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  1. Tommikka

    Transporting Pyros

    If carrying small quantities then don’t worry about it - just be sensible If carrying larger quantities then keep them in the packaging they came in and handle appropriately for the quantity concerned If professionally / as part of a business then follow the regulation and abide by risk assessments and insurancd If privately but in a business / company vehicle then you may not be allowed or business handling etc could apply to the vehicle despite your private use Check out the various guides from Enola Gaye https://www.enolagaye.com/uk-pyrotechnic-storage-guidance-guidelines/
  2. The mod are not very keen on video and especially drones over current training areas. One site was almost lost to public use because a couple of guys ignored all instructions about videoing, also disregarded the second warning when one of them was caught - they then secretly continued to film because “the second guy wasn’t told to turn it off” and published on YouTube This was at a time of particular high security and a shit storm ensued - resolved only because of the fast action by the event organisers and getting the videos pulled down Photos had been given the OK but video was an absolute no Organisers need everything authorised with DIO/MoD and
  3. Tommikka

    OneTigris Tactical Car Seat Cover

    One of my exes dogs wears one, because she’s not a namby pamby wimpy dog that wears ‘cute’ coats ...... and because I was able to get It as a review item
  4. Tommikka

    Two-Tone external upgrades

    Due to the complexities of the english language, irrespective of any dictionary definition legislation comes with its own definitions for keywords However the meaning of ‘manufacture’ does not need to be argued as the VCRA covers both ‘manufacture’ and ‘modify’ Repainting or removal of paint would fall within ‘modify’ to the letter of the law, and the purchase of an IF followed by immediate conversion to RIF would in my opinion be an open & shut case in court. With regard to UKARA, that’s not part of legislation in that the UKARA is an industry scheme that fulfills the legislative requirements This is where the grey area comes in, you could meet the required ‘defence’ and be acting for the purpose of airsoft skirmishing which would then mean you can legitimately modify ..... and that would be subject to a case taking place to legitimise or disprove the grey area
  5. Tommikka

    Cheapest place for pyro? (Enola Gaye)

    That’s a reasonable price for their 10s You can have a look around their dealer map, but it will focus into those around specific areas https://www.enolagaye.com/dealers/ If 10 at a time then the Zero One price may be the best listed price, if you’re after larger quantities per order in multiples of 10 then you may be able to call and negotiate a price Remember that unless you turn up to collect from a localish retailer then they have to factor in courier delivery for pyro in the prices
  6. Tommikka

    What are you listening to?

    Bloody kids of today, even my ironing lady listens to The Weekend
  7. Tommikka


    I held the first airrow in the UK, and promptly put in down and ran away to save my wallet from abuse. It’s available in Paintball at 0.68” and 0.50” plus for airgun .22” pellets which is slightly out from 6mm If someone was willing to risk their wallet then depending on tolerances it may be doable to convert for airsoft http://airowgunsales.com/airow-gun-a/
  8. Tommikka

    firearms ban after prison

    @Rogerborg has covered some of this in his response The duty of care remains for employers to ensure staff (and volunteers etc) have appropriate access. Having everyone being checked may give a false sense of security, it’s only that the individual hasn’t been caught to date with any offences applicable to the role stated in the request. CRB/DBS is not a vetting process other than in certain roles with access to children/vunerable adults etc Some places require checks on sub contracted staff etc, such as an electrician doing some work in a school. That is not a requirement but contractors will comply rather than lose business. The checks are only valid for the job that the check was raised for, so an electrician could pass without having been fully checked for a school environment and an electrician working in a school for a day should not have free access to kids. A school may have all those checks in place for staff, volunteers and may also require contractors to do checks. But as a single guy who is not a parent of anyone I’ve been given access to schools and do not have a CRB/DBS check on me (I have had good reason to be there and to take away certain kids !) I have even been the named person under an NHS mental health patient ‘contracts’ with no background check on me. Purely as friend of an individual I was in her contract agreement that she could leave the site if I was with her, others had to have staff until they brought it up in group discussions and they obtained permission to go off site with me ...... because I’m a fine upstanding and respectable member of the community!!!!!!! On the matter of an adult and the inability of a child to grant consent, it all lies with the adult to err on the side of caution. There have been cases where the adult has been saved by it being ‘reasonable to assume’ age, such as meeting a girl in a nightclub where she should be 21, but could have got in underage. There are 5 years of safety net there, but you can’t be totally certain In my much younger days I’ve had a couple of near scares with girls under age in places they shouldn’t really be and a man ‘should’ be safe to assume they are legal. You cannot assume that Being an old git now I’m perfectly safe as I think everyone is a kid
  9. Tommikka

    firearms ban after prison

    CRB / DBS checks have been abused by companies knowingly and unknowingly, by requiring checks on people who don’t need them, and also possibly using it to offload part of their duty of care by showing that they have checked and nothing came up Its for people who may be in a position of ‘power’ / authority and with direct and sole access to children A marshal could be telling kids what to do, but is not required to be cleared There is someone in my area & in Paintball that in recent years was convicted, and is on the register. Not kid related and his version of events given in the lead up differed to what came out in court He hasn’t been banned from sites to my knowledge, but with the national media everyone knows
  10. Tommikka

    Making a Royal Mail claim? Value?

    Buy your postage online, print off the label, optionally add the buyers email address and they get direct tracking updates as well if you make a claim it gets refunded to your account ..... and as long as you are capable of operating a tape measure and scales you pay the right price and possibly get a discount against the counter price
  11. Tommikka

    HPA in West Yorkshire

    Dive shops may be willing, but you may need to bring your own fill rig for the cylinder, and it will tend to cost the same per price per fill no matter the size of cylinder It would be easier but at additional expense to get a dive cylinder, have that filled in a shop and then use your own fill rig to go to the playing cylinder If you play at a site that runs airsoft and Paintball then they will have a site air system (unless it is a dedicated punter site that still runs co2) You can fill with a pump, but it will be quite an amount of exercise, eg: https://www.fatbobs.co.uk/paintball-bottle-stirrup-pump-up-to-4500psi.html#.WuXKCRbTWaM Be wary of cheap stirrup pumps as they may not be up to the job or have clean air filtration
  12. Tommikka

    Selling my soul to multi cam..

    Guilty as charged, generally I would mix up my kit, but then I made the team go to MTP/multicam With a chance to grab the trial smock, some shopping, some free stuff and overdid things The only thing I have more of is almost a lifetimes worth of DPM In reality when I play it’s more likely to be trousers and t shirt
  13. Tommikka

    What does airsoft cost?

    That’s easy to say when you’re immortal I also prefer not to use the NHS, but that’s avoiding doctors & hospitals. Theyve done pretty well when I have needed them though
  14. Tommikka

    Selling my soul to multi cam..

    Who needs camo when you’ve got the latest fahsion
  15. Tommikka

    What does airsoft cost?

    Just an update that I have not forgotten about this. I had my 'What Paintball costs' update on the back burner and had intended to finish the Airsoft version first, but got grabbed to do a presentation on 'A passion'*, so did paintball and had to refresh my paintball stuff. With this done (other than one section that needs a big rewrite) I now intend to complete an airsoft section for it which will ease some of my airsoft/paintball commonalities and then I'll get it up on here. Feedback from you guys was great so I just have to update my 'research' parts and make it readable, so it will be up on here in the foreseeable future. * It turned out that I was right and could not do a proper presentation in a 2-3 minute time slot. After 5 scripts each on a separate area & cutting them into bullet point notes I binned the lot and cuffed it for a 4 minute quick run through of Toms life from punter to event organising and an arms deal in Lidls car park. Even got laughs in the right places.