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  1. I have a S&T M320...it's heavy & cumbersome....I never use it, but it's cool as f$ck...and I will at some point invest in TAG setup...
  2. One of my Xmas presents to myself has come in the post... All the credits are my teams guys....
  3. Whole month without airsofting.... Bloody shift patterns...even working over Xmas as well.. :(    Merry Christmas guys and I hope Santa brings you something long, hard & black... A Rif I hope.. ;)

    1. Impulse


      If it makes you feel any better, looking at the news I think we're all going to have a whole month without airsoft coming up 🤬

    2. Jacob Wright

      Jacob Wright

      I know the feeling! Damn shift work!


      Have a good Christmas!

    3. djben9


      i have yet to play since July 2019...!!!!

      struggle to get the time

  4. HPA user here... personally I love to use semi and only use Full auto when someone deserves it (Not hit taking) - I can adjust the ROF on mine to Wanker level...but why? All your doing as advertising that you a cunt and there is no need. One lad on our site who plays every now and again sets his up to fire at a billion rps...and everyone thinks he's a knob. Marshalls informed and aware and chrono'd to right limits...but still a wanker for running something that fast and overshooting peeps as well. (He's young and I think trying to show off to his mates with his setup all the time) I always wary of peeps on the site, even more so for rentals & new players..we need more peeps coming into Airsoft, not driving them away by shooting the crap out of them with silly ROF setups. **Btw using HPA as an example...seen plenty of peeps with DSG builds and high ROF builds being dicks as well... But it's airsoft..and people are people.... Merry Xmas everyone.
  5. Bullgear are having a sale on atm... Seeing as I already have their hop unit & boxmag for the Mk46...thought i'd splash out and buy a electric mag loader for all my M4 Midcaps that I use.... $105 shipped. (£80) Their stuff is of very good quality and this little gem should be nice.
  6. Was getting pestered to get my booster jab, one day before gameday.  Glad I told them to F'off.. As had it yesterday and today I can't lift my left arm very well...and have a mad headache. (Will be fine tomorrow)  AIRSOFT comes first..then booster.  ;)

    1. SeniorSpaz87


      Yea the latest booster wiped my energy levels, but it did make my mom somewhat sick for a day. No reason it cant wait a day haha.

    2. colinjallen


      I had mine this morning; headache, fever and a raging sore throat.

  7. G&G drum mags are pretty solid. I have the electric version and 3 of the guys on my team run the manual verison. Good construction and no feeding issues at all. When it's time to fight light, I dump the plate carrier & bit and run the drum mag.
  8. Drove 3hrs to the Bunker in Aberystwyth in the dark, drove back 3hrs in the dark.... It was last day ever @ The Bunker. Quite a basic site with basic stuff around the field, but a WW2 bunker that made for some interesting attacking/defending. Certainly one the most interesting sites as one side of the site is level (Bunker) and the other side has some steep ass hills and made assaulting upwards not only a shooting challenge but figuring out ways to fight uphill even more of a ball ache to figure out. It was Knackering and some questionable hit taking...but was it fun? Well yes... More positives than negatives and quite enjoyed my little adventure into Wales... I will never ever bitch about the tiny teeny hill @ my home site ever again...lol
  9. Says to self...Today I must not go charging through the stream..it's cold and it's probably not a good idea.  Comes back to safe zone at end of the day, soaking wet.  Bollocks!  (I'll do anything to try & win)  :)

    1. Druid799


      Never mind in years to come you can sit back and think “why yes I was a right fecking idiot running through that stream , my bloody arthritis is killing me now !” 😖

  10. Fair enough... I don't know the law and maybe i'm wrong to think posting on the description is not enough to stay on the right side of the law. Surely they checked to make sure this was legal to do...could be wrong and they've messed up bigtime, but they've been doing this for years...lost count at how many builds they've uploaded that are going abroad. I don't see why it should be posted on a forum, calling them dodgy as fuck, when all it would've taken is what Rogerborg has done and let them know of possible issue with the law..and get some personal clarification if it's right/wrong and that's the end of it. Just seems like a post to create drama, when it could've been handled better with private comms with them. What was the aim of the post..highlight they're doing something illegal, see them get prosecuted and then feel smug about it? Maybe I just took the point of your post completely wrong....and I don't mean to cause offence, but I don't see how this helps having it out in the open.
  11. Like the sad person I am, I usually watch these short vids that get posted...and 99% of the time these high powered guns are mentioned that they are going oversees, where power levels are different. If you were to take the time and look at the details posted on the YT video description it does say the following... "This build is for export only and is not for use in the uk. " So way to go with the factually incorrect post mate... Maybe delete this whole post as if I were Eagle6 I would be pretty pissed at you right now.... Just saying. Also their YT page is not just for the UK and is seen worldwide....arugments for/against vids like this..but I don't think they're breaking any rules as it's clearly stated...where it's going.
  12. It may be compatible with these... Heard that the FMA mounts are supposed to be pretty good. Make sure your secure your NODS to the helmet with a bungee cord or lanyard...just in case you catch them and it breaks away from the helmet (like it's designed to, to stop you breaking your neck) https://www.amazon.co.uk/World-EU-Tatical-Airsoft-Helmet/dp/B06XGTBKT1?th=1 +1 for joining NV on FB..that's where I got some good info.. https://www.facebook.com/groups/NVGNOD Also Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/NightVision/ (Good place for info... A bloke in Texas supplied me with x6 geniune PVS14 sacrificial lenses..which are ITAR as well..but came throught he post fine) Also for IR Lasers..if you can afford one, go for a G&P DBAL a2 - Expensive but easy to zero, made of metal and you can use lower power setting. Also had Red laser/IR laser and IR Illuminator..though I would go with a IR Illuminator (IR Torch) (Wish sell some good repo Surefire ones..just check description make sure it's IR as well as White light) Failing that a FMA AN/PEQ15 repo with Red/IR laser white light is ok, but don't expect to be able to zero the lasers much and they lose zero at the slightest knock. (I zero'd mine.then put some tape over the dials so they wouldn't move..with the G&P Dbal..the dials click and don't get knocked easy)
  13. Don't pull to much on the wires coming out of the plastic housing..they're quite delicate.... Mine didn't last long...so try not move from rifle to rifle like I did....think I pulled on the wires to much. (Couldnt' fix it either.) But still was very handy when it worked.
  14. You should be able to find something here that suits your needs. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/category/silencers/?manufacturer=&stock=1&stpos=0&no_per_pg=999
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