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  1. Isnt that a musket? Also. Only thing i find funny is when people seem to act like deagle's hit harder because the gun size... its still the same little plastic ammunition. Unless theres some fps naughtiness going on
  2. https://www.prefired.com/ads/cyma-005-2/ second hand, two tone, too hot for skirmish cyma for £190 anyone
  3. Id have thought tucking them in would encourage the rain to trickle down into your boots
  4. Side note. I wonder how much rain drops can affect the range and flight path of bbs. I cam only assume it reduces it
  5. Sorry but this has been bugging me. Rugby, you get suprised tackled or whatever and react how? Im sure grabbing the neck of the guy would be at minimum a card and sin bin if not off the pitch for the game. Im sure professionally it would be a ban spanning a few weeks. Ice hockey... well they break out into fisticuffs there frequently and im no expert... but im sure you would be sent off for grabbing a neck.... boxing.... a neck punch could kill... and grabbing is as far as im aware (if impossible with the gloves) causes a reset... im not sure on terminology is not a sport i follow What im getting at here is how is this justification? Surely with all this experience in contact sports, being jumped at by a twitchy kid with poor trigger disipline close up wouldnt illicit such a reaction.. if your initial reaction with toy soldiers is to grab someone in a generally vulnerable area, then how the hell did you last half an hour in any of those actual contact sports... although you say its fine, you knew the owner blah blah. Im sure the kid probably wouldnt want to return given that you grabbed him AND got away with it. A sound swearing at would surely have sufficed to let him know your displeasure, possibly followed up by a promise to return fire if it happens again. secondly im sure a few bystanders would have been shocked that the owners let you get away with it. I wonder how many thought twice on returning considering they let that slide. Because if a regular can get physical with someone and get away with it, what else are they fine with? The only physical altercation i have seen on an airsoft site saw the play stopped and the guy that swung first kicked off and banned.
  6. Clickbaity title. But desert fox is one of the better youtubers. That and swampsniper for the big themed event vids. Aaand node for challenges and mini games
  7. The fire a few to lower the fps of co2 pistols is a myth. All it does is ice up the nozzle slowing the fps temporarily (cheating the chrono) give it 10 mins or so for said ice to melt and its up to full pressure. Its what my kwa luger did when i believed that rumour, it was immediately shelved until a new nozzle was put in it (sold by a helpful 3d printer person off here i might add). Maybe its true if you fired off a couple of mags worth. But you tend to only get 3 or so mags worth out of a bulb. As previously mentioned, just get a site legal side arm. If co2 is a must, kjw do glocks that are within uk site limits among others.
  8. I bought the last one of those from them. Tis a beast of a gun
  9. Im thinking of getting a couple master mikes. Got one nuprol shower shell, but its a little lack luster. Fun in close quarters. Also if i remember right at the gaol, 40mm shells fired and hitting a car counts as a hit to those in cover, so could be useful? At least that what i was told aaages ago and not as yet tested personally.
  10. Thanks. Now im debating spending £60 on some earphones.... my luck is that the one id get is out if stock. I just wonder, as i clip my face pro to the fast helmet, if those will get in the way or make it rest awkwardly
  11. Never been to a site with a fixed finish objective point. Always been who holds it at the end of the time limit or a timer, which team held it the longest within the time limit. In those senarios speedsofters may get there first. But they arnt kitted out for holding an objective. So it balances out between the fast and light (getting there first) and the slow and heavies who generally use cover more and carry more magazines worth of bbs resulting in greater volume of fire. I can understand the complaints if its a case of 'the winner is who ever gets to X point first' but thats poor game planning. Its like if some people in a football team decided to pick up the ball and play like its rugby during a match.
  12. I just think that they look ugly. If you want a p90, get a p90 and maintain that look (in my opinion). i am of the train of thought that although all airsoft guns do the same thing, part of allure on starting is the look of rifs and pretending to fill said roles. If i want to hose like an lmg i will take my rpk out. If i want to snipe i will take my svu out, etc. If we all go down the route of 'they all do the same thing' then we will end up with the airsoft equivalent of this. P.s. fully agree with you on the evo
  13. Every p90 with a stanag modification is an abomination that should be destroyed
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