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  1. I'll be there... Just look for the Big Ginger Maaan wearing M81. Cya there...
  2. I got hold of a couple of bottles of ASG 0.36 Devil Blasters and ran them the other week as DMR... Got through x2 tanks in a day..just goes to show how much I was enjoying the MTW. Think i'll drop the fps down so I can use full auto and use the rest of my 0.4/0.43's for DMR role when I want to mix it up some. Looks like I may have to tweak the Dwell as well...still getting the odd inconsistent fps reading.
  3. Scan 3XS System Corsair 500D RGB Case Intel Core i9 9900K Cpu (4.5ghz) ASUS ROG Maxiumus XI CODE motherboard EVGA RTX2080ti 32Gb Corsair Vengance RGB Pro 3000Mhz DDR4 x2 Samsung 1TB 970 Evo+ NVMe SSD's Seagate 4TB HDD storeage Corsair 650W psu Corsair RGB Fans & Lights (ICUE) Corsair H150i Pro CPU cooler Usually get a system to last me 7+years (Swapping out GPU's every few years) before looking at total new system.
  4. Remember kids, if you don't want an expensive visit to the Dentist....Wear face pro.  (Bloke lost one of his front teeth today...)

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    2. Monkman


      I see a lot of people wearing Delta Mikes and not having them over their face.... My mate was one of them..constantly had it around his neck, sometimes wearing it, sometimes not...he got hit when he forgot to move it up.. lesson learned..hahahaha.


      I tried the Deltamike, found I could breathe better with my Onetigris..but it's a quality item the Deltamike.


    3. Misery


      hah yeah mines always up unless in safe zone lol,dead wary of being shot in face lol so bought a helmet revision gogles and the snood lol,couldnt agree more deffo qaulity peice


    4. Tactical Pith Helmet

      Tactical Pith Helmet

      Site I usually play at warns people about six or seven times in the safety brief about wearing face pro.  


      People still moan about split lips and broken teeth...

  5. Well it's been a stressfull week, but finally moved into my new house, still lots to do..but sod it, playing Sunday to blow off a little steam. :)

    1. Shamal


      Plenty of time to play when the work is done. Sort your room out then you can go play soldiers wiv your chums!



    2. Monkman


      Room, I bought a whole house... :)


      Main things are in and sorted..it's just the small things left to do and figure out where to put a life's worth of accumilation.


      I'm defo playing as back at work next weekend and working weekends until end of the month..

      Come on!!!

  6. Can I recommend Laser Eye surgery... I've been a glasses wear all my life and know the pain and issues it causes for sport/activites/motorbikes etc.. Since I had mine done years ago, it was the best decision I ever took...life was so different afterwards. A worthy investment. Oh my mate got all BFG's banned at our local site.. He ran at a barricade with his TRMR Magflash, hoping to give the people on the other side the good news....he tripped over a log, went down...chinned himself in the face with his ARP and set off the TRMR in his hand, which at this point was
  7. Almost broke my leg assaulting a position...leg bent the other way when caught on a tree stump sticking out that I never noticed. Couldn't walk for about 30mins.. Marshall wanted to stop the game, I said no and to keep the game going (We were winning) and checked my rifle for damage whilst on the floor in a lot of pain.. Massive swelling and bruising only thankgod. (Broke both my legs on Motorbike trip in the USA a few years earlier...thought of break them again..argh!!)
  8. Just arrived from RedWolfAirsoft (HK) - Zparts URGI charging handle. Very nice and quality is 100% so much better than the stock TM one. (Already have the Zparts URGI front rail)
  9. The feeling you get when you drop your woodland facemask in the safezone and some scrot keeps it, rather than handing it in.. Grrr!

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    2. Druid799


      Where apon he discovered he was actually allergic to ingestion of said .48 BB and suffered a horrible anaphylactic end to his miserable thieving life ! 💀

      we can hope ? 😈

    3. Monkman


      Well..ahem! I'm ginger, so I hope the cunt dies of Gingervitus..lolololol.

    4. Shamal


      Jeez! OK already.Have the stupid mask back then.



  10. Well that was quite interesting today... MTW was overhopping 0.3 & 0.32's... Have a G&G Green in the Pheonix hop and firefly flat nub. I bought a bottle of 0.4's yesterday and tried them today...WOW the range was amazing!! I was generally surprised. Just need to source large amounts of 0.4 of above...more than the standard 1000 bb bottles. Any know of or recommend large quantity of 0.4 Bb's? **For giggles ran my G&G drum mag as well for one game, was fun...full auto a couple of times, but mainly single shot and never having to reload..
  11. Guys avoid Specna Arms BB's.. Bought bottles of 0.3 for the lads to try and caused us all grief.. Won't feed on midcaps (MTW/krytacs/ICS & G&G)  Will feed on highcaps & drums, but so much flaking and particles..BB's are utter shit!!  We all switched to our standards (Valkrie/Nuprol/ASG etc..) and no issues at all.  Specna utter wank...

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    2. MiK


      Yea the Specna Edge BB’s are solid - the Tracer Edge ones are bang on too

    3. Steveocee


      Ah! That was you on Facebook lol. BBs always surprise me, we spend a lot on out kit and guns but then shop for the best deal on the ammo. Go Geoff's (O&T use code camman5 for 5% off) or Valkyrie and you won't go far wrong.

    4. Monkman


      Valkrie is a brand i've been using mainly recently.. decided to give the Specna's a go as they were new to the shop...haha,  what a mistake!

  12. Well in my experience I've only come across one or two dickheads...using HPA. Now ARP9 users, i've come across quite a few of those acting like dickheads as well...should we ban ARP9's? just saying... (few of my mates run ARP9's..and they ain't dicks) We get it... You don't like HPA users, but why complain about it on a forum?
  13. I was setting the auto on my MTW the other day and the standard Auto rof was ridiculous, and I can also increase it to insane levels by stepping it up in programming mode. I'm usually single fire on all my guns (AEG/HPA) Auto/Burst when necessary - I've set the auto on the MTW to a more sensible level for field play, coz there is no need to be a Wanker!
  14. The time you go to x2 different dive shops to get the big tank filled (hpa) and find that issues @ both places means they can't fill the tank.  lol.. Not my day today..

    1. Skara


      And that is exactly what keeps me from dropping money on a HPA setup

    2. Monkman


      lol..seems that way today.. Lucky I bought a pump and over last few days..did the x2 bottles manually, so I can play tomorrow... Hopefully get my big tank sorted for the following weekend. :)


    3. lukeB


      Only got 1000psi in my 7L bottle, the two local places are not open yet.

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