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  1. kasaran

    Cyma m052

    Late bump as i too have been trying to look into this
  2. kasaran

    metal shotty or plastic shotty...

    You are so right on this. I have .20 and .25. It chrono'd at 300fps on .20s. Fixed hop skies both weights so bought some .28s and it fires pefectly. Good tightish spread and suprisingly good range. Did bring the ump to run for the afternoon games but now im going to stick with the shotty. Hope the lipos will not mind not being used after charging last night.
  3. My 8fields universal holster has the habit of pressing the mag release on my tm sig. I have had mags fly out before as i walk. And once, embarassingly lost a duel as mine didnt fire due to the mag being half ejected. I had the drop on him and everything
  4. jedi is in there warning about his use of stock imagery, so may not be there long
  5. kasaran

    metal shotty or plastic shotty...

    well, it arrived today, feels great. though its gonna be one hell of a workout on my left arm. annoyingly i bought the wrong sling with it, didnt think it was one with clips, so gotta buy another one i guess 😕 suppose i could try and sell the fail-sling on here
  6. how much is admission, their website and facebook fail to mention it, even has people asking for it on the facebook page with no responces UPDATE: found it on the gaol events page. £8 apparently
  7. some more details maybe?
  8. kasaran

    metal shotty or plastic shotty...

    Been red and blue everywhere i have been. With yellow death rags
  9. kasaran

    metal shotty or plastic shotty...

    Maybe wear full sleeve orange and yellow high vis jackets? Solve all problems. Refs can be in pink
  10. kasaran

    metal shotty or plastic shotty...

    Heh. Thanks for the advice. As id possibly do the same unwittingly. And yeah, for the price difference i thought to just get the metal one. It turns out i didnt see where the extra shells are coming from. China it turns out. So should have them late may. Good job the gun, that should come this weekend, comes with three. The hard part will be to not dry fire it in the house when it arrives
  11. kasaran

    metal shotty or plastic shotty...

    Well in the end i had a spell of madness. I now have the metal one from twg coming with sling and ammo pouch for my molle (and a holographic eith shield for the ump) on the way. And 12 cyma 3×30 shells off amazon as oddly enough twg dont seem to stock extra rounds for it. Sooo maybe 160 ish all in. 135 on the shottie. Guess if it sucks, i mean not suit, ill sell on here. But i tend to charge in heroically or stupidly into close range anyway. So it should be fun. Hope the pumping action sounds and feels responsive.
  12. kasaran


    Not suprised its been tried. But fair enough. Fans or mysterious lotions or the only real options then
  13. kasaran


    I always wondered if the fog demist wires in car windscreens would work. Like whats on the front screen of new fords. No moving parts, so simpler. Though i guess little batteries wont have the strength to generate enough heat?
  14. kasaran

    GBB pistol, co2 or gas??

    Urban assault in cambs doesnt allow any co2 guns. Fine with gas though
  15. kasaran

    metal shotty or plastic shotty...

    Yeah, only critisism of that site is the broken English, and the fact that they dont know what language to use. The junk emails they send me are in french