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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Full disclaimer. I am the third owner of this item as far as I know. It is a G&P underslung Long M203 grenade launcher, complete with accurate markings designed to fit on Tokyo Marui M16's https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/gp-military-m203-grenade-launcher-for-marui-long The gun I was intending to use it for is a G&P M16, of which it did fit, but not secure enough for me to be happy that it wouldn't twist in game play or potentially damage the rif. There is a nub on the receiver end of the M203 made to fit G&P M16's designed to stop this twist. The launcher works fine, having tested it on a nuprol 72 bb shower shell (I was equally amazed by it being still gas tight). The safety lever also works. The launcher does has signs of use and the first owner (the seller denied all responsibility for these quirks) dremeled a section of metal off on the receiver end making that right angle cut as seen in the photos. I have no idea why it was done, though it doesnt affect its mounting. Maybe they were trying to reduce weight? The other oddity is that the metal front end of the heat shield is missing, also shown in the photos. No idea why it was removed, but it did stay on my gun, admittantly with a little play. My intention was to be able to put on and take off the launcher depending on if I fancied using that day. As a result I dont want to fettle a solution to making the launcher fit more securely, as that would make such swaps harder to manage, especially on a make of gun it was not originally designed. Looking for £65 all in inc postage, collection considered and personal delivery possible depending on distance and fuel money.


    peterborough - GB

  2. For me, this seems like a shady practice/loop hole around getting a two tone gun without a UKARA... For an extra £60-70 you can get the parts in black... https://www.justbbguns.co.uk/parts/airsoft-conversion-kits/bulldog-black-conversion-kits/ *read the description first... apparently its for after UKARA...ops*
  3. Oh yeah. Agree on that. Though for myself id want the a3 version with the extendable stock and slim handguard. Back to topic, thats what the OP gun looked like to me. I wonder if 9mm inserts exist so you can switch between 5.56 and 9mm mags? Surely one could be 3d printed? Project anyone?
  4. no, just to me it looked like a russian version of... wouldnt critisize people over their choices though
  5. Just get an mp5....
  6. I've got a lct g3 myself I love it.run it on .25g and shoots like a lazer


  7. Im not an expert. But to be a 'nam thread counter. I thought the xm177 had a narrower foregrip than modern m4s and it looks pretty wide on the jg. But then i guess they need the battery there. Why isnt it wired for the buffer tube? Weird
  8. Damn. Tempted on the xm177 now.... but i already have an m16a1.damnit
  9. Another 2 months minimum of this lockdown.... was feeling ok about it until he said for how much longer... at a minimum.  I guess i have had my pews for 2020

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    2. SeniorSpaz87


      Consider yourselves lucky that your gov is actually doing something. The US is essentially returning to normal, and we are going to get bloody hammered in two weeks or so. Did my biweekly shopping today and everyone was acting like everything was back to normal... Normally Id just be like Darwin Awards, but Im a high risk due to immuno-comprimization soooo... In other words that first game back is going to feel soooo nice...

    3. Skara


      Same as Spaz.

      Italy's gradually easing the lockdown, but since I know my people very well, I'm pretty sure we'll be back to square one in a matter of days.


      Fingers crossed tho, we may be able to play again from the 18th :)

    4. Damion


      It is a good time to fully service any RIF's. Glad there are other things to do besides work at this moment in time.


      Stay safe everyone!

  10. I ask for ukara and check that the letters at the start are actually for a site, that much you can do on their website. The second check is to get their forum name and the date on some paper in a picture of rifs that they already own and arn't two tone. Just as evidence that they must (I assume/hope) have got at least some of them from a retailer and by proxy, be a skirmisher. Not full proof. But it feels like I did what I could. Though in all honesty, I only really press for it on profiles that are clearly new, or just not really used (no postings/reviews) and clearly only popping on here for the classifieds.
  11. Its good and solid. I have fondled it greatly under the excuse of practicing mag changes. But not been able to shoot it sadly. Then i can give it a proper review. Its funny, when i started out i wanted short guns. Got the carbine ics l85 and a ump. Now though im getting long ones xD. I guess its the draw to get different guns and a slight soft spot for coldwar battlerifles. Plus side of this is that ill have the mags for it. Just need to sort out some gear for a modernish pmc merc. Otherwise ill have to run it in multi cam as i have 7.62 pouches for that already. Unless two will fit in svd pouches. I know one does...
  12. My whole purchasing of the lct g3 has been panic buying (?) I had been watching the stock count in firesupport for a while. There were always 2 left for what seemed like months. I get some money at the beginning of lockdown but thought it wise to hold off blowing it all on a new pew. Then it goes down to 1 in stock. The buyer i think having posted about it on here. Thus making me buy the last one. I have also been watching the midcaps for it. These too seemed to remain with 12 odd in stock for ages, plenty, no rush.... suddenly this morning there were 4 left. The exact amount i wanted (4 on rig, 1 in gun). Soooo guess who just had to buy the remaining stock of lct g3 midcaps. Sorry wallet
  13. Hi mate sent a message. Don't think notifications are working for messages. 

  14. hi bud, messaged you about that shotty are you receiving them?

    1. Know peace

      Know peace

      Hi messaged you again, are you receiving them. 

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