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  1. 48 is a 38" chest right? Damn. I am tall so a 6 is great. But my Chest is more like a 48" rather then a 48 russian
  2. Interesting post that has been put on Zeroin yesterday https://forums.zeroin.co.uk/forum/classifieds/rate-a-trader/3141481-avenger63
  3. Still on the fence grabbing one for myself, it is gorgeous though!
  4. First of all. Really terrible choice for a new sniper rifle. It has lots of inherent design issues which hamper it being a decent platform. I am surprised you didn't find this when you researched before purchasing. 1) Possible? With great difficulty. Though it might need some fabrication. It uses an LMG style hop unit which is not conducive to accuracy. The nub is turned vertical and uses a round contact patch. You'll need to drill out the hop unit to use standard/flat/r hop nubs. There is an upgraded hop unit which is the PPS/Airsoft Pro model, but it suffers from the same problem. If you don't want to Dremel anything out then I guess a Maple Leaf Macaron style bucking MIGHT work depending on if the nub makes contact in the exactly right part of the bucking. But again, it wont probably wont be amazing accuracy without modifying the hop unit as explained above. 2) Yes to an extent. 3) Bulldog bbs are bloody terrible. I couldn't say if they would break the gun. That and I am guessing they are the black/grey ones. You wouldn't be able to see where they are ending up anyway. 4) Nope. You'll need to make some. The Receiver is cavernous. ------------------------------------- The inner barrel in it is tremendously long, but it only has the cylinder volume of an SVD which is much smaller then lets say a VSR. You will be severely under-volumed for each shot so lifting any heavy bbs will likely be inaccurate at range as the bb has started to slow down before it's left the barrel. There are only a couple of fixes to this inherent design flaw. A) Much shorter precision inner barrel. Say 300-400mm and hope that the bbs don't hit the inside of the outer barrel. B) HPA/CO2 Bolt - HPA tapping it would ignore the cylinder volume capabilities as the HPA valve will deliver whatever volume is needed to keep pushing the BB out. The CO2 bolt is a common mod. I have heard it can be a leaky POS, FPS is up around 600 FPS on a fresh bulb which means it will not be allowed on any site in the UK (And illegal). It also needs modification to get the trigger to line up. Personally, and I am not trying to be unkind, I would return it if possible and get something that works.
  5. £209 brand new here. https://tienda.airsoftgandia.com/en/el/30492-aks74un-el-a104.html
  6. AK2M4 SHS Rocket Motor for Dytac AK x3 ZCI Advanced 18:1 gearsets. One for Cybergun M249, one for Dytac AK and one for Xm8
  7. Because you are only supposed to meet one person not from your household at a time. This is to prevent groups of unrelated people congregating. Please don't do this.
  8. Throwing in the towel and sending my trio of naughty V3 gearbox rifles to Luke at Negative Airsoft. Spent all day teching and only got one or two of my problem rifles shooting ok again. 


    I hate feeding issues. 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. ak2m4


      you gave it a good shot mate, feeding issues get us all at some point 

    3. Asomodai


      @Zarrin they all have new tappet springs as none of them have had more then 1 skirmish!


      @ak2m4 think I'll need to order more stuff. Might as well if someone who knows what they are doing are taking these in 🙂

    4. Willyg1981


      I was reading a post on another forum regarding a feeding issue , couldn’t remember exactly what tupe

      of gb but someone commented that it could be the lips on the mags , He also suffered from the same problem and after doing some tweaking got it working , I’m not saying it is this but it was his thinking outside the gear box that fixed it ,...pun intended ;) 

  9. SHS being a high torque is more of misnomer. It is technically a balanced 16 TPA motor. A true High Torque would be 22+ TPA. So going down to 12:1 would have reduced the ROF even more. Generally you pair a balanced motor with a 16:1 or 18:1 set. The fact you have also paired it with a SP120 makes it even worse of a combination, the SHS cant generate the torque required to pull such a ratio of gears along with such a powerful spring. You really need a 22TPA high torque to pair with those gears and that spring.
  10. I am 6,3 and quite lanky. I can just about with the stock extended. But its intended for when the stock is folded
  11. Here is my new "Speedsoft" AK. It is not tacticool enough. Boom! Angled Aluminium Grip, Stubby Foregrip at the top for when the stock is folded and a new CYMA Rail cover. I think I need to get an even smaller foregrip though as the one I have on their just does not look right. Looking at this one for the moment. Side to side mag wobble on the Dytacs are known to be ridiculous. So had to velcro it up. Still wobbles, but does not make a noise anymore. Folded up.
  12. Asomodai


    Depends on your UKARA issuer. My lot basically suspended the UKARA clock when the lockdown was announced. If I had played within 12 months before the initial lockdown day then I can get renewed for another year when mine runs out sometime in August.
  13. More from AK2M4 SHS M4 Cylinder Head Silent for M249 SHS AK Cylinder head for Dytac AK AOE Silicon pads 3-5mm E&C Piston Head for the Dytac AK SHS Trigger Switch V3 for SL8 SHS M4 Nozzle for M249
  14. Correct. None of the cheaper brands get this right. Apart from this one which is the closest you'll get for the price. https://www.softairgames.net/en/m4-m16-stubby/5265-m733-m4-full-metal-golden-bow-6601-m.html Golden Bow is essentially JG in another tie. (Ignore the bad review, he's just complaining the handguard is plastic) I buy loads of stuff from this shop so it is legit.
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