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  1. No Electric pistol has fast RPS. TM Hi Capa Xtreme is the only one I would go for in terms of GBB. Considering how many sites are banning full auto under 30 metres, its a little useless to consider high RPS as important in a pistol form factor.
  2. Is there any residue on the inside of the outer barrel or flash hider? This happens on my FN57 pistol as the opening on the aftermarket barrel is too narrow and I occasionally get fliers.
  3. The only one I know of is the post limits to stop spamming and to prevent people just posting nonsense to get contact access to the classifieds. You can do anything else otherwise. We want to build a community first.
  4. The 5KU one has support for different 5KU Silencer shells. Such as PBS1 and PBS4.
  5. Hungarian AK. Full steel. Pretty good internals.
  6. Have you considered an LCT AMD65 to with your username?
  7. May I suggest an AMD65 with scope rail instead? It looks great, based on a real rifle, you can position your head very low as the stock is a wire type. It has a long barrel though that doesn't make a bats bit of difference accuracy wise.
  8. There are many I don't own. This being one of them! The only bullpup that I consider iconic that I don't own is the WA2000. Maybe some day.
  9. SHS high speed is not a good choice for 13:1 gears. That might not be helping with the heat aspect of things. Change over to a high torque.
  10. You need to purchase and fit an adapter to use normal mags. The Laylax one fits the SCAR L
  11. Hey all. Picked up an aftermarket outer barrel for the FN57 which is supposed to stop the Hop unit and such from wearing out. I fitted the barrel and test fired at 5 metres and seemed fine. I immediately took it to Cornwall and I am here for the next few months with no tools, (though I still have the original outer barrel with me). I took it to a game day today and noticed the O-Ring that is on the Outer Barrel to prevent the recoil spring and stopper from falling off had broken in half and fell out. When firing the pistol about a third of the shots immediately fire a good 5-10 degrees to the left and then curve around to the right. Some shots have too much hop and the rest not enough. Now considering I have no tools, what is the most likely culprit? The new outer barrel? The missing O ring which is there specifically to stop the recoil spring going too far forward and going missing when disassembling? (it may have a secondary barrel stabilising function, but I can't prove that without a working O ring) Something else? Here are photos of the new outer barrel and the old one. New Old Any idea what size O ring the stock one is?
  12. Most sites require physical disabling of full auto rather then a programmable mosfet for DMR's. I would recommend something with a greater cylinder volume then normal. Anything with a V2.5 gearbox or an SVD/SVU Style one.
  13. I am unsure if you are a complete beginner so I have to ask. Have you have wound the hi cap mag completely after inserting it?
  14. Perfectly normal. On some rifles when I turn the hop fully on it goes into double figures. It just means you have a wide range of hop adjustability. Would rather too much then too little.
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