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  1. Went to JD today to put one of my guns in for warranty repair and to buy some bits & bobs...Walked out with another new gun.  Dammit all to hell!!!!   😮

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    2. Druid799


      Sounds about right ! 🤦‍♂️


    3. Monkman


      Just a G&G TR4-18 in Tan...wanted something for CQB, so new Tan holosight to go with it also...already have a Tan AN/PEQ15.  Pimping...and pretty cheap as they had a 10% off everything that day.

    4. Druid799


      Sweeeeeet !

      dont knock it bud , a fair few ‘seasoned’ S’ofters look down on combat machines but if your after a gun for a specific job then it’s the perfect choice for the job . 👍

  2. Monkman

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I have another tool which allows me to remove the muzzle break & tighten the castle nut on the Buffer tube...I noticed it also as doubles as a tool to remove the nut under the delta ring. (Noticed it only after I was looking in my tool box for other options to remove the nut after I bent the 'cheese' tool) The nut came off pretty easy with my other tool, require a bit of force...but was fine! That shitty tool I bought, no word of a lie..I can bend it with my fingers when holding it in one hand!!!
  3. Monkman

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Bought a "DELTA Ring tool"...........didn't last long! & A replacement barrel for my ICS CXP CQB HOG (As I stripped the muzzle threads) Well..decided to take off the Delta Ring from my M4 today, so broke out the tool I bought from Fire-support. (Am thinking of putting a Mk18 rail system on it, but want to take apart the front end of the M4A1 today to see how it came apart) Long story short, the "Airsoft Pro M4 Delta Ring Tool (Steel)" is really made of 'cheese'...It bent without hardly any pressure. After looking at it and holding it, I can bend it with one hand!!! The "Steel" is of very low quality and made of soft steel. If buy tools, don't buy this product... My fault, I should've spent more money on a decent one, but thought for airsoft, it would be ok...but no! Have contacted Fire-Support telling them that product is crap!
  4. Monkman

    Pistol torch

    Got this yesterday from Patrolbase.. £29.99 My god it's bright and it's just light on/off, no strobing etc..but it works and fits on my TM HK45t perfectly. Am very impressed, seems solid/sturdy. (250lumens) https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/beta-project-p-light-pistol-torch?pv=5298
  5. Monkman

    Gun picture thread

    New tactical light turned up today... My Tokyo Mauri HK45 Tactical is now complete...
  6. I'm in the market for a new CQB gun and I'm thinking of two options, either a Mk18 M4 or a HK 416.  Below are two examples that intrigue me. (Tokyo Marui's are just a little expensive atm...)


    Anyone have any experience with either of the below options?


    1)E&L  Mk18 MOD1 M4



    2)G&G GT Advanced TR4-18 (HK 416 clone)


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    2. Druid799


      In your shoes if I can I always try to scrape the beer tokens together to buy another gatt that’s basically already to go if I can . I find if I’m after a very specific gun I’m never truly happy with my own build but if I can get one ready built from a retailer ? 

      The specna

      £183 from Gun-fire.

    3. Druid799


      Or how about this one from TG ? Wrong stock but you can pick up crane stocks for peanuts ?


    4. Monkman


      Thanks for the suggestion guys...gonna wait till next payday, spent to much this month on bits & bobs... :)


  7. Monkman

    My First Flat Hop

    Nice write up....did my own flathops last month to my two rifles...at first wasn't to impressed with what I did, then switched to a heavier BB (.28) and a some tiny hop adjustments...and yes I was quite impressed. (I destroyed one prommy purple bucking when attempting the 2nd rif, so used an ICS bucking instead..seems to do the job)
  8. Monkman

    Bullseye Country Sport

    I'm across the way in the West Midlands and they do very fast delivery. Always impressed by them...have bought quite a bit of gear. **Just a shame a lot of their cool stuff is sold out all the time.
  9. Monkman

    Member rants and One Tigris

    I've been tinkering and pulling it apart constantly, learning how the thing goes together...I have a potential trigger contact issue, so when I get a free day..i'm going to delve into the mech box. Also i've not been the kindest to it out on the field..it's had two dunking's in water and caked in mud several times. The forward RIS is starting to wobble a bit, so need to find out a way of making it tighter than a Yorkshire man! My ICS on the other had is treated like a goddess....anyone who looks at it the wrong way, gets their throats ripped out. (Ok made that bit up..but i'm a lot more careful with that one as it cost me £390)
  10. Monkman

    Member rants and One Tigris

    Yes I do.. But it's getting a little tired. I've moved onto a sexier, younger model now...tight and sleek..and oriental.
  11. Monkman

    = Equal Airsoft

    I hope it's not a sexuality agenda issue....I have no time for that bullshit. I do not care what team you bat for..as long as you can pull your weight, get on with it and have a laugh all at the same time. **Edit, ok..it is about sexuality/disability etc....etc.... Is there a problem in airsoft I don't know about? I've been to many events now and I have seen zero... ZERO! issues with hate, exclusion, bigotry, were all there for fun... Is this just people seeking attention???
  12. Monkman

    New newb Come here to be less newb?

    Famous last words... Muhahahahhahaha!! Welcome aboard bud!
  13. Monkman

    Popular Nuprol products?

    Well here is an en example of good vs crap. Good Nuprol N-Mag 30/140rd Mid Caps...solid build & reliable, very impressed and fits perfectly in magwell of my ICS guns. Added 'Ranger' pulls to them as well. (RZR BB's also seem to be ok..tried ASG tracers yesterday and they were shattering..switching back to Nuprol RZR tracers noticed them shatter less and seemed brighter..though that could have been my imagination) Crap Nuprol speedloader.... Obvious 'Odin' rip off and build quality reflects this, cheap ABS plastic and bb's drop out the bottom, the handle breaks easily. (Modified with toothpast cap superglued in, so at least I can us before it completely falls apart..) Some of their products are great...some of their products are shit....
  14. Chaps. Today I had a rather strange thing going on with my gun. When shooting left handed on semi...the gun functions perfectly ok, but when I switch to my right hand...the gun sometimes fails to fire, like it's not engaging. One of the experienced guys at the field today seemed to think it was the trigger contacts, as the trigger finger on each hand exerts different pressure on the trigger when you pull it. Thinking about that..it kinda seems logical. Gonna take it to a tech next time I visit my fav store. What do you guys think? (Btw..it's my trusty Nuprol Delta Sopmod...I think it's starting to creak a little with the constant tinkering and taking it apart constantly to work on and experiment with...though I have not been inside the mech box yet..) I know that a lot of opinions on Nuprol guns is not favourable...but it's my first gun, I love it and I can't get rid of it and having flathopped it..when it was shooting ok today, it was awesome.
  15. Monkman

    Hydration Pack advice

    Nope...I have a Condor Hydro rig. Bladders are very quite cheap though from ebay/amazon. Edit** I do wash mine out with Bi-carbonate of soda & a few drops of lemon juice..stuff some kitchen towel inside then hang it to let it dry....no bad tasting or slimy water.