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  1. This might help http://actionsportgames.com/Admin/Public/Download.aspx?file=Files%2FFiles%2FMediacenter%2FTechSupport%2FDismantling+the+STI+Duty.pdf
  2. This would do it: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Compressor-Separator-Regulator-Accessories-Pneumatic/dp/B07V1LQW9F
  3. Stirrup pumps suitable for high pressure are cheaper then they were, however the example shown looks like an unfiltered stirrup pump. To ensure only clean air goes in you need a filter as well. If unfiltered then you won’t necessarily notice anything, ‘dirt’ contamination may affect the regulator and can cause early burst disk failure. But if the cylinder is connected to a compressor and is quickly filled then any oil contamination can result in a flash fill explosion. The ideal is to fill at the site you play via their own compressor based fill station. Unless
  4. Definatly no surprises I was joking about whether it’s time to panic buy again yet - then I went Sunday afternoon shopping It May have been just coincidence with slow shelf restocking before closing time, but particular shelves were low or empty again - painkillers, pasta, pasta & pizza sauces
  5. From standing outside No10, nuclear power stations, behind reception desks etc. Then sign off some overtime and they will work longer shifts. They aren't big numbers.
  6. No - he is putting more police on the streets and using the Army to 'backfill' behind them. We had the Army on the streets directly supporting the police in 2017 following bombings. But the Army have been deployed many times in the UK - putting out sandbags in floods, standing in when Group4 security failed at the Olympics, and have been covering Covid support from setting up Nightingale hospitals, running test stations, delivering supplies to hospitals etc. They also covered bin & fire strikes back in the 70s and 80s etc
  7. Having dealt with Russian sources of information I'm far more than cynical of Russias announcements on a vaccine, let alone with any consideration to their production and test regimes.
  8. As Roger has pointed out, all the published guidance & regulations are subject to change. The guidance at 14 September included references to paintball thanks to engagement by the UKPSF. Government were treating paintball as an activity along with theme parks, and then after discussions placed it among shooting activities. Advice on how to apply the guidance and what are considered Covid safe precautions have been sent to UKPSF member sites. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can-and-cant-do/coronavirus-out
  9. A sites minimum age will vary depending on how they manage gameplay. 14 is a realistic minimum if players are mixed among general customers. 12 may be a minimum for groups Age ranges can go lower for other activities, so if the children are younger you could play together in a shooting game. Activities allowing for younger players could cover laser tag, nerf, low impact spring .50” paintball. Airsoft and air powered .50” or .68” are more likely to have ages of 12, 14, 16 depending on the site
  10. Your post was either automatically pulled by algorithm or someone was sad and reported you to Facebook, the removal would then most likely be an algorithm and would only get to a person further down the line If it was an admin from the group then you would most often get deleted, and sometimes would get a reason from the admin. All communities are both self managed and provider managed. Facebook has underlying management by the provider (hence the community standards message) plus the groups admins. forums such as this the ‘provider’ is usually the admins and m
  11. They are all leg shots, so that bum cleavage is the back of a folded knee
  12. Weird for an airsoft bruise, is that the remnants of the bruise after the two weeks? I can almost imagine it being the boundary outskirts if you originally had impact marks inside each curve These are a paintball set from having been shot down towards me from a tower on top of a building. It was the first UK clear paint event, so the clear ball manufacture was in it’s early days, and a firm shell. Velocity was low for CQB (250fps rather then 280fps) but the problem will have been gravity acceleration rather then velocity reducing. The blood scars being shortly af
  13. I note that Super5ives aren’t listed https://shop.super5ives.com (Bearing in mind that I know Chris the owner) I can still recommend them, I’ve known Chris for more than a decade when he brought the Soton University society to our first event, and have watched him move on to an event organizer, and open the retail business. He’s a keen player in both airsoft and paintball and knows the ropes to advise on anyone’s questions
  14. It would be a very bad idea for a site to point at the terms on their waiver and do nothing. They are not responsible for the damage due to the players actions. But that does not remove them from the equation. If applicable they must do what they can to identify the player to the ‘appropriate authority’ (police, a solicitor) etc if your friend pursues criminal damage. This is unacceptable behaviour and I would expect a ban. If they wash their hands then they are not looking after their customers
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