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  1. Anyone know where I can find Well Ak74 GBBR Magazine input valves?

    1. EvilMonkee


      Its a copy of the WE so try somewhere that stocks WE magazines or just buy WE mags

    2. Monkman


      Righto...thanks EvilMonkee

    3. Stotty


      Hello, i had a WE ak and the WE valves fit the WELL mags, There just standard WE input valves. https://www.airsoftworld.net/we-magazine-charging-valve-filler-valve-single.html


  2. Well today I used one of few remaining leave days. So was intent on having a great time, which it was...right up to about 1hr into the afternoon game. Hit a spikey tree stump, my left knee went one way and the rest of me went the other way...hit the floor like a sack of shit. Marshall was gonna call the game, but I told him not to....didn't want to ruin the flow of the game as we were winning. After about 20mins of trying to see if it would be ok, I decided to continue playing, but only by hobbling everywhere...determined not to waste the day. Just got home and I have a massi
  3. Helikon training mini-rig from Bullseye Country Sport. Gotta love Woodland gear....and should be nice & light. (4 Mags, 4 Pistol mags and lots of space in both pouches for skittles)
  4. Thanks for the link, just bought one as well...always room for more bang on the battle belt.
  5. M249/Mk46 users.. FYI.  Just bought a boxmag from BULLGEAR, which is their upgraded one with metal internals.  I was holding off as it shows you have to wire the mag into the mechbox..but if you drop them a message on FB, they will send you the "new" version with a battery inside it. :) (My 4th shitty plastic chienese piece of expensive crap box mag died on Sunday..no more messing around)  £138 inc shipping for the Bullgear box mag. (And A&K plastic box mags retail for £99.99..lol)

  6. Ok, x3 guns with Luke @ Negative Airsoft.  I'm starting to think about HPA, as I'm getting fed up with broken AEG's.  Might sell the lot (Apart from my TM Recoil) and go for a Wolverine MTW...

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Monkman


      Thanks for the comments chaps, will be seriously thinking about it over the next couple of months.

    3. AlphaBear


      @proffrinkwhich is why I prefer using Marui recoils... The haptic feedback from the recoil is just fun... and when the bolt stop goes during a bb-fight you just shout fcuk loudly slap in a mag and hit the bolt stop and there you go.... 


      I will consider a MWS too, but am waiting for the Mk18 to be released whenever that will be.....

    4. Albiscuit


      I have been thinking long and hard about HPA. Its the only platform I have not tried and there no guns I want, so I think my next airsoft investment will be a HPA system and get into that side of it. I see more and more HPA users on sites, it is certainly a growing trend and I think it could end up the norm at some point.

      I would be keen to try some tapped mags and a tippman before I truely went down any other route but could happily convert my current guns over.

      Although if i ever run a hicappa with a tapped M4 hicap you all have persmission to NEVER talk to me again.

  7. Any good recommendations on where to buy 0.3 Bio BB's from chaps?  Just found out next weekend event is BIO only. :(  Looking at all the usual online retailers..just wanted to find out who best to buy from?

    1. Hudson
    2. strykerles


      +1 for geoffs, good price and good ammo!!

    3. Steveocee


      Normally I'd peg for O&T as well but only paid attention to these guys pricing last night https://www.ammodrop.co.uk/ammo/bio-bbs very well priced and open blasters are "the" ASG bb's to get.

  8. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Viper-TACTICAL-VX-Sling-Green/dp/B07NYJCQPM/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=viper+vx+sling&qid=1596811881&quartzVehicle=117-1576&replacementKeywords=viper+sling&sr=8-2 I think these are great.. I run x4 of them.
  9. ParcelFarce48 fail again...  BB's for the weekend dispatched on Wednesday, due Friday...still stuck at National Hub on Friday, not even in my county....I'm away all weekend from tomorrow...Guess i'll have to buy some more BB's from a local retailer.  (Bought x3 bags of Valkyrie 0.32 bbs btw)   Pissed... :(

    1. Rogerborg


      Absolutely bloody shower, and they're not even a "universal carrier" any more. The only airsoft thing they do unambiguously agree to carry is BBs, see:




      And note carefully the distinction between "air rifles, air guns and air pistols" (which they'll take) and "imitations and antiques; paint-ball or toy guns" which they won't (because why?)


      I know all couriers are equally bad, but at least MyHermes will charge you less for flinging your parcel in a bush or flogging it at auction.

    2. sjhirst


      The company i work for gave up with parcelforce- every parcel was late, so bad feedback from customers.

      Every other courier has been spot on for us!

  10. I have a Strike Eagle 1-6 and it's a very nice optic, the eye relief is fantastic and the zoom is very handy for spotting hard to see people. I do also run x4 power cheap replicas (Acog & Spectre) and they are also ok, but do not come anywhere close to the glass quality and all round goodness of having reel steel. If you have the cash to burn it's a good optic to get, but you will have to buy a mount for it. (if it does not come with one) Love mine and I paid for it full price brand new..plus that lifetime warranty means I don't have to worry about getting the glass shot out.
  11. Does Bravo One still have that limit of 330fps though? I went once, couldn't play at all as everything was over their limit. (This was almost 2 years ago)
  12. I'm in love with my 5.11 SOMS 3.0 Deployment bag, it carries everything I need, plate carrier & chestrig, with tons of room still left in it, all my mags (20) and ammo & gas...and still had unused pockets and room to spare.  Handles everywhere and being wheeled makes life dragging it a breeze.  Also broke in my Lowa GTX Zephyr Mid boots today..my god impressive booties, super grippy and nice ankle support.  X2 best purchases this year, bag & boots. :)

    1. Jedi_Master


      I like 5.11 and have a range of their clothing and kit items. Always found it hard wearing and good value.

    2. Monkman


      My mate is a 5.11 whore...and I'm slowly turning into him.  :)


  13. I own a SIG & a TM HK45tac...and hands down the TM is waaay better. The Sig is a cool gun and all that, but I am having constant issues with it feeding and cycling properly. Sometimes it cycles fine and accuracy & range is good, but sometimes it's the slide gets stuck and gas just pisses out. TM..no issues at all, none whatsoever. Sig is running on Greengas, wanted to avoid the CO2 as it's too powerfull and cracks the nozzles in the gun. Buy a TM.
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