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  1. 6.03mm Steel barrel I believe and the hop unit is a standard dial hop unit, not as good as rotary hop units. It's ok, but nothing special. I find the standard hop units a bit fiddly when trying to flathop, as you have to remove more parts than the rotary style hopunits...but there are plenty of vids on youtube on how to take the hop unit apart and modify it.... I learned a lot by taking my gun apart. It was a good starting gun, but that was 2 years ago...a lot better starter guns out there. I wouldn't spend to much money on trying to upgrade it...better to save your money and buy a mid-tier pew pew.
  2. Before my Nuprol Delta Sopmod died.... I put a Prommy Purple in it, but modified it so I could flathop it. Ran great on .28's before the gun died and moved onto something else. (ICS..G&G and now TM) Going to put that Prommy Purple & Flathop nub in the TM this weekend and see what happens.
  3. I run a Vortex Strike Eagle on my Sopmod...really adds to the weight. Collecting my Prommy barrel from the post office tomorrow, so with that I have had this bottle of RZR .3's sat unused for months..can't wait to try it out on the Sopmod. Post a pic when u can..
  4. Place I play at is "Banded" vs "Black"... Banded and Non-banded sound too similar. But that's underground where you can't see shit....so you see someone, shout out for identification..if they answer. Shoot anyway!
  5. Bit surprised the fake ammo belt is of crap quality..considering it's £99 for it by itself. Also read about the dovetail mag issues from the ATRG blog. I run a A&K Mk46..only thing i've upgraded on it, is putting a Bullgear hop-unit in it. One thing which pisses me off about A&K is that I'm always getting small screws fall out. (Need to have a loctite session one night I think) and the god awful box mags. I just repaired the large box mag and gave up on the smaller one. (Stopped working for whatever reason) Would love to own & run a 'recoil' LMG, as the amount of fun I have with mine (when it works) is awesome...but my god it's expensive. I've seen on some pics the muzzle brake has a suppressor cutout, so won't be long then for "Sunny" impression loadouts from Seal team 6.
  6. Monkman

    THE TM MWS thread

    Just bought a TM recoil SOPMOD.... But damn..that's a nice price!
  7. All ready for tomorrow in the Tunnels... Time to get my freak on!
  8. I have both the standalone & Helmet version. (Mine are two years old, I think they are on MOD2 or MOD3 now) **I love them, sound amplification is such a game changer and also protection from Pyro in CQB helps... Be aware some peeps have issues with the PTT. With the Earmor PTT Kenwood lead. (Assuming your going to get a Baofeng UV5R radio) There is a simple mod you can do as sometimes when pushing the PTT you won't transmit. (See the video below.... **Top comment also has a fix) Someone else showed me what to do in person. I just shaved a little off and boom worked fine! ***My mate though, his worked fine without any mods..so could've been a batch issue...don't know what the more up to date PTT kenwood connector cables are like though)
  9. We got one of our friends to drop some dollar, so he's just starting out in Airsoft. He's bought a very nice looking SPECNA M4 (Can't remember which model...but it's front rails are Mlok and bronze.) Very tidy and quite impressed with it. Not bad for £230 tbh... Gonna borrow it next sunday and have a play with it. Thanks for the review..interesting read.
  10. Yep, pissed it down Sat..so site was a tad muddy....but lovely sunny day. (I can't see the leather of my boots for the mud) No running around like a loon as very slippery...but still nice to get out and pew. Sorry you couldn't play fella... ☹️
  11. Ran the TM SOPMOD all day today...I'm not blown away by it.  Apart from the recoil (which is nice) I'm not seeing anything about it that's better than my G&G & ICS guns atm...  One thing I did notice, the recoil uses a lot of juice.. My 2600 Mah 7.4 Titan battery ran out by the last game.  😮


    Going to run it again next weekend.  Will break it down and give it a good clean as well..(Didn't even check the barrel)

    1. EvilMonkee


      *Enlightment has dawned on this Padawan* 


    2. AK47frizzle


      Recoils are overrated :))) People buy them because they want a good gun they dont want to touch on the inside. Literally a cheapo cyma with an upgraded hop and barrel will outperform it. Especially, if it's a maxx chamber (took mine out for a spin today, was epic af)

    3. Monkman


      Once I fix my ICS (again) it has a MAXX hop unit in it...will be interesting to compare the two.

  12. Just picked up my repaired G&G (New gears, motor, spring, short stroked piston, nozzle, prommy purple)  Runs sweet as a nut and very crisp responsive trigger....and the TM M4 Sopmod turns up tomorrow as well...  Really looking forward to Sunday! :)

    1. Monkman


      Just one of the gears... Ooops.


    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      was that one of the gears that came out or one of the ones that went in?

    3. Monkman


      came out

  13. Revision Anti-fog wipes...ever since I was given one I have never stopped using them! I bulk buy them from Ebay and always take a load with me and hand them out to people I see who are fogging up badly on game days....and it really works. (WOn't stop sweat mind you..but I never ever fog up) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Revision-Anti-Fog-Cloth-Wipes-Choose-Quantity-Required/292007864217?hash=item43fd066799:m:mJ87guBQIMvD33sKkx_Rhgw I also use Revision goggles & glasses as well...can't beat quality military gear. (All sourced from ebay)
  14. I've been running a stock G&G GT Advanced TGM Q6 SD6 Blowback for about a year. I use it only for CQB and it's my go to for sneaking around in the dark gun. The only problem is that fire selector switch fell off in one game, so had to buy a replacement. Been running with no issues on 11.1's as well so far, has good range and I use .28 tracers in it as well. (I've put a tracer unit inside the suppressor)
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