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  1. Wasnt that me pointing out it was cheaper in the link he posted in his own ad? Also bookmarked skara's link lol......
  2. Just got me combat union hop unit and all i can say is it says volumes about russian fps limits....

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      it's a strange one, a lot of it is very nicely machined, but bits of it have plainly been waterjet cut and unfinished.


      the design seems solid enough, seems very paranoid about ensuring the barrel doesn't get fired out of the front of the gun.


      of course these things are all about tolerances, gonna have to put a few rounds through it to really make a call on it.

    3. DerDer


      Thanks for the info. Have tried a retro arms one before, it was nice but very picky about which buckings worked.

      Also had to cut them to fit. 

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      So threw it together with a zci barrel and my usual ml macaron combo.


      Man that thing holds everything together solid, the usual c clip is waterjet aluminium and after you've put that in and applied the locking screw then the front bushing is actually a collet which clamps the barrel solidly into the hop unit.


      By eye seems to be applying pressure to the bucking nice and square, and the wheel is solid enough it aint budging by accident.


      Havent shot it yet but it feels like a good'un

  3. Ive found cyma's midcaps seem to work in anything if you give em good ammo.
  4. I have a sneaking suspicion (especially as i bought that setup off rdb) that the primary problem is getting it to feed down such a long tube. Certainly any of my experiments trying to make a remote mag for the 42, including a v2 box driven monstrousity, that was the issue.
  5. for semi only on the v6 box it's relatively simply as you have 2 sets of contacts. that's if you need to actually lock them out rather than just leave the selector on semi (it's just a trigger block) although i'm not sure a 2-stage trigger is the best choice for a semi-only playstyle.
  6. although the aims coathanger is probably a close second.
  7. Nah 74 with solid stock and the side rail so you can drop a pk-a on there....
  8. afaik isn't the main difference between lct/e&l is that e&l is closer to RS spec whereas lct is closer to airsoft spec (for things like handguards, stocks etc) tbh from what i've seen they're both perfectly good.
  9. Did a pseudo conversion for a mate, used the rail and gas block off his g&g sr25 although there are probably better options out there.
  10. as EDcase points out if you've changed the hop rubber recently that should be the first place to look.
  11. tappet plate is the part inside the gearbox that draws the nozzle back to feed.
  12. looks like i done got suckered. i did think the response in macks was odd.
  13. apart from the electric shock thing pretty sure novritch's product line has the rest of those points covered.
  14. i kind of subscribe to the opinion that if they can quick draw and shoot you then it wasn't a valid bang kill to begin with. works out about even, you get the other type who'll insist shouting bang from the other end of the site should always count.
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