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  1. PTS Magpul PDR-C. Second hand but looks in very good condition. Slightly apprehensive about the dual stage trigger, but hey, its a rare and discontinued bullpup for a decent price. I couldn't say no. Kombat UK BTP full uniform. Hopefully the sizing is right. 45 degree rail adapter to attach a torch on my scope rail only rifles FMA helmet picatinny rail.
  2. I am a big fan of the American ALICE system. Whenever I see some clips for sale which isn't often I snap them right up. I never attach any pouches without one or preferably two.
  3. I had the same hop unit as yours in my SRC XM8. There is actually a far better aftermarket one that has an optional feedtube to replicate the SRC design. Google AirsoftPro G36 Hop unit. I own three of them in my G36 based rifles. The rear of it replaces the front screw of the gearbox to increase stability of the barrel (G36 types are horrendous with accidental inner barrel movement.) Perfectly good choice there. If you want better externals minus the Mosfet have a look at the LCT AK's as well.
  4. As a new player you need to get out of this mindset straight away. FPS does not always equal increased range. It makes less difference then a decent barrel, hop rubber, nub and hop unit. For reference, my TM AUG high cycle with a decent tightbore barrel shoots at 270 FPS on .2's, but shoots 10 metres further then my mates fully upgraded Evo which is 340 FPS. Firing at less FPS also means less wear to the gearbox internals. Also as you like to get up close, all the CQB sites near me play at a 330FPS limit. One even plays at 294 FPS limit.
  5. There are almost no RIFs that have disabled full auto out of box. So they all need modification in some way to disable it. So yes sites do accept that. It can be achieved with a programmed MOSFET but many sites will only accept physical modification as its harder to switch to full auto on the fly with sneaky methods. Remember that as with anything over 350fps, 99% of sites will have a 30m minimum engagement distance so make sure you have a secondary for anything underneath that. Also you say you are looking for something compact, some sites and all milsims will not allow something that is not a DMR in real life to be used at DMR limits.
  6. Not a fan of AK's but have always had a soft spot for the LCKMSU. Its been in my maybe pile for some time. That and the VSS.
  7. A year old barely used PTS PDR-C for 228 shipped worth it? Sight unseen purchase. 


    Its a real looker though I am aware of its short-comings. I can still get it new for 320, which makes me pause, maybe getting a brand new one to make sure there are no wear issues with the proprietary parts...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Asomodai




      I trust the guy for what its worth. He had a hand in legislation for low powered air weapons and is fairly visible on the scene. 


      Of course the new price is not including an extra 15 quid shipping. So a 110 quid difference. 

    3. rocketdogbert


      What’s not to like? Judging by the condition of your Tavor, you appreciate guns that are looked after, it.

      You trust him, so why not?

    4. PT247


      They are lovely shooting guns if you can get used to the double action trigger.

  8. I did think about getting the AW. But sticking with my guns and waiting for TM because of gas efficiency!
  9. Is it a standard AK hop unit?
  10. Nope. Battle zone in Rochester does pistol and shotgun nights most months on a Tuesday I think. Wolf armories at Bunker have done gas and spring nights, one or two a year on a weekday.
  11. Nope that would probably make it worse and make it double fire on semi. You need an active braking MOSFET to recognise that the nozzle is stopping in the right position.
  12. I would guess that the nozzle isn't ending up in the correct place when in semi, in full auto it doesn't matter. Have you got an active braking MOSFET to counter act that?
  13. I could potentially put a 45 degree rail adapter on the scope rail and put a torch on it. If I could get a foregrip on the T97 then i'd be all over it.
  14. How did you attach the PEQ box might I ask?
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