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  1. I've ordered a pair of 13M Iturri desert boots for myself.... Hopefully they'll come tomorrow for pewing Sunday.
  2. I'm trying not to criticise the US too much because I know the UK system is far from perfect.... FFS my dad is safety officer for his Clay shoot and he can't tell the teals from the specs in his vision 🤣. But at the same time I was genuinely emotional when I saw a video of a parent teaching her 5 year old what to do in the event of a school shooting and which way round to the put the body armour panel into her backpack. I mean - how fucked is a society where this is the norm and people think that having every Tom Dick and Harry armed to the teeth is anything other than a bad idea. Australia sorted their shit after Port Arthur and all their subsequent half dozen or so "mass shootings", bar one, have been people going nuts and shooting family members. Switzerland is a bit of an anomaly in that they still have conscription, which I think is a good idea, but are also a neutral country - their take on potential invasions is fairly unique. However, they average less than one mass shooting per year. We have only had nine since Dunblane and of those some didn't have any fatalities. They see the registration process as some form of infringement of their rights - not considering that they have to register and insure their cars. Well the non sov-cits anyway.
  3. The irony of making replicas harder to buy and use than the real thing.
  4. House was still standing this morning... Even after I converted the two l85s to Deans as well as the new 11.1 batteries. Although my mate who was being a second pair of hands got branded by my soldering iron 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Nice collection there dude..... I was pondering the l86 myself? I didn't know ics did a blowback L85.
  6. Ouch. Is it because you have them hanging with the handle touching the racks? I purposely hang mine charging handles out..... The boy's L85 handle is lose and always has been.... We have a Web page for a spare saved for when it happens 🤣
  7. There you go... All out 7.4s ranging from 1100 to 2700mAh getting put in storage voltage....
  8. Ooohhh. Where are these hiding in the Internet?
  9. This is an expensive hobby and shit breaks for the silliest of reasons. Trust is essential, but also why I am hopefully repair most issues... Although I think one of my gun's will always be beyond me.... Gradually getting to grips with the ics L85, especially as we have two in the collection.... Next up will be the boy's bolt action which has less range and accuracy than his Glock 17 🤣
  10. Interesting you say that because when his doesn't shoot, there is a much different click from the trigger. Bearing in mind that I had to remove the unit to get at the grip screw. I call BS 🤣😜
  11. I don't remember pewing you - but the boy says sorry not sorry for shooting you in the back three times. 😁😁🤣
  12. Holy shit balls - £120 for a motor..... Was kinda hoping for something nearer the £30 - £50 mark. LOL
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