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  1. Tommikka

    Help! IF came as RIF

    Yellow handbags & loose German women Both good for morale
  2. Tommikka

    Help! IF came as RIF

    Those short range nukes were mental. I believe that my dads lot had some form of access to them back in the day. Ridiculous, but the general consensus in his young squaddie days was that the front line of BAOR were dead anyway, it was just a matter of how quickly and whether they could keep back the Russian hordes long enough for someone to react. It subsequently became a matter of if you could detect missiles quickly enough to launch your missiles back and protection through M.A.D. SLR wise, wood beats black plastic, but mine is built with the black plastic (not real bullets of course) Even with ‘basic’ launchers the initial launch blasts won’t do you a lot of good if you’re behind it. I got to visit some trials and during the dry run I was given a cheeky grin with regard to me being stood right behind him, then it became pretty clear once being sent to the safe spot for the real thing Gits wouldn’t let me have a go
  3. Tommikka

    Help! IF came as RIF

    My mother preferred nukes yes
  4. That would be a Film weapon CAD number and students who can’t work their ears https://www.met.police.uk/SysSiteAssets/media/downloads/central/advice/filming/guidelines-filming-location-london.pdf CAD being Computer Aided Despatch - used by taxi firms and the emergency services. I would hope that the Mets CAD is quite refined and a movies CAD reference as a result of a proper application would advise the 999 despatch call centre so that they would still send a response just in case it’s a real incident near to a filming location (also with the criminal arms dealer who committed offences whilst using Bond films as a cover would be in the back of the mind of someone who had been involved in bond films and creating a film school)
  5. Tommikka

    Help! IF came as RIF

    I haven’t been given contact details, so I am unable to confirm if she has been satisfied But the OP has managed to show her sufficient evidence from this thread and the legislation so that she is happy that he has not pulled a fast one on her and that no offence has been committed
  6. Remote triggered systems are available for reasonable prices. Compared to BFGs the systems can be cheaper and consumables at a similar price to BFG consumables There use however should be with someone who is in control of the area, such as site/event organisers
  7. Laser tag is dangerous.... Swynnerton, North vs South, circa 2009? Pre event laser tag ...
  8. Ignoring the prolonged flashing and noise for a moment ...... Is it a very good idea to be throwing cheap plastic that contains a LiPo battery?
  9. I played a rental game this weekend as part of a surprise day to a former teammate All clothing, gloves, etc were dumped in a pile in the back of the car straight after the game (Saturday) and transfered via a bin bag to the washing machine on Sunday night. A couple of extras were swirled around the bath after I’d been in it If I had been wearing a vest etc then I’d make a judgement call as to whether to just put it away until next time, swirl in the bath, hose down ... on in the extreme cases / once in a while put it in the washing machine (That would be turned inside out and bagged in a wash net sack or pillow case etc) Guns & equipment would depend on circumstances. Once in a while I’ll give them a service/internal clean up. If just dirty then maybe rub down, if soaked then dry off, leave in a fresh role and inspect again later
  10. It is possible with other couriers ..... but close attention needs to be made with the small print to be sure ParcelForce 48 is the only approved method with Royal Mail / Parcel Force It gets very pricey on PF48 with size/weight & insurance An alternative courier can be better priced
  11. Battle Ground Airsoft, and he describes it as in the East of England So Battle Ground Norfolk?
  12. Now having watched what is probably the offending video ..... The start seems to show him having to be told he had been hit. That kind of screws the subject of his “cheaters” video from the outset (and it’s later shown in detail) When asked how many BBs are in the drum mag - “unlimited” Initial opinion is reinforced - Dick Then when he gets straight into his - one shot that gets ignored to the second in the face ...... he has a rant about needing to expect headshots, and that safety is personal responsibility. Both correct, but he’s blatantly ignored his personal responsibility by either not reading the site disclaimer or has read it and chosen to disregard it (I’m going to give him a slight benefit of the doubt that he didn’t hear the conversation during the game with the marshal about illegal headshots, and the cocky comment later ..... he of course was not deliberately ignoring the rule?????) There are also other reasons that may exist for rules that are either against headshots, or don’t count headshots - eg if you have full face protection but don’t count headshots then that’s usually for rental players to prevent blind firing Is he seriously commenting about a ‘small girl’ with a Desert Eagle, whilst carrying his sniper, pistol and SMG???But is that all fine because he’s a big strong man
  13. Ooh Facebook dramas. There is a point from both sides: Full face protection - I’m in agreement with that. But there is no airsoft standard that requires full face protection for all players Restriction on deliberate headshots - I’m also in agreement with the site for having a policy to reduce the risk associated with just eye protection. Though disclaimers don’t sign away players rights to a safe environment, it shows a mitigation in place against a risk, and players should be reading what they are signing. Shooting cheats in the head: No matter how special someone thinks they are, unless they are site staff then they are not the ‘cheat police’
  14. Could you post up extra pictures of the date & standards markings ..... eg manufactured / born date, expiry / death date, any test stickers, and the DOT/TC/Pi or ISO standards approval markings
  15. Tommikka

    Help! IF came as RIF

    The UKARA as a retailers association were less concerned about the potential occasional player who would not be able to make up the games to meet the criteria, but were more concerned about keeping an activity legal, staying in business and avoiding fines of £1000 to £5000 per transaction
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