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  1. I'd say he was being cheeky and seeing if he could get away with it
  2. Good idea, just put it over the harness so it stays loose and can keep the belt 😁
  3. Looking for suggestions on a lightweight vest for some protection I originally had a Osprey MK4 with the cummerbund but I found it to be heavy and restrictive although the protection was good I have since gone to a belt and harness and it's much easier to move around but the protection is none existent and I end up with the kids doing a dot to dot drawing on me after a game (and the Mrs isn't happy) Ideally I'd like something with more protection which is easy to move around in Suggestions and any help is appreciated thanks for lookin
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/G-G-RK47-Hi-Cap-Magazine-430Rd-6mm-bbs-Airsoft-Mag-G-08-149/353166228586
  5. I recently purchased a Lancer tactical nightwing from a boneyard after correcting the AOE and fixing the wobbly stock I was going to change the motor out for a High torque I had spare It didn't fit, the motor was too fat compared to the stock lancer one, I'd say about 4mm wider does anyone know any slimmer high torque motors as I've never had this problem before thanks
  6. thanks for that, must say I do like the externals :D and half retail price with possibly only a couple of small faults it's worth a punt
  7. Just purchased the above gun and it apparently has the following issues Whiney motor loose stock I'm assuming it will either need to motor height adjusting or the AOE changing, I already have another buffer tube as the advert says it's bent If I am going to crack it open would there be any other things I should consider changing while it's open? thanks for looking
  8. I've used a few brands trying to find ones with good consistency I've experienced the same as @Rogerborg with shattering blaster bbs, outdoors I've used lancer bio bbs and they've seemed quite good for the price (£12.99 for 5100 0.25s) indoors I've used geoffs, nuprol and asg mostly I would recommend the nuprol RZR as they seem to have been the most consistent on testing at home I know nuprol get hate but it's my opinion on testing
  9. Got a G&G Rk-74 on here even after people told me not to after some work on the gearbox and changing the mosfet it's now my favourite :D
  10. Just ordered a lancer tactical nightwing from boneyard


    something to work on :D

  11. Yes it's sitting correctly
  12. after taking it apart and putting it back together I'm 90% sure it's the slide not travelling back far enough to load the next bb, whichever gas i use it makes no difference If I manually rack the slide it fires every time
  13. could the recoil spring be the culprit and stopping the slide travelling enough?
  14. I tried this as I have a WE samurai edge but it doesn't like the mags and won't fire properly
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