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  1. Adolf Hamster

    Prometheus rotary hop - mid caps compatability.

    that is a fair point, without a delayer it'll make the problem even worse.
  2. Adolf Hamster

    What's the heaviest BB you've used in a full auto AEG?

    yeah i've seen that link, it goes into much more depth than i bothered in terms of looking at firing up at angles for extended range, i just stuck to looking at firing level on the flat. like i say .3s between a .2g and .5g aint much, and that's with the .5g going further in that extra time.
  3. Adolf Hamster

    What's the heaviest BB you've used in a full auto AEG?

    i'm agreeing with your point that the flight time is negligible for heavier ammo, although granted it can feel that way when you're "in the moment" it was one of the things really surprised me when i sat down and calculated it, that the time difference was nowhere near as big as my perceptions of it was.
  4. Adolf Hamster

    Increasing barrell length

    as has been said, a good quality barrel, good hop and using heavier ammo (which you'll need the good hop to lift) will increase both your actual range and your practical range more than simply a longer barrel.
  5. Adolf Hamster

    Prometheus rotary hop - mid caps compatability.

    feels like you have the same issue my m4 has, does the low velocity stop when the mag's nearly empty? my theory is it's the pressure of a fully loaded mag stops the tappet plate from closing fully when cycling (especially for higher rates of fire) but the air blast will still push the bb out the barrel, when the mag is less full it can close properly. try down-loading your mag by 10-20 rounds and see if that helps.
  6. Adolf Hamster

    What's the heaviest BB you've used in a full auto AEG?

    0.3s (although granted it would feel like an eternity) between a .5g bb and a .2g at the equivalent energy for 350fps on 0.2g (or 1.14j), and bearing in mind that time is the whole flight to it's maximum range rather than at a fixed distance and the .5 is going around 15m further. i regularly run .3's these days because they're easily available, i'd run .4's if i could afford it but i'm a tad too trigger happy for it to be all that economical. you also need to bear in mind that higher velocity requires less spin to lift for a given bb weight and it's tricky to get a hop that can impart enough spin at lower energies to lift heavier ammo, something those 2.5j snipers don't have to deal with.
  7. Adolf Hamster

    Secondary Ideas

    mine wasn't perfect out of the box, the stock hop didn't have enough travel, but a little strip of cut up aeg hop rubber as a spacer and it's able to lift .3's perfectly well and it's got a scary amount of range for the size of it.
  8. Adolf Hamster

    Airsoft GB rant

    absolutely this, the marshall should be thanking you that you were kind enough to ask him to move before you opened fire.
  9. Adolf Hamster

    I can’t believe it....

    That got nothin on my vsr. When i got it (as a boneyard) it had a pair of holes in the end of the nozzle that had been drilled through either side, right the way through the piston as well. But, it gets better, the nozzle itself had been ptfe taped in, so they modded it to keep the air in, then let all the air out again? Thing that gets me most about it was if they wanted to deactivate it (grapevine said a site did it as it was a prop gun only), and they'd dissassembled it to the stage of getting a drill onto the nozzle, then it would be even less work to unscrew the end cap and take the piston out! I've also been presented guns to work on that had no hop rubber yet an otherwise perfectly set up titan build, i've seen pistols with the outer and inner barrels glued together and the less said about my furvent hatred of ptfe tape used as an alternative to having the correct bolt/to make up for buggered threads. Tbh the worst though has to be my m4 when i got it, all the above is funny to talk about but the wiring on that gun was beyond appauling, it was downright dangerous. Not just bad soldering (of which there was a lot, usually patching in a stretch of different gauge wire, with no insulation) but there were sections where it was just twisted together, no solder, no tape, no clips or ties or crimps, just 2 bits of wire twisted together. And thats why i'm hesitant to buy anything second hand these days.... Bonus round- not my story but my local shop Chap came in with a recently spray painted pistol complaining it wasnt working, the barrel being full of paint probably didnt help....
  10. Adolf Hamster

    Real knives, folded for knife kills???

    i can kind of forgive the actual headshot itself given the guy was raising his gun so it was more of a snap shot, but the total lack of sympathy after is not cool, and i do have reservations about the claim that the pistol is 1j.
  11. Adolf Hamster

    Real knives, folded for knife kills???

    Having watched km's latest on this all i can say is wow, that's a special level of salt. Also not too keen on him advertising the eyepro shattering incident, a true 1j gun does not get that reaction at that range and that's from being both sending and recieving.
  12. Adolf Hamster

    L85A3 Release publicity.

    i do, it didn't help
  13. Adolf Hamster

    L85A3 Release publicity.

    i did use an l85 to fire them, but my arms were so tired from lifting the damn thing i couldn't aim straight
  14. Adolf Hamster

    L85A3 Release publicity.

    so is the sa80.... *shots fired*
  15. Adolf Hamster

    Rounded Hex Bolt Removal

    i see what you did there.....