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  1. Does anyone know if the LCT G3 wide handguard will fit onto the VFC? I’m looking into getting the G3, but prefer the wide handguard to the slim style it comes with. If not, other than real steel, which I think is compatible, is there another make that will fit?
  2. Time Left: 1 day and 20 hours

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    Make: GHK Gun/Model: M4A1 Accessories: Colt marked M203 launcher with gas tight grenade, Peq 2 battery box, possibly leaking CO2 magazine, Acog. Condition: Used, but functioning FPS: Gas and temp dependant. Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price/Payment: £400 Pictures: Attached This build is based off the rifle used by Taylor Kitsch depicting Lt Mike Murphy in the film Lone Survivor. It’s been a wall hanger since I completed it so I can’t fully vouch for how accurately or far it’ll fling a BB, but it does fully cycle and function as it should. I don’t have any CO2 bulbs so I can’t test the mag to confirm if it’s leaking or not. Price includes postage and PayPal fees.


  3. Yeah, this has been a problem for a while. I’ve noticed it particularly with GBB’s, especially WE’s. I’ve been waiting on stocks of XM177’s and M16A1’s coming in and they’re just nowhere to be found. As EDcase said, it does seem to have been the perfect storm. Hopefully things will start to settle down and we’ll get supplies through.
  4. Time Left: 5 days and 23 hours

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    Unused tan Ares M110 suppressor with poor quality, but correct trademarks. This is brand new from Sixmm, but I’ve marked it as used due to the poor quality of the workmanship to add the trademarks. Sent to me in error when I had asked for the VFC version. £20 posted.


  5. SEAL Team inspired VFC GBB collection.
  6. Update. Credit where it’s due. Sixmm have given me a full refund and didn’t ask for the suppressor back. All comms were via WhatsApp and were answered within 48hrs. One message stated that the WhatsApp account was a business one and all queries would be answered within 48hrs so they were true to their word. How much of this was down to me putting in a dispute with PayPal and how much was due to them sorting out their customer services I don’t know. But, a good outcome for me, so happy days.
  7. Super64

    UTG Red Dot Scope


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    UTG red dot. Could do with a new battery. Price includes postage.


  8. Well, it appears my praise of Sixmm was premature as it turns out the £60 VFC M110 suppressor I ordered has turned into a £30 Ares suppressor on delivery. They’ve stamped M110 markings on it, which look poor and the ink they’ve used to highlight the markings has smudged along the side of the suppressor. But, worst of all, it doesn’t even fit the VFC M110. I’ve contacted them via WhatsApp sending all the pictures and received a reply from someone saying they are new to the company and will pass it on to the manager who will contact me tomorrow. It didn’t even come in any manufactures packaging, just wrapped in bubble wrap and shoved in a plastic bag. We’ll see what happens with my requested refund, but I’d avoid them like the plague.
  9. Hi mate the we m4 u have for 230 could u post plz 

  10. For the mkm m4 could u post and does it come with any xtra mags 

  11. I ordered a suppressor last week with Asia Airsoft via PayPal. I went to check on my order status a couple of days later and found the order had been removed from my order history. No record of it at all even though the payment had gone through. I contacted Asia Airsoft by email and was advised to contact via WhatsApp, which I did. I hadn’t made a note of the order number or received an email confirmation which I know is usual for them. I’ve ordered loads of stuff from Asia Airsoft in the past and I don’t think I’ve ever received an email. Anyway, my contact was able to find my order using the PayPal transaction number and everything was processed and sent out within a day or so of sending the WhatsApp message. They said in future I should order through the Sixmm website and the email that I received with the tracking details was from Sixmm. So it looks like Asia Airsoft is going to be no more and Sixmm is the new company. My order is in the U.K. so should be delivered in the next few days. Hopefully it’s right and intact. So far I can’t complain about their customer service.
  12. Well earned praise for Coldbore Airsoft. I initially had an issue with an order I placed at the beginning of May. I ordered an XM177 but there were issues with the supplier that were beyond Coldbore’s control. There seems to be a national shortage of WE GBB rifles. I’m not sure if they’ve been particularly badly hit by COVID or if it’s a distribution issue. Anyway, Anthony from Coldbore rang me to explain the issue and I was happy to continue with my order as they expected a delivery soon. Unfortunately the XM177’s didn’t turn up and after a few weeks I was able to pick one up second hand. I received regular updates by email from Anthony and during one of these email conversations I mentioned that I had managed to get the XM177. Anthony asked if there was anything else I was interested in and I mentioned that I’d been after the VFC M110 GBB for quite some time, but no one in the U.K. had any intentions of stocking them. Anthony said he would check with his supplier and within a few weeks he had 2 in stock and one on its way to me. Coldbore is a fairly new, small Airsoft store and I was intending to keep my order going for the XM177 even after I had picked one up second hand. It’s been a difficult time for small businesses particularly in Airsoft so I was happy to help them out. But when they said they could switch my order to the M110 I was overjoyed. My experience of their customer service was great and I hope they manage to continue and go from strength to strength. Oh, and the M110 is AWESOME!!!!!!
  13. Super64

    WE XM177 GBB

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Make: WEGun/Model: XM177Accessories: Leak free 80 round magazine, leaking 20 round magazine, Colt M16A2 trademarked lower receiverCondition: Used, but functioning. Previous owner stated that the gun runs away on full auto and jams. It’s not an issue I’ve found, but I’ve not used it a great deal. FPS: Temp and gas dependent Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/NPrice/Payment: £300 including postage and PayPal feesPictures: Attached.More pictures and info can be provided on request.



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    I’m looking for a WE M4A1 full length barrel. GBB not aeg (I don’t actually know if there is a difference.)


  15. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    3 x leak free WE 20 round short VN GBB magazines. £55 all in, posted and paypalled. I’ve decided to keep the leaking one, so this is £55 for 3 leak free mags only.


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