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  1. Fair enough, its a good way of doing things, rule one is always keep a backup lying around.
  2. No need to change gears or nowt to run 11.1, the cyma boxes tend to run pretty sweet. You should think of some form of mosfet and giving the box a bit of tlc in the air seal department. The box itself is a standard v3 should be nominally compatible with e&l/lct recievers although the front end furniture might be a bit different. Iirc jg trunnions are different, they use a pin to hold the frontend on rather than grub screws.
  3. Unfortunately as @Sniper780 says thats not a standard mount for an ak. the one he pictured is the common type for the classic full stock variants. Real surplus stocks still need modified to fit airsoft guns though. Honestly it might be as easy to try and source a reciever with the right tang than trying to modify things.
  4. Time Left: 6 days and 3 hours

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    hand made carbon fibre free float tube for an m4. it's too narrow (about 40mm od) to run a gas block/tube but very lightweight and gives a somewhat unique look to the gun. price includes postage


  5. Time Left: 6 days and 3 hours

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    magpul m4 stock, afaik it's genuine magpul with "pts division for training purposes only" stamped on it, although i'm not all that knowledgable on m4 stocks so i'm open to being corrected. solid as anything with no accomodation for airsoft batteries, i modded the sliding catch so it can easily be removed to access the buffer tube. the buffer tube afaik is a king arms, fits the stock quite nicely with very little wobble hence pairing it up. price is including postage


  6. Time Left: 6 days and 3 hours

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    so here we have my first love, a G&G f2000 railed version with cybergun licensed FN markings. currently she's sitting with a PDI W-hop bucking, SHS advanced 13:1 being spun by an ASG CNC 18k motor, she's nice and snappy in auto (but not too fast) although semi in these guns can be an exercise in frustration. she's been modded to take standard mid-cap mags although most pmag style mags are too wide for the magwell (just like the real one). she's currently wired with a Gate nanoAAB mosfet, although this is identical wiring to a warfet so should you wish to use precocking magic to solve the issues of the rube golberg cutoff lever it's just plug and play. currently chrono'ing 325fps with about a 3-5fps variance on 0.2's although the adjustable spring means you can set her roughly ±10% higher/lower and it's easy to swap out for your chosen limit. comes with brand new spare hop unit. if you want any specific pics feel free to ask. price includes postage


  7. Time Left: 6 days and 3 hours

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    so here we have a Tri-rail adapter for the F2000, i know for sure it fits the G&G model but couldn't be sure on the jg model. price includes postage, if you want more/specific pics feel free to ask.


  8. you didn't leave the reg on (ie regulating pressure)? even when the gun is disconnected that can drain a tank pretty quick. i always turned mine off between games never had an issue, whilst my mate who insisted it didn't matter curiously was always in search of air.....
  9. pretty much good quality heavier bb's, good quality barrel (quality>nominal bore size), good hop, and as close to perfect air seal as you can get. whilst fps/energy isnt everything, if you're a significant chunk under your respective limit then you're gonna want to bump it closer.
  10. best is entirely subjective. do you define best by rate of fire? in which case an arp with a polarstar jack is the best do you define best by accuracy? in which case a well tuned fusion engine or f2 in a gun that also has sufficiently good components (hop, barrel, reciever alignment and rigidity etc) to take advantage is the best. do you define best by loudness? a short barrel with a high pressure system is best do you define best by quietness? a long barreled system with a low flow setup and a big suppressor is best do you define bes
  11. Good job dude, always heard daytonas described as a labour of love its good to see some proper description of the kind of things need done. That's gonna be a real head turner on the field!
  12. what made it fun was mostly the frantic nature of the defence, tbh the quality of sportsmanship of the people you're playing with&against tends to have a more pronounced impact on fun than the individual game mode.
  13. Had a great one last week, a push/fallback style game where the attacking team had to find a car battery, push up to the car and start the engine. I'm a fan of fallback games in general, nice and simple rules (although plenty of folk can still fail to get their head around even that) but the game doesnt get bogged down the same way as a fixed respawn game tends to.
  14. that where he is? would make sense, heard there are some mad limits over there.
  15. i'd check you can get a spare for it before giving that a go, but the logic seems sound enough.
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