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    Pulse Rifle, 2 APS cam870, tm glock 17
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    what ever fits
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  1. BigStew

    Omg how many bbs do you use?

    thats pretty much the cheapest you will get them
  2. BigStew

    Omg how many bbs do you use?

    i've gone through 6000 in a day when i was a support gunner but usually about 1500 in a game day. you can get blaster 0.25 tracers for about £14.00 for 3000.
  3. BigStew

    KWA M11A1 50 rd mags

    Time Left: 4 days and 19 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    make: kwa item: system 7/ ns2 3 M11A1 GBB 50rd mags condition: used but gas tight price: £25 posted each or £65 posted for all 3

    65.00 GBP

  4. BigStew

    Dboys RIS mounted M203

    do you still have this and is the price all in?
  5. BigStew

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    i have never seen an 8.4v lipo but a 7.4v lipo is equivalent to a 9.6v nicad
  6. BigStew

    P90 mag pouches

    Hi folks what are peoples recommendations for P90 mag pouches in tan looking to hold 4 mags on a belt rig or drop leg panel.
  7. BigStew

    Specna Arms warranty

    And they can say you used the wrong spring/incorrectly fitted its your fault warrenty voided. Not saying it's right but if you modify something it's up to you to prove that the item failed due to manufacturering error which would be difficult. Not saying this will happen but worked in retail along time saw lot of people told sod off user error.
  8. BigStew

    Specna Arms warranty

    Depends if there is some sort of seal on the quick release they could turn around and say you used a spring it wasn't designed for and have therefore voided the warranty. You might be able to fight it in small claims but who's going to? There plenty of items designed to be modified that if you actually modify will void the warranty.
  9. BigStew

    Different R.I.F's available for rental?

    Some sites offer up grade rental packages. Slightly higher end gun more mags and webbing
  10. BigStew

    Import from Poland to UK

    gunfire are very good. if the gun is properly two tone and you are over 18 you should be fine but there is always a slight chance it could get held for inspected
  11. BigStew

    Thoughts on JG AEGs

    m14 is really good but with cyma you get what you paid for the quality control and finish is no where near as good as anything Japanese or Taiwanese manufactures so there is a much higher chance of flaws or out the box failure but the guns are a third the price.
  12. BigStew

    Barrel tilt on tm detonics gbb

    I am looking at small slim pistol for a custom rifle build can any one tell me how much tilt there is in the tm detonics barrel at full slide travel? Need to know if I can use it in a fixed barrel. Thanks
  13. BigStew

    What would be a good DMR?

    Also i have to say the CYMA M14 is brilliant value sub £100 good range and accuracy out the box and you could make it something special for half the price of a TM M14
  14. BigStew

    What would be a good DMR?

    i personally don't see the point of losing full auto for not much gain.
  15. BigStew

    What would be a good DMR?

    Any thing can be turned into a DMR before you spend any money i would check at the site you play at what their policy is. the may require the AEG to be a single fire gun from the factory, or they may require a mechanical lock on the fire selector not just a mosfet. Also the big one to remember a well set gun is more important for range and accuracy than an FPS increase.