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  1. It's a scam until I have won something. Have entered a number of times and not won a sausage As bullpup KING my name should have been nailed on to the Ares DSR 1
  2. Buy a proper smart charger. When you have finished your skirmish, once you get home, put all your lipos on storage charge. I have used the same lipos for 3 years with no issues.
  3. I am pondering over a Gorka 1, which should be ok for Cold War if slightly implausible! I can use Gorka 1 for modern day MVD as well which is handy.
  4. Got my new E&L AKS74U through the post. It's just as solid as the E&L 74N I got through last month. The stock is especially wobble free. Gunfire downgraded it a tad too much, but shouldn't be too much of a problem. Goes to my tech on Friday to be given the once over, the usual replacement barrel and bucking as I dont rate any stock ones.
  5. It's the same as the Double Eagles that are for sale on TG. https://www.taiwangun.com/en/carbines-rifles/0,double-eagle?ias=1&red=0 There was a review here on the really small one a little while ago.
  6. One of those Double Eagles on TG probably fits the bill. Flat trigger and an option for binary trigger if you so desire. If the handguard isnt skeleton enough then you can easily buy something with the money saved. https://www.taiwangun.com/en/carbines-rifles/0,double-eagle#product-id:162816
  7. 3x1000 .48 BLS Bbs. 1x1000 .36 BLS Bbs 4x Cyma AK Mid Caps 4x Cyma SVd Mid caps 3x Perun basic mosfet
  8. I did think it was a wee bit far for people in Berkshire to run Battlelakes. Good to see it will be carrying on though.
  9. Just paid outfit the Stan Adventure SRS and AEG barrel alignment tool. Need confirmation that I am sure the Fast hop is poorly made.
  10. Just noticed that AP have opened a new site (Or rather borrowed it from Delta Force Paintball). Its just around the corner from AP. The Halloween game will be held there for the inaugural game day. Looks fairly interesting to play. They plan to run it one Saturday and one Sunday a month.
  11. I use a Fobus EM17 with my Strike Warrior. Its fits pretty well considering it's designed for a Glock.
  12. The GP-25 is not discontinued. It's been re-released recently.
  13. gf-ghostops-12 Be aware that it only discounts non discounted items.
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