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  1. Visually suspect as a safety practice, but it is 'murica, not known for stringant gun handing practice. Though he might just be aware that every round has been fired, so there is no danger and just being lazy with it. Curious as to the caliber etc mind, barely looked like it kicked at all. Valid point @TheFull9, always half thought the same in regards reloading and general handing. Though i would have thought the weapon balance would be difference between RS and AEG making you hold it different?
  2. kasaran


    Welcome to the craziness that is the ASP SVU. Brought to be a DMR for Urban Assault, this gun has had a SHS mp5 nozzle fitted (so it has an o-ring), a maple leaf crazy jet nub and hop up rubber and a crazy jet inner barrel (I forget the length, but its shorter than stock, hence the non-accurate flash hider). All original parts are available and will go with the gun, the picture of the packets are said parts, including the switch that would give this gun a full auto mode. This was removed to lock it to semi as it fires at an fps of 400-405 on 0.2g bbs. This can be reattached easily without opening the gearbox. Beyond that the gun is stock, no gearbox or spring upgrades at all. Now the elephant in the room. I am a perfectionist when it comes to zeroing scopes, and the fact the SVU is fatter than a normal SVD and AK meant that all the side mounted kits left the scope unzeroable. So I committed further heresy and drilled a ris rail onto the upper receiver which actually lines up fairly well. This is easily removable, though there will now be a couple of holes in there. The only knock on effect this has is that the bolt catch will no longer pull back, fouling on the bolts. Though, this is only an issue when adjusting the hop up, which now can be got to by popping off the upper receiver by turning a lever. The gearbox was put together by zeroone and tested, it does fire fine, though full disclosure, its never been the sexiest sounding gun. On 0.33g bbs theres the occasional double feed that I never got to the bottom of. In all, the gun likely need further fettling at a skill level I dont posses. So im thinking of selling it, as it will be left unloved by me, and it may help fund my upcoming wedding.... or next loadout which will be urban greys or full on 'nam New it cost me £220, its currently £230 on gunfire (probably +£10 because the exchange rate has tanked). Im guessing with the unorthodox scope fitting and it needing further work, about half that? Make/brand: ASP SVU Any accessories included: up to 4 cyma midcaps and 1 highcap (that came with). I could be persuaded to include the scope and the side mounted rails that I got for it but arnt pictured Pictures:
  3. Easy to lock. Just remove the gears outside the gearbox so the selector switch does nothing. Beyond that i didnt change springs. 405fps on 0.2s for me
  4. @Sniper780 exactly that. Got it done. I am now the proud owner of an rpk with a foregrip xD Anyone need a stock lower foregrip for an lct rpk. I have a spare
  5. Anyone one how to take the foregrip of the lct rpk nv. The plastic one. I have a replacement i want to put on with a rail on it
  6. Swas seem to alternate Saturdays and sundays. Just a little further south from urban
  7. Ah. I guess ill ask, i didnt think they would put an order on for just one part like that? Sadly, i went for the modern plastic furniture for my rpk, so fairly stuck with the first option
  8. Oddly enough on google nothing came up on firesupport, wrong keywords for their algorithms? All i got were cyma. Feel such a wally now. But that would be ideal. Sadly, its another part i would like on their websites wishlist that is out of stock. Good enough to know it exists though
  9. So in buying the LCT RPK i found that it is a) very long and b) heavier than the cyma's i have held, likely due to it being a stronger metal. The weight isnt too heavy much for me to run, as I was able to raise and sprint with it throughout a whole days skirmish without issue. However the forgrip angle has sprained my wrist somewhat, and it has taken a few weeks for it no longer ache when twisted/lifting heavy crap. Annoyingly, this has made my other guns, the ones that lack a vertical foregrip less comfortable to wield as they induce that same twist and pressure. Incidentally, it is the same wrist that I broke both arm bones falling off my bike when I was 13 ish? hoping to hell that isnt why. So I see two options. Wrist exercises so they can take the strain (place crude jokes here) or fitting a verticle grip onto the gun. I have practiced a hold in the RPK where my left hand is almost holding the mag which seems to help. LCT don't seem to offer that level of customisation, but CYMA do. Has anyone tried fitting CYMA outer body parts to an LCT? As they have a few RIS rail foregrips aimed at CYMA AK's that would work a treat. Also, if anyone remembers the poll I posted about getting a Russian LMG, the LCT RPK was the most voted for and its an utter beast. Great range, the fire rate is fast enough for me (any faster and the CYMA drum mag spring cant keep up, as I found out with my 74u) and it sounds great.
  10. I hope so, its conviently cheaper and actually in stock i have found. Though the image looks like its more than just the banana shaped bit.
  11. *hijacks thread somewhat* I have a tm m14. The selector switch fell off, i guess the grub screw came loose. Do you guys think the cyma/g&g ones would fit. Its litterally just the butterfly screw like bit at the end thats missing leaving a d shape bar where it was attached
  12. Arnt 8mm bbs banned in many places? I wonder if they will allow 6.5mm bbs?
  13. Dangle an a4 sized bag with some mags in it infront of your crotch and go for a jog . Then i think you will answer your own question
  14. Pffft. About 2 years down the line it still takes a while for the adrenaline to die down. Fairly often after somewhat intense or invoved games i tend to stuggle to sleep because im still buzzing. Last night was one such night
  15. hmmm... i thought the m16 without forward assist was called the xm16 or something? the m16a1 had the forward assist? though i might be wrong? *attempts pedantry*
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