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  1. Look around the cylinder for something that may be a year/month. That would be the manufacturing date. A co2 cylinder would have been ‘good’ for 5-10 years. But unless it leaks any existing co2 in there is just co2, it won’t go off etc but the cylinder could not be filled it out of test (and isn’t worth the cost of a test) If you have a fill valve of the appropriate thread etc then it could be used
  2. In a sentence: I have lots of guns, over the years I have spent loads-a-money acquiring them.
  3. @Adolf Hamster @Immortal Cheers guys I’ve seen wide variations (in Paintball), and would much prefer to check a pistol then assume it’s under the limit, particularly if 99% of them are expected to be under the limit - that’s the fastest way through chrono with instant passes .... and as sites ought to have insurance in place, I very much doubt that risk assessments state that sites will assume green gas pistols are under powered
  4. Educate a paintballer ..... why have a policy of not chronographing green gas pistols? Is it inconsistency & adjustment? Sounds like a problem area to me. For example with co2 we would set a lower chrono limit to allow for fluctuation going up
  5. A ‘battlesim’ could on a basic basis be a themed scenario game (which can relate to reality, be based on a film/show/book ... potentially subject to copyright, or be an original idea by the organizers) Our original scenario event was based on reality (Takhur Ghar, aka the battle of Roberts Ridge), we scripted the theme and missions, then let the players take it on from that We followed TG1 with sequels and prequels becoming increasingly random or dropping back to a bit of reality: From a genuine battle in Afghanistan, to bringing in Columbian drug dealers and Somali pirates, the in etc into the afghan village (the Colombians as a faction based on a twist by players in the previous game and the Somalis from an idea we put in the ring - just in time for the Somalis to diversify into areas we were making up We slightly went back to reality on a TG game themed around Tora Bora, but the latter half of the game had me playing zombie bin laden We ended when we had produced 5 takhur ghar games. We’ve rewritten the original Falklands history to make an alternate history anniversary falklands game (and I’ve also played a Falklands game based on the true version) The rest of our scenarios have probably been split 50/50 as film/book based and completely unique We have run competition based games, such as pistol challenge, the battle royale series to end up with a winning team or individual We have also run ‘experience’ based events, where it’s not a game but things such as teaching skills and then using them A more closer ‘battle sim’ would be a re-enactment rather than a game All of the above exist, and there are people who run them and participate - horses for courses, and different people enjoy different things
  6. That makes more sense Unpaid Bills is one thing that wouldn’t help you, Lets just say that I know another reason why the MoDs prices for use of the estate nationally and for all activities will have gone up ‘more than inflation’ in recent years, and how the licence / conditions may have changed. I’ll give a nod to the guys a few desks away to poke their noses around, but it (should) not be in the remit of one new manager of a contractor to ban an activity. Airsoft and paintball events on training areas are good money spinners, so a contractor banning them would take away an income steam into the defence budget, stop Landmarc getting paid to do extra work on top of their contract, and stop senior managers getting bonuses for getting extra income from the MoD There may be a relationship between the design / purpose of specific sites and the type/amount of use that gets permitted. 5/6 years ago does also tie in with issues on events that were cancelled by the MoD Normally the services pre book training areas long in advance, its just one part of an exercise that needs a significant amount of advance planning. This allows for commercial bookings. But in the terms and conditions the priority remains with the MoD if required, and that’s what happened quite a few times back then with event organisers getting their fingers burnt and though given alternate dates had to refund players and ended up with losses Paintball on the defence estate is a little harder to run then airsoft. NvS was the first at Swynnerton and is still running annually (it’s expanded to airsoft as well). They are unique as they can use coloured paint, but they take on Swynnerton in advance and afterwards for a major clean up operation, NvS is so large that it generates enough £ to make that viabkenfor warped. The clean up and the specifics of Swynnerton mean this is the only urban training area available to coloured paint All other paintball on the estate was only possible due to the commissioning of clear paint. It just leaves a wet patch on walls with the worst of the gel to be sprayed off and the shells to be swept up Airsoft also just needs the bbs swept up as opposed to cleaned away Event organisers had a whole series of events pulled from under their feet, at a similar time to urban paintball having peaked plus an increase in the number of organisers stepping in. A declining market of people, less willing to pay a high premium for what was then less of a novelty, combined with a high risk of loss equals less inclination to risk your money putting on the event The tale of woe with an organiser embezzling the cash, not clearing up properly and an activity being banned (but without a change of management) is exactly what happened with the Mall and paintball A well respected organiser was going to run an event at the mall. They suffered a bereavement but the event was taken on by another respected individual and it was to still go ahead A local team were having private mini games at the mall, and decided to run their own first event earlier than the planned one. Things then got too much for them It was to be a limited paint, limited Numbers event - suitable for the venue. But they began to discover the true costs of running an event and to make things add up they made the bad decision of going to unlimited paint Ignoring the disorganisation, it went to rat shit in minutes of game on. Carpeted areas were soaked through, wooden & marble floors became ice rinks. Add to this a bad batch of clear paint, and they had many unhappy customers (I had a head injury and spent a fair amount of time with blood dripping down my face - but that was the fault of the idiot shooting my head from a couple of inches away, not the organizers) Part of the ticket price was for players to assist in the clean up, the majority didn’t - they weren’t going to spend more time sweeping up than playing We helped in the clean up for a few hours, but it was relentless - clean a wall off then more would drip down the wall from the ceiling, floors were swimming in clear paint and the sawdust that had been brought in. It was appearant that we were clearing up but the organizers weren’t. They left without paying the mall, and their guy with the money did a runner That team clearly no longer exists Ive heard from airsofters who still had the paint soaking back up months after wards paintball was banned by the mall and the original planned event cancelled
  7. Lydd remains listed on the Landmarc events page, but only shown as available for filming, and airsoft is still listed as an activity for other sites. It does not mean that if an activity isn't listed that it can't take place http://locations.landmarcsolutions.com/places/index.php?view=location_images&location_id=107
  8. Thats a very odd description of a reason why there cannot be airlift events at Rype. I don't know who the 'military facilities group' and 'base commander' describe. Rype Village is a training area under the 'Defence Training Estates' (DTE) Landmarc operate training areas, (military facilities group?) as a 'Defence Infrastructure Organisation' (DIO) contract DIO are the Head of Establishment (base commander?) Estate exploitation, such as hiring out for film work, event organisers etc is government and defence policy, the Defence estate costs the taxpayer millions and is a major asset. This exploitation of the estate brings income into Defence, and isn't as simple as 'letting someone use it', it involves licence contracts, showing your Public Liability insurance etc. Future events can't be banned by someone getting their knickers in a twist. Theres some form of Chinese whispers transformation of the story, somebodies excuse or if someone 'fucked up by letting them use it' then that implies some bloke unlocked the gate and let their mates in
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  10. There have been multiple threads on the incident here in Salisbury over the last year. New posters are few, but will be viewed with suspicion, and risk being contacted by PM by certain posters for snippets of information There are three key posters that are full on trolls: One is a self confessed war criminal, now using their subsequent account. They show traits of being a teenage fantasist, but their previous confessions are too realistic, and are obsessed with setting off WW3. They drink far too much vodka, meths etc and keep forgetting to distract and deny whilst slipping into confession on behalf of the Russian state They are the most dispicable individual that I have encountered. The second appears to have originally a genuine individual, but is now a series of trolls desperately seeking out snippets of information, denying particular points and backtracking as the official party line changes. They have multiple personalities and a very broad range of language ability and inability The third on the face of it is a conspiracy theorist, but they post distractions and lengthy copy/paste dribble. The quality of the material in their selective posting has dropped, they regularly post two or more contradictory ‘assumptions’ in one piece. Their primary role is to blur the subject and sow doubt on anyone googling the subject. They are doing a good job at filling the internet with distraction on behalf of a state with a guilty concience
  11. I am (not forces, but am a member of arrse) You’re right, they would benefit their lives by staying far away from arrse Just a pointer about quite a few of the ‘new members’ asking ‘silly questions’, it appears to be a hobby of quite a few to create sock puppet accounts purely for their nights fun of asking stupid questions. That accounts for a proportion of the ‘firm’ responses (whether they are right or wrong about the validity of the posts) Currently there is a subject on arrse which attracts a particular kind of poster, and the many threads that keep appearing on it are not ideal places for the unwary.
  12. Exactly I’ve gone through it with my best lady friend, M, which ended badly with me breaking into her flat. A good thing in the inquest was the coroners findings agreeing with my belief that the end was accidental. Death in her sleep as a result of cut wounds that went too deep. My now best lady friend was a common friend of M and we had gone through all of that together. Ive spotted the early signs in another lady friend, and happily I am saved from having to insitigate that conversation as our common friend is in there doing that and supporting her. Theres one guy I knew where I had to step in, he’s a definite self harm case. I’ve lost touch and at that time it will have gone either way - ideally he’ll have been able to sort out the issues and getting on with life, but I suspect the other route of prison or death We men don’t do well with help, the signs if we see them are easily misinterpreted as just one of the lads
  13. Going on a real tangent here, but teenage girls cutting themselves is just one form of self harm, which is more visible in today’s society. Statistics show higher trends of self harm in girls and young women. But in teenage boys and men the default method of self harm is to go out to get drunk and fight - or punch a brick wall
  14. Agreed majorly All gun related games have been on the verge of imminent bans, with just one more outrageous daily mail headline ready to push them over the cliff edge for the 15 years I’ve been playing .... let alone computer games .... make those about 40 odd years or more Leisure suit Larry 1980s Carmageddon & GTA 1990s Thrill kill / wu tang taste the pain in the late 90s and I bet their were concerns about pong back in the 70s ... I had to remind my 25 year old nephew at Christmas as he opened his new old school PlayStation that he’s been banned from GTA since he used up his brothers flamethrower rage as a toddler my sister heard “mum mum, Andrews ruining my rage burning everyone in the street” ”its only a game”
  15. The site concerned (shooting range) does.... This isn’t the end of the world though, it’s happened and will generate some outrage for a day or two Scotland has very highly proactive anti gun politicians, and it’s taken them many years of campaigning to manage to get airsoft guns controlled under a permit. Hard lined enforcement of the law with regard to air guns and interpreting co2 powered paintball in the 80s as illegal firearms with the repeated busting of sites resulted in changes to legislation to legalise co2 powered air weapons. It does appear to be a bit of a foolish idea for targets by the range - but I’d bet that they see an increase of business from the publicity
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