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  1. Bugger. Was a planned xmas present for me
  2. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/asg-airsoft-m40a3-sniper-rifle-black £59 and free postage if ordered online today
  3. Did over hear some kids on sunday going on about nov's pistol. Clearly big fans of his. To the point that any silent nbb pistol on site must be his ssg ssx? Or whatever its called. Even though it was definately a mk23 of unknown brand... was kinda funny. If your gonna drool over youtube advertising at least be able to recognise the gear in person. But i guess thats how he lines his pockets
  4. Game merch collectors. I have the tm samurai edge HD version. Fired a couple of time to test its working and has been on display ever since. Was half tempted by the unbrella sigs but monies and well... i have other things on my shopping list
  5. Effectively. Hmmm well so long as you learn how percentages work, especially when in regards to populations. Then at least theres some take home goodness. Might become useful for apr calculations on credit cards I miss old university debates. No one online ever posts references or anything.
  6. Reading... yes i can do that. YOU, in response to a percentage of a population group sent in by rogerborg responded with some population number stuff. Not me. thank you for noticing your error. So to help your mental maths and reading lets get it all in percentages... That 41% figure is for american transgender people. So lets see the american suicide rates for the entire population. Out of a population of 327.2 million, the percentage of people that attempt to kill themselves in america that is over the age of 18 is.... 0.6% my source here is afsp.org a mental health charity. So until 134070000 people in armerica get suicidal (thats 41% if your wondering) there is no way any comparison can be made in regards to percentage of suicides within a population. Ergo my holocaust example still stands... Oh wait again. YOU post an argument involving a percentage figure AND a population number... lets start again. Back to the holocaust example. According to pewresearch.org. The jewish population in europe in 1939 was about 9.5million. This at 1945 was 4.75 million (The estimated figure for deaths of jews is around 6 million which includes jew from outside europe). So this is 50% roughly.... but wait. You seem to feel its the number of individuals that are important here. So to pull it back to percentages. Using mid 1900 global population numbers. The holocaust (just the jews) cost the lives of 0.25% of the worlds population. Now thats a tiny percentage. So why should we care for the deaths of those people? Clearly by your logic it doesnt matter when the population is comparitively so small.... Thats fine. Agree whole heartedly on the end of your last sentence. i never understand why people get phobic of sexual orientation or other peoples bodies. Its nothing to do with me if im not sticking my junk in em and they arnt me then thats fine. You do you etc. But the whole other part (ignoring the confusion with percentages) just shows a complete lack of perspective to problems people are facing and dying from every day. Humour is great. But your poking fun at someone who isnt harming anyone and is just being true to themselves. They are also being brave enough to do this in the public sphere which sadly results in people like you who want to poke fun at them (albeit with them not knowing) for being what? Different? Thats not cool man. Its not funny. That sorta shit should have been stopped way back in the school playground.
  7. So 41% of the worlds population has attempted suicide? Come on, maths at school couldnt have failed you that hard. Not sure on your grasp on statistics and populations but.... its not the number of individuals thats important here its the proportion of a population. 41% of everyone hasnt tried to top themselves. But out of a small group such as the trans community 41% is a horrific proportion of their population. Almost half... To take it to extremes by your logic. Hitler and the nazi's were not so bad. They only killed 6 million people in death camps. But the Jewish community isnt as big as the worlds population. The worlds population was around 2,556,000,053 people in the mid 1900's and would have witnessed many more deaths than this over the same period. So whats the big deal over 6 million jews getting killed? The point im saying is that to that small community. Those statistics are devastating. And being a minority does not give free license to make light of their situation. And doing so is likely in its own small way, to contribute to that statistic remaining high for that social group.
  8. Isnt there a pinned thread for this? Also nice looking gun. Very long followers in the mags though?
  9. im curious on this gun tbh, though nowhere lists mag compatibility.
  10. kasaran


    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    This gun i got to try dmring at urban assault, though they closed pretty much immediately after and it has seen little love since. It comes with a crazyjet inner barrel and maple leaf hopup and buckings fitted by myself. the gearbox has an shs mp5 nozzle fitted which unlike the stock nozzle, has an oring. the gearbox work was done by Zeroone airsoft. the invoice of which i can prove. though by works only covered the fitting of the nozzle. everything else, including the shim job is stock. all the original parts like the original hopup peices, nozzle and barrel are included if the buyer would like to revert it back to the longer suppressed version. The SVU is wider than an ak or svd, so in an attempt to be able to zero an optic i added the rail to the upper receiver. its supprisingly close to zero, but its not the finest of craftsmanship. this has resulted in 4 holes drilled into the upper receiver and the screws for which prevent the cocking lever from traveling. though thats only an issue when adjusting the hopup. this is definately a gun for someone with tech experience as it certainly needs further tinkering to get working at peak performance. it will come in the original box with the svu keychain as a sweetner. alongside a high cap mag the scope is not included in the sale. delivery cost will be 10 posted. collection friendly. or if possible and your within a hour of peterborough i can deliver for a nominal fuel cost.




    • For sale
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    Metal trishot CYMA shotgun. this is the tactical one with the side sadle and ris rail. additional spacers are included within the box if you want a longer stock. Has signs of wear in the usual places around the pump and on the flash hider (its fairly long for when it was used in urban assault). I added a ris rail to the pump and attached the angled foregrip to make the pull easier, being a springer it has the usual resistance. this is easily removed if wanted, the bolts go into the metal bracket in prethreaded holes left in by cyma. almost as if this was an intended use, or for maybe a differnt style of pumping grip. Quite happy to leave it on. i also have a velcro stock shell holder i can throw in in matching tan. i will throw in 3 shells, as thats what came with it in the box. replacing because i want to move on to a gas powered shottie, and i wont have need of two. Will accept collection or hand delivery at an agreed time by myself depending on range. anything over an hour away becomes too much of a hassle. payment by paypal. id guess £10 postage



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