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  1. Is it weird to walk around your house with your rifle shouldered...I'm getting stir crazy!  Need Pew!!!!

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    2. Immortal


      It's weird if you don't... lol

    3. Monkman


      The dogs were looking at me with crazy eyes...

    4. RMDavis


      Glad I'm not the only one! My dog also just lays there staring at me with bewilderment... 

  2. Monkman

    Tracer unit recommendation

    Acetech Predator. Looks like a real Knights Armament silencer. Tracer unit goes inside or use foam inserts. It is also quick detach. (Comes with birdcage flash hider with cut out) Takes seconds to take on & off your gun and looks good. Made of metal and can take quite a knock. Tracer is very bright as well....
  3. Monkman

    Bullseye Country Sport

    Agree, just a shame most of the cool stuff they list on their website is sold out.
  4. Holy shit..i've only gone and done it! lolololol...deep breath!  After spending the last few days lost in my own head thinking about it....i've purchased a NVG monocular!  Bam!!!  No more spending money on guns for a while... :)

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    2. Gepard


      What monocular did you buy?

    3. Monkman


      Armasight/Flir Sirius SD Gen2+  :)  Would love a Gen3 but price for that is crazy.

    4. Monkman


      Right..NV will take 7-10 Days, i've ordered from the States some sacrificial lenses and an adapter so I can mount the monocular to a j-arm & mount..of which I just need to find said j-arm & mount..:)

  5. Thinking of getting into NV, but worried about shot out lenses.  Anyone know where I can buy lens protector's / sacrificial lenses in the UK?  Bloody ITAR in the states is annoying. :)

    1. clumpyedge


      have a look on the real steel pages on facebook or have a look at mapleleaftactical (ambiguousdave on ebay) on IG failing that tactical optician can make you sacrificial lenses.



    2. Rogerborg


      Polycarbonate sheets are cheap, easy to cut with a jigsaw (or a hacksaw with patience), and 2mm should be enough to see off most BBs. All of my sights are running DIY'd polycarb protectors, and my torches now have polycarb "lenses".  It doesn't have to be neat: one sight just has a square slab of polycarb with holes in each corner and thin cable-ties lashing it to the optic.  Looks a bit trailer park, but it works fine.

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      the one i have the previous owner was kind enough to have left in a homebrew polycarb lense as rogerborg suggests, seems like it'll do the job and remember it's a night vision sight, to be used at night, so looks arent important

  6. Monkman

    IMI and Nuprol holsters

    Here's a tip with IMI holsters or any other polymer holster that your airsoft pistol just wont into. My TM HK45 wouldn't fit..I saw posts about people sanding the insides down...but I thought of something better which works. Boil the holster part in water for a couple of mins, the polymer softens, stick you gun in and let the polymer set around your pistol.
  7. Monkman

    Fat head Helmet

    I have a FMA Maritime helmet...like you I have a large head. I had to cut down the front foam pads to get it to fit and it's nice and snug now....I only use it for CQB and it gets very sweaty wearing it.
  8. Welcome aboard....44 here and only started last year. It's been a great learning & playing experience!!! Love it to bits..
  9. Monkman

    Fitness / Phys. & Supplements ?

    I'm 44 years old, only started Airsoft a year ago...I was morbidly obese and really unfit. Since then I have lost 5 stone through exercise and better eating. Playing, sometimes twice a month it really gives me a good cardio workout, on top of my other activities as well. The only I take is painkillers for my old dodgy back. Good eating and exercise really does work...i'm starting to get back down to my weight and fitness levels from my mid 30's..lol and still losing weight.
  10. Monkman

    fan assisted goggles

    Will be interested to see how you get on with fan goggles...could you do a review/post about your experience after.
  11. Monkman

    Airsoft Superstore

    JDAirsoft in Cannock is quite big and well stocked and you can go handle and if you want try out guys on their range.
  12. Going into Birmingham tonight to try out Bravo One.  :)

    1. Monkman


      Well what a waste of time that was...first off I paid for parking but it was free after 6pm. (Machine with info had stickers all over it, so couldn't read any of the blurb)  Got onsite, started setting up..chrono time and 330fps maximum limit.  WTF?  Both my G&G and ICS were too hot for this place, just a tad over their 5% allowance.  I can use my guns at other CQB venues just fine as every other CQB place i've been to is 350.  So faced with no usable pew pew...I had to leave, asked for a refund but they said no!  Then they offered to rent me a AK for £12 for 2hrs..Umm, no thanks.  So walked out pretty pissed off and £24 + fuel down in pocket.  (Even put a m95 spring in my ICS as it's quick change, but still just over)

      Should I buy a m90 spring and go back?  Seemed like a good bunch of lads who turned up...just annoyed at their silly fps limits. /end rant!

  13. Monkman

    fan assisted goggles

    Try these...guy selling cheap on Ebay...some tactical websites are selling x3 for £11!!! 😲 I've bought quite a few from this guy below and swear by them...stops fog dead! Handed a few out recently to a few guys when I was at Drakelow Tunnels and they all loved using them. **Does not stop sweat build up, but stops fogging on both single pane / thermal lenses. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Revision-Anti-Fog-Anti-Fog-Cloth-Wipes-Choose-Quantity-Required/292007864217?hash=item43fd066799:m:mcZ9UmOd0TxVYSehimi2Xuw
  14. Monkman

    First proper go a stippling

    Looks pretty damn good to me...well done sir!
  15. Need help!..When filling my Tokyo Marui HK45 pistol mags with greengas, I have an issue with a lot of gas/liquid not actually going in and spurting everywhere from the gas fill nozzle and valve..some gas goes in but a lot just goes everywhere..this happens on all 3 of my mags.  I've removed all the valves, lubed them with silicon oil, screwed them back in gently, but still get a lot of excess spurting out when filling..they never did it when new.  Any thoughts or tips?

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    2. Asomodai


      Have you ever had a TM before? This is standard behaviour when filling mags. They are quite sloppy to fill and the gas gets sloppier when they are full. 


      If its not that then I have far better results with Plastic nozzles. 

    3. heroshark


      better with a plastic nozzle 


    4. Monkman


      Well just tried the silent fill o-rings, which were a bugger to put on, but sadly it's made the problem even worse...liquid greengas goes everywhere. I think I need new valves..but can't find any atm. :(