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  1. After years of wanting one. I finally got it 🙂
  2. Sadly I will be in the South West at that point. Have a good time all!
  3. Picked up a Gearcraft Altyn Repro helmet for 50 quid. Really hope it fits my noggin!
  4. CM.102 Electric Shotgun [CYMA] (taiwangun.com) Wow. Wonder what the price is on that. 330FPS too! (Edit: 300 USD) Would have preferred an AA12 myself.
  5. I have been trying to get a matching set of Belgian Jigsaw, in my size, same gen and not washed out for the past 3 years. Nothing! I have two F2000's that dont get used so much because of it!
  6. Ordered a matching M83 Alpenflage shirt to match the Trousers I got the other day. Plus a Molle Holster for odd pistols that I can find a retention holster.
  7. King arms pdw - Electric Rifles - Airsoft Forums UK (airsoft-forums.uk) This guys new and been posting a bunch of stuff for sale that is new. But either the same price or higher then it is new. (Tried to sell a new WE F226/8 for the same price you can get from Patrol Base, but doesn't offer shipping). King Arms PDW 9mm SBR Shorty - Dark Earth (socomtactical.net) £145 here and they offer postage and a warranty
  8. There is a classifieds section. You cannot sell here. Also you can get it brand new from PB with warranty for the same money and can get it posted for extra. WE Europe - F226 E1 MK25 Gas Blowback Pistol (patrolbase.co.uk)
  9. Dont suppose you have the M60 or MK43 outer barrel do you? :D

    1. Uleu


      Oh man sadly I don't, I just have a bunch of spare parts I replaced on my main 60, sorry for the bummer pal!

  10. They like to separate rifles into two separate packages, check your orders page to see if there is a second tracking number. Otherwise email them direct for the second tracking number. With my PPS XM26, they disassembled it over 2 packages which arrived within days of eachother.
  11. Because Airsoft is full of smashing glass and walking through open flames I decided to purchase a Russian KMPP Anti-Cut suit. It's like an oven made of my own body heat. 

    May be an image of indoor


  12. Finally got my Gunfire refund so ordered some bits from HK. 4x 5 PPS Shotgun shells G&G M100 Spring SHS G36 Hop unit Made another order from mother Russia. KMPP Anti-Cut/Anti-Fire suit. SSO/SPOSN Parachutist Izlom Suit X Hatch Knee and Elbow pads Strike Omega 2010 Pistol mag pouch and soft belt.
  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I have this here KJW/Novvy SSP01 mag. It's in good condition with not much in the way of usage marks. it has a Nineball Purple gas router installed and is gas tight. £16 posted.


    Dagenham, Greater London, Greater london - GB

  14. We couldn't reasonably answer that question without an in-depth parts list. I severely doubt you are hitting out at 125 metres. Let alone killing with a single shot. I have two sniper rifles upgraded to the gads and they barely make 100 metres at our Joules.
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