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  1. if your goal is to play cqb then frankly any modifications tailored towards range are usually irrelevant. that means fps and for the most part hop/ammo upgrades won't really net you anything that's really useful. unless you're shooting comically low you're probably going to get more out of more games with more experience than from spending money on parts that won't help you.
  2. Worth trying it with some lower pressure gas, i found anything stronger than nuprol 2.0 the mag just ain't fond of.
  3. Are you sure it's the valve? I found the base seal of the mag really doesnt like handling anything stronger than nuprol 2.0
  4. this is a fair point. i do occasionally get pm's asking about long expired ads, and i can certainly see how for those with a more expansive classifieds history that could start getting annoying. probably a balance to be struck, yeet ads after a year's inactivity or such.
  5. Think the main motivation is to keep ads up as a sort of reference library for sales prices
  6. Do this. Heavier ammo will require the hop to be turned up a bit, but if you can't turn the hop up enough to get it shooting flat before it starts having issues (eg misfeeding or failing to fire) then move on to the second paragraph. Barrel cleaning is something you should get into the habit of doing, at least before every game day.
  7. Its always possible that something has changed, but i never had issues with the stock e&l hop with the good ol' macaron omega combo. Although tbf my base ammo weight was .32's at 1j so usually my priority was getting more lift.
  8. Tbh, i found the e&l standard units to be pretty decent, i wouldnt say changing it out is strictly necessary
  9. pic #3 looks to be off-centered although that shouldn't be the cause of an fps variation, it's more a curving you're only going to notice on shooting.
  10. Yeah i was talking more generally, not just ak's.
  11. yeah that's the right sort of thing. i did try an xt one a while back and found it to be a tad unsquare, so if you find curving to be an issue worth checking, sample size of one though so not concrete. in some pews the feed lip length can be problematic, but i wouldn't say a stock e&l is one of them.
  12. you using an omega nub with it? the macaron is a great bucking, but does need the nub to be shaped accordingly. if you're getting decent energy and consistency in the range of hop adjustment that you're using in-game, then i wouldn't worry too much. hop fully off you can sometimes get an energy drop, i suspect it's because there needs to be some resistance delaying the bb's start whilst the pressure builds up. likewise hop fully on you can get energy drops, and even a second sweet spot where the bb is sapped of so much energy, but also sufficiently over-spun to fly at that low energy, always better to start hop off and increment when setting to avoid this.
  13. it's the same as plugging in a usb you'd think you'd get it lined up right at least 50% of the time, and that it's literally impossible to try it both ways and it doesn't plug in. yet every goddamn time.......
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