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  1. Got the Bullgear Hop-up for my A&K Mk46 Machine Gun. Nice of them to include some tiny Haribo. Only problem is the unit does not come with an o-ring to secure the hop adjustment wheel..and the o-ring one on my standard A&K hopup snapped. I've no idea what size or where to get one, other than wandering around B&Q I guess. Anyone got any ideas?
  2. It's USB rechargeable unit...it's very nice. (Above is how I fitter it)
  3. ACETECH Lighter S (Hidden inside the suppressor)
  4. Monkman

    Upgrade M249

    I have a A&K Mk46 (basically a M249) and I am waiting on a Bullgear Hop-up to arrive from these guys. https://www.begadi.com/tuning-internals/aeg-rifles/hopup-units-systeme/bullgear-m249-cnc-alu-hopup-unit.html There is also the Airsoft Pro from these guys...(but it's out of stock) https://airsoftpro.cz/en/gun-parts-upgrade/aeg-inner-parts-upgrade/chambers-barrel-locks/hop-up-chambers-for-others/kompletni-cnc-hopup-komora-a-tryska-pro-m249-detail Asomodai put me on to them as trying to find hop-up upgrades in the UK is limited. So I bought the Bullgear from a shop in Germany. (Won't be able to test it out until september) I may also upgrade the barrel as well..but will see how the new hopup with prommy purple bucking goes first.
  5. Anyone know where I could find a upgraded Hopup unit for a A&K M249?  Bullgear seems the popular one, but can't find any in stock anywhere.... :)_

    1. Asomodai


      Begadi has one in stock. 


      Otherwise Airsoftpro does one.

    2. Monkman


      Many thanks..

  6. First time playing in 3 months since my op...bugger me i'm fooked.  lol..was a great day though.  :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. StayOnTarget


      Druid beat me to it,well done mucka,was the Pew Pew good for you? 🖖

    3. Monkman


      Oh yes...funny moment, walked up behind player on the enemy team...pitch black, I had my nods on..whispered in his ear and he almost shit himself.  lol we both had a good laugh.

    4. StayOnTarget


      Thats pretty fuckin ninja! 🧕 (couldnt find ninja emoji) 

  7. Nope, was browsing their website for 4 days last week whilst on nights...even bought a few things. Maybe it's your browser? Have you tried visiting the site on you mobile phone browser?
  8. Here is a shitty Nuprol one I bought... I bought it because at the time I couldn't find a ODIN anywhere and I was getting cramp in my hand from the amount of mags I was having to reload with speedloader. Anyway..on it's 3rd outing the handle snapped off and could not be re-attached, so I got a large cap from a tube (Think big toothpaste squeezy tube) and superglue'd that mofo in... Works like a charm now, but takes a few more rotations than a handle would take. Will use it till it breaks completely then buy a proper ODIN.
  9. MP5 lovers... JDAirsoft have Nuprol 100 round Metal Mid-caps in stock. (Picked up x6..£12.99 each though) (All my MAG Mp5 mags are broke..these seem like good quality) :)

    1. Monkman


      They're a bit tight for the G&G MP5 mind you...gonna need a little oil and some bedding in before they can be removed easily...Having to slap it home and yank it out..


  10. I have a chinese Spectre x1-x4 with red dot ontop... Cost me £150 and is solid and works very well..but batteries don't last long in it. I used it a lot and still quite happy with it, even with the limited eye relief. I've moved on to Vortex Optics now, so have a couple of their optics on my guns.. Superb quality, optical clarity and of course fantastic eye relief and quite reasonably priced for real steel optics. (Moved the repo-Spectre onto my M249.)
  11. Monkman

    My top war films

    A bridge to Far
  12. For a starter lid, I would probably recommend that lid (Or any other)...with holes in the top as well, will certainly aid in cooling as wearing full cover, you will sweat like mad.e For another airsoft brand, FMA are of decent quality. Had a FMA Martiime lid for quite a while and it was very comfy. (Had to get a l/xl size as I have a large melon..plus still had to modify the padding) Ebay is probably a good place to start looking as some good finds there..but also maybe look at 2nd hand 'Real Steel' lids too..can find some cheap 2nd hand ones.
  13. I was thinking the same thing...all these partnerships..but nothing to buy! Wouldn't mind a E&L AK at some point. :)
  14. I run the same goggles and mask...I find it to be very comfortable. Like LOZART says, just adjust the bridge of the mask so it sits outside of the goggles, it's metal so you can bend/reshape it. Combined with Revision anti-fog wipes..I never mist up!! and I'm a big, sweaty bloke..
  15. If you go for a TM HK45 and buy a holster for it. (Reel steel polymer holsters will be a bit tight as the real gun is slimmer than the airsoft version..so if you want a quality real steel holster and the gun won't fit..just put the holster in a pan of boiling water for a couple of mins, to soften the polymer, then put your gun in the holster and it will mould itself to your TM..)
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