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  1. Fixed link: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/1374/made
  2. Tommikka

    Buying RIF

    It is just a matter of convincing the seller that you have a valid use (as they are the ones risking a fine under the VCRA) Or convincing customs if you are importing Note that being a film student is not a good enough Defence under the VCRA. Student films do not need the viewer to cross their perception of reality, student films are there to demonstrate the student has taken in and applied the techniques of film production
  3. Tommikka

    Buying RIF

    Film production is a valid defence to buy airsoft RIFs
  4. If Schrodingers cat is in the box, can it hear the Pope drop a log in the woods?
  5. No, they are VAT inclusive and will show the VAT breakdown in the invoice The same goods in different countries can vary widely in price, but that’s generally a different mix in overheads and variations in the market changing the balance of viability.
  6. Note that with post Brexit Euro exports the European price could drop because the sale is an export and their local VAT is no longer due. The retailer may drop the listed price once UK is selected, or the price may remain the same and they get to keep more of the sale. Say their VAT is the same rate as ours: Currently for a €100 item the sales price including local VAT would be €120, and let’s call it €10 post making €130 On arrival in the UK currently we have paid a European VAT so it comes through with no charges If you order on 30 December you pay €130
  7. They are also on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/Super5ives/ Their warehouse/shop is at Lee on Solent and they are often on site at Ambush, Botley
  8. Airsoft includes dressing up, as long as you are not making false claims then nobody really cares. (Many ex soldiers are of the opposite opinion - airsofters are a good source of eBay income) You are not a Walt unless you are impersonating and making false claims: https://www.arrse.co.uk/wiki/Walter_Mitty However, there are self appointed Walt hunters who pursue those that they consider to be walts and regularly go after the wrong people because the Walt hunters only have their beliefs: https://www.arrse.co.uk/community/threads/whoops.214715/ A gen
  9. Looks like he played on the weekend of 10/11 November, this is the post showing a map https://www.facebook.com/groups/1073804819340768/permalink/3436586869729206?sfns=mo I was going to say that I thought they had a big map up in the safe zone, but then I remembered that it’s in my garage. We have run a few scenario paintball games there, and I think that it’s the map of our Falklands game A worthwhile mention for airsofters is that part of the safe zone has mains power. That may or may not still be turned on for players access, but a while back (maybe 2 ye
  10. It needs to be clairified, but I assume this day happened in the timeframe between lockdowns They were closed as at the end of October: https://www.facebook.com/150146408357591/posts/3482084821830383?d=n&sfns=mo
  11. No The HSE don’t descend with bureaucratic bullshit That’s clipboard holding H&S dickheads. The HSE deal with reality such is industrial accidents and deaths, they don’t get involved with individuals either - they deal with businesses and workplace safety I was given the role of H&S man once upon a time. Being an office environment I spent my time stripping out all the stupid inspections, downgrading all the overkill monthly regimes. Then I could take & share responsibility on practical matters and not worry about being a dickhead
  12. They have an equivalent system, it’s their lowest classification of firearms licence
  13. Remember that I was responding to your suggestion of a scanner to swipe players membership cards. The scanners are still a technical solution, but you have detailed a process and system. The full process you have now given doesn’t necessarily have to rely on technology of scanners etc, but is based on the information that needs to be shared / verified at each stage. For the API element, the point of an API is not only to enable accessing data but also to deny accessing data - ensure the right level of data access is provided to the right peopl
  14. Actually kitchen knives have legislation controlling their sale as well. Neither kitchen knives nor airsoft RIFs are illegal, they each come with a reasonable restriction on their sale: Knives are for sale to over 18s Airsoft IFs are for sale to over 18s Airsodt RIFs are for sale to over 18s with a legitimate use Adults are legally responsible for what they do with them. People are still stupid and don’t conceive that an airsoft gun is not a toy Those cases I listed are just a handful that I can come up with off the top of my head, any dea
  15. We could buy cheap BB guns anywhere before, and there are still places that crop up selling realisticaly coloured ones to children as toys. They are illegal in a few ways on look (breaching the VCRA with something looking realistic) on legal brightly coloured BB guns sold to underage children illegally or parents legally buying them and giving them to children. They would normally have moved to brightly coloured rubber dart guns which are legitimate toys. Similar things have been around for some time and these are cropping up. Due to the realistic look the law
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