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  1. WE 1911s are garbage and only sort of TM compatible. Kjw are also only sort of compatible. For all metal you have KWA but hard to find in the UK (fire support might have a few in stock) or kwc CO2 range. KWA have reasonable parts support. Don't know about kwc parts availablity but the 1911 I owned had a nice finished and decent shooter with a nice kick.
  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Planet Replicas 2012 Lawgiver kit is meant to be for an airsoft glock. back strap needs moding to fit a tm glock but my dremal has packed in so this is getting flogged. cost me £85 to get it printed £40.00 posted


  3. BigStew

    TM glock 34 slide

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    TM glock 34 slide outer barrel and recoil spring guide £20 posted


  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    FoundryAirsoft Halo SOCOM Magnum conversion kit for TM glock 17 GBB comes with 4 mag bases £50 posted


    glasgow - GB

  5. Can't say the prospect of inhaling fiberglass if the mask breaks up under impacts appeals. Also chances of a customer taking a good mold in the frist place and then it not deforming or breaking during delivery are not high. I could see this being a serious money loser.
  6. We are not going to get something new. sites are going under left right and centre. 1 from the lock down 2 airsoft sites are a pocket money to landlords and with the price of timber wood land sites are getting harvested and CQB site is always under threat from redeveloped. As I said Airsoft rent for landlords is pocket money and site owners have no power or leverage so cannot be more trouble than they are worth or loss their site. Current green fees are around £25 quid most sites i know are lucky if they get 80 player regularly 26 weeks a year. so 25*80*26 =52,000 year add maybe 30 hires at £
  7. No airsofter would pay the green fee required to fund this.
  8. the op posted on Arnies with same thing with his location as Afghanistan.
  9. All that matters is it has the appropriate thread for your gun and that it's not heavy as that will effect the gun cycling. other than that go for which ever one you like the look of.
  10. VFC look beautiful externals, internals are generally garbage.
  11. To be honest you'd get more money putting the gun back to stock and selling the parts.
  12. Maybe £200 custom built guns don't really retain value. Who built it?
  13. That's just a marushin rebrand again not been in production for a while Yeah you are probably looking at the better part of £250 to £300 for a shell ejectors. Hi capa wise go TM fire support have the in stock from £117.00.
  14. Marushin made a cz75, Glock 19 and 1911 but haven't been in production of years. Octagon Airsoft might have used ones
  15. If the mags are holding gas and it's cycling fine at decent FPS don't bother. Just field strip it and lube it with some silicon oil(actually do that before you test fire it)
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