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    Accessory/Make: Camo (MultiCam woodland) Kydex holster for KJW CZ75 and KWA CZ75 and mag pouch, good quality Tek-lok belt loops, It's a custom made holster as none exist for Pre B/ older round trigger guard CZ 75's and the set cost me £60. Looking for £35 all in. Condition: New. Size: CZ75/ KJW KP09. Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No Thanks. Price/Payment: £35 including post and paypal. Pictures :


  2. As above, PM if you have any to sell, thanks. Make: RA-Tech Item: Outer barrel Desired Condition: New/Used Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No Budget: Depends on condition, but will pay full retail if new.
  3. k.a

    Marushin/Umarex Walther PPK

    Might be worth shooting off a email to Rainbow 8 or WGC as it wasn't long when I seen them in stock at both, will probably workout cheaper then a blank firer/air pistol as it's cheap for a GBB, under $100'ish. It's a shame that the Non blowback Marushin are no longer available, they were $25 or so back in the day, variety of models, 1911, Detonics, browning 1910 etc stick mags but really nice externals, regret selling my Colt .25.
  4. k.a

    Marushin/Umarex Walther PPK

    It's Maruzen that makes the PPK/S GBB but in ABS, Marushin do make them but Non blowback with silcencer, Maruzen's were available just recently but seem to be out of stock everywhere, you might have to wait a while for Maruzen to release a new batch. There was also a metal ACM Maruzen colne, also seem to be sold out, used to own one, mags leaked/ were rubbish out of the box, was told that Maruzen mags will make it work but I ended up selling it as broke.
  5. Anyone with first hand experience of fitting the new or not so new Guarder 1911 kits, these ones : http://www.intrudershop.com/show_product_eng.asp?idproduct=2725#top I know that their Meu kit's were problematic but theier old 1911 and SFA kits were drop fit and everything on mine (new version) has gone smoothly except the MSH is a very tight fit, almost no go, any advice from anyone with first hand experience only much appreciated, as to what to file etc etc, pictures would be divine. Thanks in advance.
  6. k.a

    TM Night Warrior Holster

    Or something like IMI or Cytac 1911 holsters for railed 1911 might fit, got one for sale here : https://airsoft-forums.uk/index.php?/topic/38371-pistols-holsters-px4-makarov1911-and-beretta/ but do ask others regarding fit etc as I haven't tried or owned a Night warrior but it did fit my Nova kitted Springfield railed champion operator.
  7. You got a link mate ? never heard of a Jap made P320 other then the KSC gas ones.
  8. You are not receiving PM, you may need to delete old messages.  You have some old sales which need bumping or closing.

  9. leigh

    Hi mate. Are the original parts included?