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  1. Asomodai

    Gun picture thread

    Just arrived. Me likey a lot! Bits that you think are metal turn out to be Nylon fibre, bits you think are plastic turn out to be mild steel. Its odd! The mag is a bit tight to the pistol grip but I am used to that with bullpups. Overall I am dead impressed with the responsiveness on a simple 8.4NimH and 400 FPS consistency. It'll be a while til I field it though. Need to get more mags, lock off to semi, mosfet, sort the weak air nozzle, bucking and barrel. Might change the motor but the stock one is actually pretty good. Want to bump the FPS up to 420 to be my low powered DMR for certain sites. I am glad I didn't plump for the AY VSS or an AK (for now). Just love me a bullpup too much!
  2. Asomodai

    Gun making whirring noise - won't cycle

    Sounds like the gears are turning, but not engaging the piston. Piston might be in the wrong position or has been chewed to pieces.
  3. Asomodai

    Is the SSG24 a CM702?

    Modify is a brand, they build there own stuff.
  4. Asomodai

    G&G mp5 jamming

    Nowt wrong with a ZCI. Very cheap but almost as good as my prommy barrels which are almost three times the price. Standard prommy purple bucking and your laughing.
  5. Asomodai

    G&G mp5 jamming

    Whilst you have the rifle apart, buy a new barrel and bucking. MP5's are an arse to work on so might as well do that now! I imagine this is a bb problem, but at least you can rule out bucking and barrel and get increased performance in one swoop. Never use unbranded BBs, the cheapest BBS I use are the ASG Devils. Occasionally I will use blasters if I have no choice though they do have a small history of shattering on impact at close ranges.
  6. Asomodai

    Gun picture thread

    Nah. That's not my thing. I'll probably put some scrim on it to hide it better. I do want to gloss varnish the stock though.
  7. Asomodai

    Gun picture thread

    Scoped out.
  8. Sure, if I want the things to not be protected ;). At the moment I am looking at those giant plastic storage containers you can get down t'supermarket.
  9. Looking at 9.9V LIFE batteries for my TM Famas. Even after the motor upgrade, very occasionally the motor wont quite turn the gears enough on semi, locks up and needs a quick burst on full auto. This is using a 7.4 lipo. I have used a 11.1v lipo in storage mode and I no longer get the lock up. 

    Even though it has a mosfet, I loathe to use 11.1v lipo on full charge as breaking the Famas means a lot of work to repair.

    Would a 9.9V Life battery be a good halfway house? Looking at this one. 


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    2. Druid799


      Nope never have , I just don’t buy in to the whole “stops the connectors burning out / faster trigger response” gumff . Me personally I think if your not spamming the trigger or firing huge bursts all the time then your not going to be pumping that much juice through them are you ? And my 10yr old TM socom recoil proves that , it’s connectors are absolutely fine and the trigger response bit ? seriously ! is the trigger responding point something something of a second REALLY going to make a that much of a difference to a hit or not ? Yea right ! 😂😂

    3. Asomodai


      Fair enough. I have ordered one for a trial on the FAMAS. I do have a few guns that would prefer the life over a 7.4v lipo. 

    4. Asomodai


      @Druid799 Just received it last night. Bigger then I thought it would be but firing on semi has no issues. Genuine halfway house between the 7.4v and 11.1v lipo. I may need to buy a couple more slightly smaller ones. 

  10. Asomodai

    Viper P90 pouch or other?

    The poppers on the pouches are pretty solid, but because of the length of them I used MALICE clips to hold the pouch steady. Use cable ties if you find that you don't trust the poppers.
  11. Asomodai

    Viper P90 pouch or other?

    No need to stretch at all, but you need to put the mag in with the rounded bit at the bottom with the feed part opposite to the other mags feed part. Otherwise they will get caught up by the divider. They are quite bulky when the mags are in them as well.
  12. Asomodai

    Viper P90 pouch or other?

    They are a little fiddly at first. They are very long as well so think about how far down the leg they will be mounted.
  13. Asomodai

    How many guns ?

    My completely upgraded M4 definitely has the bead on everything else with regards to ROF due to being short stroked. But my oddest upgraded guns have better range and consistency.
  14. Asomodai

    Project: Well MB09/10

    Picked up an AirsoftPRO VSR Cylinder for MB10. Didnt realise there was one that was even compatible. Another £40