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  1. So now patrolbase are doing mags for the Cyma VSS


    with some paypal funds and a good pay week I ordered the gun to go with them 😂


    and now to gut it and DMR it.................

  2. Hello and welcome This has been asked many times and ther are numerous threads about vendors in the forums https://airsoft-forums.uk/forum/10-places-to-buy/ Personally I use patrolbase, fire support and a few others as between them they generally will have everything you need but be wary as it can get expensive reaally quickly also shop around as prices can vary wildly between vendors
  3. Firstly hello and welcome 😁 most sites have benches and chairs so it might not be worth getting a chair (depends on the site though) I've seen a few guys use little camping stoves to cook some food and some even take MRE packs maybe a small backpack to carry extra ammo, drinks, snacks etc might be a good idea
  4. strykerles

    any VSS

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • Wanted
    • Used or as new

    as above VSS wanted brand doesn't matter as it will be gutted thanks


  5. Somebody please sell me a VSS 😂


    and yes I've done a wanted ad

    1. Sniper780


      If you not already seen it, Patrol base have a Cyma VSS in stock and for sale, it maybe of some interest to you. https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/cyma-cm-099-vss-vintorez-replica

    2. strykerles


      yeah I've seen it, I'd rather not pay that much when TG have it considerably cheaper but won't deliver here atm


      also PB won't do the price match as TG is abroad 🤬



  6. that looks just the same as when i opened mine up except for the frayed wiring they are made by king arms and all that looks just like mine was except the cylinder head was black in mine i think and it had a delay chip on the sector gear
  7. tbh the standard mosfet is trash, might be worth a try on shimming 👍
  8. The hop unit for a Bren is a bit of a pain as it's proprietary, I've not had that problem personally but I do have a spring in mine to push it back. might be worth checking the unit is complete as there's an extra piece of plastic attached to the front to keep it centred and upright as I've forgotten to put it back on myself before I had the problem of double feeding in mine so I gutted it and fitted a titan The bren has the longest nozzle in any gun I've worked on (34.1mm) what battery are you using? could be that it's going too fast and the mags can't keep up
  9. obsession with the mk23 and throwing stupid money at it when they are mushy and boring but they do have good range 😂
  10. Gnus cleaned, lubed, batteries charged ready for tomorrow :D


    First outing in my russian gear too

  11. So the Modify barrel gave me an extra 25fps, sorted!

    1. Brophy


      Is that on something which is going to make an appearance on Sunday? 😉

    2. strykerles


      @Brophyyes it's in the svd, just hope it holds together


      If not I have another toy to try out :D

  12. you managed to use the shell ok then?
  13. Hello my pretty 😁


    1. Shamal


      Oh the simple things in life can as a heavenly choir stir the heart to such enchantment.....



    2. strykerles


      Hopefully improve my svd now I've sorted the gearbox and hop 

  14. I've found that if they land on their side then they don't always go off, tested it in my garden and it was much more reliable when upright or upside down I give mine a small squirt of silicon spray during the day as sometimes they get sooty buildup around the baseplate and become hard to screw on the spray keeps everything moving freely hope that helps 😁
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