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  1. Nuprol spray paints..... garbage, do not recommend. 


    better off buying proper paint manufacturer stuff

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    2. kasaran


      room temp and shaken well, the missus (having a history with spray cans) did the base coat and found them to be bad.  oddly enough, the brown one was better, the khaki/tan one was the trouble maker.

    3. AirSniper


      As with any paint job, the result is only as good as the prep work you put in.

      Ask any paint shop tech, they spend most of their time in prep of the piece to then spend a fraction of the actual time a job takes to put the top coat on.

      Also the surface you are applying the paint to, even with self primers, unless the proper primer coat is used to bond with the substance you are painting, then any job you do will likely be looking like your underwear after a blow out with the lads and that curry resurfaced rather prompt like...

      Do you know what you are painting? Some metals do not take a paint job well unless they have been properly painted with a base primer that is able o etch in and give a bonding layer. Some polymers will not take certain types of paints. That will not be down to any polymer, it could be that manufacturers blend or that batch may have a different blend of chemicals. 

      Many reasons exist for a paint job to not come out well, including operator error and how that operator applies that paint.

      Judging from your comments, my main points address what you are likely having a problem with... its not likely the paint and if you say you did the job right then its not you, leaving the only thing left... the piece you are working on.

      Have you thought about asking the manufacturer about paints that will bond?

    4. kasaran


      Surprised to see people defending nuprol paints...  the criticism being that having used TTCombat and more often Tamiya spray paints (which are worth the extra bob), the Nuprol stuff comes out inconsistantly, thick and very watery.  It is sold as suitable for metals and plastics and being Nuprol it will be aimed at the airsoft market whereas the others target model builders.


      oddly enough though, the finish i got was actually pretty good, and it was certainly the tan/khaki can that was the worst culprit.  But for ease of use? spend the extra few £.


  2. A lot of 'a friend of mine ' posts of late

    1. Rogerborg


      Canadian girlfriends?

    2. LukeJLFC


      same thing happened to my buddy eric.

    3. Steveocee


      You're just jealous because you don't have that many friends to ask for.

  3. Spent time yesterday successfully modifying my G&P M203 to work with my Master Mikes.  Looking forward to finally using them, I decide to double check that I can use them at Finmere....  No, I cant.  Bugger

    1. strykerles


      been pondering getting a couple myself but I think most sites have banned them and the 40 mikes

    2. kasaran


      I know a few places allow them.  Just feel the 40mike made everyone nervous about allowing them.

    3. Druid799


      Classic example of being tarred with the same brush ?

      I never liked the idea of the 40 and when I saw one in action it just confirmed my fears in the wrong hands(which we have to admit there are a LOT of in Airsoft) it could do some serious damage , but when you come down to it the master mike is just a ‘normal’ moscart with an Incredible Hulk shoved up its arse ! 😳

  4. i use one like this (an 8 fields versions from TG) https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/viper-tactical-modular-gun-sling-single-point-bungee i find it hands under your arm as the bar hooks behind your shoulder, sooooo you couldnt run with it hangin there, but easy to unclip or drop when stationary
  5. i think my LCT G3 is cursed.  when it works its great, hops 0.28s like a lazer.  my one repaired mag with stretched spring feeds fine.... the other 4 need stretching (joys)


    yesterday the batteries (NMiH's) popped, got super hot and swollen.  the gun stopped firing and now its stuck on full auto.  I guess LCT dont have fuses as its clearly fried something.  now to find a repair shop, sadly my local are too busy to take it in....

    1. Lozart


      Have you considered fitting different springs instead of stretching them? These have always worked well for me when I need to rejuvenate mags https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/maple-airsoft-super-feed-3-pack-midcap-magazine-springs-gen-2

  6. So, all 5 LCT G3 midcaps have had their innards raised as suggested on a thread on here.  one of them i opened up and stretched the spring slightly to see if that helps.  it was a nightmare to reassemble, but got there in the end. 


    house testing, the spring stretch mag emptied a full mag.  the only raised innard mags (1 of them at least) emptied a full mag of 0.2 and 0.28 bbs.  hopefully they all fire until empty this sunday and all will be well.

  7. those any good? whats been skimped out on for them to keep the price down?
  8. so tried to fix my lct g3 mids.  Thr wedge stick method didnt work for me.  Which sucked.  The bolt now for some reason not biting the allen key.  The second attempt i went for stacking watchers.  But the bolt is not long enough.... going well thus far...

    1. Terrywristt


      To get my LCT g3 mids to feed i had to replace the springs, the stock ones are woefully bad

    2. kasaran


      how on earth do you get the springs back in?


  9. TM G19 or TM G18c hmmmmmmmmmm


    Curve ball.... TM Five-seveN

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    2. Cr0-Magnon


      Full-auto on a pistol is a bit pointless. It's usually inappropriate to use it at the distance a pistol would be your go to and it also sends the accuracy to shit.

      The G19 has updated internals and better externals, plus fits RS holsters. The FN57 is a bit like holding on to the back of a bus.


      TLDR: G19.

    3. Steveocee
    4. kasaran


      I have a g17. In black and tan but co2 and a kjw.  So the g19 or 18 was to be a bit different and for tm goodness (that and my local site doesnt allow co2 so its outings are limited).


      Moot point now though. Holding off hitting the buy button after finding out a bigger pew is due in stock in a couple weeks.

  10. Follow up. experimenting with different recoil springs, the TM P226-e2 recoil spring seems to fix the slide locking back on empty. still debating if i should whittle a little more off the innards for a smoother reset. still hit or miss with the piston head venting
  11. Any recommendations on aftermarket CYMA AK compatable hop-up units etc would be appreciated

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    2. DGChui


      ASG Ultimate one works nicely too.

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      @colinjallen good to hear they work on the cyma's.





    4. Tactical Pith Helmet

      Tactical Pith Helmet

      Airsoftzone have a compatibility list for the Combat Union unit.

  12. so, a quick sand and the hop up fits.  On first test, it lost 100fps.... not sealing around the nozzle.   Greased up the interface where the hopup joins the gearboc and boom, 330fps.  Thats a 30fps gain from putting a 340mm barrel in place of a 210mm barrel in what was a CM raider.

  13. so the ZCI rotary hop unit is a very tight fit into the combat machine outer barrel

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    2. strykerles


      I've found most hop units generally do have a gap, brought some brass rings from ebay and sorted it

    3. colinjallen


      It is quite normal for there to be a gap; that is what the brass ring is for.

    4. Monkman


      I think Luke put them in my guns I sent to him to get fixed..yep, very tight fitting..but awesome as well. :)


  14. True. But generally people only review when its bad. You have to go out of your way to do so. So the anger drives that. I cant think any delivery firm is over 60% JG scorpion for £50 on gunfire though.....
  15. So gunfire offer GLS as an alternative? https://gunfire.com/en/about/shipping-costs-and-delivery-time-403.html anyone yet to try this one out? Also an incognito shipping option..... with a fake prize slip as opposed to a normal invoice....
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