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  1. Welcome and good on you for giving it a try. Unfortunately Invicta's woodland site is situated on a hill, so it may not be the most suitable ground for you. Quite a-lot of undulations there, take it easy and slow and hopefully you'll get through the day. I wrote a review on the site a few years back that you may find useful for some more information. It's fairly detailed.
  2. Time Left: 1 day and 16 hours

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    Tokyo Marui FN-57 Reciever and slide, only used for one skirmish before being replaced for a Guarder kit. Some scuff marks. Included are unopened Guarder 150% recoil spring and Hammer spring for FN57. Postage included in price .


    London, Please select a region, state or province. - GB

  3. Asomodai


    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Sold now.


    London, London - GB

  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    G&G Combat Machine. FOR COLLECTION IN LONDON ONLY. (Not worth me posting). Upgrades include a full Krytac gearbox, Krytac 20K motor, Krytac hop unit, ZCI 6.02 steel inner barrel. FPS is 278 with .28s. Some movement on the front rail/front sight post so may need shimming potentially. Missing stock rubber butt plate.


    London, London - GB

  5. Anyone heading to a bank holiday Monday skirmish from London area? Desperate to play but not fancying the Public transport offerings outside of the capital! I can travel to you inside the M25!


    I know Driver Wood have a game on.

  6. Sounds like the Mosfet is knackered. Or there is a short in the wiring.
  7. Honestly? Looks a little bit off for me. Tiger stripe will only really work with other Tiger stripe or a solid colour maybe. It's too busy and striking of a pattern.
  8. Lonex has always been a good shout if you want a solid rifle without the modern electronic stuff. Just a very solid Nylon fibre bodied rifle. Lonex compression parts and gearboxes are great even at the lower end models.
  9. No idea on value, but you should fill the new ones up with gas to confirm they actually hold gas, as it will affect value.
  10. It was worth it when the prices were £200, not £300. Go G&P/VFC
  11. I had the M16A3/M203 E&C one. I felt the externals were... Okay. But nothing special. Metal was fairly lightweight and the finish was easily scratched. I think G&P did them better if you wanted decent externals.
  12. Asomodai

    WE M9

    Is it your first double action trigger pistol? They all tend to feel like having a long trigger. The WE is pretty bad on gas efficiency, I doubt a different mag would make much difference. Make sure you clean and lube the slide as best you can.
  13. Considering the miniscule size of packed down Windrunners I had no problem this time. But my Warsaw/Tel Aviv/Madrid trip is 12 days being done with just carry on luggage. Real struggle to get my new trousers and UBACS in as it is. I basically bought all their DNC stuff in the shop bar the really expensive climate jacket.
  14. The UBACs is a brand new release from Helikon. Not surprised.
  15. Got me some Kickass DNC in Warsaw Poland for my buddies and myself last weekend, Helikon make a great range, you'll never see it in the UK though. Israeli customs pulled me aside wondering what the hell I was doing bringing them into the country a few days ago. I imagine getting to Madrid it won't be so bad ..
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