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  1. What you asking for? Though hesitant as they dont look to be the colour id go for. Why are g3 mags so stocky
  2. right, necroing this over starting a new thread. i got some viper single 7.62 pouches for my G3 which fits 2 mags in each. but they stick out really far, to the point that i cant place them anywhere that isnt blocking the movement of my body, preventing me from going prone or my arms moving. so i want to bin them and get 4 individual 'taco' or fast type pouches. i am however paranoid about loosing my mags. currently debating https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WoSporT-Tactical-Molle-Magazine-Mag-Single-Twosome-Triple-Pouch-Bag-For-7-62-mm/264521518682?hash=item3d96b60e
  3. My order was sent fairly quickly from TG. and they sent it with a chrono sheet of around 330fps, which is grand (i selected the 310 option but asked if it could be 330ish in comments as suggested). they did miss out the last number of my UKARA on the label though.... The only cock up was by UPS who forgot to load my parcel in the van. Then, when the customer service lady said it would come next day, proceeded not to arrive. i then called today to work out what was going on and they said it is scheduled for redelivery, though no delivery date has been arranged. I resign myself
  4. does -£0.01 mean you will pay me 1p to take it from your hands?
  5. Im possibly wrong. But i had the impression gunfire and taiwan gun were so cheap because airsoft counts as toys and are not taxed in poland? So any with change in where tax goes is purely going to go up with import?
  6. Psst 10% off everything using code #blacknovember
  7. did you buy a whole shop manikin off them?
  8. Thanks for the posts, ill ask for 340 and explain it needs to be sub 350 to be sure. Buuuut select the 310 option on the basket. Just playing the Black Friday gamble on it at the moment
  9. well im hoping this is a spring change job and not that
  10. So doing the pre-brexit shopping on GunFire and TaiwanGun (GF shop is complete, hello SVD) I noticed that the guns have 3 options for FPS.... Why is there not a 340fps option like what they have for the cyma AK74u. Its either 310fps which isnt terrible, or 360/430fps and be too hot. Has anyone else run this gauntlet and found out how close to the actual figures these are? I mean I brought a cheap springer off them a while back which was advertised at 490fps but shot 515fps (I cut the spring down to legalise it). So on that logic is their 310fps more like 330?
  11. Odd question. Is viper large a normal large or more like a tesco cherokee medium? (I have brought medium ubacs and they are definately smaller than standard wear)
  12. The peg boards not being lined up is triggering ocd...
  13. I have always looked at the NGRS and winced at the price. one of these days i will be at a gameday with someone who has one, and maybe i can get a go at shooting it. see if that justifies the price for me. I have fired someones GHK AK74m and that seemed pretty fun. Also, i have a TM m14 stock, so just under 300fps and has decent range. do you really need to throw silly money to increase the fps on the NGRS to make its range more comparable with other AEG's?
  14. Aaand out of stock. Would rather the full stock than a frame so would have wanted to change that. Dont need another ak just yet anyway...
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