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  1. I got sacked from my job because l kept asking my customers whether they would prefer Smoking or Non-smoking. Apparently the correct terms are cremation and burial.
  2. It's true.... Slept through all my alarms and was anhour late for work the next morning. 😭 Thankfully it was me that had to administer the bollocking so it could have been worse. 😂
  3. His words were "its not fair you have a job that pays money. Why can't I get a job?" LOL. Poor fella. He didn't know I was in my office from 8:30 Monday morning to 3am Tuesday morning getting the end of year accounts ready for the accountant. Hence I treated myself this week.
  4. Could be interested indeed, but I might well invest in a couple nade pouches on eBay as there's a few that are the same as my kit already. 👍
  5. Will find out in half an hour when he gets back from school - unless of course he's reading this - because I know his user name on this forum LOL. Boy - you're not that clever!!!! 🤣 To be fair to him he has been spending a lot of time lately planning ways to make himself money. The current, genuinely good idea, is upcycling.
  6. I got into it because I was watching the lad have a wail of a time when I took him for a day, that I did a half day rental for the rest of the day, now its become a father/son thing..... Problem is I have adult money to buy my toys and he has to rely on windfalls of cash here and there for relatives. 😁
  7. Well, having once again spent more money than I planned on this sodding sport... I find I am going to be running effectively two platforms... M4 and SVU.. Sooo... I need some pouches to hold some SVU mags on my Mk IV Osprey Body armour. I'm wondering if the LMG pouches would fit the mags? Any suggestions appreciated. ------------------------------ Actually think I've answered this myself.... Found a grenade pouch in my spares box and they fit quite snugly.
  8. There is 20 x 30mm m5 bad boys in there 👍 Easy enough to trim them down to your 25mm.
  9. Carbon Steel Hex Socket Cap Screws, 723pcs Hex Head Bolt Nuts and Washers Assortment Kit with Wrench, M3 M4 M5 Replacement Bolt Nuts Set https://amzn.eu/d/jkSp2WR
  10. Cold pizza is just wrong. However, pineapple on a pepperoni pizza with a load of chilli flakes is awesome. You should try it 😜👍🍕
  11. Deans is just a better plug type than the normal mini Tamiya. Easy enough to change if your RIF doesn't come with one, but starting out its not thing to panic about. What RIF is best for you? I'm still a noob, so take my advice as such, but I have a Specna Arms Core SA C12 which has a MOSFET and has served me pretty well for both Woodland and CQB. Unless you have UKARA though you'll have to get a two tone. But that gun was sensibly priced (IMHO) and leaves you plenty for the rest of your kit. Don't forget a smart charger if you get LiPo batteries. Probably best to rent for a few games to get eligible for UKARA then you can spend money on a normal colour, plus you'll know better what style of play you want to go down. You might find you don't need a hand grip, but want to get a plate carrier and pouches. One thing I learnt the hard way is to not go cheap on the speedloaders. You'll only end up buying two or three cheap ones when you might as well have just got an Odin.
  12. Indeed. Someone wearing dark clothes moving carefully can be pretty stealthy compared to a large person in camo launching their way through the undergrowth at full pelt.
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