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  1. My lovely G&G has died... :(  Thought the motor screw had come loose, as I got the dreading screeching noise.  Made an adjustment...started working but didn't sound right..kept adjusting..same result..eventually nothing..just a whirring noise that sounded like a mad dentists drill...so i'm guessing I've either stripped the piston or gears have lost some teeth!   

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Pull the motor and see if there's any metal grit, but it doesnt sound good.

    2. Monkman


      No grit...but there is a burning smell.  I pulled the motor out earlier, connected it all up and it spins up fine outside the gun..but the burning smell concerns me..  Gonna have to pull the mechbox out methinks as see what's what.

  2. Yes, plus I had installed a Bullgear hop unit..which is waaay better than the standard one.
  3. Considering how impressive the A&K Mk46 ran on 11.1v 1.5mAh lipo...but saddened at how it didn't last long. I've decided to upgrade to a Titan 11.1v Lithium Ion 2600mAh battery instead! Muhahahahaha...should last me a little longer. 😁
  4. Hmmm...Bolt M16A4 Heavy recoil Shock? Or pay stupid money for a TM Recoil Shock?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Steveocee


      TM so you get a weapon dipped in magic sauce.

    3. Skara


      Daytona or GTFO.

      Costs the same and gives you a proper recoil feedback.

    4. Monkman


      Argh...confused now.  lol Cheers for the pointers chaps!


  5. I'm up to 6 long guns & 2 pistols atm....and was seriously considering my first TM rifle over the weekend....but considering how much i've put into my ICS in mods. (Yet to play it due to negative lead snapping on sun) and how good my G&G TopTech 416 clone is running and how awesome the Mk46 ran on Sunday as well. (The Nuprol & older ICS don't get used..and my MP5SD6 is for cqb only) I can't really justify £600+ on a new gun atm...even though I want one, and if I bought it..then the others would just sit there and then i'd have to arse about and sell the rest..which I don't want to do as they're MY guns.. lol
  6. Two things... 1) Bullgear hopup unit on A&K Mk46 bloody awesome...range & accuracy is waaay better than stock. :)


    2)Firesupport?  Thinking of buying a TM and getting it upgraded.  Any thoughts on them over Eagle6/Camo etc? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Steveocee


      FireSupport. Brilliant service, just bought a Silverback and "toys" from them. All arrived super fast, exactly as ordered and have ordered most of my RIF's from them. One of only a few companies I use for kit.

    3. Lozart


      @Monkman what rubber are you using in the bullgear?


    4. Monkman


      Prommy Purple, but with standard A&K nub

      Twice I sat there last night hovering over the checkout button...but I declined.  My heart said yes..but my wallet said no and with XMAS coming up.   I'm hoping Firesupport will do a similar deal on TM's for Jan...as I may get one then.   Merry Xmas... :)

  7. Hmmm...thanks for the heads up Just thought i'd check that out myself....but these ones are genuine. They work great btw...sound amplification is better than my Earmor. (Will see how they get on next weekend in the tunnels and rampant flashbang use.)
  8. Howard Leight Ear protection..Currently on sale at Amazon for £36. Some real steel to replace my worn out Earmor earpro. 😁 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001T7QJ9O/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
  9. Anyone else read the article latest Airsoft Action regarding a couple of new guns BOLT are bringing out. Hk416 & M16A4. Author does go into the bad rep BOLT has but was asked to review these two new guns and he came away surprised. BOLT seem to have taken on the bad rep their guns have and worked to improve them. Now I do take everything a read in magazines with a pinch of salt. (paid advertising etc...) But anyone tried/seen/played with these two new offerings from BOLT? (Could always do with a M16A4.)
  10. Damn work rota's...No pew pew at all this month and for most of next month. Bugger!

    1. djben9


      bet you have still played more than me this year, im still on one game, in July!!

    2. Dino


      I have been working all weekends this month, but that changes this weekend!  Can't wait!

  11. Good day airsofting..NV in abundance by quite a few guys as well..lots of Tracer's and Mk5's etc...Loved using my BFG with 9mm blanks for the first time..bloody loud! (Took out 7 people with one rolled grenade)

  12. How about a variable optic? x1 - x6 Some nice repo's and real steel not very expensive either. (Run a vortex strike eagle personally on my short barrelled 416 and it's great)
  13. I don't know anyone who has a licence....
  14. Good night outside playing @ West Midlands Airsoft.  Rocking the 'Nods' and had a blast.  Was quite surprised when the 'Airsoft Aciton' guys turned up...to do their own thing, then they joined in the games later.

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