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  1. Friend of mine brought one to the game today...nice looking gun, but I did point out to him noticeable wobble between the upper & lower receiver. Maybe just one off as another one I looked at in a shop felt solid.
  2. Monkman


    Some of their stuff can be expensive..but I really like the shop and know all the staff there. Plus sometimes it's good for the soul to just hang out in a gun & gear shop and they do have a lot of variety..which is nice. (There is something about getting your hands on a gun and trying it, rather than ordering one from the internet and hope it's ok..)
  3. I picked my Rhino mount & J-Arm up from a chap on this facebook page...people always selling NOD stuff. (Paid around £80 at the time) Tactical Kit and Accessories Sales UK (Real Steel Only!) https://www.facebook.com/groups/649752695074092/
  4. NOD's are the way...dogging is so much easier for me now.
  5. I bought a Nuprol one..and it's a cheap piece of crap..handle broke within a few weeks. I still use it as I superglue'd a large toothpaste cap into where the handle goes..still works, but when it dies I will invest in a genuine Odin.
  6. I spent over a year trying different types of eyepro..but settled on 'real steel' military issue gear. I use both Revision goggles & ballistic glasses. (MOD issue) and swear by Revision wipes. You can get all these from EBAY... (Do not buy wipes from tac websites as you'll get ripped off...you can buy bulk off ebay for much better value)
  7. At ACEAIRSOFT last weekend...weather was shitty, but was still an awesome day with some fun scenarios. Since starting airsoft back in Sep'17 and throwing myself into my favourite hobby (Used as coping mechanism after losing my old man) My health has improved tenfold and I've lost 5stone in weight and still heading in the right direction. I love Airsoft......
  8. What amazed me what when you look down the sight..all you really see is the magnified (slightly) glass..the housing is very minimal and adds to an excellent sight picture..your view is not blocked by a large metal dials or housing..I was very impressed, hence I bought the sucker.
  9. Vortex Spitfire AR... Bought it the other week at the Shooting Show at the NEC...ran it on Sunday and was very impressed for such a small scope..love it to bits.
  10. Good point..will have to try that out next month and borrow someones mag... My mags work fine on my other 3 guns.
  11. Hey chaps, just a quick one...took my CXP out into the woods for the first time in a while...and noticed a very strange thing. Whilst firing the gun I would get random bb's just fire out the gun and land about 10mtr in front of me, the next would range out to where it normally shoots to. I am running promy purple with promy nub in it..adjusted the hop to it flies to where I want it too..but still get random bb's just drop in front of me. Hop issue, air leaking around the piston? Anyone experienced this before, able to offer a few pointers? Should I just put back in the standard rubber and nub. (Shooting .28's)
  12. First game for an entire month and I go lose an pistol mag..£25 gone just like that.  Crap...

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    2. adox


      I lost my pistol mag on my first ever game. 2 months later one of the marshals found it. 😂👍

    3. Mad Rag

      Mad Rag

      this is why im scared to get a trmr incase it get lost or picked uped lol 


    4. Druid799


      But by that chain of thought your not going to buy ANY kit as it’ll either get lost or broken ? Mags get lost because the catch gets activated in the holster , so either get a holster that’s plastic or  get a decent quality cordura one OR you can put a mag safe strap on handle of your pistol . 

      As to the TRMR , there’s a unique serial No on it , take a pic on your phone the day you have it with all the packaging visible as well and no one can deny it’s yours . Loosing them ? Pay attention to where you throw it and DON’T lob it halfway across the site either ! 🤦‍♂️

  13. Love that expression... "What yah lookin at?"
  14. I have a ASG tornado grenade and have nothing but problems with it...the seals burst to easy or leaks like a mofo..every game I've used it I've had to replace the o-ring in it as it leaks after you've used it a few times or is slow leaks and when u do go to use it, it does not work..Save yourself £50.
  15. My Staffie, Tizzy & the little shit is Amber...
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