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  1. A balanced 16 TPA with high speed gears wont give you the ROF you want and will be somewhat inefficient. I suggest a 22TPA high torque if you want 13:1s.
  2. They are specific to each different model of Moscart. You will have to measure the thread as well as the head diameter. I haven't been able to find ANY replacements for my Battleaxe ones.
  3. Here's a sneak preview! Liking what I see so far. I'll be putting an order in.
  4. It wont ever be in stock anywhere in the UK, but Airsoft Zone in Romford order NPO rifled on occasion. Hit then up and see what is possible, though it will likely be slow considering the way the world is right now.
  5. To be fair we haven't had an actual left wing or (it can be argued) centrist government since 1979, I think it's safe to say that the economic and foreign policy issues we have had in the past 10 years couldn't be blamed on the left. Not that I want to spin anything positive on New Labour, but the economic issues and "The note" came after the worldwide stock market crash that we had very little to do with in the first place. If the Conservatives were in charge at the time, the exact same thing would have happened as New Labour were more Tory lite then actual Labour in terms of economic policy.
  6. 2 days in and I am proud I havent bought anything yet!
  7. The last time I saw anyone put any up for sale they were about 40 quid each, obviously used condition. They were snapped up within a couple of hours. Good luck!
  8. Make sure you lube the slide. My Strike Warrior barely fired 5 shots out of the box before running out of gas. Now it gets through a full mag during the warmer of the three seasons.
  9. I suspect the UK's unreadiness is why we've implemented the “collect VAT at source” rules for foreign sellers. Entirely relieves Border Force of an admin burden on high volume low value parcels that honestly probably constitute the majority of any given sack of parcel post. So why should EU sellers go through the admin burden because of a choice we made? If EU businesses can turn their noses up at £135 or under orders, it doesnt look great for Brexiteers claiming the EU need us more the we need them. Though we may not see much in the way of VAT charging in the short term, just bec
  10. Literally the thread below this one. 🙂
  11. Just noticed this on the Camo FB. Possible new site and store being built, indoor American CQB killhouse style.
  12. Due to Tier 4 I had to wrap up 2020. So I have written up the end of year awards for 2020! Take a read! 


    1. Skara


      My 2020 'soft season ended in September unfortunately :(

      Worst year ever

    2. Asomodai


      @Skara Honestly I am surprised at how many skirmishes I managed to go to despite lockdown.

  13. Hello all! Welcome to the third end of year review with yours truly. What a year it has been! very frustrating due to closures, but I still managed to get in a number of skirmishes when things were slightly better. I totted up 9 new sites in the South East, 3 in the South West and a few revisits which is probably way more then most! Like last year, more sites have closed down then opened, with a few new ones that never came to fruition (Echelon I am looking at you!). This year the standard of site has been much better then the previous years. No site was truly awful which makes a
  14. I could say that of the vast majority of Airsoft related shops However in this case I don't doubt what they say is true.
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