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  1. Adolf Hamster

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    Not to mention i'm sure we'd all rather our marshalls were concentrating on the game rather than their sandwiches.
  2. Damnit, opportinity to test the m4 hop at a mates (with an adequately sized field) and of course the air tank has leaked dry.


    Guess im gonna have to actually take the reg off after games.

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      No, it was still set at it's operating pressure, just the qd valve holding it. ahh well guess tis a learning experience.


      The reg is still showing pressure but the bottle has dropped.

    3. sjhirst


      oh bugger :(


    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      well, if i'm going tomorrow i have a recently dsg'd ak to take, but been absolutely lashing down today so might be a bit damp even for me so might give it a miss.

  3. Adolf Hamster


    you are dead to me.....
  4. Adolf Hamster

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    i'm pretty sure the republic has a 1j limit too so he might have fun with that
  5. Adolf Hamster

    Well r4 motor issue

    video doesn't work, but possibly have you got the connections the wrong way round and the motor's trying to turn backwards against the anti reversal latch?
  6. Adolf Hamster

    Potentially dumb questions

    oh no, it's just the hop unit was far far too effective, she was shooting perfectly aside from the base hop level is too much even for .4's. i've done a bit of trimming so maybe it'll bed in a bit better now.
  7. Adolf Hamster

    Potentially dumb questions

    yeah, probably gonna keep it on the bottle for the time being. sadly didn't get to run it today, although the bright side is the reason was it was sending .4's to space at a mere 1j with the hop turned off, which i didn't think was possible but now i stand corrected. i'm now stuck with the dilema of do i retune the hop to get less effeciency or bankrupt myself buying .5's for an assault gun
  8. Adolf Hamster

    Eye Protection Standards

    i recall seeing a yank doing a similar test, he shot a pair with a .22 handgun and whilst the bullet didn't penetrate they were deformed sufficiently you'd likely have lost the eye, but i suppose in that situation i'd rather lose my eye than my brain.
  9. Adolf Hamster

    Potentially dumb questions

    thanks for the info guys, she's due a run today so i'll bear it in mind. might just keep the reg on the tank, as i'm looking to keep the bottle filled so i can go to other sites that don't have compressors.
  10. Adolf Hamster

    Anyone spoted a proper Airsoft Armorlite AR-10 ?

    i agree, there's very few specific variants i like, and for the most part you can take any standard pattern m4 and convert it into anything you want it to be by changing the rail and the stock. ironically a proper ar10 would be on my list of approved deviations, but apart from that we need more oddities in airsoft.
  11. eh, sort of already treated myself to everything i wanted, m4's had a complete re-work of the internals with hpa goodness and is due a test drive tomorrow.
  12. Adolf Hamster

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    all 3 of my pistols are laughing at this
  13. Adolf Hamster

    Eye Protection Standards

    i'll have a gander later see if i can dig up that standard edit: damn, no home access for the database, i'll have a look on monday
  14. Adolf Hamster

    Use of pistols in cqb in the winter months

    i run my hicapa and all my we's on black, i'll get back to you if one of them ever explodes.
  15. Adolf Hamster

    Airsoft Youtubers

    indeed, i appreciate someone turning up who's sole purpose is to meme