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  1. Asomodai

    Unsure of what direction to take next...

    Fight fight fight! Hmm. I dont have a spare rifle I would want to silence apart from the SL8. Maybe I should get an MK23 for the close range stuff. Though I had an idea of getting a full auto pistol for protection whilst playing DMR. Food for thought!
  2. Asomodai

    Unsure of what direction to take next...

    Probably the BO Dynamics ones.
  3. Asomodai

    Unsure of what direction to take next...

    Such a shame. I would have thought that the KSG would be above such problems. If I were to get anything spring it would the Spas 12 with the foldable stock. Expensive especially when better springers are so cheap, but Airsoft is a fashion show after all! Sorry what is a ringer? I may need to consider this sort of setup I guess! Unless I can find cheaper mags that will work. Wouldn't work for Milsim though! I already run with a onetigris mask. So no problem there. Isn't there a Dye model which is just the goggle part and not the lower face? I swear I remember seeing them at somepoint. My preference is yellow or clear lenses if it helps
  4. Asomodai

    Unsure of what direction to take next...

    I have always considered the dye I4. Though I do get worried about getting shot through the mouth vents. Do you still need to use anti fog on it? I just wish I didn't need to look like a mantis whilst wearing one... I have been looking at some of the edge glasses/goggles as well. Some high quality eye pro might be the way to go. Is a remote mag setup much like HPA where not only the Gas is off gun but also the ammo? Not sure how I feel about a HPA setup. Seems like a lot of fuss and extra stuff to carry. I already have two TM Famas and they have been upgraded beyond belief. GBBR Famas will never happen from a mass production POV and you know it The Famas is my fave from a ergonomics point of view. I wont ever get rid of them. Maybe that's why I am drawn to the Type 97.
  5. Asomodai

    Unsure of what direction to take next...

    I am right with you up to a point on that. I am selling the APE at the moment as the XM8 will be filling that role once it is back from the tech. I guess I should point out that I don't run any grenades (In fact never used any pyro whatsoever). Maybe I should look at a 40mm attachment or some such. I do prefer my loadout to be minimal. I like to stay cool and lightweight. No fuss no muss etc. I just have a big Tavor shaped hole in my heart at the moment. Hard to let go I have definitely been considering this with the JG SL8 DMR build direction. My favourite style of play apart from spray and pray is sneak up on the flanks and take out all comers by surprise. I do love those long AUG varients (A4 and 5). I am trying to just have one of each model though and I love the high cycle too much!
  6. Hello gents. Quick background, I am a Bullpup/full auto whore, I have two TM FAMAS, TM Aug HC, Cyma F2000. I also have some normal styled rifles, namely a JG SL8, ICS Ape, SRC XM8 and an ICS CXP 15 M4. I have one side arm which is the TM Strike Warrior. My buddy and I are in the middle of a tour of the SE sites, this means quite a bit of long range and not much CQB. Everything apart from the JG SL8, Strike Warrior and Aug have been upgraded with decent barrels and internals. I just sold an S&T Tavor pro. This was because I was to purchase the not-quite-released Tavor GBBr. Unfortunately yesterday I found out that the mags only hold 40 whereas I was under the impression it was 60. To carry 600 rounds I would need to buy 15 mags at 55 a pop. As someone who trigger spams this is not exactly great news. So I need to make a decision to either spend what money I have (about 450/550 and I can add another 200+ every month to that) on the Tavor money sink and grab mags as I can afford them. Or look for something else. I have some glaring holes in the collection: No DMR - I have a JG SL8 which would be perfect to convert to a DMR, it's a G36 base. I can upgrade it to top spec with the money. I would probably enjoy a DMR role with my battlebuddy. But I don't get the satisfaction of a shiny shiny new RIF. No Shotty - I have occasionally pined over both the TM Spas with folding stock and TM KSG (Because why not!). Its something that has appealed to me, but there are not a lot of CQB sites in the south east. Pistols - I could sink some money into the strike warrior, I already bought the larger gas capacity MEU mags that Tm have just released and I have a Laylax tightbore ready to go in. So I would just need the Maple leaf hop unit and It would probably shoot lasers. It would only cost me an additional 50 quid to do this. However I have been having alot more fun with pistols recently so maybe I should get another? Sniper - I have always been put off by getting a sniper rifle because I feel like I wouldn't have much fun, but as someone who has only been playing for a year its probably because of all the "don't play snipe of you're a newb" statements. I do love the look of the SRS silverback and I could probably stretch to it... I just don't think I could do it justice. High end bullpup AEG - All my bullpups are cheap or mid range which have been upgraded. Maybe I should just shoot for the best and get the Real Sword Type 97? Face Pro and tactical gear - I have mostly been playing with cheap Nuprol mesh and Revision Ant goggles. Mesh being my preference despite the dangers. Maybe i should consider a pair of Herosharks? I did try out some cheap Bolle glasses recently and really enjoyed it. But then lost them. I run in a French FAMAS loadout which I am happy with. Either way I am very undecided of what to go for next. Upgrade the rest of my collection, buy something new, go Gas rifle, go long range, go shotty, maybe mix a couple of the cheaper options above... What do you guys think I should do? The mags of the Tavor have thrown a curveball and I am wavering from getting it. I just need some advice on the most prudent and fun course of action.
  7. Asomodai

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    In other news. I sold all my MEU mags for my TM Strike Warrior and replaced them with new M45A1 mags. For those who don't know, these are MEU mags that do away with the large plastic butt plate and fills the same section up with a enlarged gas tank. Making these new mags last slightly longer gas wise. Brilliant idea considering how its difficult to get through a whole mag unless it was very hot weather. They are also the exact size as the previous mags so no compatibility issues.
  8. Is the Dorking site still open? I can never get current info on it.
  9. Asomodai

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Pretty much right around the top of the uppermost rubber part. Hard to see, but its pretty bad. Will need to be replaced :(
  10. Asomodai

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Unfortunately I only noticed after posting this that the Pistol grip has developed a crack in it. Back it goes 😞 You can just about see it in the photo.
  11. Battle Lakes have the best toilets. But quite far from you! I am playing Plantation on the 1st of July. Edit: I am also hoping to go to Reforger/Tech Brigade/Dragons Lair/AWA before the summer is out. All in the North part of London, Herts or Essex.
  12. I have only been playing a year. I have been to Bunker 4 times, first two times it was full auto for half the night. Third time was semi all night and the 4th there was just one round full auto.
  13. I only mention Veggie, because whilst I am a meat eater, I don't eat pork. Which means unless they provide burgers I either have to sit out or go for the veggie option. Both times I went to Chislehurst I managed to get the last couple of slices of Margarita. You might be able to talk to the site owners to see if they can reserve you a slice beforehand. I am sure they would accommodate.
  14. Plenty of parking, though your car will get muddy on wet days. I uhh, held it in all day. I couldn't comment on the toilets sorry! I am still getting the format right on the reviews, so apologies if I skip on anything!
  15. Asomodai

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Not a fan of M4's at all. But when I had the opportunity to buy a brand new ICS CXP-15 Proline for £120 I had to jump on it. Just got it back from being upgraded. Prometheus tightbore barrel. Guarder clear Flat hop. Mosfet. Metal ICS Hop Unit. Short stroked for 11.1v use. MaxxModel Double O-Ring Air nozzle. PEQ Box added. QRS Stock added (It was stockless before). Once I get it home I am going to move the PEQ to the side with a keymod adapter, put an SRU foregrip on and put a holo on top.