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  1. Welcome aboard... you've certainly come to a place which has a goldmine of info, certainly increased my knowledge with all the topics in the forums when I started playing 3 years ago. Love it we do...
  2. I have a Acetech Predator...been running it almost 3 years now, solid as still nice & bright and being Quick detach too. Winner! If I had a GBBR, I would defo get a Spitfire tracer..
  3. I was on the fence about a Milspec vs the Billet (Standard MTW) and the only thing that put me off was the single fire only and some posts i've seen saying people having reliability issues with the Reaper. So standard MTW it is.. Just waiting for lockdown to end so I can get my dive tank filled and off to Thurlaston Range for some serious testing...and then a game. Fitted the magic pin and it's perfect...zero wobble and solid as a rock. Took me a min to figure out how to remove the front takedown pin...(Small spring holding it in) Btw..using the handpump
  4. Have a look @ Luke's (Negative Airsoft) video on it...
  5. My MTW came with a tiny bit of wobble between the upper & lower reciever...was not overlay impressed with this, but the gun itself is great. Have tested it now and shoots fine...need a range to properly test. (Oh I fitted the Ratech magic pin today and works a treat..upper/lower now solid as a rock. Looking forward to seeing future posts on your MTW build Leadly.
  6. I bought a whole HPA setup when I got my MTW last week. Unfortunately I cannot get the 7Ltr 300bar tank filled due to COVID. So I ordered a 4500psi pump instead from Amazon. Came today...easy to assemble and got cracking. It does take a lot of pumps...probably 700+ to fill to 3000psi I've been told. I'm at 2000psi atm, did it in 70-80 reps at a time... I went for the big tank due to not wanting to run out of air on game days, plus when my buddies decided to join me in HPA World..I can fill their 48cl bottles as well.
  7. New suppressor to go with my MTW. GK Tactical Knights Armament...
  8. Very handy info thanks...I've bought a 7 litre tank with my new MTW. Just need to wait for lockdown to be over so I can get it filled.
  9. Well got mine today... Threw on a spare SopMod stock as the one supplied rattles to much. Attached some Mlok bits and threw on a old tracer unit. (New suppressor coming next week) Also need to attach the Wolverine Filtered grip line as well...but seems easy to do. (Bought x2 by accident..oh well) I do have a tiny bit of wobble with the upper/lower...but I heard a magic pin will sort this out. Just can't get over how light it is...
  10. I asked High Pressure Airsoft about my mates ARP9 and converting that to HPA...they said it would cost £40 to install and test. (He would have to supply the engine or buy one from them...but £40 for fitting etc..not bad) Maybe worth getting the pro's to do it for you? (The ARP has shit itself so many times...my mate wants to HPA it..lol)
  11. Hypnosis...that's a sweet looking setup. I'd keep the rail, looks pretty dang good. Oh..i've just bought a MTW as well..and a few other things... MTW Carbine + Phoenix Hop + spare feed tube & retention clip (In case I break them when maybe changing the rubber/bucking) Shark 48cl tank with Storm regulator Wolverine Filtered grip with Amped wide bore 42" line. 6 Mags 7ltr Scuba tank with fill line. Quite expensive...but hopefully worth it. Was thinking about the Forged Milspec, but put off by the single fire only option wi
  12. Thankgod it's gone.... I left the group as the most common post was about "best antifog goggles/glasses"... I first started to reply with some wisdom..but when you keep seeing new posts about the same thing and people can't be bothered to check previous posts...Ugh.
  13. Well was just about to spend over £1k today on a HPA setup with High Pressure Airsoft..but their website isn't working and they are not responding to messages or phone calls...oh well, least I ain't in a rush now seeing as we can't play for next 2 months...

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      What ye get? 1k sounds like fusion territory.....

    3. Steveocee


      HPA club is pronounced "eee-leeeeet" club

      First rule of HPA club - look down on AEG peasants

      Second rule of HPA club - laugh at gas peasant inconsistencies

    4. Monkman


      Wolverine MTW.. :)


      I will be looking to part ways with some of my AEG's now I think..but keeping my recoils..as they is too much fun.

  14. Congrats...I'm just waiting to make sure my Bonus is in my paypacket and I'm pulling the trigger as well..
  15. I would move up to 0.28's at least as a minimum...and defo would recommend a Bullgear hop unit, (Do not lose the O-ring from the A&K Hop unit as the Bullgear does not come with one) as I got a one in my A&K Mk46. I also use a Bullgear boxmag as ones that come with A&K are wank. Bullgear does not use flexible tubes or cheap plastic internals. I have had x2 Large box mags and x2 small nutsack boxmags to go with my A&K and all have died, some on the same gameday.. Also have flat hopped my Mk46 with prommie purple in the hop unit. Just google Bullgear box mags, £138
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