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  1. The coolest bit of creaky plastic money can buy. Even more so then the Famas. Still wouldn't mind one of these myself.
  2. £706 at Gunfire. I think I have a 12% off code somewhere as well. This now means you'll buy it yes?
  3. AP does offer a lot more in many ways, but for someone who cant stand overcrowding then this site is on my level
  4. A belated last SE Tour Review for a while. Took sometime to write up but it's now ready! Dragons Lair Airsoft! 



    1. Albiscuit


      So you FINALLY got to visit :) 

    2. Asomodai


      Yeah! I did enjoy myself :D

  5. Site Name: Dragons Lair Airsoft Contact details: 07703530189 Website Address: http://www.dragonslairairsoft.co.uk/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/dragonslairairsoft/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/129808267105240/ Site Address: Kelvedon Hatch, CM14 5TL I went and visited Dragons Lair Airsoft (08/03/2020) when I realised that COVID19 might be somewhat of a problem in the more immediate future. Whilst it being one of the closest sites to where I live, it is a nightmare getting to on public transport (Re: Impossible without Uber). The entrance is very well sign posted with a huge display opposite the entrance. Dragons lair shares a driveway with the Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker. I believe Airsoft games used to run in the actual bunker years ago. Alas not anymore. The site has been established for quite some time, the existing reviews I have found online have been very polarising. Many taking issue with it's size and how it run by the owner. I believe it used to be a certain Youtubers home site before being banned a year or so back. The website and official Facebook page does not get updated, but the group Facebook chat has some recent activity. The site runs every 2nd and 4th Sunday during any given month. This is a small sized woodland site, situated within a shallow valley. There is very few flat surfaces, Streams and some boggy areas throughout, with a lake at the far end of the site. There are man made structures everywhere! Though none of particularly good quality. (Some two storey towers, but mostly just single sided bits of cover.) Short, Medium and Long engagement distances are in play here. There are some CQB opportunities due to the Bunker, Tower and village section. However because of the site being in a valley, there are some good long distance vantage points. The vegetation was mostly high trees, with the structures essentially taking place of any meaningful low level natural cover. So Ghillie suits have limited uses. Good: Clientele: Really lovely people. Hardly any issues throughout the day, slight grumbling on the last game as it was quite frustrating for the attackers to take the last section. But otherwise, really friendly in and out of the safe zone. No issues. Hit Taking: I can say this hand on heart, the first day of Airsoft I have played where every player called their hits 100% of the time. Dead honest bunch, each hit taken with grace and humour. Marshalling: Spot on. Plenty of marshals on hand during the day and they were always in the thick of it keeping a close eye on hit taking, encouraging people to move forward. Reminded me of how Zed Adventures Marshal. It's so nice to see such positive and good humoured people running a game day. Safe Zone: Walled in on all four sides, compact but plenty of space for those who turned up. Most areas were covered with a roof. Chrono: Was mandatory and rifles were marked. Standard limits on the Facebook page were 350FPS for AEG, 450FPS for DMR and 500FPS for bolties. They use their own .20g bbs to Chrono. Average: Parking: A grass verge next to a gravel track right outside the safe zone. Playing Area: It was interesting. It was a compact site that has lots of things going on inside. Lots of effort has been put into the site as somepoint in the past. As described before, it has plenty of structures and earthworks, but a lack of low lying vegetation. Even though it is quite uneven terrain wise, because the site is quite small I did not feel particularly tired at the end of the day. I quite liked the site. I just feel to get a "Good" mark, I would maybe remove some of the superfluous structures and maintain/add to the more interesting ones! Maybe a trench system to mix it up a little bit? I do love the lake area, it would be nice to include that as part of the day (Maybe they do on occasion?). Value for money: £25 is fairly good for the experience you get and cheaper then most places around (Though no where near as cheap as Skirmish Billericay). Shop: Supplied by AirsoftZone, plenty of gas, bb's of different weights and personal protection. It was good enough for your average skirmish. Safety Brief: Short but covered just about enough to not leave people questioning things. Turn Around time: I felt that turn around time could have been slightly better, even very short games ended in going back to the safe zone to reload even though there really wasn't a need to. However the breaks were pretty short and you are never that far from the safe zone, so this escapes being in the bad category by a hairs breadth. Bad: Food: Just chocolate bars and fizzy pop from what I saw. Bring your own lunch! Update!: I do recommend that the site advertise and present themselves slightly better. Update the website and Public Facebook page. Create a new event per skirmish just to confirm the game dates, FPS and general information every month. Maybe a regular photographer would be a great addition. Conclusion: This site surprised me as I didn't experience most of what the poor online reviews stated. I really did enjoy my day here. The wind was a nightmare (Bit of a wind tunnel effect through the valley). But I got some pretty good kills. The site owner and marshals were all very friendly and up for a chat about various things. It differentiates itself just enough from the bigger local sites to be relevant. I would definitely come back once I get my drivers license as it's so local to me. It reminded me of Ultimate Wargames in Fawkham, where there are many regulars and new players where everybody knew everybody else's name. Family style. If they could just rearrange the playing area structures to be a bit more coherent and a bit less reliant on man made cover, this would be an excellent bit of skirmish-able woodland. All in all. A good low stress, low effort day. I was satisfied that my money was well spent, I had a laugh and I would like to go back soon. Definitely one site that I could become a regular at when I hang up my reviewing boots.
  6. There were at least 4 sites open near me this weekend.
  7. Definitely one I'd love to add to the collection!
  8. Possibly. But very difficult to get. Thst the feedtube on the pdrc is built into the shell. Would be very difficult to marry up everything. I already have a V1 and V6 gear box at hand to at least test before drilling or purchasing anything.
  9. This is 1:1 scale. But the dimensions of the Real Steel x95 is different to the Tavor. The Tavor gearbox is too long to go in this one. https://www.kotte-zeller.de/umarex-iwi-x95-advanced-komplettset-aeg-6mm-bb-schwarz Price has gone back up though to about 60 euros.
  10. We have made a few more measurements. A 330mm Inner Barrel would be the longest length barrel we could go to. With an AK style hop unit inside we will have about 195mm of length for a gearbox without extending the buttpad. We surmised that a Real Sword T97 Gearbox, a V6 P90 gearbox and believe or not a V1 TM Famas gearbox would be the best candidates. Because of the magwell we had to strike the T97 gearbox from the list because the motor cage will be in the way. The V6 is shorter then the V1, but too wide where the motor is to fit in the body, we would either need to turn the motor and thin out the motorcage; or mill out part of the body a bit, which is already looking a bit thin around there. The V1 is slightly longer then the V6, but thinner all the way down. We may have a slight impeding with the mags on the gearbox but we'll have to see. Luckily I have a spare V1 Famas Gearbox so that could keep costs down. So we may be going down the V1 TM Famas Gearbox route! Though we wont completely take the V6 off the drawing board as they are a much easier gearbox to work with and get parts.
  11. Asomodai


    I would say the G&G with the ETU is the one to get. However if not that the ICS is solid choice.
  12. Some investigatory work has been completed. My tech has said that the gearbox is pretty much all proprietary, Gears, Air seal components etc. The only things we can do in its current guise is to reshim, mosfet, New O-Rings, new barrel and bucking. It would be possible to change the hop unit to something more standard if we re-arrange. Most likely an AK unit as they are quite small and the BB tube will be in the right place. We might be able to put in a V6 gearbox or even a Real Sword T97 gearbox with a little rearranging. We just need to get some gearbox dimensions and will look further into it.
  13. Here are some of my thoughts. I got mine for 42 euros from here. The price has gone back up a bit but still good price. https://www.kotte-zeller.de/umarex-iwi-x95-advanced-komplettset-aeg-6mm-bb-schwarz
  14. X95 me. Plastic fantastic, inside and out.
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