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  1. Damn. Pkm and pkp both out of stock and not much cheaper
  2. I wouldnt go dmr... 'i like to get up close' buuuut then imposes a 30m engagement limit. Doesnt quite work together.
  3. the mag pouches big enough for 30 round stanag or just the 20 round shorts for m16s?
  4. Specna arms.... they are now doing springer snipers on gunfire.pl..... i hear their aeg's are good. Reckon they are worth a punt for £80 odd ?
  5. Digi flora has been fine for me. Very good among brambles. Annoyingly all the picture i have, im fiddling with shit
  6. i have seen a few players run around dressed as 'desert storm'. stands out no end. but then, how many people run tacticool black resulting in them being a constant silhouette is always suprising. though in cqb/urban environments it makes no difference really
  7. heh, yeah i did spot, and saw the comment and decided to very much avoid. plus i had my eye on the firesupport lct too. still undecided mind.
  8. Oh ok. So nothing too bad then. Just not as solid and house buyingly expensive as the lct
  9. found a german youtube video. classic army gearbox?
  10. so this brand keep appearing as i browse russian lmg's... i dont know them. they one to avoid? PKP for £500..
  11. At least then, by reviews the airsoft drum mag will be realistic then xD.
  12. It think the issue i found was just that mag. The one that came with the lct had a thinner lip on it on the front edge. But when i got home i compared the one i took with my other ak mags and they were all slightly different sizes. Nothing a bit of sanding wont fix. If i had a 'nam load out i would be tempted. But its modern kit im looking for. Im being a bit naughty by wanting a drum for it. Though i read somewhere that a drum mag was in development.
  13. Yeah... Im aware of LCT doing a PK PKM and PKP. Buuuut over a grand? Far to rich for my liking
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