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  1. BigStew

    Tokyo Marui 416 doesn't fire

    are you sure the battery is charged? if yes don't touch it take it back to the shop
  2. To making it a DMR it will vary site to site they all have different rules for locking out auto and fps for AEG dmrs. Check with where you are going to play as to what they require for a dmr.from personal experience the increase in fps was not worth the lack of full auto or increase in MED. Get the air seal good, set the hop and barrel right and you can get as good range just slightly slower.
  3. BigStew

    Options for a beginner purchasing

    You are not taking into account prop costs construction cost site maintenance, land rent , insurance, tax, national insurance then take into account all the hours owner /employees works out side of games day then coupled with limited number of game days a site can run. I have been marshalling for years believe me having regulars are great they help create an atmosphere but even if You have an amazing site regulars fade out. new higher players make the site money. If VSA can afford to not charge for rentals that great I doubt many other sites could.
  4. BigStew

    Options for a beginner purchasing

    1 word profit they are a business after all. I wonder how they can make a profit as most sites need a minimum number of hires to break even. Also hire gun get treated like shite they will be broken multiple times in their service life. also with the cheaper rifles a lot of the time they need a gearbox rebuild to make them reliable before they see one game day.
  5. BigStew

    WTS Maruzen Chrome PPK GBB

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • New

    Make: Maruzen Gun/Model: Chrome PPK GBB Accessories: fobus Holster, 1 spare mag gun case. Condition: used but fully functional FPS: 260 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n/n Price/Payment: £130.00 inc p&p Pictures:


  6. BigStew

    Gas Blowback for my First Pistol?

    unless you really need a back up i would lay off buying a pistol for now. With winter coming a Gas gun will become increasingly useless as it gets colder. if you need a back up you could get a MP5K AEG for sub £100 or any AEP with a lipo conversion will be good. Gas wise other than its size a MK23 NBB is the most practical year round gun. if you must have a GBB go Tokyo marui Double stack (plastic slide and large gas tank will work in relatively low temp). if you want metal KWC CO2 range but you might have FPS issues with new bulbs .
  7. How was it a good campaign? They marketed on causing pain they gave away badges with the thing that boasted about inflicted pain. If you want to inflict pain on people you shouldn't be on an airsoft site. This campaign has got them banned at a tonne of site which is really going to prohibit sales. Yes with MED and indirect fire this could be a really useful tool but I have seen what these things do to balstics gel at close range. some one pops their head up at the wrong time and there is going to be a mess.
  8. BigStew

    Need Lipo help! :-(

    are you actually meant to discharge lipos?
  9. BigStew

    ICS M4 parts compatibility

    i need a replacement buffer tube for an ICS M4 i have bought are ICS cross compatible for external parts or do i need to buy an ICS branded tube?
  10. BigStew

    25 mk ii APS M870 shells

    Time Left: 3 days and 14 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    25 mk ii APS M870 shells and wadding for sale. these are for the m870 version 2 were the gas is stored in the bolt. £80.00 posted


  11. BigStew

    Nuprol Bocca Tracer unit

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Nuprol Bocca Tracer unit £30.00 posted


  12. BigStew

    SnowWolf Thompson Gearbox


    • For sale
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    SnowWolf Thompson Gearbox for sale stock unused taken out of a pulse rifle fired a couple times


  13. BigStew

    TM 870 Breacher alternative?

    there are clones made by Golden Eagle that you can get from $99.00 + shipping + tax. however there is a reason TM cost that much.
  14. I have effectively used an under slung m203 with madbull shower shells at the mall but always with a good line of sight. Shower shells should be used like a support gun suppression and intimidation if you actually hit some one lucky bonus. Having seen what a 40 Mike does to balistic gel at foot range I can't see many sites or insurance companies allowing them.
  15. BigStew

    Got two Maruis pistols but have a problem

    send it back parcel force not royal mail