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  1. To add to ‘sniper tape’, there are two to three types: 1) Camouflage patterned sticky tape This varies in quality and can be a good finish or a sticky mess Any level of quality will leave sticky residue so is on a practical basis a ‘permanent’ solution unless you want to spend time cleaning up gunky residue when / if it gets removed 2) Cohesive bandage which only sticks to itself and also gives good grip This may be marketed as a sniper / hunter wrap tape in a few camouflage patterns (which often gets price markups) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pinsheng-Reusable-Camouflage-Self-Adhesive-Non-Woven/dp/B09GY4WTKK/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?crid=2RPUYXJQX147Q&keywords=camo+foam+tape&qid=1664883118&qu=eyJxc2MiOiIzLjIzIiwicXNhIjoiMC4wMCIsInFzcCI6IjAuMDAifQ%3D%3D&sprefix=camoform%2Caps%2C81&sr=8-3 or as vetinary / horse tape which can be had at a reasonable price if you can find a good ‘country stores’ or a friendly vet. This is available in very wide ranges of bright & dull colours, pretty patterns and camouflages …. And both via the internet https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cohesive-elastic-bandages-SUPERIOR-camouflage/dp/B07CHXBCJQ/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?crid=37VILCLHU6KMC&keywords=equestrian+vet+wrap+green+camouflage&qid=1664883360&qu=eyJxc2MiOiIxLjAxIiwicXNhIjoiMC4wMCIsInFzcCI6IjAuMDAifQ%3D%3D&sprefix=equestrian+vet+wrap+green+camouflage%2Caps%2C69&sr=8-4 3) British Army sniper tape in ‘ally’ green which can leave nasty residue. This can be sourced from some army surplus shops (especially near barracks etc) at varying price levels and at uplifted prices on eBay etc when accompanied by the description ‘SAS sniper tape’ https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fabric-Webbing-Scapa-Genuine-British/dp/B00HBTYC7A But …. More importantly, keep your parents on board They may dislike guns, but are showing a good point of view in supporting you with playing the hobby. Attitude is the winner - if you are responsible, don’t act like a gun nut, do act like a hobbiest who plays consensual activities of shooting friends in a safe environment then you can enjoy this for years / decades The colour of an IF/RIF has no bearing on its capability If someone on a game day thinks you’re a silly kid with a bright toy BB gun then let them think that and shoot them all day
  2. Note that the VCRA requirement for airsoft is that RIFs are sold for the purposes of airsofting at an insured site. The UKARA scheme sits on top of site memberships, and the 3 game requirement is to demonstrate the player actually wants to play If your father was to turn up then leave then a site should not endorse those appearances as they make a mockery to the UKARA scheme and the sites membership of a scheme designed to protect their industry It’s down to each individual seller. Some may stick to UKARA or another valid defence, some may not care at all and others may accept a buyers generalised history of playing airsoft
  3. Note that ‘gifting’ has to be a gift. If you identify any friend with UKARA that is willing to be the middleman of a sale of a RIF (or also an IF) to a 16 year old then they are committing an offence Under 18 you cannot buy an IF or RIF But you can be given an IF or RIF which is where ‘gifting’ comes in. That is why parents usually get referenced If a UKARA holding adult wants to give a decent quality RIF to a 16 year old then be worried about their motivations
  4. …. Or in my case back in 2007/2008 responding to a RIF declaration that summed up as ‘it’s not airsoft’ ….. and then when receiving my package discovering the airsoft specifics that I had added onto the order
  5. A couple of things: The orange tip mentioned by the OP is irrelevant, that comes under US requirements for toys. In the UK it’s either a RIF or it’s an IF. An orange tip is less than 50% so it’s a RIF it’s a superfluous orange tip The VCrA covers sale (both retail and private, manufacture, modify (which includes painting, changing parts etc) and import The acts ‘defences’ indirectly includes ‘Airsoft skirmishing’ …… (by statutory instrument which supplements the actual legislation) UKARA is the main scheme recognised to justify the ‘skirmisher defence’ When it’s a sale the decision is made by the seller, and they make the assumption that their records will be good enough if a case comes back to a sale that they made When it’s an import it’s down to customs and/or the importing carrier. Any package could be handled purely by an approved carrier, they may either refer to customs, or customs may pick out packages (or full container loads) themselves Importing has many risks, it could sail through, it could get caught up in red tape, it could be flagged and challenged, it could be refused (and returned, seized, destroyed etc) You can challenge In the end for this case there was ‘just’ a delay
  6. I wear glasses, but my eyesight is ‘good enough’ to play - my target may be a bit blurred and I could have to lead in my shots or get closer, so I have tried playing with glasses & inserts but rarely bother I don’t fancy poking my eyes about so have never tried contact lenses Common choices I’ve seen are: Glasses - Dye I4s seem popular in airsoft but personally I’d recommend the VForce Grills/Grillz …. Which have been popular sellers for many years and only recently had a v2 come out. (I have not had hands on to the v2, but it’s effectively a 2022 ‘upgrade’ to the v1) Grills have a slit in either side of the foam to accommodate glasses Depending on the goggle/glasses combination it can take a bit of practice of comfortably put them on / off (especially the taking off) without going into a tangle Depending on your glasses it may be worth getting a small framed playing set. Take your goggles to the opticians or use an online ‘try before you buy’ optician such as glasses direct (order 4 sample frames, try them with goggles at home, pick the most comfortable combination) Prescription inserts work, there are a couple of brands that market themselves to paintball & airsoft but exactly the same thing is widely available for skiing. Look online, pick a recommended insert style for your goggle type and send in your prescription Local opticians will most likely be able to do them I have a set, which are fine. But I have a lot of goggles which means my prescription insert is in the goggles that I chose for a particular game, and have only been played in once or twice. They don’t change the situation for me enough to swap to whichever goggles I choose at any one game Contact lenses From the users that I know, disposable ‘daily’ lenses are the way to go now rather than messing with cleaning and storing. If you wear them occasionally then a months box will obviously last longer
  7. On a practical basis it’s not going to make much difference whether you signed up as a sole trader as yourself or a group as an association. e.g. If I signed up naming an association as the team TFD for gameplay and game organising - then it would be the team li licence covering all members plus on any particular day I can hand radios to hangers on that are playing with us or helpers with running a particular game Or if I signed up under my photography as a sole trader IWAC it would only be my licence - but I could have helpers that I want to use it for the day Note that I have neither - we have considered it but have stuck to PMR and existing site systems. Good enough for our purposes and the only time we have had range issues with PMR it was also due to terrain which also affected more powerful licenced site raidios, which we work around by relay and/or mobile phone Again not relevant to the licenced OP….We also have someone in comms who would not mess with OfCom - as above ‘sensible’ law breaking won’t be found out and ‘nobody’ cares, other than those like my teammate who would care about being caught with particularly reputational damage to him professionally
  8. He’s going to overdose on tinder and doesn’t want to scare them off as he gets them in the door Or being a studio flat it’s pretty much open plan and he doesn’t have a spare room to put them out of sight of anyone who visits On a legal basis there’s either general visibility if the flat is overlooked and doesn’t want someone calling in the police because they saw guns, or there is also a potential offence of having insecure airweapons if a minor ever accesses the property (Technically ‘air weapon’ doesn’t necessarily apply to airsoft anymore due to Firearms act redefinition of airsoft, but it’s good practice anyway)
  9. The guidance notes via the link below would generally cover airsoft users as a team (under incorporated association of people with a common interest) or an individual. An individual won’t have much use of a radio channel. But under either you can have handsets configured to an appropriate channel and let some extra people use the same channel to talk to them for the day under your licence (you could hand them a handset from your collection, let them Programme in your frequency, or as there are common frequencies which others may be licenced to use just agree on the one to use today - and conversely to use different ones so you are separate) Incorporated Association Is a group of people who share a common interest. Individual or Sole Trader Any person may apply for a licence in his or her own name. If the person runs a business solely in his or her own name then that person is known as the sole proprietor of that business. Legally that person is wholly liable for all aspects of that business and all its obligations. Thus the person will need a WT Act Licence in their name to operate a radio system which states the applicant/ licensee’s name. If the person holds a trading name, then this may also be stated on the licence but it is important that this is not substituted in the place of the individual’s name. Off topic as the OP already has a licence but PMR is the easy solution with free to use unlicenced channels, and again can be used together or seperately among groups (I used to set PMR ranges between factions and let them pick particular channels ….. and I could then be nosy and listen in with the very old fashioned cheap handsets that could pick up all the subfrequencies)
  10. I’ve seen prices as cheap as £15 (a few years ago) but would expect £30 to £40 A test centre can slim down the price when you’re bringing it in and collecting later, so £22 is a fair price The principle remains the same for larger cylinders and one of the IDEST centres will be able to do it. There are different regimes for diving cylinders that are used to dive, with some references below about hydro and visual inspection cycles for diving and just hydro testing for surface cylinders (random test centre from Google) http://teigndivingcentre.co.uk/prices/cylinder-testing-prices
  11. Yes/maybe - that can be unlimited due to the ISO standard Scan around for anything else, you have the born date of 2016/11, and as long as they have not sneaked in a death date then you do have an unlimited cylinder. You can get tests done by either a test centre or a middle man. The preferred test centre is Armourlite/HPAC as they are the lead air providers to paintball (and where applicable airsoft) sites http://hpac-armourlite.co.uk Any IDEST approved centre can run tests (dive shops often take in testing, either as a test centre in their own right or they pass them through a test centre) https://www.sita.org.uk/idest/idest_members.php (But as you’ve found not every dive shop is friendly - I used a dive place in Salisbury once with a friendly guy, they didn’t do testing but held on to it and sent it as part of a few bottles in a batch. (I was in no hurry) But when I went back with others a different guy didn’t like paintballers and according to him they never test out bottles (So I hung onto them and dropped them off with HPAC at an event to pick up at another)
  12. Yes - a 5 year cycle is correct If it’s Pi marked then look for the summary markings (example below) But there could be a variation on total life. The default has always been 15 year maximum, but a new ISO design could have an unlimited lifetime. However many manufacturers are producing ISO cylinders with a 15 year life marked, so don’t have unlimited life (I will turn a blind eye to a good condition Pi aluminum that has 5 years printed rather than 10 which will run off, but won’t be turning a blind eye to fibre markings) There should be another set of markings, like on here: Note on the top dial that this still has air in it, but it is currently out of test and cannot be refilled. Near the middle is the Pi gate symbol, so it’s UK & European legal To the right of that is ‘2010/01’ (manufactured January 2010, and was therefore due for testing in 2015) Left and down a bit is the final date of 2025/01 (therefore it becomes a paperweight from February 2025) The big yellow sticker shows testing at July 2016 (which means it could not be used for all of 2015 and half of 2016, and also that the test expired in July 2021) I can technically use the air that is in there, but cannot fill it as the test has expired. When I get around to testing I will not get a further 5 years as it’s final date is 2025 I’m going to say that they are wrong Under 48ci and I agree with them The other point they might have meant could be that with the cost of new vs testing that it’s not worth testing a 48ci aluminum The guru is Trevor of HPAC (There is a technical element on the legal status ….. TPED compliance affects the filling and transporting) If you’re not commercial (and do not have a company car) then you can wiggle your way out of transporting If you manage to self fill then that’s down to you, but a site cannot (should not) permit you to fill an out of date cylinder Back in the day some paintball sites turned a blind eye to scuba self fills in the car park of US specification fibre cylinders - they would refuse it at the site fill station but ignore use on the field
  13. That’s aluminium not steel (Actusl steel bottles were a thing) Yours is therefore valid for 10 years from July 2016 (2016/07) But the printing may still show a contradictory 5 year due date
  14. ‘Under 1 litre’ is wrong A 48ci cylinder is subject to testing, which is about 0.78litres What cylinder type/size do you have? What a site will accept may vary, but in the UK: an aluminium 3000psi cylinder has a test cycle of 10 years, but have generally been marked as 5 years. A ‘standard’ aluminum 3000psi is sized at 0.48ci A 13ci aluminum 3000psi cylinder is test exempt and has an unlimited life, subject to visual checks TPED regulations cover the EU & UK legal requirements and cylinders under these have the Pi mark Trevor of Armoulite/HPAC is an authoritative contact, can confirm status and do the testing as an IDEST centre
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