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  1. maybe his phone died halfway through posting and he hasn't been back since charging it?
  2. yes it's a glock that's missing some paint and had some shiny bits glued on?
  3. geoffs. 0.48 super precision for low round count guns, 0.32g super precisions for pistols and everything else.
  4. Im not sure i wanna see what taran would do to an ak, or a makarov for that matter.......
  5. generally 40mm ain't gonna be too much of an effect volume wise, especially as a proportion of the total length we're dealing with here. but if it makes it easier to source then defo a bonus. the real challenge is gonna be getting the main system sufficiently consistent (air seal etc) to really take advantage of a good ammo/barrel combo.
  6. in fairness, certain upgrades for certain platforms can be relatively predictable. for example it can be relatively predictable that the hop rubber on a WE won't like the heavies, so changing to a ml bucking would be sensible. although yes changing every single component generally isn't a requirement and i'd certainly question generic lists where the same parts are listed for a range of different guns from different manufacturers.
  7. 690 is a long barrel, think the longest i've seen be relatively available is 650. there wouldn't be any harm in dropping 40mm from the end, there are those that'd argue beyond 500ish is too long for an aeg anyway. sadly hard to comment, only aeg i've used with a barrel that long was the '42, and needless to say accuracy wasn't exactly a priority with a gun like that.
  8. can't say, but given the zci 6.02's are well known, well regarded and pretty affordable sounds like the easier option to go with the known quantity?
  9. Tbf, the grassroots and informal nature of this hobby has a lot to do with it. All you need to be a tech is to convince people to pay for your work, and all you need to be a reputable tech is to have enough people convinced that the work is an improvement. Mix in the combination of customers who dont check the work, after all if you posess the skills/knowledge to check then you more than likely just do it yourself. Just sprinkle on some confirmation bias and there you have it.
  10. tbh i don't think it's that ridiculous a comparison, i mean the car world does have plenty of examples of cowboy mechanics doing sub-par work, people "improving" their cars (you know the type- cars that ground out if you leave a penny in the road and belch more smoke than a russian carrier every time they pull away) etc. airsoft teching is basically what car repairs/modifications would be like without the likes of the MOT system and related enforcement......
  11. you could, but as a more long term solution @BigStew's point about getting parts would be the better method. one possibility, is to solder to the motor and site a conventional connector (eg a deans connector) elsewhere, for example if you're using/planning to use a gate external mosfet then that'll plug straight in.
  12. dat carbon..... it is possible to solder onto other portions of the connector, i've done it a couple of times although it's more of a bodge than a proper fix. as @BigStew says it may be possible to pillage connector plates from other motors/get them as spares. if it were me, i'd be thinking about cleaning up that wiring too, don't want it trying to short itself on the gearbox casing.
  13. afaik the specna ammo tends to be rated quite well, as are bls. needless to say if specna's ammo is just bls ammo in a specna bag then that's not a bad thing.
  14. always something random..... maybe grab a new set of contacts for the long run?
  15. the clanging sound (accompanied by bb's going in weird directions) sounds like you're clipping the tracer. the feeding issue, is this a hi-cap mag? are you sure it's both full of ammo and fully wound?
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