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  1. the problem with that sort of thing is the consistency you're getting. if the same rounds that are going through the chrono are also going all over the place (ie no changes to the setup between chrono/range shot) then it really shouldn't be an airseal issue. you can get it with mags, if your testing on a half empty midcap or a hicap then go to test shoot on a stuffed midcap, the friction on the nozzle from the bb stack holds the nozzle back and gives temporary airseal issues.
  2. "easy fix but i havent got the time" the only possible explanation, and it might sound a bit stupid, but how are you going about setting the hop? i've seen hops have dual "sweet spots" where if you start adjusting from off you get to the first spot with good hop, but if you keep adjusting eventually the combination of overspin/energy loss ends up at another point with what looks like about the right amount of spin but ends up with really crap consistency. possible if you're starting off with big adjustments maybe you're missing the first spot and hitting the second?
  3. never got around to grabbing a kobra, went for it's steampunkier cousin the pk1 instead
  4. Time Left: 5 days and 8 hours

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    evening all. so here we have an NPZ PK-1 optic, possibly the steampunkest of russian designs. it's a daylight powered optic, kind of if an acog and eotech were genetically spliced. there's tritium for night use which works just fine. no faffing with batteries or having the reticle turn on/off- just strap it to the gun and go shoot. very good optic for outdoors although not so good indoors under artificial light, there's a lever to engage what i call "even more purple mode" which is used in the through-scope picture. helps for contrast depending on the lighting conditions. surprisingly light despite its bulk, weighs about half as much as it looks like it should. according to the label on the bag it seems to be 2015 dated, at least if what i think looks like a date is in fact a date. however condition wise it's in fantastic shape and i could well believe it's spent all those years in a warehouse. comes with original carry bag, manual, cleaning cloth and adjustment tool. price includes postage+paypal fees


  5. Time Left: 5 days and 8 hours

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    evening all. here we have an ATN Mk350 gen 1(+?) NV scope, all 3 glorious tonnes of it. dont know the total hours for this but it works just fine (note pictures through the scope are ~3 feet, focus is better at range when not using a camera). comes with mounts for picatinny and ak/svd siderails, carry bag & a uniquefire IR torch+offset mount. price includes postage+paypal fees.


  6. Time Left: 5 days and 8 hours

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    evening all. here we have a WE Ace VD (SVD, don't know why they changed the name as i can't see it being trademarked). she's the faux wood version, never got around to getting proper furniture for her. internally she's got an NPAS kit fitted, 640mm crazy jet, autobot green and a few tweaks to sort out things like mag wobble the boinging of the faux gas piston and bolt lockback reliability. other than that pretty much stock. externally she comes with 8X leak free mags, a pair of loading tools (trust me they're necessary), spare nozzle, feed lips, gas routers and recoil buffer. the scope is a real sword PSO-1 which afaik is basically a chinese military scope with russian markings added on. very solid unit which comes with carry bag, spare eyecup/lens cover, cleaning brush and illuminator bulbs. works perfectly fine although the illuminator bulb sometimes needs twiddling to clean the contact surfaces. price includes postage/paypal fees. i may consider splitting the scope+accessories.


  7. why a fast rps? if it takes more than 1 hit at practical pistol engagement ranges then it's a failure of the target not the equipment.....
  8. Hard to be sure, but if any combo can do it then its an ask 40k on 13:1
  9. As a general rule i tend to avoid unit patches/insignia. It doesnt add anything to the game so why risk being disrespectful?
  10. Yeah likely the connector is the bottleneck atm. Sadly a higher c battery wont help the wires overheating, possibly make that worse, although at least its more likely to handle the motor. Remember amp support is a factor of both the c rating and capacity, so lower capacity at a higher c rating aint necessarily more current.
  11. Asg 40k has enough torque to be called "high torque" but its also very fast and very power hungry. If you increase the wiring gauge/replace the tamiya with an actual connector it might only acheive letting it draw enough to kill the fuse/battery
  12. Nope, never got that far. Just the e&l and the dragonuv to go. Unless your an optics man?
  13. Most folks selling items as boneyard tend to put either "boneyard" or "spares/repairs" in the title so shouldnt be the hardest to search for?
  14. Sounds like mesh/shimming might be a tad off? If your running 7.4v then 22rps does sound about right, my krink build has the same setup (12:1 standard warhead) and puts out 18rps although granted its being fed with nuprol batteries. The thing with the warheads isnt the top end speed but the pickup, so whilst auto might not be much to write home about the semi response is fantastic if you have a ton of precocking. Edit- just seen thats 11.1v, yeah defo check the shimming/pinion mesh
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