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  1. Honestly I would love to give it another go as it was mostly down to problems with things other then the playing area and safe zone, which are fairly easy to remedy! The playing area is top notch.
  2. Sounds great for the public transport from London challenged people like myself.
  3. 4 hour night games for 25 sounds reasonable. I would suggest rifles on the nights though as tracers are generally only used with those.
  4. Not just you. 35 quid for a full day is reasonable, 30 for 4 hours is not imo. It's the difference between going to the site regularly or just on a special occasion.
  5. I think you have an air seal problem if you are only getting that FPS with an M110. Open the gearbox, sort compression parts and put an M95 in there. Do it once, do it proper.
  6. I have a huge melon and the only helmet that would fit me is an FMA Airframe.
  7. My airsoft Schedule for this month! Hit me up if you are heading to these places as well!


    This Wednesday, Epsom Tunnels, This Sunday (Reforger, if I can get there, the last hurdle is always difficult!) 

    December 29th Mayhem Airsoft all site Airsoft. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Albiscuit


      I would have hit the tunnels with you but I wont be able to get out of work now. 


      I will attempt Mayhem, weather and family depending though. Will let you know nearer that weekend!

    3. Asomodai


      @bully78 I was thinking of getting to Watford Junction station and taking a taxi. What about you?


      @Albiscuit Would be great to have you along. The Wolf Armouries lot will be there as well. 

    4. bully78


      @Asomodai I’ll be doing the same bud planning on getting to Watford for around 7:30

  8. Personally? Sr-2m Classic looks. But not keen on any of them, go for a proper VSS!
  9. Its because its a dark as hell photo
  10. Even if it's not 280+ it does have a quick change spring if I want to bump it up before a full rebuild.
  11. Looks a bit better with the metal rails 🙂
  12. My brand new 70 euro Tavor came! Only the cheapest ABS plastic throughout with even worse ABS around the charging handle, stock, Iron sights and Handguard. However, it fires and it hops. Nice aluminium barrel, nicely done wiring, metal gearbox and it's incredibly lightweight! Bizarrely the fire selector is better then both the one on the S&T Pro and KWA GBBR. Nice and stiff. For 70s euros I really cant complain. It will be upgraded as much as possible anyway! Got Aluminium Ares Side and Top rails going on it soon. My bullpup AR collection is now complete! Just waiting to get my F2000 from the tech and I am hoping to get my first bullpup family photo!
  13. Wish I had the moolah for an ICS sig in the black friday sale. Those were some great prices!
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