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  1. Please note that for radios there are two legal types: PMR446 operates on the UK legal frequency range. You don’t need any licence etc. They work perfectly well at the normal distances played in airsoft Baofengs should be operated on a licenced frequency, so you need to buy a licence. They are commonly programmed to illegally operate in the PMR446 range - they are overpowered and can be programmed out of the range so are not legal to operate unless you purchase your own licence or programme them to operate on someone else’s licenced frequency with their permission The description for other linked handset does not identify its frequencies, but its maximum power exceeds PMR446 levels. So it also needs a licence, and needs to be able to be set to the frequencies provided to the licensee The simple answer is PMR446. Any make, any model. You just need to try to stick to a similar generation as throughout the years the frequencies have been slightly expanded upon. Buy a pair of a current model and you can talk to each other plus the majority of PMR users if you wish (There are plenty of primary and sub ‘channels’ available if you just want to communicate between the pair of you and avoid others) When choosing a model check the battery options. Supplied rechargeable battery packs will last the day or a weekend for most people But if you’re very vocal, when they start to get old, or if you forget to charge them then it’s very useful to have ones that you can pop out the battery pack and put in some AAAs etc
  2. ….. or xxxxx who used my gun with a camouflage paint scheme and lost most of my magazines in the first game of the day (because they are camouflaged) Then spent the rest of the day reloading one magazine, and at the end of the day hunting the lost ones again, roped in others to help him look for the lost ones …. and finally when telling me they were lost and going off together for a last look around —— “Where did you start & where did you go for the first game?” ”I ran over to there, sat by that bush, shot some players then went over to….” ”Do you mean that bush over there? The one with a stack of magazines beside it?” (Dare I mention that this was an urban game with few spots of green which should have reduced the number of places needing to be ‘searched’ as camouflage stands out a bit on grey concrete)
  3. It turns out that all the newbies coming on here talking about getting their licence are right based on the original proposals put forward by industry during consultation while the VCR was a bill: https://www.popularairsoft.com/news/ukasgb-ukara-aba-proposal-vcr-bill The Scheme would involve the following: The ABA would undertake to issue Player Licenses. This would result in recognized players. The UKASGB would undertake to register, monitor standards and regulate itsmember sites. The sites would either register with the police or the local authority. Not all sites are members of the UKASGB for varying reasons. However, we feelthat this should not preclude them from forming their own body and then applyingfor HO recognition. UKARA would undertake to register dedicated Airsoft retailers and provideguidelines and standards for their operation. We also propose that dedicatedAirsoft retailers be registered with the local constabulary so as to provide an audittrail that is transparent and clear for examination.
  4. ‘Originally originally’, further back in time, magazines were fixed giving greater capacity than one shot, and there were some rifles that had a single removable magazine on a wire to avoid soldiers losing them. Today they are relatively a lot cheaper, but still need a fair bit of work to produce a magazine making them much more expensive than stripper clips etc, but logistics remains a key issue as well as the cost of disposable magazines.
  5. C/L class don’t necessarily mean it’s use & dump. A C class is a consumable - use until it’s used up (consume), don’t repair it or assess it at end of life, etc and there are no other special accounting & storage rules such as all the nice stealable kit. So you could be expected to hang onto your C class for some time, but shouldn’t be on a charge for dropping (an empty) one in Salisbury Plain Theres the other matter of resupply. No big problem on the Plain, and also no big problem to pick them up on the Plain Bring back empty magazines and you can reload them, don’t and you need a constant supply of them Out in the sunny places patrolling, if you just dump them then go back to the FOB someone has to keep sending in more magazines. Using up space, weight etc and making the RLC, AAC etc do more trips at risk of being shot at.
  6. It may depend on if the shops local to you, and if there are extra postage costs but if you shop around other retailers you may find it without the price rise
  7. Both @Grootand @Druid799are right But I don’t agree on ‘being used to buying at below what it’s worth’ ‘Worth’ is a widely changing variable - what is X worth for Fred to buy, and what is C worth for Bob to sell? Somewhere amongst that is ‘market value’ The market value of X could be less than Bob is willing to sell at. So the supply in the market drops (or Bob lists at his price and refuses to sell below) The market value of X could be more than Fred is willing to pay, so the demand drops Supply and demand fluctuate all of the time. Certain RIF designs are everywhere —- M4s etc, and other RIF designs less so. The materials, build quality and internals could be identical but two ‘identical’ RIFs in different body styles will have different desirabilities There will be seasonal variations - in winter it’s cold, wet & miserable and you have to buy aunt Enid a Christmas present - slippers would do, but if you throw in a case of Babysham too she’ll slip a few extra notes into your card. Sell last years RIF before Christmas and you could get back more via Enid to buy this years shiney RIF So the pre-Xmas market gets flooded and prices drop, followed by Boxing Day shopping and prices begin to rise. Wait until your birthday in Spring and you get more cash just in time to get back to playing - another potential rise in the market when the sellers see how desperate the fair weather players are in the wanted ads as they now have no guns.
  8. This is very nieche, and is sought out by the few who may use one, but will be a very expensive and very limited ‘weapon’ in a game. Anybody using one in game is going to be shot a lot more than they are going to hit anyone. There was the AirRow now a few years back and was sold for a very short time. Existing ones are closely held by those who own them and I’ve seen a few that have considered selling but quickly fall through as they won’t let it go The AirRow was primarily sold for paintball but had airsoft and lead pellet versions, and was approx £500 complete with bow or about half that for the fittings excluding bow, but as in the thread below someone bought just the kit thinking they would get a ‘better’ bow for the money, but spent the same overall for an equivalent and the shop staff spent hours getting it all set up together Someone who’s experienced and has an existing bow would find it easier https://p8ntballer-forums.com/threads/thinking-of-getting-an-airow-gun.158448/
  9. Correct, it is from China. Enola Gaye have their own factory out there
  10. Similar situation with me once, not female influence but the sensible corner of my brain regarding keeping hold of an > £1500 gun that I only used once or twice, leant out more than I used it and also in a period of time where there was a fair second hand market. I had no need for the money, chose my bottom price - if too low then I may as well keep it in the armoury. So I listed it and took it out for ‘a last play’ Then waited I think it took nearly two years to sell I got offers of £200 & £300, and disgruntled messages when I rejected them : Its not worth it - (it either is or isn’t, in which case I’m not selling ) If I want to sell it / need the money I’ll have to accept low offers - (I don’t want / need to sell, I don’t have to accept any offers ) It’s cheaper new nowadays - I’m not asking anywhere near to the new price & that ‘cheaper’ one is a smaller version (The ‘standard full’ version held its new price, the cheaper one didn’t have the full foregrip, stock, case, extras - and you could now buy them as addons. (buy a new one then) This limited edition colour scheme isn’t so special (buy a standard colour then) Its old, second hand, battered etc (yes to the first two, hence the second hand price, it just has a bit of rub on the barrel tip, otherwise it’s mint with a very low shot count - if you don’t like mine for my price then don’t buy it) Its not limited edition, and is still available in the UK at X shop (No it’s not available, try buying it from them then …. Try hazarding a guess as to why one UK shop lists it but the manufacturer & their home country, and no where else in the world does - either they have one they’ve been sitting on, or it’s just still on their catalogue as they list everything as in stock. However I knew they didn’t have it) After replying to or ignoring many messages one day I get an offer, accept, sell. I’m happy he’s happy …… and bearing in mind that I bought it on a trade price - which I think they got wrong due to how low I paid or subsidised my price, and sold at not much less I was very happy
  11. To break them in you wear them for 22 years
  12. We have a shield that has been used for a couple of events, and for safety with our sentry gun However on the safety side it’s much better for a Marshall to dive right in while another flicks the kill switch - if a Marshall is worried about being overshot then they shouldn’t be Marshalling and also are getting in the way (happily we never had an incident where we needed to act to stop someone constantly being shot whilst injured etc) For gameplay shields should only be used in limited situations and as above the player using it will be restricted - even if that’s just the physical restriction of one hand holding the shield and one holding a pistol etc
  13. Don’t worry. He’ll be paying dearly for the use of inappropriate footwear in a few years time. Last weekend I was at a show for the first time in 15 months. When standing my right foot was in pain, if I shifted my body weight my left knee threatened to pop out and collapse, if I sat down my bad back and twisted spine ached….. Who wants to tell him that his ‘ninja’ wear is based on blacked out stage hands?
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