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  1. Indeed. tis why I have 9 different guns which take proprietary mags and are internally stock XD because they look cool
  2. I bought this literally because I saw it was cheap and thought it would look cool on the gun XD. I also intend to get a dragunov with the wood stock sooner or later
  3. The eye relief on it is awful. Its more than good enough for airsoft though and looks the part. Definately gonna be putting some protective perspex caps on it though. dont want to risk it getting shot through.
  4. conversion kit and parts for my gbb g36 arrived. Here is a before and after. Still cheaper than buying a we one by £100. Unfortunately it turned out Id bought my german army scope from a scammer. got my money back but ive had to paint up the old blue top rail for now. still keeping my eye out for one . Before After Also got a pso for my svu! Its a heavy uncomfortable p o s but I still love it
  5. Thanks. ill have a look at that. I will be converting the aep to have an inline nozzle and use mp5 nozzles so hopefully that should give a better airseal if done right.
  6. Im currently looking at building an m1 carbine based around an aep gearbox. Im mainly looking at these gearboxes because I have stacks of them for spare parts and other bits and it is small enough for me to keep real m1 carbine dimensions. Im looking to get around 250-300fps out of the 18 inch barrel though I may cut down the inner barrel a bit if it proves to be too long. Ive repaired a lot of aeps but never really looked into upgrading them. What parts to people recommend?
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Got this for a 9mm smg project but ended up selling the 9mm adaptor separately. This gun has never been skirmished as I bought it during lockdown and has had a few hundred bbs through it in the garden. Includes 6 midcaps and the high cap which came with the gun. The high cap and the 2 specna arms midcaps are as new. The other stanag mags are a fair bit older but all seem to feed fine. Also incudes the original 9.6v nimh battery. Price includes fees and postage via courier. I can also confirm this is a slightly older specna arms with the e&c gearbox rather than the far worse Orion one.


  8. Bought a while ago but took a while to arrive. 1911 compensator. Took some fairly heavy modification to fit as the threads were not what it said in the listing. Im using it to hide the end of a 150mm tightbore.
  9. Got a compensator fitted over a maple leaf 150mm tightbore. turns out those hi cappa mounts dont fit 1911s though. grip screw is in a slightly different place. Not sure what the final paintjob is going to be as the grey and black is just an undercoat.
  10. got a cybergun aks74u second hand. Never realised how small these things are until now. regular ak74 for size comparison. It was missing the handguard retaining pin but ive replaced that and it seems to run perfectly other than that. It does have the kalashnikov markings on the side but im probably gonna get rid of them. Also I should actually save money for a camera with working autofocus
  11. Thanks. Should be good to work with for now. Im probably gonna have to modify sizes anyway to make the gearbox fit.
  12. Afraid that has been out of production for quite a few years. Ive checked 😆 Im gonna be getting an m14 gearbox and building a plywood stock around that then scaling everything else to fit. I just need some rough measurements
  13. Now that some shops have reopened Ill be working on a custom sks and im looking for some dimensions. I cant seem to find much info about it apart from the scribd doc and I dont want to pay for that.
  14. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Bought on a whim as I wanted one of the more classic looking 9mm smgs but Im probably never going to get around to using it. Includes 1 m4 high cap and 11 uzi style 50 rd midcaps. Also includes the original mag release so you can remove the adapter and swap it back to m4 mags. Original battery and charger are also included but I do not recommend using that charger. The battery is fine. Shoots at 300fps but another spring is included. I believe it is an upgrade spring but I am unsure as it came with the gun. Ive used this for a few quick tests in the garden and testing the fps but it is otherwise unused. There is a very minor scratch on the rail where i had a red dot mounted to it but the rest of the gun is in perfect condition. Price includes fees and postage. I would be willing to split the 9mm adapter and mags for £95


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