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  1. @Shamal Sadly or fortunately I’m not in a black hole (yet) I’m just the other side of the moon (darkside). I am still pissed that I can’t really get out and play - fucking shoulder is still u/s, so I’ve kinda given up on 2021 and pew-pew’ing in the same sentence. As I said before I contemplated selling up but I’m holding off on that ‘final solution’, that also means I’ve kinda given up on my projects (monkey skull mask, a better bando, ghillie hood and rifle camo) as my motivation is completely in the shitter. I’ll be back as soon as my shoulder is better, but until that happens I’m going cold turkey on Airsoft as seeing all the pew-pews kinda rubs it in
  2. on the beeb’s news pages https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-norfolk-58258077 Surlingham pub car park 'rifle' threat arrest caught on film The moment armed police came face-to-face with a man who appeared to be pointing a rifle at them in a pub car park has been captured on video. Bodycam pictures show officers arriving at the Coldham Hall pub in Surlingham, Norfolk, on 23 May and firing a rubber bullet at Simon Tait after he ignored their calls for him to drop his weapon. The 38-year-old, who had called the pub to say he was going to turn up there armed, pleaded guilty to possession of an imitation firearm, assaulting an emergency worker and sending a communication with intent to cause distress. He was jailed for four years and four months at Norwich Crown Court, which decided to combine sentencing with previous guilty pleas for possession of an extreme pornographic image and three counts of making an indecent image of a child.
  3. I actually thought about selling up after foobarring my shoulder but the wife actually talked me out of it “You might hurt now but who knows next year all is fixed and you’ll miss it and I won’t let you spend all that money a second time!!” That kinda made my mind up
  4. OK So my shoulders kinda foobared but my interwebs certainly running nicely now :) 



  5. ‘Tis official it’s bad news !! 

    Physio “strongly” recommends no more shouldering of rifles if I want my shoulder to get any better, use of anything that doesn’t involve my shoulder is ok so pew-pew with pistoleros is looking good! 

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    2. Monkman


      Sorry to hear that mate... The Jungle last week was a mudbath..had to help people up the slope to get out of the Jungle..slippy as hell.  Fun to play in, but a pain to get in/out of.  Top part of site has had a lot of improvements following the Paintball NvS game..more barricades/features everywhere.  Get well soon!

    3. MiK


      @Monkman Cheers buddeh,  I’m probably still gonna go Ace next month but I will “tap-out” when it comes to the Jungle time and stick to pistol-pew’ing top end.

      One plus side only need to take one bag and sling pistols in it :)


    4. MiK


      Beh, it double posted :(


  6. @Spoons If you check the “what have you made” thread there is a few of us put up anti-fogging goggle ideas for goggles, you may find a idea that suits you, your skill set, your pocket ! and welcome aboard!
  7. Heheh I’m still sulking about my own fault for being so supple
  8. @Spartan09 I also don’t have a scooby, I wasn’t going as the times are later than I thought it was and even if I would have gone my Airsoft time is on semi-permanent hold, my shoulders is still foobarred so I’m gonna actually do what I’m told by the physio and not do anything stupid like Airsoft for at least another 4-6 weeks ;/ The moral of the story is “This is not what to do to a shoulder when it’s already classed as a adhesive/frozen” ie go tits up and a slope and land on it 🤡
  9. There’s more chance of me having a snowball fight in lower layers of Hell with Asmodeus and winning than the Wife doing that !!
  10. I’ve gotta go with the A3 the A2 looks a proper chunky-boi but if the wife was paying I wouldn’t say no nah to either
  11. Sir - I think you have hit the proverbial nail on its proverbial head !!!
  12. BAH!!! I’m aweh on holibobs another month ticks on before again meeting UKARA requirenemts 😭 cheers for the heads up tho Carl 🤙
  13. Bloody Typical !! - off for a  quick CQB session to test how the shoulder injury is, only for the car to die on us !! No one answers at DPT so they can sell our spots on…..

    1. strykerles


      your luck doesn't get any better does it 😩

  14. @AndyKnoxville you should have followed the foot wear ethos of the infamous “Foot based attack equine” you would have been sorted and a legendary pew-pew’er to boot *looks painful tho
  15. thats a little “Judgey” *anyone affected by the posts made in this thread please call +968-7569-382537 for help and support
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