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  1. ASG just re brands they don't make anything most likely at that price it's a classic army sports line which is garbage. can't comment on the cyma.
  2. Nothing has changed that much to be honest. The newbies just keep getting younger
  3. just had a quick look at the spec it's says your gun fires full auto so would be need to be locked to semi auto before you have that sort of FPS. I would also check with your site that they will actually allow you to run a AEG DMR at that sort of FPS. As Adolf Hamster said FPS consistence a good hop rubber and heavy ammo will do more than upping the FPS.
  4. A real Glock be about $200 cheaper
  5. Are you filling it right? The mag should be as vertical as possible with valve facing up. It will take several seconds to fill and unless you are playing in extreme cold a Glock mag should be able to empty twice at least. If you are doing this and still having issues take it back it's broken. Like everyone else I really hope thats not USA dollars.
  6. With the exception of this couple of guys this. I had to pull up a guy for repeatedly going after a group of hires in a domination game because he "wanted to get the footage for views" wasn't enough to put him out the game by the rules but if i had had my way i would have banned him from the site
  7. 3d printed https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2379627 . there is a company that makes a machined version with a revised barrel adaptor but it's £170 if you can find it.
  8. need a holster for the back up sig and might switch out the mag pouches with molle so i can fit a few flash bang pouches but it will do for now
  9. It depends on how many parts and what parts. Stuff has been stopped. Customs can stop anything. What defence do you have? Noting that on your parcel maybe enough. An addum only customs can give you a correct answer all we can give you is passed experience which is just maybe.
  10. I have been buying from out of the UK for a couple of decades. Since the VCRA so long as my valid ukara number as been marked on the out side of the box has passed through customs fine.
  11. BigStew

    Gp M14 DMR

    there is nothing obvious from your pictures the mechanical selector seems to be working. the next thing would be to see if the contacts under the selector mech are damaged.
  12. I looked into that best fit would be a we pdw but would have to build s complete chassie to hold bolt and fire group not in my skill set.
  13. This is the space I have to work with.
  14. Project gun I have wanted to do for years is a Ruger Mini 14. I have an old daisy Springer upper receiver heat shield and gas block, real steel 30 rd mags and a possibly real steal side folding stock. Having gone through so possible ideas AEG gear box and motor are not going to fit, kjw kc-02 would fit but the mags can't fit in a mini 14 shell, HPA would do, but I don't want a line and tank. So I have gone for AEP. I have both types of gearbox and they do fit but the Glock gearbox set horizontally will fit in the upper receiver. Now my idea is to fit the an mp7 cylinder head fitted with a extended 3d printed nozzle to fit a M14 hop up and to re engineer the tappet plate to connect directly to the nozzle and have the gear that drives the piston pull the tappet plate rather than push. So thoughts suggestions would be appreciated.
  15. there is an appraisals section. but depends on age and what accessories you have. the in stock price should be your base line. Fire support don't change their offer prices still some thing is back in stock can dash your hope quite a bit.
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