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  1. As a secondary for a secondary, those pistol grip grenade moscart launchers can be really fun, you been spotted, that glock or mk23 is a good secondary but the grenade launcher is like the spanish inquisition, no one expects that 😀 ( just dont be a dick and open up close with a 40 mike) I had the cyma one when i was running a vsr + glock. Good fun
  2. For me it is when i love the look of a replica but the ergonomy does not work, Steyr Aug, i like bullpup, fn 2000 and p90 but sold the aug after two games, and the svd dragunov, it is 1m20 and i am 1m70 so really to bulky for me.

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    Hi, The MEU is stock apart from a Laylax nineball barrel ( 6.03) Comes with 2 short Marui Meu Mags ( it is compatible with 1911 mags,one of the short mag has a leak and one is still in original package and a 3rd one which has a leak at the bottom) 2 Marui long mags of 40 bb As seen on the picture, there are a couple of scratch on the slide as it as been skirmished. Shipping included Parcelforce 48hr to UK mainland postcode edit: correction of number of mags, 3 short



  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Selling my King Arms Black Rain Ordnance to finance a project It has been skirmished, i have put close up so you can see where there is light scratches ( so Used ONCE for EVERY bbs i shot at people, in total about 15-20 games 🙂 ) Currently shoots about 308 fps, the spring is quick change through the buffer tube ( no need to take the gearbox out of the receiver) Fully stock - i just replaced the hop up bucking - Standard V2 and hop up chamber Link with full description http://www.kingarms.com/product_detail.php?id=2670 Still have the different grips as well as the original hicap mag Price includes shipping with ParcelForce 48hrs to a UK mainland post code or collection in Hampshire ( additional pic and shooting video if you want )



  5. As I understand it, 1) you need no defense to own 2) the UKARA is a retailer thing, not a legal requirement, it is the retailer wanting something to prove that they did check A defense if something were to ever go to court. ( i do NOT advocate trying to bypass the ukara, especially because it shows we have a defense when buying). 3) We cannot be sure that it would even work until there is some precedent in court, and i honestly hope people are responsible enough that it does not come to that because we dont need the bad rep.
  6. How did you declare the content ? I also have a replica to ship to EU.
  7. Ares SR25 carbine version, cannot wait to skirmish that. Might send it to negative airsoft so he works the gearbox just for the lolz
  8. Marushin derringer? 😁
  9. Denim and flannel shirt with a t shirt under it if playing in urban areas ( quite warm so hydrate)
  10. Hello folks, I am looking to get a Bowman Headset for my radio, and I have been buying/replacing cheapos for some time because i like the idea of one ear only and having the boom mike. I would like advices on brands and experience, there does not seem to be a lot of reviews on comms headset and i dont mind paying a bit more to get quality, but i'd prefer to get your opinion before spending. So why do you like or hate the brand you are using ?
  11. Are you strongly disagreeing with my stong disagreement about your strong disagreement with my first disagreement ? Actually, i might have gotten mad without help, my first game was about 12 years ago, there were not much Youtube channel on airsoft, and i'm perfectly capable of being an idiot without anyone's assistance
  12. Gbb pistol only for a cqb is awesome, i prefer it actually, but there is a couple of huge advantages to using an MP7. Advantage 1: you have an excuse to buy a TM MP7, which is a cool looking replica, Advantage 2: you'll have a TM MP7, did i mention it is a cool looking replica ? If you want to run pistol only though, the trick is that you need to do a roll and shoot like in John Woo movie, just look at anything made by John Woo, as soon as you do a roll, you dont miss, and it magically adds 250 ammo in your mag
  13. @SkaraI get what you are saying, and i understand it is frustrating but i disagree. As a new player i got really pissed off at the cheaters until it got pointed out to me that no, i was just out of range. Some player took the time to explain to me the range, how to set the hop up, explained to me that you dont always feel it with all that stuff we know, but i didn't know then and that probably contributed to me continuing to play. @Adolf HamsterIn my case, i now stay away for teching my replicas, and i went back to aeg i'll do the hop/barrel assembly, but the rest, i prefer to go see a good tech, ends up costing me less money and aggravation and i dont mind helping local business. 🙂 ( i get that it is nice working on your own stuff, but i prefer spending the tech time on my road bike)
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