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  1. I know they used to. For mine there was a pay online option on the email telling me of the charges
  2. Anyone got recommendations for a good single pouches for ak47/akm magazines? Find double stacks a little awkward 

    1. GAMBLE


      Hi @kasaran! 👋

      I’ve used a variety of pouches and rigs. Is there anything in particular you have in mind? 🤔


    2. hitmanNo2
    3. kasaran


      See i have some like that. But the back of akm mags has a thin metal strip.  Something that would likely cut through rubber/plastic retention pouches. Or so id think?

  3. tactical, polymer stock/pump and a rail such as: https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/tokyo-marui-m870-tactical-gas-shotgun not tactical, wooden, aiming for more civilian market or a classical look: https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/tokyo-marui-m870-gas-shotgun-wood-effect the guns, basically the same, theough the wooden styled one lacks a rear sight
  4. @Piman i thought those thresholds were only for the EU?
  5. you might as well say: 'just masturbate. You will have a whole world of trouble for the sake of having someone else do it for you. Just my opinion mind you 👍 Regards ~Shamal' not everyone wants to spend over the odds when its cheaper elsewhere (go capitalism). and UK shops dont stock everything in the world either. hopefully all this import crap is a covid/brexit blip, as before brexit it was reliably within a week (about half the time it took DefconAirsoft to get me the M14 i ordered not long ago). Will say though, i wouldnt recommend importing an
  6. first game for the last 14 months.  proof that expensive doesnt=good


    LCT G3A3 mags all feed only half a mag before being unreliable, sometimes feeding, sometimes not (on both 28s and 25s).  £300+ gun £23 mags...


    raged onto my backup: CYMA AK74m flawless £100


    first time outing for both of them.  the G3 fires like a beast stock, and hop does 0.28's well, its just the damn mags.  wonder if JG mags work?

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    2. Iceni


      It's not the springs. It's the mag inner sitting too far out of the feed tube allowing the bb retention nub to close. If you pull on the front bottom of the mag they will feed again as this pushes the nub back open. You need to shim your mag inners higher at the rear, and securely peg them in place.

      I had to do the same thing with my LCT midcaps. And the review I wrote also mentions this and has the shimming solution. If that solution doesn't make sense just PM me, I had another guy asking about it a few months ago in PM's and I did him a more detailed explanation of the modification.

      You need to inspect you mags first before you take them to bits.

      The part I refer to as rollovers (blue) are the sides of the metal part of the mag where the mag comes up and over the feed nozzle. The goal is to get the top of the feed tube (purple) to be in line with the rollovers - as show by the magazine top line (red). See image.

      In order to get the feed nozzle to be inline with those rollovers you are going to have to make a few modifications to both parts of the mag.

      The plastic internal bit needs a chamfer (Angled edge) filing onto the leading edge of the magazine (orange second image).

      The metal tang (green) needs bending out a little to allow the plastic parts to sit higher.

      Once you have the feed nozzle in line with the magazine top line doing these actions you will then need to shim the plastic parts into place.

      I made pegs/wedges. All they are is plastic that has been shaped to hold the plastic part of the magazine tight to the magazine top line. Those wedges are long enough that the magazine base plate holds them in and up. Stopping the feed tube falling away from the hop unit in the gun.





    3. kasaran


      Much thanks for the extra detail.  Will likely have a crack one of these weekends.  


      As for your pegs, are they made from scratch or modded from something readily available?

    4. Iceni


      I had some 5mm x 6mm plasticard lengths for building models. The business end got whittled to a taper.


  7. Sounds painful/damn right dangerous to be one of your friends on the opposing team...
  8. I think i have found one possible cause of the jams. Its the hammer. The return spring isnt quite up to pulling it back everytime. Would there be an issue in filing down this corner in the hammer? Its already showing wear.
  9. New O-rings arrived (3 weeks early from china, it wasnt through UPS). Fitted fine, and fires much better. the old o-ring as said in the linked review is just a bit too big, it forced gas out the back of the slide to the point you could feel it on your hand when firing. now though, this effect is much lessened. I have also removed the rocket valve from the top of the mag which leaked after firing. lubed up the seals and refitted. it now holds black gas and ultrair without issue. all mags, without firing have held gas for the last couple of weeks too. The
  10. Howd this go couldnt make this one
  11. are top valves interchangeable in gbb mags?


  12. so a totally unbiased review of the specna arms mk18 2.0 soon?
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