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  1. Fedex - the people who deliver your package and then a week or so later they'll send you a bill for duty and some strange 'admin' fee of £12 or so, despite their customer being the shipper not the recipient. Usually (in my case at least) the duty has been calculated massively wrong. By the time you get this bill you've opened the package and it's too late to return the item to source cheaper from elsewhere. In the very rare case that you can contact them, they refuse to accept their duty calculations are wrong. They know they're wrong, but they've already paid HMRC the wrong amount on y
  2. I bought a new A&K receiver for my M249 from Evike (USA) a month ago, and according to my tracking app it has been sitting in a UPS warehouse in Castle Donnington for the past two weeks. It was being 'scanned' daily, but not moving. I emailed UPS to ask what was going on and they told me some paperwork was missing. I emailed Evike, and they quickly sent me copies of all paperwork, which i forwarded to UPS. UPS have now sent me a Firearms Declaration to complete, in which I have declared that the package contains RIF parts only. Now they have said that due to this
  3. Well I've managed to bend my Classic Army M249 receiver beyond reasonable repair. Anyone know where I can get a replacement? Cheers.
  4. Can anyone recommend a decent way of carrying 9mm primers, without being too fiddly or having them rattling about? Seen a couple of examples, one rotary type, and one like a 'Pez' dispenser, but no proper reviews online as to their quality or longevity under use. Anyone have any experience or know of alternatives, or should I just stick to carrying a few in my pocket (and losing them!)? Cheers.
  5. Hi, Looking to get one of those big ol' gun bags to store/transport an M249, with all it's batteries, mags, etc. Can anyone recommend a decent one which won't struggle with the weight or fall to pieces after a short time? Cheers for any pointers....
  6. Hi, Can anyone with experience of the CA M249 recommend a decent battery (mah, voltage, C rating, etc)? It is new with no internal mods yet. I've been 'Googling' all morning and my head is now spinning! Cheers.
  7. Brought a new CA M249 from this shop on Monday (3 days ago), without reading any of the comments on here first. After reading through this thread I have been filled with embarrassment and dread ever since. However, my new RIF arrived this morning, well packaged, fully intact and with no aggravation at all. It may upset some, but my experience was a good one! (I will remember to read the shop recommendations on here first in future though!)
  8. To further add to this, I began trying to contact you on Thursday (as stated in the post you quoted)...
  9. Yes, just. Not really the point though, as not all customers will be members of this forum.
  10. I'm struggling to contact them too. I received wrong order yesterday, so I've tried to contact them by email, message them on their site and via Facebook, interspersed with multiple phone calls - nothing yet... Not a complaint, but it is frustrating!
  11. Hey boy, I was skirmishing when it was all plastic, single shot springers! 😜
  12. I didn't think you did for a moment!
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