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  1. No airsoft till July...I feel like something is missing from my life.  Damn this hobby!!

    1. Duff


      I just went 12 weeks withtout a skirmish mate and it will probably be at least 2 weeks before I can afford to go again.

  2. Monkman

    Improving Range & FPS, Help?

    Ok..after some testing today on my chrono with Nuprol .2 bb's Nuprol Delta SOPMOD with stock spring: Avg 312fps Nuprol Delta SOPMOD with modify m100 spring: Avg 340fps So could my Nuprol be a M90/95 spring? It was shooting 320avg months ago last time I tested it. ICS CXP CQB with m120 spring + stock 185mm barrel: Avg 385 fps (stock spring which came with the gun) ICS CXP CQB with m110 spring + stock 185mm barrel: Avg 350 fps ICS CXP CQB with m110 spring + 303mm barrel: Avg 370fps (Added new barrel for better accuracy) ICS CXP CQB with m95 spring + 303mm barrel: Avg 340fps Didn't feel the need to try the modify m100 in the ICS in the end....(Fed up taking the Nuprol apart and ICS upper gearbox apart..lol)
  3. Monkman

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just in from Tactree.. It's Multicam 5.11...in a sea of multicam, but this one is mine.
  4. Monkman

    The patch thread

    http://www.bullseyecountrysport.co.uk/cobra-airsoft-rubber-moral-patch-sons-of-arthritis-ibuprofen-chapter-20504-p.asp But they are sold out...
  5. Ugh...I have a meeting @ 11:30 in town today... I have two packages being delivered and guess what time they are scheduled for!!!  I'm only out for 30mins as well.

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    2. Monkman


      If only it were that easy....  Anyway..managed a small surprise, Royal Mail turned up early with one.  ParcelFarce though.......trip to the depot methinks later.

    3. Duff


      Is it signed for? Ask a neighbour to take it in?

    4. Monkman


      It was dropped off down the local post office...so hopped, skipped & jumped my way there. (Went in car actually)  5.11 Multicam Combat top..  :) :) :)

  6. Monkman

    Improving Range & FPS, Help?

    M100 is really for my ICS..but I want to try it in the Nuprol first. (Also it will probably come in handy as I expand my collection of pew pew's)
  7. Monkman

    Improving Range & FPS, Help?

    The fps is what it is roughly advertised when the hop is completely off...when my hop is adjusted where I like, it's around about 280-290 on .2 bb's. Hence why i'm going to try a different spring... Just make sure the barrel is squeeky clean and your using 0.25 as a minimum for outdoors. Also remove your barrel from the hop up..and then wrap some Teflon tape around the bucking down onto the barrel, this should help with any air possibly leaking through, then gently put it back into the hop unit. Also use some electrical tape and wrap it around your barrell down the entire length of it. (Like a barber shop pole) This should prevent any vibration from your inner barrell, against your outer barrell. If the electrical tape is too tight, then use Telfon tape in multiple layers. Adjust the hop in very small increments..i'm talking fractions of mm's..as the Nuprol hop is finicky...also just tighten the very small screw on the hop rotary dial you can see...if the hop dial is loose, then your hopup won't be very good...tighten it so you can just about move it with your finger nail. Also maybe consider flat hop or R-hop modification...this will get you better range and accuracy. (It's my next challenge to Flathop mine..)
  8. Monkman

    Improving Range & FPS, Help?

    Funny you ask about the Nuprol. I asked them on FB Messenger today as to what spring is in the DELTA series. (I have their Sopmod) They don't know!! It's a spring put in by the factory to match what their claimed FPS requirement is..340! But i'm getting about 320ish. A M100 spring should turn up tomorrow, as I tried the M110 taken out of my ICS and it was then around 370. Also for shits & giggles I am running my ICS bucking & nub in the Nuprol. (Prommy purple is in the ICS) So will wack it all over the chrono tomorrow or Friday and see what's what. (Ran the Nuprol last weekend, consistent shots..but didn't quite have the range of my ICS with the prommy purple...btw all buckings and barrels wrapped in telfon tape on both guns.) I'm quite enjoying fiddling around with my guns now..lol
  9. Another good day yesterday @ Kidderminster Airsoft (Paintball Park) their 3rd event and great to see them trying out new & different scenarios.  My new barrel/Bucking/Nub/Spring in the ICS seemed to be ok, but wasn't greatly impressed, but I guess it just needs a little tweaking...might try some .28's next time up from .25's.  Was hot & sunny, sweating like a mofo..but felt awesome!

  10. Was in JDAirsoft yesterday and played around with a ICS L85A2..my god it's a heavy beastie.

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    2. ghostwalker


      I love it. Great for a bit of a workout whilst playing. But if you think thats heavy, lump around a gpmg or bren gun.

    3. Monkman


      lol...well my little ICS CQB is a heavy little sod, got lots of comments about it today...Why does it weigh so much? Where's the weight at?  I think ICS probably used IRON instead of Aluminium in there earlier guns..lol

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      @ghostwalker mg42, nuff said

  11. Monkman

    Manufacturer guide

    Nuprol do one plastic gun, but the rest are all metal... Yep, Nuprol has it's critics and a lot of their gear is of low quality..but the guns are good and liked by people I have spoken to who own them. Of course there are lemons, but that can be said probably of all guns. It is a £200 gun, so not as great as ICS etc...but as a starter gun it's got a decent spec and Nuprol do offer quite a few different models, all with the same internals. TM's are legendary in the community and for sub 300fps guns, people say they still can reach out there...and when modded are even better, but the guns are expensive and mods too...but you get what you pay for! I have a TM Pistol and the build quality is amazing and it shoots like a laser.
  12. Monkman

    Manufacturer guide

    Welcome back to the game dude.... I only started a year ago, but fell in love with the game and my first weapon was a Nuprol Delta SOPMOD (M4A1) £214 from JDAirsoft at the time. Reason I got it was I love the M4A1 look and I wanted to kit it out with some toys, so got a launcher for CQB and also a Acetech Predator Tracer suppressor. For a budget of £300 you could get the gun, magazines & battery (2400Mah 7.4lipo) Never had an issue with the gun and still runs great today and I can use it for both woodland & CQB. Not modded it yet, other than switching to Deans connector and is currently my backup gun. I'm running a ICS CXP CQB MTR as my primary and i'm starting to mod that though. Nuprol of course offer other rifles in the DELTA range, the Mk18 looking one is quite tempting...but I really want a Tokyo Marui next as it's still THE gun to get...but I'm not an expert, not even a Pew Professional. G&G do a good range and are highly rated..but never tried one.
  13. Monkman

    Seal Team on Sky one

    I watched the latest episode of SIX yesterday...one thing I liked was they showed a guy using a Spectre optic and when it showed the crosshairs, they were the correct ones for that scope...small details like that I like. ☺
  14. Monkman

    The patch thread

    I don't have many patches...but this one about sums me up...lol
  15. Well that was fun..changing the springs on both my Nuprol & ICS.  ICS Was simple, but small springs were a bitch.  Nuprol has the quick change out of the back of the mechbox..but my god I had to take the gun apart practically.  After many mistakes, managed to put everything back to working order..just need to get  a new spring tomorrow to go in the ICS to bring the FPS down, now i've extended the barrel.   I had fun!!!

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      and now you know why i hate the v2 box.....


      and front wiring, because that just makes a pita job even harder for no good reason.

    2. L3wisD


      You'll have gearbox removal down to ten minutes tops in no time mate :) dont sweat it.