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  1. Hi all, would appreciate a valuation on my NGRS (build below). Its in good condition, has been skirmished a couple of times. Thanks in advance Make/brand: Tokyo Marui CQBR NGRS Any accessories included: Internal Upgrades: Samarium Cobalt Motor Custom lapped 6.03 inner barrel R-hop Wired to Deans NGRS Gate Titan Prometheus Tappet Plate Prometheus Cylinder Head Prometheus Cylinder Prometheus Spring Guide Prometheus Piston Head Prometheus Piston Prometheus Standard Torque Gearset 5.9mm steel bushing Prometheus MS110 spring External parts: Genuine Rock River Arms LE Stock A2 Carry handle and Picatinny Rail Genuine front sight block Night Fision AR15 front sight (Tritium + Yellow dot) Genuine CAR-15 handguard Genuine Aimpoint CompML3 x8 Marui NGRS mags Pictures:
  2. Dear all, Just got a VFC HK417 GBBR on order, waiting for my UKARA registration to clear. Would like to ask what upgrades I should consider to improve its characteristics; am particularly concerned with making it as accurate as possible for a GBB. Cheers!
  3. Really appreciate the honesty. Would you know of any establishments that do good custom work?
  4. HI all! Am new to airsoft and in the process of acquiring my first gun. Would be really glad to get some feedback and advice on this project I'm thinking of undertaking. I'm trying to achieve a look similar to the rifle below (a SAR-21): My current plan is to start off with a stock TM Steyr AUG HC (pictured below) Step 1: Replace the stock barrel with a longer version Step 2: Remove the lower rail and vertical grip that comes with the stock Step 3: Install a RIS handguard on the longer barrel Step 4: Install a longer vertical grip on the RIS handguard I have given some thought to using a Steyr Aug A1 from TM or a Umarex TAR 21 as the base but have rejected them because the AUG A1's scope mount is too distinctive and is not removable, and the TAR's handguard doesn't seem to be replaceable. Do let me know your opinions and input on what else I can/should consider! Thanks very much for helping out a newbie!
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