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  1. I chuckled and when the wife asked I read this to her but I paused at October 4th at this point she felt sorry for you then I relied off the other dates she actually laughed out loud !! /bravo
  2. This old tart is up for CQB action! Any day really (self employed) but I voted for a Saturday as it will give me Sunday to get over being "a old tart playing games" and its only 2 hours down the M1/A43/A34 so im all game. I would rather it be march than earlier as I really need this covid shite to be sorted as I cant risk the misses who is NHS getting something off me just because I'm "a old tart wanting to pew pew"
  3. I’m wondering how “tough” will the new lockdown tiers will be post lockdown with the new “tougher” system planned for England - I wonder if it’s time to tell myself “that’s all she wrote with Airsoft till spring ‘21?” 

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    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      A good example of not having a fucking clue

      when announcing sporting restrictions...


      TENNIS - you stand at opposite ends of the court FFS

      (way over 2m apart)


      But professionals can play - Djokovic lost yesterday in London

      yet you peasants may not


      Open up airsoft, we already know what MED means

      it just means no meelee kills coz we can't get too close

      (and keep your distance from any leper team-mates)

    3. alxndrhll


      I think I've come to point where I've largely accepted it'll be that sort of time till I get to play next, at the earliest. Granted that's partly down to being up North wheere things seem to be consistently worse 'tier' wise, and also because a majority of the sites up here seem to be indoor CQB (truth be told, unless there are a bunch of hidden ones I'm not aware of, choices up here are pretty slim full stop).

      Just trying to figure out what to do kit wise. I've got a decent amount of money tied up in arisoft kit... some of which I picked up recently as last week. But I am currently contemplating selling all of my RIFs bar 1 'primary' and a pistol just until we get a clearer picture of the overall landscape. It's a weird time, and as much as I love the hobby there have certainly been some point across this year where I've contemplated just selling up and moving on full stop. Decisions, decisions.

    4. Captain Darling

      Captain Darling

      No, it'll have to come back outdoors from 2nd December or many airsoft sites/businesses will cease to exist.  CQB in tier 3 areas may be hit harder, especially if you consider high ground rents for the indoor sites, nevermind all the other overheads.


      They can't/won't keep bars and pubs shut, so the airsoft industry won't be fobbed off without a legal challenge, in my view.

  4. @Druid799 a H&S cert or not some of those barriers look sketchy at best all it takes is a slip and your through those stairs
  5. A quick search of the interwebs came up with https://www.facebook.com/TheYardAirsoft/ seems to be in Wales near Llandeilo shame it’s 3 1/2 hours across the road from me cuss it looks mint. but from a health & safety point of view those stairs and balconies need some more rails to protect a falling/tripping player from something untoward
  6. My Latest order came in 3 days early and in amongst it was some Red BB’s so I couldn’t resist popping a few out on the AAP-01’s Fun Switch - much to the annoyance of my misses :D

    1. Steveocee


      Thats amazing! Dept and ProjectX ain't goign to know what's hit it lol. Defo need to get yourself a HPA setup with Glock>M4 mag conversion for some primary AAP memes

  7. isnt the point of "Black Friday" to get a deal not to pay through the nose ???? /shameful
  8. Amazon has loads of options - I searched beofang ptt - hope it helps https://smile.amazon.co.uk/s?k=beofang+ptt&crid=3KNIXTBWHJN30&sprefix=Beofang%2Ckitchen%2C159&ref=nb_sb_ss_fb_1_7
  9. MiK

    Account Deletion

    Try messaging @proffrink he maybe able to assist
  10. They are saying 2nd December but if people ignore it I bet the “2nd” might be a tad longer.......
  11. Mmmm 2 hours to go and will Boris lock us down ???

    1. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      if he does then he is a bigger fucking idiot than I thought possible


      lock everything down, so NOBODY goes out

      (except to shop & key workers etc...)

      nurseries, schools, universities still open, but kids mixing with a 1,000 others won't spread & bring back the virus ???


      if NOBODY goes to the pub, eat out etc...

      then wtf is the point of track n trace

      no notifications = no need to get tested

      nobody testing - cases drop drastically

      hooray - it has all been a success


      until next time


      The Lurgy Lockdown - 3rd/4th wave etc...


      COVID-19 doesn't really kill you as such

      instead it is mostly PNEUMONIA caused by influenza, cold/rhino-virus and now COVID-19

      You get an infection/inflamation in your lungs as they fill up with fluid/puss - and that is what causes most of the deaths - pneumonia


      But write down COVID-19


      Did you know that the When the BBC said COVID-19 is THREE times more deadly than the flu - they used a graph that displayed a higher death rate in 1992~2000 for influenza

      So they quickly pulled it and replaced it with one for just 2020


      Now there was 2 x 8 year periods where in 1975~1983 it reached 63,000 deaths pa for influenza/pneumonia

      & also 60,000 pa for 1992~2000

      The last serious outbreak lead to the influenza vaccine programe being rolled out after 2000


      What they are doing is comparing influenza, which we have had started to develop vaccines since 1930, a virus we have a range of vaccines for various strains of flu - comparing it to a new virus we don't have a vaccine for


      So comparing the flu TODAY where 14m get the vaccine, to COVID-19 with NO VACCINE is like comparing apples to oranges


      Plus in 1992~2000 the UK had a much lower population so that 60k would equate to 70,000 deaths today


      But here is the rub...


      Does ANYBODY remember the lockdown, masks & crazy wash wash washing your hands during those 16 years in 1975~1983 & also 1992~2000


      coz I fucking don't remember any of it at all

      (was on another device earlier but here's some pics)


      1) original graph BBC quickly pulled showing outbreak in 90's

      (ooops quick change it)




      2) the one they quickly replaced it with showing just 2020




      3) google showing both were used




      4) history of large flu/pneumonia pandemic in 1992~2000

      (when the flu vaccine then was rolled out in 2000 onwards)




      5) the pandemic in 1975~1983





      and for reference the Spanish Flu in 1918




      Point being when we had a large pandemic twice for 8 years during 75~83 & 92~2000...

      Does anybody remember masks & lock downs back then

      coz I bloody don't

    2. MiK


      2nd of December it is then .........

  12. @Zarrin I thought Mando was set after the “new hope” in fact after “return” since they was talking about after the 2nd Death Star had blown up, so I wonder who killed who/what created the Dino bones you saw in new hope ?
  13. @Enid_Puceflange playing Devils advocate here........ If you was actually dead and was indeed walking back to spawn and someone hosed you down would you be pissed off/kick off/moan to marshalls ?? You would only pull that one once with me as I would “trip-tap” you any time I saw you in the game zone
  14. Not 100% sure about up north but in England T3 is as follows pertaining to us (from my understanding) At a minimum, this means: > you must not socialise with anybody you do not live with or have formed a support bubble with, in any indoor setting or in any private garden or at most outdoor hospitality venues and ticketed events > you must not socialise in a group of more than 6 in an outdoor public space such as a park or beach, the countryside, a public garden or a sports venue > you should try to avoid travelling outside the very high alert level area you
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