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  1. KY Airsoft have started taking deposits for the WE G3 GBB which they say will be fully trademarked under licence by Umarex. According to their Facebook page they say they’ll be getting stock in next week. I wonder who’ll be first in the U.K. to start stocking it and when that will be? https://www.kyairsoft.com/deposit-h-k-g3-gbb-rifle.html
  2. Same here mate. The tinkering and maintaining is all part of it for me. I probably spend more time doing that than actually shooting the things.
  3. If you have the cash, the TM or GHK are definitely the way to go. Both brilliant guns out of the box, but like all GBB you will likely need to spend money on them in time. Unlike electric guns, because you have mechanical moving parts, they can and will fail over time. TM and GHK internals will (should) last much longer than WE. YouTube is a great resource to do some research on the different GBB’s. Badabing has a number of good reviews which point out the + and - of TM and GHK. Well worth a look.
  4. WE guns are okay, but you have to be prepared to plough money into them. The internals will fail eventually, possibly soon, possibly later. But there are loads of upgrade parts available. You can pretty much build the gun from scratch with the amount of parts available. Tokyo Marui and GHK are by far superior products, but the price reflects that. They are more expensive. Of course, buy the time you upgrade a WE you could have bought a TM or GHK. As a GBB fan myself I don’t even look at electric guns, but you have to be able to maintain and repair them and understand that you will need upgrade parts. Also, you will likely be outgunned and out performed by someone with an electric gun costing a third of the price of a GBB, just because they’ll have a high cap mag with around 100 rounds against your gas mag with 30 and their gun isn’t effected by the air temperature like a GBB.
  5. Milspec Solutions have WE M4’s in stock at the minute.
  6. In a word, no. £530 for a WE M4 with 4 mags is way over priced. Even with an npas fitted. Half that price is more realistic.
  7. No mate, this is the first I’ve heard of them. I’m checking their website now, cheers for the heads up 😉
  8. Is there a thread adaptor that will allow me to fit a cw flash hider onto a ccw barrel? I know you can get them the other way round, but I can’t seem to find it cw onto ccw. I accidentally bought a cw 4 prong flash hider which won’t fit onto any of my rifles so before I sell it on I’d like to know if it’s usable.
  9. Yep, kind of. I’m on nightshift this weekend, so been in bed all day. My shifts mean I only get 2 weekends off in 5 and having a family makes it really difficult to play. I can only really play when I’m on leave which is a bit of a pain.
  10. Super64

    WE L85 A2 GBB

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    Back up for sale. Make: WEGun/Model: L85A2 Afghan (ish) specAccessories: 1 leak free magazine, Nuprol Susat, Element LLM-01, bipod foregrip, replica DD rail. (I bought the rail some time ago and can’t remember if it’s genuine or the Madbull clone, so listing as replica to be safe. Not that it makes any difference because it’s solid as a rock either way) Also comes with the original plastic hand guard if you want to take it back to old school spec.Condition: Used, but good conditionFPS: Gas and weather dependent Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No splits. I’d prefer cash, but will consider swap/part ex for other GBB rifles. Especially interested in GHK 553 or VFC G3Price/Payment: £330 posted and paypalled Pictures: Attached belowThis gun is second hand, but I’ve had it for a few years and it’s been a display piece. It’s been test fired from time to time to confirm it still functions correctly, but not skirmished by me. As a result I’ve not had it chrono’d, so can’t confirm the FPS. The tape on the bipod is only to attach the tape switch for the LLM-01


  11. Super64

    WE M4 GBB


    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    I’m after a full length, 14.5 inch barrel WE M4 GBB for a Daniel Defense M4 build I’m wanting to do. I’m not to bothered about upgrades, accessories or modifications as long as it functions properly, is in decent condition and has a leak free mag. I will consider shorter barrel versions as I can always pick up a longer barrel, but would prefer not to.


  12. Yeah, point made and taken onboard 😉🙂
  13. I get the point that’s being made, and the prices on everything I’ve sold in the past and will sell in future are always a starting point and I’m not to proud to drop my prices if items don’t sell. Yeah, maybe £40 is more than some people are willing to pay for these and if they don’t sell I’ll change the price. But I’ve had some enquires about them already, so I’ll wait to see what happens. Offers are always considered and replied to on any of my sales.
  14. It’s not a deceiving advert and there is no intent to deceive. The advert clearly states £40 each item, posted. A price has to be added to the post and it’s either put £40 or £120. Anyone who goes into that advert thinking they’re going to pick those 4 items up for £40 total, clearly has no idea of the value of the individual items. A quick scroll through the threads will show that items are regularly clumped together in one post with a price for one of the items on the main page. I’ve use this method often when selling multiple items and never had it questioned. It just shows the importance of reading an advert before looking to buy. £40 is a starting price. There’s usually negotiation in sales. Just because I can’t remember which brand they are doesn’t mean they’re cheap, nasty knockoffs.
  15. Why, what’s the point of filling the classified thread with individual listed items when I can have them all in one post? Does it really make that much of a difference?
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