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  1. Soooo. S&T ARX160, Anyone got one? Opinions? Upgrade path? Thinking of getting the sportsline as I dont want the EBB and would be gutting it anyway. Want to complete the unholy triumvirate of Fish guns. 

    1. AK47frizzle


      It's just a standard m4 with a fancy shell

  2. Asomodai

    Gun picture thread

    Love the look of these. Airsoftcam man did a days skirmish with one on his latest video, however the cylinder (Not sure if its the right terminology, know nothing about bolt action) was made of cheese and had to replace it as it became very loose and hard to pull the bolt. Have you experienced this?
  3. Asomodai

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Scant days later I just splurged again, but not on an inner barrel, tappet plate or mosfet. Decided to go the whole hog and double down on my temperamental SL8 DMR. Gonna take it to a tech who has a long range to test things out. For JG SL8 DMR SHS Bore Up one piece Cylinder/head SHS Piston Head (6 Vent Alu) SHS Spring guide V3 ZCI Advanced 13:1 gear set. And for my JG MP5 SHS Spring guide V2 ZCI Gear delayer (Probably wont need it, but thought it useful for my parts drawer.) For my ICS L85 SLD Neo High Torque motor (Already have one ready to go in the SL8)
  4. Asomodai


    Picked up some more bits and pieces. AK2M4 gave some great advice before purchase as well.
  5. Hello all. I was looking into improving the compression of my JG SL8. It has a 509mm barrel. Some people say that you get a little percentage increase in FPS with a bore up kit, but you need a 509mm barrel or more to take advantage of it. However most bore up kits I see have a ported cylinder, which you usually wouldn't use with a barrel over 400mm. So what gives? Why have a bore up kit with a ported cylinder? I would like to purchase the Guarder G36 bore up kit, but the cylinder is ported.
  6. The closest we have come to a perfect site is Airsoft Plantation and I believe the little bits we complained about have been addressed! But oddly enough, it wasn't the most "fun" site we have been to. Its interesting how well reviewed sites do not necessarily mean the most fun! (Though we did have a fantastic time at AP) Also, thank you for your comments. Its nice to know that many people have read my stuff!
  7. Asomodai

    G&G UMG Advise

    It depends on how many teeth you would take out to short stroke. I am not the best to advise on this!
  8. Asomodai

    G&G UMG Advise

    You would probably want to at least short stroke it and put a stronger spring.
  9. Ebay currently has 10% off deal for the day and it applies to the real steel FAMAS top rail. It's still £145 that I don't have, but I have been eyeing it for almost a year now. It will need some fettling to get it on either of my FAMAS but I have the kit needed to do it. Got til midnight to decide! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rail-p-g-m-famas-professionnel-militaire-armée/141934353042?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649

  10. Asomodai

    v3 trigger clicks after shot in semi-auto

    I have the same in my V2 MP5 gearbox. Totally normal, though it doesn't happen in any of my other rifles.
  11. On offer if you dont mind the import duty. https://www.airsoftgi.com/product/Holiday-Special-Classic-Army-AR10-AEG-Airsoft-Rifle-Black-Factory-Direct-38410/ Officially discontinued and has been for some time so you best jump on it.
  12. A long type neo torque motor and a short type neo motor. I have bought so much this year that I can't really expect anything else!
  13. I am after a reliable tech in or around East London/Essex who can work on a couple of G36 based RIFs and has access to a long distance range to test them.

    As I am restricted to public transport they would need to be fairly close to a train station or well served bus!

    Cheers 1f609.png

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    2. rocketdogbert


      Ah cool, who’s that? I used to live on Canvey.


      Fettling, yes, it will be barrel alignment with hop, if it’s not perfect it will do that at range. Or the barrel is shite lol

    3. Asomodai


      Miguel at Camocustom. I think the problem is exacerbated by the design of G36 style rifles. Quite a bit of weight from the outer barrels going through a non supporting rail system. So I need a bodge to make it just right!

      Both barrels are prommy tightbores 🙂

    4. rocketdogbert


      Not heard of them, are they part of CAMOraids?

  14. Asomodai

    Spares for sale

    What size are the inner barrels there? Exact model?
  15. Asomodai

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Stock its actually a fantastic gun bar the loose hop unit arm, I needed to buy the P90 mags and the Hop strike chamber so might as well add some more bits to make it worthwhile importing 😉