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  1. I kinda want to say, forget about the fps, you can get some very decent result at 350 fps with the right hop up and a quality barrel, because a quality hop up can lift .28 or even .30. And have a bit of fun with full auto. And 400£ will buy you quality.
  2. Anyone tried the T.N.T. Aps X barrels, I have always liked the result with Prometheus, but i am curious because i was gonna get a SRS through that skirmshop and they had those listed.
  3. The tea house scene is cool, but the hospital one is so much better imo. None of us will ever look as cool as when he shoots the bullet to open the door 😀 Try American Sniper or Act of Valor for operator movies just make sure to put American in front of Sniper or else you will find Sniper with Tom Berenger ( i liked the 1st one but i have an excuse, because i was a kid when i saw it 🙂 )
  4. @ImTriggerHappy Battery then trigger, it is so obvious now @igotfips Own 2 Krytac, no issue so far, they shoot well, upgrades or mods are not really necessary. I have a couple of mods planned just because I like to tinker with the replicas. be careful if you never modded, I lost a rifle because I didn't know what I was doing, had to change some parts I broke putting the gearbox back together, I would advise modding a cheapo or spare replica first, and not your main replica and there is a possibility that even if you don't break it, you will need to tweak your work a little bit, you don't want to show up to a skirmish with a gun that does not work or requires redoing the hop up assembly, etc... If this topic is to purchase your first replica and you do not yet have several rifles, don't worry, only a matter of time before you "need" to buy a second one, because of reasons, usual reason are: it looks different but cool, I totally need that specific version of that rifle, I need a short one and a longer replica, I saw this in the shop and i had money, etc .... ( anyone on the forum disagrees with that statement ? )
  5. Maybe try to track down second hand Tanaka, they look cool. performance wise, not the best. I think i saw Umarex seems to be making SAA as well, but I don't know much about these. ( might still get one though) I would like a CZ 75, very John Woo movies. Like @AK47frizzle said, stay away from 1911, this is the only time I have been disappointed by Marui. It shoots well enough, but the mag does not hold enough Gas 😞
  6. Give me the contact details for the artist that done that, i need one !! And I am allowed to like the Famas, I am French and I liked Call of Duty Black Ops 1 😛
  7. What he said, secondly don't try to stop your wife from finding out, instead, ask her jokingly how many she wanted to shoot you, and suggest that it is a possibility to see it live and even participate if she comes airsofting. How do you think I got my girlfriend to try airsoft? ( turns out she also likes shooting other people with bbs, so she keeps playing)
  8. Yes, it was me, I was a bit unhappy about that, first time I have the issue of store-bought being too hot with that shop. edit: And the guy doing the chrono test almost put the approved zip tie on the wrong replica, both of us like "wait a minute "
  9. For sure and everyone seemed to be having a good day. ( except for that one guy that left at noon ) MTP Multicam with od suspender and belt and my girlfriend was DPM and MTP with FG Krytac LVOA. That was us. Definitely gonna come back to this site, likely May 5th next time, pm if you guys are around that day.
  10. I agree to a point as I am not a very good shot tbh (even with real guns on a range actually) But I do need to mod for consistency, also I like the aspect of working on replicas, it feels more like MY replica if I modded it, less like something you just buy and after a bit trial and error I enjoy more if it shoots like i want it to ( don't know if that makes sense).
  11. Keymod and acogs, no reasons, just the look of them, can't, won't. Stey Aug ( now i love bullpup concept, would buy a famas if they ever make a good version of it, wanting an srs, and the aug is ergonomically good, I know that an upgraded Jing Gong Aug can perform really well, just would not consider spending money on an aug, dont know why)
  12. @Dentonboy Yellow team but I am colorblind, there may have been a green or orange team as well for all i know 😁
  13. @Dentonboy I know what you mean about the snipers, I was at that game as well, same, coming back after a small airsoft break, I'd say 70-80% of the multiple times I have been hit were by snipers. A really nice day even if I spent a lot of time running to and back from the spawn ( and when I say running I mean the first 3 or 4 times ) I am definitely gonna mod my KA m4, because I felt outgunned too ( currently stock). a bit and after someone let me have a test shot with their SRS Silverback, I am really thinking to save up for one of those.
  14. Looks cool, but not sure what loadout it would go with and i just can't picture a Napoleonic war skirmish milsim event with everyone in 2 battle lines. It does really look cool though.
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