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  1. Yeah its legit, although their website is pretty poor.
  2. not really, unboxings have their place, and knowing something new and shiny exists can be very useful, but in terms of an actual review i'd preferr someone who's actually used it to be talking. perfect example- find me a g&g f2000 review that tells you about the blister you'll get on your thumb knuckle if you aren't wearing gloves.
  3. when it comes to gameplay while i've watched the usual suspects there's always elements of stuff that's not ideal, like the ever pervasive battlefield hit markers or clickbaity cheaters/fights/player justice stuff. i've seen a couple of gameplay vids from sites where i've been playing, and it's kinda dull compared to the actual gameplay, or maybe i'm just having more fun than the cameraman. for reviews i've a few things: 1. review more than just wether or not it's ambidextrous, also i can see the rails, no need to point that out.... 2. show takedown, show internals, highlight which key parts are proprietory and which ones are standard. 3. if you're going to do an accuracy test do it at longer than 10 feet indoors using .2's, if i gun can't hit a man sized target at that distance then it's useless. 4. gas effeciency is more than 10 shots in a nice air conditioned interior 5. if somethings bad say it's bad, even suggest ways it could be upgraded to improve it. not so much airsoft, but gun related is i tend to like inrange tv's philosophy on reviews where you really need to be using the thing for a few months before you can really make a call on how good or not it is, for example i intend on expanding my makarov reviews section some time but i haven't used the kwc enough to give it a fair shout.
  4. not good, possible the shop didn't downgrade it and it's been seized for being too hot?
  5. Could have, didnt care about me getting hit, i was respawning when it happened anyway, was just more concerned that folk were shooting when it was bloody obvious someone had their mask up. Same thing happened when a fight near broke out and i went to try calm things down, just went back to my spot after and resumed play.
  6. kinda wish blind man or some similar shout was more standardised for this. had a rental pull his mask in front of me mid game, rushed over and got my hand over his eyes shouting at him to put the mask back on. was kind of ridiculous just how many hits i got making that run, and while standing next to the kid, would have been nice to have had something to shout to get folk to stop shooting.
  7. ^what he said. i've long since given up on speed chasing, yes there's minor advantages like the ability to punch through hedges, but you don't need stupid rof to acheive that. it just ends up wasting ammo which regardless of cost is a pain in the ass to be constantly reloading. not to mention to get an aeg up to that standard is going to be a pain in the ass (moreso than selling your soul to the hpa gods). if you want a better semi auto trigger response then you'd be better off with a titan and precocking.
  8. agreed, one of my best investments for this sport was a pair of lowa's, when your feet are dry and comfortable it's one less thing to distract you from playing.
  9. Funny thing is the glass fibre polymers like pa66 are technically composites, but nobody seems to jump on that description
  10. see the problem here is a case of expectations, it's reasonable to assume that being on an active airsoft field means you're going to get hit by bb's, anywhere, any time. what is not expected is to have someone attempt to attack you with their hands in a serious manner, regardless of how much or how little actual harm is done, if you want to have fisticuffs with random strangers i'd suggest boxing might be a more appropriate hobby. of course we've all had our lapses of judgement, this hobby can be very frustrating at times, and it's easy to get worked up over these things which only makes it seem even stupider in retrospect, but as with everything in life there's a line between what's acceptable and what isn't. i'm sure tackle's making it sound worse than it was, this is the internet after all and things tend to get blown out of proportion.
  11. can't really see a problem with that, after all the price they'll pay is the weight. would maybe make more sense in a milsim environment- set fps limits by caliber and let the smg guys run full auto in buildings, could be an interesting squad dynamic.
  12. yeah it's a tricky one, i was thinking more of a "if it's under this limit you get to use full auto" kind of deal, like the way the whole dmr thing works outdoors just scaled down.
  13. tbh those all seem solid choices, although i'm gonna say a nice mp5 just because i want a nice mp5 right now.....
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