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  1. Adolf Hamster

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    Are you not thinking of the new york second- the shortest known unit of time in the universe being the time between a traffic light turning green and the cab behind you honking his horn.
  2. Adolf Hamster

    G18c to smg type? ish

    doesnt the carbine kit have its own mounting point for a suppressor? a longer inner barrel will push your fps up, so be careful with that.
  3. i must confess i've become very zen with non hit takers of late, overheated the m4 last game against a known cheater, just decided "if this is how you want your day to go i'm happy to keep supplying the bb's" most of the day wasnt bad, the insane 3rnd burst did good work in the forest, wether people were actually hit or not the noise alone made most folks call it without needing a follow up (either that or my marksmanship has improved dramatically ) next shoot is going to be interesting, it's a big shoot but the site's taking on extra marshalls which means there might be a chance that chrono spot checks, test shots, and watching for hit taking might actually happen....
  4. Adolf Hamster

    Tokyo Marui HK45 Slide Problems

    drop the slide first then insert the mag? it's not good practice to drop the slide on an empty mag as it can damage the little protrusion on the nozzle that pushed bb's into the chamber.
  5. Adolf Hamster

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    what prisce said
  6. Adolf Hamster

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    no, it's just a lipo charger and it's not set up for charging nimh properly, you need a dedicated nimh charger. it's one of the reasons a proper smart charger is reccommended a lot because those can charge lipo and nimh
  7. Adolf Hamster

    Hate it with a passion.

    wow that "review", 3 shots to get a feed on the chrono, and 8rps..... also "made out of a strong abs plastic so you're not gonna break it", bro do you even pa66? and the bit at the end where he's just firing it round the shop, good job it's barely feeding at 240fps (probably on .12's) or else i might actually start getting concerned about safety 😂 omg, the p90 video from that guy, "anybody remember stargate?" no dom, anyone old enough to remember stargate is not taking you seriously..... edit: at least he's using eye pro for a gun that shoots 190 on .12's, wouldn't wanna get hurt now, man i think i'mma have to watch some more of these haven't laughed so much in a good while
  8. Adolf Hamster

    Hate it with a passion.

    ahhhh my eyes!
  9. Adolf Hamster

    Quick spring sanity check

    well, gambled on an m125 spring and fortunately it's right on the money, i can go between 0.7 and 1.3 joules on the adjustment so it can go either way. now all that's left to do is fix the shaky semi-auto reliability and hope it actually feeds on the field.
  10. Adolf Hamster

    Battle belt, plate carrier or both?

    i preferr belt, but i have started using pc only fir the f2000, 6 midcaps with stacked pistol pouches that take an assortment of pistol mags, grenades and 40mm shells with the hi capa strung across the top. it doesn't help my already over-specced waistline but it's not that bad. i've tried running pc and belt a few times and just felt it was too restrictive.
  11. Adolf Hamster


    Best way is to start small, get a cheap springer from bbgunz4less and get a mate to shoot you close. Then work your way up until you can take a mgl full of 40 mikes at 3 feet and you'll be golden.
  12. Adolf Hamster

    Quick spring sanity check

    it's strange, the tappet plate is definately getting the full stroke, longer than stock, so i'm at a loss to explain whats going on.
  13. Adolf Hamster

    Question regarding camo

    ^jesus that's good. its a thing i didn't know until i went there but until recently germany still had national service, and it's still voluntary (army service are 2 scary words to read in the google translate soup of a very official looking letter you've just got) so i guess that's why they have so much cheap surplus
  14. Adolf Hamster

    Quick spring sanity check

    mags are fine, they work in the m4 and vice versa the mags i normally run in the m4 work in the f2000, its as if the stroke of the nozzle isnt enough, if it's short enough to go far enough back to allow feeding then it's too short to seal properly. thing is the hop unit is as well aligned as its possible to get in an f2000 and i've got a delayer chip with a half mm rise and it's still not enough. the nozzle in there was intentionally oversized and i've filed it down now to the point at maximum draw it's perfectly in line with the back of the hop chamber.
  15. Adolf Hamster

    Quick spring sanity check

    the nozzle is exactly the right length to feed and no more, been filing it down gently to get it just so.