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  1. BigStew

    How many of you store guns with empty mag in?

    yeah do not keep gas pistol mags in they should be kept with some gas in and you are just asking for a accidental discharge with a forgotten bb in the chamber
  2. BigStew

    Export RIF from UK to Sweden with no UKARA

    your only concern are Swedens laws are regarding rifs
  3. BigStew

    Professional Upgrades

    other than i would expect it to work exactly as what i asked for how long is piece of string? there are plenty of airsoft techs and most shops have a tech but since there are no formal qualifications to be a tech you will just have to do the research on them to see quality of their work. how much depends on what you want done each guy will have an hourly rate assume 10 to 20 quid an hour maybe more. you need to decided what you want done what parts you want and then get quotes. There is no straight answer you need to do the leg work. A better question would be i have this gun i want it to do this and have this can some one recommend me a tech
  4. GBB WA2000, GBB ruger mini 14, GBB smart gun and a shell ejecting spas 12. Oh and a China lake pump action granade launcher.
  5. BigStew

    Talk me out of it? (New gun)

    The KTW has gas conversion kit there is a guy a section 8 that runs a full length. Had a shot the other day it was nice.
  6. BigStew

    First CQB RIF, need advice

    this could be your base for an MP5k https://extremeairsoft.co.uk/shop/assault-rifles/electric-aeg-rifles/mp5/jg-mp5k-with-m4-stock/
  7. BigStew

    First CQB RIF, need advice

    pretty sure cyma does something very close out the box but mostly like need a spring change. the parts are available MP5s have alot of after market support m4 stock adaptor, low profile scope mount and a threaded barrel and you would be good
  8. BigStew

    First CQB RIF, need advice

    there is an MP5K high cycle but TM shoot about 270 to 290 out box that's the range you wanted? i do happen to be selling a barely used Vector
  9. BigStew

    First CQB RIF, need advice

    MP5K TM for low fps yet good range, kriss vector quick change spring very short gun but good for big guys .9i'm 6,5), ics m4 split gear box and lots of separate uppers cand change fps and barrel length, TM AUG high cycle but would require safety mod
  10. BigStew

    WTS Krytac Kriss Vector

    Time Left: 6 days and 21 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    WTS Krytac Kriss Vector 5 months old completely Stock on'y used a couple times (my AA12 is more fun) 4 95 round mags 7.4v 1300mah lipo and detachable sling mount


  11. Stock tm glock 17 sas front strike plate asg tracer
  12. I have seen them fall are part too many times. 30 quid to protect 130 quid gun doesn't seem that bad to me.
  13. i would avoid nuprol holsters. we glock mags work in tm glock i run two. M9A1 is a great pistol and after having a go on a TM HK45 I really want one.
  14. BigStew



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    Looking for a stock ASG/KJW KC-02 full functional sub £200.00 or have cyma M14 fully leng wood effect AEG to part ex. UKARA can be provided


  15. BigStew

    Best Gun around. £200-£300ish

    CYMA M14 can be got for £110.00 delivered. you can kit yourself out with 3 hi cap mag scope mount red dot and tracer unit for £200.00. I found it to have great range out the box with a barrel clean.