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  1. Monkman

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Is this the 'real' Sig scope? £££ It looks awesome...
  2. Monkman

    NVG mounts

    I went to reel steel places on facebook to source my j-arm & Norotos rhino mount. (Paid £80) I was thinking about a reel steel shroud or helmet but my FMA Maritime Opscore helmet shroud is solid and the Rhino mount is secure and I have yanked & pulled on it..no way will my mount fall off. (I use the helmet bungy cord to attach it to the nvg itself, just incase the nvg comes loose from the j-arm)
  3. Monkman

    New FMA La5 PEQ

    I have x2 Element AN/PEQ15's, of which you can adjust the zero's of both lasers..but you have to taped down the dials as it loses zero every time you touch the dials by accident. Once taped down, no issues..lasers are ok, IR pointer is a bit dim though through NODS. Torch on it though is fantastic, very impressed. Think I paid around £40 for each Element. Also I only use my G&P DBAL2 under nightvision, which the PEQ has "click wheel" adjustments, so won't lose it's zero and both Lasers on full power can be a bit bright for NODS. Quality bit of kit..but pricey.
  4. Monkman

    Short dot scopes

    If you want a great short dot that is absolutely fantastic, with great eye relief and is real steel...then have a look at the Vortex Strike Eagle 1x6. I was sceptical about using a real steel scope for airsoft, but when I got the chance to look at one and the quality of it and the price...I was sold! And the best thing is that if anything happens to the scope, then Vortex will fix/replace it. Biggest thing that sells their scopes/sights is that warranty.
  5. Monkman

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Earmor are pretty good...I have both normal & helmet mounted sets. Quality is ok and have lasted me over a year with constant abuse... and the fact you can swap the boom mic from either side is a plus. I had to modify the PTT kenwood connector slightly as when connected the Baofeng sometimes the transmit doesn't work. (Shaved a little of the plastic/rubber on one side at the base of the kenwood metal bits..this allows it to seat better when attached to the radio.)
  6. Monkman

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    It's awesome....eye relief is very good, Quality & Clarity of the glass is outstanding and the x1-x6 zoom is great..plus the free no quibble warranty is hard to beat. Only negative is the lens caps are naff..will need to buy sturdier ones.
  7. Monkman

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Titan Lithium Ion battery... Read good things about them...anyone else have one, how have they performed? Also, a quick question. I have a ICS-MARS Carbine, with the split gearbox..those things seem pretty well built. Do you think I could run a 11.1v instead of a 7.4 in it. (It does not have a mosfet in it yet...)
  8. Monkman

    Does UKARA membership expire?

    Guess mine has expired as well..not played @ my "local" for months. (They're only open 1 day of the month and seems to be always when i am on shift) Been over a year since I was registered on UKARA and I guess my local airsoft site membership has expired. If I was to be stopped by the old bill...not having a UKARA & Site membership anymore...guess I could be in trouble maybe with not being a member of any airsoft site. UKARA is bollocks anyway...I wasn't even asked for mine when I purchased my last RIF. (I did provide one when I first started though..but was never asked for one ever again and i'm on my 4th rif)
  9. Monkman

    HPA refills in Northern Ireland

    Have you tried dive shops? I've heard people go there to get re-fills if it can't be done at airsoft stores or game sites. Might need your own adapter..but i'm not sure, don't know much about HPA atm..
  10. Dammit...10% off @ UkTactical.  Went and pulled the trigger on a Warrior DCS DA5.56 Plate carrier. :)

    1. RMDavis


      I've ordered a QRS sling! Damn you tempting discounts...

    2. Jedi_Master


      It is one of my go to sites for kit. 

    3. RMDavis


      Same here bud, I would recommend them to anyone. 👍

  11. Monkman

    Good skirmish AEG

    I have this as my main CQB gun...runs fantastic and very impressed with range and accuracy. Only thing I have done to it is add a 'deans connector'..not even going to touch the hopup.
  12. Monkman

    QD tracer for delta custom?

    I have a G&G 416, but had to change the flashhider so I could use my Acetech Predator QD tracer. You can buy the the Acetech tracer unit without the silencer shroud...maybe that might fit in a Delta's suppressor?
  13. Monkman

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Well here it is... Armasight SIRIUS Gen2+, with NOROTOS Rhino mount & J-Arm. I'm still waiting on customs to clear my 'sacrificial lens' protector (Bought 5 of them) and also a J-Adpt mounting or the Armasight. (More sturdy than the silver one I got from Singapore)
  14. Ugh....x2 items I need for my NV helmet setup are stuck in customs. (Adapter for my J-Arm & sacrificial lenses)

    Really wanted to try out my NV helmet setup this weekend @ Drakelow Tunnels....Bloody ParcelFarce!!

  15. Is it weird to walk around your house with your rifle shouldered...I'm getting stir crazy!  Need Pew!!!!

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    2. Immortal


      It's weird if you don't... lol

    3. Monkman


      The dogs were looking at me with crazy eyes...

    4. RMDavis


      Glad I'm not the only one! My dog also just lays there staring at me with bewilderment...