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  1. MiK

    Srs or Vsr ?

    @Steveocee I spose a extra £8.95 isn’t gonna make the wife go any more nuts than she will already (if she finds out that is) - I just need to time the delivery on a day she is working at the surgery I will definitely pop some “progress” piccies once 1. I buy the parts and 2. Get the nerve to take a perfectly functioning rifle to bits but 3. I am gonna take the MK23 to “upgrade town” first as allegedly thats arriving Thursday from PB.
  2. MiK

    Srs or Vsr ?

    @Hudson @Steveocee am I about right with the list of upgrades ? I’m not buying them now just wanted to to check I’ve got it about right ...
  3. MiK

    Srs or Vsr ?

    Well just ordered my T10 - I went LongBoi in black and it arrives .......................... TOMORROW!!! I just had the delivery email notification from DPD and it’s coming all the way from AirSoftWorld in Fife .... (take note Patrolbase in Huddersfield)
  4. MiK

    Patrol Base

    Just a update after calling them and to quote them... ”everything looks good on the order and is in packing department and you know it’s been a bank holiday and with the current situation...... so it’ll be 3 or so days and the delivery company will email when it’s on its way”
  5. MiK

    Srs or Vsr ?

    @Hudson wow cheers for the info - lots to ponder and process. just need to debate on the before/after on upgrades my garden is about 50m long so I can test at least mid range for now on the bare boned rifle. @Steveocee /whoooooosh - that went right over my tech level 🤔
  6. @Uleu how did the day of hardening for for the paint issues go ?
  7. MiK

    Patrol Base

    @BigStew Nah matey I’ve had deliveries all day - amazing how much my wife and daughter orders off the interweb 😱 I personally had Hermes deliver my Skirmshop NL order, 1 from UPS for the daughter and DPD delivered 3 items for wife/daughter from Amazon and unless PB has changed they use DPD for their deliveries (checking back on email it’s what they have used for my last few anyways)
  8. MiK

    Patrol Base

    Just a update my proposed MK23 delivery from PB didn’t happen today .......... *all the other components from LongbowBB, JDairsoft, Skirmshop NL (2 deliveries) which where all ordered a day later than my MK have arrived. It’s like having a suit but no where to dance /sadface
  9. MiK

    Srs or Vsr ?

    @Hudson do you recommend a short-stub over the long barrel ? What barrel and hop rubber are you using currently or recommend or do I need to change at all ? Since Patrolbase has let me down on delivery on my MK23 today I went searching and I have found a long barrel T10 that is in stock (short barrels too). I’ve found the AA hop unit (red one), a fluted AA Teflon cylinder, is the Laylax PSS10 High Pressure Piston (Orange one) the correct one ? I take it I will have to swap the nylon spring guide out to steel > Laylax PSS10 Spring Guide with Smooth Bearing 7mm is this the correct one too ? Finally a M150 spring or something else ?
  10. MiK

    Srs or Vsr ?

    Typical!!!! I finally decided on a T10 and went go pull the trigger at skirmshop - but alas now sold out !!! Damn my forever debating pondering nature 🥴 I suppose it will give me some tinker time with the MK23 beforehand
  11. @Davegolf as I said in a earlier post (first pages with a piccie) it was some goggle’s off amazon “Military Alpha Ballistic Goggles” and a couple of “WINSINN 25mm Fan 5V Hydraulic Bearing Brushless” again from amazon held down by a couple of sachets of sugru mouldable glue either side as one wasn’t enough to stop slight vibrations which I could hear but after thickening up the sugru to two sachets a side it’s only a whisper and with a switchable battery box I turn on and off as needed
  12. Give another item/s a go again with your paint - but scuff half of it - even a Brillo pad would scuff it enough and then leave it in a nice warm place till at least evening tomorrow and try the 3in1-wipe test - I still think the “drying” time could be the issue (or the pre-prep) - I personally leave anything 1-2 days between to harden up. I use Loop marker paint atm and use plastikote for clear coat and do at least 3-5 coats of clear over a day (it has a 1 hour dry time) then leave it a full day to fully set before I do anything.
  13. My exact problem - if I’m moving about then no issue but any time I’ve set up my tent and camping a objective then the fog starts up on specs but the twin fans soon sort that out
  14. Welcome matey, as already mentioned read all the threads here for newbies (I know I did) You can start searching for local sites (there could be reviews on here for them too) then biting the bullet booking in for a game, hire a gun from the site and have some fun - if you’re going solo don’t be frightened when you get there just ask someone about their gun and blamo they’ll start chatting about it - every ‘softer wants to talk about their tacti-cool gear One thing I would suggest tho is get your self some respectable goggles and maybe a mesh face mask before you go (lots of advice on here on that subject too) And finally whilst your wait enjoy looking at all the Gun-Porn on YouTube 😎
  15. Doing a little delving into 3in1 oil it contains Naphtha which is petroleum based and is good for cleaning metal so that could be a reason, also the quality of the paint or the hardened state of paint or the lack of any clear protective coat or it could have just got under the paint making it loose. So pondering on the issue could be that 3in1 could take paint off, or your paint wasn’t hardened enough beforehand, or you didn’t have a protective coat over your paint, or the paint itself wasn’t fully adhered to the gun (did you scruff up the metal/plastic?) or a primer was needed to bond to. Try blasting a bit of paint on another object like a cardboard box, a empty bean can and something plastic - but half of the object give some scuffing or prime it. Then give the same time you gave the gun to dry and “drop” some 3in1 on those object and wipe again. if the paint sticks then it could be a adherence issue from the pre-painting on the gun if the paint doesn’t then it your paint and 3in1 don’t mix
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