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  1. Time Left: 4 days and 6 hours

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    Very Rare French Daguet Army issue UBACS Combat Shirt. Very difficult to get hold of in France, let alone in the UK. It's in great condition. Comes from a smoke and pet free home. 96M French size. Price includes postage.


    London, London - GB

  2. Time Left: 4 days and 6 hours

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    Very Rare French CCE T4S1 Combat Trousers. Ripstop. Unissued and only stored since manufacture. In fantastic condition. Size is 85-92L with the Suspenders. Price includes postage.


    London, London - GB

  3. Time Left: 4 days and 6 hours

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    Very Rare French Daguet T4S1 Combat Trousers. Ripstop. Unissued and only stored since manufacture. In fantastic condition. Size is 85-92M with the Suspenders and includes the removable knee pads. Price includes postage.


    London, London - GB

  4. Hey all. Trying to slim the collection down a bit more. I have this Tokyo Marui Strike Warrior pistol. It is in used condition as you can see by the photos. The three mags are the TM M45A1 type with the better gas capacity then the stock MEU style ones. Upgrades include: Laylax Nineball 74mm Inner Barrel. Maple Leaf Decepticon 50 Degree Bucking Maple Leaf I-Key Tensioner Guarder Steel Grip Safety. All three mags have Laylax Inlet valves. The Holster is a Fobus Belt style Light Bearing holster. No idea how much it is worth, but it does work very well.
  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Looking for an Olive Green Plate Carrier, Preferably Emerson, Pentagon, Invader Gear quality. Pentagon Aspis would be great to match my black one. Must be in fantastic condition. Cheers!


  6. Mid cap syndrome. The fully loaded mag is pushing the bb's with too much force into the hop chamber and air nozzle mechanism. You need to break in the mag spring.
  7. You're asking about Air Pistol. This is an Airsoft forum. I would suggest going on an Airgun forum.
  8. He is very chatty about Airsoft, but is very set in his ways and by no means an expert. I would take his opinions about Airsoft Rifles and tech with a pinch of salt.
  9. They won't be collectors items, they are a common model, still being made by Classic Army. The age might actually be considered a detriment due to plastic getting weaker over time. The M4 will get minimal money, say £100? The Mp5 is about 230 new, so I would expect £120-130. There are simply better options out there now for not a lot of money with more modern features.
  10. Looks like it already has bushings in there bud. Also looks to be out of stock.
  11. Your UKARA has to match the address its being shipped to. As its not and its going to a business address you will need to fill out the form and hope for the best.
  12. Whats the skinny on Bulldog and Condor Plate Carriers, are they typical AliExpress Rebrand/fare, or something more?

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    2. Asomodai


      At the moment I am looking at the following. 


      Bulldog Tactical Kinetic PC

      Condor Vanquish PC

      Pentagon Aspsis (I have one in black already and quite like it). 


      People claim Bulldog are made in the UK but I find it hard to believe. 



    3. Speedbird_666


      Had a few Bulldog bits, still use the ECU2 Trousers - had them nearly 10 years now. Bulldog LMR chest rig I had was well made - no complaints about it's contruction.


      I think they at one point used the same OEM as Invader Gear as some of the stuff was near-identical in design. Not sure if that's still the case but the Invader Gear Reaper QRB looks very, very similar to the Kinetic - only differing in small details that could have been specified by the respective companies.


      I would bet my left testicle that Bulldog is not UK Made. But it's decent enough kit - better than the normal Viper fare.

    4. Lozart


      Of the three you're looking at the Condor would not be my first choice, purely because of the design of the cummerbund.


      That Bulldog one looks alright.

  13. NorthEast Airsoft are releasing a FAMAS soon. You need to get your F2 CCE and Brelage back out!
  14. Any good Woodland site for Snipers in the UK that is near a major town or city?

    I was thinking of trying to get an overnight National Express to a random Town or City and head to a decent Woodland/Urban site. 

    Anyone got a recommendation? I tend to find the large Woodland sites are no where near cities (For obvious reasons)

    Just need a change from the London and South East sites. 

    1. RostokMcSpoons


      I don't know if the Spec Ops site counts as a good 'un for snipers - there are definitely some decent sight lines, there are ghillied-up Groots and Wookies on most game days and they seem happy enough.

      The bright lights of Milton Keynes can be yours for the taking ;)  Bonus points to MK for the fact it's on the M1 with the coach station only a few miles from the site, and the Euston > Birmingham line for the train is near the town centre, so it's piss-easy to get to.

      Happy to buy you a pint (but one'll be about as much as I can afford at the moment) to say 'thank you' for the TM AUG you sold me!



      Extra bonus points to MK  - you can visit Bletchley Park and see the excellent crypto museum.   And the National Computing museum.  
      And in the town center is a Retro Gaming arcade, if 70's arcades are your thang

  15. I believe it's the old Tech Brigade crew. I'll be visiting once I can badger a lift from someone.
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