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  1. Suprisingly hard to find a replacement G&G CM16 pistol grip.  Anyone got one knocking about?

  2. £129 here and in stock https://www.airsoftzone.co.uk/tm17-pistol-gbb-tokyo-marui.html
  3. Funnily enough I have been looking at the tan version of this to pair with my theta brand holo sight. So worth the £60 then? Been debating that or the slightly cheaper offerings on AliExpress
  4. I'm kinda surprised they don't do a V2 that is sized correctly. Would sell well, plus people who already have them but are fussed over the 10% may buy again. Be a bugger to have to buy new mags as I guess they would be undersized too.
  5. I'm going with a group, joined Others for similar reasons stated above. It's a good laugh, especially if you play around the fringes and don't get in the bottlenecks. Just don't take it too serious... I.e. delta Also, the food is good. Cannot recommend the Greek place enough. The food options are probably 40% why I wanna go again. Beyond hanging out, it's definately the main reason why the missus is happy to go even though they don't play.
  6. Tm MP7 gbb from the midland Airsoft fair last weekend. Anyone got gas recommendations? Only got asg ultrair atm, is that too much?
  7. something tells me, the handguard mount of a CM16 isnt a standard diameter?

    1. Skara


      Which model?

    2. kasaran


      Just a polymer combat machine

    3. Skara


      You mean the barrel nut thread? That's AEG spec, just like every other AEG.


      You mean the actual nut diametre? That varies depending on the handguard


      You mean what?

  8. removing the fuse from a combat machine.... a good idea?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Rogerborg


      I bin them off, but that's because I've popped a fuse on a locked up box with a stalled motor by doing the default reflex "Oh, I'll just hold the trigger and see what happens".


      So once you've done that, you'll know not to do it again.


      If the fuse pops because the motor has properly stalled under compression, you'll need to unlock the gearbox anyway.  All the fuse is doing is telling you that.  So now you need to unlock it and replace the fuse.


      If it pops because of an electrical short, that's a different consideration and not one to completely discount with lithium in the mix.


      It depends on your tolerance for risk.

    3. kasaran


      Tis annoying as I got a nice slim stock and the fuse case is prohibitively large for my smallest lipo.  I guess safest this post removal would be to MOSFET it, but I'm trying to do this on the cheap.  If it does pop though, I have plenty of spare pews, not that I want to set it up to fail

    4. Druid799


      20+ yrs playing binned the fuses out of pretty much every gun I’ve ever had(primarily for the exact same reason you want too) never had a problem with any of them . I’m a great believer in the train of thought that 95% of all faults that occur with airsoft kit wether AEG’s gas pistols or what ever is always down to user error and NOT the kit failing in its purpose . There not as strong as real guns so if you abuse them in any way shape or form it’s gonna end in tears . Savy ? 😉

  9. It's going. Not quite TM performance, but certainly adequate for a secondary. May even be more reliable than my kjw g17 with the mysteriously jamming slide... It Will go through a magazine (providing the magazine valves behave), accuracy is alright and range is good enough for engagement limitations for when pushed using my SVD. Are you aware of raptor's Facebook page? It's likely heavy trolling in part, but reviews from others are not amazing for it. Might be a lot of lemons out there. But for grach, there are no other options. Still like the way it sits in my hand though
  10. anyone had success ordering from Gunfire of late?

    1. Druid799


      Apparently not ? 😳😁

  11. Bit like this then? Remember seeing an older Brummy guy that must have had 3 or 4 pistols on him. Personally I have run around duel wielding before, but not thought to go beyond that.
  12. anyone ordered from FatBobs before? do they downgrade their AEG's automatically? rather not have to fix a hot gun

    1. Tactical Pith Helmet

      Tactical Pith Helmet

      I bought my G&G L85 from there.  Dead on 330fps.  Not sure if G&G ship hot rifs to the UK though.   All my new ones have been within limits.  

  13. Also apparently isn't desperate for the money, but damn he is fighting hard for that extra £1.20.
  14. Welp, that's the TM Scar H recoil ordered.  Leaving it stock.  What batteries are people using? 

    1. Stratton Oakmont

      Stratton Oakmont

      Both fit but the nuprol allows full adjustability of the ugg boot


    2. kasaran


      Don't need to be concerned with lipos in a TM?  Guessing 7.4 will be fine?  I was expecting it to be NiMH like the mk18

    3. Stratton Oakmont

      Stratton Oakmont

      7.4 are fine, do not use 11.1 under any circumstances or you will kill it

  15. definately wait for a cyma, probably cheaper too. though i personally cant get over the Lancer AKM, it has a ak74 mag....
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