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    A&k pkm, lct Rpk, tm recoil scar and as many revolvers as I can get my hands on.
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    russian digiflora. I just like the camo. I dont really care about replicating the full kit.
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  1. Afrer taking apart, cleaning and a lot of wearing every thing in by hand I managed 3 shots in a row. Its a little too late to test it any further with neighbours nearby but ill update this tomorrow.
  2. Raptor mp443 grach. Pros Beautiful look and feel cons It dosent work. It dry fires but vents gas as soon as it has bbs in it. the trigger is so hard to pull it has actually strained the muscles in my wrist from trying to test fire it. On closer inspection the trigger is too long and catches on the bottom of the trigger guard. The mags springs arent strong enough to move the slide catch to lock back. so yeah not best pleased with it. and all this after waiting for a month and a half for british customs to sort it out.
  3. I have seen one video of the jackal made as a full blowback pistol with a hollow plastic slide but I cant find it for the life of me find it.
  4. Now fully functional. 8 full power shots from 1 co2 cartridge set at 450psi. Now its a matter of trimming the tube to make it more compact and bulding the launcher around it.
  5. Got bored waiting for all the little bits of hardware for my grenade launcher to arrive so I made a basic sight arangement for it. This is more of a prototype. Ill make the final one from aluminium. with some sort of adjustment method. For now though Im just going to zero it for 50m and bolt it down.

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    Got this on a whim but dont really have any guns it works well with. Includes 11 ares 45rd micaps and 1 classic army 100rd midcap. Also includes the replacement m4 mag release but I forgot to include it in the pic. Price includes fees and postage.


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    So. There are a few small issues with this gun. I received it second hand needing a rewire which I have done. The main issue is that the faux bolt is torn. I have removed the parts which make the faux bolt recoil to avoid further damage but still have the parts for them. The latch for the charging handle is missing but It still stays in place fine under friction. The barrel has been swapped out for what ive been told is a prometheus one and they said the spring had been upgraded but since its still running 280fps im not sure how true that was. The last issue is that the bar on the bottom of the buffer tube has had the threads holding it on broken. Since it slots in place this isnt really an issue when the stock is on but its still worth knowing. I have used a tiny bit of locktite to make it stay in place. comes with 5 midcaps, 1 of which is brand new and 1 high cap. Also comes with the short vfc handguard. Lpvo and other accessories not included. Price includes fees and postage.



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    These have been tested but are otherwise un used. Price includes fees and postage


  9. Im probably gonna go for something vaugely eglm looking. And the tag shells dont actually seem to need resetting and even if they do I can just make the trigger have enough travel to do it. This sort of smooth plastic look with the metal underneath. Id like it to look nice but function is more important Also planning a standalone stock but this is probably gonna live on my ak102 most of the time
  10. Im building my own launcher around this shell. It will be a permenant part of it and front load like a gp25. the line goes to an external thing with a chamber for co2 cartridges and a regulator.
  11. So the co2 cartridge tag launchers cost £600+ and I really dont feel like paying that so this project has begun.
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    When I got this pistol it had no mag and no sights. The mag in it currently is from another pistol and wont fire reliably every shot because the back of the release valve is very small. When it does work the pistol seems to function fine. IM just clearing out projects im not going to get around to. Apart from the missing sights this pistol is in very good condition. Price includes fees and postage.


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    Got this a while ago with a broken blowback unit. Turns out the little lever that throws the bolt back had snapped. I believe the faux bolt has been shot at some point and it getting bent is what caused this issue. To be clear the recoil mechanism all functions perfectly. Its just that the faux bolt no longer moves when shooting. I have bent it back into place and fixed it all together inside the gun. you can still pull it back to adjust the hop but it and the faux carrier will need replacing if you wish to have the blowback. When the gun came to me the buttplate had snapped off. I have used a small piece of steel to fix this. The length of the stock cannot be adjusted with the butplate on. The gun comes with 7 midcaps and 1 high cap. The red dot, and magnifier will not be included but the foregrip will be.


  14. id say have a look at some photos or borrow some at a game day. buying all of them will be pricey
  15. If the raven ones fit and fire it likely uses tm clone mags of some sort. So tm, army armament and kj works all use the same style of mag. we uses its own proprietary style. may be worth taking a look and seeing which closest matches your one.
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