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  1. I’ve met & photographed a pair of your characters at Frome then! It may be worth checking with theatrical suppliers/other businesses etc to confirm or see if they have experienced this, but I would hazard a guess that it will work something like this: 1a) You order from the US at cheap dollar prices, and expensive or slow international postage 1b) For airsofters it’s common to put the UKARA membership reference on the address label 2) The package makes its way to the country and flags up at the handling couriers import depot / customs 3) They may or may not take any notice of the package itself, but based on the export declaration, the source country (Hong Kong & China etc would be quite obviously flagged as RIFs, but the USA may or may not be as obvious) and whether it gets highlighted in an x ray or random checks etc 4a) They may open & inspect the package or may just set it aside 4b) If a UKARA or other scheme registration is shown then that may be accepted and/or checked 5) As you aren’t an airsofter (or no details are shown) you get sent a RIF import declaration form and/or an import VAT/duty invoice A RIF import declaration would be worded along the lines of “A package addressed to you may contain a RIF, does it? What is your defence for the importation of a RIF? It may be partly tick boxes Your response would be that it is for performances etc, include your business details (Idealy matching the delivery name & address) etc The chances are that the value will exceed the import threshold for import VAT so expect a bill as well for 20% of the item value (including 20% of the postage) or they may reject any declared value / enclosed invoice and make a UK valuation to apply 20% Then the carrier sticks on a handling fee on top in the region of £8 to £20 6) Once your declaration is accepted and any taxes & fees paid then it is released and sent on to you Im not an airsofter and have had the declaration form at least a couple of times. Once my response was “no, it is not a RIF” and it then turned up (they had not opened the package to check but may have x-rayed it To another my response was “yes, it is a RIF”, and gave details of planned use at paintball events, my status of both a paintball player and as an event organiser, plus my UKPSF membership details (UKPSF are the recognised official body for paintball in the UK, and did not relate to a VCRA defence at that time - they still don’t, but have been acknowledged by the Home Office as the potential to be recognised for player membership should a paintball RIF case come to light I have also received imported packages that have been opened and resealed showing they were checked at customs Happy importing & I’ll be helping out with a couple of traders at more comicons so may get to see your T2
  2. Due to some related posts on Facebook today about aTerminator 2 costume, if you are based in Bridgend and are the professional with all the related Public Liability insurance in place, that I am now thinking that you may be then there is another defence that may apply - the theatrical defence..
  3. There isn’t a licence, but you would require a defence under the VCRA Cosplay isn’t one of the defences UKARA is the next known scheme for the airsoft skirmisher defence
  4. Isn’t there a conflict there? Camouflage so you aren’t seen, then different camouflage so that you look different? Or is it really all down to the fashion parade?
  5. I do, and I also know someone else who doesn’t speed Just because it’s common to ignore the law and the likelihood of getting caught is low does not mean we should all break the law If using PMR unlicenced frequencies and PMR compliant handsets then no licence is required Baofeng 888s can operate on PMR frequencies but are not compliant handsets, because they are programmable beyond the PMR range and are overpowered. They should be operated under licence, and at £75 for 5 years that’s £15 per year covering a group of people
  6. No camouflage material will make you invisible. Disruptive Patterns ...... the vast majority of what people think of about camouflage .... are to break the obvious shape of a person. They are not about making the person invisible If you have the perfect material but are silhouetted, shaded etc then you will stand out, if you aren’t obviously standing out but move then you become visible. Standard British woodland DPM (which is no longer standard issue or stored but still officially exists) is the ‘optimum’ colour scheme pattern for Western Europe including the UK But the Army changed the issue of both Woodland and desert DPM depending on environment to the sub optimal MTP It is perfect for nowhere, but was replaced for extremely good reasons, and we had troops deployed to the ‘green’ zone standing out in every environment ending up dyeing their uniforms in country https://strikehold.wordpress.com/2009/08/10/afghan-camo-the-british-controversy/
  7. This is what you need:
  8. Tommikka


    It’s 17 more Or reload two and a half times as often ...... Second hand goods (and new goods) are always valued based on: 1) what a buyer is willing to pay 2) what a seller is willing to part with it for 3) how much the seller needs to get a sale / how quickly 4) how keen a buyer is on buying now or watching the market Aftermarket modifications are either irrelevant to the buyer, or meet their needs That will be affected by how interested and how keen the buyer & seller are on the timing
  9. You have to get your own rugged phone case and modify to fit the MOLLE frame May as well get a factory moulded Hong Kong MOLLE frame then modify for your phone https://www.ebairsoft.com/mobile/product_info.php?products_id=7200&currency=GBP Under £8, but it looks like they will charge for postage. Back in the day they gave freepost, have a look around the usual Hong Kong outlets and you may find it cheaper / freepost ........ On a do as I say not as I do basis (For example this year at Paintfest / airfest I was called by one of our guys, couldn’t hear him speak so marshalls were ‘entertained’ by me with my iPhone held to my goggles saying “I can’t hear, I’m walking through a firefight, if you’ve arrived I’ll see you at checkin, otherwise I’ll ring you back”) I don’t recommend carrying smart phones exposed in game, leave it somewhere safe or use a rugged case, a pouch, pocket etc and ideally some layers
  10. Imagine if it wasn’t a commando boonie, but an SAS boonie ....£££s Fools and their money are easily parted Its a boonie with elastic and velcro just google search ‘British army boonie’ and you will get numerous DPM & MTP boonies for £5 to £10
  11. I have been aware of air cylinders withheld for destruction by carriers due to non/false declaration when the wrong delivery methods have been used
  12. It’s not some of them in the US that need an orange tip, it’s all of them. If it’s not a real gun then it legally should have an orange tip. People just remove the tip There was a UK magfed Paintball youtuber who went through importation dramas when US customs decided his custom build sniper rifle was illegal. He opted for arguing that US customs were wrong and that it was impossible any where in the world to buy the underlying base gun with an orange tip. Entirely false. They were supplied in the UK and rest of the world with a plastic tip that everybody removes There is also proposed legislation in the US that is going down the VCRA two tone route. Facebook is a bit dramatic over it
  13. That leads into is covering something temporarily modifying it If yes then an offence is committed If no then no offence is committed However if the purpose of a covering that qualifies as a modification is for the playing of airsoft skirmishing at a suitable insured site then the airsoft skirmish Defence applies
  14. It would be an IF with some tape or fabric etc on it...... but of course a RIF is always a RIF if anybody thinks it looks real
  15. 1. Removing paint from an IF would be modifying it (section 39.2.b) but temporarily covering one to play would not be modification. 39.2.b. ........modifies an imitation firearm so that it ceases to conform to the specifications so required of it; 2. They can gift you either an IF or RIF. It would be an offence if you bought an IF or RIF, were sold an IF or RIF or paid for someone to purchase on your behalf 40 Supplying imitation firearms to minors (1)After section 24 of the 1968 Act insert— “24ASupplying imitation firearms to minors (1)It is an offence for a person under the age of eighteen to purchase an imitation firearm. (2)It is an offence to sell an imitation firearm to a person under the age of eighteen. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/38/part/2 3. There is no need to be UKARA registered to own or use a RIF. The VCRA covers manufacture, sale and modification. The UKARA is an industry scheme to establish a defence for retailers. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/38/part/2/crossheading/imitation-firearms
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