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  1. kasaran

    G36c options

    Ebb will kill the battery
  2. kasaran


    I did have an acog style red dot on it but the battery cover fell off in the woods last skirm. Likely replace that at some point. If anyone has a broken aim-o acog spare... theres a wanted add up on this forum for one
  3. kasaran


    Ah well i got it else where in the end. And with some modding i got it onto the carbine
  4. kasaran

    Nuprol mid caps?

    Oh and i got the ones that can hold 30 or 140 bbs. I ordered 5 as patrol base had an offer on. They were oddly a mix of preset between either capacity
  5. kasaran

    Nuprol mid caps?

    They work fine in my ics l85
  6. kasaran

    The "What I wasted money on" thread...

    Damn it. Always liked the mp7 and now that vids got me wondering about buying a cheap one to tinker
  7. kasaran

    How do you store you aeg rifles?

    Not the best wood worker. But thrown together from banister and shelving out of b and q
  8. I would like a g36 as and experiment/learning experience in modding a gun. I'd maybe bite for one at around the £50 mark.... though for collection id expect to pay less was an old TM one on here a while back that i kicked myself for not buying *too much of a coward to risk his perfectly working guns to tinker*
  9. kasaran

    Aim-o acog battery cover

    Time Left: 5 hours and 28 minutes

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    So a long shot... I bought this scope almost a year back and its wonderful: http://www.taiwangun.com/en/red-dot-sights/1x32-rifle-red-dot-sight-black-aim-o?from=listing&campaign-id=19 but last weekend the battery cover must have shook loose and then fallen somewhere in the woods. there isnt, by chance anyone with a busted one of these who would send me their battery cover? its like a 6mm screw with a spring attached. saves me spending £36 on a new one when thats all im missing.


  10. kasaran


    Yeah. Just dont know if the dd adapter works with the aa grip
  11. kasaran


    On closer look it seems to be a knock off of the dd madbull one. Not found anywhere that says the converters work for the ics model
  12. kasaran


    Thankyou muchly
  13. kasaran


    Dont have a profile on there... update: i tried to find it, and failed. its not the best laid out forum 😕
  14. kasaran


    I like it. Got the ics one. So would need the adapter. Oddly enough i have found that one. I messaged him. The only one left is the weird camo'd one thats unbranded and missing the sling loop. So not so keen on that one