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  1. Asomodai

    The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    Based in the UK. Or rather they were. Not a recommended retailer. The guy who ran it has been known to rip people off. I did ring him about an XM8, he doesn't have a showroom in Bexley as claimed on the website. He said he still had some stock to sell. But I didn't want to touch it with a 12 foot bargepole after the stories I heard.
  2. Asomodai

    The last AFUK Mall event

    I am not the driver! We'll see, I was thinking of picking up a KSG or SPAS for this. But then again I do require something with a tracer as well!
  3. Asomodai

    The last AFUK Mall event

    I can't take more then one gun!
  4. Asomodai

    The last AFUK Mall event

    @ImTriggerHappy I am now a +3. Full car, one gun each maximum
  5. As always. Real Sword Type 97. Hopefully one day a site will pay me a load of money to write them a glowing review... Sadly I am not prolific enough for that 😉
  6. Yeah I did spot that earlier! Just adjusting the old hop up unit. My battlebuddy is shown with his Evo immediately after!
  7. Interesting day yesterday. Famas performed quite well. Very steady on the chrono, each shot within 2 FPS of each-other. It feels like I can compete with it now! Unfortunately the XM8's shots were all heading to the right consistently so back to the tech it goes! But I did like using it!
  8. New SE Tour Review is up of EAG Dorking! 

  9. My battle buddy and I popped along to EAG Dorking yesterday. We hadn't heard much about the site before, in fact I didn't realise it was still running until recently! From what reviews I had seen, they seemed positive. Very varied medium/large sized woodland site. Varied CQB sections. Short, Medium and Long engagement distances. Some up and downs along with quite a lot of flat sections. Water features include a stream/river and large puddles. Positives: Playing area variety: The site is split into two sections either side of the safe zone, one side is mostly long range with little undergrowth (Though under tall trees) with various barricades and low buildings. There is a decent fort section next to the safe zone which adds good variety with areas to hide and surprise. The second section is more natural woodland, lots of minor elevation, a bridge section, some fantastic pillboxs and Vietnam style village with towers. Probably the best village section I have come across. There is more happening to the site and they are clearing more space for even more buildings for the future. Parking: A fair amount of parking is available. Marshaling: The Marshalling was pretty good, they place responsibility on players for the most part, but they do intervene when things become obviously bogged down. They are encouraging of whatever team they are following. Clientele: The other players were great, even the younger ones were a credit to the site (And probably their parents). There was one small incident with a player mouthing off at a marshal, but other then that everyone else were on point and hit taking was excellent for the most part. (And for me being a bullpup fan I saw 3 SA80's and an AUG along with my FAMAS. Great Bullpup to non bullpup ratio.) Safe Zone: Everything was under cover with plenty of space, it could do with a bit of updating as its sagging in places, but otherwise you felt safe and everyone was pretty friendly. There was a site dog as well. Raffle: Love this. Everybody who pays the walk on fee gets a lunch token with a number. After safety briefing, everyone gets a chance at winning a RIF, this week was a WE M9 pistol. With only 40-50 people there is a good chance of winning and helps justify the cost of the site (£30 walk on). Toilets: Were fairly good, raised cabin style. Real ceramic rather then a hole in the ground. Pistol game: The site offered a pistol/shotgun game in the fort just before lunch which was great fun. I would like to see more sites do this. Negatives: Lack of mandatory chrono: The Marshals have a chrono available for people to use, but is entirely voluntary. the Marshal claims that they would be able to tell if someone is running hot by looking at distances peoples RIFS are shooting. They justify this by saying that people can readjust FPS after chrono. I can see their point but I don't necessarily agree with it. I think we should have a baseline to work from at least. It takes just one BB to blind someone and checking the FPS after is not going to help. To their credit, I did see people get pulled out for chrono who were suspected of being over the limit. Underpowered DMR: DMR's are allowed but not over 350FPS. I think this is partially a consequence of not having a mandatory chrono. Food: The food was a bit underwhelming, it is part of the fee, but there wasn't much to it. Cooked onsite sausage baps. Could do with some extra options not just at lunch but throughout the day. Shop: Was quite small and consequently had little available. Conclusion: A very good site for the most part. Probably the best overall playing area we have been to, definitely on par with Apocalypse in terms of building quality, but this has better natural ground variation to boot. Marshaling was good. Raffle is a fantastic idea and something i'd like to see on sites more often. If they can get the additional bits sorted like the shop and food then this would be a top top site.
  10. That's not a rail! The rail isn't attached at the moment. It goes in between the sides of the upper. They are quite rare, I have the Cybergun one as well as an old TM one.
  11. Hello gents. I have gotten these two back from the techs. The unupgradable TM FAMAS F1 has been fully upgraded! Laylax/Prometheus 6.03 Inner barrel 469mm MOSFET Maple Leaf 50 Degree bucking, Ohm nub Systema Metal FAMAS specific Spring guide RA M100 Spring RA 16:1 Gearset (Version 2) Nuprol 6MM metal Oilness Bushings Prometheus FAMAS specific air nozzle EG560 Motor Upgrade (Removed the ferrite magnets and installed Neodymium ones) The Famas has always had a soft spot for me, I bought it as my first rifle knowing full well the weaknesses it had and the challenge it would be to get upgraded. I found a tech willing to take it on. One of the myths is that you cannot upgrade the Version 1 gearbox or the motor. The Version 1 gearbox WILL take Version 2 gears, though it will be quite loud. The Motor cannot be replaced, but you can upgrade the magnets to achieve higher torque. You can just about fit the magnets into the casing though it is very tight. Due to the strength of the motor, the anti reversal latch had to be removed as it would just break if use. As the motor height is not adjustable due to the "built in" nature of the gearbox, the initial firing sound is that of a poorly shimmed gearbox, but actually once it beds in is likely to get quieter. The plastic bushings have been replaced with metal ones, I managed to find the FAMAS specific Systema Spring guide (Though I could have used any old one) and the FAMAS specific Prometheus Air Nozzle. The hop unit on the FAMAS is actually fairly weak at giving a decent hop effect so a soft 50 degree bucking was used and it was quasi flat hopped which should hopefully give me more range. This is all topped off with a basic mosfet and a quality Laylax tightbore. Original FPS was 270. It is now 345 with the hop off. Initial impressions are that it feels incredibly responsive, so much more so then when it was stock. ----------------------------------------------------------- The other one is a new old stock SRC XM8 Gen 2. As much as I wanted a GEN 3, they are impossible to get these days. So I picked this one up to get upgraded as much as possible. Basically they have weaker externals and gearbox then the Gen 3. Upgrades: SRC Gearbox gen 3 complete gearbox with 8mm bearings Laylax 6.03 Inner barrel 363mm AAB Nanogate Mosfet SRC Hop up spare Prometheus Purple Bucking. I managed to pick up a brand new SRC Gen 3 gearbox from a random shop in Spain. This was dropped in along with the original XM8 Air Nozzle. The SRC gearboxes are completely bomb proof, especially the Gen 3's. I kept the stock SRC motor and got it hooked up to an AAB Nanogate Mosfet. I picked up a spare SRC Hop Up unit as they are fairly hard to find. A Prommy purple bucking was installed as well as a new Laylax Barrel. Notes: The SRC Hop unit is a nightmare from a hop perspective, the hop window is INCREDIBLY tiny. So much so that it is practically impossible to flat hop it. I did purchase an Airsoft Pro G36 HOP unit and air nozzle to try and get working with it as someone had got it working on FB. However they didn't align properly with the gearbox so had to be left out. Original FPS was 380, this has been downgraded to 345 with the hop off. ---------------------------------------------------------------- I will be using these at EAG Dorking this Sunday, hopefully the SRC has enough range from the gammy hop unit and hopefully the FAMAS wont set itself on fire.
  12. Asomodai

    Anyone run a Glock 34?

    I have been considering one myself for some time. I quite like the idea of the sights being further apart. Pretty sexy looking pistol as well. Thats all I can contribute. WE make a G35 which is the same but with full auto.
  13. Asomodai

    P90 Auto only, won't fire semi only auto

    Splitting the body is fairly easy. But you must do it slowly as springs and the trigger bar mechanism will fall out. Dont lose the spring which is placed underneath the Selector plate, its tiny but you do need it. Putting it back together is a PITA. Took me half a night to get my F2000 back together and working OK.
  14. Asomodai

    Airsoft in Cyprus ?

    I do not believe there is any Airsoft Scene. I think they are classed as Semi auto weapons and are therefore banned. However I do believe the have Magfed paintball. Maybe time to switch to the dark side?
  15. Asomodai

    P90 Auto only, won't fire semi only auto

    Without taking the receiver apart I couldn't say for exact. But I am willing to bet its the plastic selector lever itself. All it does is prevent the body length bar from depressing fully to create full auto.