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  1. BigStew

    TM P90/MP5 battery

    yes it they will be fine just might not last a whole day if you have a heavy finger.
  2. BigStew

    How many guns ?

    Don't buy more once you go down the slippery slope there's no way back.
  3. BigStew

    G&G and ICS Garand

    ok it was when i posted
  4. BigStew

    G&G and ICS Garand

    Zero one has g&g mags in stock https://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=4035
  5. BigStew

    G&G M1 Garand

    Is it a plastic stock because if it is That's a very good excuse to get a wood kit and if it's wood sand paper and wood stain.
  6. BigStew

    G&G and ICS Garand

    Having a look at Google images they look pretty different. Unless one is a direct copy of the other chances are they're not.
  7. BigStew

    How many guns ?

    I have gone through hundreds in my time but I try to keep 1 in 1 out so my average is 7 or 8 guns mostly gbb pistols or sub machine guns
  8. BigStew

    G&G MP5 stuck on full auto

    Not a clue I am afraid I know mechanical not electronics but a tech is going to be at least 20 quid an hour.
  9. BigStew

    G&G MP5 stuck on full auto

    Ok then this is probably what the gear box looks like https://www.guay2.com/en/product/detail-1903 etu is internal you need a tech. If it's new take it back under warranty.
  10. BigStew

    G&G MP5 stuck on full auto

    Does it have blow back ie did the ejection port cover move when firing?
  11. BigStew

    G&G MP5 stuck on full auto

    Unless you can confirm the model it might not have a etu.
  12. BigStew

    G&G MP5 stuck on full auto

    It's not that difficult to take apart. Two body pins and the mag release hold the upper body and stock on and the the gear box is held in by the selector switch which is held in place by a grub screw in the right hand side selector switch I think then two screws in the mag well.
  13. BigStew

    WW2 Loadout Help

    Have just searched or have 7ou messaged them?
  14. BigStew

    WW2 Loadout Help

    solider of fortune might have them http://www.sofmilitary.co.uk/
  15. BigStew

    Getting the hump .

    if you are not willing to say something to some ones face you shouldn't say it on line. Also can we get over this millennial Snowflake crap millennials are in their late 30s now some even have adult children of their own.