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  1. anyone got a vfc m16 gbb... is there a knack to the hopup, mine doesnt move



    1. JinxDuh


      It's probably broken, I'll give you £10 for it so you don't have to worry any more 😏

  2. Anyone with experience on Airsoft Direct preorders?

  3. its the fact that the supporting strap has also come away from the leather that gets me
  4. emailed SoF so will see what happens with them first. Thanks for the link, i have them bookmarked for the inevitable. they look close enough to me, if only i knew a week or so ago New photo to show the size of the hole I have not had the best of luck with these, i also have a size 9 of the same make. In store they were comfy so i bought them... found out too late that they are too small to run in (guess im a 9.5). was gonna try and flog them on here soon, but this thread isnt going to be much good for advertising xD
  5. Ignoring the boot drama in GenHelp.  Good day at the MAW, shottie ran well and the ZCI barrel I put in the M16 is for the trash.  Put a maple leaf in it and the difference is night and day

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    2. kasaran
    3. Hudson


      Well nice to meet you! I was one of the snipers on the blue side. First time visiting the MAW

    4. ak2m4


      Found some shocking QC with them recently, why I stopped selling them:


  6. Thanks. Just leaving the game site now. Can't have a game at without something breaking.... Sadly I wanted jungle boots to go with my 'nam kit. Anyone know of any decent ones out there?
  7. Anyone had experience on returns from breakages? First time out. Got them on Friday. And my jungle boots nylon is torn. I'm guessing because it's happened in use they will say no. Just a bit gutted.
  8. Not done, but due to my looking at the vfc m16a1 I found this when trying to find out about npas fitting Seems like it might work, anyone tried this
  9. Whats the opinions on VFC GBBr's?  eyeing the M16a1/XM177e2 at the moment.  its a brand i have not had any dealings with so far

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    2. kasaran


      I'd love an MWS for it.  but paying £800 for the a1 receiver, £120 for the stock and £300 for the m16 front end aaaand the £400 base gun a bit steep.  If TM did an M16 gbb then i wouldnt hesitate to get it

    3. werzairsoft


      bloody hell that's pricey i can see why you wanna go vfc now 

    4. Nick G

      Nick G

      As GiantKiwi suggested, use a WE as a base. I've built 4 L119's based on WE M4's and they are great. Performance is excellent, parts are cheap if required and easy to get and real steel stock tubes , stocks, grips etc fit.

  10. sooo, somehow bent in one of the prongs of my tm recoil mk18.... considering how thick it is, i am amazed, anyone done this and successfully bent it back? its too narrow now for bbs.  It makes a good tuning fork as it is now


    1. Pseudotectonic


      the flash hider? i suppose you can unscrew it, clamp the base with a vice (wrap it with something soft), and try to bend the prong back out


      just don't try to bend it back while it's on the gun to avoid collateral damage

  11. run down to todays game.  M16 zci inner barrel clean did not fix the woeful scatter gun accuracy.  it was fine the first 3 outings.  might try and get a new hop rubber. unless this is the cautionary tail for zci QC.


    Also, one of my tm 5-7 mags seems to have had the seal blow at the top. it was stored containing ASG matinence gas. so thats another thing to fix...

  12. He regularly goes to games with myself. No luck on the 3d print. He got a replacement hop unit from firesupport in the end. Believe the running theory to the snapping arm was an aftermarket nub being too thick. Don't remember if he shaved the nub or kept it stock though. But second getting a spare if you plan on tinkering. Did seem to be a weak point in the design.
  13. Anyone else buy that 3d printed pistol stand from the midlands airsoft fair?  being told it is made to fit any double stack pistol, it was 3mm too wide for a M9, P226, Grach, 5-7, G19 and desert eagle...  it was cheap, and after a time with a dremmel it works great. but amazed at how off the fitment was

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      "any double stack"


      Doesnt even fit a glock.....


      That's some top tier sizing right there

    2. Steveocee


      Much like "Universal" car parts. Fits nothing unless you spend hours making it fit.

  14. the annoyance of finding out that nuprol vn short midcap mags dont fit or feed into a G&P M16a1

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    2. The_Lord_Poncho


      I might be interested in buying a few of these off you if you want to cut your losses!

    3. JinxDuh


      To be fair, 99% of the VN mags are shite anyway 😂

    4. kasaran


      well, compared to the G&P vn mags, the plastic top was double the thickness on the Nuprols.  a file down later as @Rogerborg said and its a tight fit, but they go in with a love tap and feed now. 

  15. Anyone regularly use FBS Ball Grenades?  i brought 3 from jdairsoft, and on two of them the fuse blew when i pulled the ring and didnt dentonate beyond.  only 1 out of 3 worked... bit of an unreasonable failure rate

    1. Lozart



      bit of an unreasonable failure rate


      Pretty small sample size though

    2. kasaran


      True, but as a consumer im not going to continue purchasing them when I have had a failure rate of 66.66%.  £11 wasted...


      I'm hoping others who have used them more may corroborate my experiance or make out that I have just been unlucky so far...

    3. MrTea


      Never had an issue with FBS ball grenades not going off.  I believe the ring pull pyro need to be pulled in a specific direction/way to ignite properly which is why I stick with the striker top version. I made velcro patches of striker paper I put on my gear so even if I lose the striker top of the grenade, I can still light it.

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