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  1. Marushin or Chinese clone mossberg 500. Its gas. The valve is in the space where the shell loader would be and bbs are loaded into the mag tube via the end cap if I remember correctly. Parts will be almost impossible to come by and they leak like a sieve.
  2. TM P90 with at least four 170rd MAG mid caps, spitfire tracer and a torch with a ris attachment. Gun is light, small for using in confined spaces, ambi dextrous and has the range to be competitive in out doors. Other than changing over the battery connector from mini tamyia ( even that is just a preference) does not need a single thing done to it prior to use. Regards gear I am tall and fat and find military first has a decent range of colths for the bigger person. Regards webbing. Molle battle belt with braces and viper pouches has always done fine for me.
  3. I have no idea about yourself but for me no. Going to a dark place, but there was a point in my life if I had a firearm in the house I wouldn't be here today and I am not sure I won't get that point again.
  4. You really want to move to country primarily to own guns? I thought about moving to USA awhile back because of the money i could earn in my profession and had fallen in love with the side of America I had seen( I am a geek and regular travel to Atlanta for Dragon con basically geek mardi gras). Any way the more I looked into the more I saw the UK is shit the USA is shitter (it ani't getting any better). I have made friends over there most are professional all of them have been laid off multiple times with little warning and no restitution whats so ever in the time i have known them. An English friend who married a local has been there 8 years has had 8 jobs and only got his green card last year (he can still be chucked out the country for any reason). What ever state it's you'll miss the NHS, first year we went a friend had a drunken fall, went to get checked out at the hospital. A sprained ankle cost him 5k up front that he had to claim back on his travel insurance. " love shooting and I'm an advocate of responsible gun ownership for sport shooting, hunting, pest control and self-defense. Guns were all-but outlawed here and we're still murdering each other in the streets, just now we do it with handheld sharp objects instead." 5 times more people were murdered with knives in the USA in 2020 than in the UK. I really don't want to live in a country that i need to be armed to feel safe. The Whole self defence thing is a red herring you are more likely to be rob/burgled for your guns and much more like to kill a family member/friend, yourself than a "Bad guy". Restricting gun ownership works. Ever country with gun control laws has significantly less murders even by proportional population. The USA needs to get over the second amendment as the out dated deliberately woefully misinterpreted legislation it is( it also needs get universal health care, reform education and Employee rights). I know I'll be in the minority in this group with my stance. I would never want Americas gun culture in UK. I don't think guns should be banned but they should be heavily regulated.
  5. just get a WE it will break but it has comprehensive OEM parts availability compared to the other brands.
  6. I really want to know who started this TM 1911s can't finish a mag? in single digit temperatures they'll struggle to cycle but so will most GBBs. most of the years you'll get 40ish rounds out a single fill.
  7. 2004, the high point was $2 to £1 I bought so much stuff.
  8. After all is added up I have rarely saved money on importing, pretty much now the only reason to import is you can't get it in the UK.
  9. I have bought guns before decided I didn't like them/wanted something else and sold them without ever doing anything than a test shot.
  10. I generally find gillihie suit wearers complain about getting shot by there own team alot for that reason. My opinion is team tape should not be hidden and if you can't see it shoot them.
  11. Dose the original mag catch work in the new kit and is it with all your mags? options are all the mags are worn and so there is not enough contact to lock them in place or the mag catch just doesn't have enough material on it in the 1st place to engage the mag. or the blow back unit is not seated properly and not allowing the mag to lock in properly. 1st does the mags lock solidly with the slide off? if yes its the blow back unit. if no do the mags hold in place if you remove the spring and just put pressure on the mag release on the opposite side to the release button? if no mag catch is the issue if yes spring is the issue.
  12. ASG Blasters have been banned at several sites due to shattering. I generally use Geoffs.
  13. 1st airsoft was an Auto 9 springer from Wonderland models in Edinburgh. 1st proper airsoft for skirmishing was a TM Thompson M11A1
  14. Don't up grade a gun until you have actually used it and see that it suits your style of play. 1st thing you should do is clean the barrel. Next thing is set the hop, go to the range at your site and take some time to get the gun set to the weight and make of BBs you wsnt to use. Krytacs reputation is perfectly fine but over priced for what they are. if I was spending that much on a gun I would expect it to be good out the box.
  15. honestly best Glock 19 Tokyo Marui, WE over priced for what it is Umarex.
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