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  1. Good day airsofting..NV in abundance by quite a few guys as well..lots of Tracer's and Mk5's etc...Loved using my BFG with 9mm blanks for the first time..bloody loud! (Took out 7 people with one rolled grenade)

  2. How about a variable optic? x1 - x6 Some nice repo's and real steel not very expensive either. (Run a vortex strike eagle personally on my short barrelled 416 and it's great)
  3. I don't know anyone who has a licence....
  4. Good night outside playing @ West Midlands Airsoft.  Rocking the 'Nods' and had a blast.  Was quite surprised when the 'Airsoft Aciton' guys turned up...to do their own thing, then they joined in the games later.

  5. I have a Gen2+ and it's much better than my Mk1 Eyeball.. I currently use it in Drakelow tunnels, it does not make me invincible or anything, but does help quite a bit. (Using IR illumination) One problem is establishing friend or Foe. I'd like to try it outside in a game, and I was going to play at Midlands Airsoft night game last Thursday, but due to bad traffic on M5/M6 in the afternoon I got stuck and just came home. I'm on the fence about milsim as my mates are all skirmishers and not interested in it. (Trying to get them to skirmish is a challenge in itself sometimes..if it's raining, it's game over for them..pussies!) I can see the obvious benefits of Gen3's and a few guys let me try them out, Autogating, wider field of view and much better image quality etc...but the cost is just a bit too much. I'm well happy with my Gen2+...
  6. I went with the FLIR (Armasight) Sirius SD Gen2+ which was about £1300. They haven't got any atm...and currently what I see they have on offer is not as much as what they normally offer, but their stock changes all the time. I've heard the COBRA's are very good as well. (Russian tubes I believe)
  7. Do what I did..buy a Gen2+ on finance....is quite affordable. https://www.scottcountry.co.uk/night-vision/monoculars/
  8. Bullgear Hop unit installed in Mk46...and Maxx Pro CNC hop unit with lots of shiny bits to go in the ICS MARS Carbine...just need a weekend free to test and play...That's near end of Sept then! Damn work rota's..lol

  9. Got the Bullgear Hop-up for my A&K Mk46 Machine Gun. Nice of them to include some tiny Haribo. Only problem is the unit does not come with an o-ring to secure the hop adjustment wheel..and the o-ring one on my standard A&K hopup snapped. I've no idea what size or where to get one, other than wandering around B&Q I guess. Anyone got any ideas?
  10. It's USB rechargeable unit...it's very nice. (Above is how I fitter it)
  11. ACETECH Lighter S (Hidden inside the suppressor)
  12. Monkman

    Upgrade M249

    I have a A&K Mk46 (basically a M249) and I am waiting on a Bullgear Hop-up to arrive from these guys. https://www.begadi.com/tuning-internals/aeg-rifles/hopup-units-systeme/bullgear-m249-cnc-alu-hopup-unit.html There is also the Airsoft Pro from these guys...(but it's out of stock) https://airsoftpro.cz/en/gun-parts-upgrade/aeg-inner-parts-upgrade/chambers-barrel-locks/hop-up-chambers-for-others/kompletni-cnc-hopup-komora-a-tryska-pro-m249-detail Asomodai put me on to them as trying to find hop-up upgrades in the UK is limited. So I bought the Bullgear from a shop in Germany. (Won't be able to test it out until september) I may also upgrade the barrel as well..but will see how the new hopup with prommy purple bucking goes first.
  13. Anyone know where I could find a upgraded Hopup unit for a A&K M249?  Bullgear seems the popular one, but can't find any in stock anywhere.... :)_

    1. Asomodai


      Begadi has one in stock. 


      Otherwise Airsoftpro does one.

    2. Monkman


      Many thanks..

  14. First time playing in 3 months since my op...bugger me i'm fooked.  lol..was a great day though.  :)

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    2. StayOnTarget


      Druid beat me to it,well done mucka,was the Pew Pew good for you? 🖖

    3. Monkman


      Oh yes...funny moment, walked up behind player on the enemy team...pitch black, I had my nods on..whispered in his ear and he almost shit himself.  lol we both had a good laugh.

    4. StayOnTarget


      Thats pretty fuckin ninja! 🧕 (couldnt find ninja emoji) 

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