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  1. kasaran


    hmmm, call me boring, but.... as cool as the cut frames are, i wouldnt run one myself. Zeroone has good confidence in the WE G17, as the co2 mags (they sell for this gun) invalidate the warranty for the gun...
  2. kasaran


    Not familiar with them? They look to modify guns as opposed to manufacture?
  3. kasaran


    So, been looking at a co2 side arm for a bit. kinda settled on a glock. which would be better, the KJW KP17 or a WE G17. One bonus of the kjw is i can get it with a co2 mag, while the WE would come with a green gas mag, increasing the spend on spare mags. gun price is fairly similarly match mind
  4. kasaran

    Is making a Royal Marine Loadout Right?

    Its not like your claiming to be one down the pub while in uniform. Just playing airsoft. Its hardly stollen valour. Dress how you want and undress for public spaces (into civvie street gear ideally). By all this logic im russian half the time.
  5. kasaran

    How are there so many M4s?

    Saw one fielded by a guy at the woodland site run by firesupport near bourne in lincolnshire. Looked pretty good.
  6. kasaran

    UK Armed Police Loadout

    I'm sure Ann Summers will have some stuff you could use in stock. https://www.annsummers.com/special-offers-sale/special-offers-sale-fancy-dress/sexy-cop-fancy-dress/ARRESTING-OFFICER-DRESS.html
  7. kasaran

    How many guns ?

    6 rifles and 2 pistols ready for skirmish. With one TM Resident Evil Samurai Edge HD edition M9 pistol that has only been gased and fired once to test on display. Its never been skirmished. I have currently an LMG (a CYMA RPK, I'm waiting on Gunfire to restock, hopefully before brexit) on my want list, alongside a pistol I definately want (kj works co2 Glock 17) and a second pistol for the lols (TM DEagle). But talk to me in 6 months, I will undoubtedly want more. Edit: Probably the G&G Lee Enfield they teased a while back pending price and performance. And Grach MP 443
  8. kasaran

    Lipo fail

    Not in an airsoft gun. But an e-cig style lipo battery for my torch. Charged it to comeback and find one end had gone all brown and bobbly. Moral is dont buy the cheap pink e-cig style batteries that come with a charger off amazon. I also heard horror stories about airsoft batteries... so i charge em inside a battery bag inside an ammo crate
  9. kasaran

    Be careful emoji

    i thought the origins came from the macks airsoft dreamers thread, so theres a reaction that gives no points to sellers having ridiculous prices? as everyone was using the laughing face and that was giving positive rep for nothing?
  10. Ak doesnt have the dmr look. I went for the svu and put maple leaf nub and bucking alongside a crazy jet barrel in it
  11. kasaran


    How reliable is there stock list. This says in description to be in stock. But the red tab on the right says it isnt
  12. kasaran

    What's your mag / rounds count?

    1 'nade 3 24 round pistol mags. For my AEGs i generally carry 4 to 6 midcaps depending on volume. Ak and l85 4 120-150 round midcaps, ump and m14 6 midcaps as they only hold 50/60 bbs a mag.
  13. kasaran

    Novritsch ssp1 should i buy it?

    Isnt it just a rebranded 1911/high capa with a rail?
  14. kasaran

    One Tigris Lower Mask - Spare Straps?

    I need some of those straps.
  15. kasaran

    KJW experiences?

    Fair enough. Its just a curiousity if it would work. Stock the liger was about 380fps. On 0.2s the fixed hop worked fine and they flew a fair distance. The new pin knocked the fps down to a little over 300fps. So now the range is much less as the fixed hop isnt doing enough. I thought a lighter bb might bring the fps up to near stock and then the fixed hop might work better?