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  1. God dammit. I was all against large collections of guns at the start. But, now that I have quite a number of rifles that i'm fixing up, it's actually quite nice to have a variety.

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Its a mixed blessing, especially if they're different stages of performance, because you'll end up having one you never use.


      I know my f2000 is suffering from that, its not a bad gun, nothing wrong with it, but going from a decent trigger on an m4/ak to the black and decker monstrousity of that thing is annoying. Same as the 42, not motivated enough to keep the conversion project rolling as i know the end product is going to be near useless aside from a technical experiment.

    2. heroshark


      That's why I collect springers. Small selection of about 5 solid skirmish guns. About 4-5 old/rare collectable gas guns. Then 60-70 odd springers. Some quite rare and collectable in their own right but on the whole relatively cheap to have laying around doing nothing the majority of the time. 

  2. Gonna try out these jefftron v2 drop in mosfets

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    2. Alicks


      Be aware they can only handle 25rps reliably 

      and if you have it on any setting but semi semi then it will start bursting on semi when pulling the trigger quickly

      this is because the processor cant handle tell the difference between multiple rapid trigger pulls and the microswitch being left open (which is how it works in full auto)

      I found mine very tempermental, and have taken it out now.

      Hope this helps


    3. ak2m4


      Alicks, which product are you talking about?

    4. Alicks


      The jefftron v2 processor, i had one in my ar15 and one in my scar 


      both played up when trying to fire too quick in semi where they started bursting


      locking it to semi semi helped for a while however the final straw was when they started bursting in semi whilst locked to semi semi


      i emailed jefftron themselves and they said it was just how it was and the processor couldnt handle rapid trigger pulls over a certain ammount due to the design 


      however while the processor worked it was fine and had no other problems, so you could run it in woodland and it would be fine, even great


      however for cqb semi auto sites like the mill in wigan then ppl start getting upset when your gun starts bursting them


      just my 2 penny's worth 

  3. Servicing an APS UAR atm... they really are a piece of shit.

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      eh, they ain't too bad as long as the rube golberg trigger mech is ok. at least it's standard ak parts.

    2. L3wisD


      Well that IS what A.P.S stands for...

    3. AK47frizzle


      Ahahahhhh........... it took 9 hours to perfect shim this thing. Had to mix in some cyma parts. This uar is deadly now.

  4. Wow. Kid tries to scam by "unauthorized payment" when I have all the evidence in the world. Nice try. 

    1. rocketdogbert
    2. AK47frizzle


      Just one of the things i've sold on prefired a month ago. Out of the blue this morning, he decides to file a paypal dispute with an "unauthorized payment". Unlucky for him, I have: the logs, tracking, and pictures. Responded to the dispute and instantly won within the next hour. My guess is that he tried to play the "oh my account was hacked" card. Sorry bud, but even if you were, that's not how it works. This is why you keep all evidence, no matter who it is

  5. KJW are actually legendary for customer service. Actually replied and I got a replacement part for cheap $$$$$$$

  6. You're still my favourite cat ❤️

    1. Monty


      Meow! 😉

  7. The poseidon striker hop up unit is a joke of a product xd

  8. RMRs on pistols useful?

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    2. Guyver1


      For target/indoors,  yes very useful, i use an RMR on my G22 for practical target nights. 

      Outdoors not so much and will likely get damaged.


      Finding the dot after you draw is down to training and draw practice. You have to angle the nose down slightly as you bring it up to the aim.  Worth whilst spending the time on getting the DOT zero'd and gaining confidence that the BB will go where the DOT is.

    3. AK47frizzle


      Hmm i see. I plan to get one of those custom slides for a tm g18c. I guess even if I don't use an rmr, it'll be there as an option anyway. Looking at the rwa agency legacy kit atm. The ready fighter slides are also super cool.

    4. Druid799


      As all the rest have said for target yes definitely , anything else ? Nah not much use really . Think all the kills I’ve ever had with any of my pistols have all been ‘reflex’ shots , the ones where you literally just point and shoot as soon as you’ve drawn your pistol . 

      But yes also do agree they look cool as fook on a nice big fat racing pistol ! 😁

  9. UPS.... please give me my KC02...

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    2. sonofsammo


      Hope it's with you soon.
      What are your plans for it?

    3. AK47frizzle


      Sru bullpup kc02 with vsr hop. Essentially it'll an incredibly accurate and lightweight pistol with a stock.

    4. AK47frizzle


      I'm going to tech it with full auto too, so gonna lock it at 350 fps. I did think about using as a dmr for the longest time. But, with the weird rules and requirements (one shot every 3 secs at landwarrior + red tape on barrel), better off just rushing with it.

  10. ASG CZ shadow 2... DON'T MAKE ME

  11. UPS... paid import fees on the dot and now they've fucked off to the other side of the country for no reason.

    1. EvilMonkee


      Top tip - keep a copy of your fees invoice as more than once the drivers have tried to claim on delivery that the fees haven't been paid. I loathe UPS but they are pretty good at actually turning up unlike Hermes...

      They are also pretty good at answering their phones in the import Dept with an actual human.

    2. AK47frizzle


      ye, it's in my emails and I paid using paypal, so there's that

  12. The sound of a steel barrel in a gbb pistol is truly magnificent.

  13. Anybody use kjw co2 glock mags? WEs are still hit or miss and was thinking of trying these

  14. Co2 mags have been released for the WE p99. Might be worth using again.

    1. AK47frizzle


      No actually, I take that back. I remeber how thin the front is. It'll snap.

  15. My next gun is going to be a KC02. But, with an sru bullpup kit. Exciting stuff.

  16. So I bought a crazy jet barrel which said "6.01". I thought, maybe it was a typo. It genuinely is a 6.01 crazy jet barrel wtf...

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    2. AK47frizzle


      I thought they were all 6.04mm. I bought a set for the 1911 and got a sharp fps increase... which means it genuinely is a 6.01 god dammit.

    3. AK47frizzle


      Aaaaand... with all the experimenting i've done... 1911s are still shit no matter what. Their fundamental airsoft design is just terrible.

    4. Nick G

      Nick G

      I'm pretty happy with my WE MEU . It's got a crazy jet, maple leaf rubber, wheel and I key in it and performs well. Irun it on red gas all year round and .30's, itll handle heavier but .3 tends to be what I use in pistols.

  17. I might be done with electric guns and go full gas/co2/hpa

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    2. Careless


      ah kk  , my only experiance with hpa is the drop in kits and wolverine's mtw,  i know people have converted gbbrs to hpa , didnt know there was another system , yea your right about automatic fire with gbbrs , allways just use semi auto and aim for 1st hit kill if not 2nd anyway , not a fan of full auto firing so that aspect has never bothered me but for some it will be a huge draw back ..

    3. AK47frizzle


      Had a wee thought about it, probably not. I'd only use the wraith co2 stock because I hate being tied down to a hose. Suppressive fire is still very effective in woodland games, and the wraith co2 does not allow that. Well, it does. But every 180 rounds (my mid cap size), i'd have to change mag + co2 from buffer tube. I can already imagine that being extremely irritating. I'll just stick with my reliable aeg and move onto another crazy project.

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      The line really isnt that bad, especially in woodland, it's no worse than a sling or a lanyard on a pistol.


      Certainly any inconvenience there is will be more than offset by the performance.

  18. what are some good digital scales?

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      I just bought a random set, pretty accurate.


      If you need to weigh bb's pop a load on and average them.

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      if weighing bb's then you need one that has 0.01gm increments. otherwise it will show .25's as .20 or .30. As been said weigh a few to be sure say 10 bb's and you get a better idea on bb's as .25's can display as .23 or .28's due to cheap China scales tolerances. Should be able to get mini drug dealer scales for about a fiver or so on fleabay and they work well - just try to get the 0.01gm version if possible. Same as digital calipers for shimming, plastic calipers work in only 0.1mm but metal calipers work in 0.01mm increments so more accurate for measuring shims etc.....


    4. AK47frizzle


      Ah no it's not for weighing bbs. It's just for general things like pistol parts. I'll look into it though. I already got a mitutoyo caliper hehe

  19. So, the EMG Hudson H9 is literally just a WE G17 in a fancy skin. Hm.

    1. rocketdogbert


      That’s OK, got a link?

    2. AK47frizzle




      Actually, upon closer inspection, it is not a glock style mag. From the crw video: 

       He says that it's like a g17 style trigger unit. Fuck, I may have jumped the gun with that g17 conclusion ahaha.

  20. Man, what a skirmish day. Everything that could've went wrong, did go wrong: my M4 trigger unit broke, my G35 hammer snapped, my sniper rifle never shot straight, one of my G35 mags kept venting, and on top of that, I lost one of my M4 mags. At least I got a rental for free and went on huge killstreaks with it.

    1. L3wisD


      If only you'd had some more pistols, you could have been prepared... ;)


    2. AK47frizzle


      Na, I wouldn't have ahaha. I go by public transport and there's no way I would carry more than what I needed. This time, my friend came along, so I could afford to carry an extra rifle.

  21. How do people stabilize barrels on glocks? 

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    2. rocketdogbert


      The barrel is supposed to rise as it fires, and not be fixed, what are you going to thread?

    3. AK47frizzle


      Well, I want to reduce the side to side travel that it has.

    4. rocketdogbert


      Ah, OK, the outer barrel shouldn’t do that lol. Is the slide worn were the barrel protrudes?

  22. Whelp, I think the perfect backup for my g18c is... another g18c.

    1. PT247


      Wouldn't you be better of spending the money on extra mags for it and some gas?

    2. AK47frizzle


      na not really hahaha got enough

    3. AK47frizzle


      G23 seems like a good choice. Though... I kinda want a kc02 right now.........

  23. Wow, the desert eagle is not as big as i thought. This thing is skirmishable :D

    1. Rogerborg


      Didn't you just say that you were done buying more pistols?

    2. AK47frizzle


      just another ct25.....

  24. Can confirm: TNT TR bucking is meh. Maple leaf auto bot 60 > TNT TR 60 by about 10-20 metres with better groupings too.

  25. Whelp, my perfect pistol is complete: 320-330 fps on 0.2g, insane efficiency and has a fun switch.

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