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  1. Yes, from the original ‘advertising’ I’d think most sites would pick it out as being unusual and then identify that it doesn’t have any approved markings etc but with the front view photo I’m more reassured that it wouldn’t pass muster from being seen by any proper site
  2. Actually probably a good thing. Sites are more likely to say no to players turning up in them. With that much gap I would hope that sites require people to use it as a helmet and wear glasses style eye protection underneath
  3. Or not, when someone has an accident, he blocks them and somebody tries to make a case against a random bloke on Facebook with an online phone ‘business’. Even when going to court: ”I bought a random unmarked helmet without any safety markings and tried to use them in airsoft” Has he publicly given details of his testing or just made the odd remark in messages before blocking people ? The only real avenue with any teeth would be trading standards if he’s anywhere near their radar, alternatively keep reporting him to the Facebook groups he’s advertising on
  4. .... and it varies between territories. Their laws have been reinforced due to a series of shootings, and the matter of replicas is a combination of replica specific and the knock on effect of the wording in firearms legislation. Contrary to some of the headlines with the recent gel blaster situation it’s not just the law being heavy handed. Certain importers knowingly ignored the law and imported & sold replica gel blasters, whereas there were also legal routes that they could have taken In the UK we also have some BB and gel blaster retailers ignoring the law
  5. @Mancave Camoform tape is the safest option It is non sticky and only grips itself Camoform is a specific brand aimed at people who want to camouflage stuff, but the material is cohesive bandage, commonly used as vet wrap, and is available in numerous colours and patterns including camouflage styles. If you have a decent sized ‘country’ shop then the vet wrap option is normally a lot cheaper than camp form (( even cheaper when free from a friendly vet ))
  6. .... an addendum: My mother with my fathers tactical nuke: Strategic nuke:
  7. Possession is fine. Retailers want your UKARA details to protect them from a fine under the VCRA. Under the VCRA you have ‘modified’ an IF into a RIF. Nobody will know unless you tell them, but if your intent is to play airsoft skirmishing at insured sites then you are in compliance with the intent of the law.
  8. Though his eye protection didn’t fail, he took it off Ants really good at coping, you’d never notice on TV that he’s blind in both eyes
  9. As above - report Airsoft eye protection standards worry me. In practical terms all you have is an impact standard, reinforced only by what sites let though their door. I respect that it’s your own problem if you don’t want to wear full face, but I despair over the gaps around people’s eyes with some - even when there are attempts to use face guards etc With regard to impact testing check out this updated video of FMA lenses against old and new lenses to the correct standards: (Noting that paintballs are bigger & heavier but conta
  10. I hope that ‘your armoury’ refers to ‘your armoury at work’ and not ‘your armoury in the garage containing the mountains of bangy ‘kit’ acquired via years in the infantry ....... and on another tack ....... My dad used to keep back the Russian hordes with nuclear missiles but wouldn’t let me play with them. In later years I would be given loads of old kit by the QMs etc when hanging around the offices and warehouses. He’s the one bulling his boots and my mothers the one holding the front bumper of one of their missile launchers.
  11. You should post in the wanted section of classifieds : https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/
  12. UK VAT / equivalent import VAT will be due. Import duty applies to certain categories, and shouldn’t affect you on sales under £135 Carrier fees apply if they handle the import VAT/duty Listings on foreign sites won’t normally show UK VAT, but some sellers might display that if you set the page to show GBP pricing. For sales under £135 the foreign retailer is now encouraged to register with HMRC, you then get UK VAT shown on your invoice and pay the retailer that 20% for them to pay HMRC. You don’t pay any extra on arrival If the seller doesn’t, or it
  13. The ‘further information’ might relate to the difference between a sale and a warranty repair. They still need to show declarations and must highlight that it is a warranty job not a sale. It might not be clear on the package that it’s a warranty job, so UPS / customs are after the invoice for valuation etc
  14. You should remove those parts, and will get the best results that way You can get away with masking specific areas, but it can quickly go horribly wrong if the tape lets some get in at the edge or you miss a hole or slot somewhere
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