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  1. Competition & demand in the area - too many cooks spoil the broth. Parking availability - you may have a great site but if there’s no parking or it’s Uber expensive then people may think twice. Storefront - Will you be selling goods on site ? Food - will you be providing food ? Cooking on site or go down the vendor machine route ?
  2. @Jaylordofwaargh weeeellllllll ……….. instead it going M1 > A43 > M40 > A34 I could come M69 > A46 > M40 > A34 and it only adds 11 minutes to the journey but the major issue is I can’t do the night game - I did fancy a bit of CQB tho, BUT I would be interested in doing something more local have you ever been to that Hells CQB site in Derby ? Looks interesting but I am still leaning towards going Newbury for the 1200-1800 game on the 31st. I will PM you tho to keep the thread clear for Zmart evening event
  3. OK Ace Airsoft tomorrow checklist

    Baterries Charged : Check

    Enough G-Gas : Check

    BB’s in Bag : Check

    PewPew’s working and Legal : Check

    Mask’s/Hat’s/Boots in bag : Check

    Bandoleer ready : Check

    Spares ‘n’ Repairs : Check

    Will I forget something : DEFINITELY!!!

    1. strykerles




    2. EDcase


      Wellies? 😄

    3. MiK


      Yup it “might” get a little moist tomoz 

  4. @Jaylordofwaargh I’m based in Covid-City (ie Leicester) but sadly I can’t make the evening/night game which side of Cov/Brum are you in case things my end change
  5. cuss he can’t off load them to the UK
  6. Enola Gaye EG25 Micro Smoke Grenade Box of 10 £26.00 Out of stock https://www.socomtactical.net/product-category/airsoft-pyrotechnics/ personally I would just get from the site I’m playing at - the price you pay isn’t that much more versus the “hoops” you have to jump through to get them from any supplier
  7. @Speedbird_666 if you can’t juggle for the night game let me know if you can make the afternoon game
  8. I should really think about doing something with mine - haven’t taken it out of its box since I bought it and played with the fun switch with a tracer unit on it last summer - I’m a terrible AAP owner tbh
  9. @Adolf Hamster killjoy !!! there is always >> https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=Hpa+foot+pump&ref=nb_sb_noss
  10. I was sooo ‘up’ for the AFUK meet up thinking it’s was 1200-1800, but as I have just informed Robert I am unable to do a late night session to family commitments but since I have a “Airsoft’ing Pass” from the wife for the afternoon I am tempted to still head to Z-Mart for their afternoon time slot but just book in as a “walk-on” for the 31st or find a ‘skirmish’ elsewhere.
  11. @Mr. No_Face Most definitely, atm it weighs probably close to 3lbs so far excluding the under structure as I’ve used 1kilo of modelling clay I’m trying to get it done for the AFUK meet up @ Z-Mart at the end of July 🙏
  12. Cheers @leadly I might do that before the weekend or I might just leave as is for this game (as it’s almost ‘Nintendo) and it’s meh I’ll either fix it on site or for next game as I need to get some range to get AA hop set correctly first for said .40’s
  13. @Druid799 It’s still gonna be a hard pass on messing with my eyes - rather be short sighted than be the unlucky one when something goes “pete tong”
  14. @Skara I never went for a MR bucking in the End - I listened to the advice by @Steveocee and got a Autobot 70 & 75 rubbers - I currently have the Pink 75 in atm
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