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  1. odin m12 (original not a clone), buy adaptors, profit
  2. remember having a debate a while back on here someone was suggesting that the ol' point blank with a bolty was ott because snipers have MED. i must admit part of me envied them if they've never run into a spicy pew, or med breaker in their entire airsofting careers.
  3. problem with paint jobs is even if it's an excellent job done by a skilled painter such as geartech, it will still have been done to the aesthetic choice of whoever commissioned it. which puts off any buyers except the ones who have exactly the same taste, and for anyone who doesn't share said taste it's a very difficult to reverse modification to the point of not being worth it for all but the most special pews.
  4. i used to run .32's mainly in mine with .48's saved for special occasions (but i would still run them on auto like a madman) the only real difference is gonna be in your dwell settings, however if you get it dialed in on one ammo weight then just note down the settings before dialing it in for another. hop wise, well it depends how you set it up, but i have had guns that needed shimming to lift the super heavies and as a result would space anything too light. this is probably more relevant if you're jumping massively in power level between battle rifle and dmr.
  5. .48's in the makarov was a fun one, sure it'd reach out but at a mere 0.75j you had to fire in the morning game and hope after lunch someone would pick the wrong spot to stand in gave up with that malarkey after realising i was changing bulged nozzles nearly as often as i was changing magazines and the thing was shooting further than i can actually aim a pistol anyway.....
  6. don't worry, it's pretty counter-intuiitive. i had the same confusion so like the complete nerd i am sat down and did the maths on it: basically if you're firing at the same muzzle energy, and your hop unit can spin it, then heavier is always better for range. travelling slower does mean you gotta learn to lead properly, but then that's just part of what passes in airsoft for marksmanship. it's really satisfying when you get it right and the target literally walks into the round.
  7. yeah, it's been set to something. ahh well, probably not the best idea to indulge in rubbernecking anyway.
  8. ahh, yes i can see how this would be a popcorn moment. private page? only link on google is for italian facebook for some reason
  9. i'm guessing from the inference that's not the sort of group that takes kindly to this sort of thing?
  10. i'm assuming the name from the screenshot is who the conversation is with, so it's James O'Brien asking Jacob Taylor about the safety ratings. but it's entirely probable that i'm also muddling it up
  11. oh dear. has he not learned that these days you gotta be very careful how you respond to criticism on the internet? people in general seem to have forgotten that admitting you've made a mistake then taking steps to rectify it is something you can still do.
  12. i once had a king arms m4, by the time i sold it only the outer barrel was original, still didn't call it "fully upgraded"
  13. the one that gets me is saying "upgraded" without actually saying what parts are in it, or being vague about them (eg "upgraded barrel and hop rubber"), maybe it's just me but i can generally list all the parts in my guns from memory (exceptions being when i've done a build by raiding the parts box).
  14. the L86 HDT? heavy detrimental thing?
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