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  1. Brought a CZ Bren just before lockdown Proceeded to gut it, added a titan, 16:1 gears and other gubbins Now it is BEAutiful
  2. total cockwomble full auto at those ranges
  3. You can buy a lanyard loop from eagle 6 and it fits in the bottom if you remove a pin and take the blank out https://eagle6.co.uk/shop/catalog/product/view/id/2926/s/tokyo-marui-m9a1-grip-lanyard-loop-for-m9a1-gbb-series/ only problem is that the grips would need to be modified to allow it
  4. I stand corrected tbh I've havn't played the game much but yes you're right it is chris's sidearm after checking the wiki 👍 I'd love the R version but they cost stupid money The barry burton pistols are good fun too and readily available if you don't mind a WE
  5. that isn't the resident evil 7 version as that come with a suppressor and it's chrome the base M9A1 I think is the same apart from the chrome body they also have different designation 01-R and 01-P I have the same one as you and it's lovely The lightning hawk is a sexy cannon 😂
  6. does it have the shorter trigger too? if so I may be interested if you sell it
  7. Does anyone know if a EGLM launcher will only fit a SCAR??


    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Afaik they can fit 416's and m4's as well using the extendo trigger module.


      With the short trigger module they can bolt onto pretty much anything with enough rail space.

    2. strykerles


      nice 1 thanks, reason I ask is that one came up for sale near me and I was gonna put one on my second CZ bren as it looks more like the proper one than the M203 :D


    3. Druid799


      As long as you’ve got a lower RIS rail on the gun to be mounted on you can mount it on pretty much anything 👍

  8. Yeah it has bearing both ends of the spring but ideally I didn't want to take it apart again lol I'll try and source another spring and if that fails I'll cut a ring or 2 off one that I have
  9. So I recently purchased a brand new ASG Bren Was double firing on an 11.1v lipo and going full auto with a slight trigger pull in semi Power was around the 280fps mark when it did fire singly So I gutted it Fitted a gate titan, 16:1 gears, silent piston head, 3/4 cylinder Good air seal, good aoe, shimmed correctly Using a 7.4v lipo Put in a M105 spring (ASG) I had and it turned out 370fps Put in a M95 spring (ASG) and it turned out 365fps Put in a M90 spring (SHS) and it turned out 382 fps Any suggesti
  10. The american ones all seem to have a lot of bravado involved and clickbait titles keep up the good work
  11. it will be good to have someone review more uk mystery boxes as a lot on youtube tend to be from the USA 👍 subscribed
  12. I've given goggles away to new players before on a game day, took a few different pairs to find ones I liked 😂

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    As above, just wanted for parts msg me with what you have. thanks


  14. FFS CZ bren parts are impossible to find

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    2. strykerles


      quite possibly, it is a G36 style selector, I'll give it a try


      thanks 👍


    3. strykerles


      @Speedbird_666 the g36 part worked almost perfectly, just the spring is a little shorter but I can live with that.


      thanks a lot :D

    4. Speedbird_666
  15. seems like a random selection of stuff they have for sale too
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