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  1. Does the motor turn free by hand? And dont get me started on the finnickness of fire selectors else i'll start ranting about ak's...... Another option for the selector/trigger is the box being too tight, if you've overdone the stock/grip bolts a bit it can do that.
  2. If i cant afford to get a nice pso with it then it'll be getting my pk-a temporarily and even that will feel slightly heretical..... Mate of mine has a (possibly king arms?) Aeg svd, its a nice gun and handles nicely despite the length (i'm exclusively outdoor play so length isnt a major issue if it handles well) but ive got aeg's and i've got hpa's so this is just for fun. No idea, i'll probably be getting my local brick and mortar to scour their suppliers once this whole covid thing dies down.
  3. Sorry, thought posting in gas guns would have hinted at me wanting the Wei-Tech blowback beasty, so rocketdogbert was right on the money. Basically wanting to move into gbbr's and since my playstyle is often dmr anyway figured an svd would be a good fun choice.
  4. Ahh ambi selectors..... The trigger issue could either be box alignment (rubbing somewhere) or if it happens in semi but not auto could be the safety is still partially on where you have to push it out of the way. The selector should be free and smooth but it should click, on a standard selector this is a spring detent in the lever which unless you specifically remove the lever should stay in place, i suspect the ambi fire selector alignment is also to blame here. As for the motor sounds very much like wire routing pushing the motor down, its an absolute pain in the proverbial but just requires much fiddling to get the wires out of the way and not jamming on the top/sides.
  5. Ive not handled many split slide guns, but the ones i have have all had one fundamental drawback- you need to crack out the alan keys to pull the slide and adjust the hop. So i stick to single slide, but then i dont lean on my pistols for anything other than a bit of fun plinking when my primarys out and i cant be assed walking back to the safe zone to reload.
  6. just wondering, do we have any owners of these glorious beasts on here? really wanted one since hearing about them coming out, but haven't had the chance to accumulate enough money. but seeing as my fuel bills are looking to be nonexistent for a few months might well be a chance to accumulate enough to get one. i'm thinking specifically trying to get one of the steel reciever versions (because i'm a sucker for blued steel). but i'm wondering if folk have any advice for common issues etc? probably going to order through my local and get an NPAS (or equivalent, if there's custom nozzles out there?) to bring it down to our wonderful 1j limit, but if i'm getting them to order stuff in could see about getting spare bits/bobs if there's any known issues with these things.
  7. the scorpion is a great platform stock, although the hop unit isn't very amenable to tweaking so you'll have to replace it or accept that the performance you get is what you get (although granted said performance is perfectly passable) it's not aesthetically the ideal dmr platform, but if you don't care about "muh immersion" it's perfectly capable. if you're doing a lot of sneaky stuff i'd suggest looking into getting a standard assault gun (eg the scorpion) and running a Mk23 for sneaky shenanigans where silence can be as important as out and out range (not that a well setup mk23 is lacking there either) at least that way you'll still be equipped for some standard combat if it comes to it.
  8. start with an assault gun, then worry about dmr conversions later. depending on what you like something like a full length m16 could sit right either as an assault gun or a dmr, although barrel length isn't really a factor so you can make a shorter barreled gun shoot well enough with the right tweaks. if you do want to go down the path of upgrading the ar platform does offer the greatest range of aftermarket parts, but don't think that means you can't do well with (insert not an ar-15 derivative here) it just takes a bit more creativity. in terms of upgrades first things first- get the gun, leave it stock (except maybe a barrel clean), play with it a few times and then start thinking about tweaks to address specific deficiencies of the gun as it sits. it's far too easy a mistake to make to get a gun, chuck a bunch of premium parts in it without knowing what you're doing, and completely ruining it. and especially if it's your only gat i can assure you having game days cut short because your latest tinkering doesn't work right or completely breaks your gun is something that gets real old real fast. the only out of the box recommendation for an "upgrade" is to feed it good ammo, it'll eliminate one variable from your list of things to do and a stock gun on something like geoff's .32's can be very effective. i would advise doing things properly and getting your ukara set up first, it's going to be hard to do with the current climate so sadly patience is going to be required, i wouldn't worry airsoft isn't going anywhere.
  9. The big one would be mags, for a forever gun (a ficticious concept i might add) it wouldnt be so bad but 5.56 is gonna be lighter, easier to source, and more likely to be compatible with future purchases. That said, for rarity value and more importantly if thats what you want, then the heavy would be fine too.
  10. £40 for a flat hop!? Just shove a maple leaf macaron and omega nub in there.
  11. Yeah theres a bunch of different tricks, drilling a 2mm hole in the side of the tube to let the gas out i found most effective. The main problem is the firing pin blunts and the hammer spring isnt strong enough. So it goes downhill pretty quickly.
  12. Urgh, screw that, gimme me odin back.....
  13. Should be fine, those loaders are pretty standardised for pistols. I use the exact type pictured without issue. Of course you can just load by hand too, which for a makarov isnt so bad as ime 12 shots in this weather is about as much as you could hope for anyway.
  14. glad we're on the same page. it's such a shame, as when they work they really are awesome, i did have a project a while back to try and refine the mechanism but it fell at the hurdle of getting a strong enough spring.
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