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  1. this is true, and i suppose to some extent maybe i am one of those players, but at the same time tying down the opposition can be just as effective a tactic as rushing to the objective. tbh i'd say it takes both. i've played games where due to a lack of non-objective focused players we could easily flank round the side and wipe out the entire team from behind.
  2. absolutely, it's rare i even pay attention to who won or lost a game, and frankly a good fallback game where you put in a good fight all the way till the end can be more rewarding than a "winning" a team death match.
  3. I think it's a tricky one. I do see airsoft becoming more acceptable and less niche, and whilst yes there is a sea of m4's and multicam out there you can still find plenty of folk who want to run a bit differently. For those that do the market has incredible choice although granted you cant expect everything to be excellent. I must admit though to feeling that standards are slipping, hard to find a game day these days without some sort of shenanigans going on. Had the pleasure today of a proper honest game, ironically despite being majority hpa players (boo hiss harumph they all joule creep at 50 million rounds per second et cetera et cetera) there was no running hot (or at least if there was nobody took the piss), no unnessecary use of full auto (it was used but not to the point of winding people up), people gave bang kills purely as courtesy and people took them in kind, people took their hits and there was no (just or unjust) accusations of it either Becoming mainstream has its own problems, i'm reminded of a point raised on one of forgotton weapon's q&a vids about uk versus us gun culture and ian's insight was that the restrictions to guns in the uk resulted in a smaller but more dedicated community, and i wonder if maybe the reverse is happening to airsoft, as it grows and becomes more mainstream the folk who are really dedicated are being mixed in with folk who are maybe not as committed and dont place the same store in the values that make this game great. Doesnt help either when people's role models are posting videos on youtube with "omg cheater gets pwned by insane 40 mike to the face" or other such bollocks which makes it seem like that should be normal airsoft behaviour. Of course i've not been in this game for as long as some, so maybe i didnt see the glory days, but we all have our airsoft journeys which shape us one way or another
  4. absolute cracker of a day, been a long while since i've enjoyed a day that much. good banter and honest play.

  5. see i already sold my kidneys, lungs, soul and half my liver for 3 bags of .48's.
  6. Yeah, as cool as m203's are theyre kinda underwhelming, of course maybe thats just the hpa douche in me thinking "eh, my gun's a 40 mike with a hop" best of luck man anyway, hope it serves you well
  7. It can be daunting first time for sure, tbh i might take the time and pop out a full guide with pictures, at least from the perspective of generic things to watch out for in any aeg box. I'm not the most experienced tech out there for sure but i've got to the level that not everything i tinker with immediately blows up I'm off a shootin' tomorrow but maybe some night during the week i'll pull the box from the f2000 and get some pictures together.
  8. Yeah, the airsoft version does have a slight hook but evidently not enough. You could maybe file it (if you want to avoid my just shove a bolt in it method) but given these things are made of pot metal and hope cant imagine it'd help longevity.
  9. I think the lever is meant to be pulled tighter when you open it up, but mine never worked like that and exuberant opening would see the tube come off in your hand. I just assumed mine was old but maybe its more a design flaw if your getting it on a brand new one.
  10. Any reccommendations for some midcap springs/followers? Having some feeding issues  of late :(

  11. Funny mine does exactly the same thing. I just assumed it was due to age/knackering. I solved it by drilling through and putting a bolt above the lever to prevent it from opening, worked fine until some "excited" reloading broke the lever, which took another bolt drilled and tapped this time vertically to replace the lever and stop the end popping off.
  12. Unless tm don't make it and you really really like that pistol type then yeah. Cmon tm, release a makarov already.....
  13. 2 wires to the trigger contacts (polarity doesnt matter), female deans to the motor (ensure you've got the polarity right), male deans to battery. Next i'd check air seal, start with piston/cylinder/cylinder head, put your thumb over the end of the cylinder head and try to push the piston in, you should get a lot of resistance and it should want to spring back out. If it doesnt you have a leak either: -At your thumb- hold harder -At the cylinder head- upgraded versions, fresh o rings or application of ptfe tape can fix this -At the piston head- the quick and dirty solution to this is to give the o ring on the piston a wee stretch, but be careful not to break it, either that or a new o ring. Some pistons can have poor sealing faces on the back (silent pistons for example) which are better off replaced with standard. Once you've got good compression repeat again with the nozzle added in, if that leaks you have limited options depending on what kind of length nozzle it needs. Personally i like brass nozzles with o rings, seem to seal pretty well. You can add a little grease to the nozzle and piston head to help things. Next is shimming, there are different methods but the main points to note are to keep the box empty (makes it easier to see if there's play and to turn the gears to see if they're free) and also to make sure you tighten the box up, you can have what seems like perfect shimming with hand pressure on the halves that then siezes when you tighten the box up on final assembly. Also worth checking the gears for backlash- if they mesh tightly or if there's some play from start to finish. Shouldnt be too big an issue if the gears are matched to the box nicely (eg if its all stock) Next is aoe, put your gears in and the cylinder with the piston (no tappet plate just yet), with the piston fully forward turn the sector gear until its just about to pick up the piston and see what the tooth angle looks like, you want it engaging nicely without an angle that's trying to push the piston up and without catching the other teeth. There's different methods of spacing the piston, most stock guns, sorbo being common. Personally i pop an o ring in there thats thick enough and glue it onto the cylinder head. If you dont have one already a thrust bearing on the spring guide is a good idea, you can get them on the piston too but i prefer keeping the piston assembly as light as possible without swiss cheesing it. I pop a bit of grease over the gears at the meshing areas and give them a spin to distribute it, also a wee dab on the piston guide rails just behind the piston on both sides and on the cutoff lever cam. When it comes to final assembly use magnets to keep things like the anti reversal latch in position (unless you're lucky enough for it to play nice without it) apart from that it's a case of finger twister and trying not to force it, it's one of those things that when you get it right it'll go together easy. Then give it a test fire on the bench and get your motor mesh right. I preferr to go from tighter to looser, less risk of stripping teeth if it's too far open at the start. Listen out for whining noise that's the hallmark of bad meshing (either shims or motor height). It's not a bad idea to threadlock the motor adjustment screw to prevent it backing out mid game. Of course having wrote all that i'm waiting for someone to pop in and explain exactly how i've been doing it wrong, which will either be a fun learning experience or the start of a massive row
  14. Hpa isnt a magic bullet, and if its not tweaked just right it can shoot even worse than even an average aeg. To echo the above i'd keep it stock first, then decide how it feels for you, what specific drawbacks you want to fix and wether or not hpa is the answer to those problems, like everything its a compromise, what you gain is lost in other areas and depending on your playstyle that could make or break a given system. It'll also give you a chance to see wether your local sites do refills or if your also going to need to invest in a dive tank to keep it fed because that's its own pain in the ass.
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