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  1. kasaran

    Top fed mags

    Derp. Im too used the airsoft website having minimal technical info beyond fps on them. So a modified ak style mag would work if it was just hollow with a funnel to feel into it. Good to know
  2. kasaran

    Top fed mags

    Out of curiosity. On guns where the magazine is inserted on the top of the rifle, like the bren gun. Are the airsoft equivalent mags effectively a hopper? No springs/winding required? Was only thinking based around methods of modifying the zb-30. Which would involve creating a different shaped magazine.
  3. kasaran

    M4 type stanag high caps

    Time Left: 3 days and 15 hours

    • For sale
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    A must have for those budding high cap heros out there. Ever wanted to hold your trigger down for entire matches? Well now you can. The splendor you see before you are 4 highcap magazines of STANAG configuration. Perfect for those m4, m16, L85 etc wielding gods of the field. The three black ones are ICS brand, the grey one is a CYMA and all of them feed floorlessly into my ICS L85 A2 Carbine. But wait! The eagled eyed of you may have spotted some dirt on the base of one and paint chips from another that also dons a tasteful duct tape motif. These are the scars of skirmish and does not affect the performance of these bb containing goliaths. Furthermore the reason for the tape was to mark which of these did not come with the L85, just incase there was an issue (i am paranoid like that). It can be removed and rephotographed if required, images of all these marks are attached. I am looking to shift the lot, though would consider splitting them up if required. The funds will be used to help purchase some shiny new not marracca like midcaps. Asking for £25 ono (includes postage because I am a saint)


  4. kasaran

    Dual pistols for CQB

    should only be on the first pull on the sig? if you dont want that you can always pull the hammer back with your thumb or rack the slide to cock it, shortening the trigger pull. to be honest, i always forget other pistols have safety switches. was embarrassing when chronoing the luger and it not firing because the safety was on
  5. kasaran

    Dual pistols for CQB

    Did this the other week for a couple of games using my tm sig and kwc luger. Not exactly a matching pair but so fun and god you feel so much more agile. Reloading is a pain. Especially as the luger only carries 15 bbs and the sig 22 or something.
  6. kasaran

    What do you consider 2nd hand

    Fully agree If doesnt come with warranty or have returns policy its second hand. Personally the discounted price has to be significant enough for me to consider buying secondhand when theres no warranty. I will spend that little extra for peace of mind
  7. kasaran

    IKEA pegboards for airsoft guns

    I went for the build your own gun rack/lean-to set up
  8. kasaran

    lowering fps on a co2 pistol

    So the new pins came today and i managed to fit it. It fired well in the garden afterwards. So i didnt break it. Took it to firesupport to borrow their chrono. First shot was 350fps and dropping down afterwards. Settling at 310. So yeah. Now its skirmishable. So look out all you reds... blues... greens... etc
  9. kasaran

    New low/midcaps

    uses pheonix down on this thread... oiled none of my mid caps. used em god knows how many times. no miss feeds
  10. kasaran

    Wearing Tactical bags in Airsoft matches

    I took the foam plates out of mine. Saves weight and makes it more form fitting. the carrier is more than enough padding anyway. You can just about feel if not hear the impacts of bbs. Helmets are great. Protecting you from the bbs and low hanging tree branches. They also make a loud tick noise that lets you know you have been hit. In those senarios its your duty to shout BOOM HEADSHOT and walk off to respawn.
  11. kasaran

    lowering fps on a co2 pistol

    Hmmm i may, if i could get one of your printed pins have a go myself. Its a crying shame to not be able to skirmish it due to 30fps hotness. Though i havent taken a gun appart yet. So not the most confident about it xD
  12. kasaran

    lowering fps on a co2 pistol

    The two rectangular blocks on the right-hand side of your diagram come out yes?
  13. kasaran

    lowering fps on a co2 pistol

    Heh no. Just silly face thing. I have just the one. Kwc luger. Is it easy to fit? As that would be amazing
  14. kasaran

    lowering fps on a co2 pistol

    So.... i need this done to mine then... x3
  15. kasaran

    Are LMGs worth it?

    Considering the extra cost, size and weight, are they worth getting since any high cap m4 could do the same job? Ignoring milsim use that is.