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  1. Exactly that. When it goes into the accounts it will be an internal Polish sale at €100 item value €23 Polish VAT, (€123 total) and a UK export sale of €123 item value, €0 Polish VAT, €24.60 UK VAT (€147.60 total) Label on the package I would hazard a guess Especially as it doesn’t get paid by transaction at the time, but on a (quarterly?) account Unless someone sits in the depot checking HMRC reference numbers are valid they will fly past Then does the sellers registration actually exist, or will their ledger have every transaction on it? Remember Asian traders ‘customs insurance’? You either bought your item and later found out if the package and declaration pass through without you getting picked up with a charge and handling fee, or you paid for ‘insurance’ and they would still put on a dodgy ‘sample value $0.01’ declaration but offer to pay you back any charges
  2. There is another factor in MTP if it’s the right material. There is a bit of science in the design which ‘absorbs’ the environment and the nearest colours in the pattern are enhanced to the human eye. It also depends on where those two pieces of material are in their life. A surplus unissued smock will be dark A surplus DPM smock that has been used for years and been through thousands of Army washing machine cycles or contract wash cycles is faded. A particular surplus DPM could have been a lighter or darker shade depending on what contract and what era it was manufactured in. Photos comparing patterns will also tell you too much. They show you the difference seen by a light sensor and what it is to look at that image The human eye sees the world differently - which field craft concentrates on. Without the human eye element and whether you are truely looking, we have extensively used an automated sentry gun and found MTP very effective against other materials even in woodland. It still performs the key function of ‘disruptive pattern materials’ which is to break up the human form The AI did show a preference for heads, which aligns with the head not being in MTP and the human bodies natural ability to keep a head steady - plus the AI began its lessons up against a football, with the head being similar-ish The AI needs to identify, track and predict where it’s valid target will be next. With MTP it had a clear preference for headshots, without MTP it swayed a little more back to the ‘easier’ target of the torso (Not only the part of the target it aimed at, but the AI image analysis saved in its log)
  3. VAT export reclaim is for when you actually pay their VAT Buy remotely as export and the invoice will either say they charged UK VAT or no VAT Even if the top item figure was the same inclusive price originally If Polish VAT is declared on the invoice on an export sale then you can deal with their tax export rules and claim if valid
  4. Gold and black would be ‘two tone’ in the sense that they are two colours. Legally though there is no such thing as a requirement for ‘two tone’ the law requires the IF to be clear or over 50% one of the designated bright colours: Sizes and colours which are to be regarded as unrealistic for a real firearm 6.—(1) For the purposes of section 38(3)(b) of the 2006 Act and paragraph 6(3)(b) of Schedule 2 to that Act, the size of an imitation firearm is to be regarded as unrealistic for a real firearm only if the imitation firearm has dimensions that are less than the dimensions specified in paragraph (2). (2) The dimensions specified in this paragraph are a height of 38 millimetres and a length of 70 millimetres. 7.—(1) For the purposes of section 38(3)(b) of the 2006 Act and paragraph 6(3)(b) of Schedule 2 to that Act, a colour is to be regarded as unrealistic for a real firearm only if it is a colour specified in paragraph (2) or if the imitation firearm is made of transparent material. (2) The colours specified in this paragraph are— (a)bright red; (b)bright orange; (c)bright yellow; (d)bright green; (e)bright pink; (f)bright purple; and (g)bright blue.
  5. They could be either: Made of glass Hard material for breaking glass targets (windows etc) (Note that the advert does not specify airsoft - it’s selling ball bearings. On a legal basis in the UK it’s a matter of what you do with them In an airsoft gun my interpretation is that if you load one of these then you now have an air rifle / air weapon - and it might be an offensive weapon For a paintball gun I know that if you load something like this then you have either an air weapon or an offensive weapon. The Home Office recognise gelatine paintballs and First Stirke brand ‘shaped projectiles’ as legitimate for paintball (as a retailer paid for the approvals testing of First Strike in the UK) There are many things like this sold around the world in paintball sizes marketed as less than lethal / home defence Which is illegal here in the UK (other than authorised police and military use) The eBay seller is in China so it’s a matter of eBays worldwide rules and whether they are targeting the UK for eBay.co.uk for its rules The easy solution is to just report to eBay.co.uk
  6. On legal specifics - no one cares unless an offence occurs or you come to the attention of the police for some other reason Possession of a RIF is not illegal, (possession in certain circumstances could be an offence - such as possession of land balaclava and a RIF in the bank) Under the VCRA the paint mattered at the point of sale ’wear’ would be some worn paint and it no longer covering >50% (Bearing in mind there appears to be a lot of two tone pistols with only the top coloured then they may not be VCRA compliant in the first place) A clean RIF is highly unlikely to be the result of wear - but I wouldn’t throw you in the dungeon for tidying up excessive wear For thread diversion ‘funny’ stories on motorbikes, I used to wear a full face helmet with flip visor open and ‘biker’ wrap sunglasses On a few occasions I would get stuck at a particular junction, it’s now replaced by the roundabout at the Stonehenge visitor centre, but it used to be part of the route used by long convoys of USAF transports either carrying something of interest or just a diversion/exercise. A police roadblock would appear and I’d be stuck for half an hour to an hour for a few parts of the road to be closed, the convoy to pass through and for them to have cleared far enough away Depending on what I had at the time I may have been on a ‘proper’ motorbike or on a bright orange Suzuki FZ50 with a granny basket on the front and Snoopy Red Baron stickers on the sides The basket typically contained a bottle of Polish pure spirt (no longer sold in civilized countries but can sometimes be found in home brew versions if you know the wrong people) I would then be sat waiting around with either the police or RMPs also waiting bored …. And looking at me & whatever I’m carrying One night the police decided to ‘observe’ my black wrap sunglasses and consider how effective they are in allowing me to see at night, and beginning to consider whether polish pure spirit could contribute to my night riding skills …… just as the barriers were being removed & I’m waved off
  7. The precedent is there with Southampton University Society having previously registered themselves under UKARA, therefore if you attended the appropriate number of airsoft events organised by them then they could register confirmed UKARA status without the need to attend a single venue, and therefore members could purchase from retailers For painting the offence is the modification of an IF into a RIF If your intent is to play at insured venues then you meet the basic criteria of the VCRA
  8. This can be a key distinction: Basic maintenance or technical work? The original question points towards ‘technical work to fix manufacture faults’ and should be pointless —— go back to the seller on what is not fit for purpose Users should be capable of basic maintenance - which may or may not apply. It could be high maintenance super special —— so if you can’t maintain it then don’t buy it, or decide you do want to and throw the money into someone competent to do it for you It could be low maintenance - basic adjustments, cleaning, lube —- ideally learn to do it, or waste money and peoples time It could be zero maintenance (including not bothering to conduct low maintenance) —- just go out and play until something doesn’t work
  9. Correction - Russia do a thing knowing the risk & not caring
  10. I blamed aches & pains on being old That is a contributing factor - but by drinking water or with hydration tablets/powders such as SIS or High5 I was cured It was abuse of my body rather than just a part of being old that must be accepted
  11. I bet that Pops Yoshimura never bought from BBguns4less then stripped the gun down to rebuild it
  12. If it doesn’t work out if the box, then take that up with the retailer Buy from a UK retailer then you have come back on it being ‘fit fit purpose’ They are manufactured/assembled to a standard - probably that ‘it works out of the box’ Not the most efficient or optimised for range, velocity, etc If you want it optimised in a manner then that’s what you want tech assistance for You could call upon a retailers ‘extra value’ service with proper techs, or a manufacturer approved tech Are there many of them in the world or UK for airsoft? Or you could learn yourself, get to know how your RIF is built & works and then know how to solve problems Unlike a team mate of mine with a particular gun (paintball): He bought it, it ran fine for one day, kept breaking down the next game day. So he used another gun and sent his back to tech. Ignoring our cries that it old outdated, heavy & unreliable mechanical tech. If he’s not able to easily diagnose then he needs to change to a modern reliable easy maintain gun It came back with no problems found but a service It ran fine for a day, and then broke down the next game Repeat At a major event he sees an alternate model of the same gun in the bargain bucket and buys it. Takes it out to play and it’s fine for 5 minutes then keeps failing. The tech desk is there, he takes it to them They throw his Poundland battery out and give him a decent one It works
  13. Under firearms act definitions airsoft guns would be air weapons, thus an air rifle, air gun or air pistol. But section 57a raised an exemption if an airsoft gun is compliant F157AException for airsoft guns (1)An “airsoft gun” is not to be regarded as a firearm for the purposes of this Act. (2)An “airsoft gun” is a barrelled weapon of any description which— (a)is designed to discharge only a small plastic missile (whether or not it is also capable of discharging any other kind of missile), and (b)is not capable of discharging a missile (of any kind) with kinetic energy at the muzzle of the weapon that exceeds the permitted level. (3)“Small plastic missile” means a missile that— (a)is made wholly or partly from plastics, (b)is spherical, and (c)does not exceed 8 millimetres in diameter. (4)The permitted kinetic energy level is— (a)in the case of a weapon which is capable of discharging two or more missiles successively without repeated pressure on the trigger, 1.3 joules; (b)in any other case, 2.5 joules.] https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1968/27/section/57A
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