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  1. You jest .... but ..... (I didn’t cosplay, but I had an hour’s notice with a 5am message, due to a broken arm and smashed face fall incident) ...... there were a few sights to behold In various definitions of ‘sights’ I do have photos (of some) when I get around to sorting them
  2. Cosplay has never been a Defence under the VCRA. It sits on the coat tails of re-enactment or theatrical. I was at a ComicCon recently, and though most RIFs were SciFi style, they could still be RIFs in the eye of the beholder (especially Star Wars weapons which were originally designed from WW2 weapons), there were also SteamPunkers who had a lot of brass and the odd military type There was a Cosplay rule set on the counter at the entrance, but I never read it as I just strolled past the queues of paying peasants waving my highly important person wristband
  3. I mixed up with the OP a bit, Im also one that’s inclined to load up with extra gear for others (and also a selection to change according to mood for first game, 2nd game ...) But I’ll still say “do as I say, not as I do” I’ve been reassessing sets of equipment, for whether I’m marshalling, photographing, playing, and what type of game etc, complete with extra safety gear for a body that’s falling apart. At least that way when taking extra it can be a grab of this, that and the other bag whilst knowing each will be complete for its purpose
  4. Wheeled bag, just hold one end and pull If however you cannot lift up your gear bag then you really are taking too much kit As you’re limited to public transport at the moment is very much worth having a good look at how much you are taking to a game day It all very nice to have all the kit and look the part in a way that you enjoy playing, but if its impacting on your ability to play with the amount of equipment that you are carrying, could affect the way people react to you when travelling etc then it’s worth holding back a bit Look at your gear and assess how much each item contributes to your game. Clearly you’re going to need some clothes, footwear, eye protection, gun, magazines, BBs and battery’s / propellant Remember that you may want travel clothes ( due to public transport, generally not looking like a killing machine when traveling but also just for something fresh to go home in) But - how important is a helmet, body armour/vest and multiple layers of lookalike outfit ? Filming your gameplay can be fun and informative (look back on how you play - then learn). But it does not have to be on a helmet mount etc You would want a carry system for magazines, but consider if what you have is too bulky or heavy
  5. A generic one would ‘probably’ work. If I recall correctly my main CO2 bottle I had for years just had a side on/off screw, and I used that with a Madbull for 40mm shells, and I sold my 13 gram adaptor long before I had any Madbulls. So I wouldn’t want to recommend risking spraying yourself with co2 because it went wrong
  6. Google “quick change 12gram adaptor” and you should find a few of these They will puncture when you insert them, so you will have to leave it connected I have not used one for a long time, if I recall correctly there won’t be an on/off valve so you would be relying on your existing adaptor to do the on/off. If it doesn’t and only presses down the non existent valve pin then you will need something inbetween
  7. It will be a RIF in the eyes of the VCRA and any bystanders (Your first post says non-RIF)
  8. The guitar case is the better of the two options Just for reference - are you calling it a non RIF because it’s a two tone or because it’s not a copy of a real gun? A RIF is realistic if anyone thinks it is realistic, it’s legally not a RIF if it meets the legal definition of an IF rather than a RIF But IF or RIF it depends on the precise circumstances of a situation. We are not in America so the trend is for the police to not to shoot first. But think ahead and you don’t need to test it out - and you also don’t need to find out how you will react in a high stress situation with guns in your face. The wrong first reaction would be to open the bag and show it isn’t real
  9. Check out Harry Stanley He was shot for carrying a table leg with an accent (Armed police were called out during the IRA bombing days to an Irish man with a sawn off shotgun, but in fact was a drunken scot with a table leg in a bag, who reacted as a joke by pointing it at the police who challenged him) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Harry_Stanley Be sensible, you are carrying a gun like item in a public place Bag it properly and ideally in a generic bag Get a basic sports bag, and if you really really have to then wrap in some material and then bag it
  10. It’s legal for the repaired RIF to be returned to you: You aren’t buying it, the VCRA is in relation to the manufacture / sale / import They are not manufacturing it, you are not buying it as you already own it, and the import is going to the shop. Its not illegal to use a RIF for airsoft skirmishing If they hand it over to you or post it to an address in the UK then the VCRA doesn’t apply as its already yours If they send it back to Germany then the VCRA does not apply to export UKARA is only a member ship scheme that gives a method to support sellers that they have reasonably confirmed that the purpose of a sale is for use in airsoft skirmishing in line with the VCRA If you are a UK resident then its irrelevant that you are German, therefore can join a sites membership scheme and register under the VCRA If you are not a UK resident but are only visiting periodically then it may be a bit odd to have a site membership/VCRA registration with an overseas address. Otherwise you can comply with the UKARA / VCRA requirements
  11. For a bit of info, on a legal basis in the U.K.: an airsoft gun needs to shoot plastic BBs Paintball guns need to shoot gelatine balls, or courtesy of approved testing arranged by Tiny Coetser they may shoot ‘shaped First Strikes’ (This testing cost circa £3,000 that he paid up front and raised £996 from crowdfunding, and approved First Strike as ‘frangible’ and meeting the ‘non lethality’ required to exempt paintball from parts of firearms legislation. Note that lethality isn’t just about how likely it is to kill but also levels of breaking skin, and potential related damage) correspondence between key parties following testing confirm paintballs and first strikes as the only recognized projectiles Currently anything else fired from a paintball gun as far as the home office, police, UKPSF etc would end up being considered an air weapon and heading towards prosecution territory People and a small number of sites may use rubber balls (reballs) and have knowingly turned a blind eye to the law for decades, or powder balls. Powder balls are probably legitimate for shooing galleries at fairs etc, but shooting each other could be dodgy (they definitely meet the criteria of frangibility but have not been certified in the U.K.) We have activities where people can go out and shoot each other for fun ..... they are nerf and ‘new & improved’ laser tag We also have an activity where people can go out and shoot each other for fun along with extra adrenaline ..... it’s paintball We have two activities where people can go out and shoot each other for fun, with adrenaline and an element of ‘fairly realistic’ guns .... they are magfed paintball and airsoft skirmishing Its the Paintball side that get Airsoft can shoot mini 6mm paintballs - they are crap I’m not convinced that airsoft guns could reasonably shoot a wax bb, and certainly no better than a wax paintball or Powderball (Powderballs are actually closer to the wax side already) There is a form of air ‘bullet’ that operates like a bullet cartridge but shoots by air/co2 in the round. This classification includes brocock airguns which with legislation change became section 5 firearms and the majority handed over in a firearms amnesty I know that a similar system remains in use in the UK but don’t know the details and am unsure if there is a small ‘leisure’ community using it or just a training aid for certain types of profession If someone wants to invest large sums in developing and getting approved a recreational gun simulation then they can try ..... but need to research a lot into potential markets that may only exist in a handful of heads with no commercial viability There are the supposed markets of military training, but big ideas spoken by generals and brigadiers such as the possibility of putting airsoft into the mix for training are often that ... a big idea. They tend to point people in directions. Eg Paintball is used in army training, but not (or rarely) using any ‘realistic’ gun. They have realistic guns - they are guns. Soldiers know how to use a trigger finger and can very easily experience the risk of being shot with a little bit of pain by just using a very basic paintball gun. (And preferably powderball as that has been approved as a training aid because it can be easily swept up) We also have laser systems and simunition in the uk Simunition was first approved only for UKSF, it has since been made available as an option to the wider army .... but is expensive The advantage is it functions as if it were a real bullet, so real guns can be used to shoot each other
  12. Stick the number on the box with the address, Technically a UKARA number isn’t required because it’s going to a trader for service. If they give you a returns / warranty / service reference number then that would generally cover it e.g. UKARA 12345 Warranty reference 67890 Airsoft shop ..... United Kingdom AA11AA When Dye paintball closed their UK office the warranty service went to the German office, which means that Paintball guns that are illegal* in Germany are sent there for warranty work etc with no problems * German law has a much lower legal velocity then the rest of the world
  13. There is a comeback with a higher power. Have a little concerned word with the HSE, local council, or find out who insures the site. The most extreme outcome being powers that can force a business to cease trading until they comply with safe practices. Having the owner wear suitable eye protection ought not to take such drastic action as shutting the place down, but if they don’t take friendly advice ...
  14. It’s also a matter of people taking the word “ballistic” to mean that if it’s good enough for real bullets then it’s good enough for BBs Whilst failing to understand that the “ballistic” minimum is to protect from dust, dirt etc, going up to fragments (bits of concrete etc). Only higher levels of the standards cover impact, then that covers impact on the lens .... its clearly not obvious to some people that a gaping gap isn’t covered by the impact standard
  15. At least they look something like guns “Our girl” last year had UKSF blowing the bloody doors off with eBay transmitters and inert dummy explosives
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