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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 14 hours

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    Need co2 mags for my we g17. As many as possible.


  2. I really like buying exotic and cool looking weapons. I tell myself that "THIS WILL BE THE ULTIMATE DISPLAY PIECE ETC ETC YADA YADA". But, in the end, that never works out; I don't keep guns that serve no purpose. I still really like exotic and wacky setups. However, if my aeg simply does better, there's no reason to have it. There just has to be a specific role for it that my aeg cannot do.
  3. It's been there for a while. But, there's nowhere to buy them all this time. Maybe they haven't been released yet? Knowing king arms, it's probably decent and better than we.
  4. Time Left: 4 days and 3 hours

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    Can't believe I still had these lying around. New and unused. Price includes postage.


  5. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2075671 I can print one for you.
  6. Can vouch for the king arms pdw. It's a fucking great gun for the price. Can use cyma mp5 mags too.
  7. Oh, as in himself sending it, yes parcelforce. I thought he was asking couriers that send to him after buying from a retailer. Dpd and ukmail send rifs when bought from a website like airsoftworld and patrolbase so idk.
  8. From my experience, dpd and ukmail.
  9. 11.1v + 13:1 gears + 22 tpa motor = 30 rps, GG Mosfet as well if you haven't got one already. Though, I think the king arms has one built in already?

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    Really well built high-quality rifle that is easy to disassemble and manage. Has a bolt lock for easy hop adjustment and unlocks the gearbox when switched to safe. Has been taken once to a skirmish to test, and it performed brilliantly. Has been upgraded with SHS 16:1 gears SHS high torque motor ZCI 340mm steel barrel Maple Leaf 50 degree bucking Also comes with 3 high cap magazines. FPS is around 290 with a 0.25g. Collection in Edinburgh only. Otherwise, postage will be £15 via Parcelforce 48hr. Feel free to ask for more info.


  11. People who ask for lowest price right off the bat deserve a place in hell.

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    2. Musica


      but then people complain that your not negotiating with them and won't buy on principle. People like to "get a deal" i.e pay less than the price tag shows to the "public" 

    3. AK47frizzle


      I counter it with "Well, what do you want to pay for it?". Normally, it goes ok after that.

    4. TheFull9


      Years ago it was always "will you take X?", with X being a small percentage less than the asked price, that was fine, happy with that, always made for good transactions.


      This "what  will you take?" is annoying af.  If I wanted to take less than the price I've advertised, I'd have advertised at a lower price initially to expedite the sale.  The quoted price is what I would like to get, if you want to make an offer I can consider it and if it's reasonable more than likely accept it.

  12. Printed a noveske kfh ampkifier :))))))))))
  13. AK47frizzle

    tm Mk23

    Buy an stti mk23 and get hadron and maple leaf upgrades. Should be less than 100. I'm going that route atm alongside a 3d printed carbine kit for it.
  14. Omfg I have the power to print 3d kits for guns. Making an mk23 dmr.

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    2. Immortal


      Nice, I've been printing all sorts lately. Addictive once you start!

    3. Albiscuit


      Do me a scorpion evo stock adapter and I will be forever grateful, and willing to exchange beer tokens too :P  

    4. AK47frizzle


      I actually can if you want. There's a plate here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2905877


      If I modify the file and add a m4 buffer at the end of it, gg


    • For sale
    • Used

    Bolt BRSS M4 with electric recoil. Receiver has had a crack at the back. This has been repaired with epoxy as seen in the pictures. It has: Madbull Noveske 12.658 inch rail 340mm zci steel barrel Zci rotary hop Maple Leaf 50 degree bucking Internal suppressor Comes with 1 mid cap pmag and 1 high cap. Postage is £15 via Parcelforce 48hr.


    - GB

  16. Mind taking more pics of different angles? Or even inside the gun? Looks like a broken piece.
  17. I think you've way overcomplicated your build. You don't need to swiss cheese or do anything special for ssg builds 30 rps or under. Just: aoe correction, 13:1 gears, 22 tpa motor, and an 11.1v does the trick. I'm running an m100 spring here with no pme at all. But, i'm also using an all-plastic piston. Good plastic pistons are a lot stronger than you think. I have another build at 35 rps with an 11.1v and m100 spring with no pme with an shs 14t. Do you have any video tests? You prolly stripped gears due to shimming issues.
  18. why do people paint black onto a black gun....???? I went one of the worst paint clean-ups ever.

    1. Rogerborg


      To cover up damage from removing two-tone?  That is weird though.

    2. Nick G

      Nick G

      Depends on the context, could be to cover a 2 tone or damage or could be for uniformity. My 119A2 build uses parts from several different manufacturers so in order to make the upper look like one piece I painted the Cyma upper and the Angry gun front to make sure they are the same black.

  19. Secutor have made a CO2 rmr hicapa that is tm compatible. Whelp, time to switch?

  20. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    An incredibly well-performing gun built by myself. "Looks like a Krytac", as someone once told me in a game. Externals: PTS Mega Arms 12 inch wedge lock rail Madbull Noveske Gen III AEG body Clone MBUS sights Emod stock Ambidextrous mag release Outer barrel of unknown brand, has a funnel at the end which gives it a pop sound Socom Gear Lancer L5 180 rnd magazines x4 Internals: ZCI 340mm steel inner barrel ZCI rotary hop chamber Maple leaf 50 degree bucking Omega nub King Arms gearbox King Arms Gearbox Internals: SHS everything, including 13:1 gears and high torque motor. G&G ETU mosfet Has a blistering rate of fire of around 35 rps with an 11.1v battery. Though, I'd recommend 7.4v as the L5 magazines don't always keep up with the rate of fire when past halfway. Current FPS is around 290 with a 0.25g. Collection in Edinburgh only. Otherwise, postage will be £15 via Parcelforce 48hr. Feel free to ask for pics or tests.


    - GB

  21. AK47frizzle

    TM MP5K

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Selling on behalf of a friend as parts. This is a non-working TM MP5K with a TM body and a cyma gearbox. The gearbox hasn't seen much use. It also comes with a standard nuprol long type motor. Parts that are missing/non-working: C-clip for the hop chamber Selector switch One of the rear pins as seen in the pictures Gearbox wiring Also included is a bag with parts that are mostly for the MP5K which contains two sets of the wiring for the gearbox: tamiya, and deans. These should be very simple and straightforward fixes. Price includes postage.


    - GB

  22. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Barely used (not even seen one full mag) King Arms 1911. Excellent construction and good tolerances compared to other 1911s. The thin mags just aren't for me. Comes with original box. Price includes postage via Parcelforce 48hr


    - GB

  23. Post office boxes, amazon delivery boxes, royal mail boxes etc. I keep most boxes I receive from deliveries because you never know when you might need it. And just use lots of loose bubble wrap.
  24. Found out a crucial problem. It does not take these style hop units very well: The stock king arms one looks very similar to this: The reason why prowin style does not work very well is that the magazine can move back and forth a bit in the mag well. If it is fully rocked backwards, the bbs don't feed properly and results in low fps - I was wondering why I had 100-150 fps on a 0.25g sometimes after installing one of those. The reason why the stock one works is that the square base plate at the bottom of the hop sits lower compared to the prowin style. It is also wider which limits the rocking too. I guess the solution is just to leave it unless you are buying an upgraded version of the same style. I personally prefer the rotary system of the prowin style. However, I guess I will have to settle with this. Mine currently works like this after upgrades: 30 rps fuuuuunnnn
  25. That's a gen 3, just letting you know
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