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  1. Roughly few inches from your neck I think. In real world it supposed to protect your vital organs.
  2. Don't take it as a fact but I think because G45 is a glorified G19/X this one should fit: https://www.ehobbyasia.com/products/pro-arms-130-steel-recoil-spring-guide-rod-for-umarex-vfc-g19x-19-gen4 You could ask ehobbyasia but even if they say yes take it with a pinch of salt because they said TTI trigger would fit and it doesn't (few mm off). I've got a G45, too.
  3. Krisz

    glock 45

    VFC CO2 prices are ridiculous. If I'm into CO2 that much I'd buy an ASG Shadow CZ instead. Depends on the retailer. Some even warn you they will remove trades before they dispatch it.
  4. Krisz

    glock 45

    Neither me that's why I would never buy Krytac or an expensive TM AEG which doesn't even have a mosfet but preferences are subjective. You pay like 10 pounds more for a VFC Glock on average compared to a TM it's not a huge difference. A fully licensed product is gonna cost more for obvious reasons.
  5. Krisz

    glock 45

    Yeah you see I had TM pistols but never reached that point when a slide cracked because of green gas. It's not manufactured for it that's for sure. You can upgrade your TM pistol to make it less harmful but there is a reason I said stock TM. Same here altough I don't abuse my guns but maintain them properly.
  6. Krisz

    glock 45

    Yes, I agree. VFC isn't a shit brand in general though doesn't matter what people claim here. Every gun breaks eventually TM obviously has a proper QC and they make quality guns because of these reasons less likely you are gonna have bad experiences with the brand. I only bought my VFC Glock few months ago so I'm not gonna say it's never gonna break (it's gonna just matter of time) but I'm not biased. I buy and use everything doesn't matter what people say or claim anywhere on the internet especially when they are full of hatred. Ehobbyasia has literally everything. WGCShop used to be good before brexit but delivery became too expensive. MLEmart has a lot of VFC parts as well. These are just top of my head probably a lot more companies are involved. You can order almost anything from Hong Kong as standard delivery and roughly after waiting a week it should be in your letter box. Only saying because I do it regurarly.
  7. Krisz

    glock 45

    I'm a foreigner I can't be racist. 🤨
  8. Krisz

    glock 45

    Yes, TM is a good brand and everyone copies/copied them which tells a lot about their reputation in the airsoft world. But it doesn't mean they don't break or you can't better equipped gun for cheaper esp. if it's an aeg. On the internet you can't have your own thoughts because hive minded people are gonna tell you otherwise and mock you like you're some kind of imbecile. Some people live their life on this forum and act like they know everything and what they say is eternal truth. 😕
  9. Krisz

    glock 45

    Source: trust me bro. No one questioned TM reliability I said they are overpriced regarding what they offer in 2022. Some of them were designed 20-30 years ago and haven't changed since then. No innovation and yet hefty price tags.
  10. Skirmish CQB is an amazing site both players and marshalls are fantastic. I don't mind to drive 45-50 minutes to get there. Hell's Airsoft was extremely dusty last time I played so I wouldn't pay for that experience again.
  11. Hell's Airsoft is the only indoor site in Derby to my knowledge. Skirmish CQB in Kirkby-in-Ashfield shouldn't be that far from Nottingham.
  12. Krisz

    glock 45

    Tokyo Marui AEG's are overpriced in my opinion, so? You can buy better stock guns for less money. What overpriced is totally subjective to the person isn't it?. WE has a terrible reputation regarding reliability so doesn't matter if it's cheaper. Compare it to Tokyo Marui because they are in the same price range. If someone tells me a TM GBB pistol is more reliable than a VFC well yes I can accept that assuming you don't use propane on a stock TM.
  13. Krisz

    glock 45

    It's a glock 19 slide on a glock 17 frame. A bit more comfortable to draw even with tracer because of the shorter slide length. I don't know what you expect from the gun because internally nothing special but you can say the same about every stock glock in this price range.
  14. Anyone tried Gorilla Strike Airsoft in Earl Shilton and if so any good experience? Cheers
  15. Hm. I don't think you need any kind of real world training to get "better". Youtube has quite a lof of videos about this topic and the rest is up to you. Changing shoulders when you peak from your left side (if you are right handed) and trying to stay in cover/concealment whenever possible. Changing stances can help a lot you don't see to many people to crouch, sidestep or lying on their back/stomach (all of them situtional but always do what's unexpected to confuse your opponent). Speed and aggression are important and knowing the layout of your site helps a lot. Knowing cheeky angles always score some kills. Slicing the pie and aggressively peeking hard angles. I only play indoor nowadays and all of this comes naturally. Having a proper cardio can make a huge difference, too.
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