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  1. From the “front pages” on the bbc news - You have to wonder what has to happen to make these fools understand the rules ? And I bet 50% of these are the ones that will kick off when they “un-duh-stand” the new rules* ...... EEEEJITS !!! *then ignore them
  2. From what I’ve read elsewhere looks like any indoor site is right royally screwed - “The Department CBQ” just closed its doors again looking like Z-Mart and ProjectX will have to follow suit ?
  3. heheheh I know first thing I looked at but sadly they don’t fit too well/comfy on the chunkier monkey I’m basing mine of the “Invrt” system besides its a project that’s keeping amused
  4. Grats to you and the good lady on the Little one Did loads - like most did many a box set in the first few weeks Then I finished my mancave build out in the garden and got everything moved in, played with upgrades on the MK23 and started designing my custom bandoleer (still not finished but am at first stitching). I also bought a T10 and some upgrades then real life kicked in so those never got fitted till last week.
  5. As a local living near Covid City there is/was one in Leicester itself ProjectX CQB - https://www.facebook.com/projectxairsoftsite/ unsure on prices now since they took over the site from the guys at Department CQB - only 40 spots a game now tho used to be 100+ “massive ex hosiery factory in the city over numerous areas - great fun” In Leicestershire there are a few The department CQB in Croft - https://thedepartmentcqb.co.uk £20 for a 3hr Session weeknights/morning or afternoon on Saturday- £23 for a Sunday “indoor CQB site not the largest CQB in the country, well run, gr
  6. But But EM, how awesome is awesome ?? do we need a vote on it
  7. accidents happen it’s a fact of life but the site’s ‘don’t give a fuck attitude” isn’t a site I want to give my money too
  8. in that case this is a site to avoid if you ever put your down for a genuine reason
  9. Usually means “He’s a mate/regular of the site so rules don’t apply”
  10. @PopRocket123 you bad bad lad upsetting failbooks terms and conditions upsetting some snowflake
  11. Part one of the outdoor mask build well underway !

    Converting a ski mask that my spectacles fit under - mesh conversion done :)

    now waiting on the “goo” to arrive ;/




    1. Rogerborg


      Looks really nice.


      Why mesh though, versus putting the time into a fan conversion?

    2. MiK


      For sniper mode - I already have a gung-ho/CQB fan mode one :)


  12. @proffrink Bingo we have a winner (chicken dinner) !!
  13. Best Sunday Ever !!

    Wife is out - Watching the GP - Well into new Goggle build 

    and if LCFC loose I make £50 :)

    1. MiK


      Bah ! City won 0-3 bye bye fifty quid :(

  14. @proffrink I think the issues could be caused by the newsletter panel ? same issue with Chrome and Safari /edit - it ONLY happens when I click on “unread content”
  15. I only get that pop up on both Safari & Chrome on the iPad when I clicked on the “unread content” but all threads I click manually on work as “Nintendo” if your using Safari just go to settings > safari > request desktop settings and you should be golden On Chrome is desktop version by default But I do think it’s the new template table settings which might need a slight tweak by @proffrink
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