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    AK105, Cyma SVD, SVU, VSS, RPK, CZ Bren
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    Russian Digiflora, MTP
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    As above, MP9 A3 wanted


  2. seeing as the mags are £50 a go it's probably right 😂
  3. I put an offer on the mp9, we'll see what happens
  4. Now that's just f*****g blasphemy https://prefired.co.uk/ads/tactical-cyma-cm-033-m1a1-thompson-extras-dca-custom/
  5. there's a file on thingiverse to 3d print one I've seen a few guys on here that do that so maybe put out a request to get one made? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4599770
  6. Anyone had any experience with the AY SR-3 Vikhr?

    trying to find a battery that fits

  7. So zero one have the A&K pkm in stock........ for nearly £700 😪

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    2. strykerles


      unfortunately yes


      seems they didn't have many though, now showing as sold out

    3. Impulse


      Sold out already. £700 is ridiculous though, my latest project is cheaper than that with all aftermarket parts included

    4. Krisz


      That's capitalism for you. How they say it? Price/value always depends on how much someone willing to pay for it.

  8. Wtf................................. he's smoking some gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood shit 😂
  9. would probably work or take a coil off the spring?
  10. To have an instant kickoff is a bit harsh. As was said earlier, they must have had problems with people changing weights before to be that heavy handed
  11. I'm gonna do the next one Pineapple should NOT EVER BE ON A PIZZA!!! Change my mind
  12. I have the shorter version of the dytac and I gutted mine too. Titan, 13.1 gears etc Bought it on sale for £230 last year before throwing another £150 into it as it wasn't good stock but it looks great 😁
  13. If the knees are anygood I'll trade you mine 😂
  14. As I said before, with that weight ammo just take a pocket full of money to throw 😂 My DMR loves .43s and it makes me cry 😪
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