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  1. nathan13n

    TM / CYMA Glock 030 G18c AEP Upgrades

    I have no clue a few people had told me there cyma 030 shoots at 200 stock, so I think I just got a lemon bought it about 2 years ago the low fps was annoying me but I didn't have any tech ability so I left it and started to do it recently and just realised how expensive it was. I got idea that is two uv leds constant one wired into a battery of its own. and modifying the mags to add a see-through window od the uv rays hits the bbs. I will be trying it at some point within the next few weeks so fingers crossed. They are definitely cheap and fun to work on do it man.
  2. nathan13n

    Hutu Tracer Unit

    I will update this one with a better video when i can find a better camera and the pistol im looking to do a internal tracer unit on the 18c aep so fingers crossed i can pull it off
  3. nathan13n

    Hutu Tracer Unit

    I must not be the only one who wanted a tracer unit that was integrated into the silencer making your gun about 3 foot long so I was looking up Hop up tracer units and if you want to buy one of them its like £ 30 for the special hop-up * bull shit* and £40 for the led unit to go onto your special hop up all sounds like such shit. So I went about researching and making my own cos £70 for a tracer unit is a bit crazy. Research So I went about researching it and a lot of people have done Hutu unit but don't document the process well and all have different setups so I'm just documenting the one that worked best for me. LED LED wise I used 3mm UV LEDs which have a common brightness which is about 3,000mcd which in common I couldn't find anything higher but if you could find a high mcd then I would say get it. It would be hard to as UV light doesn't register on the scale the same way. I have heard to use 12,000 mcd blue led but they didn't perform as well as the UV LEDs the reason for this is the substances the BBs are coated in react to UV light very well as you can see from the picture below. My chose is 3mm UV 3,000 mcd BBs (UV light on bb picture ) BBs BB colour is up to you but I tested Blue, Red and Green and green was the best one by far it gave the best contrast in most settings in most conditions obvious in the sunlight no matter what colour it's very hard to see. so my chose is Green BBs Equipment Now that you know what LEDs and BBs to use it would be great to know what sort of equipment you would be using, Hot Glue Gun Black glue sticks Dremel / Rotary tool Rotary cutting disc Clear coat nail polish JST wires Drill 3.1mm Drill bit Some Wires Super Glue 6mm Dowel UV led ( non diffused ) Resistor A battery capable of 30 amps that's all you need Prototype 1 So on the prototype, I used two LED on an old plastic G&G sr25 to know what I needed to do, So I drilled two holes using a 3.1mm drill bit for the hop up once this was done. I then worked on the LED you to want to trim this down as low as you can without touching the element this will get a cloudy white colour an easy way to bring the clearness back is to apply a thin coat of clear coat to the LED leave these to dry I then insert the dowel into the bottom of the hop up so the led wouldn't interpret the path of the bbs I then used a little bit of super glue to hold the LED in place on the edge of the led so it doesn't diffuse the colour. The then wired LEDs up in series so connecting the positive to the negative side and adding the JST lead on hot glueing everything down to stop any light bleed out the side of the gun The BB glow was a little bit dead the glow was really weak so I would need to wire them into parallel and add in a resistor as my first prototype lasted 48 hours before the first led failed as my battery was delivering over 38 amps. Parrel or Series So after a little research, I realised that in series the battery voltage was cut in half for the LED so if I added more LEDs it would just decrease the voltage for each LED reducing the brightness so I would need to run it in parrel and so all the LEDs will get the same voltage allowing for a better overall performance so I did a small test to compare brightness. In Series In Parrell From this small test you can see the LED in Parrell are a fair bit brighter so for the second mockup I will add the two more LED brings the total to 4 and add in a 320ohms resistor. Prototype 2 For the second prototype, I added two more LEDs to bring it to 4 ass you can see comparing it is a fairly big difference in brightness I also added the resistor to the end of the positive LED leg that goes into the JST plug this limited the position I could put the cables into feed the through the gearbox to the battery into pistol grip. I know what to do for the final unit I will be making. I had an idea of drilling into my prowin unit but I drill wasn't strong enough neither was my drill bit as one warped under the pressure and heat generated but the concept carried over. Final HUTU unit for the final HUTU unit, I used an SHS plastic hop up which is the same as the Prowin and SHS aluminium, So I drilled out the led holes using the 3.2mm bit the same as the first prototype, cut down the LEDs and clear coated the same way. Glued them in the using super glue wired them up in parallel and added the JST plug onto the end. I then added the resistor into the extension cable so it gave me way more space to flex the cable giving it a nice compact look and allowing the hop up unit to fit right and compact without getting in the way Once this is done I then connected everything in and made a bypass cable that allows me to run the Wolverine trigger board and Hutu of the same battery the one I'm using that give me a nice smooth 30 plus amps that give the Hutu enough amps to run at full brightness and the trigger board to run as it should. Turnigy Graphene 950mAh 2S 65C. Below is the Hutu all wired in and Video of it firing. The video isn't the greatest quality so I may change it if I can get a better video recorded.The green glow is from the tracer round inside the hop unit. Video Slow Mo Video AEP tracer Video Any questions let me know. I will be working on an AEP pistol internal tracer unit I posted the info for this in my Cyma 030 / TM g18c upgrade thread.
  4. After hours of trying to find some information about why my Cyma 18c was shooting so shit chronoing between 140-150 fps where all reviews I'm seeing are saying 200 easy. This is somewhat don't believe as these guns aren't built very well. while sorting out the poor FPS I wanted to upgrade it a little just so it would shoot better, Nothing too amazing or over the top money wise as it was a cheap gun in the first place. Airseal First thing I started to work on was the air seal as 150 which is 50fps less then it supposed to me lead me to believe the air seal was way off from being a 100% so my aim was to replace the o rings and see what increase I could get I was aiming for between 155 and 160 fps from correcting the air seal. Below are all the o rings that I used correcting the air seal Piston Head - 18 x 2mm Cylinder head - 18 x 1 mm Nozzle - 6 x 1 mm Spring Guide - 2.5 x 1 mm I also used some Teflon tape on the Cylinder get as much air volume through the cylinder without losing it. In total, I paid £8 for o rings mainly because I had to buy them in more than just singles and £5 for Teflon tape but ended up with 5 rolls. This raised my overall FPS of 165 - 168 on average which gave me a decent increase of 9.5% which is fairly good price you would be able to do do this much cheaper if you can source the Teflon tape and o rings cheaper I do have so much left over I will make air seal sets and sell them on here for £5 which includes all the o rings and Teflon tape. Barrel Extension and Flash Hider The stock inner barrel isn't the greatest as most stock inner barrels arent it comes in as 6.08mm so the same as on AEG, if you get a small diameter inner barrel, so a 6,03 - 6.01mm and put more air behind the BB you should get a slight bump in FPS and maybe a small increase in range. If you want to keep your Glock standard without adding an extra extender onto the front then you will need a 105mm barrel Laylax do a very nice inner barrel for between £24 and 28 depending on where you get it from PDI also do a 6.01mm for around the same price the PDI raven is the one that I used since I was going for a Glock Lone wolf look I got the 121mm Barrel. I 3D printed a little extension to go on the front of my gun to hide the barrel extending out the front. If you use the PDI raven you need to modify the standard bucking a little bit and remove the line on the inside of the hop up rubber if you don't you will get a decrease as air seal will be poor. I also wrapped the bucking in some Teflon tape just to make sure air seal was 100%. After testing my fps did go up slightly from the previous 165-168 fps to 186-188 average which gave me a nice increase of 11%. I do have the 3D print file for the lone wolf extension I made that I can send you on request for you to print yourself or get Shapeways to print for you. Spacers Depending on how much power you want you can space out the spring using spacers on the bottom of the spring guide. I used two 3mm Spacers on the spring guide and it did give me a nice bump this helped the overall fps on the stock spring. Price wise I'm not too sure what this cost as u just used 3mm o rings that I had let set with super glue to make them stiff. You would get a better result if you used something made from hard plastic. After testing my fps did go up slightly from the previous 186-188 fps to 193-194 average which gave me a minor increase of 3%. plan on getting around 220/230 which I think for a pistol is respectable especially for something this cheap. I got the spring for £8 so not too expensive I believe the spring and the airs seal upgrades would be the most worthwhile upgrades. I will update this one done. Bearings Since I will be upgrading the FPS past the factor limits the bearings themselves which are only plastic I will be upgrading to metals ones. One because the plastic ones are known to distort under pressure and two if you are running stock springs the free-flowing bearing would give you a slight increase in the rate of fire due to lower resistance. The bearings for AEP due to them being a rarity to find so Eagle 6 sell a set of Nine ball bearings for £26 , Fire support do a set of Kanzen for £18.50 which is a bit better which I think is a bit over the top for what they are. I measured the bearings and they come in at Thickness 2.5mm Outer Diameter 6.05mm Inner Diameter 2.55mm when you search bearing in this size you get F682xzz bearings I bought a set of 10 for £12.50 just for quick shipping but they do a set a lot cheaper if your willing to hold wait a few weeks to get them. I will Try these once they arrive and drop an update to how the rate of fire increased At the moment at 194 fps I have a RPS of 10 with stock bearings and 175 fps I had a RPS of 12 with stock bearings 09/07/18 - Bearing Review SO these bearing fit perfectly, they drop in I would suggest using a bit of super glue on the edge of the bearing to hold it down. IOnce this is done you will see an instant response in performance once together. Now I'm just saying you will see an increase in RPS but it's not going to be dramatic unless you change the motor. the results I saw was 175 fps - 15 a 22% improvement 194 fps - 12 a 26% improvement I brought this more for the increasing resistance to damage compared to plastic ones that can oval and a slight bump in RPS is cool with me I will update once the nine ball spring is in. The bearing if you are buying are F682xzz you need 8 so the cheaper you can get them the better I paid £12.50 so were cheaper then the aep named brand equivalent and perform well. Lipo Conversion The standard batteries are horrible lack power and are expensive and since I'm going to be pulling a stronger spring I want a bit more umpph through the motor but nothing crazy the 7.4 lipo that people use on HPA systems fits perfectly so go that you can run two of these in series to double MAH. I run one as I'm in the midst of making an internal tracer unit that would run off the other battery. to do the conversion you can get a battery from hobby king at £6 and a set of JST leads I got a pack of 100 for a £15 you can buy the singular for way cheaper. on stock bearings, I got a nice increase in FPS The black stuff on the top is surgu as I was seeing if I could create a better air seal which increased it by 2fps but not great I will use black hot glue when I work on my internal tracer unit. 175 FPS - 15 RPS 191FPS - 12 RPS Nineball Spring The Nineball spring gave me the boost I wanted so it is a little stiffer so I cleaned out the gearbox shimmed, regreased with some PTFE grease and installed the spring wrapped the piston head in some Teflon tape. Put everything back together I could squeeze even more fps but changing the piston, cylinder and spring guide but that cost too much and would give me minimal increase. after the spring upgrade, I'm getting 233-235fps was better than all the mods. Internal Tracer unit So I have updated this doing the hutu unit in the pistol a little bit differently i added a clear window onto the back of the mag and wired up a single UV led and as you can see I'm getting a decent brightness and in the video below you can see it working well I need to get better videos but that will be done shortly bit its working I just need to get my pistol trigger bar in and we will see how well this work. will try and get a better video shortly when I grab a better camera. still working out the niggles so this will be updated shortly. Better Video Hope this helped any questions just drop them below, will be updating shortly Pistol Completed Overall I went from 140 at its lowest to 233 at its lowest now. That's an overall 39% increase for £61 which is a little bit more than the gun but you should be able to source the parts for a little bit lower then I paid as I just picked the one that would be delivered the quickest. I will get round to trying out a Hutu upgrade and let you know how it goes.
  5. nathan13n

    Mp5 Jing gong SD full stock


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    I'm looking for a Jing gong SD full stock with mid cap mags looking to pay between 80-100 PayPal ready. Open to offer mp5 within the price range just send me a message or contact me at 07522602492


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    Reluctant sale of my Ares Amoeba AM-013 Honey Badger M4 as I just don't use it. What you get:- 1 X RIF 1 x Ares High Cap Nurpol 11.1V Peq battery ( hits in the battery compartment fine) ARES programming unit Pinty Red dot Swiss arms gun bag What's inside the RIF:- Ares Amoeba EFCS V2 Firefly Flat hop (Brand New) Prometheus barrel 6.03 (Brand New SHS High Torque Motor (Brand New) The only downside about the gun is it has some glue adhesive on the rail itself minimal. The gun will be shipped in split with the upper detached from the lower as I cant find a big enough box top ship it whole. Everything works fine, can have a video of it shooting if needed. The collection is also welcome. Open to offers. I am also open to swaps been looking at a vector of MP5 Price Drop - 220 Feel free to drop me a message with any questions.


  7. nathan13n

    ASG Glock Style 17

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    For sale I have an ASG glock 17 this is the metal slide version, the mag is perfect and leaks free. Gun performs how you want it to. I bought it off the forum a few months ago and just never used it I would rather sell it and by some upgrades for my rifle. It did come with some spares that i will through in along with the gas a bottle of gas and a Speedloader. Ask any questions.