around long enough to be a member of the community. of course those places didn't have mack's, it's a novel way of approaching the problem but i must admit it does seem to be effective.
  7. i think so, then i think someone else is meant to jump in and act as a tie breaker.
  8. no dice, you'll get the same treatment as everyone else, we're equal opportunity assholes
  9. as much as i want to hate that thing for being too gamer/tacticool, it does look like it'd be pretty practical. of course it'll be a while before we get an airsoft version, and there's no guarantee it'll good depending on who decides to do it.
  10. as heavy as your wallet can take, if the gun can't lift it then it's tinkering time.
  11. 1st possibility is ammo quality, good ammo is noticably smoother. 2nd is i have heard plenty of stories of the clone odin's having problems especially with breaking the handles. all i can say is i've used an original M12 from as soon as they were launched and it's never had a problem with m4 or ak mags.
  12. hmmm, so where does one go from a PDI if one wants moar accuracy?


    currently debating between giving a crazy jet a go or maybe EDGI

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. clumpyedge


      multi-bore barrel

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      @lozart i tried, but the perfectionist in me is too strong, it's all about the accuracy.....

    4. proffrink


      You don't - buy heavier and better ammo, improve your hop unit.


      If you really want look at hunterseekerarmouries and buy a lapping kit to get a ridiculously smooth finish on your barrel.

  13. why nbb? especially on co2, unless you're specifically planning a silent build then a gbb is much more fun. tbh i'd say in general just go for green gas, much easier to deal with in terms of maintenance (read just keep the mags gassed). however, to directly answer your question you won't need the co2 charger, the capsule will screw directly into the magazine/gun.
  14. Hey man, we've all been there. Tbh i was just thinking back to sunday, was sitting out for a game and had pretty much that exact scenario happen. If it helps i'm one of those joule creepin' trigger spammin' hpa knobs
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