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  1. Armourer works is we. same company. though I have had more luck with armourer works with we. we has multiple factories producing different guns. Some do good work and qc others dont
  2. Time Left: 5 days and 1 hour

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    I bought this as I was told it would fit 1911s. It is un used other than being test fitted to a 1911. Price includes paypal fees and postage.


  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Bought on a whim as I wanted one of the more classic looking 9mm smgs but Im probably never going to get around to using it. Includes 1 m4 high cap and 11 uzi style 50 rd midcaps. Also includes the original mag release so you can remove the adapter and swap it back to m4 mags. Original battery and charger are also included but I do not recommend using that charger. The battery is fine. Shoots at 300fps but another spring is included. I believe it is an upgrade spring but I am unsure as it came with the gun. Ive used this for a few quick tests in the garden and testing the fps but it is otherwise unused. There is a very minor scratch on the rail where i had a red dot mounted to it but the rest of the gun is in perfect condition. Price includes fees and postage.


  4. Time Left: 3 days and 22 hours

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    Bought this gun for a fun project but since getting a jg scorpion I dont use it very much. was originally blue but has been re sprayed. it is starting to show in a few worn out areas but its not noticable. A piece of plastic has broken on the foregrip due to me being clumsy reassembling it but it dosent affect the function of the foregrip, see the photos. Shoots at around 200 fps and 16 rps with .2 bbs Includes 6 50rd mags, 1 800mah lipo battery and a micro connector to deans adapter I made for charging. These are the connectors which are on it https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Latest-W-S-Deans-Company-Micro-2R-Red-Polarized-WSD1222/173572378602?hash=item2869b84fea:g:iuoAAOSwAItdWxVn Price includes fees and postage.


  5. Tis on the list right after the sniper rifle im getting next XD
  6. From what ive seen the vfc gbb looks and feels amazing but runs like crap unless you put a lightened bolt in it. Edit: It seems they have already released an updated version. I am familiar with the first batch so my info is probably outdated.
  7. In my experience with 416s you should be fine with any stanag style magazine. Pmags are hit and miss though as the magwell is a different shape to an m4. as long as you stick to the normal metal ones you should be good.
  8. h08 has the normal 416 stock h08 m has a ctr magpul stock
  9. At the end of the day I have all of the guns I have because I like them and think they are cool either because of the real steel or movies or whatever and the fact is I play in reasonably dense woodland all the time. I can use cover and get a reasonable amount of kills and most importantly have fun with the amount of money I have invested. I run aeps with no modifications other than lipo conversions and I can still have fun with them.
  10. Thing is I get lots of cheapish guns but I only get ones which interest me. I own 1 m4 in a collection of 15-16 guns and its done up to be a colt 9mm smg with a conversion kit. Everything else I have is something unique however all of them use variations on the standard gearboxes which means I can repair any issues easily. I love jg guns simply because they do a lot of the stuff other companies ignore in favor of m4 variants. I have one of their sa58 fals and one of their g3s. Both work just fine, not amazingly but more than well enough.
  11. Yeah just a little XD. Oh well. good to know the original fps. I think 440 is gonna be enough for what I want anyway since im not going dedicated sniper.
  12. I have owned a lot of guns and my current collection is quite large but only one of those was more than £400 with most of the rest being around the £100-150 area. Most of my guns are jg and cyma and would be considered budget guns However I have found these guns far more fun to use, even stock than the more expensive ones I have owned. The only pricey gun to stick in my collection and not get sold off is the pkm and that is because it sort of fits in its own unique role (and has a bit of wow factor which when we come down to it is what 80% of airsoft is about). Another factor that may affect my choice of collection is that I am more than capable of repairing or modifying my own guns so breakdowns are not much of an issue. My question to you is which do you prefer? having a larger number of cheap guns or a few expensive ones?
  13. Time Left: 2 days and 3 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    This gun has had a bit of use but has little to no external damage apart from the normal selector mark. Handguard is a little loose but otherwise this rifle is perfectly functional and shooting around the 350-360fps mark last time I checked but it has had a brand new piston and spring in it so that may go down a bit with time and use. Includes 3 midcaps, 1 high cap and 1 flash mag. I have had feeding issues with one of the midcaps which seems to be significantly more beaten up than the others but the rest have worked fine. Price includes fees and postage. Not really sure what model this is as it has a 105 rail system and gas block but a long barrel. Id be open to swaps for a bolt action with a folding stock. I will consider other trades.


  14. Thanks for the info. Ill be shortening the outer and replacing the inner barrel so thats less of a problem. Im mainly looking for something to sling on my back when im running some of my lower powered smgs so I can have a decent range on it so im not looking for anything amazing. Im more than happy to manufacture metal parts for it so as long as noone else pops up saying it explodes when you touch it ill probably grab one ^_^. let me know the results of the chrono. Id love to know what it does. seems as though all the 500fps kits are out of stock though
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