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  1. Monkman

    Tracer BBs

    0.25 Nuprol Razor's combined with my Acetech Predator tracer unit...they are really bright firing out the gun and glow for a long time. Well impressed. (Havn't tried anything else though)
  2. Sunday I am going to tryout PaintballPark in Kidderminster for a Airsoft OpenDay...Irony is 20+ years ago I used to be a paintball marshal there. :)


  3. Monkman

    EXTREME(-ly stupid) Pistol Loadouts

    I needed help with my pistol aim..in the dark!
  4. Today I am going to march up and around the Malvern Hills...Because it's sunny and I'm feeling good.


    1. Albiscuit


      Love hiking!!

  5. Monkman

    TM pistols

    I love my TM HK45 Tactical...quality is superb compared to some of the pistols I've seen at games. Run mine on Greengas no problems at all. Also I use a real steel IMI holster..but I found the real steel gun is slightly slimmer than the TM one and my gun did not fit.... I thought about sanding the inside of the holster to fit..but an easier solution was to boil it in a pan of water for a minute, let the polymer soften, then dry it and stick the gun in...you will find it fits and as the holster cools down, it adjusts to the fit of the TM. (Had to dunk it a few times and now it's perfect)
  6. Monkman

    How do you post a status update?

    Bingo!!! (Account settings - Edit profile - enable status...) Thanks Duff!
  7. Monkman

    How do you post a status update?

    Same thing with me....I'm using Chrome, just tried 'Edge' as well..click on 'Status Update' and it just take me to my profile.
  8. Monkman

    Sawfly vs ess

    I just picked up a 'used' pair of Sawfly's for £25 inc P&P and they are pristine, and all 3 lenses are perfect. http://www.britishmilitarysurplus.co.uk/shop/sale-items/revision-sawfly-impact-sun-g-1123881.html
  9. Monkman

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Decided that I could do with some real good eyepro, instead of the cheap ones from Amazon!!! 😲 'Used' pair of Revision Sawfly's...and they are great! Not a scratch on any of the three lenses..well impressed and only £25.75 inc P&P. (Also bought a bag of 20x Revision lens wipes a while ago..and they work great for fogging)
  10. Monkman

    Hook me up with Comms!

    Just a quick tip...the screw on caps for the battery compartments can be a little stiff..a small smear of silcon gun oil on the threads does just the trick!
  11. Monkman

    Hook me up with Comms!

    You could try Earmor M32 headsets with their own PTT's. I have M32 & M32H and both are excellent quality and work brilliantly. There is even a M32 Mod1 out now. They are a little more expensive than Z-Tacs, but they are good. (Got mine from Camoraids)
  12. Monkman

    Switching to Deans Connectors

    Well, got all the bits today..so went to town on both guns & 5 batteries...it's not he best soldering in the world and may have touched the plastic deans connectors a few times with the iron..but all good connections, both guns function well and even made a little doo-hickey for my mate. (If his battery with tamiya connector goes flat, he can clip in one of my shiny new deans batteries to keep his gun going..) Gonna do a shoot test tomorrow to see what the difference is.. I'm quite impressed it's all worked out well, because there is a well founded saying I've been labelled with.. "Max in a China shop..." (I'm not the most delicate person)
  13. Monkman

    Nuprol LiPo L3 charger malfunction? Help.

    Get rid of it ASAP!!!! It killed 4 out of 5 of my batteries...I bought a Imax B6 charger and managed to save them all. + I think your charger is now dead..it's only a Cheap piece of crap anywway. My Nuprol must have malfunctioned as it was ok last year....It was only charging 1 cell, not the 2nd cell of my batteries. I threw my Nuprol charger in the bin a few days ago. See this thread... **Sorry for the huge video..don't know how to make is smaller.. 😮 20180504_151049.mp4
  14. Monkman

    New Player from the West Midlands

    Welcome aboard matey....I've been playing a year myself and it's a ton of fun. In the West Midlands you have quite a few options on places to play and places to buy from. Stores JD Airsoft in Cannock (https://jdairsoft.net/) Targetzone in Oldbury (http://www.targetszone.co.uk/) Bespoke Airsoft Ltd in Cannock (http://www.bespokeairsoft.co.uk/primary/) Defcon Airsoft in Stoke on Trent (https://www.defconairsoft.co.uk/) These are just a few that I know of....I'm sure there are a few more. For places to play airsoft quickest way to find out is go into google maps, find where you are..zoom out to show the midlands, type in AIRSOFT in search and Boom!! a ton of places show up...you have a mixture of woodland sites, CQB Sites etc. Quite a bit of fun is going to some of these places to try for yourself. I'd highly recommend the section on the forum "New Players & Arrivals" as this is where you will learn all about airsoft. Also...there is no such thing as a license!!! Read up on UKARA from the New Player guides, join/register at a local site, play 3 games (There are rules on this btw) and when you have your 3rd game under your belt, you can be registered on the UKARA database so you can then buy a replica without it having to be two-toned paint. Also...find a local site, hire some kit with your mates and then try it out...recommend good pair of boots and some good eye protection before you go, just to be safe.
  15. Monkman

    Switching to Deans Connectors

    MisterG how did it go by the way? I'm doing the same after my recent issues with batteries caused by the crappy Nuprol charger..now that the batteries are all ok, I'm going to be changing both my guns and all the batteries over to deans tomorrow. Should be fun, haven't soldered in a few years, but will take the advice from what Adolf Hamster suggests...been watching numerous vids on YT just so I don't screw it up.