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  1. TM will cycle better than a WE at pretty much any temperature, but 5-6 degrees is not really GBB temperature full stop. They are not designed to operate at that sort of temp any brand will suffer from cool down. If you need a light full auto back up at that sort of temp AEG MP5K is your best bet
  2. There is a wanted section in the classified. No sales are to be posted anywhere but there was Adolf hamsters point
  3. Yeah can you elaborate? Can't find a single mention on any other forum or on Google search.
  4. Nuprol don't make anything they just rebrand other manufacturers. You generally have no guarantee of build quality or it it's even fit for purpose when buying Nuprol.
  5. Every site I have been to it has always been stated in brief zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol on site.
  6. what do you consider not breaking the bank i have a FOCUHUNTER PSO Scope.
  7. the TMs have a semi and auto select built into the safety now just to add I under stand the appeal of sticking to the same platform for mag compatibility but this is airsoft there is no guarantee that your current mags will feed with any of the guns you choose.
  8. with the metal upper AUGs are quite heavy. have you thought about a sub machine gun? MP5, UMP or one of the pistol calibre carbines from G&G? I just ordered the special edition ARP9 after having a go on a mates one. even with a drum mag its light. on the range i was getting accurate hits at 50m could walk the shot at 60m and max range was about 67ish
  9. You could try cutting threads into the plastic barrel and use a light weight tracer (but not ideal). Other wise you are looking at replacing the barrel with a threaded one. The ASG is a rebranded KWA M93R so you will have better luck but you will have to import one it will not be cheap and you need to make sure you get the right version as there are 3/4 different ones that have been made by KSC.
  10. I knew of a guy who was trying to start up a shop. Everything he tried to import got stopped by customs. He gave up because he couldn't get stock in time. After that he found out the reason everything was getting stop was because the UKARA number he was given by the site he played at didn't exist.
  11. Add on shipping and it's about £1.70 cheaper than buying new from firesupport
  12. unless you know some one in a country they do ship to if the retailer doesn't want to play ball your stuffed. i would think the carrier not shipping to the uk is just their excuse.
  13. Maybe £50/60. You are probably looking at a full gear box rebuild at least and I hate to say it but TM Thompson's are over priced you can get a new cyma for 100ish.
  14. so about £300 over new price https://www.usedairsoft.co.uk/rif-s/electric-powered/ak-m249_i31148
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