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    TM NGRS SCAR H with EGLM, SR25, HK45.
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    Multicam Tropic
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    Red Alert - Thatcham
    Gunman Airsoft - Camp Bravo
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    Warhammer 40K, Flames of War.

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  1. I would like to know more too. I have never been, too many people in one place for my liking
  2. Thanks all for your in put. I think I just have to suck it up really!
  3. Yeah I remember my TM M733.....
  4. I started in 2001, when I went a bit nuts with the whole Black hawk down look at that time. It is amazing how technology has improved the guns and gadgets in airsoft. I have definitely calmed down over the years with buying all sorts to start off with just because it was the “thing” at that time. This is apparent seeing new airsofters now. After going through the M4, HK phases, I’m more than happy with my limited gear and load out, which works for me.
  5. I have put serious amount of work into my small, but perfectly formed collection. Love them!
  6. Hi all. To people in the know, is there a significant difference in range and accuracy between .36g and .40g bb. I use Geoff’s bb’s (.40g) for my DMR and was about to order some more and thought of this. Any insight to this would be great.
  7. Sneaky

    R hop

    I got my sr25 rhop done by Combat South last year, as I have not got the patience nor time to do it myself. Very happy with the performance.
  8. I get your point, but there is risk with everything. I do not wear a full face mask and I have scars on my face. That is my choice. The real solution for me would be not to play airsoft- that’s not going to happen. As any guardian knows, the emperor protects and provides HIS guiding light.
  9. Ok, I’m happy without that then.
  10. Sneaky

    FMA CP helmet £30

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
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    For sale; FMA CP helmet - L/XL extra metal mount from a different helmet. I changed the screws for better ones to take the weight of night vision goggles. I will include the other mount. £30


    - GB

  11. The kick charge look more more user friendly when it comes to getting them ready, which I’m all for.
  12. I agree with everything said above, there are may issues that need to be addressed. For now so far the idiots have not got hold of these, but that is a serious concern I do share with you all. That applies to everything we each enjoy doing. I just like the element that launchers are more practical than they were when I first started airsofting many years back. I'm going for it and if it gets regulated to milsim only, then silsim it is, but I hope that will not happen (more than likely a matter of time due to a couple of chumps). I'm going to enjoy it and it will encourage me to go to other sites and meet others who use them. Me too!
  13. Yeah, I’m not a cave man and I do not have the patience to start a fire! Lol
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