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  1. Asomodai

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Picked up a couple of TM M92 Mags... £60 Picking up a Nuprol M92 Retention paddle holster soon as well.
  2. Asomodai

    Increasing barrell length

    It's down to personal taste. I prefer the Prometheus Purple, either one is good.
  3. Asomodai

    Increasing barrell length

    Buying a decent quality tightbore barrel and decent hop up bucking and nub are the only things that can truly increase range. The tightbore will increase Accuracy, Range and FPS so you would need to cut a hoop off your gearbox spring to compensate.
  4. Asomodai

    Increasing barrell length

    It will likely increase your FPS over the limit especially so if it is a tightbore. There is no reason to increase your barrel length as it does not increase range and can cause compression issues.
  5. Asomodai

    Players Wanted!!!

    Missed this, as long as the prices are the same in the shops then I have no problem coming down.
  6. Asomodai

    Players Wanted!!!

    Looks like another contender for the SE Tour reviews!
  7. I Swore off doing site reviews or playing Airsoft at all beyond the AFUK Mall game this month... However the Mrs just told me to have fun next Saturday...I really do want to try out either Hockley or the newly re-opened Bush Valley. Watch this space ;)

  8. Asomodai

    Who makes what?

    Aren't Ravens even more cheaply made WE's?
  9. Asomodai

    Tm hi capa and maple leaf bucking - Help

    Personally I was astonished about how much the I-Key and a Maple leaf 50 degree bucking changed my TM Strike Warrior. So much more hop and can easily lift 30's with plenty of extra hop available if needed.
  10. Asomodai

    Tracer unit recommendation

    I use a B&T tracer unit. I have used it for three skirmishes and it has a broken sprung power button. I have to use tweezers to switch it off. Nice and bright though. I'd try something more robust next.
  11. Asomodai

    Gun picture thread

    My New TM U.S M9. Adjustable hop unit, no pesky rails. Perfect to masquerade as a PAMAS for my French loadout.
  12. Asomodai

    More KSG woes. 6 shot issues?

    I tried the DTD adapter with some known high speed mags and still only getting 5 shot. DTD are sorting me out with a polished Mag Adapter for me to try! Kudos to them!
  13. Asomodai

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    My second pistol. The TM M9 US. The bestest M92 model 😉 Its the closest to the PAMAS French Beretta copy that I can get with an adjustable hop. Which completes my French loadout.
  14. Just picked up my second pistol... It's a bit boring compared to the strike warrior though...

  15. Can anyone link me to high tension replacement springs for AEG Mid Cap magazines? Need some so my DTD M4 Magazine adapter will feed properly with my mags. Cheers!

    1. skintrade
    2. Asomodai


      @skintrade Thanks for that. 


      I tried the DTD adapter with some known high speed mags and still only getting 5 shot. DTD are sorting me out with a polished Mag Adapter for me to try! Kudos to them!