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  1. Want to buy brand new A&K M60 for £160?  https://www.sixmm.com/collections/on-sale/products/a-and-k-full-metal-mk43-mod-0-airsoft-aeg?fbclid=IwAR1Va3hgjDcxrf8fQNvqMnbttOJ9vUKQi8QKermG1EsLTaybVyJT5o5UJEI


    I've bought a lot of bits & pieces from these guys..but buying a RIF.. I dunno....import fees & tax's will be quite heavy...and considering Chinese have a habit of saying they are toy parts and rifs being siezed and destroyed..from what've i've seen in forums/reddit.. Think I'll pass on this...

    1. Rogerborg


      Yup, I'm now only ordering small stuff from Abroadland that I can afford to write off.  No chance would I gamble on a RIF at the moment.


      Still, this is all great news for the UK's local airsoft manufactu- awwww. :( 

  2. Yep..300bar is correct...just fill your bottle to 3000 psi from it. Just bare in mind the more you refill from the tank in the bottle the pressure slowly lowers and at some point bottle and tank will equalise, so you may get to a point where you can only fill to 2000psi, while this is still ok to use in games, just means you may have to top it up again...or just take the tank to a dive shop and get it refilled to 300bar.
  3. Played last sunday @ ACE AIRSOFT in West Midlands... Was a good day, ruined slightly by a few peeps not taking their hits. Marshals to their credit once made aware of the situation dealt with the persons. (Few peeps said they're were never coming back? Least give the Marshals time to deal with them first eh?) After lunch things got a little salty as Red's dominated the Blues. I volunteered to switch sides, but still stayed on Red. Due to some of the, lets say slow reactions to hit taking, I switched things up a little and opted to take out the Drum mag and use Full Auto. (After lowering pressure and re-chrono with marshals, seeing as I was running it @ DMR levels in the morning. I like to play mainly single shot, but I think it warranted Full auto today.) Anyway...I took out my new Scopecam2 4k camera and got some nice footage I think, later part of the vid I get some nice killstreaks. Strykerles takes a bad hit in the eye and causes concern and I call "mandown" so marshals can make sure he was ok! He was.. It's my 2nd ever vid posted on YT so still learning....
  4. No reason, could've got one from numerous retailers, but I was talking to Luke about my ICS and then i asked if he had any brushless motor's for sale.
  5. One of my AEG's overheats quite badly with the motor & batteries, even with the mosfet and playing with the different modes. Decided to get a Warhead as this should go a long way to prevent heat build up. Just gonna pop out get some red Loctite to attach the pinion gear to the shaft, let it cure for a day..then put it in the gun. Will make a trip to InRange and use one of their ranges to really test it out. Cheers to Luke (Negative Airsoft) for the motor.
  6. Oh no...  InRange is being forced to close down.  https://www.facebook.com/INRANGEUK


    Such a great indoor venue and visit least once a week.  Not happy.  😥

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    2. Brophy


      Shame, didnt get chance to try this place out since the revamp.

    3. Madhouse


      Shame. No-one likes to see businesses close. 


      Hopefully this is just the start of a new chapter, there's loads of retail space empty at the moment so fingers crossed they find a new home and a more agreeable landlord elsewhere. If Zed can set up in an old Debenhams then there's hope.

    4. Rogerborg


      There's loads of space, but the question is whether it's affordable. You're talking 6 figures just in rates alone for decent sized commercial properties, before you pay a penny towards rent, utilities or maintenance.


      Absent running places as charities, claiming that they're derelict (how, if they've got a tenant?) or exploiting temporary rates holidays, it's hard to see how indoor sites are viable.

  7. It's defo a CIRAS style plate carrier...but WARRIOR's? take on it in Multicam. Could be a from a special batch and made to order? Plenty of companies make CIRAS, closest one that looks almost identical is one made by Eagle Industries.
  8. 2nd part of this month's spend was delivered today.
  9. I'm wondering if it's RIF's that cause delays, as I waited almost 2 months for it to clear Border Force.... They were inside the box and resealed it and was covered in Border Force tape. (It only took 4 days to come from Poland to the UK, then sat with UPS, then BF. Glad you got your items quick mate..
  10. These are once again available in the UK...so been after one for ages and it's also the GEN 2 verison. (Got mine through opticswarehouse.co.uk...same with all my other Vortex optics. Gotta love zero % finance)
  11. Yep, still messing with it and trying to find optimal settings... This weekend will be trying the full 4k but it's only 30fps on 4k...there is also 2k and 1080p with much higher refresh rates.. I'm just trying to get back into video editing..used to do a lot when I played ARMA years ago..trying to remember how to use my software..
  12. Well most compressors that I have seen are of the "generic" Asian ones...(Some airsoft/paintball retailers or Amazon) I elected instead to get a tank and buy refills from a Dive shop and they will also test my tanks & dive tanks as well when they need doing..so supporting local business as well..granted not a lot of money were talking about here..but putting a few quid into business I guess. Oh next year..i'm going to try scuba diving as they do a real good starter package/tryout.
  13. Our site photographer got a good one of my MTW last sunday... **edit slightly
  14. I was thinking of getting my own compressor, but there are so many things that could go wrong with it and where do I get it serviced? In the end I just bought a dive tank and get it filled for £5 at a dive shop when I need to top it up. Some sites will fill you tank as well for a price or even free....
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