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  1. Thinking about it your best bet would be just to get the A3 cut out a mid section of the gas tube and glue each end to give you a k length barrel (this would however only work with a plastic receiver unless you can weld)
  2. Do you mean put a A3 upper receiver on to a MP5k lower receiver? Because that is just going to give you an MP5 A3. On the MP5K receiver the gas tube is integrated into the upper receiver. It would be less grief to modify the MP5K upper receiver to fit the stock than to modify a MP5 recover to fit a k gas tube.
  3. £230 for a TM MP7 GBBR with body damage, selector issues and a god awful paint job https://prefired.co.uk/ads/custom-tokyo-marui-mp7-gbb/
  4. This appears to be the more exspensive version at £239.00. however that should include a micro dot as well as the suppressor but op has failed to mention the red dot.
  5. The TM ones will unload on one wind but even TM P90 high caps jam like mad. It's a clever method it just doesn't work very well. Unless you are willing to run low caps MAG mid caps are the only way to get reliable feeding.
  6. I have sold guns out side the UK twice never again. both times they went walkies once they were out the UK and the carrier's wouldn't cover RIFs. I really wouldn't bother even if you can get a carrier it could end up being very exspensive for you.
  7. Model, manufacture and what's been done to it is really needed to give any advice. Also who did the work because the first thing done should have been hop and barrel.
  8. Still haven't responded to a stock confirmation request not a good sign.
  9. Legally yes if it's over a certain value. In reality hit and miss whether you will get charged. But budget for those fees you will generally be invoiced by the carrier when your item clears customs.
  10. KWA/KSC makes a Makarov and a Tokarev.
  11. UKARA is really only there to protect retailers. For you it's just proof that you are member of a site. Site owners only concerns are that the guns FPS are Site legal and you are not going to act like a dick on site. Golden rule of Airsoft is don't be a dick and you'll be fine.
  12. There is no Airsoft gun register as there is no way to register Airsoft guns as they don't have serial numbers. The only people who would care how you got the guns is the police so don't give them a reason to ask. Don't have the RIFs in public or kept them in a place that is visible to the public. Only use them at an organised Airsoft site with the appropriate liability insurance. If you are transporting them make sure they are covered in proper gun bags that are secure. The laws we are allowed to keep RIFs are not well thought out and have never been tested in court don't be the first.
  13. If they are 15ish year old guns they need servicing rather than just upgrading. Frist clean the barrel. Mostly like hop rubber needs replacing. If that doesn't improve performance next step is to open up the gear box. Check the gears are ok, clean it re shim the gears change the seals on the piston head. Regards the body you could fit external braces like on the PSG 1 or find an after market body( rare and exspensive). If you replace them only metal body guns are classic army or an LCT JG are plastic only. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials on taking apart gearboxes
  14. You could replace the front hand grip with one with an integrated flash light (probably more expensive than the gun) swap the foregrip for a ris (somewhere like wish your best bet for cheap), mod your existing for grip. Mount a light on the hand guard and fit the battery in the grip or you could fit a short suppressor/tracer and mount a light to that.
  15. Some might say building a vac form and making a buck isn't exactly easy or cheap. the OP was asking if there was anything cheaper than a Well AEP Uzi
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