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  1. Just got back from NPF Bassetts Pole..God I ache. :)  Rebuilt G&G ran great..TM SopMod ran great and Bolt M16A4 recoil was insane and lots of fun....

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    2. Monkman


      Never heard of it until yesterday...may have a butchers. :)  Cheers...

    3. osteoshot


      Best place Ive been to in the West Midlands. Hilly terrain so legs can ache a bit after a 3 month break.


    4. lukeB


      I still need to try Stormforce. 

      I've been to NPF once at the start of the year, was good for sniping.

  2. Gun back from Luke @ Negative Airsoft (G&G Tr4-18) New cylinder New shell (Was cracked) New gears & shimmed (Replacement gears were already worn) New rotary hop unit (Still got my prommie flathop in it) + few other bits & bobs he's done to get it running sweet again. Basically it's a new gun. Looking forward to playing with it this Saturday. (Mainly my CQB gun, but still wanna run it outside)
  3. As a Gear whore, I have a WARRIOR DCS plate carrier, a replica CIRAS plate carrier, a CONDOR chest rig and a full molle Tac-vest. Mainly I decide what I'm going to run for the day and usually tailor each carrier to the gun and how I want to play. In hot weather the chest rig is king..it's light weight and comfy, same as the Tac-vest. The plate carriers I use the WARRIOR for CQB mainly and i've yet to run the CIRAS due to COVID. With the plate carrier's & chest rig I also run x2 different warbelt setups. (One a WARRIOR another a Repo) Belt setups are very handy and comfy if you buy a good one.
  4. Things i've purchased over the last few weeks of COVID19 lockdown. Replica CIRAS Woodland plate carrier & mag pouches etc.. Travail 4.5kg training plates Tru-Spec M81 combat top (All the way from America) One-Tigris warbelt + bits & bobs added to it. (I already have a Multicam WARRIOR belt as well) Amazon special Red dot sight (for my Vortex Strike Eagle) **Just gotta cure the mag problem with the ICS (Won't feed bb's from full mags) + BOLT M16A4 with replica ACOG + Bayonet for giggles..
  5. What does the insurance company actually cover? Never really thought about that before...just curious, as you sign a waiver to accept you may get injured etc... (I admit I can't remember anything on the waiver I normally sign)
  6. I'd get some spare o-rings for it. Mine's never worked more than a couple of times before it starts leaking gas. I spoke with a ASG rep who said they had issues with certain batches. Some people I know seem to have no issue though. Hit & miss... Moved onto BFG's now anyway.
  7. Just bought some Travail training plates...  Gonna play dress up next week. :)

    1. BibbsOnTour


      Quality stuff mate. Jut @ Travail is a top bloke👍

  8. Been shot in the balls a few times...only once did it really hurt..to the point I felt sick. Fucking Snipers!!!
  9. Admitted defeat...I am not a tech.  of to a pro instead.. :)

    1. rocketdogbert


      Lol, what you broke?

    2. Monkman


      G&G...was running @ 34fps, then 260fps something not right with it.  Took it apart, cleaned, regreased, new spring..got up to 300fps, but still running rough.  New parts (Bushings etc ordered but still rough and noticed stripped piston teeth)  So rather than take it all apart again, off it goes to get a proper look at)

    3. rocketdogbert


      Fair enough, that’s AEG’s for ya, little buggers

  10. Screw in pistolgrip of rifle rounded off.. Grrr!  Need to figure out how to get it out.  (Tried glue/rubber band)  Hard to dremel as recessed in pistol grip.  :(

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    2. Skara



    3. Monkman


      I used Gorilla glue and let it sit for 24hrs...But didnt' work.  I think I may need to get physical and bring some brute force to it.  Good thing I bought a new gun the other week. :)

    4. Skara


      My last reply still stands ;)

  11. I can't stop buying shit... :)

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    2. EDcase


      Yep, its hard to resist when there isn't much to do

    3. Skara


      Luckily I had to renew car and scooter insurance this week.

      Otherwise I would have bought more stuff.

    4. Joe9113


      I have to admit I must have spent over a grand this week on a new dmr loadout, and the mrs hasn't said a thing, I think it might be a test ha


  12. Ordered a top from America, hoping to get away with customs charge... Nope, email from Royal Mail. Customs charge will be applied.... Why when I buy from China, i've never paid anything ever in customs charge? 

    1. rocketdogbert


      That’s because pretty much Chinese exporters under declare the value

    2. hitmanNo2


      I think I can count on one hand the times something from the US has come through without a charge.  Always assume there will be a charge with stuff from the US.

    3. Monkman


      Yep, was hoping this time would be different...lol (Probably charge me same what I paid for the item) :)

  13. Ok, got the Deans connector on and it seems to like running on 11.1's not 7.4's. Rifle is only shooting semi-automatic for some reason, flick to Full Auto and nothing, stays on semi...but this is fine as It's running @ 420fps on 0.2's. Below is a pic of the hop set for 0.2 and showing just over 400fps. I was thinking yesterday about how to set it to single shot only, so I guess something inside the gun made the choice for me. I really need some open space though to run .28's & .3's through it though. The recoil is brutal for an AEG, stronger than my TM Sopmod.
  14. Well a while ago I was trying to figure out if I should get a TM Recoil or a Bolt Recoil... Bought the TM Sopmod recoil and love it...but due to the COVID19 and saving money...got the Bolt M16A4 I also wanted.. (Going for the USMC look, Got the GBASE repo ACOG from Firesupport and threw on my spare Gripod and one of my PEQ-15's....all to go with my M81 look)
  15. Anyone know where I can get some o-rings for a A&K Mk46/M249 hop unit... Also trying to find a replacement front site as I kinda knocked mine off. :(

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