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  1. Its a smith and wesson performance center. Its basically a 44 magnum frame with a 357 cylinder. Means the real ones hold 8 shots.
  2. Oops..... My finger slipped.... Another tanaka is in the post.... one of these to be specific.
  3. Time Left: 2 days and 21 hours

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    Bought this for a project but ended up enjoying modifying it more than I enjoyed the actual gun. The gun has had a new hop rubber and orings installed as it had compression issues. It now shoots perfectly if a little hot at 430fps. The electric blowback has been disabled but the parts to reenable it are included. It has an ics folding stock bracket mounted however it took significant grinding and sanding of the mount it. It fits now but needs repainting to cover the scratches. The reciever itself has had a tiny bit of sanding done to remove the surface paint on the inside of the back but is otherise unmotified and can be switched back to having a buffer tube easily. There are some scratches on the underside where the pistol grip mounts from the process of filing down the stock mount. Includes: Original handguard ris handguard original buffer tube mount and stock car 15 style stock Ics sig 552 style stock and mount 1 midcap angled foregrip Price includes fees and postage.


  4. I think you just have to pray to the qc gods and buy one. will say we has better parts availability though
  5. For makarovs I had the kwc for a long time and never had an issue with it. Being co2 it worked all weather. The we ones Ive seen seem to have a 50/50 chance of working.
  6. I meant ngrs rifles in general but I get what you mean. I dont own a single m4.
  7. The buffer tube removal is complete. now it just needs a bit of cleaning up and some paint.
  8. They are lovely but I find it hard to justify the price for what you get. Thats why both the ones I have came to me broken XD
  9. Tm recoil 417. Needs a rewire so I swapped it for a couple of other guns.
  10. I prefer the original stock. And maybe the scar 20 stock
  11. Picked up a king arms sig 556 recently. I love how the real rifle looks. Unfortunately the king arms looked like this So I have been spending my time today, grinding and filing down an ics sig folding stock block and its getting there finally. Already swapped out that massive handguard for a rail system.
  12. Someone has a tokyo marui 733 for sale on airsoft nation if that is close enough to what you are looking for.
  13. Tanaka revolvers seconded if you can find them.
  14. Probably camo. Most of what I wear is plain od green or forest camo of some sort. Not looking to match anything in particular.
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