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  1. Only way to get kills when you have a bolty man
  2. Guys, guys, we made a new gun, its just like our old gun, but now comes with 2" more rail.
  3. Actually on a gas blowback or an hpa a longer barrel does lead to higher fps if its running the right settings and the pressure doesnt change. Its why i get tetchy when i see pistols with suppressors attatched because if its hiding a longer barrel it can be very powerful indeed.
  4. Agreed, my general line of reccommendations goes along the lines of ammo, hop, barrel, air seals, fps
  5. Oh for sure, there's no wind twigs or tm fairy dust in those calcations. Its mainly for highlighting the point that energy alone isnt the be all and end all for range.
  6. Those are worked out from the spreadsheet in my science ramble thread. Given that the calcs are assuming no drop in spin over distance and some very rough approximations of drag based on laminar flow i'd wager if anything that's an over-estimation. Of course reaching a distance and actually hitting anything at that distance are totally different things.
  7. the thing about it is that drag increases as a square, as does energy. the way around that ofc is heavier ammo- less velocity=less drag but you're still carrying the same energy and using the magnus force to make up the difference. it means at the muzzle a gun running .4's will feel much the same as one running .2's, but downrange that .2 is going to slow down (higher velocity means more drag combined with that drag force acting on a lighter projectile means it'll slow down faster), so the .4 carries that energy further, the added benefit of this is when it does hit someone it'll still have enough energy to be noticable rather than floating in. a rough example:
  8. if you want to do dmr do it properly and get an sr25 or a dragonuv, if you want to get stuck in then grab [insert means adjusted m4 variant here] and go wreck. as for the whole fps argument, yes it does matter, but at the end of the day you're not going to be doing yourself any favours running a gun that locks you into an MED and you can't take to cqb sites. a lower fps gun (within reason) running a good hop/barrel and nice heavy ammo is going to reach out perfectly well. musica also raises a good point that some sites will send you home for being 1fps over (something i disagree with but that's a different thread) so being a little under means you will at least be guaranteed to play.
  9. tbh an arp is a perfectly capable gun as-is, you don't need anything else if you've got one of those and a drum mag full of .3's. however, given that this is a hobby about wants if you want to splash the cash then go ahead. barrel length doesn't do that much for airsoft and for outdoor sites it shouldn't be underrated having a light gun that you can run around with all day.
  10. they're all good systems. plate carriers only really make sense if you're needing to wear body armour for protection, at which point you might as well hang some mags off it. although granted in airsoft it's just for looks. of course the reason i don't bother is i have enough frontal overhang without adding a bunch of mags to it
  11. https://grey-shop.ru/Vest/Smersh-Vest/Smersh-AK The smersh isnt the only type, the bundeswehr lks, british plce, american alice systems etc also follow the same general belt rig idea. You can also just make your own out of a molle belt and h harness and attatch whatever you want on there. The smersh is particularly comfy, and the ak variety will easily take 8 ak/m4 mags (or similar) as well as having smaller pockets for speedloaders, grenades (happily the russians use a grenade very similar to airsoft stick pyros so they have lovely elasticated holsters for those) etc, room on the belt for dump pouches/water bottles (or a hydration pouch on the back) and the "bum bag" is cavernous (its pretty much a rucksack) and easily accomodates hpa bottles, bags of ammo and whatever else you feel you might need. Only downside is the only decent place i could find to mount a pistol on it was the left shoulder, fortunately the makarov is nice and unobtrusive in that regard. Well that and the feeling of your spine uncompressing when taking the lot off
  12. Smersh op I had a couple of different belt rigs for different guns, smersh replaced them all overnight.
  13. ^well there's a sticky post if ever i saw one.
  14. The small tanks do need servicing/testing. How long depends on the type of tank (the cheaper tanks it can be easier just to get a new one). Given how stupidly dangerous that amount of pressure is you absolutely want to be confident they're in test. As for refills, mostly if a site has a compressor it's there for paintball rather than airsoft, so if you see them offering paintball then odds are compressed air can be found.
  15. I feel like this is not unique to the srs.....
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