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  1. Making a 3d printed AEG kedr kit using a V3 and ak parts. This gon be gud

  2. I've given up on it for now. I'm a co2 only person and I know we co2 mags shit themselves after a while and I do not want to experience that again. Kjw co2 mags are better but no hammer spring on this earth currently can strike those valves hard enough to produce the expected output.
  3. Wew, after deleting like 100 attachments, I can finally post one again. Remade my cz grips and base to look more slick: Have a banding problem on my printer atm so i gotta sort that out
  4. 160mb over my 100mb limit? Did something change? Time to delete my history I guess :[

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    2. Asomodai


      @EDcase I think were talking about the AFUK attachments limit.

    3. EDcase
    4. Steveocee


      If it works anything like I expect, you just don't be able to add anything more until you come back under.

      Someone's cheaping out on the hosting!

  5. Time Left: 2 days and 17 hours

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    These are 9 high-quality test pieces of mine. They don't meet my high expectations but too good to just throw away. They all have 14mm ccw threads and fit well as shown in the pictures. Set consists of: 5 copper, 3 silver, and 1 gold. All printed in silk pla at a 0.1mm layer height and weigh 30g each. Each amplifier took 8+ hours to print. I also normally sell perfected ones at £20 each Price includes postage.


  6. Well, most people aren't buying atm, so it makes no sense for them to buy or hold stock that won't sell.
  7. No need. Just keep upgrading your cyma m4. If you have a decent hop and barrel, there is nothing else you will need because it will shoot the same as every other highly upgraded aeg out there. If you really want a suggestion, get the maxx hop up: https://www.bullseyecountrysport.co.uk/maxx-model-airsoft-cnc-hop-unit-me-pro-for-m-series-aeg-hop005pro-29755-p.asp
  8. It's not. I got it at a discount, otherwise it's $50 usd for the pro version and 220 for the ex version. Well worth it imo. An alternative is opencanvas on steam but that also costs money
  9. For drawing, I'd highly recommend clip studio paint instead. It's far superior and more intuitive to work with than photoshop.
  10. I'm just gonna ignore people who ask "what's your lowest price?" from now on. Rustles thy jimmies to the highest nth degree.

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    2. Rogerborg


      As with vehicle sales, I thank them for their interest and say that the lowest price is the one clearly displayed in the advert.


      Bear in mind that "Alice" can virtually haggle you down to £X, then "Bob" (who is definitely not Alice) rocks up later and starts trying to haggle downwards again from there, somehow mysteriously knowing that you'll accept £X as a worst case.

    3. DestrO


      i should stop using that phrase then LOL


      whenver i use it, i never mean it in a rude way, the opposite actually, trying to skip all the haggling bollocks.

    4. kasaran


      What i find it hard to fathom is how they always, and i mean always want to pay no postage.  if i wanted £10 less for the gun, i would price it as such.  its not like normal retailers do free postage (admitantly, some do over a set price, of which this is not).  maybe i should advertise things £15 more than what i would normally ask, so people feel they have won when all they did was haggle down to what i originally would price it.


      Thing is though, i am not desperate for money that i want the pennies they seem to want to pay, and owning a 3 bed house means i am not lacking for space either.  haggling for the sake of it only works if the seller is desperate

  11. mine was renewed in like........... august i think. So i'll be fine
  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Madbull steel bull barrel. Clean and in good condition. Price includes postage.


  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Good condition, high-quality gears. Price includes postage.


  14. Fed up of cz mags falling out of pouches? Fear no more. Designed to latch onto the cords of pouches that have them: Just need to make grips of the same colour to match. Also, further refined my amplifier to the point where you can't even tell if it's a 3d print anymore:
  15. Man the original cz75 (kjw) is so much better than the sp01 and shadow 2

  16. i'm not allowed 1 visit per 2 days wtf... and only max 15 wipes per trip??????? You have got to be shitting me
  17. Damn the warrior universal holster can even hold a desert eagle. I like this thing.

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    2. sonofsammo


      I've used it with my mk23, unmodified - in both left and right handed holsters...

      Just needs opening out a lot!

    3. Steveocee


      Best holster for an Mk23 I've come across is one of these


      About £15 on eBay normally.

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      if it can also hold a CT25 i will also be impressed.


      like how i was impressed that it fits in a makarov holster :P

  18. Then a hicapa is 100% the choice. More bbs in mag, less barrel tilt, more mods.
  19. I'd say hk45 tbh.... more comfy and wieldly than both imo.
  20. The kwc makarov is pretty sweet. Only draw back is high fps at 370 ish. Barrel and hop are also proprietary which isnt all that bad considering cqb distances but man this thing shoots in the cold damn well when I had it.
  21. Makarovs :)) And the ics korth prs. Dont know of anything else.
  22. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Was planning to use this but I will probably never touch it again now that I have other projects to work on. Not a single shot has been fired from this gun since I got it. Includes all the original contents. I have also included some 3d printed parts which are a top rail and a picatinny front end. Price includes postage.


  23. Well, the barrel isn't attached to the frame so the extra weight of a suppressor will cause friction against the slide. I don't know anybody who has a pistol from the cz line that isn't using co2. I will be joining too as I bought myself a co2 KP09 (cz75) today. Tired of hicapas and glocks.
  24. Well, that's why they're called techs and not airsoft engineers. You don't need an engineering background to be hired as a tech for anything either.
  25. AK47frizzle

    Ssp1 vs ssx23

    Unlucky i guess. All kjw mags ive had worked really well. I've had multiple 1911 and hi capa co2 mags from kjw and not had problems at all, except in the cold as expected.
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