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  1. Granted to be fair I see it on almost every thing on there, zero in, discord and what's app selling pages and followed suit, one is not hard to really find out and for the loss of interest fair enough but the pistol with the work gone into and the price asked is a strap since I would rather see it go to home where someone will use it then it be in the box. It's just asking the lines of if he doesn't have anything good to say don't say it, if you lose interest go right past it. I do understand your point I honestly didn't think you did know how Google worked but well done, since it probably takes the same effort as typing it in and waiting for a response.
  2. Type in paypal fee calculator and wouldn't you look at that it comes up, crazy how google works isn't.
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    For sale, I have my trust Raven Glock EU18 with a few upgrades PDI 6.01mm Inner Barrel 122mm Maple Leaf 50 autobot bucking 3d Printed Flash hider to hide extension WE hammer set 2x Leak free mags Shoots spot on great sidearm I'm selling it as I have 3 other pistols and this doesn't get used. Will supply with a Holster along with this. Price include postage buyer pays paypal fee


  4. I had the same problem a few weeks back. My ares mags would not worth at all miss feeding and giving me lots fps. Which confided be as they worked in my krytac, vfc, cyma and old g&g gr26 fine with no problems. Add a small about of velcro and my nuprol mags big and low cap feed perfectly fine.
  5. The only time i have dropped 40/50 fps on a sorting is after leaving the spring fully precocked for 9 months calm back to a major drop in d Fps. Other then that one it settles you will lose about 10-30 fpa guarder and prometheus have me the most do in fps once settled
  6. If you follow the instruction and don't use anything bigger then a 11.1 25c lipo battery you will be perfectly fine. Don't use nimh, life or a anything less then a 11.1v and you should be all good. Got one in my spare cm16 for just over a year. Ran every weekend no problems
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    For sale is a Nuprol Delta Pioneer that has been serviced recently so in all working order. At the moment it does fire at 358 FPS on 0.2g bbs but I can tune this down to 320 if needed gun highers a respectable 20rps also. Below is the listed upgrades great bundle for someone getting into airsoft. What you get : Nuprol Delta Pioneer, 1 high cap Mag 1 mid-cap Mag 1x 11.1v battery Madbull python ver. II barrel Krytac bucking Best way to get hold of me is on my mobile Mobile: 07908068467 Video of gun firing: https://youtu.be/dfYwhNcP5fQ


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    For sale is Krytac mk2 Spr - Green Firing 350fps, 28 rps, drawing 21 amps at max on full auto 12-15 amps on auto. Upgrades M110 spring SHS High Torque motor Full metal rack shs piston Merf 3.2 mosfet 380mm ZCI barrel Maple leaf bucking and nub PTS stock Spring guide modified to reduce twang Comes with a red dot, 3x magnifier, nurpol amplifier, big dragon grip, 2x G&G High Cap and the original iron sights. Will ship with a 11.1V battery Only bad points the fire selector on the left side works but has movement so will need to be replaced soon. Selling as I want something smaller any questions just let me know £260 collections or £275 posted.



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    For sell, I have a krytac PDW upper comes with everything pictured apart from flashider, never skirmished brand new. ZCI 200mm barrel ideally you do need a 2 inch extender to hide the inner barrel hop up needs the c clip. DOESNT COME WITH FLASHIDER ( TRACER) Have £220 in this Looking for £120 all in.


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    For sale I have my spare Tokyo Marui MP5 SD, Selling to make way for other projects what you get is great if you're just getting into airsoft and want your first gun below is all the build Tokyo Marui MP5 SD 3x cyma metal mid 100rd mags 1x Cyma 400rd High Cap 1x Tokyo Marui 200rd High Cap 1x 11.1 Volt battery 1x 7.4 lipo for built-in Hutu unit 1x Red dot sight 2x MP5 molle fast mag Internals are below ZCI balanced motor 18:1 SHS gears SHS silent cylinder SHS Silent piston head SHS full metal teeth rack ZCI 6.02 barrel Maple leaf Macron bucking Shoots between 325 - 330fps great for UK indoor limits, Also comes with a krytac mosfet that i haven't installed to protect the trigger contacts but will supply with it. £165 + 2.5% + £10 postage so in total im looking for £180 open to offers.


    - GB


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    For Sale, we have a Wolverine Wraith M4 stock What you get is below Wolverine Wraith M4 Stock - Great condition you will need to modify the lower of you gun to fir this but it means you don't have to run a tank and line making HPA much more streamlined. ICS MST Stock in great condition Locking ring Backplate G&G gearbox cut down for the wraith Stock you don't need to modify your gearbox just dop this one in and an Ares Pistol grip that can fit your battery inside. Thanks Nathan



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    I'm looking for a Jing gong SD full stock with mid cap mags looking to pay between 80-100 PayPal ready. Open to offer mp5 within the price range just send me a message or contact me at 07522602492


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    For sale G&P VLT MUR Custom Build, Everything I have in is listed below G&P VLT MUR receiver Ares Octa arms 7-inch rail with an integrated silencer can be removed HPA SPeed trigger 5x Ares mid magazine - Can feed up to 35RPS 2x Nuprol High Cap Ares MOE Pistol Grip Ambi Mag Release Retro Arms Fire Selector Ambi Charging handle Starc Magwell Grip ICS MST stock ZCI barrel ZCI hop up with Hutu led installed Firefly Bucking Wolverine Inferno Gen 2 Wolverine Wraith stock - With spare seals Everything works fine, got well over a Grand in it I'm looking for trades with money on top depending on gun mainly CQB M4 or Vector. Looking for £650 ono. Any questions just PM


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