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  1. Yea if you hit 300-ish fps (mine from LandWarrior goes 310) it double cycles on semi every few shots. I have literally same issue with my ICS guns that were downgraded to UK market tad bit too much. I run mine at 7.4v for now since I have more of these that fit the damn thing to begin with but after I get apropriate spring to get it to 345-350 range I would probably swap to 11.1v and see how it goes. For now it sometimes can lock up on semi if you spam the trigger - needs to swap into full auto, fire a burst and can go back to semi. With cutoff on empty I never know whether it locked up or jus
  2. So I've said a week ago that I can't buy anything anymore this month... well, I was wrong 😅 Classifieds and Prefired: ASG Dan Wesson 715 4'' (the one with RIS rail), 26 low power shells and leather belt with bullet loops ASG Scorpion EVO 3 2018 with 11.1v battery, 3 smoked mid caps, 1 black mid cap and 1 high cap, CNC trigger and 2020 mosfet upgrades, all packaged in dedicated soft-shell carrying EVO case Warfet with programming card wired in Warfet cut out from other gun as well as Viper pistol mag insert and pistol holster insert sleeves Co
  3. It has it's own mags - if you have loose pouch with flaps for m4/ak you can easily hold two inside, if it's tight mag pouch then I guess you're out of luck... that being said I hold my MP7 mags in M4 sleeves no problem - it's only a problem when mag is larger than the pouch Btw. mine arrived just now - the only thing different from stock is CNC trigger, otherwise stock performance on 11.1v Brrrrt - YouTube If you like MP5 new tacticool series from CYMA are GREAT straight out of the box. CM.041L Upgraded Version [CYMA] | Mini Review and 50m Test
  4. Funny that you mention that, this just arrived Brrrrt - YouTube
  5. If you're willing to dabble in 2nd hand market, you can fish out ICS MARS series M4s with SSS (or S3) mosfet in that price range. From personal experience they're quite good and really well built, they come with microswitch trigger and mosfet has the essential functions (auto to burst, pre-cocking, spring release on safe, self diagnostics and lipo protection cutoff, they all come with EBB which thankfully can be disabled. They work great out of the box, have real quick change spring system (due to split gearbox all you have to do is to pop the pin, open upper receiver, take out spring and put
  6. I will just throw things that I've seen on Classifieds that IMHO are good purchase - full disclaimer, I do not know any of these people. Brand new doesn't necessarily mean trouble free. Just remember to ALWAYS do transactions through PayPal and paying for product or service (NOT FAMILY AND FRIENDS), if someone wants a bank transfer - just avoid it. At 250gbp, 2018 version ASG CZ Scorpion EVO3 allegedly used only 2 times, with 2 batteries, extra mags and accesories is in my opinion a steal - brand new gun with 1 mag and no extras (which are 20gbp each give or take) sells for
  7. If you buy second-hand you don't really NEED UKARA - needless to say over the last 30 purchases via airsoft forums and prefired I've been asked for UKARA only twice... people generally don't care from what I've noticed. L85 kinda stinks (at least AEGs, gas one is pretty nice)... for some reason most AEG bullpups do. I only pulled the trigger on battered down ARES SOC-AR and it's a weighty chonker with some questionable ergonomics unless you're a leftie but it shoots like a dream and has crisp electronic trigger - I've heard good reviews of KelTec RDB too and intend of eventually ge
  8. Is that L85A2 love for the gun design, British patriotism or just like bullpups? Also what's your budget?
  9. Was on my first game since last year... holy shit I'm unfit as fuck from 6 months of being couch potato 😂


    Also Saturday game was pretty hardcore, my right arm alone looks like I stuffed it into angry hornet's nest...

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    2. Rogerborg


      I thought I'd got back in shape through cycling, but no, it's an entirely different set of muscles. And joints too, apparently.

    3. ziCk_


      Haha, yea that awkward moment when you rediscover muscles of which existence you werent previously aware... to be fair though for me aside from knees and hips (which I guess this is how I am at this point in life) got only massive muscleache in tighs. Needless to say right now I'm not on very good terms with stairs... or small inclines 🤣

    4. MiK


      I am dreading this coming Sunday - I will either die out on the field (with my boots on of course) whilst playing or wish I had indeed died come Monday morning !! 🥴

  10. Does anyone know of and can recommend indoor arena in Shropshire? (+- 30miles out of Shrewsbury at most, otherwise I will never make it in time...)

    My CQB arena got fucked over by constant lockdowns, they've opened barely before corona kicked off. I'm sad now :( 

  11. Quick update - they've made decision to close down Killhouse: last game will be at the end of June. Site originally opened in February just before corona kicked off and struggled due to constant lockdowns, restrictions and since business didn't exist for X months before lockdowns, they couldn't get govt help (at least that's my understanding, since my friend's business suffered for similar reasons). It's a real shame because that's the only site I could attend really due to work and distance so I guess I'm putting airsoft on indefinite hiatus

    • Wanted
    • Used or as new

    New, used, with accessories or without as long as not damaged and in working condition.


    Shrewsbury - GB

  13. Why such awesome offers show up ONLY after I go on a shopping spree and am broke?
  14. In that case I would grab ALL KWA Kris Vectors off the market, sounds like a great investment - they just keep going up in price
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