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  1. indeed as a general rule i don't give a shit what a gun chrono's out of the box because odds are any version i get will have been downgraded anyway. actual range is a big one, and they never try different ammo types, nothing along the lines of "this can lift up to X weight", same with accuracy, if your standard is hitting an a4 target at 10m then a nerf gun could be the greatest thing ever...... i also really, really, don't give a crap how ambidextrous or not a gun is...... what i want to see in reviews is things like which parts are propr
  2. Are we even surprised at this point? I mean anyone putting "honest review" in the title of their video is telling me i should probably be taking the whole thing with a pinch of salt. You want a review of something then find someone who doesnt stand to gain from telling you its faults.
  3. A strategy i used to adopt, until i realised that if they won't call one or two patently obvious hits (ie where the usual no feel clause doesnt apply) then sending a load more is just throwing good money after bad. Although maybe thats because the ones i'm used to dealing with can fail to call a 40-mike....
  4. Always saddening when folk cant get their heads around the most simple and basic rule of the game.....
  5. i dunno, for range work a shoulder stock would be very handy, especially for getting onto a red dot before the other guy shoots you. and nowt wrong with being a bit different as long as it has fieldable performance.
  6. ^is there any higher praise of a build than duck telling you to leave it the hell alone? edit: perchance a theory for this performance boost over predictions is the Italian weather? batteries do tend to perform better in the warm
  7. i thought airsoft was meant to be a dick measuring contest for folks too prudish to use dicks and too poor to use cars
  8. i was more making a generalization of how sites can get poisoned by failing to take action than talking about specifically the depot, possibly they've made a choice of lenience as a one-off just in case they've not got the right man or he really did do it accidentally. if we're being facetious though i wouldn't take length of establishment or player numbers as a standalone sign of a site's quality, Justin Beiber attracts larger audiences than your average airsoft site doesn't mean i want anything to do with it.
  9. it becomes a vicious circle, the worse a place gets the more and more decent players leave, until the regulars are a bunch of arses or the site folds.
  10. it says a lot about sites round here that i have literally never been honesty shot by a marshall, or on-the-spot chrono'd 2 things i wouldn't mind, if anything it'd feel reassuring that it's being done.
  11. indeed, i left a site recently because of their consistent failure to do anything about the standard of play. don't get me wrong, you're never going to escape from cheating/general douchery but a site you can have faith that telling the marshalls there's an issue will result in some form of action has value.
  12. no no, face shots aren't punishment, they're just normal gameplay, it's our fault for not wearing face protection......
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