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  1. Mayhem airsoft near Abridge, Tactical near Croydon (Though I dont recommend it), Sentinal in Dunstable and Driver Wood near Crawley.
  2. 5x G&P 130rd G36 midcaps. 1x FPS Ergal M249 Nozzle
  3. https://gunfire.com/en/parameters/specna-arms-core-tm-sa-249-18993.html I had no idea these were coming out. Looks to be proper LMG gearbox as well. Decent price.
  4. Do they still have the terrible clear air nozzle or a decent one?
  5. That is gorgeous! Very striking.
  6. I put a shim of rubber around the connecting to the arm part of the nub which has increased pressure so i can have the same amount of hop at around 4-5, however it doesn't hop any more then it did previously. Turn the hop up more and it just jams. Any ideas? I guess its slightly disappointing considering my upgraded VSR can go beyond that and rises at the end of the trajectory. I guess I am looking for a flight path where when the bb slows down it rises at the end of the travel. Where at the moment with the SRS it just falls from its initial trajectory.
  7. To back up Al's comments. My wife is a Secondary school teacher for a state school in one of the richest boroughs in London, I used to work there and it's in fact where we met. It is based in the middle of one of the few council estates left in the borough that hasn't been bulldozed for private housing. My wife has had to put hand in pocket to give kids food often. When it is the holidays they still get over 50 kids in to school every day to have a free lunch or else they go without. Roughly half are single parent families. The other half are kids with both parents working but still cant afford to feed their children because of crippling private rents and bills. This shouldn't happen in a country that is one of the top 10 richest in the world. When I worked there we had the ambulance call out twice one term due to a kid collapsing due to malnutrition. The majority of parents are good parents who don't have any other place to turn. Poverty doesn't necessarily turn you into a criminal. But it sure as hell makes it more likely through necessity. Sadly for the past few years schools and teachers have been plastering over the cracks of our society failing our children to no reward and no end in sight.
  8. Red 1 Chislehurst. A direct bus from North Greenwich and a short walk. Tactical in Croydon and Mayhem East of Abridge is possible but difficult with multiple forms of transport required. Any other site you'll need to take the overground, C2C or National Rail services with 40 minute + walks or an Uber at the end such as Airsoft Plantation, Skirmish Billericay, Splatoon, Reforger, Red 1 School, Red 1 Oblivion, Skirmish Wycombe, Tech Brigade, Driver Wood, Mayhem South East, Dragons Lair and Ultimate Wargames. Please be aware that I have to wake up at the latest 5:00 AM to get to these sites for 8AM on public transport from Dagenham.
  9. Cheers for the advice! I just had my first range test. I have to rack up the Fast hop with stock rubber to the max (8 or 9) to lift a .48 to around 100 Google metres. Does that sound about right? I have seen many people saying they only have to put it to 4 to lift, but thats with aftermarket rubber and nubs.
  10. Just sorted it myself! Put PFTE tape around the bucking (Accidently ripped the nub so used the spare bucking that came with the SRS). Removed all the Original white grease and applied 100% silicon oil on everything that sealed. Put it all back together and its now firing 316 FPS on .48's which is the equivalent to roughly 489 FPS on .2's. with a 2 FPS variance. So pretty happy! Just need to test the hop to see if it lifts with the changed hop rubber and I should be done!
  11. Hello all. Just recieved my SRS 16" Covert. I installed the Fast Hop and Srs M150 spring. It's coming out at 292fps on .48s. Is this about right? Someone mentioned on the facebook group it's a little on the low side. If that's the case. Any tricks to up it a little bit?
  12. Its here its here! Brand new SRS 16" Covert. Installed the fast hop and the 150% SRS spring and is currently at 449 FPS or 292 FPS on .48's. Not sure if thats normal or a little low, but pretty happy with this anyway! Its very solidly built.
  13. Honestly, it was half a lifetime ago. I couldn't possibly remember where it was. 😕
  14. Latest SE Tour Review is up! Red 1 Oblivion. 


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