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  1. At the start of a game it can also mean you’ve switched guns and got over excited by the abundance of targets in front of you, spamming your trigger finger and in seconds cant work out why it’s stopped shooting. Courtesy of my head cam, there is footage illustrating my confusion that everything’s stopped working until I work out that I need to reload
  2. Noobs Circa 1983/84 when the guns fired shaped plastic pellets similar to airgun pellets
  3. I believe that I’ve seen that episode before. It’s nothing in comparison to the police officer who entered my friends fathers flat when alerted by neighbours. He had died of a heart attack sat on his chair. The policeman found a revolver and was watched by neighbours as he carried it by the barrel with his fingertips. He failed to observe: that the revolver was in a western belt & holster, but there were two holsters - one of which was empty that a blood stained divers knife was hanging beside it that a rifle was leant on the wall beside the door ..... and if he was concerned about the firearm he failed to ensure the flat was secured to enable a search to find the remaining multiple rifles, pistols and knives around the flat, nor did he notify the firearms team. (He also allowed the letting agent go through filing cabinets and failed to contact her as NOK for a number of hours despite all the neighbours naming her) The revolver was a blank firing pistol, the remainder were air rifles and airguns. Her father was an old school ‘adventurer’ and film maker. The ‘missing’ revolver was later confirmed by his brother as having been sold in the past She didn’t tell me until after she collected the revolver that the police officer had mentioned that he had also taken ‘live ammunition’. He asked her why she wanted the pistol (none of your business, but as his executor it’s one of his assets / part of his property) and whether she wanted the ‘live ammunition’. She declined the ammunition and let it go for disposal - whereas the right response would have been to ask what ‘live ammunition’ had been found. There should only have been blank ammunition and air gun pellets. If there was live ammunition then what was it for, and what unknown unlicensed firearms had disappeared from the insecure flat ? (Or did the officer have no idea what he was handling? ..... particularly as the revolver was kept in his drawer until she collected it) She did raise many queries with the station about standard procedures when finding bodies and firearms...... the officer was subject to ‘re-education’
  4. Enola Gaye https://store.enolagaye.com/?utm_source=egcom&utm_campaign=header (Heads up - I have a sponsorship relationship with Enola Gaye, so I could be biased) ‘Bulk’ means different things to different people. Call them to discuss if you think your bulk Is big enough
  5. A stock would be legal to import. But it can come to someone’s attention. There is at least one member of the forum who has been visited by the police due to importing parts. No real problems occurred - just establishing what they were up to. As a non UKARA member you just wouldn’t have that extra bit of documentation to illustrate why you are doing so. As for modifying with a new stock, if you reduce the bright coverage of an IF to 50% or below then you are modifying an IF into a RIF. Whether that is legal or not can depend - if you do so with the intent to use a RIF at an insured skirmish venue then you are meeting the intent of the law
  6. I come from the paintball world so I will always endorse full face protection As your son is younger he must use full face protection For yourself the requirement is to have suitable eye protection that meets impact standards. Add to that whether or not the glasses fully cover your eyes AND any strange angle, and are they secure on your face? I recommend goggles rather than glasses, but there are glasses that meet the standard I’ve seen players with a BB lodged in the edge of their glasses
  7. I suspect someone played around with the fine tuning of electronic triggers - and had some ‘clever’ idea which is in fact pointless ..... and also potentially dangerous - you’re no longer in control of the moment of firing
  8. You have done nothing wrong. Now that you have a RIF there is no legal impact on possession Strictly speaking, as long as your intent was to play airsoft at a proper site then the retailer has not committed an offence. But they don’t have the audit trail to show them having taking reasonable steps to establish that. If you were just planning to shoot some cans in the garden then they could have been facing a considerable fine With regard to confiscation by the police, that could still happen if you had UKARA registration. Get caught with it in public without good reason and you could be in trouble. Simple solution is don’t be a dick, transport it responsibly and only carry it when going to or from a game. (I don’t always do so and have been known to carry my guns in the boot for some time - even when I’m regularly potentially subject to a full search - but do as I say not as I do!!!!!) I do bag up etc With regard to whether the CR5 looks like a real firearm or looks like a firearm —- it looks like a firearm. The R in RIF is realistic not real, and the definition is very fluffy - if anyone thinks it looks real then it is a RIF unless it is in the defined IF colours
  9. But it would prevent a kid from being shot for pulling a two tone out of his jeans, without relying on armed police hesitation. A bright blue pistol would give visual information. You don’t have to be a chav or dickhead to be at risk. It just needs the call to the police to be inaccurate enough for current circumstances Harry Stanley was shot by police for his reactions during the IRA London campaign when reported for having an Irish accent and carrying a sawn off shotgun in a bag, whereas he actually had a Glaswegian accent and a table leg in a carrier bag.
  10. That’s why it’s called the Violent Crime Reduction Act and not the Violent Crime Prevention Act You can remove paint or repaint, but are then committing another offence under the act. In earlier drafts it was an explicit offence to modify an IF into a RIF, but later rewording could legitimise modification if it is in line with one of the defences. The act is primarily an anti chav law, removing some of the ease of putting RIFs into the hands of chavs and children. It doesn’t impact upon more serious lawbreakers
  11. Your post could be interpreted as “legal under the constitution” but not State & Federal, which is argument of some 2nd amendmenters that they can just disregard state or federal law if they feel fit
  12. Importing will just give you more problems. If you are unable to convince a retailer to sell to you then you’re going to find it more difficult and expensive to convince Border Force. Incoming Mail is checked for the following: 1)Legality to import (are you bringing in illegal items such as drugs & firearms?) 2)Restricted items (RIFs) 3)Duty & taxes (Is there something to pay?) You could get picked up on both 2 & 3 First justify the import of a RIF, then (unless it’s valued below the threshold - which a RIF wont be) you get a bill of 20% of the value including postage costs plus a handling fee If you don’t pass the VCRA test then it either gets destroyed or sent back, if sent back and it arrives safely the overseas retailer will only part refund - if they refund at all. If it gets through unchecked then you have got away with smuggling
  13. He may be staunch on the Second amendment, but he still sits under the law. The Constitution and amendments only form the foundations of law in the US, they also provide for national (federal) and regional (State) laws to be added. If they contradict then it’s not valid to just ignore and use your own interpretation. He needs to comply with all of state law, federal law and the constitution. Moving out of California wouldn’t have sufficed for him - he had unregistered firearms without serials. The whole country requires some form of permit Within California it is possible to legally own firearms. He chose not to and he got caught
  14. With these items JustBB can legally sell parts, any issues under the VCRA would be a buyer who modifies an IF into a RIF as opposed to an actual RIF sale which would be the sellers responsibility under the VCRA Under their RIF terms below they accept JustCos and also Civil Servants. JustCos has no valid position under the VCRA (or statutory instrument) I’ve been going to Comicons and have found that all of the rules I have checked disallow airsoft RIFs - In Comicon rules they must be incable of firing and require colouring etc thus cannot be RIFs (There is a difference though between attending Cosplayers and ‘professional’ featured Cosplayers - those who are performing and meet the other criteria can fall within the theatrical defence, and have a different contract with the events in comparison to ticket holding Cosplayers) Civil Servants have no defence (unless acting as a crown servant in their role) According to JustBB I can buy a RIF due to my day job. They perhaps meant the Crown Servants defence. This is to allow for the purchase of RIFs in Crown business (in a similar manner to the purchase of firearms in crown business) Civil Servants are Crown Servants but not all Crown Servants are Civil Servants There is an option - refer JustBB to trading standards RIF DEFENCE - (IF PURCHASING A BLACK GUN/PISTOL) If you are purchasing a two-tone blue, orange, green or pink gun/pistol or accessories you do not need to enter any defence. In order for us to sell you an Airsoft Replica, known as (RIF) Realistic Imitation Firearm, a gun or pistol that is all black, tan, gold or silver, we require that you provide a defence. This was put in place by the Violent Crimes Reduction Act 2006, where the purchaser must have a reason for purchasing. PLEASE ENTER YOUR DEFENCE AND MEMBERSHIP INFO OR ID NUMBERS INTO THE NOTES FIELD ABOVE UKARA member UKAPU member Skirmish site member Just-Cos Insurance Delivery address is not in the UK Re-enactment group For and on behalf of a museum Film or TV Civil service Other please supply info RIF WARNING If you order an all black, tan, gold or silver gun/pistol and do not supply the relevant information within 5 working days of your order we will supply you with the same gun or pistol but in two tone blue to comply with UK law. AGE RESTRICTIONS FOR ALL GUNS AND PISTOLS The sales of airsoft BB guns and pistols is restricted to adults aged 18 years or over only. There is no minimum age requirement by law to use them, however adult supervision is recommended at all times.
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