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  1. Did you match the cylinder to the new barrel length? 😉
  2. Cyma p90. Easy to upgrade and lightweight!
  3. Cuz it looks AWESUM. Seriously. I’d love. 50 cal if they made a decent upgrade able springer
  4. Tighter coils at spring guide end. Other way around apparently lowers FPS though I haven’t personally substantiated it
  5. I have found a brand new SRC XM8 (Gen2) out in the wild in Europe... Hmm, should I grab another? :D

    1. Druid799


      If you don’t want it I would ! I’m still running my ACM one from waaaasy back in the past ! 😢

  6. The Tavor was only released last year, so technically is newer then the MWS I also stated the op may have a difference experience.
  7. Ex Two tone Well MB03A "Customised" with some gorilla tape, a generic scope 3 mags worth a few pounds each and a broken(?) bipod. All for the low low price of £135. Or you can just get the base rifle for just £51 from TG brand new. Mags are 4 quid each, a generic scope can be as low as 10 quid from ebay. Working bipod for the same sort of money. Shipping would be around £15.
  8. You and the few others who decided on going the GBBr route and has worked for them are the exception and not the rule. It's going to be his first rifle in a sport where the majority of players use AEG's with High/Mid caps and for good reason. 40 bbs per mag vs 400 bbs per mag makes a huge difference. Ultimately if the OP wants an GBBR, we cannot stop him despite the large swathe of opinions saying that it is difficult to compete with an AEG even if he was an experienced Airsofter. We can only but advise. I have gone against the advice of many people in my pursuit of Airsoft. But in MY experience the worst mistake I have made was getting a Gas Rifle, in terms of time and money sinked into it, with no end product. The OP may have a different experience, but I think it would be prudent to get an AEG first to get the best likelihood of sticking with the sport.
  9. Presumably something was wrong with this specific owners one then? I am going by what I was told by an owner, not by my own experience.
  10. I'll just go back to my hole now. Made a bad assumption 😉 Thank you for correcting me.
  11. *Shrugs* I don't know what to tell you
  12. I have, it was pretty good for a GBBr, but owner couldn't use it in the winter.
  13. Once you get it fixed, I recommend going with a 9.9v LiFe. The A&K mosfet means it wont fire on a standard 7.4v lipo and the 9.6v NimH is a bit pants. [/s] I imagine the piston is knackered, and possibly the spur/sector gear sheared some teeth on the last steel tooth of the piston. If you want to attempt to do this yourself, you might find a bit of information in my thread about opening up the same gearbox in my A&K MK43.
  14. Its not that we are "Anti" Gbb rifle. Its just for a first gun, you just need something that works well and reliably. A cheap AEG will serve you far better in the field then the GBB initially. If you get a GBB straight off, it will more likely put you off the sport as they fail quite often, perform worse, wont work when it gets under 10 degrees centigrade and the mags can be very heavy. After a year and a half I bought my first GBBR, loved the recoil, but it failed often and the 8 x 40 round mags alone weighed 6.5kg. I sold it at a loss and bought two AEGs that performed far better. There is a reason why if you do a search for Gbbr for a first rifle, the vast majority of replies will say "get an AEG". Very few retailers carry GBBR's, but many carry TM Recoils.
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