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  1. BigStew

    AGM MG42


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    AGM MG42 for sale fully functioning but drum mag mount bracket snapped but repaired and mag cover fallen off. £270 posted



  2. just to check the obvious before you change anything have cleaned your barrel? its amazing the improvement that can be had from a clean barrel 0.28g BBs and 20 mins at the range adjusting the hop.
  3. It was great fun because of how the compensator was attached you could use it like a pump action.
  4. If a member of the public thinks it real then the law thinks real. I cosplay as a colonial Marine the amount of times adults at cons ask if my pulse rifle is real is unbelievable.
  5. An Auto 9 springer in the window of wonderland toys in edinburgh 20 years ago. That 20 quid spring started a long and very expensive journey.
  6. The A&K is a clone of the CA. Can't say if the CA is better than the A&K never owned one but i have owned a few A&K which were fine. the biggest issue is the mag which will fail but there are 3rd party box mags which are much better or just re wire the box mag.
  7. Need more players that can do this. "What were they wearing? camo! I mean what type? Green! Ok what kind of gun? Black! Ok we'll be on the look out if you see them point then out to a Marshall."
  8. Me marshal standing next to prone player to his mates "i must have hit him" not i did hit him. for the record he wasn't even close. I have being playing for 20 years marshalling for about 10. 90% of the time people are missing and if they report none hit takers most of the time they can't even give a good description of the offender. tracers are the best only way i see where my shots are going
  9. I only go in there if i am buying something anyway its not big enough to browse in.
  10. Also to that dont over wind them.
  11. For people who have had stuff printed any recommendations for who to get the work done by? I have given up trying to get my printer to work and that last guy i bought from wasn't up to scratch.
  12. KSC if you want a metal slide other wise TM M9A1 is the best performing M9
  13. BigStew

    Ares WA2000

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    Ares WA2000 VSR based spring sniper rifle. real wood aluminium frame, adjustable check rest and butt stock, 50 rd tube mag removable bipod and carry case included. gun has been a display piece though has several scratches on the metal and wood. completely stock. £400 posted and paypaled, no trades cash only. proof of defence required.



  14. depends how old you are some sites don't let under 16s play with out their guardian being on the field with them. if they do I doubt a site is going to complain about a extra green fee. you can play as little or as much as you want on the game day the rule is you go to 3 game days in no less than 2 months. however the site doesn't have to sign a UKARA form if they don't think the player is fit to have a ukara membership.
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