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  1. As per the other thread ….. …. valid defences for buying a black gun / RIF include airsoft skirmishing and reenactment (among some others) The MVT covers membership as a reenactor in the Military Vehicle Trust, airsoft skirmishing is normally ‘proven’ by playing three times at an airsoft site and gaining site membership with UKARA registration Ask the shop why they are asking you to conspire to commit fraud to justify their quicker sale rather than you taking the required time to play - they are probably worried that you will learn more about airsoft and buy something else from someone else
  2. The distinction between ‘black’ and ‘two tone’ applies to the VCRA as ‘RIF’ and ‘IF’ The seller is responsible under the VCRA if they sell a RIF without establishing a valid use (‘defence’) As you have told the seller that you intend to play airsoft it’s very fishy that they have suggested the MVT Unless you told them that you are a reenactor then they look to be attempting to involve you in a fraudulent conspiracy. Why would you join the MVT as a re-enactor / military vehicle owner if your intent is to play airsoft?
  3. The all the gear no idea speedsoft run is a bit of a losing tactic But as we don’t die, but just have to walk back a bit, there’s method in the madness —— if they are running around with some purpose of course If eliminations matter then you won that engagement If someone gained some ground, or finally stoped you dominating an area then they won the engagement But if they enjoyed the exercise and you enjoyed eliminating them then everyone’s a winner
  4. A core part of airsoft is dressing up to play soldiers If you want to play ‘most effectively’ then watch the speedsofters and aim for practicality & effectiveness But there will be the larping side of dressing up and having the ‘right’ equipment,the streamlined quick & efficient speedsoft and somewhere in between With pistols it’s hard to bear the natural pointing capability. At playable ranges the slightly experienced player should be able to point approximately where it’s going to hit without great use of sights If you are going to try and be the great one shot ninja then you should put the time in with practice under various conditions to understand the relationship between weapon, sight, bb and weather But the important part is fun - ensure that however you play that you can leave smiling
  5. From that demo video it’s a coded ‘capture the flag/base’ or ‘defuse the bomb’ Nothing wrong with that in itself It could be put into a game format by adding elements to the mission of identifying the code (clues, cards to be collected with part of the code on each), finding the device, getting it to a location, entering the code There are many of these around Rather than an app that has to run on a smart device which means risking it. That can be also run on an arduino - you just need a keypad and display There are plenty of examples across the web with builds and code (with pretty much your example available off the shelf) To make it more interesting I would recommend a consequence for the wrong code - eg 3 fails and you’ve lost / blown up / alarm sounded and/or a continuity function eg there is a maximum time limit (the full game time) it initiates as neutral, the first hit of that button or successful code ‘captures’ the device for a selected side, the second renders it neutral The final result is then - reds held for 5 minutes, blues held for 4:45 The continuity function is similar to a chess clock. Timing begins on the first hit, then it gets recaptured on each click Simple device An enhancement is to add in more than two sides, lights and sounds, a consequence alarm or pyro trigger etc
  6. Because his parents didn’t go to the papers with sad face ?
  7. Partially correct @rocketdogbert There are now low capacity fibre wrapped 4500psi cylinders and those would not be exempt Low capacity aluminum cylinders such as this or 13ci are valid for indefinite use in the UK Provided they are UK legal in the first place, aluminum, rated for 3000psi, within size, and don’t have contradictory markings In the US they call it the 2x2x2 rule (What’s important there is 2” diameter, 2’ length) and in the UK I haven’t paid for the full specs but defer to Trevor Kent of HPAC A problem you can come to is if the manufacturer has added contradictory markings and have painted ‘’Hydro test due = x” If that’s showing then as a bottle checker it should be refused, but if the paint is worn leaving only the proper legal stamped birth date, specs etc then it’s good forever provided it passes a visual look over Another little known fact is that aluminium 48ci 3000psis are valid for 10 years between hydro test in the UK but manufacturers often paint a due date of 5 years Different sites may enforce a 10 year or 5 year cycle on those (With the cost of testing it’s not necessarily viable to bother for aluminium 3000s)
  8. One careful rogerborg who has driven it to the church hall twice a week …… for drifting around the car park
  9. Was it Woderwick, or was he weleased before he got the chance to make any final speeches?
  10. It depends on the purpose of the training activity A lot of companies want to sell super special training systems to governments at great expense (and they do) complete with equipment that replicates the real weapons, but to put the lesson in practice they don’t need to use a real looking / real style operating gun. If they want close up activities and the consequence of feeling a bit of pain then paintball delivers that It may have been a conscious decision to use paintball over Airsoft, or it could just be what was easily available
  11. I have not been to Benidorm, don’t and have never lived in the West Midlands but have been out and about there more than once. To my best recollection I had not been involved with any Pauline’s in the 2000s/2010s Honest …… Call it Cardiff, Wiltshire or Dover/Calais ferries the in the 90s to 2000s and I wouldn’t be so sure
  12. We’ve been through worse in the UK Recognise it for what it is - a BB gun, that is not a toy made it’s way into the hands of a child with uncontrolled access Either fraudulently bought, or negligently passed on There may have been responsible access originally but kids do stupid things Keep this case in the back of your mind whenever posts come up asking for tricks to bypass the VCRA, and condemn stupid things that occur
  13. He didn’t shoot people - he facilitated it - Junior arms dealer bringing in guns for his friends to shoot people
  14. Spot on. Not a lot of people realise that the police can pick it up and test fire with anything A major win for airsoft when the redefinition was drafted This is the key point - the police, Home Office & Border Force have had a good relationship with the UKPSF and we are reliant on the ‘intention’ of the law and that something doesn’t make it to court, or that dickhead-ism gets prosecuted on other points A change in political view or the wrong case could go very badly None - and worse than that in the old days, Scottish paintball sites were constantly raided for unlicensed section 5 firearms because the definintion of an airgun didn’t cover CO2 This is a term that I very much dislike. It sounds like we are hiding something with secret words I get very hot under the collar when spotty teenagers try to tell me it’s not a ‘paintball gun’ but a ‘marker’ and that I should learn my history because ‘they have always been called markers’ They were ‘paint marking guns’ and ‘paint marking pistols’, which fired paint to actually mark items. We fire a coloured gelatine that rubs off ’Marker’ is very much a PC term that comes from the US in the late 80s/90s to ‘disassociate’ from the gun nuts so that mums will let their kids play ….. and then had bloodthirsty team names
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