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  1. An occasional habit of trying to wind the bottom of my pistol magazine 😂 (high cap hero 😁)
  2. if you don't mind importing https://www.evike.com/products/41675/ edit, nevermind, saw you searched evike 😂
  3. could try the small green gas cans, they fit in an m4 style pouch https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/nuprol-2-0-mini-airsoft-green-gas-85g
  4. Time Left: 2 days and 12 hours

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    clearing out few parts and extra gear Foam filled short suppressor - £5 Unknown mtp dropleg panel - £8 Black asg belt holster - £8 Kombat uk holster - £5 Blackhawk panel and holster -£15 G&G rk-74 mid caps - £10 each WE biohazard gen 1 slide - £30 Nuprol bocca S3 9" Black rail - £12 Foam filled suppressor - £5 Wosport lighter S pistol tracer - £25 all items used with a few marks feel free to make offers Please add postage and fees, PayPal g&s only Thanks for looking


    , west midlands

  5. after the 5th attempt i believe I now have the shimming right only problem now seems to be with the fire selector, sometimes it won't lock properly into safe and will click into auto when i pull the trigger if i remove the dust cover it then allows the lever to go a bit higher and it's fine sometimes too if I go from safe to auto it fires fine, then I go to semi and fire it's fine but then i go back to auto and it only fires in semi I'm beginning to consider throwing this gun down the garden 😭
  6. think I need to reshim the box again as it got a little grindy also the nozzle doesn't always come back after firing on semi and the selector doesn't seem to lock into safe properly
  7. In the end I thought "f*k it" and gutted the gearbox replaced the piston, piston head, cylinder, trigger box, tappet plate and reshimmed changed out the mosfet for the perun version out of the gun it seems quite snappy i'll put it back together and see what we get thanks for all the help @Sitting Duck @Skara
  8. found this, includes various stock sizes from different nations and variants but no width measurement lol http://www.yooperj.com/SKS-18.htm and this on a forum These are TIGHT dimensions taken off of a yugo stock Length 28.5" Width 2" Height at butt plate 4.75" NOTE*** there is about a .75"-1" Drop from the line along the top of the foregrip to the top of the buttplate. ( I believe the correct term is the comb) To maintain a straight grain line, you would need to increase the overall height to 5.75 inches.
  9. you mean measurements of the actual weapon?
  10. don't know if this will help much but bbguns4less used to do a replica, might be somewhere to start https://bbguns4less.co.uk/products/yika-56-m14-replica-sniper-rifle-in-orange.html it says m14 but it isn't lol
  11. I use this one inside an m4 handguard, 29mm across https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/emg-noveske-sound-hog-tracer-unit?pv=11959
  12. Not quite that but one of my kids was arguing with a friend and he said "well my daddy has guns" I quickly had to explain they were just for airsoft 😂

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    My gearbox has died and need another G&G preferably but what you got!! thanks for looking


    - GB

  14. Can anyone recommend a tech guy in the west midlands?

  15. think i'll replace the whole unit then thanks for all the help do you guys know any complete replacement boxes that aint stupidly expensive? not mega confident in my skills to work on gearboxes
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