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  1. Funny, mine also has a fire selector fault, mines unreliable on semi, just doesn't always fire. Full auto works fine though
  2. 5 weeks since my ankle got twisted after being run into at the MAW and now I can be upright without swelling. 


    Heres to hoping I can run around the woods again soon (or im going to have one massive but sad carboot sale)

  3. in the top or bottom part of the grip? assuming its the DD A2 rail on your L85?
  4. this derailed... I'd still like an on topic answer. Though I should add that im not a fan of mesh goggles or shooting glasses. Does no one know of any full seal eye pro that isnt mesh that would work with an M1 style helmet?
  5. Would like to go full on 'nam more often, but my prefered eyepro protudes too far from my face to fit (Bolle x800i). My older set (ASG Strike Protective Tactical Dual Lens) fit, though arnt the best for fog control. I'd rather something more in the style of the Bolle, but would need to be slim to fit under the lid. any recommendations or experience with eyepro and this helmet?
  6. i see, so the one you linked, if i pull out the fake gas tube, i guess it fits in there ontop of the barrel?
  7. now this is of major interest. though i have not used Life batteries. do they differ from lipo/nimh? i know my smart charger has an option for them.
  8. AK2M4 get your 495mm/499mm barrels in stock plz

    1. ak2m4


      haha thanks for the reminder.  i've noticed zci have had a few qc issues recently so i'm trying to get my own barrels made however will still continue to sell zci

    2. Lozart


      Dibs on one too!

    3. kasaran


      can we add a 590mm to that too plz?

  9. The A2 Daniel Defence rail doesnt technically fit on the carbine, the bolts that go on the receiver are not spaced the same as the full length version. Only one bolt can secure it https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/madbull-dd-l85sa80-rail-adapter-for-ics as the two holes shown in the picture are located a milimetre too narrow or wide, cant remember which... I have managed to fit it on my carbine, though with one less bolt holding it on as a result. It seems secure as it has held for 3-4 years so far, though your mileage may vary. From that, id guess the new one would have a similar issue, so id think maybe not entirely? though i dont know what the mounting system for the A3 is
  10. cant remember, do you get an email if your ukara gets renewed?

    1. rocketdogbert


      Yes, but very very few sites auto renew, you need to go through the same process as originally registration almost always

    2. kasaran


      Fair, i guess i just have to wait longer.  Been told the request has been sent to skirmish

  11. Does look to cosmetically have a bit more going on than other adverts of similar type. you gotta reeeeeeaaaaally be into that warhammer 40k stuff though for that price. probably be like those resident evil pistols that do the rounds every few months for similar money
  12. ZCI barrel and maple hop fitted into the cyma ak fine with some minor gains.  267-273fps went up to 293-304fps.  Would have liked more, curious as to the increased bracket of fps too. 


    Wonder what it means for my cylinder volume, would a shorter or longer barrel of the same narrowed diameter have provided better gains?  its gone from a 6.03 or 6.08x450 (sources vary depending on patrol base or taiwangun) to a 6.02x450.


    If cyma made the cylinder volume a perfect match, I guess I should try a slightly longer barrel...



    1. kasaran


      Worked out something, Ignore patrol bases information.  its a 500mm stock barrel, so mine is 50mm shorter.... no wonder i didnt get the jump i expected... guess i'll put the 450 in my l85


  13. review of the Specna Arms easy change spring... its a lie.  It doesnt count when you need to take the gear box out of the receiver... or try to, realising you need to by the worlds smallest allen key to remove a grub screw from the mag release

    1. kasaran


      managed it, now im going to be paranoid about movement in the motor grip. im sure i reseated it correctly though 😅


      Motor height adjustment is also threadlocked in.... is that from specna arms or JDAirsoft?

    2. Rogerborg


      Huh, which Specna is that? My Edge M4 can change it through the buffer tube.

    3. kasaran


      SA-H04, the 416 version with the funky stock, so in that regard, its self inflicted.  The anoyance was getting so far before realising the mag release was held in by the worlds smallest grub screw causing me the scavenge neighbours allen key sets

  14. If you get to a point when you think your collection is complete, do you find yourself planning on tinkering and upgrading?


    on that note, AK hop ups.... is the nub the same as normal M4 style ones or do i need to look for different things?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lozart



      If you get to a point when you think your collection is complete


      I'll let you know if I ever get there.

    3. Skara


      My collection IS complete.

      Four AEGs, one bolt action, one NBB pistol, three GBBs.

      All tweaked and tinkered with multiple times. Don't think I'll buy anything else in the near future.


      Right now I'm throwing myself into the endless money pit because I want to turn my 933 (that is not a 933 anymore) into the lightest gun I can build for my 24+ hour games :)

    4. strykerles


      Personally I rip apart all my aegs if there's something that I don't like after first use


      applies for my VSS, SGR12 (cyma), SVD and my Bren


      got them to where i like them, only take them apart for servicing now


      My RPK is looking at me funny though, might need to sort it out 😄

  15. Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

    • For sale
    • As new

    Covid meant I out grew these, so have since bought the next size up. Was worn about half a dozen times with no tears etc, so should function as new. Size M https://www.sofmilitary.co.uk/shop-re-enactment/vietnam-us/clothing/replica-trousers/vietnam-tadpole-tiger-stripe-trousers-light-tone-8071.html Waist laid flat inside leg Medium 171/2" (45cm) 33" (85cm) Hat is effectively new, got it with replacement trousers, but not a fan of the style, and is too small for me (as shown on tag it is 58cm in size). It is a matching pattern to the trousers, ideally they will be sent together. Price includes fees and postage


    peterborough - GB

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