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  1. agree on magnification, absolutely unnessecary for getting a hit, but very useful for target identification and shot-tracking (unlike real steel we can't rely on dirt splashes/target reactions). i tend to find when i ran a variable on the m4 that it sat at around 4x constantly and i'd be using the stacked dot for 99% of shots.
  2. honestly a lot of it just falls down to personal preference. for example i'd suggest the fc1 as a not massively expensive but decent little red dot, low profile and not out of place on a carbine. but if you don't like the look of it then it's not for you, and there's nothing wrong with that. likewise some folk don't like mini rds's like rmr's on a rifle, again a personal preference thing.
  3. and when e&l aksu's were super cheap on gunfire, really shoulda jumped on that bandwagon as i need another krink in my life, as good as the jg shoots i can't hang my 3-tonne pbs4 off the end....
  4. funny that was the summation i've been working with for a while. good shooters but the external strength and finish aren't up to a par with the likes of e&l. although in fairness they're not exactly priced to compete.
  5. supposedly that's that the likes of the 045 come with according to tg: https://www.taiwangun.com/assault-rifle-aeg/cm-045-cyma although there's steel and there's steel ofc.
  6. fair enough, although i must confess to being curious about their newer ak's now they're steel recievers.
  7. i'm assuming you're running a macaron or equivalent so the answer is i'd be surprised if it didnt.
  8. well there's the cm045 which whilst not "tactical" is the kind of thing i'd suggest. edit: there's the 45a which is classic, the 045c is railed up and equivalents including the heretic edition for full length. tbh any of the metal bodied cyma ak range should be decent enough.
  9. it's worth noting that whilst there is a subset of players who dislike "noobs" (and those players are assholes) most players don't give a damn if your gun is 2-toned. we all know it's a necessary evil and as long as it's not been done to anything particularly rare/nice you're not gonna be judged for it.
  10. is that a fill port i see in the magazine? is that a fill port i see in the magazine?
  11. i've never seen one before but i'm guessing it's a thread derailment
  12. interesting to hear how the externals are for the newer models they've always seemed all right external wise, but by no means on a par with the premium brands in their respective categories. probably more evident on ak's than m4's admittedly.
  13. well you know how a black hole sucks time and energy out of the universe, a white hole returns it
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