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  1. Opinions on the TM D.O.R Hi Cappa?

    I understand it has M45A1 Blowback unit and is not compatible with some parts etc. Not looking to upgrade beyond bucking and inner barrel anyway.

    Can get a new one for a good price. I have never had a Hi Cappa before but hear many good things. What is the trigger response like? (Love the response of my TM Strike Warrior, but the M9 has a pretty long pull). Will it fit standard Hi Cappa holsters?

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    2. Musica


      I have the D.O.R and yes many parts are not compatible with standard 5.1 parts.


      I got mine for £135~ from camo raids.


      Really like it but it's my first pistol. I want to stick a tracer on it but it's proving difficult because outer barrels aren't compatible. I ordered this expensive dodad from america to epoxy in to the end of the plastic barrel to fit tracers



    3. rocketdogbert


      @Dan1712 has one, really likes it,  very snappy response.


      Honestly though, we both have TM FNX-45’s, waaaaaaay better pistol, solid, not plasticky at all, ridiculous range, cheap mags, gas efficient.

      All it needs is to not be dog poo brown lol

    4. Asomodai


      Cheers folks. 


      At 50% more, I couldn't justify the FNX over the DOR. I have also been offered a new TM PX4 that I am might tempted with! No idea how good they are though. 


      Trigger response is the most important thing for me though!

  2. Email AP direct. My G36 one snapped in transit. They gave me the exact size needed info and sent one out free of charge. Really good customer service! Edit: ahh you got the bullgear, ignore me!
  3. I was going to say the same thing. Way overpriced.
  4. Are you using fully loaded midcaps for the first few shots? If so, half fill them then try semi. Could be midcap syndrome.
  5. I think it's the stock that looks a bit similar, but otherwise the similarities end there!
  6. Almost went to the first one last Saturday but the wind was a huge issue for me so ended up going indoors. Well up for the next one though! @Mayhem-Airsoft Any plans for a standard day for Airsoft that doesn't go into the Evening when the days get darker? Are you also running the free transfer from Theydon Bois station?
  7. Problem with B51 is that the rent will keep going up the longer its in use as per standard policy of landlords, but the amount of players that can use it stays the same. The money has to come from somewhere and as long as people are willing to pay for it B51 stays open.
  8. I do get what you mean. There should be better value for money, but with the lack of ANY central London alternatives let alone good ones, B51 will continue to be in use. It sells out most weeks, so some people must think its good enough for the money! I'd rather it was there then not The mall was definitely an exception.
  9. B51's rent is pretty sky high being in London even if its a hole, they do have a monopoly being the closest site to central London However they are full most weekends so it doesn't seem to put off most. I only play there to keep my Ukara ticking over.
  10. I generally get that most days! Especially when I bring the XM8's out to play . Though they have been mistaken for Evos with body kits at times.
  11. One of the last brand new ones available in the world Cant wait for it to arrive! I might try and stretch for the B type another month. This bullpup fan finally has the definitive airsoft bullpup!
  12. A Cybergun one maybe! No no, no bets with mine. It works and I dont have many rifles that does!
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