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  1. Tommikka

    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    That is the key - we’re all playing games There are dickheads but the style they choose to play is not due to their dickheadness
  2. Tommikka

    Dye i4 Lenses

    Could be!
  3. Tommikka

    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    It depends on point of view, and context It may be banter, it may be hate But user experience varies If the MilSim/speed softers/casuals/rentals you meet once are dicks then that rubs off to others in general
  4. Tommikka

    Dye i4 Lenses

    What have you done to your goggles in a matter of months? Or were they second hand? Do you have a goggle bag, I’d recommend a giant microfibre cloth from Poundland etc. fold it in half and sew up the sides, I have so many goggles that I keep them in microfibres like that rather than anything special. It also gives the bonus benefit that they have their own cloth to wipe when required I have tonnes of microfibres in all my pockets.
  5. Tommikka

    If paintball shops sold airsoft kit......

    You have selected a well established, well managed shop with a reputation to uphold For a Paintball / airsoft crossover keep an eye on Super5ives https://shop.super5ives.com/ Chris is firmly in both Paintball and airsoft, playing and working among both and knows the value of reputation and service
  6. Tommikka

    Dye i4 Lenses

    Depends on how ‘warped’ Im assuming that it’s gone over the edge and has broken the seal If the goggles have been bumped or compressed in a bag or being carried etc then that may be it If it’s just the way it looks / it doesnt go to the seal then that may not be the case
  7. Tommikka

    Dye i4 Lenses

    Clears the right choice and the inner pane will be your culprit
  8. Tommikka

    Dye i4 Lenses

    Was it the weekend just gone in the wet weather? I was photographing a tournament and the two problems I didn’t have were a fogged goggle lens, and camera lens. I couldn’t see my focus points in the viewfinder all day I mostly wear the VForce Grillz i4s dont fit my head but I do have i3s Sometimes the best of lenses will fog. The best antifog is to never touch the lens with anything but a damp microfibre Results with fans are variable Air circulation is the key there, with a fan just assisting it. The i4s are a small goggle covering the head area and are well vented. It does matter about how it matches your head shape and if the venting is kept clear (or sheltered from the rain particularly with goggles that don’t have a peak, I balanced a baseball cap forwards all this weekend so the rain didn’t pour in) For lens types/colours clear is the best all rounder, but suffers in direct sunshine Amber / yellow for giving some clairity Mirrored and dark shades don’t do well inside and in the woods (mirrored also scratches to he’ll for photographers)
  9. All genuine paintball goggles to ASTM/ISO standards can be used for airsoft This includes the Helix https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/blog/paintball-mask-buying-guide/ As long as BBs are being fired at UK legal energy levels then the lens will take them easily BBs can be fired at a higher velocity, but due to size and weight are still within the energy ratings of the firearms act etc
  10. Tommikka

    L85A3 Release publicity.

    Rest assured they will make sure it doesn’t clash with tunics, whether that’s a new cover or hanging onto a ceremonial stock for as long as possible There will of course be a rush to the A3 for “something different” - though that may have happened due to past announcements, and it may be too late again to be ‘cool’ as it becomes standard
  11. Tommikka

    Take a quiet moment to think .

    You and my dad He wasn’t in signals. Artillery - nuclear artillery
  12. Tommikka

    Real knives, folded for knife kills???

    The ‘3” locking knife’ rule doesn’t exist and the ‘3” folding but not locking knife’ guidance only If stopped by the police and they are not satisfied then they can act on any blade of any size, if you have got “good reason” then you can have pretty much any blade whether it’s locking or not I have on a couple of occasions been stopped by the police (one occasion due to wandering the streets in the early hours with a carrier bag of tools and knives - that gets the attention of cctv operators and passing police cars) I also knew a guy who would be a dick drinking & driving, plus drinking & driving whilst banned for drinking & driving. As a tree surgeon he carried an assortment of knives. Whilst his van was searched once caught he was able to account for almost every blade. They did him for a fruit knife in the glove box - he didn’t argue too much as he accepted he was a dick and deserved it There was a game last year or the year before which ended with a guy floored by a boot in the chest. This was due to an argument over sneaking behind enemy lines, but he pulled out a knife, then he was launched to the ground Playing airsoft games is no good reason for use of a knife. Pull a real knife on me and mild mannered polite Tom will disappear
  13. As in the other posts, you are too young to purchase either an IF or RIF. All the VCRA authorised activities indicate that the use is at locations or for organisations with the appropriate liability insurance You let yourself down slightly by mentioning that you wouldn’t be allowed to use it for skirmishing. (Possession of a RIF isn’t an offence under the VCRA, so if you were gifted one then you would be able to use it on an appropriate site) Film making is also a sore subject as this was the false defence used by a very dodgy dealer who was handling guns for organized crime. His activities included false documentation on blank firers and deactivated weapons. They were either genuine firearms or he was reconverting them back to live fire. He claimed to be working on bond films for the “secrecy” and his inability to correctly document what he was using For filmmaking in college you ought to be able to get props ordered via the college. It will then be their prop and you won’t have any issues. Just sign it out and hand it back There is also not an absolute necessity for realism in student films, many have used pretty much anything which expresses their creativity
  14. Tommikka

    Opinions on this face protection please?

    I can confirm that with the description including paintball that those goggles do not meet international standards for paintball face protection let alone the eye requirements. There is no ‘protection zone’ around the eyes, in Paintball it is necessary to have the lens cover the eyes with a sealed area around them (hence the goggle type with foam seal, plus face and ear protection around) They claim it can withstand impact up to 420fps But impact of what up to 420fps? What standard is the lens tested to?
  15. Tommikka

    Your 'oh crap' moments...

    You aren’t the first person and won’t be the last I did play a vietnam themed scenario once in British Army issue flip flops/sandals. No one cared*, other than the many comments I overheard “that guys playing in a T-shirt and sandals” * not entirely true, I immediately regretted it as I arrived on field picking up grit and twigs between my feet and the sandals. But I was committed and wasn’t walking back to the campsite Other than that I always recommend good supportive footwear appropriate to the environment, and I’m a firm believer in “do as I say, not as I do” With regards to waivers there is a balance between duty of care and not letting people go on field with inappropriate footwear, clothing, PPE etc. Responsibilty cannot be offset just with a waiver. A waiver pretty much just says that the player understands the appropriate risks of the activity and will comply with instructions. Sites need to have appropriate insurance (covering liability to staff and customers) some is mandated and some is recommended. Such policy’s are based on risk assessments and mitigation’s. Disallowing flipflops is a mitigation, there is a danger of not fully understanding the implications of mitigation as well as the underlying risk