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  1. If you are asking if your parents can gain UKARA registration by watching you play, then that’s a no. They need to play the required games themselves. Note that if you want a RIF via another person while you are under age then the only legal way is for them to give you it as a present Thinking that a two tone is lame doesn’t aid in showing the maturity required for responsible RIF ownership
  2. Marked zones with boundary trip wires, mines & pyro might separate them
  3. That’s something I’ve been wondering about on some recent threads, such as “x paintball site is opening for airsoft, will they know how to run an airsoft game?” The guns are different, but it’s still shooting each other with balls. BBs don’t leave a splat, but that doesn’t mean a paintballer won’t claim they didn’t notice the hit Except for competitive tournaments we don’t have a Marshall watching each player for hits Basic safety is generally the same - protect the eyes, just different goggle/glasses standards. Chrono needs to be done, different weight BBs shou
  4. Could be quicker, could be slower Its a lottery, a lot is held up exiting and then arriving, if things come by ship then they are also held up at the docks waiting for unloading crews Theres the multitude of delays due to the UK being a border from Europe post Brexit, (previously only looking for illegal imports) staffing levels at every stage due to Covid and handily with distancing due to Covid etc
  5. Standard practice is you get a letter with a declaration form in the line of : there is a package which may contain a RIF, and you respond declaring: It’s not a RIF It is a RIF, I have a defence & here are the details If they get sufficient info on the package then you save the ‘delay’ of a letter & declaration. But currently it’s going to be delayed anyway
  6. They don’t need UKARA details, you need them - you’re the importer so it’s your problem. Where possible add it to your delivery address and/or comments. If it’s marked on the package then customs can see it, if not then you get contacted asking about your justification to import
  7. It’s a shotgun The VCRA doesn’t cover ‘Imitations that look like a real gun’ but ‘imitations that somebody thinks could be a real gun, unless it’s clear or within a defined list of bright colours’
  8. It would be easier for a paintball / airsoft site to use the UKPSF guidance than for an exclusive airsoft site to point towards paintball The activities have an equivalence, but the presence of ‘governing body’ in the new government guidance is a hurdle for air soft. I’d recommend that airsoft sites square themselves with the local authority - and can flag up about the rest.
  9. I sold some reproduction collectible playing cards on eBay. For £7 plus postage £4.60 These were a circa 1990s reproduction of a playing card design dating back to the 1800s. I then got a complaint that they weren’t original (200 - 300 year old playing cards still sealed for £7?) Lots of back and forth, he eventually accepted that my description told him that they were a 1990s reproduction. He still only wanted them if they were paper/card and not plastic —— can I guarantee to him that’s the case? No - I can’t guarantee that, they are sealed. I believ
  10. Spot on. For paintball we had the UKPSF AGM yesterday. They are recognized by government as a governing body, and also last year achieved clarification for the position on paintball and got it mentioned in government guidance as to where / when sites could open. They have provided Covid risk assessments for member sites and given the details on how sites can open under the current arrangements. Member sites have the full details. Under the player part of the AGM they highlighted the go ahead for sites meeting the right criteria to open from 29 March - exc
  11. Step 1b is for outdoor sport’s (29 March with the first weekend being 3/4 April) Step 3 is for indoor sports venues - see paragraph 120 in the link below (May 17 with the first weekend being 22/23 May) Step 4 is the removal of restrictions (21 June with the first weekend being 26/27 June) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-response-spring-2021 I would expect that step 3 would apply, but you also need suitable control measures and probably a limit of half standard capacity. Check with your local
  12. Tommikka


    Correct The contractor supplying the MoD is Irish, but they need their sub contractors & materials
  13. Tommikka


    Would anyone like to hazard a guess where British Army MTP is sourced from?
  14. Collecting is not a valid defence to have a RIF (You can collect deactivated firearms) Being a member of a production team is not enough to be a defence. You would need to be the props buyer. (for example just getting a job, or volunteering for free to work on a film production such as the camera, sound, runner etc don’t justify you buying a RIF) Gun review videos will not suffice. Just making a film will not suffice. A retailer selling to someone claiming the film/tv defence will want some proof of ‘proper’ film work. (((Note that a gun
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