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  1. Super64

    A&K M249 Para Flash Hider

    A&K M249 Para Flash Hider View Advert Looking to buy an A&K M249 Para flash hider if anyone has one going spare, cheers 😉 Advertiser Super64 Date 04/30/2018 Price Category Parts & Gear Wanted  
  2. Super64

    A&K M249 Para Flash Hider


    • Wanted
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    Looking to buy an A&K M249 Para flash hider if anyone has one going spare, cheers 😉


  3. Super64

    WE AK-74 PMC

    Bump, anyone?
  4. Super64

    WE AK-74 PMC

    Still looking if anyone’s selling.
  5. Super64

    A&K M249 GBB?

    As well as the, possibly, disappointing recoil I guess gas efficiency is going to be an issue. I would expect the bolt will be fairly weighty and so use a fair bit of gas to cycle. It’s not going to be much of a support weapon if you have to gas it up every 30 rounds or so. I’m not sure what kind of gas reservoir it’ll use, but I’d expect it to be quite large. So gassing it up and using it in game is going to be expensive. It’s not such an issue for me, because most of my guns are collectors pieces anyway, so it’s unlikely it’ll get much game play. I’m after one mainly just to have a more realistic functioning M249 than the regular AEG.
  6. Super64

    A&K M249 GBB?

    Yeah, I’ve seen videos of the Daytona kitted out M249’s and it looks great, but the idea of running lines and bottles as well as the gun itself doesn’t appeal. I know hpa is supposed to be really good and much more reliable in low temps, but I was hoping a self contained GBB M249 may be available soon and may be at least somewhere near as fun as an hpa version. No doubt I’ll still be investing in the drop in kit, because it’ll at least make the gun more fun than just the normal AEG.
  7. Super64

    A&K M249 GBB?

    Has anyone heard any more about the planned A&K M249 GBB? There was a video release before Christmas, but there’s little to no recent info. I heard a planned release date of March this year, but as usual that’ll probably mean nothing. I thought there was some mention of a drop in kit for current AEG’s. Does anyone know if this is the case or is it going to be a full GBB only?
  8. Super64

    GHK M4

    Make: GHK Gun/Model: M4 Desired Condition: Good Desired FPS: U.K. legal Swaps/Part Exchange: N/a Budget: Depends on condition Prefer to have the 14.5 inch barrel version and standard M4A1 look, but others considered as for a future build project. Fully working and good condition only please.
  9. Super64

    WE AK-74 PMC

    Still looking. Mostly after the WE PMC version, but also interested in a GHK AK.
  10. Super64

    WE AK-74 PMC

    Not at the moment mate, thanks. I had the un version and sold it a while back. I’m really after a full size gbb AK.
  11. Super64

    WE AK-74 PMC

    Make: WE Gun/Model: AK-74 gbb Desired Condition: As good as possible Desired FPS: UK Legal Swaps/Part Exchange: Possibly Budget: Depends on condition
  12. Super64

    Cybergun Thompson U.K. Availability?

    Yeah, seems to be the case all over the place.
  13. Super64

    Cybergun Thompson U.K. Availability?

    Thanks for the info mate, that’s a new store for me, not heard of them before. Unfortunately the Thompson’s listed as out of stock. I’ll keep checking back with them.
  14. Anyone have any inside information as to when the Cybergun/WE Thompson GBB will be available from U.K retailers, or if it already is somewhere and I’ve just missed it? I know it’s available from the Hong Kong stores, but doesn’t seem available in Europe yet.
  15. Super64

    job lot

    Things are more likely to sell if you sell them individually. For a bulk sale you’ll be lucky. You may be better off putting stuff in relevant bundles.