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  1. While I admit that I had difficulties with this particular gun, you're just being much of an arse based off one example. One. There are no qualifications to be a tech; if you're good enough to be one, you can just be one right off the bat. And, a professional is someone that has an income based off what they do. These are the facts and that's just how it is whether you like that or not. My reputation is currently local and through word of mouth. I have fixed and passed on quite a few guns with no complaints so far. Yes, this G&G may end my positive streak, but are techs not allowed to make mistakes and learn from them? I've made around £1300 so far this month. No, that's not a huge six figure "pro" salary. But, I think that's pretty decent for an engineering student on summer break with a lot of spare time. Enough for rent...
  2. Yes, very much so. With a slipper. You know I'll have your address I've removed the labour cost and I think it is agreeable now. All those asg parts and titan do shoot the price far above the original gun's value. Will probably rework it again. But, as I said, this G&G gearbox is an anomaly...
  3. I know what a good gearbox should sound like and I have done better work in the past: This G&G gearbox, in particular, was more annoying than usual than your average v2 gearbox. The bevel gear was always too low no matter how it was set. I may retract the ad and work it again. I'm just being transparent with what I have done which is a rare thing these days.
  4. Rough prices: Gun: 320 airlab sorbo: 6 piston: 13 cylinder head: 12 ball bearings: 29 anti reversal latch: 6 16:1 gears: 40 gate titan: 76 motor: 50 zci chamber + barrel + maple leaf bucking + nub: 40 Add those up = 592 592 x magic number 0.7 = 414.4, 415 for ease. Am I allowed to have £50 labour cost for myself? £465. Parcelforce is £15. £480. This is how I arrived at this number. And, I am a tech. There are people who contact me to get their stuff done. And, the definition of being professional is being paid to do something. I'm allowed to say this piece has been professionally done. Maybe it needs more work. But, it still works very well.
  5. Time Left: 6 days and 4 hours

    • For sale
    • New

    Edit: currently reworking This is a brand new G&G TR4-18 that has been upgraded by myself. If you are looking for a gun that performs exceptionally well straight out of the box, this is it. This has not been skirmished. However, there are minor marks that could not be avoided from repeated assembly and disassembly. So, what has been done to it? Let's start with the gearbox: Complete degrease and regreased using Abbey LT2 Shimmed using ZCI shims AOE corrected, 2nd back tooth removed New 8mm Airlab 70D sorbothane pad installed New Viton green o-ring for a super tight airseal New ASG Ultimate piston New ASG Ultimate cylinder head New ASG Ultimate 8mm ceramic ball bearings New ASG Ultimate anti-reversal latch New ASG Ultimate 16:1 gears New GATE TITAN V2 Basic rear wired New Lonex motor connectors Reused ASG Ultimate Basic M140-M170 motor from another build Please note: All original parts that were replaced are included. Loose, small parts have been placed in a bubble wrap bag. The original TITAN motor connectors have been replaced with Lonex ones because they snapped off from repeated tests during the upgrading process. These have been soldered on and heat shrunk. During testing, the original G&G piston stripped from the high ROF load despite having correct AOE. This has been replaced with an ASG Ultimate one. Subsequently, the cylinder head has been replaced to match. The original piston and cylinder do have a Viton o-ring and an Airlab sorbothane pad installed which can be reused for your own builds. The forward assist feature does not work anymore with the new anti-reversal latch. However, it is not needed as the TITAN module sets the piston to the same neutral position every time. The pneumatic blowback function has been preserved as it is still pretty cool to have. Overall, some high pitched gear whine is still audible. It is the best I could do with the tolerances of the stock G&G gearbox at this time. However, it is still vastly better than stock performance. The TITAN module offers a wide array of features. Most notably: inbuilt mosfet, better trigger, and low battery detection. It also simplifies the gearbox by removing the cut off lever and safety locks. Overall, this module vastly improves the quality of function. Next is the hop unit: New ZCI plastic M4 rotary hop chamber New ZCI 363mm 6.02 steel barrel New Maple Leaf 50 Degree Macaron bucking New Maple Leaf Omega Nub I use the exact same hop set in almost all my personal guns and they all average 60-70m in range. This is a firing test recorded just after being completed: This gun currently fires at 280 FPS with 0.25g BBS. This equates to roughly 0.9 Joules and is perfectly adequate for all kinds of fields and CQB. The test was done with a half-charged 7.4v 1300mAH 25C battery and it can achieve 22 RPS on a full charge. The original box and its contents are all included. Comes with only 1 mag - the original hi cap. It feeds flawlessly as seen in the video. It also comes with a vertical grip for 20mm rails. £430 posted with Parcelforce 48hr. £415 collected within Edinburgh.


    - GB

  6. Oh, no. You'll need this: https://www.ak2m4.co.uk/maple-leaf-nub?search=maple leaf nub Either the plastic and metal chambers will be fine. But, they don't come with nubs. I guess you still have your G&G one. However, it's not nearly as good at this maple leaf nub
  7. Instead, go for this: https://www.ak2m4.co.uk/maple-leaf-macaron-50-aeg?search=macaron (the yellow 60 is preferable, but they don't have it in stock atm) Personally, i'd go for the plastic version: https://www.ak2m4.co.uk/zci-prowin-style-hopup-chamber-plastic-m4?search=zci hop Because it can flex and is easier to mod to fit different buckings/chambers if the sizes are a bit off. Though, there is nothing wrong with the metal version if you want something solid.
  8. So, to change the spring on a TM recoil, Eagle6 will charge you £83. That's beyond ridiculous. Somebody please justify that for me.

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    2. Chopper92


      And the second-hand price of said 'fully upgraded' rifles goes up by another 150-200 it seems @Rogerborg 😂.

    3. EvilMonkee


      Tokyo Marui AEG hype train - overpriced plastic tat.  Now their GBBRs.......

    4. StayOnTarget


      If you'd looked up eagle6 on this forum you wouldn't have wasted your time,why are you changing the spring?

      I do think TM aeg's are overpriced but at the same time they are damn good out the box(until they get opened up then they seem to become money pits)

      Now their pistols are very good,I have their G17 and MK23(the only thing I've done is straw hop them) I'll never use anything else.

      Hopefully in the future I'll come across their GBBRs as I've heard nothing but good things about them

      Please bare in mind folks I'm not here to offend,what I like is what I like and its the same for you too 🖖

  9. Not a quick change, but super high quality: https://www.bullseyecountrysport.co.uk/ultimate-gearbox-version-3-with-8mm-bushings-7149-p.asp] I own the v2 version and it's super good.
  10. Looking to get one myself within the next week or two. It does have a mosfet, and it is all plastic, even the rail. I assume it has an m4 hop unit.
  11. I don't get it. G&G gears are to impossible shim; they always sit too damn high.

    1. Prisce


      Can’t say I have had this issue. Firehawk and CM16 where easy enough.

    2. AK47frizzle


      I've replaced them with asg ultimate ones. Works soooo much better. Tuning a G&G blowback gearbox and the bevel and pinion do not mesh well together, at all.

    3. AK47frizzle


      WOW. My gate titan stopped working properly for 2 hours only to find out that the cause was a small tiny spec of black grease on one of the sensors....

  12. Time Left: 3 days and 18 hours

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Got an old AEG that you told yourself you were going to fix a long time ago, but can't be arsed doing it and is now collecting dust? I'll happily take them and bring them back to life. Send me the details and i'll see if I want them. Doesn't matter how broken it is, just hit me up; never hurts to ask.


    - GB

  13. IMO, it's not a good idea to play with the idea that everyone else is going to play like garbage. Sure, there are a lot of shit rentals that don't know what they are doing. But, I don't think it's fun or competitive to solely bash on these kids that don't know any better. Should always assume the worst imo.
  14. Time Left: 2 days and 21 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    For sale is my Secutor Rudis Acta Non Verba CO2 1911 in Stone. Externally, it is still excellent after 2 skirmishes. It has been the most reliable pistol I've ever owned despite its shortcomings (used for an entire game day as main weapon with no problems). I am selling this because I want a different flavour of 1911. I did lose the front sight during one of the skirmish days. However, I ordered a replacement part off KJW and it is included, as seen in the pictures. Upgrades and parts: Pistol Maple Leaf chamber (arm, wheel, I-key) Maple Leaf 113mm 6.01 crazy jet barrel Maple Leaf 70 degree autobot bucking 2x MEU style KJW CO2 mags 3x regular KJW 1911 CO2 mags (larger base) 4x Nineball gas routers on 4 of the magazines Original box and its contents FPS is normally around 310-290 with a 0.25g. However, the first shot can shoot up to 325 fps with a 0.25g which may be over the joule limit of some sites. There is the original lower powered nozzle included if you need it to be guaranteed site legal. £220 posted with Parcelforce 48hr.


  15. If your site limit is 400-450 fps on 0.2g for a DMR, forget it. Because: the power difference just isn't big enough to give it a significant range/accuracy advantage over a regular auto aeg. let's say your dmr shoots 80- 90m? My custom aeg with ZCI hop, barrel and maple leaf macaron bucking and a flathop nub (£30-ish in total) will shoot 65-70m with a 0.25g. Competitively, someone with springy legs like me will cover that in 2-3 secs easily . You also don't have as much firepower to stop me from charging at you, and I also have 30rps spraying at you as I charge. It's only worth it if your site limit is 500 fps with a 0.2g like landwarrior. Because, then you reach into the 100m benchmark where the range advantage starts to become more apparent. But, most sites will only allow 500 fps on bolt actions. If an auto gun is what you've used for the longest time, sniping will be incredibly boring. But, not impossible to transition. What is wrong with your health though if you don't mind me asking? Is it something that is trainable to get you back up to speed?
  16. Christ. I go through 4k+ BBs every game day.

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    2. AK47frizzle


      Never said it was part of the objective. I'm saying it happens whether you want it to or not. I don't do it too much myself. But, when the opportunity arises, I'd likely be apart of it due to my competitive nature.

    3. Druid799


      But if it is happening then the marshals should be jumping on it like a ton of bricks , the two sites I regularly play at if there’s even a hint of camping they’ll investigate and if then needed they’ll sort it pronto .

    4. EvilMonkee


      You should for the benefit of the wider game as an intelligent airsofter, pull back and let the other team out from their spawn when you find yourself in those situations.  I have done and will continue to do so, instead of going Durrr, more kills....

  17. Some figures for the gas efficiency? Also, how are the co2 mags if any of you have used them?
  18. Oh, if you do get a we g17, a guarder or dynamic precision lightweight bbu will fit and make for very snappy slides.
  19. G17s are pretty much standard as far as sidearms go; they just work, but nothing to write home about. A green gas WE G17 with a maple leaf hop up chamber set is pretty much all you need to be set for life. Maybe a 9mm hammer bearing too. For co2, however, everything essential will need to be steel. Trust me, I've been to hell and back. Every aluminum/pot metal piece imaginable has broken before me, during games too.
  20. Time Left: 4 hours and 1 minute

    • For sale
    • Used

    For sale is my beautiful bullpup KC02. Unfortunately, this needs to go as I have more important things to invest in. Will probably get back into it at a later date. Here are all the goodies you get with it: SRU 3D printed KC02 bullpup kit KJW KC02 (originally two-tone) clone mbus gen 2 sights 1x gas mag 1x CO2 mag 5x unopened X22 purple magazine gaskets X22 TiSV valve (300-310 fps on 0.25g) Ready Fighter VSR conversion hop up chamber Rogueworx silver talon charging handle 2x Rogueworx PTFE pins 4x Rogueworx 3D printed barrel stabilizers I currently have 3x OEM KJW rails on the way, and I can send them when they arrive. The overall length is currently 59.5cm and weighs 2154g with a mag inside, 1731g without. There was an issue with the trigger at first: the trigger would not reset properly if you spammed the shots quickly. I have rectified this problem by cleverly tying a rubber band around a construction area which seamlessly fits into it. The brown rubber band does stick out. However, this is easily solved by using a black rubber band. £350 all in, including Parcelforce 48hr delivery.


  21. Anybody used a king arms predator tactical before? Insane prices on them at taiwangun atm: https://www.taiwangun.com/en/gas-4/predator-tactical-iron-shrike-1911-rail-darth-earth-king-arms?from=listing&campaign-id=15

    1. Druid799


      As you say the prices are certainly better on TG than you’d get over here , not had one my self but would be fair to expect them to be of a reasonable to good quality as KA’s other guns are on the whole bloody good ? 

    2. AK47frizzle


      They are tm compatible 1911s and can use co2 mags, much like the kjw kp07 meu. I'm defo gonna pick one up, along with the new king arms pdw sbr mlok, to compare. The real question is: tan or black?

    3. Druid799


      Tan end off ! 😁

  22. Na, I don't need fancy features. I just need something that works. Got the basic on the way today.
  23. Guys, timothyburn01 is a scammer. The typical oceanic photographer bullshit. The lack of grammar gave it away at the start.

    1. L3wisD



    2. Jedi_Master


      Another fraudster joins the pantheon of banned spammers

    3. Rogerborg
  24. It's a HFC m9: https://www.defconairsoft.co.uk/product/hfc-m9-gas-magazine/
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