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  1. If you really want a licence socom tactical have it covered! https://www.socomtactical.net/proper-ukara-licence/
  2. I used a runcam 3 on a drone I used to own. No complaints about it from me but I've never owned a gopro so I can't tell you if it was better or worse. YouTube says not as good but decent for the money. I was happy with the footage and the camera took many crashes in its stride and kept working.
  3. I forgot about the redwolf one. It was the RWA nighthawk GRP and the was around the £1000 mark. It does explain the price really. It'll be interesting to see what else is revealed about the GBLS 1911 over the coming months.
  4. Yeah, I'm not sure. My kwc definitely doesn't have it. I can't remember if my TM does or doesn't.
  5. There's been noises of this on Facebook etc for a while. It's now available for preorder. I was hoping for an innovative aep similar to their Das but this looks like a gas blowback. Full stainless steel and a pre order from Korea will set you back £800ish (1,250,000 won). The main unique thing about it seems to be a "half cock safety device" which I'm guessing is the hammer half cocked. It comes with either markings, no markings, or as a disassembled kit. I'm not clear what makes this better than a TM with a guarder kit but here some translated details from a website. Pre-sale period (Senior mother itself): September 30th ~ October 24th, 2022 1 additional magazine provided with advance reservation Laser marking can be done at no additional cost to the customer who requested it. Full Steel CNC Manufacturing Some details such as hammer, slide stop, and hammer spring housing will be modified and shipped. Maximize details such as reproduction of the half-cock safety device for the first time in Airsoft Differentiated sales with a new magazine design that was not previously available  1) Materials ( mainly main parts ) - All steel parts are applied (CNC machining ) - Inner barrel ( manufactured by Lambda, Japan ), trigger bar , special screw , and special pin are stainless steel - Part of cylinder and piston are aluminum (AL7075 T6) - Magazine lining and grip apply polymer ( mil-spec polymer specification ) 2) Exterior finishing post-treatment method - Steel parts apply parka -rise - There are rumors of Teflon coating, but Teflon coating is not applied to the product. ( The development of DuPont's Teflon coating was in the 1950s , and the time it was applied to firearms was mainly in the 1970s during the Vietnam War, so not applying it to this product is a testament to the high degree of perfection ) 3) Challenge kit delivery status - Frame , slide , out-barrel and chamber assembly , only 3 available before coloring - The rest of the parts are provided in a state where all processes have been completed as an assembly ( assembly ) for each part. - Supplied with heat treatment and sanding - For sanding , the pressure of 100 times used for sanding has a grainy feeling, but the roughness of the surface roughness is expected to be provided at a low level. Due to the nature of the challenge kit, separate production standards are applied - This product is produced close to the real illumination by applying 6 bars of pressure to No. 100 gold thread .

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    Does anyone have a TM g18c or G17 gen3 frame that they no longer need?


  7. I was pleasantly surprised by my vfc gen 4 glock 19. Very snappy with crisp trigger break and the range and accuracy running it stock was surprisingly good. I know what you mean about bits breaking but parts are available from wgcshop and redwolf (and probably a few others too). I don't have a TM G19 but I definitely prefer this to my tm g18c and we g17. Does a TM foliage warrior could as a compact? Mine is outstanding. Similar size to a g19
  8. Possibly not what you're after but if you want to sell the lot in one go action hobbies seem to do a lot of bulk buys. They are in Milton Keynes too so not too far from you: https://www.actionhobbies.co.uk/used-kit-buying-and-recycling/ I dread to think how much you'd be losing selling to a retailer though. There are some lovely RIFs in your collection.
  9. Thank you! Wow that's expensive. I was after a TM part because I was expecting to be cheaper than the guarder. Fire support have the TM frames out of stock at £10 a pop. But maybe that price is from years ago. If that's the going rate I'll probably be better off with a guarder
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    This is my toyko marui nbb centimeter master. Its in very good condition with a few marks on the lower frame. Ive no idea about the fps but I doubt its skirmishable. It has a sealed 2004 TM catalogue in there as well. Its a classic. I won't be able to post the maintenance gas with it. I forgot to remove that for the pictures. £40 all in I will only sell if you have ukara.


  11. Where do people go for original TM replacement parts? I'm trying to find a TM g18c frame but everywhere sells guarder or aftermarket frames, but nowhere sells TM ones. Or am I drawing a blank because of trademark issues? Cheers
  12. https://www.ak2m4.co.uk/ht-x3006-chronograph I've had one of these for a while now. Not had any issues with it. £25 plus postage from ak2m4
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    This is my kj works Mk23. It comes with an ebog designs 2 grub screw hop adjustment unit. The slide was 2 tone and has been sprayed black. It double feeds on occasion and shoots around 250fps without the barrel extension (silencer). It has a new maple leaf monster hop rubber in it. £30 ono all in I will only sell if you have ukara.


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    This is my hk45ct. It has a tan lower and black slide. The original slide was two tone blue. Comes with one magazine. Shoots at around 340fps on a fresh fill of green gas. Not upgraded at all. £90 all in I will only sell if you have ukara.


  15. Daveoc33

    We hi capa


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    This is my we hi capa 5.2. The slide was a two tone and has been removed with thinners. This gives the slide a slightly weathered look which is most visible on the rear sight. It has a maple leaf monster hop rubber in it. Shoots around 340 fps with a fresh fill of green gas. £60 all in I will only sell if you have ukara.


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