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  1. kasaran

    Customs code

    Why would the seller ever pay import tax? Even if they did do that they would just add the tax to the price of the product
  2. kasaran

    Customs code

    For completionism. It got delivered today. No word on me needing to pay tax yet mind.
  3. kasaran

    Customs code

    So. Spoke with customs directly. The only thing they wanted to know was whether it was my property i was bringing over that i already owned or something that i had just bought online...
  4. kasaran

    Airsoft Youtubers

    An unedited clip of a 10 man kill streak using the spring m249 that was mentioned in a separate thread, as seen on bbguns4less i believe
  5. kasaran

    Customs code

    Well customs are holding it. Wanting to know what is in the package. So from the sounds of it, grey-shop didnt put what is inside it clearly enoughon the parcel. I have sent them a description of the contents, a screenshot of the order list and what codes i could decern from the terrible .gov site. Im guessing the border agency is cautious over imports from russia at the moment.
  6. kasaran

    Customs code

    Its apparently. As of 4am today it package is processed for clearence in the east midlands. I have never had any compamy including dhl ask me to find the tariff code for items before. Previously they have done a ups. Paid whatever on my behalf and then have me reimburse them before they hand it over to me. Im not sure whether these items are used or not. I was just gonna say clothing. But then belts are a different catagory. Im going to call them today as my partner is saying this all sounds odd.
  7. kasaran

    Customs code

    Makes you look forward to post brexit and this become the norm for orders outside the uk...
  8. kasaran

    Customs code

    Wants to reply but not the wall of text. Its out of russia. Stuck in donnington by east midlands airport in customs. Its DHL that have it. They seem to want me to classify it so they dont do it wrong apparently. Bit of a cop out to be honest. Will try your link. What i found didnt really cover what i ordered. As i doubt pouches count as clothing Edit: i sent them a message as to what the tariff code should be. Im sure the courier should be doing that. How long did it take for them to respond to you?
  9. kasaran

    Customs code

    So when buying a russian gun i decided i needed to buy a russian uniform. Having gone to greyshop i brought everything down to real steel mag pouches. The delivery company DHL are holding it wanting me to find what the tax code is. What the hell is army surplus classed as? The .gov site might as well be written in latin.
  10. kasaran

    AK/SVU/SVD rail mounts

    I caved and bought another ak mount and its much much better. Not 100% centre. But much closer . I reckon the other one didnt sit right? Im guessing as the svu is a bit fatter than an svd, it was never gonna work.
  11. kasaran

    AK/SVU/SVD rail mounts

    The irons should be right. Its just arrived today so only been dry fired to test. Just visually the rail doesnt sit far over enough to be near centre. It may not be so bad in practice. But now you said twisting... it may be a little twisted. Damn awkward thing
  12. kasaran

    AK/SVU/SVD rail mounts

    So i got the SVU as well as the cyma AK to ris style mounting. the problem is that it doesnt go far enough to be centred on the barrel, and no amount of adjusting of the optic is going to align it with the barrel, which at range becomes about a metre or two left of centre. anyone know of a rail adapter that would fix its off centredness? or maybe another rail mount that works? For the record, the mounting i got was: http://www.taiwangun.com/en/mounts/svd-scope-mount-black-cyma?from=listing&campaign-id=14&q=rail
  13. kasaran

    Cylinder /barrel ratio. Test and results.

    so much thanks. though no pressure, this will heavily affect my decision as to what barrel to fit into my SVU
  14. kasaran

    Black Friday Deals: Post them!

    Yup. Though did buy my svu on fri. Wasnt reduced by much though
  15. So over black Friday i caved and bought the ASP SVU sniper with the intention of running it as a DMR. I got it from taiwan gun, so its stock fps is supposedly around 430fps. So im looking at destroying the selecter arm to lock it in semi, upgrading the inner barrel, hop up and air seals (i have found on other forums that apparently the cylinder head and air nozzle has a bad seal/no o-rings.) Various googling has come up with it being compatable with the sr25, 19 tooth cylinder, but what head would fit on this? The SHS mp5 air nozzle ‘orange’ will apparently fit with some filing to replace the nozzle. Looking at inner barrels i have been looking at the maple leaf crazy jet barrels with matching nub/buckings. But what length barrel would be best? I know theres meant to be a sweet spot between cylinder size, bb weight and barrel length. I have not found any information anywhere as to how big the cylinder is in the SVU. The stock inner barrel is650mm long with a 6.03mm diameter and i’ll be looking at firing 0.3g to 0.36g bb’s (dont want to go too heavy as im holding off putting a stronger spring in there in fear of damaging the modified v3 gearbox). The barrel length seems very long for an aeg, so i was wondering if it would make sense to get a shorter inner barrel? The longest ML crazy jet barrel i have found is 640mm which is close enough, but still on the long side. Of course, one downside of shortening the inner barrel is the void left towards the end, and with the mock suppressor, that would no doubt cause some interesting airflow inside.