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  1. Sounds fine in principle, but can easily fall down in practice With trying to say the absolute minimum for confidentiality, there was a product designed in one industry by an established but small company. This was an economical item that met the needs of another industry that has very pricey products. The new item was safer, greener, cheaper - but their attempts at getting into the new market were troublesome up against industry giants. They were marketing at an industry show, and were approached by a big player for an exclusive contract - a good trade prices and a strong company in the industry. All were happy Then reality kicked in - they had just sold exclusive rights to the market to a company that just wanted to kill the products potential competition.
  2. Good point - edited to note that its the gun plus glass BBs that could be questionable, as opposed to round glass on its own Unless as Heroshark has noted that the could be BBs to break glass, which again just points to the direction of what the nomination of gun and projectile are considered to be
  3. It’s not South West. We don’t have a mid south england, so Hampshire is in the South East of England If you don’t already have it, use their Facebook to keep track https://www.facebook.com/groups/115852231864720/?ref=share
  4. Note that glass BBs imported with a BB gun could be deemed illegal on arrival if spotted at customs. (Edited to add - if with the gun --- glass balls alone are just glass balls) Potentially (unless the gun is so under powered) an airsoft gun with glass BBs would no longer qualify as an airsoft gun but under firearms legislation would be a ‘low powered air weapon’ and the glass BBs would look a bit dodgy. We traditionally shoot lead pellets from airguns in the UK This looks like it would lead to a waste of money, at best you get cheap rubbish, perhaps you get nothing, at worst you get looked at
  5. Yes. For all access on the Plain a unit needs to identify what use and activities they plan on doing, and the areas that they can do those activities and those that they transit through. Random stuff should not be picked up, and random holes should not be dug. With the amount of soldiers training on the plain that would be a lot of holes across random areas, or much tighter ‘permitted’ areas. So you’d be digging up each other’s shit. Not so bad after time, but last weeks or yesterday’s turd won’t be attractive. We’ve had plumbing for centuries, the value of sanitation was identified long before, and portaloos have been around for decades. Human waste is just one of the forms of waste that must be removed. Contracts provide portaloos across the plain and other permanent training areas, and the instructions for arranging training elsewhere require facilities depending on the activity and numbers. Anything over 24 hours must provide portaloos https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/33609/20120528ReviewedPG02_11TOPLFinalV3U.pdf
  6. Public safety announcement: If you’re inclined to dig a hole and shit in the woods, and you go off on your ‘milsim’ on an army training area, then never dig a hole to shit in. The army aren’t allowed to and you’re not allowed to. There are a quite a few reasons why Use the portaloos provided by the army!!!! Just keep an eye out in case there is something written in big letters on the front. If you don’t want diarrhea then don’t use the diarrhea one, but if you do have it then use that one. Coughs, shits & sneezes spread diseases
  7. It’s a rail. Accept it has happened. The rail will still function as a rail, there are still threads in there. Mount something on it, touch up with some paint or if you don’t like it then replace the rail. Back in the day I filed back one of the rails on a gun body to precisely align a feed. The item manufacturer saw my mod and asked for more pictures and dimensions which they put into the redesign of their next iteration. I no longer use the item, so if I bring out that gun there’s a shiney gap on a black body. It has no effect on function
  8. If held at customs it would be held for a reasonable period until you justify the import. 3 months to get your UKARA status would not be reasonable - and if you tell them that you are not legal then they certainly won’t wait until you are It would be destroyed or rejected and returned back to the sender
  9. Or you could weigh a BB, (or a number of BBs and divide the weight by the quantity which allows for sensitivity of the scales), and use an airsoft chronographs built in functions
  10. Yes, UKARA will document you’re justification for having RIFs As long as customs etc don’t think you are bringing in real gun components then it’s fine
  11. To properly import as an existing player then you technically do not need UKARA But none of those who have asked have gone ahead with self importing and then given the feedback. For spare parts it’s simple as you do not need UKARA for parts. But if you dismantle full guns to import ‘as parts’ then you are actively smuggling and are likely to annoy customs
  12. Note that Dye i4s gained a reputation due to good marketing that they are the ‘best’ goggles, much of this was due being a small giggle marketed as low profile. Other parts of their ‘better’ status, such as pretty much fully rubberised google and ‘higher’ spec lenses as default are the same as any other premium goggles. Being smaller means less face coverage - and less warm air to fog. It can also mean not covering your chin / mouth and not breathing inside the goggle. If your face isn’t covered in full face goggles then they don’t fit your face! i3s were good for me, and I still have mine, but i4s leave my forehead, chin and lip exposed, if I talk then that’s also my teeth exposed. Look at what’s available, spend your rental days chatting with people and asking to try their gear & for their thoughts. But remember that everyone has an opinion and everyone has personal preferences My preferred goggles on the market are VForce grills, the best goggles to fit me are Angel Eyes (but don’t meet international standards due to the unique design, and have never gone into production beyond prototypes)
  13. The quote is not ridiculous. In the picture he does appear to be holding a gun or a replica. The article also gives a balanced & to the layman, an educational view of airsoft. He was suspended for the idiotic comments that he and his friends made with regard to teachers in the school. He produced his own evidence against him by posting it on the internet
  14. I’m not going to say that it’s OK for you to end up in possession of a RIF If someone gifts you a RIF then that’s between them and you If it is legal under the VCRA for you to paint an IF into a RIF then it’s fine for you to do so If it’s a crime but you don’t get caught then you have got away with it. An entirely legal way would be for your father to go playing with you, earn his own UKARA membership, and then buy you a RIF as a present
  15. ‘Defence’ is not you defending from prosecution, eg in court. If a player buys a RIF then that player does so under the skirmisher defence. But it is the retailer who would be liable under legislation if the player does not have the defence That means a retailer might need to go to court one day and defend themselves from prosecution, establishing that their ‘Legal defence’ is that they reasonably ensured that the buyer had a VCRA ‘defence’ implying that they intended to use the RIF for skirmishing. In modifying then you are the individual who could be liable for prosecution and could need to prove your legal defence of your skirmisher defence The site manager won’t care. The greater risk is to come to the attention of the police One way to start defending your position is to not tell people that you are painting it
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