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  1. Well, we may need to go through this again anyway. The other RIF I ordered has been "stuck" since being exported to the UK on the 11th midnight. No update of it ever entering the UK, just like last time... Took me 6 weeks to find out it was in customs last time. If there is no movement by the end of the week I will contact border force proactively.
  2. Asomodai

    Patrol Base

    Wolf do not have shop music anymore. In fact I haven't heard any since I started the sport 2 and a half years ago!
  3. Unfortunately no. I suspect they just tagged S36 and S39 by default. I'd rather not ask exactly why in case they rethink it though! However I do have another RIF coming through that may also get stopped so I'll let you know!
  4. Woohoo! Customs have released my Real Sword T97! It has passed all the checks and should be with me by Friday! So bloody happy, but mostly relieved! 

    1. EvilMonkee


      Great news!

    2. Albiscuit


      Good stuff, at least you now know whats happening!!

  5. ANNOUNCEMENT The Real Sword T97... has been cleared for release and it will hopefully be with me by the end of the week! They said everything checked out! Thanks for all of your advice, I really appreciate it, including all the emails I sent to David from UKAPU Cant wait!
  6. Asomodai


    Make sure its the Gen 2 one!
  7. Yeah I assumed he just didn't have the word airsoft in his mind at the time. But I agree I shouldn't have said yes! The fact they were discussing in the first place makes me think its something more then just an issue with a simple UKARA number.
  8. Rang up today to speak to the officer dealing with my case, as suspected he wasn't in. But the person I spoke to asked if it was to do with a "Firearm". I said yes, and he said he was discussing it with the guy and others yesterday. But he couldn't give me anymore information and to ring when the officer was in on Monday. Described as "Firearm" has got me worried.
  9. Well. Some slight respite from the T97 customs and border nightmare and this one came in. Replaced Tamiya with Dean's, pfte a loose body pin and had to dremel buff out the red tip on the flash hider...
  10. Nothing new today I am afraid. Didn't get an email back. Not sure if that's good or not!
  11. Not sure. I already have a copper looking into it who deals with RIFs on occasion. Who knows he might be able to swing something. Though I doubt it.
  12. No. But technically all RIF's are illegal by default without a valid defence I think? Anything above that would be considered a firearm and illegal and not defence-able.
  13. The BF guy on the phone actually said he just came back from training for firearms importation yesterday and that there was a big section on Airsoft in it. It's just he is not sure what his manager said about my particular case. Of course this wont help if the gun was sent to me firing hot.
  14. I disagree. Everyone who I have spoken to regarding this with PF and BF have been really nice people. Its just unlucky that my parcel got caught out in a random search. Just doing their jobs and the law is there for a reason! Of course I hope everything goes through fine, but considering my luck I am sure I will have worst case scenario!
  15. Just got off the phone with BF. I don't know much more at the moment. The guy who I spoke to said it was his manager who seized the package and said to send an email with evidence that I can import the RIF. I sent my UKARA number, registered address (Just in case the address was wrong) and my UKARA issuing site. This can be a little encouraging as it assumes that it was just a UKARA issue. But as he didn't know much more, it could be something like it was too hot entering the country, in that case then there is no defence! We'll see what happens.
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