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  1. @Colinc1968 a “loadout” is term for your gear, ie gun, pistol, clothing & accessories etc
  2. Hope this gets site pimped/used by as many as possible - looks super promising Just need someone with nothing on their schedule to tippy-tap more sites in Locations need some fine tuning tho..... Humberside Airsoft isn’t quite in East Midlands but closer to North Yorkshire & Humberside
  3. @kasaran No worries matey, it does protect nicely but ya head sweats a little more due it ventilation so I wear a “Bulldog under helmet liner” which helps cut down on that and at £3.56 a pop (‘cheaper than what I paid ) https://ukmcpro.co.uk/products/bulldog-under-helmet-liner-skull-cap?variant=5939071385643
  4. https://www.sportsguns.co.uk/air-guns-pistols/bbpistolsfire/dukey2 Even John Wayne approves
  5. Link of what your looking for AH and I’ll do some “goooooogling”
  6. use RIT synthetic dye it’s great for 35%+ polyester combo’s but a cold water dye like dylon would still show the stitching if you want that to show
  7. Depending on the colour of the dying blue - maybe a bright blue diluted 30-70 dye/water and using a synthetic dye (the hot water type) might get something but I doubt it will get close to the colour of the navy uniform.
  8. MiK

    Airsoft World

    Yup can’t disagree - Steve at ASW was super helpful when I bought my T10 from them - delivery was bang on too not forgetting the free packet of bacon fries in my T10 box
  9. @Cannonfodder Yea watched this a wee while ago - full respect for the guy to actually do this, more so for having it televised and his mistakes. 1. Ends up dead 2. Commits murder 3. Gets the right result but has problem to restrain perp with one hand and maybe over use of the knee. My one take away was that the activist was so very quick to pull his gun instead of his voice.
  10. You can get those already matey from the Amazon for around a fiver £5.55 for prime users https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B079KDWN62/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 *edit* the .smile.amazon.co.uk link is because I donate to charity every time I buy something so it isn’t a phishing link
  11. If you want the definition of “Lunacy in Public” you need not look further than a youtuber live streaming in the safe zone at Phoenix Airsoft breaking all of the covid rules of breaking social distancing nor wearing a face mask
  12. MMMMmmmmm interesting concepts - 


  13. thats after she was gonna sue gorilla glue for her hair problems ..... yup you can’t make that shit up ...........
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